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Light and Laughter short

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 1:19 AM

Well, I decided to go ahead and post the first little chapter of the short novella.

Light and Laughter chpt 1

For those of you who are going through Squishy withdrawals.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Because look at that face!

He's so cute.

Well, anyway, there is a story that happens before this one called "For the Black Dragonflight".'s a explicit.  Like very much so.

However, it does talk about how Neltharion ends up solving some of the issues of his flight's need for new whelps.

Mostly having Ruthian, who is an unrelated black male mate with the two females (who are granddaughters to Nel) Neltharion has.

With Neltharion empowering Ruthian, in the same way he may eventually empower a resurrected Malygos.


But it's all basically for the purpose of bringing new black dragons into the flight.  The flight needs children.  Especially after Garrosh pretty much destroyed half of the flight that was loyal to Neltharion.  

So having black dragons mating is a need.  The problem is, to everyone except Ruthian, are all related to each other and Neltharion doesn't want to have a bunch of deformed, inbred children.

Best thing to do, get the unrelated male to mate with the two females.  And that's why new eggs are now being laid.

And Light and Laughter happens after that story.

Light and Laughter covers a potential thing I'm going to be doing with Warlords of Draenor when I eventually get to it.

And it's cute.  It's all about Khadgar and Neltharion having a fun road trip through Outland!  Yay!

Also for those of you wondering about Sabellian, yeah, he's gonna be in this story.  So will Neltharaku and the Netherwings.  

So, we're gonna get that!

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Nostalgia Critic's review of Jurassic World

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 5:38 AM

You heard right.

Because again, Hollywood knows nothing about fair use...and started to take down videos again....

Well...this is what we get when clips can't be used.

And he has a very good point.

One thing I like about the NC's reviews, and many of Channel Awesome's reviews has to do with commenting on the clips.  showing us the scenes that the critic is actually trying to point out.  

And one thing I have issues with many other reviewers on the internet that don't do this.

Sure, I want you to tell me what you think about the movie.  I want to hear your opinion, but I also want to see exactly what it is you're talking about while you're talking about it.

But at least Doug gives us something else.  Instead he has his crew reenact the scenes from the movies...

And creatively again shows us why we do need the clips.

So, damn it, Universal, stop fucking these people over.

Or else, you're gonna get the literal interpretation of what they think of the movie.

And only with half the budget.  Or an 8th, I dunno.

And yeah, Doug was right.  The first ten, the middle ten and the last ten are great.  The rest might as well have been shit.

And the CGI in it.  I think for me, I had an issue with it because it looked TOO high definition.  And that's why it looks so bad.  It's too crisp, so the dinosaurs blend to far into the scenes.

Much like I had the issue with Dragonheart 3...

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o2_1280_zps97jgkfex.jpg

Yaeh, the dinosaurs looked like that.

Too detailed to the point the textures looked like they were melting off the dinosaurs.

And hell, though they said the iRex had the cammo, honestly, I couldn't even tell when she used it because again, the texture just looked so...melty.  

Hell, the Lego Game version of the movie made the camo effect better looking than the movie.  Yeah, she was doing a comedic version of the Predator invisibility, but it still was better.

And she actually had more of a personality in the game too.  Granted, it's played for laughs.  But honestly, I prefer watching the cutscenes of that game than I did watching the movie.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

Well at least we've got John to make fun of.

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Neltharion and the Light

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 1:55 AM

This is a supplement of the previous journal.

Goes into another little disagreement with :iconrenndor: when were making revisions of Light and Laugher.  

And yes, this also relates to Rise of the Sha as well.

And that has to do with Neltharion wielding the Light.

Or more rather how Neltharion views the Light.

Does he feel this warmth, this glow of serenity that many priests and paladins who wield the Light feel as well?

Or is he unaffected by the Light, views the Light as basically another tool he can use, much like how Deathwing used the Shadow.

I'm not saying that Neltharion is gonna convert to the Church of the Holy Light.  No, that would be very stupid.

And I'm NOT saying he should treat it as the mortals do...revere it religiously.  

I kinda treat the Light like the Force...or even the Array.  As in the people who wield it can feel its power.  Feel an intimate closeness to it that cannot be described to people who don't wield it.

But should Neltharion feel something similar?

Or should he remain very unaffected to its almost intoxicating affect?

Renndor start seeing the Light like it was a drug.  This thing that brings happiness to a person who uses it or is bathed by it, being blessed by a priest.  And much like a drug, even an addictive one, the person feeling these sensations wants more of it.  

The question of this little dilemma I'm having...and why I'm pretty arguing with him over can kinda sorta be summed up during a scene where Neltharion meets the Naaru G'eras.  

I'll start with Renndor's version first.

    The Naaru glowed at the greeting, shimmering like sunlight over a rippling lake. It responded to Khadgar telepathically, the serene words as clear to Neltharions mind as Khadgars spoken words had been to his ears.

    Khadgar visibly relaxed, the tension leaving his shoulders as the words washed over him. The mage seemed to bask in the naarus presence, its glow bathing him in a magenta hue. He could feel the mages focused thoughts grow placid and still as the conversation continued, worries and anxieties falling away.

    Curious at the reaction, he cast his mental gaze on the Naarus mind. The surface seemed calm, the still waters of a lake reflecting a perfectly sunny day. He looked through the surface; gaining an impression of more turbulent currents below

    and a realization that the naarus words had been spoken only to Khadgar.

    It intended the conversation to be private.

    He flushed at the trespass, tearing his mental gaze away. The naarus mind receded to an impression of faint chimes; notes without melody or rhythm.

    He looked down at his forepaws in embarrassment, averting both mental and physical gaze despite their failure to notice his scrutiny. The quiet sound of Khadgars boots against the stone floor eventually convinced him to look back up, the mage and Naaru approaching.

    Neltharion, this is Geras. He is looking after Shattrath while Adal is away.

    Welcome, Earth-Warder

    The Naarus voice was full of the same graceful simplicity it had used with Khadgar, a clear sense of hospitality and welcome in the tones as its glow washed over his form.

    Yet the calm that Khadgar had felt under the Naarus presenceit did not come.

    He wished it would.

    The scrutiny of the guards, the unforgiving eyes of the Netherdrakesthey all remained, his mind untouched by the Naarus light.

Here is mine.

    He searched around for some of the other Naaru.  He locked eyes upon a dark crystal, brilliant pink hearted Naaru who swiftly floated to him.  The moment the being of brilliance began to “speak” its heart pulsated with light and washed its warmth across Neltharion’s form.

    He suddenly felt calm.

    The Naaru glowed at the greeting, shimmering like sunlight over a rippling lake. It responded to Khadgar telepathically, the serene words as clear to Neltharions mind as Khadgars spoken words had been to his ears. Such words he could only hear from the inside of Khadgar’s mind. 

    Khadgar visibly relaxed, the tension leaving his shoulders as the words washed over him. The mage seemed to bask in the Naurus presence, its glow bathing him in a magenta hue. He could feel the mages focused thoughts grow placid and still as the conversation continued, worries and anxieties falling away.

    Curious at the reaction, he cast his mental gaze on the Naarus mind. The surface seemed calm, the still waters of a lake reflecting a perfectly sunny day.  However, penetrating further proved more difficult.  A dam restrained him, so high, so wide, he could not see the other side.

    Neltharion’s widened upon the realization, his jaw suddenly becoming slack.

    This being was far beyond his understanding.

    His curiosity did not go unnoticed by the Naaru.  The dam suddenly became wider and thicker with each of Neltharion’s attempt at probing further.  It intended the conversation to be private and it did not appreciate the prying mind of a curious Aspect.

    He flushed at the trespass, tearing his mental gaze away. The Naarus mind receded to an impression of faint chimes; notes without melody or rhythm. And the dam at last vanished.

    He looked down at his forepaws in embarrassment, averting both mental and physical gaze upon the Naaru’s notice of his scrutiny.

    The quiet sound of Khadgars boots against the stone floor eventually convinced him to look back up, the mage and Naaru approaching.

    Neltharion, this is Geras. He is looking after Shattrath while Adal is away.

    Welcome, Earth-Warder

    The Naaru’s voice was full of the same graceful simplicity it had used with Khadgar, a clear sense of hospitality and welcome in the tones as its glow washed over his form.

    He was welcomed here, at least as far as the Naaru were concerned. 

    All Neltharion’s worries with the guards who looked upon him with scrutiny or the Netherdrakes with their unforgiving eyes, all of that seemed to no longer matter so long as he was captured within the brilliant light of the Naaru G’eras.

    He broke his ponderous gaze at the shining, shimmering being.

This is basically the reason why renndor preferred his edit.

The Light and Naaru are not really unusual from Neltharion’s perspective. 

Nel’s everyday experiences, and his programming cover things far more intense and strange than the Light or Naaru. Such as the mental and spiritual connection between the blue / black aspects, the connection to his flight, being able to feel the entire planet all at once, cavitate through it’s core, etc.

For three, this seems inconsistent with the structure of the Dragons, and especially the Aspects.

Dragons seem to have a logical and scientific view of the world, so they’d not find any of it supernatural, and they’d not be awed by natural parts of the universe. So the light and the naaru are not really special or out of the ordinary in that respect.

Further, dragons are heavily armored against unwelcome magic, and this is especially true of the Aspects. Given the dragons were built as guardians, this resistance to external magic, and especially potentially hostile magic (especially mental magic) would be critical. Further, Nel has tremendous mental abilities.  

So the Light & Naaru should not be able to affect Neltharion or the other dragons in general. It’d not alter their mental state. And it’d not affect them physically unless they explicitly allow it. If unwelcome, it’d act just like any other hostile magical attack.

Old Gods and Titans aside, Neltharion is the most powerful person in that universe, so a couple edits hint at that as well.

For instance, in the edits Neltharion’s mental powers work on both Khadgar and the Naaru, though the experience of looking at the surface of the Naaru’s mind is vastly different from looking at a mortal. And Nel feels very embarrassed and bashful at accidentally looking too deep.

The other reason for his edit is so that Neltharion can feel alien to mortals.  The Light's serenity doesn't work on him like it does the Mortals.  Which to him, helps to make Neltharion more alien.

The problem with this view, and it is again because of Blizzard, is that the Dragon Aspects have not really given their own actual views of the Naaru or even the Light.

Most everything we see about the Light are from the mortals' or even the Adventurer's point of view.  And you know how I hate that point of view.

But we never really see any sort of comment from the dragons.  

There's a quest in Northrend where you are sent on this quest to heal someone suffering from the Plague of Undeath.  And one of those people you seek out to help is Alexstrasza.  Unfortunately, her powers could do nothing, not even to ease the man's pain.  That is until you go to A'dal, and he's the one with the solution.  Take the soldier to Heaven, basically.  

But do we get to return to Alexstrasza and tell her about the Naaru's solution?  Do we get to hear her opinion on it?  No.  we just move onto another quest.

Not once do we even get a single quote from a dragon that says anything about what they think about this great cosmic force certain humans are able to call upon.

And again, the only person who seems to be capable of even wielding a portion of it, rather the Dark Side of the Force part of it is Deathwing.  He uses the Shadow.  Which is why I have Neltharion actually use the Light.  Because they are related.

And it also gives us a chance to have a dragon actually say something about it.  Feel what it does, understand what it does to others.  And wield it.

Hell, it's pretty much the thing he uses against the Sha.  Light empowered Sacred Water from the Vale,. Yeah, I just spoiled that for you.  Mostly because of the type of emotion that is required to wield the Light.  Serenity.  Peacefulness.  Confidence, and hell...absolution.

Something Neltharion has problems with, but when given the proper pep talk, he can do it.

But is he too alien to even feel a sense of awe towards this force?

