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Scream into the Void

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 11:20 PM

You know, well...I've discovered that there is this app that allows people to pretty much give star ratings to people they know.

It's called Peeple...

And it is a TERRIBLE idea.

Because well, the Internet is already a cesspool of everything horrifying we can think of, I don't think we need to have our friends and family rating us.

I mean that could open a whole door of worms right there. Forget about the can!

But luckily John Oliver has created something rather awesome.

It's called Scream into the Void  and it allows you to pretty much type up the most horrific thing you can imagine, click the button and watch it just disappear.

So, I suggest this site over that awful idea of rating people.

It makes more sense than that, right?

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The Handmaid's Tale

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 1:57 AM

Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.

Something that I decided to look back on, reread, and yes even rewatch the movie was a piece of speculative kinda-sorta science fiction book called The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Let me just say one thing, A Brave New, 1984, A Clockwork Orange...all pussy literatures.

They depict a world of what could be.

In many ways The Handmaid's Tale depicts a world that does exist. I mean, one extreme is to look at the Islamic States and how they tend to treat women, and in another more subtle scrutiny, it's right here at home.

The premise itself was written during the time when countries like Iran had gone from a secular government to a theocracy that pretty much states that oppression is following religion properly. Including the oppression of women. Because that is where it really focused on.

The No Woman's Land.

This book is a straw atheist's dream come true as it depicts the reason why religion, especially Christianity is bad.

This book is a Straw Feminist dream come true as it depicts a dystopia where the PUAHate and Men's Rights Activists pretty much get what they want and what world would be created if they were allowed to be assholes to women.

Pretty much, oh god, this book...

I only suggest reading it if you have a strong stomach and don't have a highly sensitive "I'm offended" trigger.

It pretty much is about a woman whose name is unknown, unless people can read between the lines of the book to discover her name is Juno.

In the movie, it's Kate.

But when she's the property of the household who "adopted" her, her name is Offred. The man of the house is named Commander Fred (no last name given), so, Juno/Kate's name is Of-Fred...belonging to Fred. Offred.

If she was the handmaid of a guy named Bill, she would be named Ofbill.

There's a handmaid named Ofglen, and another named Ofwayne. Get where I'm going.

Yes, people, that's her slave name.

Well, the book is all over the place because Kate/Juno/Offred's mind is scattered because of her ordeal, but the movie actually puts it all together in a chronological order.

So, here's the history of the thing.

Let's just say, what if the Westboro Baptist Church decides to stop being annoying trolls and decide to take over the country?

Well, the Sons of Jacob do just that. They are a group of Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists who assassinate the President and take over the country, pretty much shitting upon the Constitution and setting up their own government...that of an oppressive, military theocracy that makes the Nazis look almost saintly.

And they don't just oppress women, African Americans and other people who aren't white are pretty much sent off to death camps in South Dakota. Even people who believe in a different religion or none at all. So, yeah, Jews, Roman Catholics, non-evangelical Christians, Muslims, Pagans, and anyone else they can get their hands on...shoved into the oven to burn.

And possibly their hair made into rugs and their skins made to bind books.

Because these Evangelical Christians are absolute monsters.

So, pretty much, if you're not a Christian Fundamentalist, white, in possession of a penis installed in your pants, you're pretty much the devil and deserve to die.

Or to be made into baby factories for the wealthy military elite.

This is pretty much 19 Kids and Counting set in Hell.

And yes, even gays and lesbians get shat upon, but honestly, in a Christian Fundamentalist Theocracy, did you ever expect them not to?

And here's the worst part. You see, due to wars and other nastiness, the new theocracy of America, called Gilead now (with even an Illuminati symbol for the flag. Make this movie for Straw Conspiracists porn too) decided to pretty much attach places they don't like. So, yeah, Nazi Germany, only with crazy Christian Evangelicals at the helm.

And because of that, possible nuclear wars, various nuclear plants going belly up, the country is a shithole.  And worse yet, according to Gilead's statistics, 1 in a 100 women are able to become pregnant and bear children.  

And it is possible that men are sterile too, but we're going back into dark ages thinking here.  Men can't be sterile, it's only the woman's fault!

