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Nuclear War = Global Warming

Mon Feb 8, 2016, 10:38 PM

Here is something I found.  I'm watching a lot of the candidates' speeches.

Though I'm backing Bernie... #feelthebern

I want to educate myself on all the candidates.

So, I'm following most of them, Hillary, Rubio, Trump, Jeb!, Ted Cruz...there's more Republican candidates than there are Democrat candidates.

But I love to watch Trump and his stupidity.  And I'm gonna share with you my favorite line of his idiocy in the New Hampshire speech.

He had a rally in New Hampshire and well, he decided to share his views on Global Warming.

And it comes from this here.

Skip to the 27 minute mark for the dumb line.

He [Obama] talks about Global Warming is the biggest problem.  Somehow I think that Isis, Russia, Radical Islamic terrorists, right? China! This maniac in North Korea!  Somehow I think that is a bigger threat than Global Warming right now, okay? Somehow.  The only Global Warming we should be fearing, folks, is Global Warming caused by Nuclear Weapons.  And if we're not smart, that's what's going to happen.  We better stop playing games, believe me.

 photo dumbtrumpnukes_zpsrh13qg4t.gif

So, I made that gif to show off my favorite stupid Trump line.

So, the only Global Warming we have to worry about is Global Warming caused by a full exchange of nuclear weapons.

Now, if I'm correct, and from what I've seen in speculative videos like Threads and the Day After, a full exchange creates a nuclear winter which is a counter to global warming.

Mr. Trump, again, you're an idiot.

Yes, when lighting a thermonuclear weapon, the area gets as hot as the core of the Sun because well, it takes that heat to even begin to fuse hydrogen to form helium.

That's what happens in the core of our Sun and what creates its energy.

But that heat is very brief.  No, one of the major worries that a nuclear war would create is nuclear winter.

This is something that Carl Sagan has stated, and he discovered this AFTER The Day After was released.  He ran his numbers and discovered something even more frightening than just the irradiated ground, radiation poisoning of the people, and due to where our silos are positioned, pretty much fucking over the Bread Basket of the country.  And yes, fallout is nasty.  But fallout doesn't create heat, it just creates radioactive debris that will rain upon the people and make them sick.

But if enough dirt and debris is put into the atmosphere, it will lower the global temperatures, making it even MORE difficult to bounce back.  Monsoons get shifted, the growing seasons are cut short, this causes wide famine.

So, a nuclear war won't cause more global warming, a nuclear war would do the other extreme, lower the global temperatures and trapping the world in an on going winter for decades to come.

And it does that by blocking out the heat of the Sun from reaching Earth.

But what can I expect from a guy who doesn't even know what the Nuclear Triad is...

Nuclear Triad is in fact what the US has in the capabilities in deploying nuclear weapons during conflict.  We mostly think about the Minute Man missiles that shoot off from the silos and fly over in around 20-30 minutes to hit their targets.

But it's not just the missiles. 

The United States has three different methods in deploying our nuclear weapons.

One is ground to ground, as in weapons like the Minute Man missiles.

One is air to ground, in which we deploy these weapons from bombers flying over the targets.  One example is how we bombed Japan, using two nuclear bombs, one uranium, the other plutonium.  That's air to ground.

And the other is sea to ground, in which we have our submarines loaded with the warheads and fire them off and they hit a target on land.

He doesn't know this.  Now granted, even I was unfamiliar with the term itself, but I knew the three methods we can use to deploy these weapons.

Deploy from our silos, deploy from our planes, deploy from our submarines.

That is the Nuclear Triad.

But instead, when Trump was addressed with that question, he rambled on in a speech, making NO assumption of actually answering the question or even understanding what the term actually means.

So, NOW here is Donald Trump saying that the only type of Global Warming we need to fear is one that is created by a nuclear war.

I don't think he understands how global warming works.

What causes global warming?  Various things, but the one we focus on the most is how much of the greenhouse gases are we putting into the atmosphere.  There's a reason why Venus is often stated to have a runaway greenhouse, it's due to how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and we're putting it into the air, a lot of into the air due to burning of fossil fuels like coal and petrolium.  From our cars and our power plants.