Or is the Light just another tool?  For me, that cheapens the Light and again, makes it just another button Neltharion can push on his display.  P.S. he has it logged into his 4 key on his keyboard.  [Summon Holy Light Bitchslap.]  It's a shaman/paladin spell.  Deals a holy shit amount of elemental damage as well as Holy Damage.  And undead are weak against it.

Instead of being a mystical force that can in fact affect him, it's just another number on the keyboard.

It just seems so wrong.

But for me, I don't want Nel to be too alien.  

And I do feel that the Light could affect him.  He may not revere it like Velen does, but he can see and feel the affects.

So tell me, how should Neltharion view the Light?

And hell, could he truly read the mind of a Naaru?  Should they be considered so below him that Neltharion could even freely pry into a Naaru's mind?

Should he be so alien that he is truly alone in the world?

That's the issue I'm dealing with.

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Neltharion and the Naaru

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 2:41 AM

Okay, so, I'm gonna give some people a choice to which journal they want to participate in.

Those of you who wanna know more about John Carter....go here...

Dino Doc ExcerptsWell I'm glad everyone is enjoying the excerpts of something I dug out of the 20 year old sock drawer.

But the issue is that John's story had always been a difficult one.
Hell, Neltharion is easier to write.
The second story of John was easier to write about.  Because the situation was already established.
The story was just over complicated.
So, basically what I'm asking for at least is some ideas.  
Where should I take this story?
So to properly ask the question of it, I need to give my audience a little history.
Well, a good portion of that history was in She can scare a Tyrannosaur.  Where John pretty much tells Claire the his take on his own backstory.
But for those of you who have yet to read it, let's just

So those of you who want to discuss the cute Squishy...

Stay where you are.

The reason why it's taking a little longer to do anything Squishy related is because I'm arguing with my editor.

And though he's a great editor, he sometimes likes to put in things that conflict with some of my own views of where I want to take the story.

I mean who's telling the story? Me or him?

It's me.

If there's something I don't like, I'm gonna take it out.

And one of those has to do with the short story I want to post up called Light and Laughter.  And it is about Neltharion taking a small trip to Outland.

It'll deal with some of Sabellian's drama with Neltharion. It also deals with some things that will come up in my Warlords of Draenor stuff.

However, there is one thing that I just can't agree on.

He's gonna get his whole Neltharion x Malygos pairing...

But I am going to put my foot down on everything else I don't agree with.

So, what is it that I disagree on?

Is Neltharion more powerful or even more alien than the Naaru?

I think yes.

He thinks no.

So, for those of you who play Warcraft, know its lore...let me ask you that question.

 photo 52601e83-4872-4256-b50b-4fd2656a5072_zpsiqhzyc6q.jpg

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

So, here's the question for you all to answer.

Is Neltharion more powerful, above, and or even more alien than the Naaru?

Is Neltharion so far out of anyone's league that even the Naaru, beings who have existed since the dawn of the universe itself...can't even play ball in?

Or is it the other way around?

Is the like until an amoeba statement true for Neltharion. That compared to the Naaru, is Neltharion like until an amoeba? Or is Neltharion so high above them that they are like unto an amoeba?

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Dino Doc Excerpts

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 10:46 PM

Well I'm glad everyone is enjoying the excerpts of something I dug out of the 20 year old sock drawer.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

But the issue is that John's story had always been a difficult one.

Hell, Neltharion is easier to write.

The second story of John was easier to write about.  Because the situation was already established.

The story was just over complicated.

So, basically what I'm asking for at least is some ideas.  

Where should I take this story?

So to properly ask the question of it, I need to give my audience a little history.

Well, a good portion of that history was in She can scare a Tyrannosaur.  Where John pretty much tells Claire the his take on his own backstory.

But for those of you who have yet to read it, let's just start in the 80s.

1985 to be exact when relatively the idea of bringing back dinosaurs was pretty much brought into light and bioengineering and genetic engineering geniuses were hired on to make this dream come true.

So, we enter Dr. Elias Juan Carter, fresh out of med school, going into his doctorate, studying genetic engineering.  Because yes, if you want to get into bioengineering and genetics, it is a good idea to actually be a real fucking doctor, not a philosopher.  

    Alan said you need a little rest before taking that stuff, said Billy. Just wait until he gets back.

    Alans not an MD, said John. Immore of a medical doctor than he is.

That's from the first chapter of the new story.  And yes, it is very true.  Dr. Grant isn't a 'real' doctor.  As in he's not really a medical doctor.  He's used to digging up the remains of animals that have been long dead for millions of years.  He's not gonna be able to diagnose the broken foot of an actual human.

John is a medical doctor.  

So, basically since John's an M.D. and while he's getting his credits for his PhD in genetics, he has worked at a local hospital.  Because his main focus of going into bioengineering is to help sick people.  What better way of understanding sick people and how to heal them is to go out there and meet actual sick people.

Though by the time of the recent story it has been quite a while since John has told someone to turn their head and cough, he can still put on the scrubs (though they would have to be very gigantic scrubs) to administer first response treatment if need be.

    “Yeah, right,” said Lowery as he began to back up.  Then he paused. “You’re a medical doctor?”

    “Yes,” said John. “It was required for me to get into genetic engineering.  So that means, if you end up with a broken leg and I’m the only thing around to splint it…well…”

    “I’m screwed.”

    “No, but you better not piss me off.”

However, he has a special hobby.  And that's dinosaurs.  He loves dinosaurs.  His childhood favorite was the Tyrannosaurus rex.  Yes, what a coincidence?

He also had to go into a minor in pharmaceuticals, but I won't go into that much.

Yes, he can prescribe drugs.  Don't get any ideas.

So, basically, becoming a doctor, in two different ways, is very expensive.  Like holy shit expensive.  And well, his credentials out in the field were excellent.  Which is why John Hammond approached him to join InGen.

And yeah, of course the kid in John got excited when he heard about the possibilities of cloning dinosaurs and bringing them back.  

There was also a bid to who was going to be the head of this department.  Hammond asked Dr. Carter, Dr. Wu, and a few other doctors on what the best course of bringing said creatures back to life.  Dr. Carter and a colleague named Dr. Sorkin both agreed that mapping out the genome of each dinosaurs and attempting to completely restore them fully would be the best course.  And this brought these two scientists together as good friends.

However, John Carter was already married to a paleobotanist named...yes...Ellie Carter.  (who took the place of Ellie Sattler in this silly story.)  And they had three kids, a newborn named Rachael, a kindergartner named Robert, and a 7-year old named Julie.

I mean, basically, they both were hippies in 60s.  Sorkin was a college hippie and Carter was a high school hippie.  They were all about animal rights, and such.  But Sorkin was closer to PETA in her views, Carter was more along the lines of the Humane Society.

But despite having some different views, though shared similar concerns, they did agree that properly mapping out the DNA of each dinosaur was for the best.

But Hammond wanted to go the more cost effective route, so Henry Wu's little short cut of splicing frog DNA into the dinosaurs' strands is what Hammond liked.  Much to Carter's chigrin.  But he still went along with it, happy to at least see this dream out.

But he didn't get the position of head of the genetics team.  He worked under Dr. Wu.  There wasn't any bad feelings between him and Wu, but John just really couldn't put all his heart into taking such a cheap shortcut.  

Then the bills started piling up.   So, John attempted to ask for raises from Wu and Hammond.  That went nowhere.  And this is where the jadedness started to fill in.  Mostly because John Carter, along with all the other scientists, were forced to move to Costa Rica, well Site B, Isla Sorna, where they would start raising the dinosaurs for Site A, the park itself on Isla Nublar.

And this is when John is approached by shady people who are wanting to commissioned him to use the the time advanced genetics find out if dinosaur genetic material could help mankind in some way.  Like curing osteoporosis.   

That's where the reinforced bone structure project comes from.

Or maybe help in faster healing.  Hell if anything, to help hemophiliacs be able to clot when they get a small cut.

Now you know where the super regenerative ability comes from.

But in reality, these guys wanted to weaponize dinosaurs.  But not do what Vic was doing in Jurassic World, they wanted to have John create a serum to turn soldiers into dinosaurs, and then back into humans.  Basically allow the soldier to gain the benefits of both their human sides and the dinosaur strengths.  

More or less, putting on a dinosaur bio-suit as one reader put it. And then take it off like you would armor.

And it was only then that John realized what he was doing, using InGen's resources.  And he wanted out.  But our long-haired hippie scientist was in too deep.  The ODESSA, aka the  Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, or for those of you who don't speak German...

Yeah, those guys.

Simple terms, Argentinean Nazis, because we gotta have those, as if fucking BioSyn wasn't bad enough, let's just put in Nazis into this story.

Well, the Nazis were pretty much not gonna let John back out on his deal, so they basically sent threats to him.

"We're gonna kill your kids and your wife." that kinda thing.

But these guys were good.  Because they were kinda watching him for a while.  Given John's Argentinean heritage.  Yeah, John comes from Argentinean immigrants.  Basically his family were too optimistic and had to be kicked out of the country.

I'm allowed to make these jokes, people.  Because these were the jokes I heard from my good friend in junior high and senior high...who was from Argentina...and who was planning on going into bioengineering in college.  

Yes, John Carter is based off of a real person in my life.  

One who I still occasionally poke at to see if she's still around.  Or, she does the same to me just in case she thinks I fell off the edge of the world.

Hell, one of the first things I learned in Spanish was: ¿Qué es exportación importante de la Argentina? Pesimismo.

I am not joking.  Though the phrase is a joke.

So, the Nazis have John Carter's family.  They have people watching the family and basically holding them hostage without actually physically holding them hostage.  

So, John is forced to finish the serum, not warn his family of the coming shady organization that might kill them if he fucks up.  Contact between him and Ellie cease, which makes her a bit more worried each time.  But unfortunately, as John puts it, he didn't cover his tracks well and Hammond found out.  Hammond, Henry, and a lot of InGen personnel found out.

So, John was in deep shit.

He already had the serum made for human testing.  Which he was going to test on himself. Test on himself in front of the ODESSA so he could get his kids back.

And he was moments away from the cure as well.  But the ODESSA discovered that Hammond found out and they began to raid the InGen compound in Isla Sorna.  

John just decided to say fuck it, and pulled a Curt Connors and he shot himself up with the serum.  And became the fuzzy tyrannosaur you see in the top picture.

InGen security then mopped up the bad guys, or actually now they were caught, they took their cyanide pills and died.  And Hammond was forced to deal with one of his scientists turning himself into a dinosaur.  So to basically hide him, Hammond takes John to Nublar and hide him in the undeveloped areas of the island.  

Henry himself is very intrigued by what Carter was doing for the ODESSA.  Like crazy intrigued.  Henry is the true mad scientist between the two despite Carter creating his serum.  Carter didn't do it for SCIENCE, he did it to save his kids.  Henry would have been the guy who wanted to do it for SCIENCE!  Or Evil Science!  And secretly, though he did not admit it to John, he actually wanted to open John up and see all the goodies that were inside.

(He's actually gonna get a chance in the new story to do something similar to John.  Which results in the creation of the iRex.)

This incident sparked a lot of controversy in the company, and with the investors, among other issues, so Jurassic Park takes place.  With Hammond bringing Dr. Alan Grant and his assistant, Ellie Carter, who at last gets to see what her husband was up to.  And why he stopped contacting her.

And among those were the lawyer Genaro, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a sniveling ass named Ed Regis who was a journalist who worked for the park, and Lex and Tim, Hammond's grandkids.

