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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 7:42 PM

So let's talk about this Guy....for a moment.  Let's really talk about him.

Wrathion, the Black Prince.

He's the son of this guy right here.

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Mr. Adorable with that cute smile and broken mind that makes him the ultimate Woobie.

I've been trying to figure out how to handle the meeting between these two.  Neltharion, when he flies to Pandaria, he flies there for a number of reasons.  One of them is following the trail of Wrathion.  In the story I'm writing one of the reasons why Neltharion cannot sense Wrathion is due to the fact Wrathion flew down to Pandaria before the Alliance and Horde got there, and used the mists as a means to conceal himself from his father.

For those of you just tuning in, no Neltharion isn't dead in my stories.

Can't believe I still have to say that.

Squishy in all his cuteness, is a broken mess of emotions, trying to hold onto what relationships he has left.  He's flying solo for the first time in two years.  The last time he flew solo was when he fled Wyrmrest because Alexstrasza was being too much of an overbearing bitch.  But that flying solo only happened for a brief moment.  A month later, he had Calia.  Well, Cali is gone now, so Nel is alone again.  The bitter fate of who and what he is...the perpetual loner even if he doesn't want to be.

It is sad, I know.

So, let's talk about his delinquent son for a moment.

 photo Black_Dragon_Whelpling_zpsde207339.jpg

There he is, people.  The all powerful Black Prince.

He's a whelp, guys!  A dragon whelp the size of a very small dog.  And he is two and a half years old.  

I want you to think about that for a moment before you fangirls go squee.

I'm beginning to think that making Wrathion into a child in his human form in my stories would make more sense.

Let his disguise reflect his age.  He can still be a powerful being, but it's even more dramatic and unsuspecting if he actually looked like a toddler.

But instead, we have this...

 photo 180px-Wrathion_at_Tavern_in_the_Mists_zps657f8dd7.jpg

Yeah, that "sexy" teenage hunk is a two-year old dragon.

Some say it's the titan device that made him be more intelligent than he is.  Well, maybe, yeah...but still...he doesn't have the experiences his big papa has.  

So, what is Wrathion actually?

Wrathion is a mutation created...a lab experiment performed by a gnome and a red dragon named Rheastrasza.  She took pieces of dead black whelps, a couple of black dragon eggs from her subject Nyxondra, and sent it to a gnome, who used a Titan device to purge the corruption of these subjects to create the egg that would give birth to Wrathion.

Wrathion is a lab-grown test tube baby.  Very, very much like his father Neltharion.

Neltharion was not a proto-dragon who was given power, in my story, he's a test tube baby.  He was grown for the purpose of being the Earth-Warder.

And yes, in his search to figure out a way to either control the Earth-Warder or destroy him, Garrosh might stumble on Khaz'Goroth's laboratory and find many failed Neltharions in tubes.  It's gonna be kinda nasty.

And Wrathion is also a test tube baby of sorts.  Though he doesn't have Nel's power, he is pretty powerful himself, having been able to stand up against fully grown dragons.  So, the Titan device to create him seem to have given him super powers...well relative to regular whelps of the same age.

But still, we must be reminded that this kid is still a toddler.  At least I'm reminded of it constantly.  Which is why I really don't get the whole fangirl thing about him.  For one thing, he's not even that attractive.  And another, he's a total asshole.  But I guess since teenage girls are stupid...which is why Twilight was such a success...we have account for the squee over Wrathion...despite him being one of the most unlikeable character in World of Warcraft.  His backstory is interesting, what he does is interesting, but his character...blech!

I mean, hell, he helps Garrosh escape to do the whole Warlords of Draenor thing.  If I ever get to that story with Neltharion, Wrathion is going to be in a world of hurt.  Think Neltharion bending his son over his knee and spanking that brat's butt raw.

Hell, I wonder if an Aspect can take away a dragon under the command of his or her flight...take away that dragon's power?  As in, can Neltharion depower Wrathion, take away his influence, just to make sure the kid doesn't misbehave again.  I've had Neltharion use his mental abilities to control other dragons.  If Squishy really puts his mind to it, no doubt he can at the worst, lobotomize the whelp so he wouldn't cause anymore trouble.

I mean already, Wrathion had killed fellow black dragons, or ordered a flunky to kill them.  He's caused trouble with the red dragonflight, Neltharion may have to step up on his duties to let this kid know who's the real boss around here.

So, how should we handle Wrathion since we have Neltharion around?  I know for a fact that Neltharion would be drawn to Wrathion just because he's a black dragon.

But any ideas on how to handle it?  I do know Nel will be mad at Wrathion for a few things.

Just a thought.

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Monochromatic Painting...

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 2:23 PM

So, I got this twice already.  People saying that I made Kurama white when he is in fact orange...

Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune by Ghostwalker2061

Okay, I know he's orange.  Though there are things called silver foxes, I know that Kurama is actually orange.

What I am doing with this image and with some future images as I work on the experiment on a style of painting that I did once before but decided to abandon because I like color...

That is Monochromatic painting and minimalism.  

Though yes, I am using two different colors than one, the lights and darks are mostly done in one color.  I chose grey-blue for my experiment.  Kinda like one other painter know, Picasso?  Ever heard of Picasso's blue period?  We know that most humans aren't blue, right?  But he did paint 'em blue.

What is Monochromatic Painting?

Monochromatic painting has been an important component of avant-garde visual art throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. Painters have created the exploration of one color, the examination of values changing across a surface, the expressivity of texture and nuance, expressing a wide variety of emotions, intentions and meanings in a wide variety of ways and means.[1] From geometric precision to expressionism, the monochrome has proved to be a durable idiom in Contemporary art.[2]

It means I'm limiting myself to one or two colors and how to make them work to show depth and shape.  I use the shading to bring out the image rather than the explosion of color itself.  

And the style I am experimenting is done in watercolor.  I'm using watercolor techniques to paint Kurama.  

I also intend to do this with Neltharion too.  Using various graying blues to give Neltharion shape and form.

That is what this is about.

