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Be specific

Sat Jan 24, 2015, 8:17 AM

When some of you wanna discuss a movie, a TV show, a book series, or a game, or anything lie that...

Say what that thing is.  Say the name of the movie, or the TV show or the game, or book series, or song, or album, or whatever...

Don't just throw out random words and expect other people to understand what you are talking about.  Even if you mention an element in the movie, or character or whatever...a lot of people aren't going to get what you're saying until you name the movie.

Because sometimes, that movie, TV show, music, has multiple episodes, different movies that fall under the trilogy, an expanded universe.

Be specific.  

Especially if the movie expanded universe has multiple BAD movies within it.  

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Stealing my art

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 4:26 AM…

Whoever is a member of this board, can you please tell the idiot to take the image down.  I did not give him permission to use and or alter my artwork.

I cannot do this because apparently I can't log into the board to do it with.

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I don't recall Neltharion having hair

Wed Jan 21, 2015, 5:16 PM

I caught this on Tumblr once...

When they were looking at this image...

Duality 2 by Ghostwalker2061

So I'll just go over what I said in a previous journal to help explain why I gave Neltharion a beard.

At least when I added hair to Neltharion…it makes sense because well I did it due to this image…


 photo Deathwing_head_concept_art_zps2ad66505.jpg

To this...

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Also because Warcraft Dragons are already hairy.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061


Doctor Whozdormu by Ghostwalker2061

For all those people who ask why I gave Deathwing a beard…it’s because I’m following a theme here.  The other two male Aspects had beards, so why not Neltharion too?  Still looks a thousand times better than this image…

 photo tumblr_maerw0IoIE1rgpy7oo1_1280_zpsda940a07.jpg

So putting hair on Neltharion makes sense within the context of the world.  And anyone who really has any issues with it are people who probably think that only the stuff approved by Blizzard, or licensed by them is the correct way of looking at the character, rather than accepting a different (and in Nel’s case better) view of them.

I hope this helps.

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What Influences My Writing

Mon Jan 19, 2015, 3:39 PM

"I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."  — Bill Cosby

That is something I need to live by.  Especially with the direction I'm taking Neltharion and his relationship with Malygos.   I will say this to the one person who is having so much problems in what I'm doing...

Sing it Vader!

 photo ezgif-resize_zpsogylquu3.gif

I got a new journal skin and with this new skin, I've managed to add a link to the folder for Tectonic Divergence which is the Neltharion story series.  That way, you all can click on it. 

Here is the link for those of you who say: "I can't find it."

Okay, so I hope that helps.

As I started rereading some of my Pern books, I began to remember something.  I started to remember how much they did influence my own writing.  I first started with the White Dragon, which was the third book of the Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy by Anne McCaffrey.

 photo whitedrg_zpsea854060.jpg

Dragons who were created from science to fight a threat to the planet.  Cool, was all I had to say.

But Anne is good at world building, nearly as good as Tolkien, I'd say.  She comes around to explain how the dragons were made, how they breathe fire, why they must be bonded with a human. 

As well as the society that the humans have on Pern, and why after 2500 years, the legends that they came to Pern from a distant planet became lost on their legends until AIVAS confirmed it in All the Weyrs of Pern

But really, though I have written Pern fanfictions that I will probably not ever show here, it does not mean that  Pern hasn't found its way in some of my other stories. 

I man the names of Cerenath Khan and Telek 'Heros are some of the examples of where Pern leaked in.

Stolen Kiryuu Smile Yet Again details by Ghostwalker2061

Cerenath Khan was named for Carenath the bronze that flew the first queen Faranth.  Cerenath Khan has an alternate spelling, though.  To keep me from being beating by the Weyr Police.

The Sangheili Pirate by Ghostwalker2061

Telek 'Heros' name comes from Tillek Hold, just an alternate spelling to keep my ass from being beaten by the Weyr Police.

Dragons on Pern can teleport by using spacial coordinates. 

With the Kethosi, I kinda meshed this method with Dune's Guild Navigator abilities in how they are able to fold space.

Which is why Kedzuel requires a visual reference to travel from one point to another with his ship.  And also why he couldn't return to Earth.  If he used the special coordinates he knew from the time when Earth was called Erde-Tyrene, he would be going back in time nearly 80 thousand years ago. 

Basically what Kedzuel would be doing is a Pern dragon's method of "Timing It", or using special coordinates from a period of time and space, rather than space.

It was how Lessa was able to go back 400 years and bring the Oldtimers forward. 

Kedzuel and other Navigators can in fact travel through time if they recall a memory of a place they used to be in and go back to the time in which they were there before.  But time travel is mostly forbidden among with Navigators because of how someone can abuse it.

And much like the dragons, if a Navigator doesn't fold space properly, the visual coordinates they use end up being corrupted, they can in fact "disappear between".  The Navigators call it being ripped apart due to the body trying to return this dimension and ending up everywhere at once.  They get ripped apart atom by atom.  And according to many Pern fans, they suspect that is what happens to Dragonriders when they screw up a between jump.

But Anne wrote Beyond Between which explains where some dragonriders go when they disappear between so...meh?

But for those of you who really like the Neltharion stories, here is where Pern influenced them.

Back before the retcon of Dawn of the Aspects, a book series I really do not like, there was some iffy statements on how the Aspects came to be.  Some bits say that they were fully created by the Titans, other say they were created along side the other dragons by the titans...each one made from bits of Galakrond flesh samples, and then there were the ones that are more along the lines of Dawn of the Aspects in which the Titans first created the dragons, and then later on chose five of their best, smartest, and strongest to be the Aspects. 

All of which are very, very, very iffy.  Hell the Aspects barely even remember exactly how they were made or how they were chosen.  Dawn of the Aspects had them even forget that they were proto-dragons.

So, I went with a more definitive creation.  As in the Aspects were in fact bio-engineered for their purpose. 

There's a reason why people like to poke fun at Neltharion for not having actual parents.  He didn't really have a mother or a father.  Poor guy.  Someone cuddle him!

The Aspects outside of the current Aspect of Magic Kalecgos, were all grown in a laboratory by the Titans and infused with the powers of their creators to protect the planet.

How is that related to the Dragons of Pern?

In Dragonsdawn, the race was intentionally engineered to fight Thread after it first caught the human colonists on Pern unawares, with devastating results.  Geneticist Kitti Ping Yung designed the dragons by manipulating the genetic code of the indigenous fire lizards that had been acquired as pets by the colonists.

Dragons created through science for the sole purpose of protecting the planet?  That sounds like how I do it with the Dragon Aspects.

Though the Aspects were created with a level of technology that I will say seems like magic to many of the beings on Azeroth.  Or it could be just a mixture of magic and science. 

Much like Kitty Ping, the Titans used a template to make the Aspects, that being Galakrond, the largest proto-dragon...and again like Kitty Ping, they improved the design, enhancing various skills and abilities as well as intelligence and strength. 

Which is why creating the Aspects make sense to me.  Kitty Ping designed her dragons, making sure they were born with this understanding of their duties.

Hell, many dragons in the books quote this line a lot...

  • "Dragonriders must fly
  • When Thread is in the sky..."

Why choose your guardians when you can build them?  You can design them to have certain abilities that fit with what their jobs is.  Build a worker basically.

However, yes, this has some unfortunate implications (unlike Pern's dragons) at least when it comes to Neltharion and it makes what Deathwing says in Charge of the Aspects more potent and justified.

"There is no purpose to what they do.  Azeroth was an experiment to the titans.  A plaything.  When they were done, they turned their backs on us all, indifferent to the broken world that they left behind." - Deathwing

.Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061


Pern's dragons don't question that they were created to be what they are.  They are happy to be what they are.  They don't resent their creators, or the people who they are bonded with.  Hell, they barely have any objections.  Which is my main issue with the dragons themselves.

Neltharion, at least pre-Deathwing Neltharion had a lot of objections to his creator. 

Post-Deathwing Neltharion is a broken woobie who questions why his creator made him with so many flaws.  Why didn't Khaz'Goroth had created him with the ability be immune from the Old Gods?  A lot of what happened could have been avoided if Khaz'Goroth had made Neltharion with the proper immunity to do his job.

But he didn't and Deathwing was made because of it.  However, there is a reason for this so-called defective component in Neltharion.  Much like Kitty Ping, who foresaw that eventually her creations would have need of certain powers, Khaz'Goroth knew what he was doing when he made the flaw in Neltharion's mind.

He also knew what he was doing when he programmed Neltharion's "Artificial Intelligence", who he "flash cloned" to create Nel's personality. 

A lot of things will be revealed about Neltharion, and it'll shock you. 

Because Anne McCaffrey put so much detail in her dragons, making sure there were reasons for this or reasons for that...I made sure I put a lot of detail and thought in the dragons I write about.

Because you can only do so much hand-waving when it comes to elements that seem rather strange and or off about them. 

So glad she was there to influence my own thoughts.

Fury of the Mountain King by Ghostwalker2061 The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061
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Why I won't draw Pern dragons

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 1:21 PM
I've noticed that a few people are rediscovering me because so far I'm the only one on DA (yes I've checked) that has done a fairly good image of in the planet itself.

P.E.R.N. revised by Ghostwalker2061


Mostly due to most artwork revolving around Anne McCaffery's huge series that has spanned two generations, not fucking kidding...(her first book is the same age as my eldest cousin and they were both written in the mid to late 1960s)...and is a work that literally has been inherited by her son Todd...aka I'm sure when she died there was a Last Will and Testament that stated Todd had to continue her work.  And hopefully Todd has kids so that when he passes on, it'll go to them.  But Todd had to agree to it so long as he doesn't write about the 9th Pass.  Because that whole continuity ended with The Skies of Pern.

So, yes, here's the theme, I do like Pern...well...loved it when I was in high school, kinda grew out of it after Skies of Pern, and yes, I do have one of Todd's books, but never finished it.  Not because it was bad, it's just I didn't finish it.  Like my fill of Pern kinda got exhausted.  

Granted it's the only story series that depicted dragons as companions to humans and they play an integral part of society.  Rather than creatures that serve as to show how big some knight's dick is.  Pern dragons are a part of Pern's culture and society, not things to be slain.

Hell, it's why the dragons exist.  The dragons on Pern are genetically enhanced creatures from the indigenous fauna, known as the dragonet, (not fire-lizard, fire lizards were like the first batch that later gave way to the dragons) and the dragons serve a purpose, that is making sure that a space fungus doesn't eat the descendants of the colonists crops.  Or themselves.  Mostly because having genetically enhanced dragons were easier to maintain than say building machines for that purpose.

They did have shuttles and rather clumsy fighter craft to fight Thread at the beginning, but that stuff ran out of fuel, broke down, and the colonists came to Pern not to have an advanced and high tech society, but to get away from technology that has possibly either polluted Earth, or just sick and tired of the redundancy and complacency that high technology creates.

A good number of those colonists who came to Pern were all veterans from some interstellar war.  They were hoping Pern would be Space Florida that they can go and retire on, not having to worry about Space AARP or Space Social Security Insurance.  Well...unfortunately it ended up more like Space Australia, but...beggars can't be choosers.  

Humans, we're still in our cavemen forms.  We haven't "evolved" physically past that.  Which is why there's obesity in society.  Our bodies aren't equipped for our over abundant lives.  We need to suffer from a few famines here and there to make sure we don't end up like every overly morbid obese person who rides around in Wal-Mart on those damned scooters.  