They meet Henry Wu, who Ellie demands to know where her husband is.  Of course Henry doesn't say much.  That is until the crazy shit that happens in the park happens.  And Alan Grant is treated to a surprise when he climbs into a tree with the save them from the rampaging T rex.  He finds another T rex with very unusually long arms, a rather unusual length of tail and strange height.  And this rex is talking to him.  Yeah, he meets John.  John pretty much just says that what happened to him was a "mistake" but doesn't go into anything else about it.  Alan and many others start thinking it was an "accident."

And while everyone else is trying to get the park back up and running, John helps Alan get the kids out of danger.  Which included dealing with a bunch of pteranodons, going down a river where the female T rex was pursuing them, to which Alan then notes John's unique ability of communicating with her to tell her to back off, and running into raptors while John parted to look for his wife.

And he finds, again using the "mistake" excuse.  Ellie is just happy to see him.  But Robert Muldoon, who doesn't die in my story or the book, calls in an airstrike and it's all about getting everyone to the helicopter before it all hits.  

John says that it's best that maybe he should die on the island and decides to stay behind.  But the air strike doesn't quite hit just yet.  John stays behind to pretty much help get some stragglers off before what would later become InGen's security detail, and the ACU come in for their air strike.  He finds Gerry Harding and Dr. Sorkin.  But Sorkin goes a bit batshit, saying that she wants to save the animals.  And dies on her own with John Carter and Gerry going on an InGen boat back to Isla Sorna.  With most of the animals from Nublar being killed in the fire storm.

And Hammond then gets a radio from Carter, asking that he would pronounce him legally dead. Then, Hurricane Clarissa hits Sorna.  John helps InGen personnel evacuate the island and releases the animals from their cages.  And he basically goes to live there while the rest of the world sees him as dead.  

Well, then we have the problems of InGen's filing Chapter 11 over four years later, aka Bankruptcy and Ludlow wanting to carve out a buck from that island.  John Hammond gets a research team together to try and document the island, in the hopes of creating a biological preserve.  And one of those he gets to go on this trip is Ian Malcolm, who finds out his girlfriend, Sarah Harding, Gerry's sister...I think...and Ian's girlfriend.  But then he says they'll meet up with a contact on the island that will help protect them.  

And it's John Carter.  And that's basically when the truth comes out about the retrovirus.  

John tries and fails to keep Ludlow from taking at least one animal (he took two One fully grown male rex and the chick) off the island.  And Ludlow even attempts to expose him for the scum he is...which then forces him to return to the mainland.  And while John was on Sorna, he attempted to try and complete his project, to make the cure.  

As we know, that doesn't work out as well.

We then are treated to the T rex incident in San Diego, with John Carter chasing after the male with the help of Ian and Sarah.  

And yes, people saw this.  They even saw a few times John shouting, talking to the T rex, in both English and the "dinosaur" language.  Or whatever.

People saw this happening.

And when it was over, that's when John's reputation was ruined. Though he managed to get some support, at least in creating the faulty serum to at least be human again, even if it doesn't last and he has to keep taking it to stay human...all the dirty laundry gets aired out.  

John's dealing with the ODESSA was exposed to the science community, and his wife Ellie, who found someone else during the 4 years he was pretending to be dead, finally just said the marriage was over, took the kids...and left John to his misery.

John Hammond at least gave Carter something, a small plot of land in Northern California where Carter could at times be free to be in his rex form when he needs to be out of the way of prying eyes.

And John does attempt to get a job.  However, the best he could do with was a piss-ant community college professor job that really didn't pay much.  And the kids did call him Dr. Dino, and not because of his work in InGen, but for the fact that many of them at times would catch him transforming when he couldn't take his daily dosage...or hourly dosage as it slowly became.

Though he would try to hide what he was as it wasn't common knowledge to everyone...and saying that the meds he was taking to make himself human were insulin.  

His son Robby tried to help his dad once by going to Sorna and find some more of John's old notes.  Which forced John to go and save him from the evil Spinosaur. (Not Sadie)

At last Alan Grant just took pity on John and asked him to join his dig site as one of his assistants.  And yeah, it's also a good idea to have a medical doctor on hand.

And during those unhappy years, Masrani, who acquired InGen, tried to get John to come back to InGgen to help make Jurassic World.  Which John refused many times.

Until the recent story where Simon Masrani brought Henry Wu with him to China where a be-rexed John Carter was helping Alan out on an international dig to find feathered dinosaurs.

So there have been sightings of T rex John roaming around Northern California, and in China.  As well as Montana.  

A that leaves us at the start of this story.  

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Fuzzy Rex got Featured

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2015, 11:26 PM

So, apparently, John Carter got featured on this site right here.

Indigoindie Undiscovered Feature Week

Which was nice.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

I dig him out of a 20 year old closet and he ended up getting featured.

Well he is something different and unusual than what I normally do.

Which is Squishy.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

I know, I need to pay attention more to Squishy, because he does need the loving.

But I'm waiting on my editor to finish polishing what I wrote up.  

So that's why I'm entertaining myself with John Carter and my Jurassic Park/World of a Different Sort story ideas.

Honestly, I haven't visited John since...well...this was the last time I visited him...2009.

Dino sketch by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, that was him.  I cut out some details, this was actually full body drawing.  And it was of John just after he first transformed into that thing.  So he had like tattered clothes on his body, looking kinda like: "Oh shit..."

But that's him.

But story wise, I hadn't visited him since 2001.


While Squishy is being polished, I'm just doing this for right now.

Now if only :iconrenndor: can stop falling off the face of the Earth, we can get back to Squishy.

But I'm glad some of you are liking some of the little excerpts I'm writing on John Carter.

Because he like Cerenath Khan Draconis...

Khan and Me complete by Ghostwalker2061

Is a thing from my childhood.

When I wasn't as clouded with cynicism.  

So, enjoy the little fun I'm having with this.

More Squishy will be coming.

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Dinosaurs in the Military

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 4:33 AM

You know, we need to talk to about this for a moment.

Because this was mentioned in the movie.

And no, the idea of it wasn't original because I too came up with that damned idea when I was 12.

Mostly revolving around this guy.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

Elias Juan Carter, PhD in Genetic Engineering.

I call him John.

And yes, he was the first character I named John.

The second was this guy.

He's looking at you by Ghostwalker2061

Who's named Jonathan, aka Jon.

But, no, Elias Juan Carter is just John, like the apostle.  Or the Pope.  The Pope I grew up with, not Pope Awesome.

And yes, his name is John Carter, like that movie.  That came out years after I named the character.

John Paul only wishes he was Pope Awesome.

John Carter was a scientist who worked for InGen and was one of the geneticists under Dr. Henry Wu.  And much like Dennis Nedry, John was very underpaid, under appreciated, and decided to work for a shady organization that wanted to use the knowledge he had about genetics for their benefit.  

While Nedry had Dogson and BioSyn, Wu had Hoskins and InGen's security branch, John Carter had Haase and the ODESSA, aka the Organization of Former Members of the SS.  Aka, the friggin leftover exiled Nazis living in Argentina.

Because I love mentioning those guys.

These days, they're not doing much.

Back during the late 80s...yeah, they were more active.  

Mostly having to do with the guerrilla wars happening in Central and South America.

Which is where the whole militarizing dinosaurs comes into.

Granted, yeah, militarizing dinosaurs maybe a stupid idea in practice outside of an 80s cartoon, however, imagine using Raptors for guerrilla warfare, and you kinda get the idea of how this could be use in war.

Maybe for something like what we're doing in the Middle East, no, Dinosaurs would not be a good choice.

In a jungle?  Send in the raptors!

However Chris Pratt stating that a drone won't eat you if you don't feed it is a good point.

Training raptors to fight in a guerrilla war is a bad idea.

However, this is where John Carter's final experiment comes into play.

Why spend time training the raptor when you can give the soldier all the powers of a raptor, and the raptor all the training of the soldier?

The bad part is that no human would want to stay as a human-dinosaur hybrid monstrosity forever.  Just like putting down the gun and taking off the flack jacket, the human would want to become human again and take off his raptor form.

So, John has created a cure for this thing.  

Which is basically why the transformation is body horror in the first place.

The soldier turned raptor, when administered the cure, literally rips the raptor body off of him.

John Carter, when he uses the serum to make himself human, his body shrinks on the inside, making it look like the T. rex is collapsing or even deflating.  And then the man tears through the empty Rex skin, all covered in blood and Rex fluid.

It's disgusting, but it explains where all the extra weight goes during transformation.

So basically that's the application of John Carter's experiments.

It did start with dinosaurs with some human DNA.  Make them smarter, however, he used those templates to create the serum that could turn a human into a dinosaur, while keeping certain human features.  

And no, I'm not talking about the ugly unused shit for Jurassic Park 4.  The human looks more dinosaur than human, except for certain features, such as for one, having molars, having a jaw that can move and be capable of speech.  Having a fucking uvula, aka the skin flap at the back of our mouths, and four fingers and a thumb.  And still capable of the full arm movements humans are capable of.

Just imagine, a raptor not only capable of human speech, holding and shooting a gun, reloading it, saluting the American Flag, but also being able to climb a tree and swing on vines like fucing Tarzan.

You are not gonna be messing with that raptor anymore.

The raptor part of the soldier would be using some of the strengths humans have, like having one of the most efficient way of dispelling excess heat.  In way of sweating.  Yes, these raptors are capable of sweating.  

Also, yes, the raptor will be able to ride fucking motorcycle.  Because John Carter knows what would make us all happy.

Unfortunately, again, much like what we saw in Jurassic World with Wu's research, John Hammond found out what Carter was doing, seized his research, and then being a nice guy, decided to allow Carter go into hiding.

Mostly because Carter realized just who he was working for and wanted to stop them.

The unfortunate part, he had completed the serum that could turn a human into a human-dino hybrid, but the serum he created was geared for his specific chemical make up, blood type, whatever, and it was to turn him into a T. rex, and not a raptor, because John likes T. rexes.  

Actually, the serum has some raptor traits, which gives John the ability to jump high and run a lot faster than an actual Rex. Also, because he's like Sadie, meaning he's got super regenerative abilities, healing, reinforced bone structure, biological enhancements, he's basically a super T-rex, raptor, human hybrid that could probably withstand an Abram's tank and just laugh at the puny SPANKr firing at him.

Basically, nothing short of a tactical nuke could probably stop this guy.

Tactical nukes are the small nukes used on small targets.

Strategic nukes are the larger ones used on much larger targets.  Using a tactical nuke could escalate a conflict in which strategic nukes are deployed as a response.  Something we don't want.

Which is what the ODESSA want.

They want a nasty escalation, and the'll get it.

So, having trained smart dinosaurs isn't the best option.

Having humans that could take a serum to become a dinosaur is a bit least for guerrilla warfare.

Not so much for what is going on today.

But the idea, the plan itself also relied upon the human taking another serum to return to human form.

Unfortunately John Carter didn't quite make a perfect serum for that.  The serum he created and he now uses on himself to keep his human form is basically like a narcotic.  It makes being human a high.  And he has to keep taking the serum or he undergoes bad withdrawals in his modified T. rex form.  It's also like meth, it's slowly killing him.  And each time he takes it, he gets used to it and has to take a higher dosage to stay human longer.

So, there is another reason why the research basically failed and was never again even implemented.  And why John was discredited as a scientist even after the failure of Jurassic Park.

But only by the miracle of Hammond's lawyers did John manage to get off with his freedom, but it only means he's looked upon by the science community as a fraud and a joke.  If not a mad scientist.

Regardless to his reasons for doing this.

He pretty much lost his job, lost his wife, lost the love of most of his kids.  And he spends time in obscurity helping a friend of his dig up dinosaur bones while he sits in the pity pot feeling sorry for himself.

So, that's basically where I was going with the idea of military dinosaurs.  And when I heard that was why the iRex was created, and the whole wanting to test Owen's Raptor Pack...I just had to roll my eyes and groan.