So, the book mostly focuses upon how women are oppressed.  The Sons of Jacob, upon seizing power, froze all the bank accounts belonging to women.  Women are not allowed to earn money, have possessions, vote, have a voice, be a person in any way, or even equal to men.  

They're not even allowed to read and write.

Because women reading and writing is considered a sin.

And they pretty much back a lot of their horrible methods and various human rights violations by quoting the Bible verbatim.  So, these guys are also Calvinists and Primitive Baptists too.

So, now we've gotten the horrible backstory of this dystopia set up, let's talk about the character.

Kate/Juno/Offred was a woman caught at the border trying to escape into the horrible Republic of Gilead.  Because who wouldn't?  She was trying to escape with her husband and daughter.  Why were they trying to escape?

Well, because of this little thing here...

And he shall take a wife in her virginity. A widow, or a divorced woman, or a woman who has been defiled, or a prostitute, these he shall not marry. But he shall take as his wife a virgin of his own people, that he may not profane his offspring among his people, for I am the Lord who sanctifies him. Leviticus 21:13-15

Meaning that Offred's husband was previously married and then divorced.  He married Kate/Juno/Offred and had a child.  But according to the Republic of Gilead and the Christian Fundamentals they are both living in sin.  Because you're not supposed to divorce your husband or wife.  And if the marriage does end, you can't remarry.

I've known people who pretty much believe in that.  And while I say don't shove your beliefs in my face to them a lot, they still do it.  Because according to them, I'm a child born of sin.  Because I'm the daughter of my mother's second marriage, not first.

So...fuck those people.

Fuck them and their beliefs.  

So, the husband (no name given) gets shot and Kate/Juno is captured by the Christian Nazis and we don't hear what happens to her daughter.  It is assumed she is re-educated (ie brainwashed) and adopted by some fascist family.

Kate/Juno is sent to the Red Center, which is this place where they are trained to become handmaids.

Because of this thing here...

When Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no children, she envied her sister; and she said to Jacob, Give me children or I shall die! […] Then she said, Here is my maid Bilhah; go in to her, that she may bear upon my knees, and even I may have children through her. Genesis 30:1-3

So, yeah, handmaids are surrogate wombs, aka baby factories because the wife of the man of the house is thought to be barren.

And it's done through a ceremony which is pretty much word for word of what that passage says.  

The Handmaid lays upon her back, her head resting between the legs of the Wife, while the husband fucks her.  The idea is that the husband does not look at the Handmaid while he's fucking her, but at his wife.

I don't say make love.  For as Atwood describes it, there is no word.  It's not passion, or love making, it's not rape.  It's just fucking.  And fucking is a chore, not a pleasure.

We even have color coded wardrobe for the various people who live in this shithole.

Blue for the Wives of the military men.  Red for the handmaids, green for the Marthas (female servants NOT sent to the Colonies aka Radioactive Living Hell) grey for those "Unwomen" the girls who are sterile, or too old, or too belligerent to be wives or handmaids...they're pretty much slaves in this world.  And a lot of them are again sent to Radioactive Living Hell aka the Colonies.

And brown for the Aunts, these bitches who gladly help to keep all women in chains.  They are the alpha bitches.

Women are hanged or sent to a slow death in the Colonies if they cannot produce children, or are unfaithful, or break any of the other shitty laws of this apartheid.  

And all Offred wants to do is get the fuck out.  

The Wife of Fred, named Serena Joy, is an alpha bitch of her own.  She was a televangelist who preached that women should go back to the kitchen where they belong.  Well, she got her wish, and it bit her in the ass.  I call that irony.

Even if it doesn't mean irony, it's irony to me.

She's all around miserable.  The whole story is miserable.

So pretty much with the threat of going to the Colonies because it's possible that Fred maybe sterile, Offred is allowed to have sex with the chauffeur, who she falls in love with in the movie.  

Fred, sort of a mixture of being rather nice to Kate/Juno/Offred, and also trying to get some more alone time with her because he married a frigid bitch...has her playing Scrabble, which is forbidden for women to do now, cards, and other stuff that women aren't allowed to do because well...we're not cool enough.

And Gilead sucks.

He even takes her to a club called Jezabel's where a lot of the stuff from the old world, like rock music, girls in cheerleading outfits or Playboy Bunny suits, and other shit is there for the entertainment for the wealthy elite who can get away with that shit.