So, no, I'm not making him white.  I am using the bare minimum in coloring him.

But apparently, I was the only one paying attention in art class.  Because a lot of you don't know this stuff.  I'm a Fine Artist.  I have classical and contemporary training.  It's what I went into debt for.  Okay?

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The Weather is Broken Again

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 11:36 AM

The entire summer has been rather cold lately.  And then...we get into the 90s within a few hours.

I have no idea why it's so chilly.  I've rarely had to turn on the AC once.  But today...blech.

At least I bought ice cream.


Now this...this is funny.

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-19at43302AM_zps4f58e93a.png

I guess it was worth my time and someone else's patience to do this image then.

Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune by Ghostwalker2061

Since it's the first actual drawing in a long time to get a butt load of attention.

Must be something to do with Naruto.  Hmmmmm....

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Bad Show, Good Music

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:13 AM

Something I've noticed as a trend lately.  I've seen too many times shows, movies, anime even...where I absolutely hate the show.  Hate the characters, hate the plot...and at times would turn into an MST3K riffer just to keep my sanity in check when I watch it.

But I've noticed something a lot of these shows have in common...they have really good music.

I'm serious.

Though I at times just out right demonize the Transformers movies Michael Bay filmed, but you know, I actually have their soundtrack.  All of them in fact.  From the first to the last.  Go figure.

I wasn't that big of a fan of Jurassic Park 3, though it's not for me...and I'll let you all watch the Nostalgia Critic's review to see why....

But I do like hearing the music.  Even the stupid Randy Newman song.

And by the way, what the hell is Randy Newman doing in a Jurassic Park movie?

And I may not be a big fan of DBZ, mostly due to well...about 80% of that show is nothing more than people powering up.  The rest is 15% fighting and 5% actual story.

Music sounds excellent.

And yes, even the Naruto music is fun to hear.  I have a few songs from the Shippuden, which are really good. I really dislike the anime.  The Manga is alright.  But the Anime, I mean I hear adaptation is kinda hard at times, but they don't need to adapt EVERYTHING from the manga.

It is just as bad as DBZ.  Except with Naruto, it's 70% exposition, 15% powering up, 5% of the demon fox actually doing something and the story related to him in some way, rest of the 5% is getting ready to fight something, and the other 3% is fighting something, 2% dedicated to story or comedy.

But yes, there is good music in the show.

Which comes to my next statement.

Somebody making a fucking series around these two.

30 seconds of that little scene and I was entertained.

I am serious people, Rock Lee and Kurama (Mr Kiyuubi Demon Fox).  Make these two a comedy team.  Fuck Naruto, fuck Sasuke, the anime needs to be about these two.  

Oh, and when I played Pokémon, I did have a Nine-Tails.  So, I did like the idea of a giant, fire-spouting, nine-tailed, freaky cat-eyed pooch running around.

Hell, we even have foxes here.  Red foxes mostly.

Someone make this into a series.  The Kurama and Rock Lee Show.  I've seen in the manga that Kurama becomes a giant snarky bastard afterwards, this would be hilarious.  And yes, when I did watch Naruto before I got tired of it, I made sure I showed up for the episodes where Rock Lee and Guy-Sensei were on.  Because they were absolutely hilarious.

So, if we could put Kurama in that mixture...just yank him out of Naruto and put him inside Rock Lee, I would throw money at it.

Just think about a scene where Rock Lee is pining over Sakura and Kurama in Lee's head, making some snarky comment on Lee's inadequacy to get a girl.  And then Kurama shows him up by manifesting himself as a cute little, nine-tails, fuzzy fox kit.  Sakura squees, runs over to pick Kurama up screaming: "Kawaii desu ne!" pets him, and kisses him.  All the while Rock Lee is fuming in the background.

And we have ourselves a show.

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Day of the Barney

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 10:45 PM

There are times where I wax nostalgic off of so many things I loved to do during the very early 90s.

Hell, the 90s was when I created these characters...

Stolen Kiryuu Smile Yet Again details by Ghostwalker2061

 Cerenath Khan Draconis (Samuel "Sam" Davidson)

Kedzuel and the Reaper upclose by Ghostwalker2061

Xi Kedzuel Draconis (Gerald "Jerry" Hamilton)

And yes, to go back to the Crimson Dragon II...I should tell you the real story of Jonathan's best friend Sam Davidson, who he is and what he is.  And that Jonathan doesn't have as big a secret as Sam.  Or the story of Jerry Hamilton, aka Kedzuel Draconis, when he was on Earth during the 90s and why he went there.

But I'm talking about Day of the Barney

Day of the Barney was written by someone named Brian Bull in 1993.  I don't exactly know how old he was when he wrote it, I'm guessing he was probably a little older than 20, given the quality of the story he wrote.  Because Barney being responsible for Adolf Hitler, Caesar Caligula, Anne Frank, and the Black something not many teens would write about.  Because we all know that teens are stupid.  (general assumption, don't get angry)

Apparently, Bian left the internet like 10 years after he wrote the story, mostly due to a cease and desist letter from the creators of Barney and Friends due to

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-16at125027AM_zps3e13dbd6.png

Look what it created!

Yes, during the very birth of the Internet in the very, very early 90s, which came around about the same time as Barney's rise to fame...gave way to one of the first hate groups against something so sickenly sweet...THE JIHAD AGAINST BARNEY!

Guys, this is what I saw on the Internet when I was a teen.  And it was glorious.  The 90s brought the birth of the Internet, aka the World Wide Web, and already the first funny hate group was created against a children's show.  And I ate it all up as a kid.  

Every nerd that I knew was apart of the old Usenet Group alt.barney.die.die.die

Barney is evil incarnate.

The people who fell to the evilness of Barney, watched his show and gave into his hypnotic spell...we called Sponge Minions.  Because the show would make the mind all squishy and stupid.  Like a sponge.  (This is all fictional people, made in good fun, created from a bunch of teens and young adults during the early 90s who saw the show Barney and Friends and puked.)

And yes, there is a GURPS game to this.

