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Bungie by spartanjedi


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October 3, 2008
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P.E.R.N. by Ghostwalker2061 P.E.R.N. by Ghostwalker2061
Read before replying

This is a joke, okay? It's just a joke. If any of you start thinking this is a story idea for the next Halo fic of mine, then, I will hit you over the head. Woe upon me if I ever get caught by the Weyr police on this one.

Trust me on this one, Telek's drunk driving wasn't the thing that sent him 2500 years into the future. That was all "AIVAS'S" idea! Damn talking wall!

Though I have seen many Pern images on DA, a few maps here and there, but not one of those guys have given a try to recreate the planet in a spacescape type scene. Guess I'm the first.

Joli: Temporal transference successful, Excellency.

Telek: We here?

Rolu: Yes, Supreme Commander. The Luminary is picking up Forerunner artifacts on the eccentric red planet passing through that Oort Cloud.

Telek: Do what, now?

Rolu: Forerunner artifacts, Excellency.

Telek: Alright, alright. We'll handle that later. Right now I've gotta deal with the distress signal. At last, finally, I found him. 300 light-years from Earth and 2500 Earth years into the future, but I found him. Let's just hope they're both together. We cloaked?

Joli: Yes, Excellency.

Telek: Good, we don't want the descendants of the abandoned colony refugees to know we're here. Head straight for the Southern Continent. Nice and quiet, fellas. Nice and quiet. Doesn't look like to me they've used Tier 3 technology in a while. Seein' a space ship like mine might scare the crap outta them.

Joli: Yes, Excellency.

Rolu: It has been 2500 years since the war. It's possible that the Spartan may no longer be alive.

Telek: I know that, but I know for one that Kiryuu is or else we wouldn't be here. Maybe he can tell us what happened to the Chief.


There. Chew on that. There won't be more. Come at me, you Pern purists! Come at me! At least I'm not doing Yaoi in Pern.

Pern belongs to Anne McCaffery.

Halo belongs to Bungie.

The Funny Joke belongs to me.

Image done in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop CS3.
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Innomadic Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010

Only just finished the first book and i thought, wouldn't it be cool it Pern was a shield world itself....and its the one MC crash landed on.....then a lone helljumper falls into Ruatha valley and then some random stuff happens from there.

I'm sorry, i know you have intention of writing it...its just that so many coincidences in terms of concepts have occurred in my first two weeks on here :lol:
Ghostwalker2061 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist

The Red Star is the shield installation, the Chief doesn't crash in Ruatha, he crashes on the Red Star.
Innomadic Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
I was just saying that was my thought, and it was close to yours was all
Innomadic Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
Sorry for double post, but i realised i just did the same thing that annoyed you last time :O

AWESOME job on the render :D
DolphinSilverwolf Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
Master Chief on Pern...might happen given the unpredictability of slipspace and the effect of a slipspace gateway slamming shut while a ship is passing through...

"We usually worry about Thread falling from the sky...but this is a new one on me."

Probably a good thing you're not going to write a Pern/Halo mashup. Suppose the Brutes found Pern. They drop a grav lift...a few errant firelizards get inside...pass some images to dragons...Energy shielding does not hold up under high heat too well. And it could get just plain wierd.

"This stranger falls from the sky and impresses a dragon?"
"No...I didn't. I think Cortana did."
Ghostwalker2061 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Actually, the story was written, but it was written for my amusement and kept on an external hard drive. It is not posted anywhere on the Net.

It pretty much revolved on a what-if scenario of a possible fate of President Knight and the Master Chief landing on the Red Star, to which they discover is a Forerunner Shield Installation during the time of the first Fall of Pern. The Yokohama, instead of being just a colony ship, ends up being a Phoenix-class warship, which was a colony ship retrofitted into a warship during the Human-Covenant war and then was used to defend Pern when a small fleet of Covenant ships attacked it, leaving it a bit damaged, which then strands our colonists on Pern permanently.

Knight, before crashing upon the Red Star, did discover an ONI report of the mycrohizor life form later on known as Thread and when he finally reaches Pern, because of ONI secrecy, could not inform the colonists of its existence. So pretty much the lack of preparation for the First Fall was his fault. The Covenant, on the other hand release the Flood on the Red Star, which the Chief traps in the Shield World and him inside of it, leaving Kiryuu to take a Long Sword to Pern alone. And the Covenant leave Pern to its fate as the Fall begins, hoping that the fungus will wipe out the remaining colonists.

Of course we know that does not happen. In the mean time, Kiryuu sends out his distress signal, which goes unanswered for over 2500 years and on into the Ninth Pass, in which the descendants reactivate him (if you have not read the 12 stories that he is involved in, you won't know what I mean by reactivate) confuse him for AIVAS and he gives them the solution of ridding Pern of Thread to keep them busy while he has an ulterior motive of bringing a fleet of Seperatist Covenant ships lead by Telek (from 2500 years ago) to find out what happened to the Chief and Cortana and to return all three to the Earht's past.

And no, there is no the Chief or Cortana impressing a dragon or dragons and the Elites show their annoyance to the Pern dragons many times due to the fact they've had rough dealings with Earth's dragons of Shadowrun fame. Telek hating Manda and being annoyed with Dunkelzahn (who's on his ship BTW), Shri grumbling about Lofwyr, and Cujo cursing Malcho's name. Trust me, they don't like dragons.

But I will express again, this story is only for my amusement. It will never be shown.
AsukiElric Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
You, my friend, are genius! :love:
TasheBird Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
I find this incredibly amusing, being both a fan of Pern and Halo. Such a creative combination, and a wonderful rendition of a 3-D model of pern. Haha! xD Very funny joke it is indeed.
Dreaming-Glory Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
pfpfpfpfff this... this is amazing! ;A; I bet this is exactly, if not close, to what Jaxom, Ruth, and the other Dragonriders and dragons saw when they went up to the Yokohoma.

I'm not into Halo, so I'm probably missing the Halo references, but still, this is epic! D:
Ghostwalker2061 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
You should see the wallpaper version. Less flaws, more detail.
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