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Illidan Stormrage

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:51 AM

Hopefully this will get some attention going.

Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

Before we get into this. I do suggest reading Murozond's Gift because this pretty much shows a brief glance about what it would be like if Neltharion and Illidan teamed up or how they would react to each other.

I'll go ahead and say it, Neltharion doesn't exactly like Illidan. And maybe because it comes from my own particular opinion on the character at first. Other reasons, because recently Illidan worked with Kil'Jaeden and the Burning Legion for a time, and then escaped to Outland and went a bit crazy.

And then we had to put him down in the Burning Crusade.

So this is going to be brief on Illidan's story and then my own thoughts on why I have a bit of a pet peeve against this guy, which only grew much larger when Blizzard announced Legion and bringing Illidan back.

And yes, it's going to be loaded with fanrage.

 photo Illidanarchive_zpso8ngr0hc.jpg

Illidan Stormrage was a Night Elf who was born before the Sundering and is the twin brother to Malfurion Stormrage. And I'm guessing they are fraternal twins and not identical, because if they were identical, they both would have the same face, same hair color, same body build.

So, they are fraternal twins.

Both were taught under the guidance of the Ancient Cenaris, whom I've mentioned in my stories. However Illidan found himself to be talented in the ways of magic rather than druidism.

Illidan in my opinion is a little bit of Harry Potter mixed in with Draco Malfoy and slammed against a wall of enormous angst. When he was born, his eyes glowed gold, which to the Night Elves was a sign that Illidan was going to be something great. And putting that bit of ego inflation upon a kid tends to screw them up. It also tends to make the kid strive to be what they expect him to be and it ends up with him falling on his face a lot.

That's why he's Harry/Draco mixed. Everyone expected him to be great, but unlike Harry, Illidan doesn't know how to be humble. So, yeah, Malfoy.

And because of this idiot upbringing, Illidan kinda gains a chip on his shoulder when he sees his brother being praised by his achievements and also gaining the attention of Illidan's crush, the priestess Tyrande.

To get a good idea of Illidan's opinion on Malfurion, watch that 2 minute video. It takes two seconds to truly understand their relationship with only a few words: "I'm high on life and I have to be super smarter than everyone else."

So, yeah, Illidan doesn't like Malfurion.

So because of this, Illidan tries to prove his worth, which constantly fails. He tries to be heroic, not really because doing good for the sake of good, but because he wishes to be rewarded for such deeds. So basically, Illidan's actions are more or less dictated by either selfishness or just depression. As in, he doesn't find worth in his self, so he has to do things for others to feel worth.

Well, this ends up with Illidan wanting to become a powerful mage and by the time the Burning Legion is showing up, he's in Zen-Azshari, pretending to kiss Queen Azshara's feet when in reality he's playing a Xanatos Gambit. 

He proves his worth to Sargeras who then plucks his eyes out and replaces them with burning fel flames, which he covers with a blind fold. But his new eyes allow him to have magic sight, so he's not really blind. At the same time, he's filling vials full of Well of Eternity water, seven of them in total, and he pretty much tucks them away for his purposes later.

Um, unfortunately the original timeline had been polluted by time traveling dragons (one of those being a Dragon Aspect), one human, and one orc, both in the canon lore and Murozond's Gift. So we don't know how the original story of Illidan really played out.

The Demon Soul by Ghostwalker2061

My version is the second pollution to the timeline that further deviated my story, and I do not consider it flowing into the AU canon because there are events that happen in that story that actually don't happen in the series.

Also the original trilogy War of the Ancients has details Murozond's gift does not, like Illidan being taught by Rhonin (sigh), why Illidan goes through the Heel-Face Revolving Door constantly throughout the trilogy, but in my story Illidan is played as more or less doing things to help bring him acclaim.

He wants praises, he wants to feel like he is worth something, and he is constantly berated by both Malfurion and yes...even Neltharion of all people!

Neltharion, the Aspect of Woe-is-Me, beats on Illidan a lot in that story. And again, I will admit, part of it was due to I really didn't like Illidan outside of being a comically failure of a villain in Azerothian Super Villains.  

But the other reason is because Neltharion everyone else from more or less his time all know what Illidan will turn into and why. So Neltharion doesn't have a lot of trust in Illidan. It was illidan who snatched up the Dragon Soul from Malfurion and brought it to Queen Azshara, who then placed it over the Well to give it the energy it needed in order to bring Sargeras through. And as we know, this led to the Sundering and the super continent Kalimdor breaking apart into the current land masses we know today.

So, Neltharion does have some reasons not to be very happy with Illidan. Neltharion may blame himself for the Sundering because he created the Dragon Soul, but it was Illidan who made it possible for the Dragon Soul to destabilize the continent. Well, after Malfurion stole it, but in my story, Neltharion excused that part since he was the one who agreed with Krasus' plan to take the Dragon Soul from Deathwing.

However, in the regular AU canon, neither Illidan or Neltharion have ever met. 

And yes, that is where I got the idea of using hearthstones as basically telephones in Azeroth.

So to get the true story of Illidan, I do suggest watching this.

So, after that...

So here is my basic pet peeve of Illidan and why when I hear everyone rejoicing he gets to come back, I slam my head against the wall.

Everyone likes to state that Illidan was a hero who fell, which is no surprise, a lot of the Warcraft villains started out as heroes. Deathwing is among them.

However, my peeve is why should Illidan be brought back to life just because he made some mistakes, worked for the wrong side at times, but other than that, is still seen as redeemable.

When Neltharion, another hero who again worked for the wrong side, became disillusioned with his charge, was driven mad, and then put down for his efforts.

Because people know Illidan's story and not Neltharion's.

That's why there was that guy at Blizzcon asking about Illidan's redemption.

 photo 400px-Illidan_Stormrage_art_zpscb6kiof7.jpg

Here was a guy who from my point of view was a hero only to serve his ego, but who everyone is so attached to and wanted to be brought back, but then we have Neltharion, who was a hero, a protector, a guardian of the world, and did his job with no thanks from anyone, not even the mortals who were mostly unaware of his actions.

And it's Neltharion whom everyone says is unredeemable?

Why? Because his body count is higher?

Because Neltharion's sins are greater?

The fans wonder why Illidan was seen as evil enough to be killed off.  When, again, they're fine with killing off Deathwing...who once more I have to say...was someone who was traumatized for so long, because his heart was tied to a corrupted world...that it drove him mad.  

Even TV Tropes call Illidan a tragic anti-hero when...once more I have to say that Illidan's story isn't all that tragic and most of it probably would have gone a different way if he wasn't so desperate in being something he wasn't.  

And then their attitude towards Deathwing and his flight as they're all fucking axe-crazy psychopaths who deserve what they got.

I mean whose story is more tragic here?  The Night Elf who turned himself into a demon because he had a bitter rivalry with his more popular brother, (one of those bits was over a girl by the way), couldn't just say that doing good for the sake of good is reward enough, and through multiple bitch fits over not getting a heroes welcome just because he farted?  

Or the Black Dragon who was created to protect the entire planet!  Whose duties was to make sure said little whiny bitch and his people had fertile land and clean water and air as well as resources, who did his job with little to no gratitude from people like Illidan, and then slowly began to realize his world was actually dying.  That no matter what he could do, his world was dying, his world was polluted and corrupted.  And slowly said dragon was driven mad from that corruption in the planet.  And then, when he at last lost it, gave into his despair, doubt, hatred, anger, and fear, caused the downfall of his own species.

Or the Blue Dragon who witnessed the near annihilation of his entire flight just because he was only trying to stop his best friend and brother, who also let his own despair drown him.  Only to wake up to a reality of just how much he knew and cared about is gone and the friend and brother he loved so much was lost to the darkness.

I'm sorry, but who's the one who lost everything?

As much as I harp on Alexstrasza's antics, even she has lost more than Illidan.  

And well, Malygos has lost more than all of them.

I'm not saying that Illidan doesn't deserve a second chance, but everyone says he deserves it for all the wrong reasons.

This again once more also goes back to my pet peeve on Wrath of the Lich King. We treat the Lich King as a genuine threat, but Malygos gathering all the arcane energies of the world in one spot...which could very well destroy the planet, and the Lich King's little war is the important one?

I also hear that people keep saying that Illidan's story wasn't handled well in the Burning Crusade and Blizzard just made him up as a crazy douchebag just so we could kill him off.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Wasn't Deathwing kinda handled the same way?

Everyone complains on how they feel like Illidan's character was betrayed in the narrative and should be given a second chance...but Neltharion?  Nope!  He's a big, scary dragon whom most see again as this...

 photo 2011-10-03-212_zps7lxtj6wx.jpg

Adventurer: Oooo!!!! Somewhere in there is that rare mount I've wanted!  Let's crack open his head and find out!

And yet, it's Illidan people want to be brought back? To be given a second chance...

This is basically why I'm not happy about Illidan returning.

People say that Illidan just got spat on a lot. Well, at least the Night Elves aren't functionally extinct and are still capable of reproducing.

So can people tell me why is it that Illidan gets a chance but characters like Neltharion and Malygos don't?

Or maybe I just need to shut up for a moment. I dunno.

Still rubs me the wrong way though.

I'm fine with Illidan returning, I just don't like the reasons why.

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Tectonic Divergence Repost

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 4:41 AM

To make sure that everyone does know where the stories are.  Here is the repost of the series.  

I know that some of you already know where they are, but there are new people here who do not.

The new chapter is being edited as we speak, so no, I haven't abandoned this series yet.  :iconrenndor: is doing his best to catch up to my speed typing.  I'm writing the other chapters right now, but they cannot be posted because they needed to be edited for errors first.  

Because we do care about our content here.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

I wanted to repost the links to each of the stories.

Math Nut came up with a series title, called Tectonic Divergence.