The other greenhouse gas, the one that's more potent than CO2 is methane!  And guess what we're dumping into the atmosphere right now and no one is doing jack shit to stop it?  METHANE!

So, no, Donald, nuclear war isn't going to cause global warming, our neglagence in figuring out how to lesson our carbon footprint and the fucking leak in California will!

Oh, and speaking of the carbon footprint thing.  He even mentions that in the speech.  He made a mention of guys like General Paton, saying that back then, if someone came up to Paton and said: "We shouldn't go to war, because that would increase our CO2 output, due to bombing countries that have oil."  Well, he goes on to say that Paton would just laugh and chase the idiot out the building.

But the thing is though, Donald, back during World War II, no one really knew what the term carbon footprint was!

They never heard of that term before, you idiot.  Of course they're gonna chase the idiot out the door because they don't know what that is.  Paton would be thinking: "So, by carbon footprint, you mean me coating my feet with charcoal and running around making black footprints?"

This guy is an idiot.  Donald Trump is an idiot.

Oh, and yeah, Sarah Palin is endorsing Trump.  Because of course she is.  It's perfect duo of stupidity.

Have fun with that.

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Michael Moore Endorsing Sanders

Mon Feb 8, 2016, 5:54 PM

So, Michael Moore, the famous film director, activist, and guy who is calling for the arrest of Governor Snyder of Michigan for the lead poisoning of Flint's water...

Well, he's posted a graphic on his site with his official endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

 photo d3546c23-7099-49a0-b38b-881a84f11110_zpsvjxab3bt.jpg

And it makes sense.  Because what candidate is also calling for the resignation of which being prosecuted and arrested for gross negligence would entail...

Bernie Sanders. #feelthebern 

Hillary Clinton: "Let's create legislature, programs to fix the problem..."

Bernie Sanders/Michael Moore: "Let's throw the bum in jail!  He poisoned his own people, let's throw the bum in jail!"

That's my candidate, guys. 

I'm voting for the guy who if he were a Game of Thrones character, would be demanding Snyder's head on a pike!

Oh, and I finally got some light as to WHY none of the Republican Candidates are even focusing on Flint Michigan.

From Marco Rubio himself: "It's not a big issue.  There are more important things to focus on.  The government is handling it adequate on their own."

Fuck that guy.

If it were your water, you wouldn't be saying that tripe right now.

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New Painting Video

Sun Feb 7, 2016, 1:13 AM

I thought I'd show off painting Jon's wings in a video.

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What Purpose Do Mosquitoes Serve?

Sat Feb 6, 2016, 3:02 PM

Since the outbreak of the Zika virus, I decided to find out for myself what exactly does the mosquito serve in the world's biosphere.

Many people, because how mosquitoes tend to spread various nasty diseases such as malaria, lime disease, and now the Zika virus, are wondering what would happen if we just decide to make the mosquito extinct.

Yes, the entire world is calling for the extinction of the mosquito.  Even some environmentalist and animal rights activists who try to protect endangered animals, want this little blood sucking bug gone.

And it's easy to see why.

They are a pest.

I mean many of us in the South when the humidity gets very high and temperatures soar in the summers, have literally put toxins on our body to ward off the buggers from biting us.

So, some background on the mosquito.

I don't need pictures, because most of you know what one looks like.

It's interesting to note that only female mosquitoes actually feed off of blood.  Male mosquitoes feed off of pollen.

Their larvae can be found in stagnant water.  Which is why after a heavy rain, people will empty garbage cans and anything that had collected water to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water and their larvae to develop.

Larvae are aquatic until they reach adult stage.

And during the summers in the arctic, there are LOTS of mosquitoes.  It's because while tundra areas recieve little rain, because of the melting of permafrost, it creates marsh lands in the summer where these buggers will grow from the stagnant water.

So, no, moving up north to the colder areas isn't going to save you from these parasites.  Because as my friends in Alaska have told me, mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE in the arctic.

So, what purpose do they serve?

Well, I've found a little bit from this site.

What Purpose Do Mosquitoes Serve?

And they tell us that for the most part, mosquitoes don't serve much of a purpose at all.

