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February 7, 2009
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The Blitzardi by Ghostwalker2061 The Blitzardi by Ghostwalker2061

Well, here's one of the original designs of aliens I had hidden away in the vault from long ago.

The species is called Kethosi they hail from the planet Kethoi...(the planet in the background). The planet is mostly a desert, but unlike places like Dune or Tatooine, Kethoi isn't defined by one climate feature. In some places, there are green areas, and snow, but not much. Kethoi was once a lush planet and it was very Earth...with various climes like tundras, temperate areas, deserts, tropics, and polar ice caps. But the Kethosi screwed the planet up with their constant need to advance their technology (kinda like what we're doing to Earth). So, what's left is a very dry, arid planet with little water and a thin atmosphere. The Kethosi have since then mostly gone to live underground on their home planet or left to other worlds. The core of the planet has been hollowed out and turned into a miniature Dyson Sphere complete with a small star.

Because of the climate of Kethoi, in the atmosphere, there are millions of spheres which control the weather and help filter the oxygen. Kethoi is often called the "Red Planet" because of its russet colored deserts.

Kethoi has two moons and a ring. One of its moons...Bathoin, is artificial. (Bathoin is the pitted rust-colored moon with the lights on its surface.) Bathoin is actually a super weapon used in protecting the planet from anywhere from invasion or possible meteor impacts. The ring is also artificial housing trillions upon trillions of satellites which monitor the space around Kethoi.

The Kethosi are divided up into various sub-species or races. Like humans on Earth, each race has its own skin color. And also like Humans, Kethosi share a common feature, lupine-like head, pointed furry ears, horns, and manes, draconic-like tails, claws, and scales. They are digigraded, meaning they walk on their toes like birds or velociraptors, instead of walking on flat fleet like plantigraded creatures such as bears and humans. The digigrade gives these aliens incredible speed and agility as well as tremendous abilities in jumping. They also can breathe fire. Their blood is deep blue which alludes to a cobalt base. Growing from their lips like an Eastern Dragon, is a pair of fleshy whiskers. Most Kethosi have wings, except for the Umikao, which do not.

This picture is of a Blizardi Kethosi, who are the ruling race of the Kethosi. Blitzardi are very militaristic, considering themselves as honorable warriors and proud fighters. Their technological advances have mostly been focused on weapons and battle vehicles. Their starships are capable of faster than light travel and even have the ability to swiftly phase through dimensions.

Blitzardi have unique powers to their own race. They can channel electrical currents through their body. They are considered "Perfect Shapeshifters" meaning they can take on the form of anything they see including inanimate objects. Their shapeshifting ability stems down to the molecular level which makes them excellent spies. They can mimic any sound they come across no matter how complex. Blitzardi are also natural teleporters. They also have the ability to control electromagnetism. They can repel their bodies from any surface which helps in their flying. They also can attach themselves to any surface and can even wall upright on walls and ceilings. This understanding of controlling electromagnetic energy is also reflected in their advanced technology. All of these abilities stem from psionic mental control. Though they can do these tricks, it must be taught in schools how to do them. The military is drilled in these abilities and are taught how a special martial arts using these powers. The martial arts seem to give them the ability to phase from one place to another which gives them a ghostly appearance when they fight. They are proficient in hand to hand combat as well as weapons combat.

Bltizardi have sort of a gold or copper coloring to their scales, with manes ranging from chestnut brown to deep black. As a Blitzardi ages, the hair will turn either gray or white. Some have just gray or white streaks. The Aristocracy will wear their hair long, bound in tails with ornate hair ties. Commoners often will just wear their hair short, usually half way down their backs or down to their hips. (The Aristocracy often wear the mane much longer to their knees or sometimes to their ankles regardless of gender. Both male and female generally wear the same hair styles among the aristocrats.) Warriors, (regardless of rank) dread up their hair and depending on their rank and status in the Kethosian armada, may wear ornate beads in their dreadlocks (much like the image you see above.) When angered, a Blitzardi's horns will spark up with electricity. Their tails have two bony prongs that are polarized (one slightly smaller than the other like a plug) and they can shoot their electricity out of these prongs or through their fingers. This makes many who encounter the Blitzardi think they are made of living lightning.

Castes is divided in feudal standards. The highest ruler is the Emperor. (Currently an Emperor rules the Empire, which the Blitzardi have conquered that contain other extraterrestrial creatures from other planets.) Only the Nobility or aristocrats can carry the Energy Staff. Other warriors carry plasma based weapons such as disrupters and blasters or cannons. Rank is determined by uniform insignia for the naval and air force branches and armor color for the marine and army branches. Their Air Force and Army are planet bound defenders while their Navy and Marines are more mobile for use of conquering other planets. The Marines and Army branches also have personal body shields.

Blitzardi clothing is highly decorative and has a slight Asian look to it. Like the traditional clothes of Japan, the traditional costumes of the Blitzardi are layered over one another. The aristocracy and nobility will wear badges hung on rectangular tags which denotes their status and family crest. (But what you see up in the image is what a warrior looks like fully armored.)

Because of the controlling way of the Blitzardi, their culture is often pressed into the other Kethosian races. Other Kethosi like the Lengodo or the Auri will wear similar attire and similar hair styles to show their submission to the Blitzardi ruling party. The only race that defies these cultural standards are the Khazabi who would wear costumes from other cultures and will wear their manes much shorter. (I'll get into the other races later.)