  • Tectonic:
    • Plate tectonics
    • Relating to the structure of earth's crust and processes that take place within
    • Very significant change or development, widespread impact
    • Of or related to building or construction.
    • Large, massive
  • Divergence
    • Process of separation, parting, or bifurcation.
    • Difference or conflict of opinions.
    • Places where airflow or ocean currents diverge
    • Mathematical vector operator measuring the quantity of flux emanating from a vector field, indicating rate of mass, energy, heat or other gain/loss.
  • Tectonic Divergence
    • An area where plates move away from each-other, forming mid-ocean ridges or rift valleys.

Ten thousand years ago, a Dragon Aspect fell and a world was sundered. Yet that was a merely a reverberation from a deeper rift. For the Black Aspect was no longer one, but two. And so the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance between each half, between Neltharion and Deathwing. For as one rises, the other falls.

Tectonic Divergence Series

1) Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Everyone called for his death now, all because of that monster. That monster who called himself Deathwing. And Neltharion welcomed death. For at least in death he would be freed from the mental prison, the torture. But before that, he wanted a chance to make it up to them...

2) The Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

There was one rule that all had to follow in the Twilight's Hammer... you serve or you die. Serve well, and you will die last. And through the whispers of the Old Gods they had found Deathwing, their greatest ally. But for his betrayal, there could be only one punishment: Neltharion had to die, so Azeroth could crumble upon his death.

3) Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

My children are slaves. So tell me now: by what right do you ask me to allow the Horde to abuse them? By what right does Garrosh make people see Deathwing when Neltharion stands before them? By what right does Garrosh endanger my world? 

4) Pandaria: Rise of the Sha (preview) by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

"One day, these mountains I have created will be your tomb. For your actions are poisoning the land, and that is the place that your current path will lead, Lei Shen." And so the great beast's words came to pass. Yet one lesson the beast did not teach: Pride. Perhaps the students were not ready. But when that lesson comes, we must be prepared to learn.

Side Stories

The Prophet's Visions
Light and Laughter

Non-Canon Side Stories

*) Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Sometimes, Alexstrasza, I wish...I wish I could turn back the clock. Correct every sin I did. If you could go back, would you? Would you stop me from becoming Deathwing? If I had not been thrown into madness, then so many lives would have been spared. Just to have that chance...


*) Neltharion Gallery by Ghostwalker2061

Black in the Circle II by Ghostwalker2061


NeltharionDeathwing, and Warcraft copyright (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

And I would like to thank renndor for helping out.

He is cute. And he weighs over 13 million metric tons. Nel is FAT!

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Too Quiet Again

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 12:14 AM

It's too quiet around here again.

Or I suppose I'm just getting boring.

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Growing Alexstrasza's Character

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 5:27 AM

After my rather harsh opinion of Alexstrasza in 2013, and then the slightly nicer version in 2014...

Go here...

Alexstrasza is NOT Perfect!Something I came across in one of the reviews.
One guy mentioned that I'm making the Aspects stupid.  
So, I went back to some old notes from Math Nut.
So, why don't we look at Alexstrasza for a moment...and why I have this love-hate relationship with her, and why I do write her out to be the way she is...

Alexstrasza...she's not as perfect as we all thought.
(Also I know I need to update my Alexstrasza image.  Like I need to make a new image of her.  Maybe in the scene with Nel because yeah, I was going to draw that and I stopped for some strange reason.)
One thing that I noticed when I started writing these stories...I get to explore things about the other Aspects that the game leaves out.  Hell, even the books leaves these things out.
As in, we get to see what sort of characters the Aspects are.
I mean, hell again going back to that statement as to why Garrosh could defeat Neltharion because Neltharion EXISTS in the story

Something I am going to start working on, giving Alexstrasza a chance.  

I pretty much went into a lot of Alex's problems, why she's not perfect, she's fallible, and she isn't very insightful.

Dealing with Neltharion's fall was one problem she pretty much screwed up on, and the other...comforting Malygos after he lost half his flight.  I was only up until a few years before the Nexus War did Alexstrasza attempt to be helpful to Malygos.  She tried to help him by taking care of his eggs, sending her dragons to aid the blues.  That sort of thing.  Didn't help much.  The damage had been done.

And it was only until the Cataclysm did she attempt to be helpful to Neltharion.  Her Rheastrasza was working with a mortal and a Titan device that could rid the corruption out of black dragon whelps.  Which is why Wrathion exists, and directly attempting to remove the corruption out of Deathwing by breathing her healing flames on him.

And of course, she failed on the latter.

It took the actions of Thrall that brought Neltharion back in my story.

So, I am willing to give her another chance.  A chance to do something she probably should have done before the Sundering and the War of Ancients.  

Telling Neltharion that she loves him...

Nel and Alex wip 3 by Ghostwalker2061

That is just a sketch, but it may very well happen in my story.  

Now I don't mean that Alex loves him like a brother, a part of her family, or a friend.  I'm not talking about platonic love here.  I'm talking about full blown love shared between two people who literally wish to spend the rest of their lives together.  

And some of you might ask: "Well if you're gonna do that, then what about your little thing with Malygos and Neltharion hooking up?"

Oh, that's still gonna happen.  It's because again, draconic society is all about multiple mates.  We tend to use the term polygamy, but it's not even that.  Polygamy is basically one man having many wives, and these wives only are devoted to that one man and no other.  

Dragon society is that dragons have multiple mates, some valued more than others, but one dragon doesn't have a harem of mates, he or she may have many mates, but those mates he or she has also has other mates of their own.

And again, it goes back to that whole network thing.  Building the flight's power, emotional connection, taking care of whelps, and of course, relying on others of the flight to assist in protecting and maintaining Azeroth.

Neltharion and Malygos, due to Special Relativity, became consorts and married their flights with each other, making their flights stronger because of this bond.  Black dragons had blue dragon mates as well as dragons of their own flight as mates, and the same can be said about the blue dragons.

They raised their children together, they pretty much lived together.  Malygos' own clutches might have looked upon Neltharion as a kindly uncle, or even a second father, and the same could be said for Neltharion's own clutches.  

But this relationship did not dismiss the Primes those dragons already had.  Sintharia was still Neltharion's beloved Prime.  And so was Sindragosa to Malygos.  

Just that the one thing the dragons didn't do until Onyxia and Nefarian, was choose mates from relatives.  Relatives already shared in the network just by being related.  And of course inbreeding screws up the genetics, causing all sorts of physical and mental deformities.   So none of that.

However, Alexstrasza has fell in love with Neltharion, but never been vocal about her love for him.  It could have happened on the day they met and she seeing this rather handsome black dragon with the mane of purple and blue crystals and that lovely beard and started crushing on him.  It may have happened later when Neltharion became the "Hand of the Queen" so to speak and where he was given permission to speak on behalf of the Dragon Queen.  

Or it could have happened even later than that.  But the point is, it happened.  Alexstrasza fell head over heels for this very adorable face.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Because damn it, who wouldn't?

He was the epitome of dragon kind, strong, intelligent, powerful, a great leader, noble, charismatic.  I'm talking about Nel 1.0 here.

Nel 2.0 is strong, powerful, and at times is noble, and very handsome, but he ain't a great leader, he's not charismatic, and well...intelligence?  He's not idiot, but compared to the Adonis of Nel 1.0...yeah, Mr. Squishy is an idiot.

But he's our idiot.

So we excuse it.

He took a level in dumbass, but that's only because Deathwing gave him a lobotomy when he vanished (or withdrew into a pocket of Neltharion's subconscious, whatever).  And Nel 2.0 would run and hide at times, whereas Nel 1.0 would stand and fight.  Not calling Squishy a coward, but...he does hide from his problems, especially when he doubts himself.

So, Alex is in love, has been in love for tens of thousands of years with Neltharion.  And yes, Korialstrasz knew this.  Krasus knew this very much that Alex was in love with Neltharion to the point that even in the book Well of Eternity by Richard A. Knaak (Hack), Krasus points out that if Neltharion was a red dragon instead of being the Earth-Warder, Alex would have added him to her consorts list.

But with my story, no, she friggin' loved him, and when she discovered that Neltharion and Malygos had become consorts as well (which didn't bother her at all) she actually thought of springing into action and proclaiming her love for him as well.  

But she didn't.  

Alexstrasza wanted to but couldn't because she was the Dragon Queen, it would look like she was playing favorites, putting one flight above all the others just because she wanted to tap Nel's ass.  It's kinda like that rule of no fraternizing between teacher and student in college.  All of a sudden your professor who maybe just a couple years older than you falls in love with you, and you fall in love with him (her), there is a fear that you might get some benefits from that.  Better grades, better treatment, more attention from said teacher beyond going on dates and sex.

And it would single you out from your peers.  

And that's what Alex was afraid of. Though Neltharion served as "Hand of the Queen" he still was treated as equally as the other Aspects. 

And really that fear of favoring Nel over the others because of Alex wanted to make him her consort isn't as bad as she or we might think.  I mean, after all, Ysera is her actual sister.  Both Aspects were empowered by the same Titan, created by the same Titan Eonar.  That does make them sisters.  Wouldn't she get more benefits for being a literal relative to Alexstrasza?  Obviously, because of this relation, the green and red flights are almost as joined as the black and blue flights.  

But she didn't.  Even when there was prompting from Ysera, because just about every dream Alex had was of Neltharion in those days, Alex couldn't be truthful.

So, one has to wonder, maybe if Alexstrasza was truthful to Neltharion about her true feelings for him, maybe that could have helped Neltharion when he needed such help the most.  When the Old Gods ripped his mind apart creating Deathwing in the process.

I saw on one blog on tumblr, it was an RPG, and the characters stated if Deathwing knew of Alexstrasza's love for him regardless to what he had done, he could have been saved, right?