They are parasites, at least the females are.  Males, not so much.

But it's interesting to note that the males do somewhat serve a purpose, as in they do help to pollinate some of the flowers.  But one can argue that well, the bees do that too, so there's no worry there.

Some aquatic animals actually feed off of the mosquito larvae in the water.  And there is an animal called the mosquitofish that specializes in eating the larvae and if we kill off all the mosquitoes, that species will go extinct.  Which happens to any animal who specializes in ONE thing and doesn't adapt to acquire food from other sources.  This sort of extinction occurs even without Man's involvement. 

It's why we don't see T-rexes anymore.  Besides the whole asteroid thing.

But most animals that eat the larvae also are more than capable of supplementing their diets with other food sources, so they won't be hit as hard as the mosquitofish.

The larvae themselves seem to have some function in the food chain by consuming organic stuff and recycling that back into the ground, especially in the wetlands.

But so do other aquatic creatures, so they could be replaced by something else that does the job probably more efficiently.

Male mosquitoes help to pollinate norther orchids, and if we get rid of all the mosquitoes, these flowers might suffer more than others.  BUT I'm sure that there are other species who can take up that niche that the male mosquito served.

So, on a whole, it seems that the mosquito really is nothing more than a pest and we can just get rid of them.  I mean after all, if we do, we and many other creatures will be less likely to suffer from any harmful diseases that are transferred through the blood.

The caribou in the arctic won't suffer as much from mosquito swarms.

So, actually purposefully making a species extinct to enrich the lives of all creatures, not just humans might be a good thing, right?

Well, yes, but here's the problem.  How the hell do we go about doing it?

Any sort of poison, like insecticides are in fact not only harmful to mosquitoes (which is good) they are harmful to the ACTUAL helpful insects like bees (which is bad) as well as other animals (which is also bad).

Also, these toxins are harmful to humans too.  (Also bad)

So, even if we honestly WANT to get rid of the mosquito, it's going to be hard to do without harming our environment.  That is, not harming the animals that "benefit" from mosquitoes, which are like...there's ONE animal that benefits from them, no, just the method itself is harmful to all animals.

So, we need to figure out something that will only be harmful to mosquitoes and NOT be harmful to anything else.

And that's why for right now, though environmentalists are saying we could and making said bug extinct will not harm anything, but the method in how we do it will harm it, and that's why they're saying we shouldn't.


Looks like we're stuck with the mosquitoes, guys.  And unfortunately for many of the Latin America countries, you guys are stuck not having kids for two years.  Which is going to be difficult because most of those countries are Catholic and are against abortions and birth control.

The Zika virus is not harmful to adults, but when transferred from mother to fetus, well...we've seen the pictures of the babies with microcefalia, aka small head and yes, small brain.

And yes, these kids will die of that birth defect.

Do you see why I'm Pro-Choice guys?  Why I believe in birth control and the right to choose?

That's a good example.

Roe v Wade, guys!

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Delving into Time Lapse Photography

Wed Feb 3, 2016, 9:30 PM

Another HD video of me fartin' around.


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Clinton Wins Iowa Coin Toss

Tue Feb 2, 2016, 11:34 PM

So, basically according to Iowa, because of the tie, the decision of our next President is left under a coin toss.

Hillary Clinton wins 6 for 6 on the Iowa Caucus Coin Toss!

Someone from Iowa please explain to me this bullshit decision making!

Seriously, what the fucking hell?!

Here is my issue here.  Why the fucking hell do we need Caucuses? 

Why do these specific states get to decide who we eventually vote for in the Primaries?


At least Donald Trump lost in the Iowa Caucus to Ted Cruz.

Apparently, we Bernie supporters need to get our asses together.  Big time!


Let's take on the Establishment!  And BURN IT TO THE GROUND!  (Figuratively, guys.  We're not Trump supporters here.)

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Who Has Trump Offended This Time?

Tue Feb 2, 2016, 8:10 PM

So, we now have a list of people who Trump has offended.  And yes, this list is growing.

But here is the list as it is so far.

And remember, there are people who genuinely want this asshole as our President.