Hell my body with the low metabolism is pretty much equipped for fat storing for the sole purpose of surviving times where food is less available vs someone who can eat all they want and never gain weight...those people would die of starvation where someone like me would still be kicking around long enough to eventually find food.

Starting to see the reason why Admiral Paul Bendon and about 1400 colonists gave Earth the middle finger and settled on Pern.  Yeah, Thread is a problem, but I much rather take killer fungus raining down from the sky then...well...


So why won't I draw Pern dragons?  Well...though I know that Pern dragons look like they do...

Pern Dragon Ratios by bronze-dragonrider

That is a fairly good example from our resident DA artists...

And that is mostly the acceptable look.

Honestly, the closest I came to was this image...

Dragonriderzzzzz.... by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah that's the closest thing I'll ever get to drawing a pern dragon.  And that was supposed to be Mnementh, but he wasn't bronzy enough.



But why won't I draw them?  Outside of the cool thing of being forever bound to a dragon who pretty much knows you, is connected to you through the shared mental link...and having this awesome thing to ride around that can traverse hyperspace just to get from one part of the continent to the other...granted that the job to be a dragonrider means you're permanently drafted by the local military to fight a war against killer alien shower mildew...and don't get me wrong, fighting Thread is hella dangerous and is taken very seriously (if one of those nasty yeast infections burrow into the ground, you are looking at top soil that is unfarmable for a good long time...and that means lots of food shortages...think Interstellar's Dust Storms...and why that was bad...and it happening every 200 years...but unlike Interstellar we have dragons to flame it instead of the crops) and a lot of times a lot of dragonriders and their dragons die doing their jobs.  

But the main reason why I won't draw them is because of the voraciousness of the fandom itself and the fact I just never really liked their designs.  

Back when I was in high school and I did draw the dragons from Pern, I drew them in my style, which as you've all seen my theme...adding hair when the dragon doesn't have hair...or adding more hair if the dragon already had hair.

Case in point...

 photo ajcnqvdnmh_m_zps3844e26c.jpg

Fury of the Mountain King by Ghostwalker2061

I made him extra hairy.

At least when I added hair to makes sense because well I did it due to this image...

 photo Deathwing_head_concept_art_zps2ad66505.jpg

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Also because Warcraft Dragons are already hairy.


Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061


Doctor Whozdormu by Ghostwalker2061

For all those people who ask why I gave Deathwing a's because I'm following a theme here.  The other two male Aspects had beards, so why not Neltharion too?  Still looks a thousand times better than this image...

 photo tumblr_maerw0IoIE1rgpy7oo1_1280_zpsda940a07.jpg


So putting hair on Neltharion makes sense within the context of the world.  And anyone who really has any issues with it are people who probably think that only the stuff approved by Blizzard, or licensed by them is the correct way of looking at the character, rather than accepting a different (and in Nel's case better) view of them.

By the way, I did get my artwork be accepted by Blizzard as well...

LiLi Stormstout and the Brewbender by Ghostwalker2061

That was hosted on one of their sanctioned sites.  So...EAT IT!  They do like the idea of bearded Nel.

However, hair, or for that matter...a big lion-like mane on a Pern dragon is not acceptable. (yes that's how I drew Pern dragons)  And unlike with just the harmless occasional ignorant of Tectonic Divergence watcher who asks: "Why does Nel have a beard?" I would receive backlash of epic proportions if I shared my personal design preference to how the Dragons of Pern look like.  So to keep my sanity, I will never draw Pern dragons.  Hell, I haven't drawn them since 2004 anyways.

Though I still get questions as to why I put dreads on Kiryuu...

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

And I have made it clear that Kiryuu's stories are an AU and that pretty much, they are very original, don't follow the themes of the fandom and or the movies...unlike Tectonic Divergence that follows the xpacs that happen.  Kiryuu's stories do not follow what happens with the movies.  Why?  Because mostly the Godzilla movies never really had any cohesive continuity outside of the Heisei series.  You could say the Showa series does, but almost all the movies have whole new cast members.  The Heisei series at least had ONE recurring cast member who shows up.  Heisei series is as much Miki's story as it is Godzilla's.

So I guess that's why it's also kinda acceptable for giving Kiryuu those dreadlocks.  And yes he does rock them quite well, guys.

But Mnementh looking like a draconic version of Mufasa wouldn't go over well with the community.

But I will say this, the closest things I will ever get to Pern dragons is Neltharion and the Aspects themselves.  Because much like the Pern dragons, Neltharion and the Aspects were all created, genetically engineered by an advanced species for a specific purpose.  The big difference is that instead of fighting space fungus, Neltharion fights demons, Garrosh, maintaining the continents, getting all emo.  AND Neltharion doesn't require having a human partner to live...unlike the Pern dragons who are engineered specifically to die if they cannot find a human partner.

 Why do the Pern dragons need human partners?  Because Kitty Ping designed a failsafe that prevented the dragons from becoming too independent of their "human masters" and thereby perhaps see that humans are a crunchy and taste good with ketchup and well...kill and eat them.  Because we are talking about dragons who are the size of small jetliners.  Ramoth is the length of a Lockheed L1011 passenger jet, aka 135 feet in length, or 45 meters in length.  

And no that's not a ridiculous size.  I deal with Neltharion, a guy who is over a thousand feet in length and weighs 13 million metric tons.  Ramoth is an ant against Neltharion.  Nel's pinky could squash her flat.  

Hell, look at that image of Jonathan and Mnementh...see how much bigger Jon is compared to Mnementh?

So, yeah, a precaution that ensures absolute loyalty to their human creators is a must, especially if you're designing dragons to act like fighter aircraft.  Hell, dragons can't even teleport without the aid of their human riders (except Ruth who despite his size is actually the most advanced dragon ever hatched on Pern...I mean the little guy is like a friggin UNSC on board ship AI, he could travel through hyperspace without the aid of Jaxom), and they cannot survive without their human riders.  Hell, they can barely breed successfully without their human riders.  Gold riders have to curb their queens insatiable hunger during mating flights to make sure they can fly higher and thus ensure a large and successful clutch.

And the closest thing of actually having Pern in a story is when Sam said he was a big fan of Anne's series and even designed the riding harness Jonathan wears similar to what the Dragonriders of Pern use.  Because Anne based a lot of what the dragonriders do on Pern off of military air force, like the US Air Force, fighter jet dogfighting and all that.  So having a US Air Force Colonel basing his design of the harness off of Dragonriders of Pern kinda brings that all full circle.

So there may never be any Pern fanfictions from me.  Mostly because I still respect Anne's wishes of there not being any fanfictions of her works.  Well...she didn't say that we weren't allowed to write them...she just doesn't want them posted anywhere on the Internet.  Most fanfics of Pern were handwritten and passed between friends, or emailed between friends rather than posted on

Then she relaxed the ban to just say: "No one can write fanfiction on Pern based in the Ninth Pass. And no crazy colored dragons, or men riding gold dragons, or girls riding bronze dragons..." then another relax to the ban of: "You can write in the Ninth Pass, but you have to make up your own Weyr."

So, out of respect for Anne, what fanfiction I have written about Pern...will never be shown.  And what drawings I've made about Pern other than just making images about the planet, will never be shown.

But what was written?


P.E.R.N. by Ghostwalker2061

That image actually had a fanfic attached to it.  And that fanfic was actually supposed to be what really happened to Kiryuu Knight and the Chief at the end of Halo 3 Times as Different.

Meaning everything you've read by BDM on Mass Effect and all that...wasn't the original plan.  What was the original plan?  Not saying for now.

And no, you will never ever read that story.  Ever.  

But yeah.  As much as I love the Pern series, I won't be sharing anymore than planet art of them.  

Also, aside from maybe Ruth or Canth, and later Golanth...Pern dragons don't seem to have all that much of personality.  Granted they started having more personality in Masterharper of Pern and All the Weyrs of Pern and Skies of Pern, but not so much in the beginning.  Mostly because we rarely see them interact with anyone other than their riders.  Hell, we rarely even see them have conversations with other dragons.  

Nor do we have Pern stories by Anne or Todd written from the point of view of the dragon itself rather than the rider.  Why is that?  Maybe because they are non-characters.  Kitty Ping designed them to be too loyal.  Hell the only time a dragon might disobey a rider is when a queen dragon, and thereby the queen's rider, makes an order to the dragon.  And the dragon has to obey no matter what.

Ruth is so far the only dragon that actually seems like a character in the book.  Canth comes close at least in Dragonquest.

I guess that's why I don't draw the dragons as well.  Because I like drawing dragons that do have some sort of character to them, that go through similar difficulties that we humans relate to in other humans.  

You never hear Ramoth complaining about the idea that she's basically a glorified baby factory...or perhaps how she feels that she has to be caught to mate.  Or questions whether or not she actually is truly in love with Mnementh.  Hell, the closest thing to her preference is that in Dragonflight she says her preference was with someone who wasn't Mnementh, but Mnementh caught her and...she's gotta go with the flow, right?  At least we had Prideth sternly stating to Kylara on the idea of having Prideth mate with Mnementh that Mnementh is Ramonth's.  Closest to objection we get with these dragons.

Neltharion?  Well...he struggles, he has to deal with the consequences of his actions, deal with the consequences of Deathwing's actions.  He's reminded every day on why everyone in the world hates him and he has to live with that.

Dragons of Pern, not so much.  Mostly due to Kitty Ping's order to increase their telepathy, she had to sacrifice their long term memory.  And the dragons of Pern seem not to be as smart as their human riders.  Certainly not the super intelligence we normally equate now with dragons.  Even Neltharion has a very high intelligence, he just has a very low emotional tolerance and is easily prone to impulsive because of his mental instability.  But he is still a thousand times more intelligent than the mortals he interacts with, but his emotions is what curbs that intelligence.  

But Nel needs that high intelligence because of the powers he has.  He manipulates the very matter of everything in existence.  He needs to know what he is doing and be sensitive and in tune with what he does with that power.  So, his high intelligence is focused (for now) more on controlling his powers rather than making informed and intelligent decisions.

And I like it when dragons interact with more than just one people. Which is why the Pandaria stories are gonna be fun.  Nel gets to interact with a lot of people.  

But Pern does leave some impression with my own writing.  Hell...

Stolen Kiryuu Smile Yet Again details by Ghostwalker2061

Emperor Cerenath Khan Draconis.  His first name is derived from Carenath (with a spelling alteration), the name of the first bronze dragon Kitty Ping created who then was Impressed by Sean Connell.  Carenath would then go on to fly Faranth, the first gold queen.

Here's another...

The Sangheili Pirate by Ghostwalker2061
Supreme Commander Telek 'Heros, named for Tillek Hold.  Again, another spelling alteration so that I wouldn't get into trouble.  But as you can see, yeah, Pern is in my stories.  

But there you go.

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Is Neltharion getting worse?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 17, 2015, 9:32 PM
Duality 2 by Ghostwalker2061

So, the Math Nut said something that I have to ask.  Is Neltharion getting worse as the story goes on?

What do I mean by this?  I mean, is he slowly breaking down emotionally?

Is his mental stability diving off the deep end?  Was he more emotionally sound like the start of the Coffer as compared to what is going on in Rise of the Sha?

And if he is getting worse, what cued you in?  Where was it that he was a lot better and more mentally sound, and where did he begin his dive?  And where did it obviously got worse for him?