What I'm looking at here is perhaps Alexstrasza SHOULD have been truthful to him, told him that she loved him, wanted him to be her consort, and add her flight to the joined Black and Blue Dragonflights...maybe that would have done something to maybe not prevent Deathwing, but make Deathwing realize just how far over the moral event horizon he had gone.

That Deathwing not only hurt his own flight, but his consort's Malygos' well as his consort Alexstrasza's flight.  That would have torn him up.

But Alex never did, so we are now left with this.  One way I can attempt to perhaps allow Alex to grow as a character is to at last have her admit her true feelings for Neltharion.  The reason why she was so angry at Malygos, why she went to great lengths to keep Neltharion protected, why she did a lot of things that really didn't help their relationship...was because she loved him.

But like the previous journal, she doesn't have faith in him.  She doesn't think Neltharion can handle his position anymore and she's afraid of what could happen if he snapped again.  She doesn't want to lose Neltharion.  

But having no faith in Nel doesn't mean she can't change it.  She can start having faith in him.  And well, in Rise of the Sha, there is some beginning of that.  She doesn't want him to go to Pandaria, but relents to his decision anyway.  She tries to be truthful by telling him about the device and about Wrathion.  She tells him exactly what happened.  And she is truthful in telling him that she didn't try again, which up-setted Neltharion, but he didn't tear her up for it.  

And she told him that she fucked up when she tried to bring him back....saying she was saving the wrong person, as in she was trying to save Deathwing when it was Neltharion that needed saving.  

Another way she can grow as a character is to admit to the genocide of the Black Dragonflight.  

HOWEVER, though I'm not saying she was right in doing this, but the Black Dragonflight is just as responsible for killing off the other dragons.  Deathwing killed most of Mal's flight, even after the Demon Soul incident, after his flight decided to withdraw and not be a part of the world, the black dragons still killed them, he ordered his dragons to slaughter red dragons as they came out of hiding and started to hunt for their queen right after she had been captured by the Dragonmaw.

Deathwing tried to subjugate the Bronze Dragonflight next, and then the Green.

So, yeah, genocide may not be called for, but there was a cause of such an action.  Deathwing was trying to wipe out the other dragonflights.  So, it was either him or them.  

So, after being so very hard on Alexstrasza, mostly because Blizzard painted her as this perfect person who though in Day of the Dragon, slaughtered and then devoured Nekross after she was freed from the Demon Soul out of pure hatred...decided to be all "Peace and Love" during War Crimes. And still shrugged off the deaths of Neltharion and Malygos like it was no big deal when she was testifying against Garrosh Hellscream.

Still made me pissed off...

After all of that, to have Alexstrasza grow as a character means she needs to start realizing her fallacies.  And eventually, yeah, there's going to be a pairing between her and Neltharion, just like a lot of fanfic writers like to do...but in my story, she has to earn it.

She has to earn Neltharion's love, earn his trust.  She has to let go of that pride and at last admit that well...she screwed up.

But the first thing she needs to admit is that she actually does love him, not as a brother, but as a lover.  

If she can admit that, then maybe she can at last start having some faith in him.

Just an idea I'm throwing around.


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The Krasus Paradox

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 6:12 AM

First off...well...again, I'd like to be contacted first so I can do my gushing on videos that use my art.  Gushing as in: "Hey, everyone!  Go see this video!"

But at least this guy did mention my name on the art he used for the video.

Which actually broadens the history of the various Dragonflights.  Mostly because he references the RPG which actually does have the details that I wish the actual game had.

But we're not talking about that today.  Today, we are talking about The Terminator.

Yes, I'm serious, we are going to talk about The Terminator.  I know what the title says, but there is a reason why we are going to talk about The Terminator because that movie has a paradox that is in fact the same paradox that the trilogy The War of Ancients had.

Time travel.

However, unlike The War of Ancients, at least we can excuse time traveling Kyle Reese and the T-800 going back in time to meet and either save Sarah Connor or kill her because THAT movie and it's awesome sequel Judgement Day,  is at least better written and constantly mentions that these time traveling characters actually has some influence on the characters in the past that they interact with.

There was no fucking reason why Rhonin and Krasus to go back in which Rhonin ends up teaching Illidan Stormrage, and Krasus has wacky adventures with Malfurion and Krasus past self, the  newly appointed Consort to the Queen Korialstrasz.

In fact the trilogy probably would have been a stronger series WITHOUT the time travel mess.

Knaak, why do you fail?  Why did we need this series to be about Rhonin and Krasus going back in time 10 thousand years ago to make sure that Neltharion is called Deathwing, help the Night Elves, teach Illidan magic, and potentially causing the Sundering?

Why couldn't we just have a story without the traveling in time?

Why must Rhonin go back in time?  Why does he need to be there?

Don't answer any of that, I know the contrived plot Knaak wrote to get them back there.  Basically the Infinite Dragonflight was screwing around with Hyper-time, caused a space wedgie on Azeroth, that got Krasus and Rhonin, and Broxigar sucked through it.

And worse yet, it seems the game itself doesn't feel like it was any further affected by the change in the time line.  

And I know about the Multiverse Theory.  But exactly which Azeroth did they return to after they fucked up Hyper-Time?  The Azeroth with Tyrande knowing what an orc is 10 thousand years before the Dark Portal's opening?  Or even knowing what a human and a High/Blood elf are?

Or the one where they didn't go back in time and everything happened regardless to their interference?


And this is where we come up with the paradox.  And why I'm going to be talking about The Terminator.

Mostly due to the time travel, as in Kyle Reese going back in time to save Sarah Connor and causing the birth of John Connor after that one night of sex in a hotel while they were on the run from the Terminator.

So to insure his survival, we have this stable time loop in which John Connor must always send Kyle Reese back in time to save and have sex with Sarah Connor, so John Connor can be born.

And because of the Terminator going back in time to kill Sarah Connor, this helps Sarah then train her son to become the leader of the resistance after Judgement Day happens.  It makes John aware of Skynet, and allows him to work in secret to prepare the survivors of the nuclear holocaust and the rise of the machines.

So, again, John Connor must always send Kyle Reese back in time to save Sarah Connor and impregnate her, and Skynet must always send a Terminator back in time to inadvertently make John Connor aware of Skynet and what Skynet is capable of when it at last comes on line and becomes sentient.  Which allows John to also become aware of Skynet's time machine, to which again, Skynet uses to send a Terminator back to 1985, and John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1985 and the loop starts all over again.

And hell, it seems that in each subsequent years, Skynet sending these Terminators back in time, whether it realizes it or not, prepares John for his duties.  

But the question remains, though we get a partial answer for it.  

The reality in which there was NO Terminator going back in time to 1985 and NO Kyle Reese following it to save Sarah Connor and become the father of John Connor.

Which means Sarah Connor either marries and then divorces another man who was John's father, and or possibly becoming pregnant on some other one night stand.  Or through artificial insemination.   Which means John Connor had a different father, wasn't aware of Skynet until after Judgement Day.

We do get a partial answer for this.  Judgement Day was supposed to happen at the end of August of 1997.  Skynet became self-aware at the beginning of August, 1997.

And this is referred to as the Original Timeline.  

And then around 2027, when human resistance finally finishes off Skynet, John Connor sends Kyle Reese back, after learning Skynet pulled a last ditch effort after it lost the war by sending a Terminator back in time to kill John's mother.  And Kyle Reese in the Original Timeline is NOT John's father.

But then, by sending these two back in time, John and Skynet have now altered history, making Sarah and John of the past aware of Judgement Day, and prepare.  Judgement Day is then pushed to 2003 because of Rise of the Machines, and pushed to 2017 because of Gynesis.

And behold the paradox.  Should be called the Terminator Paradox.  But for Azeroth, we're going to call it the Krasus Paradox.

And this is why we're talking about The Terminator.

Because what I just stated up there is true for what happened with Krasus, Rhonin, and Broxigar.  

The Infinite Flight creates the space wedgie, the three fall into it and find themselves in the Kalimdor Supercontinent 10 thousand years into the past.

Krasus meets with his past self, gets sent to see the Aspects, makes Neltharion suspect him after Krasus notices that Neltharion has that look of treachery in his eyes.  Which then causes Neltharion to escalate his plans.

The Burning Legion is already on their way.

Um, Neltharion gained his name of Deathwing because of Krasus.  The Dragon Soul became the Demon Soul because of Krasus.

Theories postulate that Broxigar, because he's a green skinned orc in a time when the Dark Portal had not opened yet, this gives Sargeras the idea to use orcs much later.  Because Brox wounded the Dark Titan with an axe made of wood blessed by a demigod.

Tyrande and Malfurion knowing what orcs are now because of Broxigar.

Apparently the Sundering was supposed to happen 10K years back, so that wasn't changed.

Here's what was.  Neltharion's betrayal to his fellow Aspects.  Again, because of Krasus, that was escalated.  It's very much possible that in the Original Timeline Neltharion did betray them until afterwards, since it is stated in a few bits of lore, he was one of the champions in the war.  Well, said champion only fought for like 30 minutes in the history that Krasus altered, and then turned his weapon on his allies.


I don't call that a champion in a war.  I call it being a Team Killing Fucktard!

However, in the original timeline, he could very well had fought the demons, and THEN after the Sundering, go crazy because well...the friggin Night Elves just ruined the continent he had to keep together and Neltharion snapped and started attacking people.

I mean, hell, it would at least give his betrayal some merit, as in a good reason to question his role, asking why he should play nice with the mortals when they broke up his continent by bringing demons (who were there to fuck up his planet in the first place) through a giant stargate made from a lake the size of Lake Michigan made of liquid arcane energy.

Hell it would have made the Old Gods statement of: "The Night Elves will destroy the world" true.

Because they technically did.

Oh, and the Original Timeline, Malygos was the ONLY blue dragon left.