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2adyZquA1r42jqv_540_zpsm6efftky.gif
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2adyKxiw1r42jqv_540_zpscunrkylj.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2ae85ux21r42jqv_540_zps6hccshb6.jpg

African Americans
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2af2F8mh1r42jqv_540_zpsepstk4l7.png

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2agtqV7d1r42jqv_540_zpsg89ymfjl.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2ajz5Ip01r42jqv_540_zps3cwcyo5e.jpg

Syrian Refugees
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2arxgIBI1r42jqv_540_zps0yk75cxu.jpg

New Jersey
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2ahvAjJt1r42jqv_540_zpsyu7vo6sa.png

Fat People
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2axnU9531r42jqv_540_zpsnkwmg0bd.gif

People with Disabilities
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2al3rpWZ1r42jqv_540_zpstpgzepjd.gif

The French
 photo tumblr_inline_o1w0tpBCAa1r9roou_540_zpslvhtnqoe.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2b6tinRr1r42jqv_540_zpsn1jcqerq.png
This also means that Trump has officially insulted my mother.  So, I get to say: "Don't you talk trash about my mamma!"

Native Americans
 photo tumblr_inline_nz2b58Z2hm1r42jqv_540_zpsukoinskm.jpg

Football Players with Head Injuries
 photo tumblr_inline_o0t0oqqqdW1r42jqv_540_zpsd3kdwzft.jpg

LBGT Community
 photo tumblr_inline_o1vn0tpvg71r42jqv_540_zpsyrmbhiyr.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2b34H15z1r42jqv_540_zpsmerqjifx.gif
Also, he gives poor, disabled veterans bumper stickers, rather than money to help make their lives better.  This guy is TERRIBLE!

 photo tumblr_inline_nz2b27aODo1r42jqv_540_zpsqhmz3jrz.gif

Is there anything else I'm missing?

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The Party of Irony

Sun Jan 31, 2016, 9:08 PM

Ideaologies change a lot.

They change within parties, within governments, and even within people and regions as well.

I'm about to tell everyone about the shifting idealogies of the two parties of the Democrats and the Republicans.

And the fact that at one time, these guys were reversed.

The Republicans were the progressive, left-wing party, and the Democrats were the traditional, conservative, right-wing party.

And when did this happen?  During the Civil War.

After all, the Emancipator himself, President Lincoln was a Republican.

Whereas much of the South were Democrats.

The Civil Rights 13th Admendment was proposed by a Republican and then passed by a Democrat.

 It's very strange.  Right?

Well, one thing I still noticed is how a lot of people, even my watchers, still love to remind me that the South sucks.

The South were a bunch of racists, used to own slaves, and traitors during the war, right?

True, but racism wasn't just in the South either.  It was also in the North.  Though Northerners didn't own slaves, that did not mean that they saw blacks as equals to them.  Blacks were considered inferior.  In fact I once made a reference of a life insurance salesman from New York who proposed that due to blacks having more issues with heart diseases, were considered of lower intelligence, could not adapt to Western society, eventually their race will die out due to well...Social Darwinism.

And that giving these poor unfortunates a home and a place to live in the North was a white man's duty to just ease their passing.

This idealogy was later the influence for Mien Kampf. 

This guy came from New York City.

And need I remind you, you guys created Donald Trump, the man who wants to build a war to keep out Mexicans from crossing the boarder, calling them all racists, and stated that anyone who is Muslim cannot enter the United States, even have the citizenship of American Muslims revoked.

You guys created him.

The difference being between the North and the South is that the South had a larger black population, so they had more popensy to have violence between blacks and whites because of the larger black population.

If there was a larger black population in the North, you guys would have the same problem too.

Just saying.

So, yes, racism was everywhere. 

The South had it harder during the Reconstruction days due to well, the main source of income was agriculture, and again they didn't want to give up their free labor.

Speaking of the Reconstruction.  Ever hear of the Radical Republican?  Well, I suppose one could equate Donald Trump as a radical republican with the way he spouts his garbage, and yeah, why not fit the bill with that statement?