Because a 12-year old thought of this in 1992, guys.  

God damn it.

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Jurassic World the Review

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2015, 11:26 PM

Yes, at last I finally saw this thing.

Was it awesome?

The first 10 minutes, the middle five with the pterosaurs attacking the park visitors, and the ending with the MOTHERFUCKING T REX...

That was awesome!

And yes, even the raptors were awesome.

The rest?

No.  Not really.

This is a half and half movie.

You know that old review that the late and great Roger Ebert said about Jurassic Park?  He said that he loved the movie when the dinosaurs were on the scene, but the moment we had the humans doing human things, he was bored.

And he would say the same thing about this movie.

Though I loved the characters in the original movie.  

But I do see what he said when it comes to this movie.

But that ending...


Did I mention Momma Rexy?  She's Grandma Rexy now.

*The paddock door opens and out steps Rexy*

Rexy: Now hold your horses, youngin, I'm comin'.  You want me to do what?  Kick the ass of a giant ugly white raptor?  Well, shucks, sugar, you came to the right place.  I took on two of those things 20 years ago.  This ol girl's got some fight in her yet.  Now you just wait right there, I'm gonna get my cane.

And it is worth the price of admission just to see the original T rex from the first movie showing us one more time why she is older than Jesus, her ovaries are chainsaws,  sharks are her Crunchberries, and Chuck Norris wishes he was her.

Again, she reminds us why she is Queen and we must bow.

Long live the Jurassic Queen!  Even if she's a dinosaur from the Cretaceous.


Jurassic Queen!  Bitches!

 photo T-Rex_3_zpsxxxkjm3r.png 

Go Rexy.

Also, when I saw the Mosasaur eat the iRex...yup.  Touchdown Tennessee!

That is our sea dragon, bitches!  A sea monster from Cretaceous Tennessee took down that ugly bitch!

With the help from Queen Rexy and Blue.

Yes, I realize I just said Queen "Kingy"  Shut up.

Blue: "We cool?"

Rexy: "We cool.  Stay off the drugs."

Blue: "Yes, Grandma!"

Rexy, she is the Sassy Grandma that kicks so much ass that we all wish was our own grandma.

Okay, for the actual review.


So, we start off watching the Indominus rex being born.  And there's two of them.  The first one hatches out and then eats the sibling beside her.  

And then we cut to what appears to be a "dinosaur" foot stomping in the snow...and the camera pulls out and it's a bird.  You know, those feathered dinosaurs that did survive the extinction?

And that was clever.  That was a clever shot, in all honesty.

So we are introduced to our two child characters, Gray and his older brother Zack.

And I have to say, goddamnit, Gray was fucking annoying.

Yes, I get it, it's possible he was autistic.  And even the actor who played him made that mention that originally he was written to have autism.  But the movie doesn't state it, doesn't go into it, but the traits are still there.

He acts like a 6 year old, but he looks like he's 12.  

Timmy in the first movie was all dinosaur crazy himself, but he wasn't annoying about it.  

Gray was annoying about it.

But when we got to the park, good god!  It looks awesome!

And yes, it looks like an actual working park.

Sure there's product placement in this movie, there's a Starbucks, a Margaritaville, because of course there is.  Among other things.  

But that's a real park.  

They would have had a McDonald's and I wouldn't feel it looked forced.  

That's a real theme park.

And seeing how it worked, the petting zoo, Tyrannosaurus rex Kingdom, which again, is awesome.  I loved how up close it was with the window in the log and summoning Rexy with a flare and a goat.  She loves her goats, man.

That was great.

I mean, I would pay to go over there and see it.

It looks like a real working park.  

That part was great.  Finally, we get to see this thing in action.  Not just a few visitors inspecting the park before it get to see this thing in action, and it fucking works.

And it's been working for years.  

That is great.

Remember what I said about the issues on why Jurassic Park failed, it failed because of the people in charge of it and how the dinosaurs were created.

Well, we have people in charge that love their work, want to bring this thing to life, and see it through.  So the park works.

And where it failed is creating a hybrid with all these animals mixed into it...

I said hybrids have been created before.  I mean, again, hybrids with tigers and lions...those exist, and they work fine.  

But the Indominus rex, this thing is a mishmash of creatures that really shouldn't belong together.  And yes, it has fucking Frog DNA again!

A cuttlefish.  A snake, a raptor, a carnotaurus, majungasaurus, and a few others...including possibly at least simeon DNA...

What the hell were you expecting?

This thing doesn't know what it is, it wasn't raised in a loving environment like the other dinosaurs were.

It was raised in isolation, in a cramped pen...of course it's gonna go psycho on you.

The guys in charge with building this thing knew what they were doing.  And they played dumb the entire time.

And that's what pissed me off.

And Henry, he was doing some John Carter level of crap here, under the nose of Masrani.

Again, I think Hollywood has cameras in my room, because really...

WHat was Henry Wu doing?

Exactly what John Carter was doing.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

What did John Carter do?

He created genetically modified hybrids for military usage.  

One being the experimentation he did on himself.

Luckily Wu didn't take it that far.

But here is what both Wu and Carter did?

John Carter created a raptor pack that have been spliced with his own DNA...back when he was human.  

However, when he created the raptors, he did not mistreat them, he taught them loyalty, love...despite the mad scientist actions he did, he still was an overall nice guy.  And he was nice to his creations because he knew that if he wasn't, it would bite him in the face one day.

Basically he took a page from the evil overlord handbook.

And his raptors respected him, were nice to him, and even seemed almost tamed.  But they were still raptors, they were still dangerous, and they were still capable of killing people if provoked.  

It's just that they were also highly developed enough to understand the difference between people being nice and people being mean.  Nor did they attack anyone unless they felt that person was a danger to them.  Mostly they would just watch their target.  Gathering information, and then make a decision or not if the target is a danger to them or not.

And these guys were phase one of Carter's experiments he was doing for the ODESSA to create dino super soldiers for their cause.

Phase two was turning humans into dino super soldiers.  Which he did to himself.  With a retrovirus.

But what did Wu do?

Again, create a hybrid, for military purpose.  

Since InGen is going military.

And he did it under the nose of his boss, Simon Masrani.  Like Carter again did it under the nose of John Hammond. 

What Masrani wanted to bring the dream of Hammond alive.

And I actually liked his character in the movie.  He was ambitious, but he wasn't some corrupt rich guy.  

He'd be a guy I would have a drink with.  Just not one of his helicopter rides.  Because he's a really horrible pilot.

Instead of asking about how his park is doing, numbers wise, he asks if the guests are having fun, or if the animals are happy.  I like that.

There's another character I got behind, that was Lowery.  He was hilarious.  I liked them.

The other characters, not so much.

So while the boys are visiting the park, we see Masrani visiting the Indominus rex, and immediately asks if Claire, the frigid bitch we are expected to hate because she cares more about her career than having a family...seriously movie.?

Anyways, Masrani calls in Owen, the inspect the paddock.  Which he does.

We also are introduced to Hoskins, the head of security, who wants to use the research on raptor behavior for his own pet project, again...doing what the ODESSA asked John Carter to do...

The ODESSA didn't want John to make T rexes for their cause, they wanted raptors.  Because most dromaeosaurs are human-sized, and can go into buildings where humans can go.  

A T rex, though big and very tough, and you don't want to mess with it, is impractical for search and rescue, or even what the ODESSA was having Carter design his serum and hybrids for, guerilla warfare.  

A T rex would be horrible for that.

And this is what Hoskins wants to do with Owen's raptors.

And I do like the way Owen talks to his raptors, treating them like bitchy teenage girls.


Honestly, they are like teenage girls.  Bitches will rip an eye out if they see a sale at Tiffany's.

Don't let your girls shop at Ambercrombie and Fitch, Owen.

So Owen goes up and inspects the paddock, in which he makes the statement of it being too small, the dinosaur being raised in isolation, no contact, no relationships...except for a crane they use to feed it...much like what happened with the first raptors in Jurassic Park.

See how nasty they were?

Imagine that but...BIGGER.

And I see what Doug Walker says about the iRex.  It is a gigantic raptor with human hands.

 photo Jurassic_world_indominus_rex_by_manusaurio-d8eojdj_zpsibgjdsas.jpg

Doesn't that look kinda raptor-ish to you?

It's a giant raptor, with the body of a T rex, simeon hands, bony structure of a Carnotaurus, and the spines of a Majungasaurus.

And it roars like a giant raptor.  That raptor sound we all know of, imagine that pitched to a lower octave, and you would have the iRex roar.

This is our villain, guys.

So, while he's inspecting the paddock, we cut to the kids going around the park and having fun.

So, we're done with that, go back to the paddock and Owen sees that it made scapes along the walls, making it appear that it escaped.  And the heat sensors aren't detecting it, so of course it escaped.  Like that one GUY sitting there eating his sandwich wouldn't be able to notice a giant raptor-looking dinosaur climbing the wall.


So, they go inside while Clair issues an alert to tell the park to shut down because...iRex has escaped.

No, let's do it right.  It's called the Verizon Wireless Presents the Indominus rex...


But...yeah, a park would do that to get sponsors.

So the Verizon Wireless Presents Indominus rex is still in her paddock, waiting and watching the humans checking out her attempt at escape.  Probably laughing that she trolled them good.  And her tracking thing in her back alerts command that she's still in there.  

So that's when she says: "Fuck it." And attacks.

Breaks out the paddock, eats her babysitter, and proceeds to head towards the center of the park where they put all the people in.  And because the VWPiRex is part snake, and has the heat pits of a snake, she can sense the thermal body heat of everyone in the center of the park.

But more like, she can sense the heat coming off the concrete and the people.

Really, part snake, and you couldn't just design her to have a more serpent like body?  Is anyone not surprised that this thing is built for war?!

When Wu says she was designed, he meant it.  Him acting like he doesn't know what she's capable of is just some stupid bluff he tells Masrani when Simon confronts him about it.

And yes, he seizes the research, shutting Wu down.  Because shock of all shocks, Wu is a mad scientist working for some shady military organization, builds a living weapon from dinosaur DNA...

Henry, stop being John Carter.  You're not good at it.  He at least had some remorse for what he did to himself and who he worked for, you're just standing there with a shit-eating grin, blaming this on Masrani.

Though he does raise good points, but still, shut up, Henry!

I think the only one allowed to make an argument like that is John because he knows what the hell he's talking about, you don't, Henry.

Well, Claire and Owen find out that Claire's nephews are out on the park, having a fun ride in the giant motorized hamster ball, and yes, Zack says that in the movie.  That's brilliant.  

With a cameo of Jimmy Fallon playing around with Dilophosaurus venom in an educational and safety video.  Yeah...go back to the Juggies, Jimmy.

Don't touch the dino loogie, it'll make you'll go blind.

And the idiot kids decide to go off the beaten path and end up square in a fight between the VWPiRex and a herd of ankylosaurs.  And then we get a version of what Jurassic FIMA might have put on the tube back then.

And they escape, jumping off a waterfall, and ending up in the old park.  

It was great to see the old visitor center and Zack making a torch with the old "When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth" sign.

Still, those night vision goggles Timmy used back, then, they still work. How the hell do those things still work after 20 years?!

And then they fix up and hotwire an old jeep, one of the JP jeeps...still having fairly fresh paint from back then too...but how does any of that work?!  

For one gas doesn't even last a year after sitting around.  It does have a shelf life you know.  Nevermind.

Well, they fix it up, and meanwhile, the iRex decides to show itself just when Claire and Owen spot the boys driving the old jeep.

They run away from it, but instead what caughts its eyes...and how human this thing looked when it was noticing it...