The Jihad Against Barney

That's the pdf to the GURPS rulebook for the RPG.

What was done basically was to mix Barney with Cthulhu.  Yeah.  And how B'harne would create madness wherever he went with his mind destroying song of I love you, you love me set to the slow tempo of Nick Nack Paddy Whack...Yeah, it's pretty obvious that we're talking about Old Gods here.  Neltharion's gonna have fun with this one.  For Warcraft fans, imagine if N'Zoth turned himself into a cute purple dinosaur and decided to create a children's show based around the idea of pretty much destroying all sense and identity within mortal minds.  And you get Barney and Friends.  I guess that would make Neltharion the first Sponge Minion, but in my stories he at least got better.

But Day of the Barney holds a special place in my heart.  It was the first fanfic I was ever introduced to.  I am not fucking joking!  This was a fanfiction written during the time when fanfiction wasn't even a word.  None of us knew what to call it.  But in reality, it's an antithesis of what a fanfiction is.  A fanfiction is a non-derivatized piece of work created by a fan of a genre, or a piece of pop culture, like say X-Men, Warcraft, Dragonlance, Justice League, that sort of thing...not for profit, but for the expressed purpose of entertainment.  Some fan, who loves something so much, wants to add their ideas to the genre they love, or might want to change something that they think probably should have know.

But Day of the Barney isn't written by a fan of the show.  As horrible as My Immortal is, it is still written by someone who was a fan of Harry Potter.  Day of the Barney is written by someone who doesn't like Barney and Friends.  It's a Death Fic, of sorts, most importantly, it's a hatefic.  

But unlike most hatefics, this thing has plot, character development, gives us a reason to hate the villain, who is Barney, develops a world in which he does take over, and what the aftermath of such a world would be like.  It's not some short piece of flash fiction that gives us "Barney is evil, then Bob came and chopped his head off, the end" Brian took time to develop the world.  Hell, the main character Jeremy a few times actually falls and because he had been so brainwashed by Barney, even at the moment where he knew Barney was evil, wanted to go back to him.  

And then Barney comes back years later, kidnaps Jeremy's kids and...brainwashes them too.  And that even with Barney's death, there are still people out there who have developed a religion based around Barney's martyrdom to the point where they would create horrible mutations in an attempt to remake Barney.

They story doesn't end with Barney's death.

And then Brian wrote like alternate universe fics based around Day of the Barney, one called Death Zone Purple which was about the government hunting down Barney and his minions to prevent something that happened in Day of the Barney from happening in their own universe. 

I want to say that in many, many ways, Day of the Barney shaped many of my own stories.  Certainly has shaped the stories about Neltharion.  I redeemed Neltharion, allowed him to live, but the story didn't end there.  

It certainly sparked my interests in the sort of occult like fiction, such as Cthulhu.  Reason why King Ghidorah in my stories is basically an Elder comes from that.

So, because of the love I had for this story, I wanted to share it with you all.  I suggest giving it a read.

It is still a good story, though now as I have read it again, I have been left with questions that would be a Fridge Logic thing.

Like if Barney is the one who kills kids who reach their 13th Birthday...and most of what happens, happens in around the Washington DC area, what about the other countries who were hit?  Did Barney have minions there with pre-recorded messages to kill them with?  Did he fly the soon to be 13 children from their homes to DC for the expressed purpose of killing them?

But at times you will have to remind yourself of the MST3K mantra when reading it.  And I will say that I only came to these conclusions after multiple readings and letting the story sit in my head for years.  The story itself, when you first read it, you kinda get so sucked into it that a lot of what I now question about doesn't become apparent right away.  And most of the time really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Because the story is just a fun read.

So read it and hopefully Brian Bull is still out there, seeing that there are people who still read his story even after 2 decades.

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Turning away the Jehovah's Witnesses

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 7:55 PM

I found this idea online, and you know, I'm gonna try it and I think everyone else should try it regardless to what religion they follow, or if they are atheists as well.

Here it is.

"Sister/Brother, I am disfellowshipped."

This will turn them away immediately AND make sure they will never return.

Also if you feel like adding flavors to it, here is what I am going to say.

"Sister/Brother, I am disfellowshipped.  And I couldn't be happier with my disfellowship."

Not only does this tell them that you were shunned, but you are more than happy to be shunned.  It's like rubbing salt in their eyes right after you just spat acid in their face...and pissed on their feet.

Here is why I suggest this, I decided to brush up on my knowledge of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower.

Mostly, it comes from the Book of Matthew that states that God, or rather Jehovah, did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword.   And he comes to put a sword between you and your family if you or the member of your family or friends does something that Jehovah doesn't approve.

Like donating blood, or getting a blood transfusion.  Despite the fact that a lot of people who do donate blood can in fact get the blood they donated back if they need it.  That's one of the reasons why it's a good idea to donate blood.  Not so much to help others, but help yourself when you need it the most.  Because donating blood is like buying a spare tire, it's there when you need it.

So, if you do any of that, your family is expected to shun you and cut you off.  Your children are expected to turn away from you.  Your friends, who are all JWs, are expected to pretend you do not exist.  (Because Jehovah's Witnesses don't really consider people who are outside their faith true friends, at least the ones who are very devout.  Kinda reminds me of Day of the Barney where those who weren't friends with Barney were not true friends at all.)

(And yes, I do suggest you read Day of the Barney.  It was the very first fanfic I ever read on the internet back in 1993, when I used Gopher, a text based free internet service.  It helped me despise the Purple Pedophile even more.)

So, this means that you're dead to them pretty much.  

So, what better way to make sure you don't get a visit from them...than to pretty much say you've been thrown out of the church?

I am going to try it and hopefully they'll put my name on the list and my address and send it out as a blacklisted address.

Now, granted I think the reason why they still come visit me because I do live in an apartment and I've been here for quite some time.  So, they're always hoping that after a couple of years, I've move out and someone else has moved in.  So, they could stop by and deliver their stupid propaganda again.

But let's see if this works.