But Radical Republicans were the ones during the Civil War who proposed the Reconstruction and not only that, wanted blacks to be equal to whites and get rid of racism all-together.

Who went against these crazy progressives that seem like a total irony to the Republican Party of today?

The Democrats.

The Democrats were against equality for blacks.

Yeah, I know, my mind just got blown too.

Also, a darker look at Lincoln during those days.  Lincoln, like must regular Republicans believed in freeing the slaves, it was amoral to own another human being, but even he did not think blacks were equal to whites. 

Because of this, he was at odds with the Radical Republicans who screamed out Civil Rights for everyone.

History is strange, eh?

But of course, this was during the time that even Scottish and Irish people in the North were seen as just as low as African Americans, if not more so.

The only superior race were more or less English and German descent in the US.

But they still say it's wrong to own another person.

What they don't say is just because you cannot own another person doesn't mean that person who isn't basically a part of your ethnicity is equal to you. 

Owning a black slave, wrong.  Telling a black man he can't have equal pay to a white man, right.

But the parties back then were vastly different from what they are now. 

Almost scary to think that if the parties had stayed the same as they were during the Civil War, Bernie Sanders would be calling himself a Republican Socialist.

Okay, I think I just broke my brain with that statement.


Eh, fuck it, here's some Minions.

Boss!!! by Ghostwalker2061

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First off, a small history.

That's my home town.  And yes, the best kept secret of the place is...still no one knows about it.  However, we know we're ground zero if ever a nuclear war were to break out.  Putin has those nukes of his pointed right at us.

And holy shit, I can see my apartment in that film!

So, now that we've caught up on 70 years of history most of you never knew about...

Onto the topic.

I am laughing my ass off when I decided to go surfing for interesting stories.

And I'm also smacking myself for not ever noticing this since it happened in 2012.

But apparently, my little homegrown nuclear weapons plant got sabotaged by an 80 year old nun.

Oh my God, this is fucking hilarious!

Back during the Cold War, the job of the security was to keep the Soviets out.

Apparently that's easier than keeping out an 80-year old nun.

The 80-year old nun is named Megan Rice.  I think I've heard her name before.

She is a part of a religious anti-war activist movement called the Plowshares Activists.  They all want to follow the scripture from the Book of Isaac that says God will turn all the swords into farm tools.

But I don't think spray painting graffiti on a bunker that houses our weapons grade enriched uranium is going to turn the the weapons grade uranium into a back hoe.

Which she basically did.  Spray paint the bunker, not turn uranium into a back hoe.

Apparently "Sister" Rice was just released from prison in 2015 due to a petition signing for her release and the prosecutors didn't try to extend the sentencing. 

So, this crazy nun who wanted to spray paint weapons grade uranium with graffiti is currently out right now. 

I'm just gonna say this, leave our nuclear weapons plant alone!  It's the only thing East Tennessee has that shows it's intelligent.

You all wanna come down and protest at its doorstep, go ahead.  You can protest at the sign.  Just...don't do stupid shit like that.  Don't go running into a nuclear weapons plant.  The plant has an army and a couple of tanks on hand to blow your ass up if you do.

I mean, come on, guys.  We just got this new shiny Uranium Processing Facility.  And it's gonna help with the dismantlement of nuclear weapons.  See, everyone wins!

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A Bill to Torture the Gays Away

Fri Jan 29, 2016, 9:00 PM

Okay, so, we have the issue with Flint going on with the disgusting water.

And my heart goes out to them.

And now we have Oklahoma and a bill to legalize aversion therapy.

Now, I've already poked at my own state for its stupidity. 

Shame by Ghostwalker2061

I'm ashamed of you, Knoxville!  You go sit in that corner and think about what you've done!


So much for the progressive East Tennessee, right?

Well, that was one church in Knoxville that needs a time out to think about tolerance.

And yes, Blount County, you suck too!

Pronounced "blunt" like in I will hit that idiot lady over the head with a blunt instrument to get my message through!

And Kentucky has Kim Davis, that bigoted bitch.

But now, Oklahoma wishes to one up the rest of us with trying to legalize aversion therapy!

Because Christianity hates the gays!