I gotta figure this out, because I need to know where it is and why he's kinda devolving into this sad, depressed puppy?  Where did he start succumbing to the damage he received while he was the prisoner of Deathwing?

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

We need more images with Neltharion smiling.

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Showing Neltharion's Past

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 12:56 PM
So I decided to make sure we basically get to see how happy Neltharion and by extension how happy those around him used to be.  

We get to see even Sintharia.

And a happier Malygos with Sindragosa.

It's so sad.

Neltharion's DreamA colorful, nigh-uncountable pile of black whelps and blue whelps sat, watching Malygos with excitement and entranced.
The Spell-Weaver laid at the center of a sparkling, colorful, and complex patterned display of vibrant magical lights.  The lights themselves told a story, starting slow from the prologue, and slowly, very slowly, intensely building to a climax.  Some of the whelps leapt up as a burst of crimson light exploded above them.  They reached out with their outstretched paws to catch the falling stars.  Others chased the characters, their tails wagging with delight.
Malygos himself was bright and animated, his form glowing in accordance with the magic that surrounded him.  His joyous mood only made it clear as to why so many often joked that he could have been the “Aspect of Life.”
His beloved Prime Consort, Sindragosa looked on, amused by her mate’s playful antics.  She sat just a way from him, to give her lively beloved room t

Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061
Happier days.  But one thing I hated about even Dawn of the Aspects is that we never really got to know any of them as characters back then.

Sure my story, we do get to know the Aspects as they currently are, which are a bunch of broken and bitter old farts, each one pretty much wishing was back the way it was.

Neltharion not so much bitter, but very broken.  And depressed.  And with a major case of amnesia.

Malygos broken and depressed, and trying to deny it.

Alexstrasza is very bitter.  And a bit of a control freak.

Nozdormu is...well...he's worse than he probably was before.  It's hard to tell about him.

Ysera is like the happy old grandma who just wants to remember the good times.  

They're all equally just...sad.

But I figured that we need to get to know who they are as they were before Deathwing came around and broke up the band.  We need to see why they're so sad, depressed, and bitter.

So, I'm gonna add some dreams to Neltharion that gives you an idea of what that looked like, also to give Neltharion a reason have doubt and despair, since that's what we're gonna deal with those Sha in this story.

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RIP Malygos

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 14, 2015, 12:44 AM
 photo my_tombstone1_zpsaef6c554.jpg

So apparently one of my readers doesn't want me to bring back Malygos.  And okay, I'll say, sure.

Neltharion is going to fail at bringing back Malygos.  He'll bring the body back, use the Sacred Water from the Vale...and...DEAD.  Dead Malygos.

Just like what that one reader wants.

So, I am willing to do exactly what he wants me to do.  I will permanently kill off Malygos for good.  

Under one condition.  That he in his story would have Sintharia strive for a way to bring back Neltharion from his madness.  And forgive him.  

And love him.  

I'll even throw in not accurately portraying Alexstrasza as I have been doing.  You know, how she really is in the game.  I actually have been rather nice about what I've been doing with Alexstrasza.  If anything else, I've been a lot nicer about her beyond what the game did.

Because of...

Skip to the 6 minute mark and listen to the unfeeling, uncaring eulogy she gave someone she has fought side by side with.  Not even a bit of remorse, people.

But for those of you uninterested in viewing the video...

I did what I had to brother. You gave me no alternative.
And so ends the Nexus War.
This resolution pains me deeply, but the destruction—the monumental loss of life—had to end. Regardless of Malygos' recent transgressions, I will mourn his loss. He was once a guardian, a protector. This day, one of the world's mightiest, has fallen.
The Red Dragonflight will take on the burden of mending the devastation wrought upon Azeroth. Return to your people and rest. Tomorrow will bring you new challenges. And you must be ready to face them.
Life goes on.

Though I will say it may be the fault of the voice actress droning out her lines like she's taken several sleeping pills and then demanding her check afterwards...but still...


Yeah...each time I went into a raid against Malygos and I heard that "eulogy" for someone she's known for over 60 thousand years...just...GOD DAMN IT, ALEX!  And I swear to god, I actually do treat her with respect despite certain allegations.  


Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

Hell, I actually gave her more personality and feeling than the fucking game did!  Neltharion saying: "I wanna go back in time and erase what I did!"  And Alex is like: "No!" because she knows if he did that, then he would erase the progress he has now.  And Alex hugging on him during the story, getting all emotional.  Nel hugging her, comforting her right after Young Nel/Deathwing revealed his evilness and struck the flights with the Dragon Soul.

Oh, and Nel's eulogy isn't any more pleasant.  Actually, come to think of it.  He didn't even get one!  Got blown to sparkles, and...well...

Neltharion does not aprove by Ghostwalker2061


I've been told by someone who does sit down and actually discusses with me about the ins and outs of this series I've been writing.  

Alexstrasza has pride.  She has wide, and very shallow pride.

Neltharion's got pride too, but his is narrow, but deep.

You  know what really makes Alexstrasza fail?  Big time?  She didn't ask herself if whether or not she should check on Malygos between the Sundering and the Second War.  

Think about it.  Little Ms. Aspect of Life, of Healing, Dragonqueen, didn't take the initiative to even check to see if he was alright.  She left him to freeze in the Nexus!

You know what really would have stopped the Nexus War?  Alexstrasza actually being the caring person she claims to be and go to her brother in his time of need.  And I'm not talking about Neltharion.  I'm fucking talking about Malygos.  That whole thing could have been avoid if she had just checked up on him.

Hell, it took her own damned consort Krasus to get Malygos out of the Nexus just to face Deathwing in Day of the Dragon.  

Why didn't she do that?  What kind of person would let a dear friend or a family member just wallow in his own misery for ten thousand years?

I think the arguments I have against Alexstrasza, stating what kind of person she is is actually very valid and accurate.  To the friggin Canon!

But I'll give her a point for trying to change Deathwing...ONCE.  Didn't try it again.  Nope, just let Thrall shoot a Kamehameha.  Never really tried again. 

Speaking of Thrall aka Go'el.

Why the hell did you think I had Chris Metzen's Green Jesus come and SAVE Neltharion in Romancing the Coffer.  

You know, this guy.

 photo Thrall_magazine_cover_zpsb8d3740d.jpg

This guy, Fucking Green Jesus of Azeroth had to step in and do what Alexstrasza could not.  Save Neltharion from himself.  It wasn't perfect.  He didn't just get rid of all of Neltharion's problems.  He just got rid of Deathwing.  So even Green Jesus isn't perfect.

But sure, to make my one reader happy, I won't bring back Malygos, I'll make Alexstrasza look good.  Hell if anyone was actually reading, Chapter 5 of Rise of the Sha had painted Alex in a good light.  

But Malygos is the one who motivated Neltharion to go out into the world, Malygos told him to get reconnected with the world, his attunement.  Not Sintharia, not Alexstrasza.  

If Neltharion had not have been contacted by Malygos, the story would have ended there.  With Nel in the Nexus, not moving, being watched and cared for like a mental patient under Alexstrasza and Kalecgos.  He would have not have met Siderion.  Not made connections with some of his flight.  Not gotten involved with the lives of others.  

I guess one benefit that Nel would never had met Calia.

Since someone had suggested that I have Sintharia eat her if I ever brought Sintharia back.

Okay, so here's the challenge dude.  You don't want me to have Malygos come back and have a deep friendship relationship with Neltharion...and or romantic relationship...given their history....

Okay.  Then I say this, change your story to suit my request as well.  Have Sintharia feel this unrelenting need to find out that she needs to save her mate Neltharion.  Save him, not kill him.  And banish Deathwing from Neltharion's mind.  And when she does, give him the best night out ever.  Make him feel safe, help him rebuild himself after 10K years of torment.

Because according to the Math Nut, which every story that I've been writing, Neltharion has been progressively becoming more and more unstable.  It's like exponential.  

But I suppose I have to say that I'm wrong...that I wasn't being "baited" to bring Mal back or have him even have a possible romance with Neltharion because of Albert Einstein dictated it must be so...

But I am being baited not to write what I want to write.  I'm not melding my story with you.  You said it yourself, we're separate.  But you obviously don't want me to do certain things that would ruin your own headcanon.  

Thing is though, my story doesn't affect yours.  

You as me ideas on how I handle things.  And I give you inspirations.  But I have no point of changing your story to where I want it to go.  I tell you what works for my story may not work for yours.

But since you are insistent and honestly, I did say that the last person I let a fanfiction get in the way of a friendship was someone dear to me...finally made up with her and she and I are buddies again.  

And I told her with all honesty, I respectfully do not like the story she wrote because of the elements she used.  But that wasn't going change my opinion of her as a person.

Since each time I say what I plan to do with Malygos and you seen very apprehensive about I will do what you suggest and eliminate it from the story altogether.  Would that make the story better for you?

Because honestly, I think it might ruin it for everyone else.

But hey, since I'm changing the story for you, I want you to change your story for me.

Bring back Squishy!

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Because he deserves it regardless to what Sintharia really wants or even thinks.  I think that's only fair, right?

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Return of Calia and Rezzing Malygos

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 6:33 AM
So I promised I wouldn't spoil the plot, but well, I'm gonna spoil it here...


Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

So don't read below the spoiler line.  But as some of you may have read it already, yeah, there's a plan to bring Malygos back from the dead.

With consequences of course.  Like one, Malygos is NOT gonna be an Aspect.  Kalec is still the Aspect of Magic.  Malygos is going to be a depowered Aspect.  His physical strength and prowess is above that of a normal dragon since Malygos was built to be what he is, but he pretty much has the magical ability of a whelp.

Cuz we can't have someone so powerful coming back to full life without a problem.

Deathwing successfully brought Sintharia back to life, only her mind wasn't there at all.

Neltharion will successfully bring Malygos back to life, but his magic isn't there, at all.

And yes, for those of you (including myself because I still argue against it as well regardless to its narrative benefits and Einstein's stupid equation) it will mean that Neltharion and Malygos will get to have a loving relationship.  And may eventually bump uglies.  Don't worry, I'm not gonna have them bump uglies the moment Malygos tells Neltharion the truth of their relationship 10 thousand years ago.  

That would be stupid.

He'll know the truth of it by the end of Rise of the Sha, yes, but no bumping of uglies.  Hell if anything, it might piss Neltharion off because Malygos didn't volunteer the information.  And as Alexstrasza said, because Malygos was Neltharion's consort during the time, that means that he was responsible for Neltharion's well being and well, she's gonna blame Malygos for Neltharion's fall and the coming of Deathwing.

Yeah, when Malygos said in Wrath of the Warchief that the Sundering was his fault, he actually meant it.  A lot of what has happened is Malygos' fault.  Because he wasn't a good enough consort to Nel.

So, yeah, Nel's gonna be pissed.

So some of the reservations on the relationship between Malygos and Neltharion, why they became Consorts.

Here it is folks, here's the reason...

Neltharion's and Malygos' relation was far deeper than any of the consorts they had.  The reason for having this relationship, this love beyond love, basically was because of their common design, deep resonance between their attunements.  So because of these various additions to that, and the pull they felt due to said reasons, their relationship went above and beyond the normal and typical consort relationship.  How it was built was due to their personalities, they developed a deeper friendship with each other immediately than with the other Aspects.  They enjoyed working so very close together.  Basically, they were literally tied to the hips...or...something else being tied...since the moment they were born.

*face palm*

This was actually in their design, people.

Literally being MADE for each other.