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Religious Solicitors

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2014, 10:41 PM

Well, in some ways, that ruined my day, mostly due to the fact that since I do have a night job of sorts and I sleep during the day because of it.

I actually attempted to ignore them this time.  I was startled awake by their rather violent banging upon my door.  It almost sounded like they were this close to breaking it.  The glass on my door is very, very thin.

I need to put a sign up that states "do not knock on the glass"

But no....the ignoring didn't work because an hour and a half later, I was rudely and violently awakened again by the same religious assholes.

They didn't return after that...but yeah...they actually came back to visit me, twice.

I feel like I need to express this to mostly my atheist watchers.  Because they are the most vocal.  And the reason for this is I know my Christian watchers, or those of other religions, they actually have enough sense to not be insulting towards other people of other faiths.  

Which is odd because you'd think a belief based upon logic would have more sense.  But I seem to attract the vocal atheists who love to add whatever I'm saying to their propaganda about why religions are bad.

So, what I am saying is...don't.  Please.  Because not all religions go knocking on people's doors and disturbing their happy lives...or in my case...disturbing their sleep.

I know my religion does not.  Due to the fact we try to keep underground because the evangelicals in this state have been known to...form a witch hunt on us.  And no, that's not a pun.  Yeah, witch hunting still happens here.  It's not often, but it does happen.

We do have Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.  And a few others who go around knocking on people's doors.  And I do have a few churches who would just send packets over and inviting me to dinner or something, or give me some image of the hazel-haired, blue eyed, pasty white Jesus that I know is extremely inaccurate to the point of being offensive in its own right.  Because Jesus was Middle Eastern, not Caucasian.

But there's only two that I know of that will actually disturb my rest.  The JWs and the Mormons.  I sat and watched one of those stupid propaganda Jehovah's  Witnesses love to spread about the evils of Halloween and Christmas due to the fact they are holidays that rose out of pagan rituals.  Well, since I am...pagan...I guess it's okay for me to celebrate those holidays.  I do celebrate Christmas, but it's called Yule.  I do celebrate Halloween, but it is called Samhain.  So, I don't see the problem.  But again, it has to do with these people think they know what is right for me, when they don't.  

Remember what I said the last time...Christians like the Jehovah's Witness and the Mormons like to believe that they know what is best for me, saying I need more Jesus in my life.  And well, many very outspoken atheists like to believe they know what's best for me too.  By saying I don't need any gods in my life.  

But I will hand it to the atheists, at least they don't come knocking on my door, waking me up, and hoping that I would invite them in so they can tell me that they know what's best.

So, you can perhaps understand why I tend to get a bit hostile when these people visit my door.  

And here is what I love to tell these religious solicitors.

Me: Tell me, sir.  Do I come to your house unannounced, violently beating down your door while you are asleep, in the middle of the night, just so I could spread the word of Great Cthulhu?  No?  So why are you doing this to me?  Do you have any sort of common courtesy?  There are many people in this world that don't hold the same hours as you do.  Our days and nights are switched around.  But since you obviously don't care, and have some preconceptions about when I am awake and when I am not...where do you live?  Because I want to come over to your house and bang down the door too.

Though the difference is, if I were to do that to this asshole, he'd probably call the police on me, saying that I was harassing him, or trespassing.  But apparently he's not trespassing or harassing me when he does it, right?  Because it's in the daytime, and not at night.

So, does anyone have any ideas to prevent these rather disrespectful missionaries of God from bothering me during my sleeping hours?  Because, threatening them didn't work, saying something offensive to chase them away didn't work.  They just came back with their bratty kids.  And saying something that made their kids' cry didn't work either.

And ignoring them apparently didn't work.

So, what does?

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Rifftrax riffs Godzilla 98

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 9:07 PM

Ah, very few things bring pure joy.

It's tonight, August 14th, you guys!  I'm gonna go see it!  I've been saving up for it, and I will go see it!

I suggest you all go see it too.

I know the show for me will start at 8pm Eastern.  I did want to go to Nashville and actually see it at the Belcourt Theater, but due to funds, I can't afford the gas.  So, driving 5 miles to the local theater is fine.

 photo godzilla1_zpsf148b33c.jpg

I get psyched up by watching my old rifftrax movies.  Currently watching Birdemic.  I managed to get out the Star Wars sextilogy as well.  So much riffing.  I need to find my Twilight riffs too.

I do have my Transformers riffs and I can't wait till they decide to riff the recent Transformers movie.

And no, I will not go see TMNT, for the exact same reason Rob Walker said.  Because Michael Bay said: "Even if you hate my movies, I know you'll go watch it regardless."

And now I'm gonna say: "No.  I am not.  Fuck you, Bay!"

I'll also get out my riff on Independance Day as well.  Because that movie is awesome and fun, and the riff is also awesome and fun.  Independance Day knows it's a stupid movie, but it also knows its a fun movie because of its absurdity.  

Because back in the 90s, we were all about: "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!"

I missed those days.  Not for the whole arrogance of our statement of: "America Fuck Yeah", but because we were all happy and confident.  And the economy didn't suck as much as it does now.

And, yeah, Independance Day, a movie about the awesome of America coming to save the day, directed by a German Immigrant.  Because America, fuck yeah!  Thank you, Roland Emmerich.  And even if you didn't do a good job with Godzilla '98, I still liked it because it still had heart.  It still was fun.  And it's gonna be even more fun to riff.

Oh, and in my mind when I do write in Halo/Mass Effect...this flag...

 photo Earth_Flag_zps447ff175.jpg

Is what flies in the Earth Ambassador's office.  Though my British co-writer probably would think a little differently.

And I will say that the whole "America, Fuck Yeah" mentality is definitely in the mindset of the Blitzardi.  They do have that whole: "Blitzardi, Fuck Yeah!" theology.  

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Religious Discussions...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 6:30 PM

I've noticed a trend and now I want it to stop.

Those of you who are atheists, and are very vocal about to the point of ridiculing other people for still believing in a higher power....

Please stop.

I try to respect everyone's beliefs.  So long as they don't shove their religious views into my face, then I will be respectful of their beliefs.

