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August 18, 2008
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Infestation concept by Ghostwalker2061 Infestation concept by Ghostwalker2061
An idea I came up while watching Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. And yes, that is Megaguirus' shadow in that image.

That is not Telek however. That is Cujo, Telek's best friend (frat brother) and also second in command in Telek's little fleet.

Like Voi, I thought of another story that happened a little bit before the Second Battle of Earth. While Voi happens a bit before and during the Second Battle of Earth, Infestation would happen directly after Telek chases after Regret's ship to Delta Halo.

This story is about Cujo, though, fighting against another infestation that's very similar to the Flood when it comes to possession of hosts...but these creatures don't turn into undead zombies, they turn into insectoids. These creatures are called the Invae, and their little home happens to be the Chicago Bug City Containment Zone.

The idea of mine happens when Kiryuu asks Cujo and the other Shipmasters who were left behind when Telek tailed Regret to glass the state of Illinois, something that Cujo discovers regularly happens, except with nukes. Apparently, keeping this state dead and barren keeps the bugs from escaping Chicago. Even Lake Michigan is all dried up from the constant nuking. But then Cujo finds out that Kiryuu's sending him into Chicago for another reason, to retrieve an artifact that the Invae managed to get in possession. Let's just hope that Cujo, a team of ODSTs and Spec Ops Sangheili can get in and out before the Queen of the Invae Megaguirus tries to eat them for dinner.

Just an idea I came up. Cujo looks good with that fuel rod cannon on his shoulder. Cujo is not an aristocrat, so therefore he does not carry a sword like Telek does.
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