Representative Sally Kern of Oklahoma is proposing HB 1598, a new bill that will legalize Gay Aversion Therapy for the State of Oklahoma.

  • HB 1598: Protecting ex-gay conversion therapy.
  • HB 1598 explicitly states that mental health counselors may engage in “sexual orientation change efforts” with any patient—including those under 18 who are forced into the “therapy” by their parents. The bill also consciously refrains from outlawing* the use of “aversion therapy” to change patients’ orientation, then helpfully outlines what such treatments might involve:
  • “Aversion therapy” means any counseling by a mental health provider that exposes or asks a client or patient to undergo physical pain, such as electroshock or electroconvulsive therapy, touch therapy, pornography exposure or vomit-induction therapy, in order to change sexual behaviors or gender-identity expressions and/or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.

“In our schools, in our movies, the kids are being pushed in the direction that they’re born homosexual and they can’t change,” Kern said. “This bill will allow children who are struggling with these feelings … to go and have some counseling to get both sides of the issue to find out why they’re struggling with this.”
We all know that this isn't what will be happening in the therapy session.  No, what goes on in the therapy session is far darker and terrible.

What is aversion therapy?  Well, to put it bluntly, it's torture.  Plain and simple, it is torture.

It uses torture, especially pain to for the subject not to do certain behaviors other people find unacceptable. 

Not disciplining the child for being homosexual by making him go out into the field and bring Pa a switch to beat the Love of God back into his life.

No, we're talking about Insane Asylum forms of treatment that were done to people with various mental disorders, like electroshock therapy.  There's reports of castration being done to "cure the gays" or even the threat of castration. 

They induce vomiting while looking at pornographic images of homosexuals to make the child feel sick for looking at such images.

I think that goes without saying THEY SHOW THE POOR KID PORN!

He doesn't need to look at porn, he needs to go color in his coloring book, for God's sake.

Basically, this a terrible form of Pavlov's Conditioning.  And the best way I could describe what that is...

It is conditioning the subject to react to something, like a bell, or words, and in Gohan's case, being thrown at mountains while Piccolo screams "DODGE!" at him, to get the pre-programmed response at from the subject.

Because Gohan got smacked in the face when Piccolo said "Dodge", when he finally screams it, though it wasn't a command, Gohan responded with the appropriate action set forth by the command word.

No matter what, if you say Dodge to Gohan, even if you don't mean the action at all, Gohan will dodge.

And the dog will salivate when he hears a bell ringing.

Well, they will do the same thing to gays as a way to make sure that poor kid remembers gay = pain or vomiting.

It doesn't work, and like Gohan, the gay kid being subjected to this form of conditioning is often left traumatized.

Basically,  yeah, this form of therapy is really torture.  Josef Mengele would be proud!

 I have also heard that these therapists have been known to even sexually assault and molest the child as a form of therapy to cure them of the gays.

And being someone who has went through molestation, I am disgusted.  Very disgusted.

Well, to the State Rep Kern, I say, stay the hell away from any child, you horrible evil bitch!

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No Plans to Fix Lead Water

Fri Jan 29, 2016, 11:54 AM

Well, so, our glorious country, one of the richest in the world, has a state that can't drink the water from its own pipes because a cheep Governor decided to deal out 7 billion dollars in tax cuts to corporations.

And now they're saying: "We can't fix the water because we're broke."

This is why I believe in taxing the rich.  Because if we tax the rich, then we can afford to fix problems like this.

C0183763-Lead%2C atomic structure-SPL by Ghostwalker2061

Lead is no laughing matter.  Remember, there was a time in this country where history's greatest fuck up Thomas Midgley decided it was a good idea to put lead in gasoline.

My parents have a higher lead content than I do.

And because they passed that lead to me, that means I've got lead in my body!

I've been hearing the stories now.  Straight A students who could be Mensa quality in Flint, are now having problems with concentrating in school, their grades are dropping, doing AP classes and calculus is now difficult to them.

One of those students once he graduates, will have a 2-year college degree and has plans to go to college, and probably get awarded a huge scholarship because he's such a genius, and now because of the lead, he's slowly losing that gift of his mind.  His mind is going.