And I do try to be respectful of those of you who are atheists.  

But there is something that I do hate.  And that is shoving your beliefs into other people's faces.

I know that not all atheists do this.  I do hope that most atheists are sensible people who know that everyone has their own views about the way the world works.  After all it is our differences that makes us all unique.  The world would be a very boring place if we all believed in the same thing.

But just as much as I hate fundamental Christians who get their joys about preaching that I need more Jesus in my life, I hate it when a bunch of atheists spam my journals about how wonderful it is that religion is dying, or that religion is the root of all evil, and that my life would be better off if I didn't believe in any higher power.

Yes, I am saying that the atheists that I see who love to comment on my journals are as bad as the Christians who grab the megaphone and scream about how I'm gonna go to Hell if I don't get Saved RIGHT NOW!

People, you all don't know what's best for my life.  You don't know what's best for me.  None of you do.  And I don't want any of you to tell me what I should or should not believe in.

And quite frankly, to you atheists who love to remind us about the evils of religions like Christianity and how it loves to force its disease into the logical minds of you know what you sound like?

So I have to ask: Is Atheism the religion of hypocrisy?

You are saying the exact same message as the Christians, the only Jesus.  That's it.  

I left the three main religions due to the fact that I hated how forceful they were.  And yes, I did consider atheism once.  But then when I found out that it was the exact same message, I pretty much left it too.

And I found a belief that made me happy.  I am proud to be what I am.  And I am proud to believe in what I believe in.  And I don't need to preach to you how your life would be so much better if you followed my religion.

I am willing to answer questions of my religion, because I do believe in the spread of knowledge, and understanding.  But I also believe in letting the person arrive to their own conclusion.  That's what my parents believed in.  

And really, if your religion, and or atheism beliefs are so insecure, that you need to reinforce why you are so awesome...then maybe you need to re-evaluate what you personally believe in.

I believe in seeing many paths, I believe that all roads are the right roads.  I also believe in that if you are a good person, then it doesn't matter what you believe in.  Just be a good person.  And don't be douchebags to each other.

But if none of you can respect that each other have different beliefs, then leave.  Because I don't wanna hear it here.  Because I know that just creates more trouble for each of us.

I posted that journal on that crazy religious nut and said those things because I was focusing on one person and her insensitive beliefs in the light of a man who brought laughter to millions.  And also because this religious nut believes that depression is caused by demonic influence.  Which is insulting for someone like me.

But I also do know that many Christians don't believe in what this idiot believes in.  I know that many Christians are NOT this idiot.  

I may not like the Christian religion itself, but that doesn't mean that I won't respect people who choose that religion.  It just means that Christianity was NOT for me.

But you know what, atheism isn't for me either.  

So, respect what I believe in, and I will do the same for you.  And don't ridicule me or anyone else who believes in something that's different than your own.

I am happy believing in the many gods that I believe in.  I don't need Christians telling me that I need Jesus in my life, and I don't need Atheists telling me that I need to abandon my faith.

But if you cannot do that, then you Atheists truly are no different than the Christians you ridicule.  You are exactly the same.  

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Robin Williams doesn't need this

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 5:39 AM

My gripe today? I saw this one idiot on that posting of Robin William's Death and he stated that the reason why depression is incurable is due to the fact that Robin Williams was possessed by Satan.

Basically he blamed Mr. William's death, and the possible cause of suicide...and the depression that led up to it...on demonic possession.

Being someone who actually has depression and has to live with it every day of her life, I find this both insensitive and insulting.

Depression isn't incurable due to being possessed by demons, it's incurable due to people like this asshole who places a nasty stigma on people who have depression.

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Another Way to look at the Aspects

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 4:55 AM

First off, yes, I do realize the death of Robin Williams.  I have been sharing my thoughts on other sites though.  And I'm also still getting over the shock of it as well.  I grew up on the guy, pretty much.  I love Jack. As well as Dead Poets Society.  And Awakened.

And yes, Aladdin too.

He will be missed.


After getting into a heated topic over whether or not Neltharion's been over powered in the stories I wrote...well...I decided to try and look at each of the Aspects in a different light.

As in, let's not look at the Dragon Aspects as Aspects, but we should look at them as...positions taken up by five different people in a Dungeon Finder.

Make sense, right?

We can kinda look at the Aspects when it comes to perhaps a PC class in Warcraft.  Though NPCs seem to actually cross class.

Case in point...Vol'jin.

Because Vol'jin Is In It by Ghostwalker2061

Vol'jin is called a Shadow Hunter.  What is a Shadow Hunter?  It is in fact a sort of prestige, hero class that mixes Shamanism with the Hunter/Warrior skill.  

Hell, even the Death Knight could be looked at as a duo class...a warrior that uses spells to augment his/her skills.  They smack you around with a giant sword, while at the same time summon armies of undead and throw all sorts of nasty spells at you that are either vampiric, close to that of a warlock, or mage.

And the Warlock in the recent updates can kinda sorta be an emergency tank when they turn themselves into a demon that looks like a black and purple glowing Illidan Stormrage.

I know my Priest has spells that are very Warlock-like.  And I can summon some shade creature too.  While at the same time, put on the glowy Light and heal people.

So let's look at the Aspects and what role they actually play.

I'll start with our Dungeon Leader, Queen Alexstrasza.

 photo alexhealer_zpsb96c1ee5.jpg

Alexstrasza was created by Eonar, a vanir Titan, or Earth Giant.  Alexstrasza considers Eonar as her mother.

Alexstrasza is our awesome healer.  She could be seen as a Priest of sorts, though I'd like to think of her as more of a Paladin.  Because she can not break you across her leg, she can heal the wound before you end up in a wheelchair.  Alex can enchant her fire to be either damaging, or healing or even both...actually "program" her breath weapon to only harm the enemies while at the same time, when she's breathing on you, she's healing you.

And her breath has the power to grow an awesome garden.  Guess I could list a little bit of Druid in her too.