Here's the scene, the iRex goes through the hole in the Visitor Center, the one Granny Rexy made 20 years ago, and tries to step on them.  But then a helicopter, flown by Masrani with a mounted machine gun bolted to it, causes her to pause.

She looks up and instead of doing what a normal animal would do, and just keep following her prey, she knows that she's in trouble if that chopper starts shooting at her.  So, she then dashes towards the aviary, frees the pterosaurs as a means to not only cause chaos in the park, but destroy the copter with Masrani on it.

Do you see why most of us believe that this thing has human DNA in it?  And probably most likely secretly trained by the military who built her?

For a creature who Owen says, doesn't know anything of the outside world...she knew what she needed to do to cause a park evacuation, knew what a helicopter was, and knew what she had to do to take it out.

Even with human DNA, a dinosaur wouldn't know that unless it was educated.

So, this thing really is more like fucking Sadie than she is John.

Because Sadie was educated by the people who created her.  Namely John Carter.  
I wouldn't doubt if this thing could fucking read at some point.  Luckily, the movie didn't go that far.

So at last, the old jeep gets to the park, and it's funny.  These two Jurassic World guards seeing an old JP jeep with some kids in it demanding to open the gates.  And it was kinda fun to see the jeep plow through the rusted old gate doors to the old park, the ones that were opened for Grant and the others for when they saw the brachiosaurus for the first time.  Those fence gates.  Nostalgia.  

Well, the kids find Owen and Claire, and the pterosaurs at last attack.  And it's funny.  This is the other good part of the movie.  The second good part.

That's what we needed to see and I wish we had more of that.

Well, their babysitter Zara ended up getting hoisted up and then tossed into the Mosasaur lake where both she and the pterosaur was eaten.  So the Mosasaur had her lunch.  For breakfast she had shark, for lunch she had Katie McGrath and a chicken sandwich.  So, we are wondering what she's gonna have for dinner.

Someone get the dinner bell out!  Because it's gonna be a big and juicy one.

And a pterosaur makes off with Jimmy Buffet of Margaritaville, holding two Margaritas.  

"Tyrannoburger in Paradise.  Tyrannoburger, I said it twice."

And they destroy the Starbucks on screen!  It was glorious.

Owen kisses Claire, and no, they didn't have any chemistry in this movie.  

None whatsoever.  I would have liked it if they weren't a couple.  But I can understand.  I mean who wouldn't want to kiss Chris Pratt's lips?

America's Abs, folks.  America's Abs.

Actually most of the girls in the theater watching this movie, they were there for Chris Pratt.  Of course.

Though I think I liked him better in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Here, he walked around with a stick up his ass most of the time.  Still cute though.

Well, Owen hears that Hoskins is using his raptors to capture the iRex, he gets pissed because Hoskins is a douchebag, punches him, and then relents.

So we finally get our Chris Pratt riding his motorcycle alongside his raptors scene.  And I will admit, this was rather cool to watch, seeing the night vision POV shots from the raptors.  Really neat scene.

They finally find the iRex and the iRex can talk to them.

Again, how the hell would it know that other was taught to do that.

I mean, that thing should be trying to talk to them in Crane and Winch language rather than Raptor.  Because that's the only thing it should know.

And don't give me that instinct crap either.  

Yes, there's instincts.  Even we have them. The instinct to know we're hungry, so we must have something to eat.  We're thirsty, so we must drink.  We need to pee, we need to poop.  We need to breathe.  We can see things and smell things and hear things.

But even animals also must learn things they can't learn from instinct.  Like, how to hunt.  How to fly, how to properly communicate.

They actually found out that apes have their own language, and each one have a different language depending on which tribe of apes.  Even if they're the same species.  The tribe of silverback gorillas living by the stream are gonna have a different dialect, even language than the silverbacks near the cliffs.  

It's why we have different languages.  And even different dialects.

So this thing shouldn't be able to talk to these raptors.  

These raptors only know their language, which is probably their version of military speak, and what Owen says to them.  Meaning they know how to cuss, or know what cuss words are in Southern American English.

Which is a dialect of English.

All the iRex knows is: Crane means food.  And the world is 100 feet wide in all directions marked by a big stone barrier where the world ends.  And that's it.

So again, someone must have taught her something.

I don't care how smart your kid is.  Unless it learns something from its parents, it's not gonna learn much.

And if this thing does have primate DNA in it (which they didn't mention it did, but it is implied), since most primates, including humans...are social animals, that means that shouldn't be able to learn anything, let alone how to hunt and kill for food, or even for sport.  

We need social structure to learn.  This thing needs a social structure to learn.

If this thing is part primate, then it needs what all primates need.  Contact with the outside world, people going around it and teaching it something.  Communication from others like it...IE other fucking primates.  And guess who's the only primate around the iRex can relate to?  Fucking us!

Well, anyway, somehow, taking Crane to these raptors got them to come on her side, so they betray their daddy and start killing people.  

For no reason whatsoever.  Because they believe she's a better alpha?  How?

Did she challenge Owen to a knife fight off screen and he lost or something?  And she just mentions that?

Or maybe she told him that their squishy pink Alpha with the awesome abs was too chicken to face her, and that's how she got them to come on her side.

Or maybe she was being a bully, I dunno.

Hell, it would have made more sense if Owen stood up and said: "Hey, she's trying to challenge me for my position as Alpha of the raptors.  Okay...that means I have to fight her in a game of fisty cups."  And then he gets eaten, and that's how the raptors then turn on the humans.

Because that's how the establishment of being alpha happens.  The newcomer has to challenge the present alpha for the status, and defeat the alpha.  

Either in a duel to death, or just a duel of...I'm stronger than you, fuck off....and the pussy walks away.

Owen didn't walk away, he still was there, and she didn't eat him, so this establishing the iRex as the new Alpha was stupid.

And pretty much in the end, I think Blue realizes that.

And on Owen's reactions on that scene.

He does nothing.  Not even asserting his dominance as Alpha.  The raptors are looking at him for guidance and he just sits there and immediately says: "Raptors found a new Alpha."  

Yeah, they found one, because you did jack shit to reassure them that giant Frankenstein dino isn't their new boss.

So the raptors decide to betray their alpha for this new idiot, because...fuck you nature...and many of the humans get eaten.

Owen, Claire, and the kids finally get to the Creation Center, the Hammond Labs and find it all cleaned out.  Because Not-Dr. John Carter gets on an InGen chopper and flies away with iRex embryos to sell to his shady military contact...maybe the ODESSA or whatever.

Hoskins gets killed by the raptor he kept pissing off, aka Delta.  Which was satisfying.  And this is after he tells Claire and Owen what Project Ares was.  Which was the whole thing with the iRex.  

Yes, it had a name.  Project Ares, but that was only mentioned in Jurassic World, the Android/iPhone game.

But still, how the hell did anyone realize this was a military created weapon?  Project Ares?  Aka the God of War?  Hello!

You can't get anymore obvious if you gave the iRex army liveries and an AK-47!

I mean, at least John didn't even give his secret project a name.  He just called it The Project.  

That was it.

But Hoskins gets eaten because he can't see the boobs on Delta.

Hoskins: "Good boy."

Delta: "I'm a girl, you asshole!" *chomp*

They run away, only to be cornered by the three remaining raptors since Charlie, the youngest green one got blasted by rocket launcher.

The iRex comes walking up like a fucking Bond Villain.  Man, this thing really is Sadie.

And she doesn't even eat them. She gloats at them.  If you could translate her growls, it would be: "Now I have you, Mr. Grady.  And your girlfriend and her kids too.  But before I eat you...let me tell you about my evil plans!"

Okay, so Not-She-Devil gloats a bit more and probably says something like: "I'm gonna kill you now, Mr. Grady."  

And that' doesn't sit well with Blue, who then turns around and I'm guessing saying something like: "But that's my dad.  Why would you want to hurt my dad?"

Not-Sadie then says: "Fool.  Just for that, You will be the one to destroy them!"

And Blue's like: "No!"

And Grady whistles and the three raptors protect the humans from the evil iRex.

Not-Sadie bats Blue away, the other raptors get pissed: "Hey, that's our sister, you just smashed, bitch!"

And jump on her and....well, she ends up sending Delta I think into the grill where she explodes into flames, and Bravo gets her back snapped in half...and all is left is Blue...who is knocked unconscious...

That is when the kid, Gray, says the line that is the best line in the movie.

"We need more teeth."

Claire gets up, grabs a road flare, calls Lowery, tells him to open up Paddock 9, Granny Rexy's Paddock...

And the most awesome scene in the whole movie plays out.

Claire leads Granny out of her paddock...which by the way, Rexy was actually at at the time.  She didn't have to go looking for her, Rexy was ready to go.

Why?  Because well, as we've seen in a BBC documentary, the T rex's nose is like 200 bloodhounds strapped together.

She KNOWS that the iRex, the bitch who wants to pretend she's the boss of Isla Nublar, is there...and she's ready to kick her ass.

And she does, by first destroying the Spinosaurus skeleton from JPIII.  Which was a huge fuck you to that movie. And I loved it.  Then, she latches onto the neck of the iRex, with the jaw power that can crush bones, and she starts flinging her around.

It's only when the iRex uses her long arms and talons to bat Rexy away, does she end up losing the first round.

But it's okay, because Blue shows up and distracts the iRex, leaps onto her back, starts biting the shit outta her, and Rexy gets her second wind and...

Rexy just tosses that bitch around like a ragdoll.  

At last, they get the iRex to the edge...

And the iRex is like: "I'm not down, you bitches!  No one can stop me!  I'm the ultimate evil dinosaur.  Ahhahahahahah!!!"

Then, Touchdown Tennessee!

Mosasaurus leaps up and has iRex for her dinner.  With a side of catfish.

And the ending is...again.

Blue: "We cool?"

Rexy: "We cool.  Stay off the drugs, kid."

Blue: "Yes, Granny!"

And just like the awesome heroine she is, Granny Rexy walks off...with a limp...but...still...she walks up.

Rexy: "Damn it, I think I cracked my hip.  Where's my Life Alert?"

Well, I'm guessing everyone evacuated to Costa Rica, and Owen and Claire have their moment.  The kids are reunited with their parents...

But no, the movie doesn't end there.  We return to Isla Nublar and Queen Rexy takes her throne at the glow of a sunset/sunrise...whatever...and roars from the landing pad at the Creation Center.

So, I guess Isla Nublar will become like Isla Sorna then.

And no stinger at the end either.

The movie was bad, but I will say this, it knows how to end right.

It really does know how to end right.  

I'd say see it for the first few 10, the middle 10, and the last 10.  

The rest, you can skip through.

Rexy is back!  Bitches!

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More bad news

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2015, 5:04 PM

More bad news.

It seems the Universe is just handing me and my family more and more badness.

My cousin ended up going to the hospital because a car ran over her.  Fractured her rib cage, punctured and collapsed her lung.  

And I'm just worried, depressed...and feeling some remorse.

Mostly because of how cold I was to her at Thanksgiving.

I'm a heel, man.

So, yeah, that's what's going on this week.

I'm sad.

Well, not sad.  Just dead inside.

Mostly because my depression is acting up because all the compounded bad on top of worse happening.

I know my cousin is having even a worse time.  And I feel for her and I'm worried about her.

And that's causing me to have a bad week.  

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A Good Samaritan

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 13, 2015, 6:58 AM


So, I decided to be a good Samaritan...jumping a friend's car off.

But it bit me in the ass.

My alternator decided that it was time to go.

So it went.

All because I wanted to be nice.

Remind me never to be nice again.

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I get it now

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 3:04 PM

I get the reason why many people don't like weeaboos.

Because apparently, I have one who likes to correct me on how to spell Brai's name. 