So there's our Terminator paradox.  

Krasus and Rhonin never went back in time, there would be no Blue Dragonflight, only Malygos wallowing in misery.

Deathwing would have just used the Dragon Soul on the other Aspects and their dragons, and not against the Legion first.

And well...he probably would have looked like this...

...was the only dragon capable of speech, wore a helmet instead of a bunch of plates along his back...never became Azeroth's Captain Planet...

And gotten his head chopped off by I think Trollbane.  But I am really not sure.

But it was the guy walking in with the torch that did it.  Yeah, that goofy looking guy sneaking in killed Neltharion by chopping his head off with that flimsy sword.  Well, at least it's better than contrived loophole Dragon Soul Kamehameha Thrall used.

So basically, just to give the Blue Dragonflight a chance at survival, it was necessary for Krasus to go back in time.

Was also necessary for Krasus to call Neltharion Deathwing, to get him to escalate his plans, finish the creation of the Dragon Soul so it could be taken to the Well to help sunder the planet, and have Sargeras become aware of orcs so he could use them as his foot soldiers in the First War.

But here's the thing.  It all wasn't necessary.  It's because these guys did little to change anything...the time travel plot device to get them there was of no consequence.  As in, again, why the hell did it have to happen?

You mean to tell me that Korialstrasz of that timeline couldn't go and save the Blue Dragonflight on his own without meeting his future self?  Or that Neltharion couldn't just reveal his betrayal during the war without Krasus looking at him funny when they met?

Or gain his name of Deathwing without Rhonin and Krasus saying it all the fucking time?

Or that maybe a Night Elf couldn't have that axe Broxigar had, and then leap into the Well to wound Sargeras instead of Broxigar?

Or Illidan learning his powerful spells without Rhonin?  Why the hell was Rhonin even there?  

I'll tell you what he was doing there in MY stories.  So he could at last meet our Squishy Neltharion, who tries to become Rhonin's new best friend and drinking buddy.

At least we have that.

You know, I'm beginning to see why I put that one scene in with Neltharion getting pissed at Nozdormu and giving him a good punch in the face.  Because really, Nozdormu is just trolling us.

Damned Timelord Dragon with his love of beating Causality into a bloody mess.  

Though one could say that Nozdormu, being the troll he was, did some kind of crazy erase the memories of everyone involved just to preserve the timeline.  Because yeah...that's the job of the Bronze Dragonflight.  They have their paws on the universal "Save Game" state and or reset button.

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Deathwing images

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2015, 3:23 PM

I'm sick and tired of seeing Deathwing images.

So, I wish to fill the internet with images of Neltharion.

Black in the Circle II by Ghostwalker2061

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Earth-Warder Pandaren Portrait by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Wrathion Neltharion Lili Stormstout by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion meets a Fraggle by Ghostwalker2061

Behold the squishy.

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Rainy Day

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 19, 2015, 5:32 PM

Today has been a bit of a rough day.

Actually this week and last week were all rough weeks.

So, I'm gonna up images that make me happy to lighten the spirit.

Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Khan and Me complete by Ghostwalker2061

So No One Can See the Tears by Ghostwalker2061

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Everybody asleep?

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 18, 2015, 3:55 PM

So what's up with the quiet?

Everyone decided to drop off the face of the Earth?

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Neltharion Bust?

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 18, 2015, 12:41 AM

First off, no jokes.

I've seen this.

 photo Deathwing-sideshow_zpsslax3pog.jpg

A lot of people like to show me this statue.  And yeah, I would like to have it.

But do you know what I really would like?

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, I'd love to have a Squishy Statue instead.

I'd love to have a bust of Neltharion.

For those of you uninformed people...

A bust is a statue made of a person (or whatever) from the collar bone up.


I've said this before in a previous journal maybe a year or so ago.  But the thought still remains.  I'd love to have a bust of Neltharion sitting on my mantle.

And or a plushie.

I'd say that asking for something like this has crossed my mind before.

I thought of a statue of Kedzuel a few times.

A friend of mine years ago attempted to make a 3D model of Kedzuel, but we only got as far as the nose.

And then I went into 3D animation and didn't get very far either.  I only was able to create his ship instead.

And yeah, if anyone knows someone who can do Zbrush, I'd love to have a 3D model of Neltharion as well, mostly again from the collar bone up.

But a physical bust would also be nice.  I could take him to work and have him on my desk.

Which is fine at my work, my boss has lots of Groot action figures.  He loves Groot.  

And I love the squishy.

I've sent 18 off to :iconrenndor: as well as some new additions to Light and Laughter.

I am almost done with Light and Laughter.  

And for those of you waiting, I'll post up the very rough, rough draft of 18.  

As for the bust, I may have found a company that does very good work who might do it for me.  But anyone who pretty much lives in California and or New York because that's the place where I'd find such talent willing to do quality and professional work...if you know of anyone that's willing to make that adorable face into something other than 2D print...point me in their direction.

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The Burning Legion and Neltharion

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 3:02 AM

Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

For one thing, I do want to show that off because's my little joke story based around the War of Ancients Trilogy where Neltharion goes back in time and as always with our favorite drunken Earth-Warder, shenanigans ensue.

It's not really canon within Tectonic Divergence, it was just something that I amused myself with.

And i's fully illustrated!

Which included this image.

Burning the Burning Legion by Ghostwalker2061

And this image...

The Demon Soul by Ghostwalker2061

Why, yes, that is Malfurion.

Also this joke image too...

Malfurion, Krasus, and Prestor by Ghostwalker2061

Widdle Krasus!

Yup, Nel loves poking fun at Krasus.

The Squishy is just as adorable.

So, the plan is, we're going to have some crazy fun with the Burning Legion.

And mostly through Pandaria, it'll be through visions that Neltharion will have. He'll notice he's not in the Emerald Dream because nothing is the warm emerald green color that dreams usually take on.

One thing I like about Legion expansion and why I applaud it is because they are going to a landmass that again, much like Northrend, already existed. Blizzard isn't pulling this out of its ass.

What it did do was make Gul'dan rise it from the sea floor. Which I think is stupid. Because there are already people living there, and how can they be living there if Gul'dan suddenly pulled it from the sea floor?

Basically, the isles themselves have already been there since the Sundering, at least in my story. The only thing Gul'dan raised was the Tomb itself, not the island it was on.

So, I'm correcting it now and saying the Broken Isles are already there, it's just that for the moment no one's really been back there since Warcraft III.

Some lore background on the Broken Isles.

The Broken Isles were relatively close to the Well of Eternity. So, when the Well broke and the Kalimdor Supercontinent broke up, these landmasses became shattered as well. The reason why I posted Murozond's Gift is because the major battle that happened right when Deathwing revealed his madness, happened on these islands when they were still the center of the continent. There also should be a volcano here, because that's where Deathwing created the giant volcano that really screwed a lot of people over, and it's not there. One theory is that, which I did mention in Murozond's Gift, the volcano that Neltharion tells Krasus that will become a bunch of islands, is in fact the very volcano that Kezan was built around. Yeah, it's that volcano.

Which makes sense since they are goblins living on Kezan, these goblins like the Trade Prince, are descendants of the goblins who built the first set of armor bolted to Deathwing.

After the Sundering, they got the volcano Deathwing made.

The islands, especially one section of it is in fact Neltharion's former lair. As in Nel 1.0's former lair prior to being Deathwing. This is where he built the Dragon Soul. So, yeah, Nel's got a big connection with this place.

But was it the original lair of Neltharion? No, it's probably just one of many he had that our squishy Nel 2.0 barely remembers. Nel 2.0, due to his memory loss, only remembers this lair because of its significance. However, there was another lair that Nel 1.0 had and most likely shared with Malygos and his flight, back when basically the blue and black dragonflights were technically one flight due here...

History of Malygos and Neltharion's RelationshipOkay, I'm gonna be doing a big spoiler warning. Especially if you really don't want to know what might happen, or what might be added to Rise of the Sha and the subsequent stories to follow.
And right now it's the thing that's been halting the update. Because I am very cautious in doing this.
Mostly because of this...

And I don't wanna sound like a hypocrite. I really don't wanna sound like a fucking hypocrite. At all. And I swear this is gonna make me sound like one. To the point where I've had like 5 hours of argument with this guy... renndor Who by the way is male, not female. And is deeply entrenched in the development of characters, not derailing them for the per pleasure of the fanfic writer...which the yaoi fanfic female writers tend to do.
And he's the guy who has taken up the task of helping me write the Tectonic Divergence Series and the development of Neltharion as a character beyond...that b

Just go there.

Or for the TL;DR crowd.


Yeah, that.

Being Neltharion, he probably had many different lairs. It's just what is now the Broken Isles is one of those many. But in my story, his MAJOR lair was the Temple of Earth in Deepholm. And kinda is again since he sent his flight down there.

Now in Light and Laughter, Neltharion does fly over the islands. The only reason why he hasn't landed in them is because of their history. As in, that's where Deathwing started doing his evil stuff and tormenting Neltharion ten thousand years ago. It's also where the Old Gods tormented Neltharion. So, yeah, very bad memories. And like anything that is bad, Neltharion wants to avoid it.

And go crawl under the covers. Because it's widdle baby Nel. He needs his security blankets.

Still need to do an adorable Nel sketch with him snuggling under the covers, holding a teddy bear. Cuz he's cute.

More history.

Aegwynn, the mother of Medivh, and the Guardian of Tirisfal before him, battled Sargeras' avatar and slew it with her power. Really it was a ruse so that Sargeras could possess her womb and be reborn in the body of Medivh, but meh.