However, the strength of this pull and the enjoyment they felt, well it was so awesome that they had to share it with their flights.  Which they did.  The pull was created through sharing their common duties, and the burdens.  And the resonance, that is the E = mc 2

E = mc 2 equation in German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity that showed that the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body—that is, its kinetic energy (E)—divided by the speed of light squared (c2). This equation expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.

Yes, Albert Einstein proved that it was inevitable that Neltharion and Malygos would bump uglies.  Because, according to that equation, mass (matter) and energy, are the same damned thing, and either can be turned into one or the other.  It's a literal Physical Law, the background of EVERYTHING we know that these two dragons have to be...more than consorts.  They are basically...well, as we've theorized, one being separated into two bodies.  And the need to be joined into one is the driving force of their relationship.

And as we know, when the Aspects have that strong pull, that means their flights must have the same pull.  

And most likely they denied this strong pull until their Prime Consorts, Sintharia and Sindragosa, finally smacked both up the side the head and said: "You two are in love, and you know it!  Now go have buttsex already, we're sick of the tension."

Seems they developed an incredibly deep friendship pretty much immediately, and enjoyed spending time together.  And it seems that they it was strong and deep enough that they wanted to share it with their flights, share the joy.  It'd need to be a strong link to hold the flights together, and carry that level of power, responsibility, and caring.  In the clue-bat case, Sintharia and Sindragosa likely figured out the implications of the above before Neltharion and Malygos did.

Yes, it was prompted by the Primes.  Hell, they could have figured it out and said that if Nel and Mal didn't get together, terrible implications would happen!  And yes, they shared the love with their primes and many others.  Which created the marriage of the two flights.  Because of this new found relationship, both flights were able to do much more together than with any other flight.  The Bronze, Red, and Green Dragonflights could only wish to work with such sync as these two.  

No wonder Alexstrasza wanted to kill Malygos.  Oh, that's going in there too.  She was jealous.  She wanted Neltharion to pay attention to her the way he paid attention to Malygos.  It's just that the Nexus War finally gave her a reason to off the Blue Aspect.  And if she could save Neltharion from Deathwing, well, that gives her the guarantee straight landing lights to his..."pants."

Well, that, and Malygos did rape Keristrasza for killing his unborn children.  

Can't wait to have Neltharion hear about that.  He is really gonna be pissed at Mal now.  Also, some added bits, enough for him to really be pissed off at Malygos...Malygos during his time before Day of the Dragon, yeah, Nel's beloved Blue Boy Consort hated Neltharion.  Hate isn't even a strong enough word.  It was seething hatred.

Lover's scorn, right?  Pretty nasty.  However, the fall of Neltharion itself, we calculated, was (outside of his flight getting nearly destroyed) was the thing that caused Malygos maddening depression.  His Blue Screen of Death, as you will.

But there is something that I had to make the Math Nut :iconrenndor: understand.  The relationship Neltharion and Malygos had, though, it was very deep, it was only for Neltharion 1.0, aka Neltharion prior to Deathwing.

Black in the Circle by Ghostwalker2061
Yeah, him.  

Neltharion 2.0, aka Post-Deathwing Neltharion...

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

That guy...only remembers the deep friendship they had.  And granted it was deep, but he never knew it was actually also, a deep seeded love between two rather unusual consorts.  Or that this love went beyond the love they shared for their consorts.

Neltharion 2.0 is a completely different person from Neltharion 1.0.  He has heavy insecurities, he's afraid of his own power.  He's afraid of being alone, but he is also afraid of people leaving him.  He's also afraid of what he could do to people if he had that deep relationship.

But that probably won't stop him from saving Malygos' life.  

So yeah, the plan is that Malygos going to slowly fade away and Neltharion, not wanting to let another person he cares about either die, or leave him, will bring Malygos back to life.

But will he love Malygos the same way he did as Nel 1.0?  Well...honestly, I'm gonna have to let Neltharion make that decision.  Math Nut wants it though, because it's written in the equation!  Mass and Energy!  They are meant to be!

It's literally written in the stars, guys.  Hell, it's why we have stars.

But knowing Neltharion the way I do, I will say at first, he's not gonna be wanting to have buttsex with Malygos the moment Malygos comes back from the dead.  But I don't know if he'll ever want to.  One thing that I do know Neltharion will say when he finds out, that he's not ready to go back into another relationship.  He'd even agree with Alexstrasza (and or that other guy) that what he needs is a friend to support him, not a lover.  And even if Malygos is all ready to have that relationship he used to with Nel 1.0, thing is though, he may not even have it with Nel 2.0.  Because Nel 2.0 is a completely different person.

Granted, yes, because of that damned equation (damn you Albert!) that strong pull will happen.  And the more Neltharion fights it, the stronger the pull.  Because we can't have the Sun without those two being together.

I told you, their sex could warp space-time.

Probably why Nozdormu wanted to keep them apart by NOT telling either what was about to happen to Neltharion.  Because every time Neltharion and Malygos were together, they became invisible to Nozdormu.  And that freaked him out.

And it also made the Timeless Isle.  And Malygos coming back, though depowered, could be the thing that brings the Timeless Isle back.

But for now, I'll say that Neltharion doesn't want that relationship with Malygos.  But the Math Nut still insists that it would be incredibly unhealthy of either of them if they didn't act upon it someday.  So, whether we all want it or not, that's gonna happen.  

But I told him I want a compromise.  I said, if it honestly has to be and there's no fighting it when it comes around, and Malygos and Neltharion have to be together...then I want to bring Calia back.

Because I hated the way they broke up.  I hated that it sounded so forced.  I hated that technically, I was baited to separate them...and yes, I felt that I was baited to separate them so that we could have Neltharion and Malygos together.

Either I bring Calia back and have her and Neltharion make up, and then make out, or I bring find a way to bring Sintharia back to life.

Because I do honestly believed that Neltharion and Calia could have worked.  And also I believe that Neltharion had a far deeper relationship with Sintharia, than yes, far deeper than he would have with Malygos.  Spacial Relativity Equation be fucking damned!

But given the idea that Sintharia would probably hate Neltharion more than Calia if I brought her back to life...the safer option is just to bring Calia back into Nel's life and have them kiss and make up.  I'll even find a way to have her appreciate Nel a bit more.  

But if those of you who do not want Calia back, suggest ideas on how to bring Sintharia properly back to life, mind, body, and everything.  And how she could eventually forgive Neltharion and want to be with him again.

Hell, I'll even throw Malygos a bone and figure out how to bring Sindragosa back to life. 

I know Malygos is gonna be severely upset about the fate of Sindragosa.  I don't even think he knows what really happened to her.  He finds out that Neltharion's brother in law Arthas rose Sindragosa and turned her into a dracolich to serve him...he's gonna be every which way pissed.

So, figure out a way to bring Sintharia and Sindragosa back to life, and I might forget the whole Calia thing.

But I will say this, there's a lot of elements in Pandaria that also need to be explored outside of Malygos and Neltharion's potential romance.  So, most of the focus isn't going to be on the romance at all, maybe just a sliver here and there, the rest...focused on Pandaria and what's happening there.

But for those of you still squeamish about the pairing thing, I do feel yah, so to satisfy our insecurities, let's all come up with a way to bring either Calia back or Sintharia back.  That way we all can have a choice on which pairing we wanna follow.

Or you all can figure out who else Neltharion could be paired with.  Because that's the wonderful thing about a dragon who's culture is based on polygamy, he doesn't need to have just one person, he can have many.

If someone say Alexstrasza...well...I'd say...yes, she wants that desperately.  I mean it's my own personal theory as to why Krasus tried to make himself like Neltharion, because he saw just how much Alexstrasza wanted to make Neltharion one of her own fuck buddies.

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Betraying my Readers (Nel and Mal's Relationship)

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 6:43 AM
I'm gonna keep the big spoiler reveal for next journal and try to address what the issue is that I have been seeing from the comments I got.

I love Nel.  I really do.  I can explore avenues with him that I could never explore with other characters.  And this avenue I really want to explore.  Because it makes the tragedy of what happened for ten thousand years so much more tragic, so much stronger than it ever was.

But the issues brought up by one person, shows me something very sad.

That like Nel, our society wants everything to be safe, fluffy, soft, and unchallenging.  And that is the underlying theme of Neltharion's own struggles.

That is why I wanted to write about Neltharion's story.  I wanted to challenge the perception of what we saw when we look at this...

 photo Deathwing_the_Destroyer_TCG_zps3e474a1f.jpg

When we see that, we don't see a character, we see a monster that we need to kill off because the game tells us that we do.  Because the script writers and coders tell us that we do.

We are not allowed to explore his character outside of the game, even when we have the expanded information from the books and the wiki.  We are not allowed to explore his character.  Because Blizzard has to play it safe and make sure we aren't allowed to think.  He was an asshole in the game, well, we have to make sure he stays an asshole, even when he was good.

That way, the player and the reader doesn't have to think about the tragedy of the fall when it happens.  It also means that we the player and the readers don't have to do much work and try to understand him beyond the big scary dragon we know. Or to understand WHY his tragic fall was so great.  He deserves it, then we killed him and loot him, and that's the end.  Not much work in that at all.

Nothing else.

And I get that.  We as a species are lazy, we are designed to be lazy.  In fact all species are designed to be that.  Laziness is actually necessary so that we don't use too much energy in our lives.  Laziness helps conserve energy.  Because energy is not free.  And being humans, we eat a lot of food to power that huge brain of ours.  And the last thing we need is to read something that challenges our reality, because that expends too much energy.

But that's the key word here.  Challenges.  And that's what Neltharion is all about.

Neltharion as he is in the story is a being who faces challenge after challenge.  And most of the time he does it alone.  He's also very emotionally unstable.  And he doesn't want to be challenged because of this emotional instability.  He wants to put that on someone else, use a blanket to hide under.  Be around soft things.  Hell in the Coffer I made that point apparent when Neltharion was rolling around on a fur pelt.  He enjoyed the tactile softness of the fur.  

He's hypersensitive, so he has a thing about tactile objects.  He his sensitivity hates hard and sharp objects.  He likes soft things.  He wants things to be easy for him because right now his mind alone is a huge mess.  

He wants someone to lean upon, to help him.  And he had that once.  Calia.  She was his crutch, she was his security blanket, she was his consort for the moment.  But she didn't like to having to deal with him.  Neltharion was too much for her to handle and that's why she left.  But there is another in Neltharion's life, one who knows him, knows him more than anyone else...but unfortunately she's dead.

I'm talking about Sintharia.

(And some of you might be wondering if the relationship between Malygos and Neltharion makes the relationship between Neltharion and Sintharia invalid.  It does not.  Due to the nature of dragons being polygamists in Azeroth, she would have welcomed such a relationship.  Because it would also create a stronger bond between two flights.  Hell, because of Nel and Mal, there was probably no doubt that Sindragosa and Sintharia might have enjoyed each other's time together as well.  Again, as a means to strengthening the relationships between the two fights.  This relationship  has a meaning.)

Neltharion loved Sintharia so much.  And he hurt her.  And that continues to bug him to no end.  What has been done to her time and time again still haunts him to this day.  He is also very protective of her grave.  I probably should point out that Neltharion  tends to get very pissed off if some adventurer goes around and defaces Sintharia's final rest.  It is the utmost insult to him that someone would do such an act upon his beloved Sintharia.

But she can do nothing to help him, so now he has to find another.  Well, there is another.  And he may be dead, but he's around.  


Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061
Honestly, I get it.  We live in such a society that anything that challenges our views, we have to attack with full force to make the person do what we want.

I know, I've done that before.  Trust me, its why I get into so many arguments on the web, because I see something that challenges my reality and I gotta shoot it down to justify my views and make everything in my head safe again.  

And isn't that what this is about when I got that reply?  Putting our ears in our heads and yelling: LALALALA NOT LISTENING!

Granted, I am happy to hear that MOST of you are actually wanting to see how this plays out so long as it plays out with respects to the characters and their personalities and their emotions.

And that is what I hope to do.  I am not going to rape the characters for my own selfish desires or fantasies.  That is not where it is going to go.  But to dismiss that such intimate interactions never happened at least in the past is kinda silly as well.  It is. 

You know who else got intimate with Neltharion?  Calia.  A lot.  Hell there were times when Calia used sex to control Neltharion.  Subconsciously, it was her way of getting back at Deathwing.  And Neltharion was willing to comply, due to the intimate interaction of being with someone and not feeling alone, and also was subconsciously his way of apologizing to her for Deathwing.

Hell, I even had a moment in which they did just that in The Hammer's Fall.  Go and read it.  They do get intimate.  Twice Neltharion tries to get into her pants.  Once in the woods, the other at the inn in front of the innkeeper, and yeah both those times, she pushed him off.

But then there was Mt. Hyjal.  Neltharion and Calia got it on.  They had sex.  

But for some strange reason, that was okay.  Nel being a bit horny around Calia, and then finally scoring the touchdown.  Hell at the end of the Coffer, there's something that happened off screen between him and Calia.  They had sex.

There's a side story that happens between the Coffer and the Hammer that gives more details to that ending scene.  And yes it is explicit.  But it is there, it is written, and it did happen.

In Wrath of the Warchief, I cut out another scene between Neltharion and Calia.  To keep the rating as it is.  But they did have sex.  

And Nel maintained the network with his flight off screen.  Most of those explicit and challenging scenes happened off screen, but they still happened.  And it is still in there.

The stories aren't about them having sex, however, it's gonna happen regardless.  

Yaoi fanfics are mostly about the sex anyways, with little to no character development.  And yes, lots of derailing.  Is that the issue?  Is that the challenge?

No, but this is.

Neltharion has a chance to rekindle a deep relationship with someone who is more than willing to take on every bit of pain Nel has.  All his insecurities, and be someone that he can finally count upon.  Hell, Malygos could teach Neltharion how to be a proper leader again.  Neltharion has lost so much of his memory of who he was, what his culture is like.  And through the relationship, he could be taught again.

Even more so, Neltharion could teach Malygos to truly appreciate mortals.  You know, that thing that caused the Nexus War.  It allows Malygos to grow as a character as well and also explores his problems.  And Mal has a lot of problems of his own.  

But some of you have issues with this idea, even if it happened in the past.

But for some strange reason, you all had no qualms about Calia having a relationship with technically her rapist.

Hmmm...that says something about our society.  Or at least the "conservative readerbase" comment.  Well, at least I know who voted for Mitt Romney.  You know, the guy who said that a woman getting pregnant by her rapist is God's way of saying, "it was meant to be".  Yeah.

Hmmmm....I guess some of you believe we women are equipped with some magical anti pregnancy defence mechanism that keeps us from being pregnant, and if we get pregnant, well that's on us, isn't it?  We obviously were doing God's will.  By allowing our rapist's sperm to come in contact with our egg.

And each time when I have hope for our growing society, I get reminded why we are still the ignorant monkeys we are.

I will say this though, the stories I write about Neltharion are supposed to make you think.  I want you to think.  I also want to challenge you.  Hell, here's the challenge you all need to think about...why are we putting human convictions and morals upon a society that is obviously NOT human?  Isn't that the goal of speculative fiction?  Trying to figure out whether or not some society that isn't our own would act like us or not?  

Why are we so sure that the dragons on Azeroth would have the same morals, values, and even needs as we do?  Which is why I am interesting in speculating on how a society that uses bisexuality as one of the means to strengthen their ties.  And no, dragons in this story don't hump each other 24 hours a day.  That's just stupid.  

Hell, I ask this same question when it comes to the culture of the Blitzardi.  I challenge a lot of thoughts when it comes to the Blitzardi.

Stolen Kiryuu Smile Yet Again details by Ghostwalker2061

You know what the Blitzardi do that we don't like?  Eugenics.  And yes, they do take it to the extremes that the Nazis did too.  Making superbeings and believing themselves as superior because of it.  But in the current story, these are the good guys.  And the eugenics is still entrenched into their culture.  They don't see it as an evil like we do.  

And Neltharion's not gonna do that either.  But he is going to try and find some way to help his dying flight.  He does need females to help him with that, preferably females that aren't related to him.  But he also needs males.  He needs a balance between the two, equal parts of each other so that his flight can sustain itself.  

We humans are fortunate.  We live in a world of 7 billion homosapiens.  Our species is not dying.  So maybe we can't understand what that would be like for someone who is.  

And it's not just his species, guys, it's his culture as well.  And if it continues to die, he will be left with just himself.  And that's kinda sad, guys.

Hell, even with that, Malygos could even say that because he was Neltharion's mate once, he blames himself for not catching Neltharion when he fell.  He could even say that he doesn't deserve Neltharion's affections now.  Maybe Neltharion, after learning this, decides NOT to rekindle the relationship they had prior to the Sundering.  Maybe if, given an appropriate time, he could say he doesn't want that relationship now, but just needs a friend.  And it'll allow the relationship to develop into something more later.  Maybe?

Hell if anything else, due to the relationship between Malygos and Neltharion, it's why Alexstrasza felt rather happy about ending Malygos' life.  This relationship has consequences and it can drive so much drama between not only Neltharion but the other Aspects as well.  There's so much possibilities for interaction beyond just the thought of Mal and Nel humping.  Really guys?  Yes the humping was apart of it, but it wasn't all of it.

Alexstrasza Life Binder by Ghostwalker2061

The relationship affects more than just two people.  One of the things I thought about is Alexstrasza and why she hates Malygos so much.  She loved Neltharion as much as Malygos.  But it was more Heterosexual Life Partners that never went beyond that.  Though she did want it to.  So when Neltharion fell, she held Malygos responsible.

This is how Alexstrasza sees Neltharion's fall and what she is really saying to Malygos: "Malygos, you were Neltharion's mate. That means that you were responsible for him. But it still happened regardless."

So yeah, unlike a yaoi story, this relationship has consequences.  

Alexstrasza: So you wish to rekindle the fires of passion between you and Neltharion, eh, Malygos? I can remember how that went the last time.  And you two had 50 thousand years to work on it.  But he doesn't need that right now.  He doesn't need confusion.  And if you think that this relationship will help Neltharion, need I remind you that your relationship with him didn't stop the fall.  Ask yourself this; am I going to make Neltharion's unstable condition worse by rekindling the relationship this time?  He doesn't need a lover, Malygos.  He needs a friend.

To really destroy Malygos and make himself possibly back off from Neltharion, Alexstrasza could use this as well...

Alexstrasza: If you want to be his friend and help him, then be his friend. But not his lover. Not now. Not after the hell he went through for 10 thousand years. The last thing he needs is for you to be his consort after the fact that for the longest time, you hated him.  From the moment he fired the Dragon Soul on you, you hated him. I didn't hate him. I still tried to save him. Even after all he did to me, to my love Korialstrasz, what he did to my Prime Tyranastrasz, I still tried to save him.  I didn't give up hope that that maybe I could bring him back, I could help him. I still cared. But you...Malygos, you tossed him aside, Cast him out like a defective whelp. What kind of consort are you to do that to him? To not even try? I have done more for him than you ever did or ever will.  He doesn't need you anymore, not after what you did.  What he needs is someone who actually cares.  You had your chance to save Neltharion, well step aside and let the one who actually did save him help him the right way.

There is so much drama, so many avenues we can all explore with this.  It could show everyone just how disillusioned and torn the Aspects and their Dragonflights are.  The whole idea of Malygos and Neltharion and their flights having such a relationship is also to represent how tightly knit they used to be, and to represent how that is now lost.  And it would be a shame that I would have to give potential new ways of developing the characters a toss all because of one person not wanting their ideology challenged.  One person who wants to stay safely wrapped in their blanket.

One thing that I've gotten from a lot of people is how much they hate seeing Neltharion always lose, is always distraught, and broken, and failing time and time again.  Having Malygos with him as a close, more than friends, partner gives Neltharion that win.  And it could help him begin the road to healing himself.  Right?  Isn't that what we want?  Neltharion to finally be healed?


But it could work out differently in the story.  The only thing that Malygos can do is just tell Neltharion of their history they had together.  Tell him he appreciates the connection they had.  But then say that there is nothing between them now.

But hey, you don't have to worry about anything of Neltharion and Malygos possibly humping in the story.  I mean after all, Malygos is a ghost, right?

There's nothing to hump.  Malygos is dead, he's a spirit.  He can only tell Neltharion what they were like together back when the Dragonflights weren't in such a miserable shape.

He's a ghost.  Can't hump a ghost.  Unless you're Dan Aykroyd. 


What if I found a way to bring Malygos back to life?

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History of Malygos and Neltharion's Relationship

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2015, 11:08 AM
Okay, I'm gonna be doing a big spoiler warning. Especially if you really don't want to know what might happen, or what might be added to Rise of the Sha and the subsequent stories to follow.

And right now it's the thing that's been halting the update. Because I am very cautious in doing this.

Mostly because of this...

Anti-slash stamp by Ghostwalker2061

Anti-yoai stamp by Ghostwalker2061

And I don't wanna sound like a hypocrite. I really don't wanna sound like a fucking hypocrite. At all. And I swear this is gonna make me sound like one. To the point where I've had like 5 hours of argument with this guy... renndor Who by the way is male, not female. And is deeply entrenched in the development of characters, not derailing them for the per pleasure of the fanfic writer...which the yaoi fanfic female writers tend to do.

And he's the guy who has taken up the task of helping me write the Tectonic Divergence Series and the development of Neltharion as a character beyond...that big dragon we killed off at the end of Cataclysm.

And he is the guy who came up with this...idea...

I did not. But I'm experimenting with it anyways to see if it will work. Despite my reservations on what this will look like to all of you who aren't in the creative development circle of Neltharion's little story.

Let me define why I do not like yaoi. And I've had a long time stated much hatred of it. And go as far as to say that it really is the cheap, crappy dribble that it is.

Why don't I like yaoi?

Well, the simplest answer is this. The genre tends to ruin a lot of my beloved childhood memories of shows I used to watch as a kid, like my favorite 80s cartoon, various Disney animated shows, some anime that I do like, or comics that I used to read.

And it is often written by really bad fanfic writers. Sturgeon's Law is that 90% of creative media is often crap. And that applies to the yaoi genre.

The big reason why I don't like yaoi is the issue of character derailment

Character Derailment: When an established character becomes largely different, exhibiting behavior contrary to what has been previously shown. This is not a matter of organic growth. Rather than gradually changing in response to events and experiences, a derailed character will exhibit shockingly unusual behavior that implies malfeasance or incompetence on the part of the writers.

And this is what often pops up in the yaoi fanfics written by unskilled, teenage girls just discovering the idea of what sex is when it...especially when it comes to male on male relationships.