"It's Burai".

I don't fucking care.

You know all my British friends don't correct me in how I spell "color" do they?

No.  They don't.

"it's supposed to have a 'u' in it."

But that's not how we spell it in my country.

I don't like smart asses.  I really don't.

And now, I'm beginning not to like Weeaboos either.

Comment on the image, don't give me some lecture on how to spell a word that in English, doesn't require the 'u' to make the 'br' sound.  

In Japan, they need that 'u', because there isn't a hiragana for the 'br' sound.  But the rest of us using Roman characters, we don't need that 'u' to make the 'br' sound.

So, it's Brai.

Which is the word for 'brute'.  

I guess 'brute' needs an extra 'u' in it because the weeaboos say so.

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Dragons with feathers

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 1:34 AM

Now I'm not talking about dragons like this....

Malcho the Rain Serpent by Ghostwalker2061

Nope, that's not what I'm talking about.

Something I've noticed for a long time and I how no idea who invented this style or what...where it came from and how far back when it comes to drawing dragons.

Dragons, western dragons actually, that have partially feathered wings.  Like feathers draping over their regular bat-like wings, basically.

Like the artist just got too lazy to finish the feathers and just decided to draw the bat wings after the first few rows.

And I'm not talking about dragon wings like Saphira's wings.  Though I hate the books, hated the movie, the design of Saphira's wings from Eragon are rather creative looking.  They're bat wings that have a scale pattern that takes on the appearance of feathers.

I guess I just never really liked that style...half feathers, half bat-wings.  

I like to draw my dragons with either one or the other.

Malcho has completely all feathered wings, and he does walk around like friggin Smaug from Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.  

I need to draw that sometime.  Showing Malcho walking around on all fours, using his wings as his forelegs.  The wings I drew in that image are actually a bit too small for him.  They are much more massive and wide than that.  

Rubius, that black dragon from Lunar, I gave all feathered wings, because it just looked better.

But then dragons like Neltharion have completely leathery, bat-like wings.

The Warchief's Wrath Cover complete by Ghostwalker2061

Need to do a really good study of Neltharion's wings too.  Because they too are incredibly massive.

So, I dunno.  

Usually this half feathers half bat-winged dragons are the whimsical, playful dragons rather than ones that look like they could rip your face off if you so much pissed them off.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Though Neltharion can look absolutely adorable at times too if he wants.  It's just that, he also is a dragon who looks like he can rip you to pieces if you do get on his bad side.

He just does a good job at looking adorable as well.

I guess I've got this issue of making the dragon just look too cute and adorable in appearance as well.  

But at the same time, I have an issue of having the dragon look too fearsome and the point where it can't do anything else but look like that.

With me, I will draw dragons that are fearsome, scary, but have a wide range of emotions.  If they want to look sweet, they can.  If they want to look like they're so scary they're pants wetting scary...they can look that as well.

Which is a secret to my style of giving dragons these wide range of emotions..

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061 
Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Case in point.

He's so adorable...but at the same time...HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

However, I will agree with a Tyrannosaurus rex having feathers is not only awesome, but it makes it look so pretty, and at times scary as well.

 photo how-t-rex-really-looked-like-24746-1289391497-24_zpshzmdsdjg.jpg
Pretty bird!  My god, that's a pretty bird!

That is awesome.

More of that, please.

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You're a pretty bird

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 9, 2015, 3:26 AM

 photo birds_and_dinosaurs_zpskf4w7hbl.png

Yes, it is a good world.

Which also means, you can say to the T. rex: "You're a pretty bird.  Yes, you are!  You're a pretty, pretty bird!"

You can say that to the raptors too.

Which also means...the most annoying animal outside my living room is a small, carnivorous, theropod dinosaur with gray and white plumage, known to mimic any sound it hears...

And it goes by the name of...

Mimus polyglottos

Also known as...the Tennessee Mockingbird.

And I am this close to making another great extinction of the dinosaurs if this one dino doesn't shut the hell up!

But that is actually kinda cool.  

It's official...they are dinosaurs.

So, that means, periodically, I'll have dinosaurs nesting in my chimney.  Caught one dinosaur that fell through the plastic tarp and decided to go ballistic until I caught it and let it fly free out the door.

And it also means that dinosaurs regularly shit on my car!

I think it was that damned dinosaur...the M. poly that is to blame.

And yes.  That means one of the favorite, if  not the favorite meat on the menu is a dinosaur called Gallus gallus domesticus, aka the chicken.  And it probably means that the T. rex really would taste like chicken.

Because the chicken is related to the tyrannosaur.  

But it also means it's okay if I draw dinosaurs with feathers.

This is a good world indeed.

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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 1:10 AM

And fuck the spoilers too...



You're not even supposed to be Azor Ahai and you killed your daughter, one of the sweetest people still left in this story for NOTHING!

Jon Snow and Danny are the Prince that was Promised, you idiot!  

For once, I have to say...I HOPE RAMSEY BITCHFACE KILLS YOU.

Actually I hope you and Ramsey kill each other!

I hope the White Walkers get them!  Go Team White Walkers!

In fact, I'm starting to see it.  There was this guy who said that it's possible that the White Walkers are actually the fucking good guys.

You know what, I believe it.  I believe that they're the fucking good guys.

That's right, the Night's King, the guy who's raising an army of undead that trumps the hero of this story.

Because everyone else is so fucking despicable, how couldn't he be anything else but the damned hero?

Except for Danny and Tyrion.  And Jon Snow.  They are awesome.

Also, go Drogon.

Danny's a dragon rider now!

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A Look at Transformation

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2015, 5:27 AM


One thing I love to do with stories like this is exploring how the characters deal with what is happening to them.

And also one of the reasons why I can’t stand these escapist wish fulfillment stories about people being turned into whatever they want and their lives ending up being awesome because of it.

It makes for a rather ridiculous if not rather insulting story for the reader.  As if the writer himself or herself only thinks that what they think is cool is what everyone else will.  But the rule is tell the story you want to tell, but make sure that your readers too can become involved with the story and the characters’ struggles.

Make the reader care about the character.

The reader can’t care about the character, nor relate to the character’s struggles if everything is

just fine and wonderful.

It also throws the reader out of the universe.  

And it’s just not fun.

  • “Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them–in order that the reader may see what they are made of.” Kurt Vonnegut

Also, have the character earn liking being what they are.  Have the character earn its status as
this new thing it turned into.  Everything just can’t happen all hunky-dory, and be alright.  The character has to earn it.

That way when the good thing happens to the character, it feels like she or he earned it.  

And that’s what I tend to do with the transformation stories.

I like turning people into things, dragons, dinosaurs, werewolves…or whatever I can think of.  

But it’s not about the escapist fantasy.  It’s about what the character goes through when something in their lives has changed drastically.

It is not about how awesome their lives are because of the transformation.

Try to think of becoming a dragon as…all of a sudden becoming disabled.  What a character goes through when all of a sudden they lose the ability to walk…what the character has to change in their lives to accommodate for this new dilemma.  

If the character worked and had to use their legs while working, and walking or being able to stand and climb around stuff is a part of their job…well…for one thing they may end up losing that job.  They have to quit because they no longer can perform their job.  

How about in the home?  What things need to change when they are now confined to either a walker or a wheelchair, or even a scooter?

If they live in a cramped home, moving around may be difficult just to even go to the bathroom or bathing.  Even getting in and out of the bed is a new challenge.

Their social life might change as well.  

How people see this person after they lose the ability to walk.  That changes.  

I can attest to some dramatic change when I broke my ankle.  Getting around the apartment was difficult.  Buying groceries was difficult because I had to hobble around with crutches.  Even bringing in groceries because I had only one hand to use, while leaning on one crutch was a bitch.

And I had to go through the special door where the elevator was, and I had to let my employer know that I needed access to the special door.

And when I got to work, people noticed and treated me a bit differently because of it.

Just breaking my ankle and dealing with a temporary handicap disrupted my life.

So, that's the thing here.  That's how to handle the transformation story.

So, here are the various transformation themes that I use.

One is...well..good example is Neltharion, aka Squishy.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion is a good example of a physical transformation that doesn't change the person's species, but the transformation is still dramatic that it affects the character and how he interacts with the world and other characters.

Neltharion's bloating and as he bloats he gains more power, and he grows in size.  However, this transformation is also a handicap for Neltharion.  Yeah, it means he can now bench press two planets instead of one, but the bloating is not see as a positive.

It makes his body feel alien.  Quite frankly, Neltharion's swelling and bloating is a good example of a character gaining a disease or disability that inhibits him.  He's a dragon, he's always going to be a dragon.  He knows how to fly, breathe fire, or lava, use magic, but because of his swelling, his body is becoming more and more alien to him.

In the Coffer, when Neltharion first awakens from 10K years of torment, he can't even fly right.  He could barely even move around properly, felt heavy and weak, despite the fact that the bloating makes him a thousand times stronger than he was prior to becoming Deathwing.

It's because his body had grown so alien to him, he couldn't work with it.  He couldn't use it.  Hell, many times when he looked at himself in the mirror, it wasn't his face staring back.

That is scary.  And well, Neltharion, being the squishy boy he is, he doesn't take fear well.  He doesn't take terror well.  And he is absolutely terrified of himself.  He is afraid of himself.

And when he bloated at the end of Warchief, his body again felt alien to him.  He could fly well, he couldn't move gracefully.  All because the body he knew, the things he knew he could do with his body...being what he is...he couldn't because it had transformed into something alien to him.

And he's afraid of it.

And the way people react to his form.  Each time he undergoes a transformation, a swelling, bloating, gaining more power, the transformation further pushes a lot of people away from him.  

Again, Chapter 24 of Wrath of the Warchief, read it to really see this in action.

So, that's one transformation in a story that happens to a character, but I'd the transformation is minor relative to other transformations.  Minor as in, no matter how much Neltharion bloats out, he's still going to be a dragon.  This kind of transformation is very minor because he's not changing what he is, just gaining more and more mass and power from the transformation.  But he still has four legs, two wings, a tail, horns....

So now we're gonna move onto the transformation themes that I use in stories that actually involve a true transformation.

As in, turning one thing into something else.  

Mostly turning humans into other creatures.

And there's two different variations that I use.  And a sort of split branched variation of the second.

One is the transformation has no reason behind it, and generally is not the character's fault.  

Example, Tanya.  An event that occurred, forcing her to transform into a dragon.  Tanya does not know why it happened, or who caused it, and the transformation is not her fault.  The reason behind the transformation is left ambiguous, and the character had nothing to do with it.  It just landed on her face.

The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

And this creates drama on how Tanya deals with what she was dealt.  Not only that, but so do her family and friends.

She didn't want to become this.  She can't return to work because her size is a huge handicap.  And she pretty much becomes a burden upon her family and friends, that is until she finds something that she can do with her newfound body and power.

I'm not gonna have her wallow in her self-pity forever.  She will discover that she can do something with herself, take on another sort of job.  But she has to get to that point.  And she's not there yet.

Luckily, she does have family and her fiance willing to help her cope.  But she also have the rest of the world, even the world around the neighborhood, wanting to make things difficult for her and her parents and Casey.

Her life did not become better because of becoming a dragon.  However, that doesn't mean that she can't figure out how to make it better despite being a dragon.  Or find value in her transformation.

However, she has to discover this.  And that's a big factor that I don't find in many transformation stories.

Not using the transformation as a means to not only explore how the character would deal with it, but also explore how the character can grow from it.

Eventually, Tanya will come to accept that she is a giant fire-breathing dragon, and she'll gain soul armor from it.  After all when life gives you lemons...

The next is an interesting exploration of transformation.  And that is, the character knows what caused the transformation, and either caused it him or herself...or did not.