Sound familiar?

1% guys.

It's pretty much a brothel.  

Well, she gets ratted out by Alpha Bitch Wife, she kills Fred, and high tails it out of there with a gang of La Resistance guys called Mayday.

And the movie just ends with her living in a trailer waiting for her child to be born.

The book, has an Epilogue which happens two centuries later and the tale itself is being scrutinized by some stuck-up Oxford white guy who pretty much chalks it up to feminine wilds.  

But I will say this, despite all the shit women get from living in Gilead, men get it too.

A lot of men are sent to the Colonies or executed for various crimes, including raping handmaids.  But the handmaid is still shamed.  

Lots of slut shaming and "She was asking for it!" lines.  

But Atwood wrote this to show us that what happened in places like Iran could very well happen to this country.  

And yes, we still have a Woman's Rights issue.  I mean, women do make 80 cents on the dollar for doing the same job as men.

A man who has a family is often looked at as favorable to employers, but if a woman has a family, or just a child and is divorced, she's frowned upon.

Right now, we barely have a mandated paid maternity leave for women AND men.  While other countries, even China of all places, do.  That is especially when the woman works at a low paying near minimum wage job.

Yeah, if you work at McDonnald's or Walmart and you're pregnant and end up in labor, at least in my state, they can fire you for not showing up for work after popping out something the size of a watermelon from your pelvis.  

Go look at John Oliver's little video on it. You'll be disgusted.  I am.  

And yes, I did include men in that statement too.  Because you know, the baby needs both parents, right?

So, yeah, this makes a lot of other books on a similar genre just seem so...light.

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Shadow Dragons

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2015, 9:22 PM

Well, I am happy to say that a few of you seem interested in Vickie and the whole Shadow Dragon thing.

Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061

I do say that we need strong female characters who get turned into dragons in our stories.

And Burk really seems into it as well.

For those of you who have yet to learn about it.  I do suggest reading this...

It pretty much gives you an in general background.  But keep in mind that some things may change as we refine the idea.

I also want to post up some unfinished and unused excerpts of other stories I had been writing.  Including one story that explains this...

P.E.R.N. by Ghostwalker2061

Some of you who follow :icong-chaser: 's stories that carry on the tales of some of my other characters like this guy...

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

And this guy...

The Sangheili Pirate by Ghostwalker2061

Well, there was a half gag, half actual story that did something completely different with them.  And I wrote this in 2007.

And yes, it involved Pern.

And the only reason why I kept it hidden was because of again, the Pern Police who would come after me with pitchforks and torches.  Considering that at the time Anne McCaffrey was still alive.

Now that she has passed on, I've noticed some of us fans have a little bit more freedom thanks to Todd McCaffrey.   

And I will also show off the reason why I don't draw Pern dragons.  You are going to see a design that I've been hiding for a very long time along with a bunch of crazy Pern fics from my high school years.  I'm digging out the sock drawer again.

I mean it's where I got this guy...

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

And you all seem to like him okay.

There is one lodged in the sock drawer that involved this guy...

Kedzuel and the Reaper upclose by Ghostwalker2061

Yes, people, at one time I threw Kedzuel at Pern.  I was a stupid writer back then.

I really was.  And no, drugs were not involved, or else I could have something to blame on.  But no, I have this horrid mess to blame upon myself.

I dunno why I'm showing this off.  Maybe to show you guys that I too wrote stupid shit back then.  Maybe to show you that you're not the only one who writes stupid shit.  

And in order to write good stuff like Neltharion, or Tanya, I had to write the stupid shit first.

So...if you ever want to be good, write stupid shit first, then come to realize that it is in fact stupid shit.

Otherwise, you'll never be good.

There's also some stuff about my take on Smaug.

Fury of the Mountain King by Ghostwalker2061

I wrote a story that I've been diving into for well...I started in 2002, about the same time I wrote Kiryuu and Telek and refined John Carter...

And well I picked it up at the start of the Hobbit Trilogy.  And the stories follow basically the movies and not the books.  Because the books are fine, they don't need any of the zaniness I wrote.  PJ's movies on the other hand...yeah...crazy shit.