But Alex is our healer, are big time major healer.  She's not supposed to dish out the hurt unless it's necessary.  Instead, she focuses on keeping the party healed.  She's also ridiculously powerful in her own right.  Damaging things is one way to show power, healing things is another.  At times I question whether or not Alexstrasza should be called both Aspect of Life and Aspect of Death...because maintaining that balance is very important.  Yeah, Alexstrasza is the real Aspect of Death, but not in the same that Deathwing was.  In some of my stories, I play up death as a necessary part of life.  And often times, death can be used to show the characters that they can't just breeze by anything easily.  Alexstrasza is the Aspect who controls all life and death on Azeroth, that's pretty damned powerful.

And Alex is the leader of the Aspects.  She's the one who makes the decisions.  So, this is a case that power  equals authority, at least when it comes to the power of the Aspects.

So, let's look at now her sister, Ysera.

 photo yseraDPS-healer_zpsfd13d571.jpg

Ysera was also created by Eonar, and is full-sister to Alexstrasza.

Ysera is an interesting combo of dishing out punishment and healing.  Ysera is basically one of our long range damage dealers.  She's basically a Druid sort of class.  And Druids do have both healing and DPS specs, as well as Tanking specs.  However, Ysera would more likely put her points in DPS first, healing second.  So, just in case the healer does go down, she can cover for a healer.  Or if the healer is having difficulties keeping up, she can also lend a hand in the healing.

As you might notice, healers are very important in Dungeon Finder.  There had been a few times where I would despec from my Shadow Priest to my Holy just to put myself in the healing spot so that I could get partied up quicker.

Ysera is our Aspect who controls nature, or rather trees.  The flora, to Alex's fauna.  Ysera is more than a high powered gardener.  Controlling the plants that help create oxygen necessary for life is as important as maintaining the hopes and dreams of mortals.  Which comes to the Emerald Dream itself.  The Emerald Dream is basically like that of the Time Machine feature on the Mac OS.  Should something horrible happen, the reset button can be pushed.  So, this connects Ysera to the Halls of Organization in Uldum, as that Titan machine would need to look up the backup plans to reformat the planet.

Also, Ysera is the one who watches mortals dream in Azeroth.  Think about that for a moment.  She knows your hopes and dreams, and your worst nightmares.  Ysera can in fact even manipulate your dreams.  She pretty much can in fact attack you at the most vulnerable time.  When you are asleep.  Also, she's more or less ethereal.  As in she more incorporeal than not.  So, much like Nel, Ysera isn't really life as we know it to.  And she can see you with her eyes closed.  That's pretty powerful.

Next we have Nozdormu.

 photo nozdormuDPS_zps43605a89.jpg

Nozdormu was created by Aman'thul, an aesir Titan, or Storm Giant.  Aman'thul is the leader of the Pantheon.

I had a hard time figuring out what class Nozdormu actually fit in, but then I realize that being a reality warper pretty much means he can fit into any class. I just have him as a DPS here.  Nozdormu is by far one of the most powerful if not the most powerful.  Due to the fact that not only can he occupy different locations at the same time, he more or less has multiple copies of himself, all spread around multiple timeways and other realities.  So not only can Nozdormu attack you in the here and now, but he can attack you in another dimension, attack you in the future, in the past...whatever.  

Nozdormu is needed to pretty much make sure that if one mistake happens on one reality of Azeroth, it don't filter through the other Azeroths and cause just as much damage.  Since they seem to be linked in various ways.  Warlords of Draenor is showing us that now.

Which is why to humble Nozdormu, Aman'thul told him that not even Nozdormu was so powerful enough to stop his own death.  You know, to keep reminding Nozdormu that just because he's got his hand on the timey-wimey-ball, doesn't mean he's completely indestructible.

But yeah, it's actually ridiculous on when it comes to Nozdormu's power.  I mean really ridiculous.  He's got basically power cosmic on his side.

So, we come to Malygos/Kalecgos

 photo malygosDPS_zpse5180e0b.jpg

I used Malygos' picture here to just fill it in.

Malygos was created by Norgannon, an aesir Titan.

Though Kalecgos is now the new Spell-Weaver, he's not as powerful as Malygos once was.  Malygos is an energy manipulator.  He is so powerful that he can pretty much rip the planet apart by kinking up the leylines.  Malygos plays an important part as an Aspect. 

Like the PC mages in the game, Malygos is a long range DPS.  And he can do pretty much everything that a mage can do and then some.  Hell, he could probably bake those mana cupcakes if he wants too.

We've speculated that Malygos is the caretaker of the energies that streak through Azeroth.  Due to ether intentional or not, the Titans put Azeroth on an arcane hotspot.  And to help keep the planet together because of what we see happens to a planet that doesn't have such safeguards (Draenor) Malygos often would filter the energy safely.

He also aids in maintaining the magnetic field to protect Azeroth from not only solar radiation and cosmic radiation, but whatever radiation that likes to seep out of the Twisting Nether.  And he can pretty much yank the power source that mages need to use magic away from them.  He also, though he may not have realized it at the time, is one of those who keeps Azeroth hidden from beings like the Burning Legion.

The only reason why they found it was probably due to Queen Azshara putting out too much magical energy for her expressed desire to remake the world in her perfect image...and Malygos couldn't compensate for it.  Which is why he went snooping around the Well one day before the War of the Ancients started.  And I have to say, Malygos' breath weapon looks like it could actually vaporize you instantly.  It doesn't because of game mechanics.  If it was in real life, those who got hit by Malygos would be ashes...Purples or no Purples.

Now at last we have Neltharion.

 photo neltank-healer_zpse1855dfc.jpg

Neltharion is the tank of the group.

Neltharion was created by Khaz'Goroth, a vanir Titan, who Nel calls his father.

He is half brother to Malygos and Nozdormu.

And he's the tank.

There is a reason why Neltharion appears to be so much more powerful than the other Aspects.  It's due to the fact since the story focuses on him, that means we get to see Neltharion in action.  But yeah, he's pretty much, at least in the physical power, more powerful than the other Aspects.  

