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so many stupid people here
Wed Jun 1, 2016, 5:22 PM
Fri Aug 21, 2015, 5:56 PM
What can I say? Deviantart's become essentially a cyberslum dystopia of many idiots.
Thu Aug 20, 2015, 6:33 PM
I don't give lessons.
Tue Aug 4, 2015, 1:00 AM
Do you do lessons? I cannot remember which journal you posted it in but I think you mentioned something about people wanting to have lessons on how to use PhotoShop.
Mon Jul 20, 2015, 4:01 PM
Too many stupid people.
Tue Jul 7, 2015, 8:56 PM
Cool!!! A shout box! YAY!!!
Wed Jan 28, 2015, 6:23 PM
throw cake at somebody?
Thu Nov 20, 2014, 6:45 PM
Really, I need a reason to feel jaded about something?
Wed May 14, 2014, 7:06 PM
I dunno.
Wed Mar 26, 2014, 5:43 AM


Why Third Parties Aren't in Debates

Mon Sep 26, 2016, 9:19 PM
So, I'm sure you all watched the debates.  Here is why the third and fourth parties are not there.

This happened in 1987.  You know how old I was in 1987?  I was 9 years old.  I didn't give a shit about that during that time because I was 9 years old.


I wish I did.

But he does have a point.

Look at the debate now.  Donald Trump just steam rolled Hillary Clinton.  If Bernie was in there, you know he would just bounce Trump off the wall, catch him, and then bounce him again.

 photo vnfjzk6_zpsje07eyfs.gif



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Why Third Parties Aren't in Debates

Mon Sep 26, 2016, 9:19 PM
So, I'm sure you all watched the debates.  Here is why the third and fourth parties are not there.

This happened in 1987.  You know how old I was in 1987?  I was 9 years old.  I didn't give a shit about that during that time because I was 9 years old.


I wish I did.

But he does have a point.

Look at the debate now.  Donald Trump just steam rolled Hillary Clinton.  If Bernie was in there, you know he would just bounce Trump off the wall, catch him, and then bounce him again.

 photo vnfjzk6_zpsje07eyfs.gif


Wrathion Meets His Father by Ghostwalker2061
Wrathion Meets His Father
This was a mess. It took just as long as doing a simple paining. Mostly because I didn't know how the fuck to work the screen tones.

But, finally, the image we've waited for, Wrathion finally meets Neltharion. Because you know, you all waited for this.
It will happen in the story. I just haven't gotten there yet.

Of course Nel hasn't really noticed Wrathion just yet. Mostly because well...the punk's the size of an ant to him.

And yes, people, as I stated, I can actually draw in the anime manga style...whatever. I just don't do it often because it never agrees with the way do things.

And in a way, this makes sense, since Warcraft has had its own mangas before. I've got a few of my own in fact.

But none actually having squishy Nel in the book, except for maybe a bit of prologue or whatever.
News flash, Wrathion is really Neltharion's grandson.

Wrathion Meets His Father by Ghostwalker2061

Kosak later stated that Nyxondra was Onyxia's sister and tweeted out the following:

"It's kinda kooky, but Wrathion's mother Nyxondra was Onyxia's sister... so... Yeah black dragons are freaky."[1]"You guys are right, Deathwing isn't technically Wrathion's direct biological father."[17]

This would mean that Deathwing is Wrathion's grandfather, not his father. This would also make Onyxia and Nefarian his aunt and uncle, respectively. This also corresponds with Wrathion's own words when he called Onyxia his auntie.[18]

I'm starting to think someone's been reading my shit.

Wrathion is Neltharion's grandson.  In Tectonic Divergence, EVERY Black Dragon related to Neltharion that is ALIVE are his grandchildren.   Except for Sabellian, who is his son by another consort that is not Sintharia.  Since Neltharion did have more than one consort before he killed most of them and maimed one, aka Sintharia herself during his crazy libido spell.  Each dragon is separated from Neltharion by generations ranging between 3-9 generational gaps.