And that's where the split is.

A good example of well...I wouldn't call it that it wasn't her fault, however...she wasn't given much choice.

Vickie Samson.

Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061

Yup. Our favorite Shadow Dragon vampire hunter.  Ridding the world of sparkly pussipires for ever.

She knows what turned her into a dragon.  Drinking Shadow Dragon blood.  And she did drink it herself.  But she did it for someone.  And in reality, she still would have been probably made to do it anyways given that in the Clan Azedadeth, she was the one chosen to undergo the transformation.

However, this transformation was done because she wanted to help the person she loved.  She still has to live with her decision, she is limited to what she can and cannot do due to the secrecy of the Clan.  And in the end, she knows that she may never get together with Tony like she wanted.  But she still made a sacrifice to save him regardless.  

It just meant her humanity.

And no, she is still not happy about it.  However, the people she mostly deals with are all used to the idea of selecting a candidate for the transformation and are prepared to help the candidate adjust to their new lives as a Shadow Dragon.  Which is a bit better than what Tanya had to deal with.

But let's look at the other variant on this...

The Fuzzy Rex by Ghostwalker2061

Which has to do with this guy.

John Carter.  He's the example of a person undergoing the transformation, knows why it is happening, and is the one who inflicted it upon himself.

And he really does have to live with the decision he made.

He purposely turned himself into that.  

This exploration is interesting to play with.  Because despite his decision, his life isn't better.  He's not happy either, and he really regrets a lot of what he has done.

And he did this to himself because...well...he fucked up.  He's probably one of my most morally gray character.  Because he was willing to do those experiments for really bad people, and he did it so he could make a quick buck.   And when he tried to back out of it, he couldn' instead he decided to inject himself with the only formula that was stable and could be used for human he could make sure the bad people wouldn't get a hold of it.

Biosyn would love him.

Hell, one could say this is Breaking Bad if the lead character instead use the stuff he was making to turn himself into a dinosaur, rather than giving it to the criminals for them to turn their men into dinosaurs.

However, in this case, the transformation didn't really ruin his life.  It was everything else.  His wife divorced him because of his shady dealings, he lost credibility because he doing very unethical experiments...even worse than what is known for InGen to do.

All for the name of science.

But the exploration with him is that because of the people he associated himself with on top of the transformation, that is what brings him down.  

He is seen as a freak, people do tend to eye him with suspicion, or they are afraid of him because of what he looks like.  And he's lost his credibility.  No one is gonna be hiring him for their next breakthrough in matter how much a genius he is, or what he has learned from his unethical experimentation.  

The science community will not even touch him with a mile-long pole

And in the end, he ends up making a serum that could temporarily make him human, but it tends to also become highly addictive and it's pretty much a drug that's slowly killing him.  Even then, friends and family get to watch him inflict torment after torment upon himself just to try and cure himself.

Also, his transformation is very painful, and bloody.  It's the most body horror of transformations I've ever done to anyone.  And that's even including Vickie, whose transformation included her bones being broken in order for her to grow the extra appendages.  

John's transformation is...the tyrannosaur literally grows from inside of him to the outside.  And he sheds his human skin, basically, along with spitting out all his teeth, having his fingers become pierced by talons breaking the skin.  On top of all the bone breaking to gain his mass and greater size.

It's not for the faint of heart to watch.

So, his life isn't better for the transformation.  And many of his own peers do not wish to sit and watch him slowly destroy himself by taking a drug he designed in order to keep himself that he could at least hold a job.

Actually John is an interesting case because he's pretty much a shapeshifter, can return to human form...but he does it only makes his health deteriorate, and well, each time he takes the serum, he has to up the dosage because his body becomes used to the drug.  And higher dosage means he can stay human longer.

Yeah...I just turned longing to be human into a drug addiction.  

And I was a kid when I made this up.

So, basically, this gives you an idea of the sort of transformation stories that I do.  How I handle it, and pretty much why when I do read some escapist fantasy about transforming into something, or someone telling me how they wish they could turn into a dragon...or dinosaur..or whatever...why I tend to roll my eyes at them.

Because I know it can be so much worse than what most people like to think about.

Escapist fantasies don't want to focus on the bad things.  And that's what escapism is, however, not focusing on the bad makes for a very dull, and very uncompelling story.

So, there you go.

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Human Hybrid Dinosaur

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2015, 6:30 PM

So, let's talk about the Indominus rex.  

For those of you who don't know, the upcoming Jurassic World movie has a new dinosaur that is a biological hybrid of Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus (which is a type of tyrannosaur), Majungasaurus, and a few others.

And possibly human DNA

 photo jurassicworld_merchandise_indominus_rex_leak_2_zps2zguekyz.jpg

I mean look at this thing.  It just looks hideous.  And not in a cool ugly, or a cute ugly...but just ugly.

I need to pick on this thing for a moment because it's bothering the shit outa me.

And it has to do with the rumored human DNA thing.  It possibly has human DNA spliced in it.

And this is where I have to ask why.  Why would you have this in the narrative?  What point in the narrative does this make sense?

I get why you would want to unleash a new dinosaur attraction.  This is a thing for many theme parks.  When  your visitation drops, to again bring in more people, you unveil something new.

Hell, it's one of the reasons why I tend to do images myself and even try to show off even unfinished works because it brings in viewers.

Also the reason why I did this too...

Tirek Tastes the Rainbow by Ghostwalker2061

Yes, I need to do another Pony and Neltharion image.

Viewership is going down again.

But still, why splice the dinosaur with human DNA?  Why make a dino-human hybrid?

Now, the theme of the movie seems to be the statement of that hybrids are bad.  Like cloning dinos are bad and such.

Except we've done hybrids before.  The liger is a good example.  And there's nothing wrong with it.  

The mule is a donkey-horse hybrid.  It seems to be fine.  Sterile, but fine.

Zebroids.  You've seen them?  They're cute!  They're a donkey and zebra hybrid.  And they are so adorable!  

 photo Telegraph-the-zonkey-012_zpsaz7gpxai.jpg

One statement I heard in the trailer was the issue of mixing carnivores together to make this thing.  

Again, the liger.  Mixing two carnivores together.  And I've seen the cubs.  And they are adorable.  Hell, we have people working around ligers and tigons.  

So it's not mixing carnivores together that makes this thing nasty.  It's the human DNA people.

The I. rex is stated to be able to hunt for sport...kill for the sake of killing.  Knows that she's being tracked with a tracking device under her hide.  

She's smarter than the velociraptors.  Able to problem solve on chimp level, pretty much.

And if anything else that would pretty much equate this thing as having at least primeape DNA in her...opposable thumbs.

  • “Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow-creatures is amusing in itself.”

    ― J.A. Froude
Yeah, I'm guessing the hunting for sport thing is the big factor that makes the I. rex more human than dinosaur.

Are we humans the only ones that really hunt for our amusement other than for our needs?  I just have to ask that question.

Anyways, why am I focusing on the whole human DNA thing.  I mean it may not even be true.  But everything in the world is pointing towards it being true.  So...for now...let's just say it is.

InGen, in its brilliant idiocy decided to go back to being stupid and do something illegal, that is human cloning.  Yes, it is illegal to clone humans...which they did when they made the I. rex.  It is in fact illegal in California, which InGen's HQ is located.  

(Interestingly enough, it's not illegal in Tennessee to clone humans.  InGen, you should have come here instead.  I mean we have the TITAN computer, which could be used just for that purpose.  It's a million times more powerful than what they used to originally clone their dinosaurs in the first place.)

So they, cloned a human to make this thing, which is illegal in California.  

So, the unfortunate implication is that this thing can't even be seen as an animal, because it's human.  And we're putting it on display without its say or even giving it proper compensation.  Which another illegal thing to do.  We're going into human trafficking territory.

Is there any reason why she's pissed off?  Yeah, I'd release a bunch of pterosaurs to attack the tourists too.

But again, why put human DNA in it?

And the reason why I'm focusing on this is due to the fact that...this just sounds like something a 12-year old would think up.  

Case in point, myself.

I did this story.  I did this story when I first read the book in 1991.  

An InGen scientist uses himself as the template to create a human-dinosaur hybrid.  Actually, he turns himself into the hybrid.

Some of the rumors point out that I. rex may have Henry Wu's genes in her.  


The Fuzzy Rex by Ghostwalker2061

I came up with this idea when I was 12.  That is why I have a problem with it.  

Give John Carter his due here, he is a nice guy.  He pretty much was a version of Dennis Nedry, only not as douchey, and he sold his research out to the ODESSA because he was being so underpaid by Hammond and InGen.  And then when he got in over his head, to keep the serum from getting into the wrong hands, he basically gave himself the stuff and turned himself into that.  A mixture between Curt Connors and Nedry.

  •     I can vouch for that, said John Carter. The reason why I started my little mad science experiment in the first place, while supporting the nasty people who were backing many of the guerrilla insurgents in South America.  Just cloning dinosaurs for an amusement park and safari retreat wasn't really paying the bills.

Pretty much the plot of Jurassic Park 4..or what was going to be Jurassic Park 4.  

Dinosaur-human hybrid super soldiers created by an InGen scientist.  And I came up with that before the first movie came out.  And then when I found out about Jurassic Park 4's script, I was like..."Okay, Hollywood, stop reading my stupid fanfictions!  I get it, only I can make this crazy thing actually work.  And that's the difference, between me and you."

So, you can see my beef with this Indominus rex thing.  

It's something that a stupid 12-year old would come up.  Because I should know.  I was the stupid 12-year old who came up with it!

And even I thought it was stupid, which is why I kinda redid the idea and abandon John Carter in favor for A'shadieeyah.

The She-Devil Returns to Forks by Ghostwalker2061

Because the idea I came up with was stupid.  Yeah, I kinda miss Sadie.  At least when I revealed my dinosaur-human hybrid super soldier to everyone, it was through comedy.  Which probably helped many of you accept the silly idea.  Because it was so ridiculous, why not make fun of it?

This is making me facepalm all over the place.  

So, Hollywood?  Any other ideas you wanna snatch from my childhood stupid fictions?

And again, if you're gonna have this thing as a human-hybrid, it better have a good reason in the narrative to why it is the way it is.

I mean, with Sadie and John, there was a narrative reason.  I came out and said it, the people creating these creatures were working for bad people who wanted to make super-soldiers.  

And even then, even if that was an idiotic least the character of Sadie is interesting enough to ignore the stupid backstory.  Which is another trick that needs to be done.  Even the absurd can work if the piece itself is compelling to handwave it.

With John, it was again another one of my transformation stories where...yes...the transformation did not make the life of the human who transformed better.  It made it worse.  But unlike Tanya's transformation, where the reason why and how was never explained, and it wasn't her fault for becoming a dragon...John's transformation is explained.  And he did to himself.

And because he did it to himself, his peers pretty much ridicule him, they blacklist him from the scientific community.  His wife leaves him and takes the kids.  He goes to live on Isla Sorna in exile for 4 years...basically up to The Lost World storyline.  And John Carter has to live with what he did to himself and the consequences.

And I wrote that when I was 12.  Now you guys get why I don't like reading escapist transformation stories which shows the characters living a happy life despite what had happened to them.  And everything is wonderful because of the transformations.

Because I could not think, even as a pre-teen, even younger than that could be a good thing.  As a kid I knew there were consequences.  

I hate sounding like I think I can do better than what is out there right now.  But honestly, I can.  A lot better.  Because I asked those questions at an early age.

So...there's my big long rant, beef, whatever.  

And I might make another journal about transformation stories again.  To really talk about my history with them.  Honestly, I'm taking a small break from Neltharion because since Jurassic World...I kinda started going back to John Carter's story.  Writing a what is his life like 22 years after the park kind of story.  