So, meh, there you go.

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 12:01 AM

I have shared the link to my tumblr before...but I thought...meh, why not.

 I'll share it again...

The Insanity

You can even ask me stuff if you want.  Or tell me things.  If you want.

Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune by Ghostwalker2061

And that is still my most popular image on tumblr.

This is a close second though...

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

Cuz Nel is squishy.

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Wed Sep 30, 2015, 3:10 AM
I think I'm done.

I've done enough damage.

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Flat Earth

Mon Sep 28, 2015, 10:59 PM
You know, I find it rather amazing that there are people who still believe the Earth is flat.

No, they don't quite believe it's flat, but more like...the landscape is set inside a bowl surrounded by an ice wall.

But still, flat.

Oh, and there's a plenty of people who also believe in this...

 photo expanding_earth_pangea_proof_zpstrjluskw.gif

Something that was pretty much debunked in the 1960s...and there are still people who believe in that.

You know, it's actually rather easy to prove the Earth is round.  One example is watching a total lunar eclipse.  Which I tried to do Sunday night, but because of being under a cloud that is greater than the size of Texas...I couldn't do that.

However, I did note the the dimming of the moon's light upon the clouds. 

But you'll see that the moon is blocked by a round shadow projected by the Earth.

But the crazies who believe in a flat Earth would just say: "Well, the Earth is round, like a penny, but its surface is still flat."

No, they're pretty much saying: "The Earth isn't a sphere."

So, how do we prove the Earth is in fact a sphere, and not just shaped like a round dinner table.

Well, one way to do it, and it can be only done if you're relatively close to this...crossing a time zone.

I know the Earth is round because of this sign...

 photo central time zon_zpsdaczxuhs.jpg

Behold!  The Time Zone boundary! 

Going East to West, my state changes time zones, from Eastern to Central.  And there is a reason for the hour difference within 45 miles of my city.

Because the world is a sphere, areas are broken up by time zones depending on how day and night moves across a globe.

Meaning, if it's 6pm where I am in the winter, and the sun had already set, it's 3pm where my California friends are, and the sun is still shining.

If the planet was in fact flat like a table, well, we wouldn't have any use for that sign now would we?

But the crazy people would then just say: "Well, that's just some boundary put up by the government to keep the truth away from you!"

Well, here's another reason why I know the Earth is a sphere. 

I was around when the OJ Simpson trials were happening.  In fact, I saw the car chase playing live on my TV back in 1994.  I saw it live, as it was happening, and I watched the entire damned thing 21 years ago.

I watched that thing LIVE.

And the chase was happening around...6 or 7 pm Pacific Time.  In the summer, in June, so basically still daylight.

Do you know what time it was at my house when it was 6pm in Orange County?

It was 9pm Eastern in my house, and it was night time.

But in Orange County, it was still daylight.

Daylight in Orange County, night in my radioactive county.

That is also how I know the planet is spherical in shape.  Not perfectly sphere because of the bulge around the equator caused by the Earth's rotation and the pull of the moon as it slowly moves away.

But still, spherical. 

Then I hear the crazies say: "Well, you're making that up.  I want actual solid proof."

Well, one way you can do it is watching ships disappear over the horizon.

Crazy then says: "Well, I don't live near the ocean."

Well, this is another way.  Go take a plane ride.  In fact, I did that a few times.  There are plenty of images from the windows of planes on DA that pretty much shows how spherical the Earth is.

Crazy then says: "Well, planes are expensive."

Well, here is the solid proof and this is an experiment that ANYONE can perform.  And it doesn't cost that much.  Basically it costs as much as getting a wooden rod from Home Depot or Lowe's and gas for your car.

This was used by Eratosthenes, a Greek philosopher who pretty much used this technique to prove the Earth was a sphere. 

With two sticks, one placed in the ground in Location A.  And then place another stick in Location B maybe some hundred miles or more south of Location A.  Take a measurement of the first stick in Location A at solar noon.  Then, do the same for Location B.  Again at solar noon.

Do the two sticks' shadows match in length?  Are they the same length?

If yes (they are the same length), then, well, we're living on a flat table-top planet Earth.

If no (one shadow is shorter than the other)...then the Earth is a sphere.