It's because he's the Tank, guys.  You want your tank to have good survival skills, and be able to take the beating and then dish it right back ten times greater.  Like the shield that represents the Tan in the Dungeon Finder, Neltharion serves as the buffer for the nasties the Aspects must face.  He is there in the battle, in the enemy's face, and smashing it in.

Neltharion is the flying brick of the gang as well.  Well from the perspective of the PCs in the game, all the Aspect can be called flying bricks, but when you compare Nel to the other Aspects, yeah...he fits it better.

You want your tank on the front lines, pulling the mobs while the other Aspects either heal or aid him with dishing out the hurt.

Neltharion, like Ysera, also has the healer icon.  Because he can be an emergency healer.  But not during combat.  Neltharion might play the part of the healer after they cleared a section, so he could help the healer conserve mana.  Neltharion is also essential to maintaining the magnetosphere, much like Malygos.

While Malygos represents energy, Neltharion represents matter.  

Neltharion holds the keys to the Old Gods' prisons.  He maintains the continents, keeps an eye on the air and the water.  
And as I stated in many journals, Neltharion is the guy who keeps the Azeroth from looking like Venus, by regulating temperature and weather through his manipulations with the air and the water, as well as the earth.

Since helping to maintain some of the elements, he has to work with Alexstrasza and Ysera as well.  

Due to Neltharion being matter and Malygos being energy, both also work with Nozdormu because matter and energy can warp spacetime.  So both have to be careful to make sure what they are doing isn't bending causality.  

As Math Nut says: This would imply that Malygos & Nel are connected via the E=mc2 link, and that they are connected to Nozdormu via the way their attunements affect space-time: matter contracts space and slows time, and energy expands space and speeds time.

And Neltharion, much like Vol'Jin, can be seen as a multi-class kind of character.  He does have power similar to that of a shaman.  But since shamans aren't normally tanks, Neltharion also has to take on a secondary class as a warrior.  He can summon elementals and command them.  He can even summon multiple copies of himself from the rock if he has to.  But also, as stated due to Light Water, Neltharion crossed into sort of a priest class as well.  However, again, you'd want him to be the tank in the group instead of the healer, because we have a much better healer to fit that job.

So, there we go, a different look at the Aspects.

And as I stated...I will cite a source.…

That link there is where I got the icons to put into the images you see in the journal.  This guy intends to make T-shirts out of Dungeon Finder icons, which is a cool idea.

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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 8:00 PM

Okay, to clarify.

I said that I would try to get one commission piece done a week.  The reason why I said this is so that I could hurry up to get to the next one and the gain more due to my dire straits.

Me saying that I will try to do one a week is only set as a goal for myself.

Please do not ask me to rush a commission piece, especially if I'm doing an image and someone says they're not satisfied with the work and I have to go back and redo it.

These are deadlines I wish to set myself.  If you wish to set a deadline for me, for one it costs extra to do that.  And for another, deadlines have to be made 2 months in advance.


The week thing is my motivator.  I want to see if I can or not.  

I do not like it when I am being rushed.  I can rush myself.  I can handle myself rushing myself.  

I cannot handle you rushing me.  What happens is I tend to freeze up.  I tend to then just not work on the image.  Basically rushing me will make me take longer in getting it done.

I don't handle stress very well.  I really don't.  

I get very defensive, I will start cussing at people, and telling everyone to fuck off if I become stressed over too many people rushing me.  

I respond to positive reinforcement, and understanding.  I do not respond to demands.  Okay?


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Faving the Scraps

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 3:00 PM

Do I need to express this?

Scrap your Crap by priteeboy

This comes off of  priteeboy site...

  • :bulletpurple: Is that doodle on the back of your crumpled math exam really your best drawing?
  • :bulletblue: Do you really think applying a Photoshop filter to a stock image constitutes as "photo-manipulation?"
  • :bulletgreen: Are your watchers really interested in seeing 20+ renders or photo's of the same thing from every angle imaginable?
  • :bulletyellow: Don't you think too many WIP's will make people not-care about it anymore by the time you're done?
  • :bulletorange: Are movie, anime and video-game screenshots really fanart?
  • :bulletred: Is your beloved pet seriously the most interesting thing you can take a photo of?
Okay, I feel like I need to make this clear.  Please do not fav anything that's in my scraps folder.  I use that folder for certain things.  Such as posting up screen shots from tv or movies to be used as visual aid in journal, or images I yanked off of the internet to use as a visual aid.

Normally I do not post such images here, I put them in photobucket, to deter the faving, but sometimes photobucket likes to fail and not load or appear on my screen that it's currently down when it isn't, so I use the scraps folder as an emergency photobucket.

I like using visual references in my journals, I feel like it helps you all to get a better idea what I'm talking about.  Much like visual aids used in speeches, I do the same here.

However since the Internet is very relaxed on certain rules, such as citing sources, I tend not to cite where I get them.  Mostly because I find them on Google Images anyways.

But for now on, I will in fact start citing my sources, because you guys need to be completely informed.

This is also the reason why in the Crimson Dragon II, I tend to repeat myself about previous plot points taht happened in previous chapters, because most of you don't go back and look, or you're reading the new chapter without reading the chapters that came before it.

And also why I at times would write long prologues to detail the history of the universe.

Because everyone needs some clarifications.

So, to help you all, I will now start citing my sources when I do a journal that discusses a certain topic like I would do when writing a formal report in college.  I'll even do the MLA format for everything I post, because you all need it.

And for those of you who spam the fav button each time you are notified that I posted something up...don't.

I realize that to your point of view, everything that I post up is gold, even when I post up the shit, but I assure isn't.

Not everything that I post up is a gem.  Especially if it's in the Scraps folder.

Please think before you hit that button.  I usually take time when I go fav artwork.  I look at it, I absorb it, I read the descriptions in the image...and if I like it, I'll fav it.  

Too much the Internet has pretty much made everything at our fingertips, so we've forgotten to just sit back and let something settle in our brains.  I think the Internet needs to start returning to that mentality.  It would certainly keep the stupid from happening.  Because if we all took time to look at what we are seeing, rather than going to the next thing all because we thought the image had "Pretty Colors!" then it would be a bit better.