So, when she slew him, she took the body (somehow) to the Broken Isles and there she placed a ward over it saying that "No Magic on Azeroth" will break it. Okay, though this was done BEFORE the construction of the Dark Portal, that ward is still rather stupid. It's like the whole "No man can kill me" statement from the Witch King of Agmar. It's a statement that begs to be broken by a loophole. I mean obviously demons aren't from Azeroth, wouldn't one of them be able to break the ward? The demons have come by other means than the Dark Portal.

Honestly, Aegwynn, bad call. Because Gul'dan broke the seal, TWICE! That's pretty much how our Gul'dan died, him looking for the body of Sargeras and well, when he found it, he got demons crawling out of the tomb.

Pretty much, by opening the tomb, he unleashed the demons that were hiding inside, which was one of Sargeras' many plans.

Illidan had also found the tomb, using the demonic powers to trap the Warden Maiev Shadowsong within. It didn't work.

So, yeah, these islands have a lot of bad bits about them.

And apparently, Xavius is there still corrupting the Emerald Dream along with N'Zoth's help, and now the Burning Legion's help.

So, Nel might be helping Ysera some time. Since he can enter the Emerald Dream as well. I pretty much assumed such an ability would be required of him since she is the protector of the blueprint of Azeroth and he's the fucking Earth-Warder. He has to read that blueprint, you know. And again, it goes back to the War of Ancients where Deathwing did attack Malfurion inside the Emerald Dream, so yeah, Nel has that ability. And it's another way for Neltharion to spend time with his little sister Ysera, who wants him to spend as much time with her as he can so she can chase all the nightmares away.

Apparently, she can't keep out the Emerald Nightmare, so, yeah, big brother to the rescue.

But the one thing I've played around with and now because of the Broken Isles, it's become a possibility. That is, Wrathion is going to try and convince Neltharion to recreate the Dragon Soul. I mean, it makes sense, right? The Burning Legion returns, this time bigger than ever, in my story, we have the five Aspects, kinda. Kalecgos isn't really an Aspect in my story, even though people call him one, he's just a placeholder, and protecting the Aspect of Magic powers.

Basically like what Thrall was.

So, a different Dragon Soul, one that isn't created with Old God nastiness might make an appearance. Or something close to it. One thing that might come close to maybe be used as a conduit for the anti-demon ray beam is the Hammer of Khaz'goroth.

The moment they mentioned that, I kept thing, YEAH, that thing belongs to Neltharion. You know, the "son" of Khaz'goroth. Although Neltharion has some major daddy issues with his deadbeat Titan father, he is Khaz'goroth's son. Though Neltharion already possess the power of Khaz'goroth. So, he's not taking it for the power. He has the power. Hell if anything, he has the power to wield it.

And yeah, I know in the game it's gonna be human-sized, but since this is a tool used by a Titan, in my story, it's gonna be HUGE. Like Eiffel Tower huge. Like the only person in the WORLD capable of wielding such a hammer would be the Earth-Warder himself HUGE.

And I know :iconrenndor: is gonna question how a quadruped Aspect is gonna be able to wield a hammer. And I say, the same way he wielded his mace in The Hammer's Fall. He can stand up on his hind legs, he just walks very awkwardly to do it.

More or less, he's got the hammer now to keep it out of the hands of people who shouldn't use it. And maybe use it as a potential new anti-demon weapon.

I mean, Neltharion already possess a few things of Khaz'goroth. His power, his knowledge, his understanding of how matter works. And much like Gul'dan going after the Eye of Sargeras...Neltharion actually possess the EYES of Khaz'goroth.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Ever wonder why Neltharion is the only black dragon with green eyes, and for that matter, the only dragon who doesn't possess slit pupils. It's because those aren't really dragon eyes. Those are the eyes of a Titan. Well, cloned eyes. Khaz'goroth didn't pull out his actual eyes and stuck them into Nel's empty eye sockets when he was constructing the big squishy guy.

He cloned his eyes and then stuck the cloned eyes into Nel's empty eye sockets. But because they are a clone of said eyes, they are the Eyes of Khaz'goroth.

And there are other things that Khaz'goroth cloned to make Neltharion. Including something that might just either make a lot of you really pissed off about or be saying: "Okay, I didn't see that coming."

However, I am doing the smart thing and building up for this big reveal. And this is a reveal that will in fact happen in Pandaria.

In fact, I did reveal a piece of it in Rise of the Sha, also in a Prophet's Visions, and also, Light and Laughter.

It actually has to do with Nel's knowledge, that is knowledge that he didn't get from Khaz'goroth, and his voice....and why people like Velen and Khadgar are all wanting to ask Neltharion this question.

It is however, a secret that Khaz'goroth included in Neltharion's construction, but never told Neltharion. Nel doesn't know about this, Nel 1.0 doesn't know about it, neither does Deathwing. But it is one of the reasons why Neltharion and Deathwing questioned their charge. It's all related.

It was also revealed in Murozond's Gift.  Sargeras knows this secret as well.  And he specifically calls Neltharion "The Experiment."

A conspiracy.

But can you guess what this secret is?

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The Burning Legion's Return

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 13, 2015, 10:40 PM

I am thinking of skipping the whole Warlords of Draenor idea. Mostly because of the idiotic time traveling plot device.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

I never liked it. I knew I was going to get rid of it somehow. Though I do like some of the elements of Warlords which will still be used.

Light and Laughter is basically a story that handles these ideas...such as Khadgar being the possible new Guardian of Tirisfal. Because fuck Med'han.

Neltharion and Khadgar have history. Khadgar, along with Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner, destroyed many black dragon eggs in agreement with the Gronn who allowed them passage through Blade's Edge Mountains on Draenor. Khadgar faced Deathwing and drove the Black Aspect off by pulling his plates off. Deathwing abandoned his eggs to the mercy of the Gronn and the Alliance, by dropping the Skull of Gul'dan.

Khadgar got the skull and used it to close the portal before Draenor was destroyed.

Khadgar had murdered many infant black dragon for the purpose of weakening Deathwing's plans. After all they were Deathwing's children and kill them means keeping them out of his hands.

However, Neltharion cannot blame Khadgar for his crimes of slaughtering innocents. Because he too had killed innocent infant dragons.

That of the Twilight Flight to keep his children out of the hands of N'zoth.

In the story, Khadgar asks forgiveness from Neltharion, saying how sorry he was and that the deed had haunted him for many years.

But Neltharion cannot give any forgiveness, or even be furious at Khadgar because doing so would go against his own deeds. He killed his own children, though the idea is that he was keeping them from the Old Gods, but really it was because he was horrified by Deathwing's actions. Deathwing had twisted and ravaged the last clutch between Neltharion and Sintharia, turning them into the Twilight Drakes to bring about the Hour of Twilight.

So in his rage against the defiling corruption of the last clutch between himself and his beloved Sintharia, and because he realized that Deathwing had mated with a mindless Sintharia to create them...Neltharion slaughtered them one by one. He killed the last batch of Twilight Dragons, making them effectively extinct.

But now his actions also haunt him, despite the fact he could not see any other way around it. After all, the Twilight Dragons weren't exactly helping their chances of survival and making Neltharion see them differently. They were trying to make him mate with them so that they could replace the eggs he destroyed, they kept saying that he needs to die. They were wanting to break him down into tears so that he'd crawl into a ball and slowly be withdrawn into a prison of his own making, a prison of his mind where he is reminded that he is a failure.

And as he suffers, they will convince him that he needs to commit suicide. Which will result in the Old Gods' release from their prisons and the Hour of Twilight finally happening and the world's ecology being utterly destroyed.

Remember if Neltharion dies, Azeroth dies with him. So, yeah, that wouldn't be a good thing.

But Neltharion's rage was stronger than his sorrow, so he just slaughtered every last one of the Twilight Dragons in the Bastion of Twilight.

So, Neltharion cannot hate Khadgar, no can he forgive him because he feels that there is nothing to forgive. Because Neltharion is also responsible for the death of infants for the same reason Khadgar is responsible.

He did it to keep a weapon out of the hand of an enemy.

So, these two are a bit tied together.

Here is where I may change things. And it happens in Pandaria. Because Neltharion is here and the August Celestials know who he is, were once friends of his...and are trying to reestablish that friendship, when they discover the horrible truth of what happened to their old friends the Aspects, and that much of it was caused by mortals...unfortunately, their opinions of mortals, at least mortals outside of Pandaria, is going to be different.

A bit of that change is going to be covered in Chpt 18. Neltharion, seeing the Sha of Doubt rise up, concludes that BOTH of the Alliance and the Horde are responsible. So, when Cho begs him to save the Jade Forest, because Cho knows of Neltharion as this great guardian and protector, instead, Neltharion grabs General Nazgrim and Admiral Taylor and tell them to put the Sha back. Which, yeah, they , were the ones who destroyed the statue and released the Sha.

Of course they can't, they're just mortals and obviously Neltharion is the one to fight the creature.

But that still doesn't solve the problem of what the Alliance and the Horde are doing. Mostly the Horde because Garrosh is a crazy asshole who wants it all. And he will attempt to use the Sha energy to his benefit.

But it's when Yu'lon and the other Celestials find out that the mortals killed Malygos, that they were responsible for killing of half of Neltharion's flight, and pretty much a lot of other nasty things that brought misery to the planet, they are not going to be as welcoming as they are in the games.

And when Malygos gets brought back to life, he's a shadow of his former self, and goes around blaming himself for the trouble of the world, this only buries the knife deeper.

So, when I do the Siege of Orgrimmar and Garrosh is at last defeated and sent to prison in Pandaria and a trial. Learning of all the deeds of the Horde, at least the Old Horde, the fact that they were once footsoldiers of the Burning Legion, and a lot of that bloodlust the orcs had back when they were under the spell of Mannoroth's blood is still very much in them...even inside uncorrupted orcs like Garrosh. Well...Garrosh will be sentenced to death.