Hell, I'd say for me, a way to see the Earth is in fact a sphere is what I see on my iPhone's weather app that states what time the sun sets and rises.

In my town, on the day this journal is published...the sun will rise at 7:30am Eastern.

But I also have another city loaded onto the app.  One that is roughly 25 miles southeast from my location, but is in the same time zone as I am.  The sun will rise at 7:29am Eastern in this other city.

That's right, a city that is roughly 25 miles away southeast from me, but is still in the Eastern Time Zone, will see the sun rise up one minute before I do.


Because the Earth is fucking round!

I think these people who still believe the Earth is flat should go back to kindergarten.

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Fake It

Mon Sep 28, 2015, 10:55 AM
I hate it when people tell me: "Fake it until you make it."

You know, it's easy for NORMAL people to do that.  Not so much for people like myself.


Oh, yeah, and go see this...

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

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Country Walking and Depressed

Fri Sep 25, 2015, 1:10 PM
I walked five miles yesterday in the country on a path through the forest.

Away from traffic, from humans mostly....

Trying to commune with nature.

Trying to lift my spirits.

And I still feel lousy.  I still feel depressed, aimless...lost...


It's raining today, so I don't know if I should try walking again.

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Wed Sep 23, 2015, 3:10 PM
I am still up in arms about bringing Malygos back to life.  And have him be a little bit more than Nel's best friend.

:iconrenndor: wants me to do it.  He says it works wonderfully in the narrative.

But thing is though, I'm not the kind of writer that writes that sort of thing, or feels competent or even feels comfortable of writing this sort of relationship.

Honestly, I am willing just to let Malygos die.

It's the main thing that's been dragging my feet on finishing Sha.

I dunno...

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I've been running into people who apparently do not understand when a story is complete and when a story is still being written on

And I honestly can't believe I have to explain this to some of you who don't get it.

Whenever someone publishes a story on, there is a button that the person must push...

 photo Image4_zpsurz2hjzl.jpg

As you can see in the image, there are two options, one is called "In-Progress" and the other is called "Complete". put that on there so that the writer can inform the readers that this story is either in progress or complete.

Under the description of a story that is currently "In-Progress" it looks like this...

 photo in-progress2_zpsahb4nuci.jpg

When the story is finished, then it is advised to click the "Complete" option.

And this is what that looks like.

 photo complete3_zpsrdyxrtfj.jpg

Notice the difference.  The completed story has the word "Complete" in its description at the very end after the listed characters in the story.

But unfortunately, there are people who do not understand this significant detail.

Which is why I got a message such as this...

The chapter says "18 of 18" at the bottom. I thought that meant the story was done.

Actually, I will have to correct that, the chapter drop down box should say 19 of 19, because in reality, there are currently 19 chapters posted, one being a prologue. counts the prologue as the first chapter and Chapter 18 is actually the 19th chapter.

But since the prologue is a short story regarding the legend of the Great Beast, it isn't really a chapter, but a prologue, so there are 18 chapters plus the prologue currently.

But apparently some of you people do not understand that Rise of the Sha is a story that is still being written and that some people, like myself, will in fact post up a chapter when that chapter is finished, rather than waiting until the entire book is done.

The reason why we do this is to get reviews on each individual chapter, and since I tend to write each chapter almost an episodic way with technically a "cliffhanger" at the end of each chapter, I want you to read each chapter as an episode.

Much like episodes on TV.  Programs don't just broadcast all the episodes of a show in one go, they mostly broadcast one episode at a time.  (Only in certain circumstances like marathons do they show every episode all at once.)  So you have to think that each time you see a chapter written and posted on as an episode being broadcasted.  Just because you saw the most recent chapter, doesn't mean that the story is done.  It means that you have to wait until the next chapter aka episode.

I mean, do I honestly have to put at the end of each chapter: "Next time on Rise of the SHa..." to make sure you all understand the concept of posting up a story chapter by chapter?

My readers can't be like this.  Inconceivable!  

So when you read Rise of the Sha Chapter 18, don't think of it as being the last chapter.  It is just currently the MOST RECENT chapter.

I mean, I haven't gotten to the fucking fight between Neltharion and the Sha of Doubt.  That is supposed to happen in Rise of the Sha, people!