They are all his grandchildren, with varying degrees of great-great in front of that.

Here we go, more ranting about Legion.

I just found out in Legion, there are more Titan devices that can create purified black dragons.

Wrathion isn't the only one now...


There is another.

How many times does it make this?  I'm gonna go ahead and count this is the 10th TIME that we had a chance to save Neltharion.  AND HIS MOTHER FUCKING FLIGHT!

Thank you, Legion.  You've given me another reason to in fact skip Warlords an go to you.  Because there's artifacts on the Broken Isles that Neltharion needs to save his flight.

Let's count all the ways Blizzard done fucked up when saving Neltharion.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Okay, there's the Squishy, look how he's smiling.  He's smiling because I actually used one of the ways that Blizzard could have to saved him.

So, let's count them off.

At the pivotal moment of the betrayal...Alexstrasza had a chance to turn Neltharion away from his plot.  If she just would have kept her mouth shut, everything he was doing could have been stopped.  During him having his hammy villain moment, Alexstrasza instilled some doubt in him.  Showing that she cares about him and knows that the person she trusts above possibly even her own consorts would NEVER pull this stunt...she had a chance to talk him down and away from the Old Gods voices.  If she had not said: "Let's destroy the matrix of the Dragon Soul."

So...don't say you want to destroy the Dragon Soul, you bimbo...Alexstrasza is One.

Number Two is Thrall.  At the end of Twilight of the Aspects when everyone was having their climax battle, Thrall was suddenly filled with basically "Earth-Warder" powers.  He heard Khaz'goroth's words to Neltharion when Neltharion was granted his abilities (or created with them in the original lore that my AU story follows.)  This is later confirmed that basically Thrall has a piece of Neltharion inside of him.  This was confirmed when he used that piece to empower the Dragon Soul in order to make Deathwing weak to it.  Because you can't make Neltharion weak to the Dragon Soul due to the fact he never granted his power to it.  He never gave of himself to the disk.  But Thrall did.  That's how he was able to destroy Deathwing.  Because Neltharion was the one who granted a piece of himself to the disk which allowed Thrall to use it against Deathwing.

This is the one I used for Tectonic Divergence.  Thrall had a piece of Neltharion inside of him.  So, he used that piece to reach out to the rest of Neltharion and pull him free from the binds of the Old Gods and his maddened other half Deathwing.

I placated to you Green Jesus fans to have Thrall save Neltharion.  Who wouldn't like that?

That's how I was able to do it, people.

They never went with that.  Fuck you, Blizzard!

Number Three comes in during the Cataclysm.  The device that is used to create Wrathion could possibly have been use on Neltharion, or perhaps they could have studied the artifact to broaden its power to help Neltharion.

Well, in my story, I actually gave a good reason why they never went down this path.  Hell, even Neltharion called Alexstrasza out for that.  But she did give a good reason.  The reason in the game?  Dunno.  Can the device only be used once?  Dunno.  Could it work on an adult dragon?  Dunno.  Could it work on something as powerful as Neltharion?  Dunno.

In my story, Alexstrasza said she did not have time to go into further research of the device.  And that Rhaestrasza was killed.  She was the dragon who was studying the device with the help of a gnome scientist.  Deathwing killed Rhae and Wrathion's egg escaped.

But up until Legion, the device was never mentioned again.  Hell, even Wrathion didn't mention it.  You just had to trust that he was a friendly black whelpling.

Number 4!  Grim Batol fight between Alexstrasza and Deathwing.  Alexstrasza was willing to give Deathwing a second chance and she was willing to bring out what was left of Neltharion inside of him.  So, she was using her power to do so.  Except, she failed, and caused part of Grim Batol to be irradiated with Deathwing's radioactive blood.  Great going, Life-Binder!  Why you fail so much?  Huh?  You suck, Alex!

Basically, it's Blizzard who sucks here.  Because well, they just couldn't even let the Queen of Dragons save a brother she has known for over 60 thousand years.  A confidant that she pretty much has a deep, secret crush for.  It's there, we all know it.

