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Character Development: Jonathan Long by Ghostwalker2061 Character Development: Jonathan Long by Ghostwalker2061
Yeah, Jonathan gets one now!

Because, you know, he's an important character. And he's got the longest posted book on the net I've posted on

But I'm getting ahead of myself. A lot of people pretty much already know his story. He's the father of the CHOSEN ONE aka Jake Long, aka the American Dragon. His wife, Susan, was a non transforming dragon and she was forced by Magical World law NOT to tell him who or what she was, or that their kids, Jake and Haley, can in fact transform into dragons themselves. So, Jonathan has pretty much walked around his usual, daily life not knowing about the world that's under his nose.

However, that's only where the story deviates from the Jonathan Long in the actual cartoon and the one I've told about.

In my story, Jonathan Long is actually a dragon himself, not only a dragon, but one of the Ancient Ancestral Great Dragons who empowered chosen human beings with the ability to change into dragons so that these new guardians could watch over the Magical World while the Ancient Ones drifted off into obscurity. They basically ascended to a higher plane, and they were the Precursors at least for this particular Planet Earth. Jonathan for most of the false life he's lived has been using the Safety in Muggles trope, creating a fake identity right from childhood even to make the mask even more realistic. Jonathan's pretty smart in this idea, because he knew that the world was well, a bit smarter than it used to be and it's harder to pretty much appear as some wondering adult with a fake ID and a fake history because someone can always figure out you're not always what you seem to be. So, Pyrothraxus had to make himself into a human child to create the fake identity he would live in. That way, if anyone asked, he had proof, proof of where he went to school, proof of where he works, how long he worked there, proof of parental guardians, and this works. There was no hand wave when it came to Jonathan's history, he lived the life he stated that he has as a human. He went to elementary school, junior high, high school, and college. He made friends, and he also married and had kids.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Just what is Jonathan anyways?

Who are the Ancient Ones? Well, they are the Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White Chromatic Dragons and the Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, and Copper Metallic Dragons of D&D fame.

And Jonathan was in fact a Great Wyrm Chromatic Red Dragon who was the size of a Boeing 747 and the last one of his kind left on Earth–or at least we thought. Pyrothraxus served as an Ancient Keeper, per the trope. Upon his finger holds the Doorway to Baator, a specialized prison created for some of the more powerful and evil souls who could not eventually merge with the High God Takhisis--called Tiamat in this reality. Among those were his brother Zestos and his little band of cohorts who serve with unrelenting zeal the Lord of the Nine Asmodeus the Great Serpent. And Jon wears the Doorway on his finger as a wedding ring.

Apparently the other Ancients returned, including the Caretaker of Earth, the King of Dragons Bahamut–in the disguise of Galen Garath.

Jonathan though, during his life as a human was more than willing to just Become the Mask itself because it meant that maybe he could protect his family from his past because he knew the past would catch up. Like potentially becoming a dracolich, having to become a demigod to stave off dracolichdom, his brother breaking the prison walls, his mother, the Queen of Africa–Malystryx returning and really causing all sorts of problems there. His best friend Sam Davidson, who now is a Colonel in the United State's Air Force discovering his secret and now the Government is after him. And that's only half of it.

But eventually things do work out in the end. Oh, but except for one. King Ghidorah. That asshole just keeps popping up everywhere. And in this one, the King of Terror can in fact take control of Jonathan long through a talisman created by an ancient wizard–that Jonathan swallowed. Whopes. And whenever Ghidorah does, Jonathan turns black and glows purple, looking like a horrible monstrosity ready to do the bidding of King Ghidorah.

But I haven't really finished the second story, so, we'll see what happens next.
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Netarliargus Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Hmh, this is one of the few occasions where I like the fanfiction character better then the original main character from the show.
dracostarcloud Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013

Alright, now animate it. =p

JK. Looks fantastic!

Darasmera Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
The difference between Kiryuu's old version and the current one is merely impressive, but the difference between Pyrothraxus's first appearance and today is nothing short of stunning.

And thank you for the summary. I was fairly sure that the amulet was linked to Ghidorah, but I wasn't certain that I remembered it correctly.
TheLeonizard Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
awesome, we see the difference
Letdragon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
And because it would be great if they actually turned your awesome fan fiction into some kind of reality. :)
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