There isn't going to be some idiotic verdict where they let him go, no...the Celestials decide to have him executed...and they tell Neltharion to do it. Why? Due to the fact that a lot of what Garrosh was doing had corrupted the land around Pandaria, a land that Neltharion had personally sculpted. After all much of their history, their legends, their culture revolves around Neltharion creating this land for them.

He created the Kun-lai summit, he allowed all rivers to flow to Pandaria for the Waterspeakers to use, which warned Shaohao of the coming of the Burning Legion. He helped create this culture that they have. And Garrosh slowly unraveled over 12 thousand years of Neltharion's work.

So, Neltharion will kill Garrosh. However, there will be some people who aren't going to be happy about this. One being Wrathion, who had the plan of using Garrosh to create a way to defend Azeroth from the Burning Legion. Neltharion had ruined those plans. Another is Kairoz, the Bronze Dragon from the Timeless Isles. He too was going to use Garrosh for his plans as well.

But now that Garrosh is dead...they will have to figure out another plan.

Which will bring about the only GOOD thing about Warlords of Draenor...Gul'dan! I've thought about bringing Gul'dan into this series. There's been too many times that Neltharion has mentioned him. Like in Murozond's Gift. He's mentioned him again a few times in Pandaria.

And the one thing in Pandaria that is going to be a big clincher is the coming of the Burning Legion. It won't happen, but there's going to be a lot of warning signs. I've had Nel get his first dream of the Burning Legion. There will be others after Nel defeats the Sha of Doubt. Doubt is focusing on Deathwing's influence over Neltharion to create doubt in Nel. But the other Sha are going to focus on something that Neltharion doesn't know about himself. Has never known, even since the time of his construction, but was hinted at when he first came to Pandaria in the early chapters.

  • This is wrong. Beyond anything, this is wrong. 
  • What I am doing is for the best. 
  • What you are doing will ruin the project. Everything that we worked for, you will see it destroyed with this abomination. 
  • He is not an abomination. It is an answer to a question that has plagued me for too long. 
  • You must get over his loss. He has made his choice. He has sided against us. There is nothing we can do. 
  • There is something. There has to be something! I will not accept defeat. He is dear to me, you know this. 
  • I know how much you have suffered since his betrayal. But this is not the answer. 
  • My creation will show us where we went wrong. My creation will be able to provide us with the insight to whether or not he can be saved. 
  • Your creation will ruin the world we have worked hard to create. 
  • No. It will not. You will see. You will all see. My creation will be more than you think it is. You doubt because you lack faith. Just as you lack faith in him. That is your undoing. It will not be mine. Nor will it be my creation’s. My son. I cannot be with you, my son. I wish I could see you grow. I know what I have done is the right thing. 
  • I know…I have faith… 
  • I have faith… 
  • I have faith…

That is what Neltharion hears when he first come to Pandaria.  It is a conversation between Khaz'goroth and Eonar, the two Titans responsible for the creation of three Aspects.  Khaz'goroth created Neltharion, and Eonar created Alexstrasza and Ysera.

A little hint.  Khaz'goroth is referring to Neltharion.  His creation, his son.  And the person he also mentions, the one he wants to save is Sargeras.  Just put two and two together.

There's going to be a lot of Burning Legion visions coming from Neltharion. And some of them might be memories of a past, a past that he doesn't know about. Maybe visions of Khaz'Goroth helping to fight the Legion. We're gonna have fun with this.

Burning the Burning Legion by Ghostwalker2061

I really want to bring Gul'dan into this.

A lot of what was said during Wrath of the Warchief, which Aspect felt responsible for not stopping the Legion and the Sundering the first time, that's going to play a part here. Neltharion has a HUGE beef with the Burning Legion. It's one of the reasons why he doesn't exactly like the Horde, or at least its current attitude under Garrosh. Once we get Vol'jin in the hotseat, the views will change.

But Garrosh did steal weapons that Neltharion discovered were supposed to be used by the mortals on Azeroth to defend themselves from the Legion. The Dragon Soul was an anti-Legion weapon. There was a reason why Neltharion was programmed with all this knowledge on how to create weapons to fight demons.

And that will be revealed in Pandaria. The reason why Khaz'Goroth made Neltharion so faulty, and susceptible to Old God voices, why Neltharion was programmed with the knowledge to fight the demons of the Burning Legion, and why he feels this drive to fight them. Why Deathwing felt this drive to fight them.

And you guys won't believe it when I reveal it.

But before Neltharion executes Garrosh, he will say what it is. And then say why it was a bad idea to go against Neltharion.

But yes, a lot of Neltharion's history, even more so than in the lore is tied to the Burning Legion. Hell, the whole Deathwing and Dragon Soul is tied to the Legion. The Legion's appearance hastened a lot of the corruption inside of Neltharion, which brought Deathwing in more control. The creation of the Dragon Soul as a demon weapon. How the combination of the Dragon Soul's energies, the Well of Eternity, and the outpouring of demons with Sargeras himself was the thing that Sundered the Kalimdor Supercontinent.

Just like the Titans are tied to the Burning Legion, so are the Aspects, and of course Neltharion most of all.

And only two of you know why that is.

But I will find a way to bring Gul'dan back in a variant of Warlords of Draenor. And no, there will not be any time traveling involved.

However, one of those methods will be revealed in Light and Laughter. And at last Neltharion and Khadgar will become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER YO!

Hell, Nel might get a brand new set of back armor out of this deal too.

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The Problem with Azeroth

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 13, 2015, 2:36 AM

Ok, here we go.

Here is something that I have a beef about now even more, and why it is so difficult to really tell a story about a creature who pretty much is supposed to know where everything is on the planet.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

Say it with me people: "Chris Metzen likes to dick with us."

I think the issue of the whole lore thing with Azeroth pretty much goes to the story team trying to withhold information for the sake of marketing.

Wanna learn more about this new land to the south?  Buy Mists of Pandaria!

Right, now, the planet of Azeroth I'm writing about in Tectonic Divergence, it is the whole planet.

It is nearly scaled 1:1 with Earth.

Granted yeah, some Conservation of Detail is in place.  Azeroth doesn't have 7.5 billion people living on it.  It only has maybe, roughly the populace of the United States spread out over the remaining 20-35% of what was the Kalimdor Supercontinent.  Which again was the size of Pangea and it stretched Pole to Pole.

Again, go here for that explanation.

The Kalimdor SupercontinentBefore I even start, I feel like because a few of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I start discussions like this and apparently require me to explain it...
Because some of you don't know how to use Google. Or are too lazy.
I'm just going to put this link up.
And for now on, if I am talking about certain characters, places, subjects some of you don't know anything about. I'll be posting up links along with the names of those places.
And though to really understand this subject, as it pertains to the series of Tectonic Divergence...
Go here...
Tectonic Divergence
We need to look at a very important giant landmass in Azeroth. That is the Kalimdor Supercontinent.
And for those of you who want to fav this journal b

But a lot of Neltharion's flying around and why we haven't seen like new lands that are in between the known areas in the game has to do with the trope of "Flyover Country."

As in, those areas aren't important enough to really mention.  Truly, yeah, Nel can set down in any of those nondescript areas that have yet to be officially discovered and or colonized by mortals, and no one would even know he was there.

Yeah, Flyover Country, Azeroth.  The places that aren't that important to the Horde/Alliance War 30-year War.

Which includes probably a lot of places that were featured in the Warcraft RTS that haven't made it in actual MMORPG.  (Which means Northrend WAS this.)

But here is the issue of writing with a character whose expected to know all landmasses.  It means the rule of why Mortals don't know about it doesn't apply to him.

Something Velen by the way said in the story: "It may not be known to us, but it is known to you, Neltharion."

Neltharion knew there was a Pandaria before anyone else did...(barring the other Aspects.)

But the problem of not knowing its fate had to do with the mists.  It blocked Nel's sight.

So, there's only so many times I can play that card.  Oh, Blizzard decided to add a new continent?  Well I guess Nel didn't realize it was there because of some space wedgie.

Which the Timeless Isle is going to be for my story.  

But you can only do that so much before it becomes repetitious and therefore, stupid.

And this is why many speculations of the planet not only don't work in my story, but they don't work in the actual context of the lore!

George RR Martin states that there are places mentioned in his Song of Fire and Ice series, but may never be visited by the characters.  Places like Asshai and Old Valeria.

He also specifically states that these places told in legends by people, those people are more or less not completely right.  As in, anyone telling a story within the story itself, is an unreliable narrator.  And he can get away with that because we're talking about ordinary people who don't have access to the Word of God book that GRRM has because he's writing the story.

And this is where it fails with Azeroth.  In many ways, we do have access to the Word of God book when it comes to whether or not the globe of Azeroth is complete, because well, we've done raids that fight against robots programmed with sentient AI by hyperdimensional stone-Eldritch Beings who build the world itself.  

Yeah, I'm picking on Algalon.

But all I hear is: "Those globes aren't accurate now we've found Pandaria..."

No, people, they are, or they're supposed to be within the context of the lore itself.  The reason why they aren't isn't an ingame issue, but the failure of the world builder himself for wanting to pull more rabbits out of his hat so you'd shelve out more money.

Which, in a marketing scheme, that's good, in a story and worldbuilding method, it's stupid.

And in my case, it's even worse.

Because like Blizzard, I'm gonna have to start pulling continents out of my ass with every expansion release.  My ass is gonna hurt after that.

Varian: "Hey, Neltharion.  Where the hell did this continent come from?"

Neltharion: "Another cosmic space wedgie?"

Varian: "Okay, the space wedgie thing is gettin' old.  Where did it really come from?"

Neltharion: "Behind a mist?"

Varian: "You used that one already.  Where did it really come from?"

Neltharion: "Out of my ass."

Varian: "Better."

And here is where the speculations fail and why they don't work not even in the context of the actual lore.