But apparently, according to someone, Neltharion doesn't like female Aspects.  Oh, he's fine with regular female dragons, and one female human.  But female Aspects?  Ew.  I guess it's because the crush is one sided right now.

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

But they do make a good couple.  Now if that were Sintharia...though.

Number 5.  The tainted blood of the Earth-Warder questline.  We had a questline in Deepholm dedicated to finding a cure for Neltharion specifically.  I invested time...and fighting Neltharion's red blood cells...which have a life of their own...yeah I know...what?  But still, I got invested with this story line.  Because I was hoping that maybe even if we couldn't find something right there...they would have some time before the end of the expansion to further study the evidence.  But NOPE!  Too much Old God funk.  Can't be saved.  Or rather, it's because Blizzard is fucking lazy.  Yeah, the plan was to cure Neltharion from Old God taint.  Hey, Nel!  Time to get your fucking booster shot!  Where's my elementium needle the size of a flag pole?

Number 6.  Elune.  Yeah, I'm putting her in there.  She's such a god damned deus ex machina, it made no sense for all the times that she could have intervened, why the hell didn't she do that for Nel?  You know, the same gripe I had about Ysera?  I have for Nel too. Because he deserves it!  It's the Squishy, here.  He deserves something!

And if she really was the Titan in the egg all this time, why the hell didn't she do it?  She did it for the other dragons.  She did it for Ysera's mates.  Why not?  Is it because the Aspects really hate each other?  It didn't seem like they hated Neltharion the way they hate each other.  In fact, he was the glue that held them all together.  I'm not kidding.  The moment he gets corrupted, they all come out of the shadows and showing what insufferable douchebags they are.

But you know why Elune didn't?

Because she isn't the Titan in the egg.  She's an Old God.  She doesn't want to save Neltharion or Malygos because it works against her plans.  It works against the Old Gods' plans.

Remember, if we look at things from their point of view, the Titans, and all the creatures they create are the invaders of Azeroth.

They want their planet back, people.  Of course Elune wouldn't want to save the Prison Warden keeping her locked up.  As Neltharion was once described before the fucking retcon!  Yeah, he really was the prison warden for the Old Gods.  He just didn't really know it.  The moment they corrupted him, look how easy it was for them to get to everything else.

Now why would Elune save some green dragons if she hates Aspects?  Well, one theory, Old Gods work against each other a lot.  They don't work together.  So, of course, to fuck up N'Zoth, Elune would save the dragons from his Nightmare.  She's the benevolent Old God who slowly turns up the heat on the stove eye with the frogs in the pot of water.  Slowly killing them.  She wasn't finished with them yet.

Now granted, if we had kept to this idea, then Elune not saving Nel would make sense. 

But no....she's the fucking Titan in the egg...theory.  So why the fucking hell didn't she save Neltharion?!  After all those times she interfered, would it be that hard to save one of the most important people on the planet?!

I'm sorry, fanboys, but Tyrande and Malfurion aren't as important as Neltharion.  Okay?  And I will burst your bubble on this one.  Illidan is also not important.  Not as important as a Dragon Aspect's life.  If she was so worried about losing what power she had...saving Neltharion would have been better than all the other miracles she did for the mortals.  Because he's more important.

He's the Warden of the Old Gods.  He keeps them in their cages.  Fuck you, Elune.

So, now we are at Number 7-10. 

The thing that is in fact capable of curing Black Dragons is an object called Khaz'Goroth's Hammer.  It is an actual artifact of Khaz'Goroth himself.  It's one of the Pillars of Creation that was used to order Azeroth.

And this fucking thing cured a Black Dragon named Ebyssian.  Yes, MALE.  Can't give Squishy any leway, can I?  Well, Blizzard did this one.   Ebyssian is a Spiritwalker of the Highmountain Tribe of Tauren.  Yup, no wonder Baine worships Neltharion like a god, apparently Tauren have a thing for good Black Dragons.