So no, despite the thoughts of certain people, Rise of the Sha is not finished!

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Not Crediting Me

Tue Sep 22, 2015, 1:33 PM
Again, I'm having to tell people once more that I don't appreciate it when people don't credit me properly when they use my artwork.

I like to be notified if someone is using something of mine.

I like to know what they are using it for.  

It's common courtesy at least, something that seems lost on the Internet these days.

Also, please don't use any of my images that other people have commissioned me to create.  Because for one thing, that is their property.  They can use the image, because they paid me to make the image.  They can use it, post it anywhere, do what they want with it.

Because they paid me to create it.

Varathael commission by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, it's that image people are using.  Which is why I decided to put an ugly watermark on it.

But they are an older image of it that doesn't have that ugly watermark. Because they are finding it on certain sites that have uploaded that image on their site.  

I hate to do this, but do I honestly now have to put ugly watermarks on all my images?

Please don't use them unless you notify me first.

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Rise of the Sha Chpt 18

Tue Sep 22, 2015, 11:30 AM
Alright, finally...

Chapter 18.

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha Chapter 18

There we go. 

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

The wait was worth it, at least I hope.  Don't forget to review it too.

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It's Monday

Mon Sep 21, 2015, 4:12 AM
I'm not exactly happy.

Though complaining about Jem seemed to give me some levity, I'm still feeling a bit blue.

I'm looking at my list of commissions and still feel lost.

I cleaned a bit on my apartment, but I feel like I haven't accomplished anything.

Questioning the futility of it all.

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Another Jem Rant!

Fri Sep 18, 2015, 11:26 PM
Saw this one...

Guess what?  We have Synergy!  And "she" looks as stupid as I figured she would.

 photo jem2-e1439328495316_zpsuxne6nzq.jpg

That's Synergy, guys!  And yes...IT does have holograms of old home videos Jerrica's dad recorded...which Jerrica can activate using "gems". 

I'm gonna give you all a little lesson here...

That's Synergy!

 photo jem2-e1439328495316_zpsuxne6nzq.jpg

That is NOT Synergy!

I think in the days of Cortana...friggin Cortana...I think it's okay to have a holographic looking girl for a character.

Always Known by Ghostwalker2061

Come on people, it's not that hard to do!

This movie is gonna fucking SUCK!

Oh, and for those of you who wish to have a clear idea as to how I'm feeling about this...

Watch this...

I want you to watch the death of all that is magical.  Let it bury into your brain, cause an aneurysm so massive, you will be begging for death....

And only then, can many of you understand the absolute ruin, the sin of all sin that is 2015s Jem and the Holograms.

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Jem is totally Bogus!

Fri Sep 18, 2015, 6:24 PM
So, I swallowed my pride and decided to see the Jem trailer. 

Because I figured, since I'm so depressed, why not do what I love to do...bitch about how 21st Century pop-culture is not only destroying the things I loved as a kid growing up in the 80s, but rehashing it as well...

Look at that crap!

That is NOT Jem!

This is Jem!

Okay, so pretty much the plot of the remake of Hannah Montana in a pink wig, because yeah, that's what the new movie is all about...Jerica getting discovered because her sister Kim put her playing a song on YouTube and it went viral.  And then Erica of Starlight Music comes in and says she wants to make Jerica and her band famous.  So they put make-up on her and call her Jem and her band the Holograms. 

And then Jerica gets all caught up in the starlight, it soon just becomes about her.  She abandons her friends for fame.  And it takes the cute guy Rio to help set her back on track and get back together with her friends.

And that's it. 

Yeah, that's it. 

No Starlight Foundation for foster kids.  No Misfits.  No Synergy.

And NO 80s fashion and glamour.  More like 2015 trying to be 80s fashion and glamour and just failing at it!  And no fucking theme song!

And as much shit I give Michael Bay on his Transformers movies, at least he relatively stayed faithful to what the Transformers were.  They weren't in name only.  That was Optimus Prime on that screen voiced by Peter Cullen.  That was Frank Welker as Soundwave and later Galvatron.  That was Leonard Nemoy as Sentinel Prime.