4-year olds suffering from severe fractures from falling off a bike because the lead is making their bones brittle. 

And because of the 7 billion dollar tax cut to the corporations done by Michigan's governor, they can't afford to save these people.

project 2709 body 8MmBwEQbQdeZCQ8MWoSw FlintWaterU by Ghostwalker2061

Look at that!  That is disgusting!

Go Bernie Sanders for calling for the resignation of the governor.  Let's start the blame game at the top!


That has been my theme song for Bernie. 

Also, Michael Moore is calling for the arrest of Governor Snyder.

And he has a petition.…


And in other news...

HEAT character sketches by Ghostwalker2061

That is still trending like crazy.  And so is this.

Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune by Ghostwalker2061

I love it.  Go tumblr!

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9-year old Girl Excited about meeting Trump

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 9:06 PM

I am just gonna let the video speak for itself.

But really, what has our culture come to?

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Another Snow Video and Puppies!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 1:13 PM

No, we didn't get more snow.  It's just another video I made during Ilias, since that's the one that hit us the most.

My car in the snow!

It feels like a cool spring now.  Kinda interesting after we just had two snows, right?

Also, prepare for adorable, cute puppies!

And yes, these are my puppies!

 photo tumblr_o1mrjxZ0Rm1rd8wrao1_400_zpsonfopkky.gif

 photo tumblr_o1jbj4Mfoc1rd8wrao1_400_zps1hqv44bf.gif

So cute!

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Snowstorm Jonas from My Backyard

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 23, 2016, 12:48 AM

It didn't do much, at least at first.  There's more snow out there now though.

Though it's not as deep as Ilias, but because of the rain, the roads are very icy and I'd say it's not safe to travel until Sunday for us.  Even with this small amount of snow, snow is fine, you can deal with snow.  It has some grip, some friction.  Ice?  Not so much.  I've been out there, the roads are like a skating rink right now.

Not safe.

But enjoy a nice night slo-mo of Jonas.  And some lens flare.  Because I like lens flares.

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Snowstorm Ilias from My Backyard

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 22, 2016, 12:43 PM

Messing around with my iPhone 6.  And took this pretty slo-mo of the storm.  You can see how big the flakes were when they pass the lens.

And, according to WATE, Snowstorm Jonas will hit between 5 and 6pm tonight.

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Drone captures Snowstorm in Knoxville

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 21, 2016, 8:21 PM
Thought I'd show you guys this.  This is awesome.

So, that was Snowstorm Ilias.  And now we are moving into Snowstorm Jonas. 

And of course my gif I made of the snow flakes falling during Ilias.

 photo tumblr_o19kl8eizb1rd8wrao1_400_zpsnydgxwc3.gif

So, here we go again.  Hopefully, since after the snow storm, it'll be sunny and I'll be able to go out and take some great pictures on one of my walks.

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 10:34 AM
I'm losing my shit, yo!  Cuz we gotz SNOW!!!!

 photo tumblr_o19kl8eizb1rd8wrao1_400_zpsnydgxwc3.gif

Winter finally came guys!  AND!

Snowmiser visited the South!

Sing it, guys!  Sing it!

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Lead Poisoning in Flint

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 19, 2016, 10:39 PM
Just to say, my heart goes out to the people in Flint, MI, due to this horrible crisis that is happening.

Lead in the water, on top of all the other nasty crap in your water is not a laughing matter.

I can relate at a small level due to the fact that the nuclear weapons plants dumped Mercury into the Clinch River right beside my city.  And yes, some of the creek beds still have Mercury in them and there's lots of signs that say don't eat the fish you catch in these streams.

That's scary enough.

But this is stupid ridiculous.

Stupid as in, lead poisoning unfortunately causes stupidity in humans due to how it damages the cognitive functions in the brain.

It sorta brings me back to the time when leaded gas was being switched to unleaded gas and the reason for putting lead in gasoline was due to Thomas Midgley, the Man Who Destroyed the Ozone Layer, suggested that putting lead in gasoline cut engine noises and knocking.