The speculation of the playable Azeroth, from Northrend to Pandaria, is in the Northern Hemisphere fails on all accounts.

Because the Titans themselves and the Watchers left behind, and the Aspects, and the Emerald Dream.

The Emerald Dream is a backup of the planet, pre-Sundering and pre-Mortal habitation.  All wilderness.  And ONE CONTINENT with the Well of Eternity at the equator.

Because the Titans are big on order.  They built one continent and if there's one thing that has been consistent with the lore and the Sundering, it's the Sundering of Kalimdor itself.  

One Pangea sized Continent broke up into four.  Well, actually "three," until they decided to space wedgie in Pandaria.  

In fact I lampshaded that whole bit with Neltharion, who is supposed to know where all the landmasses are.

And I gave several reasons why Nel couldn't see Pandaria.  One was the mists, not created by Shaohao, but created by the Sha of Pride, a remnant of an Old God.  Said mists made it look like the continent itself had either sank or had broken up.  Which fooled the Aspects.

Ysera didn't think much on Pandaria's location because she spent time in the Emerald Dream where Pandaria was still a part of Old Kalimdor.

Neltharion didn't think much on it because he was busy being raped by the Old Gods and Deathwing.  It was only a few years after the Cataclysm did he start hearing it because of the weakened shield around it.

And then when Nel tried to even touch the continent with his powers, it did all sorts of nasty things to him.  And then when he landed on said continent, he suddenly found himself cut off from even his flight until the mists went away, which pretty much showed him why he couldn't see the continent nor sense it.

But I can only use that handwave so many times for any other continent suddenly appearing out of nowhere before it becomes boring.

And here is the other reason why that speculation doesn't work.  Because again, there's only so many times Blizzard can use that handwave before it just becomes boring and repetitious.  

Where did that landmass come from?  Uh...the mists fell.  Where did that one come from?  Oh, it was behind a wall the game wouldn't allow you to fly over.  And we just say in the lore anyone dies who tries to climb it because of some spooky curse we're not gonna explain and get rid of in the next expansion.

Where did that one come from? wedgie?

Where did that one come?  Oh, it was down at the bottom of the ocean, but um...during Deathwing's Cataclysm, it rose up.  So why wasn't it handled during the Cataclysm expansion?  Um...we thought we'd leave it alone and go back to it later?

Where did that one come from?  Oh, it was originally in WC3, but we never added it to WoW until the expansion for it to be added was out.  (This applies to Tol Barad and Northrend)

You see where I'm getting at here?

So, just to make sure everyone's on the same page.

There's only four continents and a few little islands.  Northrend is near the North Pole, and Pandaria is at the South Pole.  The Maelstrom is at the equator.  And the Foreboding Vealed Sea is basically the ocean of Panthalassa, aka the One World Ocean that Was, but then it became the Pacific Ocean.

And the reason why no one uses said ocean as a trade route is because crossing around the Maelstrom in the Great Sea, aka the Atlantic Ocean of Azeroth, is a shorter trip and also due to the old barrier mountains that still block passage to those unused coastlines from when the Kalimdor Supercontinent was whole.

And those barrier mountains?  Built by Neltharion himself to keep people from venturing to the backside of Azeroth.

Only because of his amnesia, he doesn't remember.  But he does know that the backside of Azeroth is relatively uneventful.  At least to a creature who can circumnavigate the equator in less than 9 hours and who pretty much has no natural predators due to being 13 million metric tons.

So whatever the hell Blizzard might make up that's in the Panthalassa Azerothian Ocean on the backside of the's probably not gonna even make a dint in Neltharion, the guy who when knocked out, cracked the largest natural satellite, aka the White Lady.

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Climate Change Pandaria

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 12, 2015, 3:35 AM

Something I'm thinking about.

I may have to deviate a bit more from the source material in trying to make Pandaria really make sense.  Meaning, I need to change the climate a bit.

We are talking about a continent at the south pole.  And granted, our Antarctica was created to be that way due to the joining of North America and South America when the isthmus of Central America was being formed...which altered the current around the southern continent and locked it into an eternal vortex of cold.  

Thing is though, yeah, Pandaria doesn't have this.  So there is reason to say that it may be greener. thing strikes me.

The Kun-Lai Summit should have created a Cold Desert in the Townlong Steppes.

Hell the biome that is the Townlong Steppes doesn't even make sense in the first place.

Mostly because of the word "Steppe".

A steppe is a very flat grassland.  The United States has a Steppe that's labeled "Tornado Alley"  Guess why?  Is it because of the pretty trees?  No.  

It does not have any sort of forests.  It may have a tree here and there, but not so clumped together.  And any trees growing there should have been imported from another location.

And given its location, the Townlong Steppes should be a Cold Steppe, not a deciduous forest filled with Ginkgo and Sakura trees.

Basically, the Townlong Steppes should look more like Alberta, Canada, not...well what it looks like now.

Granted yeah, maybe some of those islands that are included in the Steppes might be more biologically diverse with forests, but not the steppe close to the tundra.

If anything, the forests on those islands would be more like a Taiga, rather than deciduous.

As in, forests found in places again like Canada, northern Mongolia, or Russia (which is Asian so it counts.)  Or even Oregon, Wyoming, and Washington.

And the only place I'd say that resembles a Taiga forest and is located not in those the Spruce-Pine forest of the Smoky Mountains.  

And really, where's the Chinese deserts?  If Pandaria is supposed to be a land where Chinese stereotypes rule, where's the desert?  Pandaria needs a Chinese Desert.

And I get it that just about every continent on Azeroth has a desert of some sort, but that's the point.  Deserts are found everywhere!

My country's mostly desert, caused by again, a bunch of really tall mountains disturbing the air.

Take a good picture of North America and a big chunk of the US is tan and brown.  Take a snapshot during the winter, and it's all brown, save for a few green bits closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

That's where a lot of our asphalt is made, and hell, this winter we needed a lot of salt on the, salt flats.

Where's the salt flats of Azeroth?  

I'm going to pretend they're in some undiscovered place around the Barrens, the Badlands, and yeah...somewhere in around the friggin tundra of the Kun-Lai Summit.

Yes, the Valley of the Four Winds is probably more like an actual grassland or "steppe" than the actual Steppe is.  But I am going to change the look of the Steppes when Nel gets to them.  

The difference between the Four Winds and Townlong...the Four Winds, like the Jade Forest, is being fed by runoff from the Vale.  

Townlong is being fed by the runoff from Mt. Neverest.  So, we should be seeing several rivers in around the Steppes which may include some trees...much like a Steppe should have.  

Trying to make the ecology of this place make sense.

And I finished Chapter 18, but it is now being edited, so it'll be a while before I can post it.

Spoilers though, Nel saves Cho and his archeological assistants, makes friends with a Pandaren shaman, heals both Nazgrim and Taylor (the Alliance leader in the game), and tells them to fix their mess, as in PUT THE DAMNED SHA OF DOUBT BACK IN ITS HOLE!

Because yeah, it was those two idiots and their battle that freed the Sha, not Neltharion.  But you guys already knew that.

And more Nel trying to get out of fighting the Sha because well...he's afraid if he does it, he'll destroy the Jade Forest in doing so.

Luckily, the Jade Forest covers an area similar to that of the Amazon Rainforest, so...he may end up destroying just a small bit of it.

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A Popularity Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 2:25 AM

I'm beginning to see the views of some members saying that DA might be devolving into a popularity contest.

Considering the birthday thing I saw.

Giving attention to the most popular artists or most viewed pages.

Rather giving some love to good but relatively unknown artists.

Granted yeah, those popular artists are good, they are.  

But there are just as talented unknown artists as well.

Which is a shame.

Which forces me to do return to a quick attention getter, namely this stuff...

Tirek Tastes the Rainbow by Ghostwalker2061

King Sombra's Revenge by Ghostwalker2061

Rainbowdash Stands in the Fire by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, Pony art.

So, I'm returning to the one that got me a Daily Deviation...

My first and only Daily Deviation...

Kindred Spirits: Luna and Nel by Ghostwalker2061


I tend to sometimes redo some old images...

Case in point....

Fluttershy's Cataclysm by Ghostwalker2061 Fluttershy's Cataclysm II by Ghostwalker2061

Or this...

The Demise of Edward Cullen by Ghostwalker2061 Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061


Slumbering Dragon Caesar by Ghostwalker2061 Slumbering Dragon Caesar II by Ghostwalker2061

That too...

So, why not.

Let's see if I can get some cheap acclaim again. I know my loyal artists hate this, but...yeah, I'm tired of the quiet.


Let's do this.  Planning out the image now.

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Socisiting Free Membership

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 6, 2015, 4:30 AM

Watch out for this dude.


He's soliciting free premium membership on DA.  And I think it's a scam.

Probably is.  I'm reporting him and I suggest you don't pay attention to his notes either and report him as well.

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How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 9:04 PM

I just realized something.

That makes total sense!

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Neltharion's Anniversary

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 8:16 PM

Well, I'm happy to say we've come close to the anniversary.  Actually, we kinda passed it.

Yeah, I know, this image was posted in August 1st...

Before the Aspect of Death by Ghostwalker2061

However, I don't count that as being the day I revealed Squishy.

Mostly because I started doing everything around July 28th.


Here we go, lots of Squishy images.

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

Hammer's Fall cover by Ghostwalker2061

Burning the Burning Legion by Ghostwalker2061

The Demon Soul by Ghostwalker2061

Spider-Man Faces Xaxas by Ghostwalker2061

Struggle of Earth and Twilight by Ghostwalker2061

The Warchief's Wrath Cover complete by Ghostwalker2061

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

Fire and Water by Ghostwalker2061

The Dive by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion meets a Fraggle by Ghostwalker2061

Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

Velen's Meditation by Ghostwalker2061

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

And the recent one.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

We do love the Squishy.