They were recognizable to me.  This?  This isn't recognizable as Jem.  This isn't even CLOSE to being Jem.  Where Bay pretty much was batting in the ballpark with Transformers, this movie isn't even batting in the same stadium...let alone the same damned city!

It's a remake of Hanna Montana.

Jem was a lot more than just 80s pop music.  At times, yeah it was silly, and just like any 80s cartoon, it was more or less a 30 minute commercial to sell toys to little girls. 

But it was a lot more than that.

Jerica in the cartoon, was a woman in her 20s who had just recently lost her father, a business man and head of the record label Starlight Music. 

Jerica herself ran basically an orphanage along with her sister Kimber and a few other alumni of this orphanage, like Aja, Shana, and Raya.  And it was a home for runaways, it was a half way house for children, a Safe Place for children who have gone through domestic abuse, lost their families to the Cold War, drugs, whatever.

And Jerica, when she inherited her father's legacy, was hoping to use that money to help fund the orphanage.  In fact, the first opening episode revolves around that.  Her father left the Starlight Mansion to the company, and Jerica wanted it for her orphans to live in...but evil Corporate Douche Eric Raymond, who was trying to back another band called the Misfits, wanted to have none of that.

And there is in fact a lot of anti-corporation in this TV show.  Starlight Music was falling under the control of Eric Raymond, the sleaze in the suit, and he was trying to plow out what was the most popular thing at the time, and having little to no regard to who all he steps on to get it.

Kinda reminds me of THIS movie.

Well, to combat him and trying to get some money to help their cause, Jerica then finds out about her father's secret project...Synergy...which is a sentient computer AI capable of creating life-like holographic projections.  And a lot of these holographic projections do feel real to the touch.

So wanting to keep this technology out of the hands of douchebags like Raymond, Jerica agrees to keep Synergy a secret.  And in return, Synergy gives Jerica the ability to perform on stage as Jem...which she projects this holographic mask over Jerica to disguise her identity.

So Jerica and her friends all form this band called Jem and the Holograms, which focuses mostly on 80s glam pop.

And bands like the Misfits focus on punk rock.  It's kinda like rock vs. disco back in the 70s.

Hell, one of the episodes that I recall the most is the drug PSA.  It was all about this girl coming into Starlight House, and she could play the guitar.  But she felt like her talents weren't all that great.  Kinda how sometimes I feel.  Most of the time!

And yeah, she took drugs to make all her troubles go away.  And it even gave a good visualization of what being high on LSD would be like.

And of course it's bad...and she eventually gets off the stuff and Jem has her play along with the band to show that she is talented.

But still, that's what the series was about.

It even had action pieces, car chases, espionage.  The Misfits causing lots of damage and getting loads of felonies for doing so, and not being convicted, which is pretty much how it is for crazy stupid stars these days.

I mean the Misfits predicted Justin Bieber!  I'm not fucking kidding!  Pizzazz of the Misfits is pretty much a female Justin Bieber, but with better singing talent. 

And we had a Nelson Twins-like band of two blonde long haired girls and one blonde "Fabio" like lead singer...who by the way was voiced by Townsend Coleman...

Yeah...fucking Michelangelo of the Ninja Turtles was in Jem!

That's Michelangelo, guys.  Dudes....


But remember guys...

This  photo Retro_leo_zps0q5r6q49.jpg  is this  Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

Because Cam Clarke played Leonardo and Malygos, guys.

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Getting Worse

Wed Sep 16, 2015, 2:17 PM
I dunno what all is going on with me.  But I think it's getting worse.

I feel sick a lot.

Haven't been sleeping well.  Hell, I've actually been to bed at a good hour, but then I wake up 4 hours later, stay up for 3, and then go back to sleep.

I haven't been eating much either.  I...only feel like eating a few crackers.  Maybe a banana.

It's making it harder to even try to do anything.  

I want to finish my art, but even my art is not bringing me that joy anymore.

I honestly feel empty right now.  Just empty.

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Feeling Unmotivated

Mon Sep 14, 2015, 1:12 AM

Trying to finish at least ONE thing in this little hell I feel like I'm in.

Not feeling much motivation to finish that.

I feel uninspired again.

Don't think my skills are worth anything to anyone.

Maybe I'm just coming to realize the reality of it all.

I'm not going to make it.

What kind of artist am I?  Apparently, not one that's good enough.