His story is that when they found his egg hiding in Neltharion's Lair, they also had in their possession the Hammer of Khaz'Goroth.  How they got it...I assume they took it from Neltharion.  Given that Neltharion is the Earth-Warder, and basically the prodigy of Khaz'Goroth, metaphorically in the retconned stupid lore or literally in the original lore which my stories follow would make sense that Neltharion himself would possess an artifact that connected him with his father.

But this is Blizzard, and what makes sense to me, they will do the opposite.

But that's what I'm speculating on.

So get this, the Tauren took the Hammer from Neltharion and used it to banish him from his own lair in the Broken Isles after he failed at the Sundering.

Yeah...they banished this guy...

Deathwing the Worldbreaker by Ghostwalker2061

From his own home using a stolen hammer...a hammer they stole from banish him with.  And banish his black dragons too.

Oh, and they started smashing black dragon eggs left and right.  Except for one.  In which they used the hammer to purify it with.  And that is why 10,000 years later, we have Ebyssian.  They spared ONE egg, and smashed the others.  And Ebyssian thanked them without you know, getting angry that they didn't use the hammer's purifying powers on the other eggs! 

There, those of you who think that Neltharion is horrible about caring for his flight...this little shit takes after his father quite well!  And Wrathion.  Apparently, when you are purified, you want to hunt down any black dragon who is not purified and kill them.  Now we know where Wrathion and Ebyssian get their ideas from.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Black in the Circle II by Ghostwalker2061

Hint, they get it from Neltharion.  He's the Purified Earth-Warder
and he wants to kill his unpurified flight. 

But yes, this storyline is as stupid and infuriating as you all might think.

I mean, these guys chased away Deathwing using a hammer.  I don't fucking care if the hammer is Mjölnir, you're not going to chase the Aspect of Death away with it.

Secondly, this retcon pretty much is saying these guys chased away Deathwing, when the reason why Neltharion never went back to that old lair was due to a cave-in he caused when he was trying to chase after Malfurion.  Because Malfurion had the Dragon Soul.  Now, Neltharion wasn't worried about a cave-in harming the disk, because the disk can't be destroyed by anything other than Neltharion himself.  A few tons of boulders isn't going to smash it.  But a few tons of boulders will smash Malfurion.

After the cave-in, Neltharion left that lair, went to the Well, and tried to get his Dragon Soul from it.  But the Old Gods pushed him away from the well, and he was sent flying off the sky.

So, it was the Old Gods who banished him, not these jokers.  It is possible we have unreliable narrators here in the form of these Tauren.  Even MY Neltharion can remember what happened to him during the Sundering, and he's missing half his marbles.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

We know, Squishy, you can't help your mental impairment.  It's what makes you even more cuter.  You're so broken!

All those times when we could have put forth an effort to saving Neltharion.  We suck as heroes, and it is no wonder why Azeroth is doomed.

So, this story is infuriating, and there is even a comic book on it.  Ebyssian apparently now serves as Spiritwalker to the chieftain family, in which he guides the spirits to their destination.

More hints to Neltharion's flight having a connection to the spirit world.  Looks like having Malygos and Arthas follow Neltharion around wasn't too much of a stretch...or having ghosts talk to him such as Emperor Shaohao.  Sorry, spoilers.

Neltharion's abilities to talk to the spirits is apparently an innate thing the Black Dragons have.

Funny, we all thought Alexstrasza would have this.  Nope.  It's Nel.  He can see dead people.

This goes to the other gripe.  Who all knew Neltharion had this thing?  Malygos?  Alexstrasza?  Nozdormu?  Ysera?  Did any of them know that this hammer could purify corruption?  Did any of them know it existed?

Did any of them try to search for it?

Apparently, there's another artifact of the Titans that is connected to another dragon...the Eye of Aman'Thul, aka Nozdormu's asshole father.  And the Highborne who were banished to these lands used it to create the Moonwell, something that serves similar to the Sunwell of the High/Blood Elves.