Well, unfortunately because of the idiot who called himself a scientist, lead poisoning levels were extremely high in the US and some sociologists attributed the lead contamination in the air to the rise in violent behavior in humans during those years...1960s to 1980s.

And lead poisoning attaches itself to you and it gets passed to your kids and your kids' kids.  And it took a revolution to pretty much tell this idiot that he's an idiot and to take lead out of our gasoline.  That's why your gas tank says: "Please use unleaded fuel."  It's because of one idiot.

Well, now, we've got another group of idiots failing to realize that they are idiots, or pretty much not giving a fuck and lead poisoning is making a come back.  In Flint, Michigan.  As if Flint didn't already have a bunch of problems.

And because again, the studies that correlate to the rise in violence in the US to Midgley's putting lead in our fuel to cut engine knocking, a rise in violence in Flint may be caused by lead poisoning.

And like any government who doesn't give a fuck, they're not gonna solve the problem.

Just like they're not gonna solve the problem of the spewing out of Methane in California!

That damned pipe break is gonna be responsible for droughts, monsoons coming late and not staying around for long, flooding in other areas, and the possible movement of the savanna climate in Southern US.  We're gonna turn into California soon here too.

Methane, the gas that is 20 times as potent as CO2, guys.

But I'm guessing those guys drank lead poisoned water.

So, right now, we've got a climate changing methane leak and now one of the cities in our country, a country that has an abundant of water, can't drink said water because it's poisoned with Thomas Midley's favorite element of the periodic table.  It has the symbol of Pb, the atomic number of 82, it has 82 Protons and 125 Neutrons, an atomic mass of 207.2 u ± 0.1 u, and a boiling point of 3,180°F.  It's dull gray, it's called a heavy metal, and China loves to use it as an ingredient for all its products.  It's called lead.

 photo C0183763-Lead2C_atomic_structure-SPL_zpsoe7lakd1.jpg

Anything containing a "poisonous electron shield" should never be put in the drinking water.

I implore all of Flint to call the idiots responsible for this all the nasty names in the English dictionary.

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Losing Nel Too

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 19, 2016, 3:44 AM
I guess I am losing my momentum on Neltharion as well.

Or it has to do with the stories are going in a direction that I don't like.

Mostly having to do with both Malygos and Deathwing.

Neltharion was supposed to shed off Deathwing and his evil, not love him. 

But I'm being told I have to do it another way. 

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The Ignored Generation

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2016, 6:36 PM
Something I've discovered to be a theme and a question being brought up in a few business circles.

Why do Gen Xers hate Millennials and the Baby Boomers?


We're the ignored generation.  We're the middle child of the country people don't really pay much attention to.

We're the latchkey kids.  Our parents, the Boomers, worked long hours, leaving us home alone a lot.  So, we had to cook our own food, when we got home.  And yeah, we spent time watching MTV while we ate our Chef Boyardee.

A lot of businesses and pretty much political streams focus either on the Baby Boomers, like the Republican Conservatives, or the Millennials, the Democratic or Independent Liberals.   

But no one ever pays attention to us.  We're the generation between the ages of 35-45 (sometimes 50).

It seems like we're the go nowhere generation too.  Stuck in the middle, left to be forgotten.

And the culture either caters to the generation with AARP, or the generation with the iPhone.

Never the generation who to create playlists, they had to sit at the radio, wait until the DJ stopped talking, and pressed play on our recorders to record the song onto a tape so we could listen to it.

Which by the way, I did A LOT when I was a kid.  That's how we made our playlists. 

Hell, I even recorded favorite shows that way too.

Sometimes it feels like we can't relate to any generation.  We don't relate to our parents, because we want more than their mediocrity and mundane lives.  But we can't relate to the Millennials, because we still had to work hard to get what we wanted as well.  And we were forced to do it on our own.  And many times, we didn't even recieve praise for it, even if we wanted it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting my hopes dashed because I'm too old to be seen as a part of the creative and interactive world, and too young to be considered worthy of being looked upon for guidance and seniority.

We're that middle child the world just wants to shove aside for the fresh new generation, but still wants to help and support the old.

Black in the Circle II by Ghostwalker2061

Or we're basically like Squishy.  No one wants us.

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