It's because he's CUTE!

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Neltharion and Climate

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 1:53 AM

For one thing, I'd like to say, sorry, but my editor is very, very busy.  I'm still waiting on him working on the latest chapter as well as the short story.

So, no update on the story just yet.  But it doesn't mean I'm not writing it.  I am.  I just can't post anything, unless I'll do it unedited. 

As in how I did things before.

Which means I could update like once every week or two weeks.

But until then, let's talk about something that has me thinking about Climate Change and how Neltharion actually does affect the climate on his own world.  

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

And well, it started with this image.  

Neltharion spouting volcanic ash, nasty gases, and a shower of 1200 degree, molten, volcanic glassy rock.

One thing as I develop this guy beyond than what Blizzard had planned, so I've tried to put a lot of reality into it.  What would someone with his power do with it, how much is he connected to it, how can he change his world, or even just how powerful he is.

And we never really got that idea with the game.  We never really saw his power on full display, as in, how it could work with the planet to make it habitable.  

We just saw the destructive side of it.

But being an ameture Earth scientist, I know that volcanoes are both harmful and helpful.  Too much volcanic activity, and the planet becomes more like Venus.  Too little, and it's like Mars.

The same can be said about Azeroth.  And it's a real shame we never really saw Neltharion doing his job as the Earth-Warder, minding the continents, fighting against natural plate tectonics so that he can keep the Kalimdor Supercontinent whole.

The Kalimdor SupercontinentBefore I even start, I feel like because a few of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I start discussions like this and apparently require me to explain it...
Because some of you don't know how to use Google. Or are too lazy.
I'm just going to put this link up.
And for now on, if I am talking about certain characters, places, subjects some of you don't know anything about. I'll be posting up links along with the names of those places.
And though to really understand this subject, as it pertains to the series of Tectonic Divergence...
Go here...
Tectonic Divergence
We need to look at a very important giant landmass in Azeroth. That is the Kalimdor Supercontinent.
And for those of you who want to fav this journal b

Go there for how I talk about said Supercontinent.

And granted, when you have one huge supercontinent, you're warming up the planet BIG TIME.  Think of creating a greenhouse effect, only instead of the atmosphere trapping the heat, it's the crust itself, and the weight of the continent.  

No doubt some form of global warming was going on during the time of Old Kalimdor.

And considering that because all the landmasses are one, which means a lot of exposed volcanoes, and that also means, lots of greenhouse gasses which would warm the planet up.  And it could have created something similar to the Great Dying on our planet where again, due to one continent, one large ocean, all the heat being caused by volcanic activity, and various other nasty things that would shut down the current of the ocean and release the most potent of greenhouse gases, methane, well...Azeroth should have pretty much been cooked.

But it wasn't.

Because again, the Neltharion.

Hell, I could think that Alexstrasza was hardening life just in case such an event were to happen, but Neltharion was in control of the weather, so it didn't.

Neltharion changed the climate.

It's a good idea that at this time, there wasn't a glaciation period.  There were snows in the poles or on high mountains, but they only snowed in the winter and were able to melt in the summer, feeding rivers.  Rivers that Neltharion had forged, cutting riverbeds through the rock so that the snow could melt and properly irrigate the land.

Azeroth itself was built for the purpose of life.  Different than our planet, where life was created because of well...winning the existence lottery of the universe.  Happy accidents, basically.  Hell, our lives, the living creatures that exist here was made possible by various cataclysmic disasters, whereas on Azeroth, it's more of the opposite.  

Cataclysms are good for Earth, not good for Azeroth.

Neltharion was designed to not really allow the natural forces of the planet to shape itself, but quite the opposite, to fight against them.  So, whereas naturally, due to the activity of exposed volcanoes on one massive continent, you'd get the Great Dying, Neltharion had to keep something like that from happening.

He had to change the climate of the planet.

And that is where things like what happened to Theramore comes in.  

The Horde and many of the Alliance certainly look at the Theramore Supervolcano as a big catastrophe.  But subconsciously, Neltharion looks at it differently.  When the volcano erupted, it didn't spew out gases that would heat up the planet, it blasted forth volcanic ash that would cool the planet.

Which it did, causing a good portion of Kalimdor from having cooler summers, and harsher winters...and no growing seasons at all.  Very much like what happened in 1816 and Krakatoa.  Hell, one of the reasons why Global Warming is just hitting now, and not the 90s was because of Mt St. Helens' eruption in 1980.

Neltharion knew which volcanoes to cause eruptions from in order to keep the planet cool, focusing on stratovolcanoes that create gray eruptions and spew out a lot of ash and pyroclastic surges.

Volcanoes are the big thermostats of the planet.  They can either cool it off, or warm it up.  And it is up to Neltharion to create an equilibrium between that.  

However, I would like to think the climate started to change from everywhere being a warm and pleasant spring and summer, with rather mild the current ice age that Azeroth is in right now.  And what I mean by ice age, I mean, a period where glaciers can form.  We are still at the end of the last ice age, we're still in one because there are still glaciers.  

But there were possibly none in Kalimdor until close to the time of the Sundering.

And it started when Neltharion rose up Kun-Lai.  These mountains are the highest on the planet, the tallest being nearly 32000 feet above sea level.  And the glacial period began because these mountains were so high, when the snow began to accumulate, it would not melt.  Glaciers do take centuries to thousands of years to form and pile up, and that changed the climate around Pandaria, especially around Kun-Lai Mountain Range.

Probably turned a grassland into a tundra as the climate became a bit dryer and colder around that area.  

Then, kick off the Sundering and the massive swinging global temperatures and glaciers started forming more and more at the poles, however, Northrend became a little bit more like Antarctica, since it has more glaciers, barring that basin with the tropical plants being supported artificially), and Pandaria is more like Canada, only with greener areas, and a milder climate due to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and its Sacred Waters.  

And for 10 thousand years, much like our own planet, there was a period of warming, which Neltharion broke recently by making a supervolcano erupt.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Go squishy.

But unlike Yellowstone's past eruptions, the Theramore Supervolcano didn't have a big enough eruption to plunge the whole planet into a global ice age, or even a slush ball, mostly due to possibly areas like the Burning Steppes, which happens to be an ever erupting flood basalt pumping out carbon dioxide that keeps the global temperatures from swinging too far one way or the other.

And well, I don't know exactly how long the Burning Steppes have been going, but if they've been doing that for a while, then Neltharion cooling the place down with Theramore is probably, in a long term outlook, better for the planet.  Because well, we don't want the Great Dying to happen.

Though most people are furious with Neltharion for creating that eruption along with a small flood basalt  in the Barrens, until they are able to create a proper climate model, they aren't going to see the actual benefits of his actions.

But yeah, Neltharion can change the climate.  

As well as affect the weather.  If he wanted a hurricane, he could create one.  If he wanted a snow, he could create one.  

The guy has full control over the ecology of the planet.  Sooner or later people are going to realize, it's not a good idea to mess with the dragon who could decide not to let it rain on the farmlands for a few years, or bury Stormwind in ice thousands of feet high, or turn Durotar into a shallow sea.  

But one thing I really want to start thinking about is possibly cataclysms in the past brought upon by extraterrestrial threats.

So, here's something to think on...Was Azeroth ever smacked by K-T Extinction asteroid, or possibly a Gamma ray burst?

How did the Aspects protect the planet when that happened, if it did?  

Something to think on.

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Jurassic World Survival 101

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 6:26 PM

I think we all should take a lesson from this.

Hell yeah!

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Something Bad in Tennesssee

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2015, 7:46 PM

Someone informed me that something bad happened in Tennessee.

Oh no, did Graceland crumble?

The Grand Ole Opry implode from too much redneck?

Did a bunch of Right Wing, Teabagger, Confederate Flag-waving mouth breathers set Nashville on fire after the federal government legalized gay marriages for EVERY state?

(But seriously, go us for finally getting rid of that stupid no-sodomy law, a law that is just as useless as the don't walk on a sidewalk with ice cream on a Sunday law.)

Did the New Madrid fault decided to do another shimmy? If it did, I slept through another continent splitting earthquake again.  The last continent splitting earthquake happened in 1987, and all it did was crack my downstairs window.

I decided to do a google search on anything particularly bad happening in Tennessee and all I could find was a medical helicopter crash landing in the Memphis area, which is around 373 miles (602 kilometers) from my town, and roughly a 6 hour drive depending on traffic.

And that crash happened in 2013.

However, we do consider it a state of emergency if some guy drives naked while drunk in a Bobcat. But that's how my state works.

So, did another naked drunk dude looking for a Bobcat rather than pants driving around Knoxville again?

I got a reply and it was a shooting at a Naval Reserve in Chattanooga.  Which is 75 miles southwest from my town.

I assure you, I am alright.  Physics has not been defied today.  Because an AK-47 does NOT have the range of 75 miles and can defy the curvature of the Earth.  So it is impossible for me to be harmed at this shooting in Chattanooga.

Here is the CNN post of the shooting for those of you curious about it.

Tennessee Naval Reserve Chattanooga, TN, Shooting

But rest assured, I was not in Chattanooga or even visiting the area when it happened.  Because why the hell would I ever go to Chattanooga?  The only thing that's interesting in Chattanooga is the Tennessee Aquarium, and the fact that it's only an hour away from Atlanta, Georgia.  

Don't worry, we'll be keeping an eye out for him.  Because well, we don't want him to be late for the BBQ.  He's the main course.

Because Tennessee actually still uses the electric chair for its death row prisoners.  We are gonna fry this boy when we catch him.

Sorry, my sympathy for people like this guy is very, very low.  

Sympathy for the victims, much higher.  Heart goes out to them.


Apparently he's dead.  Don't know if he shot himself or the police got him.

Either way, he's dead. 

And Tennessee is safe once again.


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