Did they steal it from Nozdormu?  Has Nozdormu ever gotten it back or tried to?

This leaves many questions.

Now, I will say this, Neltharion not knowing the hammer exists in my story is again due to his mental issues.  Poor guy is mentally unstable and again is missing half his marbles.  I'm surprised he even remembers his name.  And that's not a joke.  I'm surprised he can remember his name considering how much the Old Gods actually took.  Neltharion doesn't have all his marbles because the Old Gods stole them.  So he wouldn't remember the Hammer.  And yes, I want to use this element in my stories.

I think a friend of mine said it the best.  This is why we hate retcons, and as he said: "So why didn't we use this thing to solve that other problem years ago?"

Because it hadn't been invented yet.  That's Blizzard's excuse for not using it on Neltharion's flight.  But what's the actual lore reason, guys?

This is also why I'm taking a while to write the stories.  Legion has some interesting elements that I could actually effectively, and more efficiently use in Tectonic Divergence.  The Hammer is a good example and allows Neltharion to try to find a way to help his flight, and also helps him find out more about how much he lost.

But again, all these questions about all the times we could have helped Neltharion...or Malygos, or ANY of them.  And all these tools we had at our disposal.  And because of Blizzard wanting to focus on Illidan, making him out to be a hero that he is not, just to satisfy the majority of the fans, on top of killing Vol'jin and making Sylvanas Warchief, and then having her again go after her own agenda because she has a fear of real death...AND LET'S NOT FORGET THIS ATROCITY!

tumblr o15o12FvgO1tfcje2o2 500 by Ghostwalker2061


So much anger.

Oh, and apparently Shadow Priests get to learn about Old Gods in Legion.  So, I'm adding that to the list.  As number 7. 

Thank the Light we have Tectonic Divergence.  See?  We can explore these questions, and Neltharion is alive, and somewhat well.  He's sad, and pathetic.  But he's squishy, and we need to hug him.

Because Blizzard NEVER DID.

Earth-Warder Pandaren Portrait by Ghostwalker2061

Snuggle the Squishy!


And it's in the Legion Dungeon known as Neltharion's Lair.  Neltharion had the power to save his flight THIS ENTIRE TIME!  The hammer belongs to him.  That is lazy Blizzard writing Reason Number 8!  And fuck you, Richard A Knaak!


Dragoniade by Ghostwalker2061
Silver Throne by Ghostwalker2061
Li Jeng Commission by Ghostwalker2061
Varathael commission by Ghostwalker2061
Let it Storm by Ghostwalker2061
Morbid Malign Commission by Ghostwalker2061
Behold His Floofiness by Ghostwalker2061  I got nothin by Ghostwalker2061 The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061 The Battle II by Ghostwalker2061 Earth and Fire by Ghostwalker2061 Deathwing the Worldbreaker by Ghostwalker2061 

I primarily take cash through either Paypal or Western Union.

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I wonder, with your fascination with dragons, have you read any novels that focus on dragons?
Ghostwalker2061 Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I have read the Dragonlance series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern.  And I have read Mercedes Lackey Bard's Tale.  And I have read Richard A Knaak's Dragonrealms series.  And I've read Song in the Silence by Elizabeth Kerner.  And yes, I have read the Temeriere series, which I wasn't a big fan of.  She should have chosen World War II for the tale, rather than the War of 1812.

I find that books that actually focus on dragons as characters and nothing else aren't all that good, being on the level of bad to somewhat good fanfiction.

I tend to like books that has an equal relation between dragons and humans.  Which is why I write the way I do.  As in, I like stories that are similar to what I write. 

I haven't found anything that is similar to what I write.

Read the stuff I've written, like Tectonic Divergence, or the Kiryuu Saga, you'll get what my tastes are.
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Oh, I saw the thing about getting rid of the ads on certain sites. 
firephoenixx456 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
more attempts by the sjws to censor their very articulate critics
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