And most yaoi is written by heterosexual teenage girls who have no idea what real gay men do, or how real gay men form romantic relationships. It is often overly sexuallized, overly dramaticized, and overly fantasized...and often...fetized. It is a fantasy, not reality.

If in Fan Fics, it can involve Canon DefilementDraco in Leather Pants and/or Ron the Death Eater. When the derailed character's characterization is fixed, it is Character Rerailment. Contrast Characterization Marches On, in which a character changes because their previous characterization was only a "work in progress". See also Character Check, where a derailed character might briefly act like they used to.

Which brings me to asking all of you before even considering making this...possible incriminating decision upon my staunch reservations about yaoi a part of Neltharion's own relationship with Malygos, whom it is hinted that he has a deeper and more profound relationship with.

I mean I am trying my best to fill in the blanks when the source material has left. I am exploring Neltharion's history, his backstory, asking who exactly was he before Deathwing, what bonds did he have with not only his flight, but the others as well.

And the fear of derailing the character or ruining the story due to this added bit of history is one of my greatest fears. I wrote these stories for the purpose of exploring Neltharion's character, and try to do something more that the original creators decided not to. I basically said that I hated the end of the Dragon Soul, but understand WHY they would do it. 

  1. Most gamers don't care about the backstory of the end boss they're fighting.

  2. The issue of saving Neltharion at the end of the Cataclysm probably would have been too costly and taken a long time to develop. Reason once more, the fans don't know or care about the lore behind the character they're fighting.

  3. Deathwing's death was easier to write and code for the game. Again reason is because most of the fans don't know who he is.

  4. Because Deathwing's backstory was never really explored or discussed outside the least in the MMORPG, most gamers don't know who he is and see him as just another enemy to defeat and get the phat lewtz.

  5. Most gamers never read the books or other expanded material regarding to who and what Deathwing was.

  6. The expanded material never really even went into who Neltharion was prior to his fall into Deathwing. (Yes, this is includes Dawn of the Aspects because it only focuses on Malygos through Kalecgos' eyes. And outside of Neltharion wanting to go along for the ride because he could kick some more ass, he wasn't developed any further than character archetype, the Blood Knight and Bruiser. He hardly had any sort of character beyond: "I like to kick ass and take names!")

  7. The expanded material didn't go into Neltharion's character during his time as an Aspect. The wikis all state that Neltharion was angelic and noble, and most beloved. But outside of that, we don't see how he was any of those things. Hell the fanfilm that was made painted him as being evil from the get-go and showed nothing to prove to us that his fall was tragic in any way. Hell the film didn't even paint Malygos as competent either.

 And the biggest underlying question, exactly what was Neltharion's relationship with Malygos really like? Just how deep are these two? Just really good friends? Blood brothers connected by their attunements, Neltharion's being Mass and Matter, and Malygos' being Energy. 

Or was it something deeper?

Where they possibly lovers as well?

And I ask this due to the fact that the Neltharion in my AU story is very close to 70 thousand years old. That number is basically leaked from some source stating the age of the Aspects themselves. And given we only knew what went on within the last ten thousand years, that's nearly 60 thousand years of history we don't know.

So that's a big hole to fill. No, that's not an innuendo. Or a gay pun given the question I'm asking.

So, here we go...


Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061
Do not read below this line if you really don't want to know. Either about the plot of the book, or the potential slandering thing that I MAY include in the story. May, is a big word. It's not set in stone yet. And I feel like I'm walking to the gallows, ready to be crucified by all the fans of the stories I've written about Neltharion. I need a cigarette and a blindfold, and then, you can nail me to the tree.

So, let's all have an open and respectful discussion on this topic that is could very well have every one of my watchers pointing guns at my head. And please, let's just be civil about this. I know I'm asking much for the Internet. Maybe too much. Please understand why this is being brought up and why I am asking you all, the reader, if what renndor came up with should happen...or perhaps maybe just added to the backstory of Neltharion's relationship with Malygos.

And as I said, this is going to make me sound like a hypocrite to a lot of people. And yes, I will completely understand if you call me one. Because yeah, if I do this, I will feel like I'm two faced. Saying yaoi isn't okay, but writing a story where it might happen...very hypocritical.

So, let me explain why this was suggested by the guy who has been helping me develop this story series. And why in some ways, yeah, it actually does make sense.

First, I'll come out and say it. In the AU story series, Neltharion is the very first bisexual character that I have ever written about. He is. He's bisexual. Which means he loves both males and females and is willing to mate with them. Why is this, you may ask? Well, as the two of us knocked our heads together, trying to figure out the culture of the dragons on Azeroth, and the fact that sexual freedom is a part of their social started making sense to us that to create this social bond between all the dragons, mating not only with opposite sexes, but also with same sexes.

In many regards, we theorized that the Dragonflights of Azeroth are very much like the Bonobos in Africa. Bonobos apes have a culture where disputes between to rivaling apes are often resolved by intimate contact and sex. This is true for both males and females. Two females fight, it ends with good ole lesbian sex, two males fight, it ends with good ole gay sex. And a male and female fight, it ends with heterosexual sex. They pretty much use sex and intimacy for just about anything.

And many bonobos have multiple partners. Both male and female will have multiple partners. So, they're not choosy. Unlike homosexuals in humans, who only choose partners of their same sex, or heterosexual humans would choose partners of the opposite sex, Bonobos are all bisexual. Which means they can have both.

And we theorized that's what the Dragonflights did to help build this social bond they have. The Azeroth dragons are unique. Dragons we've seen in most literature are solitary, rarely sociable, and very territorial. Dragons of Azeroth seem to be very sociable, open, and rarely do they seclude themselves. They are together. If a dragon visits another dragon's lair, that visitor is rarely if ever turned away. A lot of times, they are even seen to lair with each other rather than alone.

Which is important given what they are, caretakers of the world. So they do need this very rigid, and tightly woven net of a culture in order to work together as a unit. And the Aspects are also that way. The only that seems to be a bit deviant to this is Nozdormu, sometimes. But he is also the leader of his flight.

The other reason for the bisexual behaviors of pairing, we theorized on, was to create an interlocking web, a conduit in which energy is flowed from one dragon to another. When this network is up and running, the flight feels the strongest from the connection. The blend each individual energies into a central hub. And well, just being homosexual, or heterosexual would break this important network. And when it is broken, the entire flight suffers.

And an example of this is with both Neltharion (when he was Deathwing) and Malygos. For the last ten thousand years, neither of these Aspects participated in maintaining this very fragile network, so their flights suffered for it.

The flow of this energy starts with the Aspect and is passed along through their consorts, and through mates, and through their consort's mates....and through those mates, and so on and so forth. It even passes into developing eggs within a female dragon's womb.

And it serves to explain, at least for me, why so many black dragons referred to either Deathwing or Neltharion as "father", regardless to whether or not Neltharion was their actual biological father. He is not just the "father of the flight" but they feel this sense of connection with him because of his energies being passed to them, either directly from Neltharion, or from one of the many mates and consorts he mated with, who then mated with other dragons to share that energy.

So, we theorized that Neltharion probably had mates and consorts who were both male and female. His Prime Consort was Sintharia, a female. But he had many unnamed consorts and mates, and any of those could have been either male or female. But we assume they were all female due to our own sociological and cultural mindsets. Because homosexuality and bisexuality in our culture is still seen as a deviancy regardless to the amount of sociological and cultural reformation our society has developed on the subject.

Bisexuals and homosexuals are still regarded as OTHER. As in, not heterosexual, or white, or male, or Protestant. You get what I mean?

Hell bisexuality is often seen as a deviancy in both heterosexual and homosexual cultures. Because of this underlying belief that we have to choose one or the other. And bisexuals are cheaters. No. It just means they have a broader reach on who they want to choose to be their "special someone". A bisexual male, who is attracted to both sexes, can still decide to marry a female because he found that female to be the perfect match for him. Same goes for if he decides to marry another male. Bisexual females also can pick and choose. They can be either happy with another male, choose another female.

So, I've now covered the cultural background I'm working with when it comes to the Dragonflights and why...and this is turning into a LONG journal. And I know I'm gonna get a lot of TL;DR from some of you lazy people. So, I'll just cover the history in this journal, and then do another big spoiler reveal next journal.

Now it's time for why Malygos and Neltharion? Why am I potentially doing a slash fic of these two. Well, the series isn't about their relationships, that isn't the focus. Most of it is focused on Neltharion's own healing and trying to reacquaint himself with the duties he was created for. And a lot of emotional issues, scarring, that sort of thing. And history that because of said emotional scarring, he cannot remember. Well, one bit of that history is Neltharion and Malygos were once consorts.

And yes, that's what Alexstrasza was referring to when she was yelling at Malygos. The whole "I'm jealous because of you, Malygos, because I didn't get a chance to tap Neltharion's pretty, tight ass..." bit. If you don't recall, here is the chapter in question.... Pandaria: Rise of the Sha chpt 3 Read a little further down to the argument.

Though for the moment, I did leave it up to the viewer's interpretation just in case I didn't go with the idea of Malygos and Neltharion having a deeper relationship beyond just being really good friends. However, that bit was meant to spill a little bit of their history, that Neltharion and Malygos were consorts and because of this, would join their flights as a means to perform their duties much better. So the sex actually serves a purpose. As I stated above, the network, which is often times strengthened and maintained through sexual intimacy...because the bond is strongest during such sessions...this meant that Neltharion and Malygos, and thereby their flights would be strengthening each other by creating this overreaching web.

So back then, it really wasn't a Malygos/Neltharion pairing, it was a Blue and Black Dragonflight pairing.

(And no, if a male black dragon and a female blue dragon had sex, they would not be able to conceive children. And also vice versa. They can only conceive children if they mate within their respected dragonflights, as in, male back and female black, male blue and female blue. So there are no mixed raced kids out there. Sex to maintain the energy network between the two flights and each other was never meant for breeding...only to create that circuit to disperse the energy and strengthen their flights.]

(If a male and female black dragon mated they would conceive children, while at the same time link themselves and their children through the bond. Often having sex to keep the network up, especially while the female is "pregnant" or "clutching" is to both empower the female so she can stay healthy, and empower the eggs so they can develop into healthy whelps. Without this energy being fed into the eggs as they developed inside of her, there was always a likely chance of eggs not hatching, whelps dying in the eggs, smaller and sicklier whelps, or deformed whelps.)

(Subsequently, same thing can happen if two dragons who are very closely related to each other, like say brother and sister like Onyxia and Nefarian, the resulting inbreeding would degrade the genetics and the whelps would more likely have complications, or a lot of defective eggs would be laid and never hatched. There is a side story that is supposed to happen between Wrath of the Warchief and Rise of the Sha which details this issue of inbreeding. Neltharion currently forbids inbreeding within the flight he currently has, since well, all but one, are basically 5th, 6th, and 7th cousins to each other. Granted they have a more likely chance of producing healthier eggs, but Neltharion doesn't want to risk it.)

(Also, because most of them are related to each other, they all tend to smell the same and therefore are not very attracted to each other. They may mate in a certain way, doing certain forms of mating and using safe sex practices to prevent pregnancy in female, but they they would only do so to keep up the network, not father anymore children. And even then, because of Nel's own fears about sex due to what happened to his other consorts...he doesn't participate very much. Which is detrimental if not deathly to his flight. His flight needs their Aspect's energy to stay healthy and strong. And that is the other reason why Neltharion's flight is dying.)