The Kethosi are an original alien race that I have created. I did think about if I were to write Halo: Andromeda, these were the aliens that Telek would meet up. Writing Andromeda would allow me to introduce people to the Kethosi, especially the Blitzardi since they're the main bad guys of the story and it allows me to introduce other original alien races that I have created along with the Kethosi for Telek and his mix-matched crew of Sangheili and Humans to meet or fight against. The only good Blitzardi that Telek meets in the story premise is Crowned Prince Xi Kedzuel Draconis, who is leading a resistance of other Kethosi and various other aliens species from the Kethosian Empire against his arrogant and ruthless uncle Emperor Cerinath Khan Draconis. The idea would be that Telek finds out that Khan has President Kiryuu, the Chief, and Cortana as prisoners. The Kethosians in this story originally were allies with the Forerunners and were technologically on par with them. However, since 40,000 years had passed since the Forerunners disappeared, the Kethosians have advanced much in their technology and so they are now technologically more advanced than the Forerunners. They would be considered by the Covenant and the Forerunners as a Tier 0 technological species, capable of transcending beyond their own galaxy and even shifting through dimensions. Because of how very few planets capable of bearing life in Andromeda, the Kethosian empire nearly encompasses the entire galaxy. It is huge!

The original story though of Kedzuel did not involve Telek, but instead talked about how he and his allies like the Khazabi Selena Myles, the Lengodo Mejellon Yeuthfaesa, and Cryu-Ir Xaena Hilthan against Khan with the ending of course Kedzuel taking over the empire as Emperor and pretty much reformatting much of the long centuries of harsh Blitzardi rule and allowing the other planets to have a say on what happens in the empire. The story also involves Earth how Khan would often use Earth and its species for scientific experiments which then creates things such as the various mythological creatures we have--like dragons, werewolves, witches, demons, goblins, that sort of thing. They were failed mutations Khan's evil scientists had done. One of the things though was that because the Kethosians could breathe fire, the humans often called them dragons. Blitzardi were called Lightning Dragons or Electric Dragons (Electric Dragons became a more common term for the Blitzardi in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century Earth), the Khazabi were called Fire Dragons or just simply the Drakes, Lengodo were called Green Dragons, Umikao were called Sea Dragons, Auri were called Gold Dragons, and the Cryu-Ir were called White Dragons or Ice Dragons. But these were names given to the Kethosi by humans.

So, yeah, if you ever hear some of these guys on DA who know me from other boards referring to me as Kedz or Kedzie or just plain Kedzuel, I used my character's name Emperor Kedzuel as a screen name. But Emperor Kedzuel is a character of mine with a long history. I started writing about him and drawing him since the very early 1990s. So, the story that revolved around him was mostly based in late 20th Century Earth. If I ever write it, be prepared for dated stuff like early 90s music, late 80s music, and a lot of corny late 80s, early 90s dialog and slang. Trust me on this one, Kedzuel loves that stuff and well, also the fact on because he has very long hair, he tends to like big hair metal music. Well, that's it for now. I may do images of the other races later. I will post up a side image of what a Blitzardi looks like without the helmet.
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Tenkai0709 Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
Well,well, very well god well!
maxvision92 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
So the Kethosi are a race of super advanced dragon-wolf hybrid-looking creatures, and they live in a Dyson sphere. They're shapeshifters with a mastery of technique rarely seen outside the Gamma Quadrant, they're also magnetic, and they're masters of hand-to-hand and melee combat. They wield a wide variety of sci-fi weapons, up to and including energy staffs similar to those wielded by the Jaffa, they can shoot lightning from their fingers, and they've built a Death Star, for peaceful purposes, mind you, but still...

And just when I think you can't possibly top that, the hero guy is a grade-A metalhead. This is now one of the awesomest races in the galaxy.

Hey, wait a minute! If the Kethosi live in the Halo universe, where were they during the Flood War? Surely they must have known that if the Forerunners could not stop the parasites, they would be next. Could you imagine what would happen if a Gravemind had taken control of Bathoin?
Ghostwalker2061 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
They were the Precursors, they 'transcended' to other places. And since there is only main species of Kethosi in the whole Multiverse, they travel from universe to universe. That's why everyone knows about them. And they are long-lived by millions of years. I think I had Selena Myles the Khazabi clocked at 220,000,000 years or so and that's middle aged. Yeah, these guys over see evolutionary events and the rise and extinction of whole species within their own life times.

And I made that energy staff before Stargate. In fact, when I saw Stargate, I shouted, "Hey, they copied!"

Bathoin isn't as much of a "Death Star" as you might think. It fold's out into a dish when it's about to fire and the beam itself irrupts from the surface of the planet controlled by the Emperor. And the dish amplifies the beam and...BOOM! You get my point.

These guys will knock your Time Lords off their thrones.
maxvision92 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
So it's more of a Death Moon, or a Death Nebula. It sounds awfully complicated; any accidental impact that moves the dish just so slightly, and it could destroy something entirely not what they wanted. A Death Star would have been a lot cheaper and more reliable, assuming they find a better way to ventilate the core than a single shaft that leads all the way from the surface to the reactor.

The Time Lords aren't warriors, they are scientists. The Daleks, their arch-enemies, would want to conquer the Blitzardi; they aren't Daleks, and are automatically inferior. They would destroy the oldest living creatures in all of existence, because they honestly think they should do it.
Lady-Jek Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a lot more detailed than my race. o.o
Absolutely interesting.
You have a nice complexity to the design. Detailing is an A+ and I love the shading.
Makes me want to work on my species my mech planet now.
Lovely pic.
Vaculity Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
:+fav: pls.
Ikscale Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
Nice design.
DraveDragonheart Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
wow...just wow :omg: i must say this design is insanly awsome (in a good way :D) and on top of that the description just make that all the more better :D
Aarok Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work, i like this shiny golden armor ;).
TheSearcher Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
*is blinded by the pour Awesomeness of this picture* holy crap that is awesome that Armour is really cool, and if all those abilities and high tech gear I'll be surprised if there is anything that could stop them.
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