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February 8
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The Blitzardi Aristocracy by Ghostwalker2061 The Blitzardi Aristocracy by Ghostwalker2061
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wow very nice how long did it take you to do this 

Ravenfire5 Feb 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
awesomw pic :)
Damn phantom keys... I know that this is a partial picture but without context kedzs tyrant is showing just a little bit.

Now I know that the blitzardi have the holier than thou attitude towards... just about everything in the known universe. But Kedz has been on the other side of the 'garden' (read:segregation) wall he knows oppression. And because of that he has also come to learn the power of equality and unity. He knows the strength that it can wield (not happy happy dance around the tree make love not war)

Now don't think I'm ignoring kedzs down sides I'm just blaming Most of those on racial ingrainment of the many many generations of blitzardi. And while Kedz tries to overcome his ingrainment it still shows up from time to time. Kedz is an asshole at times comes off as the second coming sometimes, is a tyrant a few times. And then there's blitzardi roulette... yea at times he's superficially evil. But again I call those reactions to his environment (most are from ingrainment from his race. And his superficial... well... I blame Kahn.)
Heh... even though I know that's this a partial
:icondarasmera: much of what he's wearing is decorative? And how much is functional, too?
Ghostwalker2061 Feb 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It's all decorative, but it don't mean he can't fight in it.  A Blitzardi who can fight in his finest and come out with nary a wrinkle is considered highly skilled.  It's expected among the Aristocracy of the Blitzardi to wear layered kimonos like they're apart of the Heian Era Japan.  Males often wore like five tiers of kimonos and then an embroidered overcoat karaginu, obi and then a heavily starched jinbaori vest with pauldrons decorative with golden leaves and hanging tags denoting their noble rank.

Women wear even more layers, very draping hakama and apron called the Mo as well as the obi belt.

The reason for the kimono like shirts is because, well, pull over shirts like we wear aren't easy for Kethosi to wear due to their horns.  So, their clothing have all evolved to be shirts and tops that button or velcro at the front, or fold over and tied at the hips like kimonos or robes.  

If you look at the little funny comic I posted yesterday, you'll see Kedzuel wearing more casual style of Blitzardi clothing.  A kimono and short yukata, and wearing a leather jacket on top.  Sort of a strange mix between like European casual military uniform and Japanese clothing.

And all their jackets, tops, have velcro or tied openings for their wings and tail.  Yes, if you haven't noticed, I've thought hard about how to piece their clothes together on their bodies.  I make them quite functional.  Took me 20 years to figure out what to get them to wear.
It's certainly an impressive amount of detail. And there's nothing functional among it? Mmm...with so much clothing, one would think there's plenty of opportunities to hide all sorts of things among it...
Ghostwalker2061 Feb 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It's functional, but only if caught off guard will someone like Kedzuel fight in it.  Most of the time they wear their future looking Goa'ud armor.
And he's awesome :)
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