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No incest! It speaks for itself. I've seen too many times the sick perverts on the web on yaoi sites and yiff sites and furry sites that seem to get a bounce in their pants from interbreeding, especially if it's a father daughter relationship or father son relationship as in the case of the Yaoi sites.

Okay, to clarify to the sick perves. Incest is child abuse! It is child abuse, it's wrong, it shouldn't happen. Coming from someone who's actually had it done and went through the courts to put the guy behind bars, I know for a fact that incest is considered child abuse. I may show some sexual contented drawings, in of course a humorous way, but there is one thing that I will NEVER EVER DO! That's incest. I may write a situation where a child is abused in that matter to show that sort of thing does happen, but if I do, I will make it to where the guy who did it gets it in the end. I will show the horror and the shame that the child goes through, the trauma that the family goes through, the social genocide that seems to follow afterwards, and yes, that happens. I've lived through it.

So, for those of you who support the showing of incest on the web as some sort of sick, twisted, sexual fantasy, this stamp isn't for you (and for that matter, you need to go see a psychologist). But for the rest of you who agree with me...well...go for it.

And also, for those who have been asking me about the brother/sister thing. Same thing as the father/daughter or mother/son thing.

It's wrong, it's all wrong. The thought of anyone doing their sister or their cousin is disgusting to even think about.

And scientifically, the person is not contributing to their genes by "keeping it in the family". There's a reason why so many Southerners are idiots because of inbreeding in their family and why royalty tend to have a few morons in their "pure" bloodlines. It's called genetic depression. Look it up. But if you want your future descendants to have all these problems with physical and mental health, then go and do it. See what happens.

Please fav before you use.

And if I didn't make it clear before.

I WILL NOT DISCUSS THIS! So, don't note me for some debate, or spam my journals or page, thinking you're going to get a nice little debate from me. That just pisses me off, and you will get the nasty side of me. Okay. Go find someone else to debate about this topic.
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May 28, 2008
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