Because not many think highly of it.

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Dino Doc Excerpts repost

Sat Sep 12, 2015, 12:34 PM
Yeah, I've been amusing myself with...well...

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

While I wait for :iconrenndor: to finish the next chapters and any other bits of stuff he and I have been knocking our heads together on.

So screw are the excerpts in chronological order...

Editing this to add the new excerpts.

So some of you can have some fun with that.  Whether or not this will be posted as an actual story...I honestly don't know.  The beginning itself is a little rushed...

Some bits about the trip over need to be reworked.

But what's been written is at least entertaining enough.

Uh, this is also for some of my fans of the She-Devil and well what might happen with the Chard project...since I told Burkion about the ODESSA.

This is where it all came from, guys.  Enjoy.

Fuzzy rex full body sketch by Ghostwalker2061

It's nice to dig through the stinky, 20-year old sock drawer sometimes.

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Tectonic Divergence Re-Re-Repost

Sat Sep 12, 2015, 12:13 PM
Guys, I shouldn't have to do this EVERY week.  I really, really shouldn't.

But again, I'm getting that question from people who DO watch me...where are the links to the Tectonic Divergence series?

So I have to again repost this to get your attention.

Those of you who decide to unwatch my journals...I suggest you start watching them, because this is where you are going to get those links.

Which means, yes, you will have to start paying attention to the journals.

I know it's a pain but it's even more of a pain that I have to repost this thing...and it's an even larger pain for those people WHO DO watch the journals to see that I'm posting the same thing up again and again.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

I wanted to repost the links to each of the stories.

Math Nut came up with a series title, called Tectonic Divergence.

  • Tectonic:
    • Plate tectonics
    • Relating to the structure of earth's crust and processes that take place within
    • Very significant change or development, widespread impact
    • Of or related to building or construction.
    • Large, massive
  • Divergence
    • Process of separation, parting, or bifurcation.
    • Difference or conflict of opinions.
    • Places where airflow or ocean currents diverge
    • Mathematical vector operator measuring the quantity of flux emanating from a vector field, indicating rate of mass, energy, heat or other gain/loss.
  • Tectonic Divergence
    • An area where plates move away from each-other, forming mid-ocean ridges or rift valleys.

Ten thousand years ago, a Dragon Aspect fell and a world was sundered. Yet that was a merely a reverberation from a deeper rift. For the Black Aspect was no longer one, but two. And so the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance between each half, between Neltharion and Deathwing. For as one rises, the other falls.

Tectonic Divergence Series

1) Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Everyone called for his death now, all because of that monster. That monster who called himself Deathwing. And Neltharion welcomed death. For at least in death he would be freed from the mental prison, the torture. But before that, he wanted a chance to make it up to them...

2) The Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

There was one rule that all had to follow in the Twilight's Hammer... you serve or you die. Serve well, and you will die last. And through the whispers of the Old Gods they had found Deathwing, their greatest ally. But for his betrayal, there could be only one punishment: Neltharion had to die, so Azeroth could crumble upon his death.

3) Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

My children are slaves. So tell me now: by what right do you ask me to allow the Horde to abuse them? By what right does Garrosh make people see Deathwing when Neltharion stands before them? By what right does Garrosh endanger my world? 

4) Pandaria: Rise of the Sha (preview) by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

"One day, these mountains I have created will be your tomb. For your actions are poisoning the land, and that is the place that your current path will lead, Lei Shen." And so the great beast's words came to pass. Yet one lesson the beast did not teach: Pride. Perhaps the students were not ready. But when that lesson comes, we must be prepared to learn.

Side Stories

The Prophet's Visions
Light and Laughter

Non-Canon Side Stories

*) Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Sometimes, Alexstrasza, I wish...I wish I could turn back the clock. Correct every sin I did. If you could go back, would you? Would you stop me from becoming Deathwing? If I had not been thrown into madness, then so many lives would have been spared. Just to have that chance...


*) Neltharion Gallery by Ghostwalker2061

Black in the Circle II by Ghostwalker2061


NeltharionDeathwing, and Warcraft copyright (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

And I would like to thank renndor for helping out.

He is cute. And he weighs over 13 million metric tons. Nel is FAT!

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