Cuz everybody gotta pound Nel's ass. And from what you read in Chapter 7 and Chapter 9 both the Old Gods and Deathwing have tapped Nel's ass quite a lot.

One of the dramatic issues, and underlying sad bits of Neltharion and Malygos' little relationship. Since it is possible at least in the AU that they were consorts, if unofficially, that means that there is a good reason why Malygos feels the way he does about Neltharion. One sad bit, Malygos and thereby the entire Blue Dragonflight, feeling ultimately betrayed by Neltharion and the Black Dragonflight, when Nel became Deathwing...without realizing what really was going on. Because not only did these two Aspect did the horizontal tango with each other, so did their flights. As in yes, black dragons and blue dragons bumped uglies with each other.

And when Nel became Deathwing, you can imagine the shock, horror, fear, and anger that came about from the Blue Dragonflight, and why these two flights were in such bitterness over each other afterwards.

And then in the AU when Neltharion was brought back and cured of Deathwing, well Deathwing is gone save for a few strange, and rather disturbing flashbacks, you can see why Malygos acts the way he does now. His love and devotion to his mate...he loved Neltharion so much, but that wasn't enough to keep Deathwing from working his evil magic. And Malygos now carries this heavy burden of feeling he failed Neltharion for not catching and stopping Deathwing before it got that bad.

So there's a lot of emotional background, a lot of drama that comes from this idea.

And here is the conceptual and mechanical reason why the Blue and Black Aspects would mate with each other, and subsequently their two flights would mate with each other is well...

Neltharion represents Matter and Malygos represents Energy. And such a relationship would make sense mathematically. Also in theoretical physics. Matter and Energy are both seen as related to each other. Can't have one without the other.


I mean their sex even has a math equation.

Math Nut theorized that Nel and Mal mating with each other was one of the reasons why the Timeless Isle exists. Because when they hump, space-time warps.

So here's the underlying question...SHOULD I build this history up? Should I explore it further as a means to help Neltharion possibly find someone who could not only support him emotionally and spiritually, but also could help him find out a lot of the history he has lost? Should I develop this one aspect?

Or should I just not add it? Is this an interesting topic to explore in such a storyline? Or am I just ruining my story by the mere mentioning of it?

Or am I really being a stupid hypocritical bitch?

The second journal will be discussion something else that may happen in the story as well. And I will be asking again the same thing...should I do it? Or should I just play it safe?

Dreading this so much.

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Polar Vortex

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 10:01 PM

 photo 742bfe72fde4c374287e9b701b1833b2_zps8269aa8f.jpg

It's fucking cold!

It's so fucking cold!

I  need Neltharion to snuggle up to.  He'd be warm enough.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

I need to snuggle Nel to stay warm.

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The Hamburglar of Nasville

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 5:42 AM
So I recently heard that a guy from Nashville got angry at a McDonald's cashier because she/he didn't give him the correct order. But instead of, I dunno, going back and say: "Hey, you forgot to take the pickles off, I wanna new burger..." in which the cashier would do just that for him...this idiot decided to pull a gun on the cashier and demand that McDonald's correct his order.

Now, I realize that there are times when we get angry because some guy working for less than 7 bucks an hour might have gotten our order wrong...but I can tell you one thing, pulling a gun isn't going to solve the problem. Instead, it's gonna create a new set of problems...for the idiot who pulled the gun. Like I dunno...jail? Being slapped with an assload of fees, and no doubt some trauma therapy to the poor cashier who had to stand there with a gun pointed at her/his head and keep a friendly smile on their face and act polite and courteous while at the same time, trying hard NOT to shit their own underwear.

Also, if you're gonna go to jail for a burger, it better be the best damned burger you ever had in your life. Because I will tell you all this, a burger from McDonald's isn't worth the risk.

But I dunno. 

Maybe this guy was trying hard to pretend he's the Hamburglar. And he failed at it.

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So how big is Nel now?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 6, 2015, 5:58 AM
We've been cooking up some stats for Neltharion post Wrath of the Warchief.

And I'll just say it, Neltharion got MASSIVE!

He basically doubled his length, height, and wingspan...but this was slow occurring before Wrath of the Warchief.  Mostly a lot of it was fueled by being in close proximity of the Dragon Soul during after Romancing the Coffer and before the end of The Hammer's Fall.  

But a good surge at the end of Wrath of the Warchief caused a mighty growth spurt that screwed Neltharion over a bit.

Made him more massive, taller, longer, bigger wingspan.  Made his main horns get knobbier too and added more horns to his face.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

So the Squishy got huge.  Because that's what happens to him.  He goes through another swelling surge and he bloats and gets bigger.

And since he hates it when he bloats and gets bigger...this makes him even more vulnerable emotionally.  He's easier to break down emotionally.  

Hard impenetrable outer shell, inside, Neltharion's made of tissue paper.

So we've came up with some new stats, and they do need to be jiggled a bit more...but here's an idea.

Okay, how to read this.  US measurements in feet on top, metric (meters) on bottom.  And the mass has three different numbers.  One is done in short tons, that's US tons.  The middle is kilograms (metric), and the last one is in metric tons for all you kaiju enthusiasts.  Is he big enough to be counted as a kaiju now?  I think he is.

Neltharion's Stats

  • Height (Measured to his withers)
  1. 503.6ft 
  1. 153.5m
  • Length (Nose to tail, does not include tail blade)
  1. 1,444.2ft
  1. 440.2m
  • Width of Abdomen (The barrel of his chest)
  1. 328.1ft
  1. 100m
  • Wingspan (Tip to tip)
  1. 2,930.6ft
  1. 893.2m
  • Mass (weight calculated on Earth-like gravity)
  1. 14,673,580 ton (US)
  1. 13,311,647,857kg
  1. 13,311,648 ton (metric)

Yeah, we had to do three different numbers for the weight.

So yes, the Squishy is huge.

Does this make him invulnerable?  Physically...yes.

Due to the hell he went through, Neltharion is mentally unraveled and that is his greatest weakness.  And it can be exploited by people less powerful (physically) than him.  In fact that makes it a bit more interesting narrative wise.  We have this über powered godlike dragon, so how can we pit an antagonist against him?  Well, we use the Superman vs. Lex Luthor gambit, the antagonist has to be smarter and wittier than the protagonist.

Which is why again...when someone said that they could never see Garrosh Hellscream ever capturing and using Neltharion...I had to say: "well, that's because you're basing it off of Garrosh Hellscream from the game."

In the game, Deathwing is gone, Garrosh Hellscream doesn't need to out think a god.  But in my story, he does.  So he's more subtle, craftier.  He can match Nel wit for wit.  And that is Neltharion's Kryptonite.  He doesn't have any wit anymore.  Or emotional stability.  He also has lost his memory.  He doesn't know what he was like before Deathwing screwed all that up.

And he has this incredible power that right now runs on his emotions...and his emotions is like a time bomb.  

This image is starting to make some more sense, isn't it?

Garrosh's Prisoner by Ghostwalker2061

And this one.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061


Poor Squishy.

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Sonichu Boom

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 3:48 AM
So I just found out about this.  And it is just as stupid as ever...

Most of us know who Chris-Chan is.  To explain who he is and what he is...would take too long.  But to shorten it, I'll do my best.

Christian Weston Chandler, aka Chris-Chan, is an infamous internet celebrity of stupid "Gone to Plaid" proportions.  He pretty much puts many people who write and draw fanfiction and fanart to shame due to when the mainstream lowest common denominator thinks of fanartist and fanfic writers, they think of this guy.

Chris-Chan is the creator of Sonichu, and it is just as stupid as you might think.

Sonichu photo 200px-SonichuOriginal_zpsdb1c4327.jpg

Very bad.  Blech.  And his comic is about a Gary Stu self insert in this world of Sonichu where everyone is happy to live off of the government and get free money.  Because Chris-Chan, due to his disability, gets a government stipend every month.

Our tax dollars goes to pay for that, people.  And it's so bad it almost makes me say the Republicans are right.  Luckily he's just one guy.  

I will say that this Youtuber does a pretty good abridged version of who and what Chris-Chan is.

6 minutes long and it'll give you an idea of who and what Chris-Chan is.

And to mention this before someone goes down my throat for it.  I realize that Chris-Chan is autistic.  But as I have learned with my own disability, and having friends who are autistic as well, we normal productive people with sociological and emotional disorders understand that having said disorder does not excuse our actions.  

Which is why I get pissed off when I hear stories about mothers of autistic children bitching about getting kicked off of airliners because their kid won't sit down and follow safety rules and preflight checks before take off.

It is important that one follows safety guidelines, because if you don't, bad things happen.  So do not get mad if you end up getting kicked off an airplane because your kid is a disruption or a safety hazard.  

They are not singling you out because you have an autistic kid.  They would do the exact same thing to a fully grown man disrupting the preflight checks.  They have to because that is their job, to ensure the safety and comfort of the majority.  But if your kid is behaving himself or herself, then you won't be kicked off.

I basically also say this to a lot of people who try to use disabilities as an excuse to act like assholes in the internet.  The Internet doesn't care if you have a mental or social disorder.  It doesn't care.  For one thing, we can't prove that you do have it.  We don't have your doctor's signature and MIB file.  We have none of that.  You are responsible for yourself and how you act on the internet.  Not us.  

And this is one of the reasons why Mark, you know asswhipe Onigojirakaiju, does not like me.  Because he kept giving me all those excuses for being an asshole and I told him that I don't care.  I don't care if he has autism or Asperger's or anything else.  But I do expect him to respect his fellow peers.  But he looks for excuses so he can get away with being an asshole.

And that's basically what Chris-Chan does too.  But it is monumental.  I will say that Mark is rather mild compared to Chris-Chan.  I realize that on Mark's ED page it's says that he's worse than Chris-Chan.  But it isn't.  Mark is a little shit who doesn't deserve to even breathe the same air as normal people, but at least he doesn't go out to his local game store and attack the clerk because the new Godzilla game painted Godzilla's spines chartreuse.  

Chris-Chan, however, would do that.

And we got video.

It's brief.  But I think the guy in the yellow shirt is the Gamestop clerk that got maced by Chris-Chan.

Did Gamestop switch to wearing yellow shirts?  I thought they were all red.

So why did Chris-Chan attack some Gamestop a Gamestop he was actually banned from visiting?

Because of the new Sonic game Sonic Boom.  And I've heard this is a bad game.  The gameplay, the characters, the story.  It's bad.  But that's not why Chris-Chan assaulted a clerk.  No, no, this is Chris-Chan we're talking about.  So it has to be very stupid.

Chris-Chan assaulted a clerk because the new Sonic design has Sonics arms painted the same color as the rest of his body.  As in, they changed his arms from skin-tone to blue.  That was it.

 photo cfc_zps6a81b210.png

It's stupid.

Okay...I'll get this out there...

 photo tumblr_maerw0IoIE1rgpy7oo1_1280_zpsda940a07.jpg

I hate that image.  I really do.  It's not Neltharion to me.  And I've given my reasons why.  And I have created what I think is an improvement of the design.

Black in the Circle by Ghostwalker2061

I need to do an update though of that image.

But I'm not gonna visit Burbank, CA, and beat Chris Metzen senseless.  I wish I could at times because I do hate the ending of the Dragon Soul Raid.  I want to, but I will not do it.  Because I know that doing something like that will get me in trouble and it is stupid for me to do.