I wrote a trilogy of him.  One that covered Jurassic Park, the one that covered Lost World, and then, the last one, Jurassic Park III.  All for my amusement, I guess.

But I'm just amusing myself with this little story I'm writing.  May not even show it because's like the fourth story in a series that I was writing for over 20 years.  I mean, to show this story off, I would have to rewrite the old story to explain how we got there and why these characters know each other.

The first story wasn't even all that completed.  Just scenes here and there that I wrote.  Second was completed, somewhat . The third...just as incomplete as the first.

But meh.

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Thoughts on Jurassic World

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 2, 2015, 11:57 PM

These are pre-movie thoughts.

Here’s a question that I’ve been asked.

Will I see Jurassic World?

Yeah, I will.

I’ve seen there a few complaints of this.  They’re rehashing the old movie.  Why revisit a classic that should be left alone?

Why doesn’t anyone listen to the lesson of the first movie?

Building this new park is a spit in John Hammond’s face and it shouldn’t have been made and…blah, blah…blah…

I’ve seen this from one ranter who pretty much got every point wrong.

The old park, failed, right?  It failed, so it shouldn’t happen again.  Because it failed and we have learned a lesson.  Don’t clone dinosaurs to put them in an amusement park because well…we've seen Jurassic Park and that was with a small handful of people.  Ten times worse if it were with a whole crowd right?

You know, I think we need to discuss Jurassic Park and why it failed.

I was one of those who read the book before it became a movie.  Hell, I read the book before I heard they were going to make a movie of it.

This was back in 1991.  I was in the 7th grade and my friend Erin had a book with her called Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.  He wrote the Andromeda Strain and Congo and Sphere.  So, she suggested Jurassic Park to me and I went to the bookstore and bought it.

The original paperback, white cover of the book.

Yup, that.

I read it in seventh grade.  All the way through.  And I loved it.

It was actually the first piece of adult literature that I had ever read besides Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs.  Both of those were bought by my mother.

Yeah, I was reading books about murder and rape when I was 12, go figure.

I was also listening to New Kids on the Block, so I was crazy.

That was the in thing in the early 90s, pre-teens reading adult literature rather than literature for our age group.  Probably why now we 30-somethings are reading young adult because we skipped that when we were the proper age group.

Anyway, I read it, loved it.

Then a year later, 8th grade, Erin met me in the hall between social study class and algebra, said they were making a movie of Jurassic Park.

And well, I knew that well…being the book was plenty gory, there was no way I was gonna see the movie.  Not if it was gonna be rated R.  Which we both suspected.  But I was skeptical. I didn’t think the movie technology was even at a level to create something like Jurassic Park.  Oh, yeah, we had stop-motion.  And we had animatronics, and yeah, we had CGI…really…really bad CGI.  Cuz, it was the 90s. The early 90s.  We were still just getting over hot pink and big hair from the 80s.

Grunge hadn’t even set in yet.  Won’t set in until 4 years later.

I mean, the most I’ve seen of CGI was Money for Nothing  back in the 80s.  

How the fuck are they gonna make a movie with that?

So, already I was writing it off as a bad movie.  Not faithful to the book.  It was gonna suck.  

Then a few weeks later, after gym, Erin came over and said the movie was gonna be PG:13.

Oh, god, now they’re just messin’ with us Jurassic Park book fans.

It’s gonna be this watered down trash with bad CGI effects and jerky animatronics.  And even rougher Ray Harryhausen puked up stop-motion.

That is until I saw the trailer.  And I was blown outta my mind.

Then I begged my grandma to take me to see the movie during the summer of 1993.  And granted, yeah, the characters were a bit of a cardboard cutout, half the book was missing, however, the general story was there.

And the dinosaurs looked gorgeous.  I loved the T-rex animatronic.  The pacing, the set up, the CGI with it.  

And it holds up even today.  I can still watch this and it looks gorgeous.  And the sound.  The roar off of Rexy.  Just awesome.

But then now, I realized what changed, and why.  And why the park failed.

It’s still all there.  Faithful to the book.  The park failed.

And here is why.

In the book, as well as the movie, Jurassic Park was a fully automated park.  Everything was running off of computers.

Well, in the book, there’s a bit more detailing as to why this was the big thing that caused the park to fail.  And the movie glossed over the whole Chaos Theory Malcolm was spouting.

It has to do with unpredictability.  You can’t have a park that’s fully automated and expect it to be flawless.  Especially when dealing with living creatures.  The computers back then weren’t capable of factoring in the more fluid and ever changing motion of a living organism.  

And that’s why it failed.

The other was, and again, this was only touched briefly in the movie, but more in the book…Jurassic Park was a park that was badly designed and done by people who were cutting too many corners and rushing the project out before all the bugs could be worked out.

And this came across in two factors.  The staff and the dinosaurs themselves.

One that was very noteworthy among the staff was Denis Nedry.  He says it in the movie, he says it big time in the book.  

He wasn’t paid enough.  He wasn’t paid enough, given the proper budget he needed or even the time he needed to write a stable OS for the park.

That’s why the system failed as it did.

Hammond was a big factor.  More so in the book than in the movie.  He was a cheep and unlikeable, money grubbing asshole.

In the movie, he was more likeable, and whimsical.  But still, he cut a lot of corners.  And that cost him the park.

It could have worked.  If it was done right, as with anything, it could have worked.  If Hammond had listen to his peers, Jurassic Park would be open for visitation.  But, he didn’t, and it wasn’t.

The other was cutting corners in the dinosaurs’ creation.  Mostly the dino DNA being spliced with amphibian DNA.

And it’s more elaborated on in the book, than in the movie, why this was a big deal and why it led to the failure of the park.

Henry Wu was ordered to cut corners by Hammond (no duh), and to rush the dinosaurs out before he had actually mapped the genome.  And he could have done it.  The dinosaurs originally were going to be made without mutating the code to fill in those gaps.  But Hammond, being impatient and realizing such an endeavor would have been more costly, ordered Wu to do the rush job of splicing the dino DNA with frogs and well…there you go.

So the statement in the movie of going on all about doing what you think you could without stopping to think you should wasn’t about creating the dinosaurs themselves and building a park around them…it was to stop and think about the rush jobs of making said dinosaurs with all the problems the park had because of cheep labor and many people in charge not really wanting to do their job right…

And that’s why it failed.  But John Hammond in the movie was remorseful about leaving the park, leaving the dinosaurs.  He still wanted to make it happen.

So in Jurassic World we get to see what happens when you see the mistakes Hammond and InGen did with Jurassic Park…and learn from those mistakes.  And we could have something successful.

That is until some idiot thought about splicing human DNA with all the nasty theropods to create this Indominus Rex thing.  

And not allowing it to grow up in a structured environment of learning and understanding.

“You’re making all new ones…” - Ian Malcolm


But don’t write off this movie just yet.  I’ll go see it and then I’ll place my judgement.

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Blizzard Really Hates its Dragons

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 11:45 PM

If ever we needed proof that Blizzard hates its dragons. it is.

Apparently because of the idiot jumping the shark ending of Cataclysm and the Aspects losing their powers to do something that I fixed in my AU story, they cannot procreate anymore.

Apparently the whole procreation was tied to the Aspects.

Not saying that only the Aspects can do it, but having Aspects provides the power to procreate.

And this is why Blizzard hates its dragons.

Because that is stupid in a biological sense.


Alexstrasza stayed in no place for very long, perhaps because if she did, she might dwell too long on what had been lost. Kalec understood that she had come to grips with the fact that the dragons as a race were no longer viable, that the last eggs had hatched and from here there would only be fewer and fewer dragons as time and circumstance took their toll.
Not only had all her eggs been destroyed by Korialstrasz—in the act of sacrificing himself—to prevent their corruption into monstrous twilight dragons, and her ability to lay more had been forever taken away, but in addition to all that she lived with the knowledge that the other dragonflights had also suffered so. She might have accepted her loss of power, but not this loss of her kind’s future. After all, she had been the Life-Binder.
She—they—have withdrawn from the world, he realized. They have accepted their loss of power, as have I, but now they no longer see themselves as part of Azeroth’s future…Kalec could only imagine how Alexstrasza and the others, with so many millennia of burdens upon them, felt—

Dawn of the Aspects, Part 1

This is also why I don't consider Dawn of the Aspects canon in my AU story as well.

Because not only does Blizzard hates its dragons.  But so does Knaak the Hack.

The implication of the above is that both the male and female dragons in canon are now sterile.

So they are functionally extinct in canon, and heading to true extinction soon.

No new dragons will be born, and they are no longer immortal. So the count of dragons will dwindle as they succumb to Adventurers, mortal factions, Old God minions, and Time.

Further, Alexstrasza’s and the other Aspects’ apathy indicates the flights have collapsed, and no longer truly function as cultures, factions or societies. 

The Black Dragonflight on Azeroth is extinct in canon, and throwing in the small population on Outland is more or less immaterial. The Outland black dragon population seems too low to be stable, too low to recover the species even without their inability to reproduce.

As former black dragons, this likely applies to the Netherwing too.

The canon Blue Dragonflight disbanded, and no longer exists in any form, their small remaining population scattered to the winds. 

Their population was already decimated by the Sundering, then by the Nexus War, and then by the Cataclysm. And even before that it was low enough Malygos unsuccessfully tried to bolster their numbers. So it’s unlikely their population is high enough to survive, and without the coherency of a flight…they are vulnerable to their enemies. So the Blue Dragonflight is probably close to extinct as well.

The other flights are better populated, but the info above indicates that it is already too late. 

Further, the dragons have lost their purpose, their culture. Enough so that the Aspects and older dragons are adrift. The implication is that the other flights are also coming apart. And their populations are low as well— there aren’t many dragons.

Written by renndor

Damn it.

Fuck it.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

If you all want to consider my stories as the substitute, I'll totally understand.

I mean look at the Squishy!

And just think he'll have new eggs soon.  

Alexstrasza has also laid some new eggs in my story.  As well as a few blue dragons, the Bronze Dragonflight has new eggs, and so does the Green Dragonflight.  So, no worries on that.

There will be dragons in my WoW story.  They still will have an existence.

And their Aspects are still Aspects.

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Hopelessness and Frost

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 2:09 AM

For some of you who...I can't help if you don't get to see it when I see it.

So, for the people haven't seen it.

Spoiler warning.

Fuck the spoiler warning.

First off, Danny and Tyrion.  

The talk they had.  Perfect.

Tyrion's now on trial run to team Targaryen.

And yes, Cersei.  

Cry, bitch.  Cry your tears.

Ain't nobody comin' to save you now!

Not even your uncle.

Cry 'em.  They are delicious.

Most important bit.

Jon Snow, the Wildlings, vs. the White Walkers and their Wrights.

Holy shit.

Guys, I just saw Winter come.  And it came in 2 seconds, covered all the Wildlings in a frosty fog.  And turned them all into zombies.

Oh, and Jon's Snow's sword, Long Claw.  It won't shatter up against a White Walker blade.  Plus, it kills White Walkers.

Guys, we've got the making of Lightbringer.

The Legendary Sword is in John Snow's hand.

Is Stannis Azor Ahai?


We've got Jon Snow in the lead for that part.

And he has the sword that kills White Walkers.

Looks like R+L=J really is becoming a reality, people!

Those of you who don't know that theory.

Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow.

And Danny is making plans to go back to Westeros.  Hopefully to have her dragons join the REAL fight that's happening. 

We will soon have our ice zombies vs. dragons fight, people!

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Not doing well

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2015, 6:52 PM

For those of you wondering, had to go to ER because of bad asthma attack.

Just for you guys who keep asking about how I'm doing.

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