That's why I have Tectonic Divergence.  Instead of griping about the poor treatment of Neltharion, I do something different.  I write a story that a lot of people enjoy and want me to continue to write.

So, It's stupid about Chris-Chan.  He is a loser, I'm sorry to say.  And we are again treated to another reason as to why.

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Tectonic Divergence Series repost

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 8:29 AM
A little added addendum, I am writing the next chapter to Rise of the Sha.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

I wanted to repost the links to each of the stories.

Math Nut came up with a series title, called Tectonic Divergence.

  • Tectonic:
    • Plate tectonics
    • Relating to the structure of earth's crust and processes that take place within
    • Very significant change or development, widespread impact
    • Of or related to building or construction.
    • Large, massive
  • Divergence
    • Process of separation, parting, or bifurcation.
    • Difference or conflict of opinions.
    • Places where airflow or ocean currents diverge
    • Mathematical vector operator measuring the quantity of flux emanating from a vector field, indicating rate of mass, energy, heat or other gain/loss.
  • Tectonic Divergence
    • An area where plates move away from each-other, forming mid-ocean ridges or rift valleys.

Ten thousand years ago, a Dragon Aspect fell and a world was sundered. Yet that was a merely a reverberation from a deeper rift. For the Black Aspect was no longer one, but two. And so the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance between each half, between Neltharion and Deathwing. For as one rises, the other falls.

Tectonic Divergence Series

1) Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Everyone called for his death now, all because of that monster. That monster who called himself Deathwing. And Neltharion welcomed death. For at least in death he would be freed from the mental prison, the torture. But before that, he wanted a chance to make it up to them...

2) The Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

There was one rule that all had to follow in the Twilight's Hammer... you serve or you die. Serve well, and you will die last. And through the whispers of the Old Gods they had found Deathwing, their greatest ally. But for his betrayal, there could be only one punishment: Neltharion had to die, so Azeroth could crumble upon his death.

3) Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

My children are slaves. So tell me now: by what right do you ask me to allow the Horde to abuse them? By what right does Garrosh make people see Deathwing when Neltharion stands before them? By what right does Garrosh endanger my world? 

4) Pandaria: Rise of the Sha (preview) by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

"One day, these mountains I have created will be your tomb. For your actions are poisoning the land, and that is the place that your current path will lead, Lei Shen." And so the great beast's words came to pass. Yet one lesson the beast did not teach: Pride. Perhaps the students were not ready. But when that lesson comes, we must be prepared to learn.

Side Stories

The Prophet's Visions

Non-Canon Side Stories

*) Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Sometimes, Alexstrasza, I wish...I wish I could turn back the clock. Correct every sin I did. If you could go back, would you? Would you stop me from becoming Deathwing? If I had not been thrown into madness, then so many lives would have been spared. Just to have that chance...


*) Neltharion Gallery by Ghostwalker2061


NeltharionDeathwing, and Warcraft copyright (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

Earth-Warder Pandaren Portrait by Ghostwalker2061

And I would like to thank renndor for helping out.

He is cute.  And he weighs over 13 million metric tons.  Nel is FAT!

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Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 1, 2015, 1:19 AM

 photo tumblr_nhg0qlFicB1qldlx2o1_1280_zpsd6ybw642.gif

 photo nye-ball-drop-2014_zpsdwhuojjl.gif

Now that it is officially 2015.  Where the fuck are the flying cars?!

Back to the Future II promised us flying cars in 2015, but I don't see any.

I can live without Jaws 19.  Because Jaws 4 was crap.

Fuck the Internet and iPhones.  I want my hoverboard and flying car I was promised.  Oh and the self drying jackets too.

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On Process Images

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 2:33 AM

Okay, before making this journal, I have attempted to contact the person responsible for doing it.  He had never replied to any of my attempts.

So, I have no choice but to do a journal.

Process images.

Smaug shading... by Ghostwalker2061

They are not finished images.

Please do not add them to groups.  Why?  Because often, and I do state that I hate it, a lot of people will fav and comment on the unfinished image and they will not go back to look at the finished image that I have posted.

I hate that.  I really, really do.

The same goes for groups who wanna add my unfinished images to their groups.  They won't go back and add the finished image.

To prevent unfinished images from taking away the views of the finished image, I am now making it a habit to delete the process images.

Once I am finished with the this image, the sketch and the images in between will be deleted.  

So please, if any of you have faved and comment on the process work, go back and see the finished work when it is done.

Now, for the people who don't understand artistic style exploration again...

Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune by Ghostwalker2061

I know Kurama is orange and not white.

I know this.  But.  This is was a style I was exploring.  Perhaps I should have done a more finished image of him that is along my usual style and not explore a different I wouldn't have confused you.

But I still chose to do that style the way it is.  

You know, Neltharion isn't white too.

Earth-Warder Pandaren Portrait by Ghostwalker2061

But  still used that style to explore his form and shape.  That's all it was.  I was exploring a different style than my usual.  And I chose Kurama to be the subject of that different style.

I KNOW he is not WHITE.  Okay?

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The Problem with Tolkien Dragons

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 9:55 AM

It's something that I thought about and I realize as to why at least in the meta sense, as in what Tolkien was basing it off of...but as an actual in universe question...

Why the hell would Morgoth make his dragons with such a blatant design flaw?

That being, the soft underbelly.

I mean...really...did he purposely made it that way so they could get killed off easily?

Now granted, granted, killing a dragon even in Tolkien's universe is no small feat.  I mean, I do agree with the Cinemasin's guy when he mentions how everyone mocking Bard for his ancestor Girion firing harpoon after harpoon to kill Smaug in The Desolation of Smaug that they did it in poor taste due to's not easy to kill a dragon, even with a siege weapon designed for it.

Like it's not easy to be a master archer either.

But still, it just seems silly.

I mean, I think it's a poor design flaw that Morgoth would slap a bunch of wings to the "newer model" that the flying fire drakes became...and thought: "Meh, good enough."

Like I said, I get it why Tolkien added such things because he bases his literary elements from old legends and folklore.  Dragons from Norse myths and such had a vulnerable spot that the hero could exploit.

But it just seems like a design flaw.  Hell, I make things even more difficult and therefore something that a hero would be able to do by removing that vulnerable spot in the chest of the dragon and getting creative with making the dragon vulnerable.

Like with how Sam threatened Jonathan with a gun, while Jonathan was this...

Size of a Red Dragon by Ghostwalker2061

How did he threaten a dragon the size of an airliner?  And whose scales could deflect a gun's bullets?

Well, you aim the gun at one of his eyes.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion has a soft spot as well that can kinda be exploited, that being the inside of his mouth.  Hell, Varian actually threatened to do just that when he was literally inside of Neltharion's mouth!  Downside, it wouldn't kill him.  But it can be pierced because he's not armored there.  The other downside, Nel's blood splashing on you, crushing you and killing.

Kiryuu exploited King Ghidorah's minor weakness...

King Ghidorah Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

By shoving the Oxygen Destroyer inside of him before King Ghidorah's rapid healing abilities could close the wound.

For Smaug in question, the one I try to develop, his vulnerable spot comes from much similar to what the movies did, a scale getting knocked loose.  Which makes better sense.  As much as people are critical of the movies, that one bit is a good idea.

Smaug's Fire by Ghostwalker2061

Hell, my Smaug's reasoning to build an armored waistcoat of fine diamonds, heating his body in such a way that the diamonds themselves become permanently embedded within his chest, is for extra protection, and also...making that spot harder to see because of the glare of the diamonds when hit by sunlight or moonlight.

Though he tries to find a diamond that will cover that spot properly, which he did...and purposefully removes for a particular reason.  It's not as well embedded as the others...until later.

I even like the idea in Battle of Five Armies that normal arrows, even iron ones that Bard shoots, though can strike the spot created by the missing scale, his hide, the skin under the scale, is so tough that the arrow can't pierce it.

Hell, a lot of my dragons in my stories, including Neltharion, have skin under their scales.  

Neltharion can tear a scale off of his body and underneath is his epidermis, which is colored a medium dark-reddish brown with a soft glow lit by the veins because of his magmablood.

Jonathan's skin under his scales is actually a light orange, that has a slight glow to it due to his fiery blood. 

And Smaug's skin under his scales is slight transparent, but colored an ashen black due to his blood being black.  Like how people with light skin tend to be rosy because their blood is red.  Smaug's skin tone is ashen, kinda blue-gray black mix.

Thinking about the contents of dragon blood, what makes a dragon's blood its color.  The "hemoglobin" though they may not have hemoglobin...or at least the same as we do.

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Cricket on the Hearth

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 26, 2014, 8:44 AM

So I took the liberty to watch a lot of nostalgic Christmas Specials.  Due to me growing up with them and all.

And as you know, Rankin-Bass...the guys who made the first Hobbit Adaptation that wasn't a 12-minute piece of garbage that actually followed pretty closely to the book...made a lot of Christmas Specials.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of my favorites.

The Little Drummer Boy.

Frosty the Snowman.

And the story of Santa Claus that included a bunch of mythological deities and a battle against good and evil that basically was Lord of the Rings if Lord of the Rings involved Santa Claus trying to deliver toys while fucking Sauron kept screwing his shit up.  Because Sauron thought Santa had the One Ring.  Go figure.

I'm serious, it's like epic.

And their stop-motion is...average.  I thought it was really good when I was a kid.  But then again, I was innocent and naive, and lacking the cynicism that I have today.

But they also did a Dickens book adaptation called Cricket on the Hearth...which included this...

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-26at110124AM_zpsb1e18012.png

 photo strip_zps8dd9890f.png

Yeah, you said it, Smaug.

These guys would go on to create excellent animated films with very unique design styles like the Hobbit, Return of the King, and my personal favorite The Last Unicorn, the Last Unicorn's screenplay actually being written by Peter S Beagle.  And FWI, Last Unicorn, by Rankin-Bass, had Christopher Lee as King Haggard who then went on to play Saruman the White in Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Trilogy.  Suck it!

But Cricket on the Hearth...

I never saw this, and then when Phelous reviewed it, I had to go see it for myself.  And...oh GOD!

This whole animated Christmas special was just...oh God!  It was the 1960s and I guess Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass were really deep into the drugs, man.

I just have to cringe at this man.

And it's not that great of an adaptation.  Not even faithful to the source material at all.  

What the hell happened when they took on the Hobbit?  Did JRR Tolkien threaten Arthur Rankin?

JRR Tolkien: "You better not pull that same shit you did with Dickens's book!  You hear me!"

Arthur Rankin: "Yes, sir!  Don't worry!  We got Richard Boone to play Smaug.  The guy's a walking badass.  And he killed a dinosaur while defending the rights of people of other skin colors to be able to buy whiskey!  He can set a whole saloon on fire with just a shotgun shot!  But I hope you don't mind if we cut out Beorn and the Arkenstone..."

JRR Tolkien: "Well, alright.  Just be sure to have John Huston as Gandalf."

Arthur Rankin: "Sure, no problem.  Um, how do you feel about this song called Where there's a Whip, There's a Way?  We think it'll be perfect for when Frodo and Samwise get through Mordor..."

JRR Tolkien: " could be could be Legolas orc surfing on rocks and then balancing himself on Dwalin's head, or having Legolas sliding down a Mûmakil's trunk...or making Smaug the Golden literal...or have Smaug chase the dwarves through Erebor in a Benny Hill stunt..."


And please, someone make a video of Smaug chasing the dwarves through Erebor set to Benny Hill!

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