And again, not everything I post up here is a gem.  Especially if it's in the Scraps folder.

And I hate it when people just fav the screenshots I make from video games without bothering to actually look at my gallery and see the pretty images that I actually do create.

So, if I have to, after a few weeks, I will start cleaning out the scraps folder of old game screenshots or old movie and TV screenshots.

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Funny Thing About Azeroth the Sequel

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 2:33 AM

Sometimes I think it was the very precariousness of our world that drove my father to madness.
Said by Wrathion.

The more I tried to figure out ways that Nel could fly around without being detected, the more I started to see just exactly what makes this funny little planet work.

So, instead of having everything centered around the Great Sea, we're going to now center it around the Veiled/Foreboding Sea.  And I'm going to start naming it as Ocean that Occupies the Opposite Side of the Great Sea.  Or Opposite Great Sea, OGS.  Yes, I'm going to have Neltharion name it that since Veiled Sea and Foreboding Sea appears to be the EXACT SAME OCEAN!

Actually, this is another look at how Azeroth can be seen as.  And I took this idea from looking at Russian maps of Earth.  You see, in the United States, we set our Prime Meridian right through Greenwich, England.  Just like well, the British do.  Why?  Because the United States was once a British Colony (among many others, but I'm referring to the first 13 colonies that have their status as being the first colonies marked even on our flag.  It's why the US flag has thirteen stripes on it) , so, a lot of our maps kinda harken back to well...that mentality that pretty much England was the center of the world.  I mean, in order for me to set my clock to Eastern Time, I have to count backwards from 0, Greenwich, England, to -6 on the numberline.  Yes, Eastern Time is -6.  Which means if it's 12 Noon in Greenwich, it's 6am in Knoxville.  See how that works?

But during the Cold War, Russia had other ideas where the Prime Meridian was supposed to be.  They set it to Moscow.

So, instead of having a map that looks like this...

World-map by Ghostwalker2061

To Soviet Russia during the Cold War, the map looks like this...

0a410652509cdd84bc8eb063c9f3cef3 by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, that's quite a perspective change, eh?  No wonder they thought they were surrounded by enemies.  Because...yeah...according to the map, they were.

This map representation is NOT accurate, it's as accurate as I could get it because I had to edit a map in Photoshop and I took like 5 minutes to do so due to the fact that I couldn't find an actual Soviet map from the Cold War that depicted the Prime Meridian going through Moscow.  Because since we busted down the Berlin Wall, Russia decided to join the rest of the world and put the Meridian back on Greenwich...probably due to the fact Gorbachev just didn't want to argue with it...but...I'm projecting.

However, I will be appreciative if any of my Russian watchers will provide me with an actual World Map that Russia currently uses.  That way...well...I can actually see what one looks like as of 2014.  And see whether or not they put the Meridian stripe on Moscow, or Greenwich.

But anyway this is what inspired me to do it.  

So, since obviously in the game, the maps are centered around the Maelstrom.  So, let's see what it would look like if it was centered on Opposite Great Sea.

6860532000 7b77d35f0a Z by Ghostwalker2061

Just a review for those of you who don't remember what Azeroth looks like...

Now, let's focus it on Opposite Great Sea!

Backside azeroth by Ghostwalker2061


So, don't we sail over the Opposite Great Sea again, people?

I mean...why the hell would you cross an ocean that has a giant drain that destroyed nearly 80% of the livable landmass on the planet?

Seems like Opposite Sea is safer, right, guys?  Medivh could have instead told Thrall to sail West...why not tell him to sail East?

Hell, according to this map, it's actually a shorter trip too.

I can certainly see Neltharion just showing up in Stormwind one day to see Varian, then drag the King into the map room.  Nel takes a map off the wall, tears it in half and then tap the outer edges together so that the map now, rather than centering around the Maelstrom, now has the Opposite Great Sea as the center.

And then Neltharion says: "See?  Isn't that a shorter route?  Look, and you don't have to worry about that giant hole in the planet either."

Varian: "Huh.  Well.  Looks like I'm changing the trade routes.  I am so glad I decided to be nice to you, Earth-Warder, instead of treating you like garbage because your daughter kidnapped my son and tried to eat him 10 years ago."

Though I do recall when we went to the Twilight Highlands back during Cataclysm that least on the Horde side of things, we may have headed across Opposite Great Sea to get there...maybe...sorta...kinda...I dunno.

Certainly seemed like that.

I know Conservation of Detail is often enforced, but when we've seen not once, not twice, but three times in the game where we have globes of the planet being shown and nothing in the middle of Opposite Great Sea, one of those times were inside a Titan facility...which actually showed Pandaria at the bottom, but still nothing off the Western Shore of Kalimdor or the Eastern Shore of the Eastern Kingdoms...yeah...there really isn't anything there.  It's just an ocean without a swirling vortex to another dimension at the center.  Or a permanent hurricane.

And by the way, Azeroth has no land at the North or South Poles.  Northrend and Pandaria are close to the poles, but no land at the poles at all.  Earth has only one continent that currently occupies a pole...Antarctica.  The Arctic Circle is vacant and only covered with an ice sheet.  Greenland is very close to the pole, but not sitting on it.

There's several places Neltharion can in fact go and not be detected, I've noticed.

So yeah, instead of crossing the Great Sea, Neltharion, in order to make sure he's not detected in flight, is going to travel the road less traveled, but going to Opposite Great Sea.

Because its on the other side.

And I wonder...since Nel is trying to figure out what's South because he doesn't know...maybe he should visit the Emerald Dream and find out for himself?

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

And for those of you complaining that Neltharion doesn't know about Pandaria, well, partially it's due to his amnesia.  The dude is almost 70 thousand years old and he only has memories of less than l0% of his life.  The last 12 thousand years to be exact.

And the other is well, those who would remember Pandaria think Pandaria was destroyed during the Sundering.  It's in fact stated by Alexstrasza once that the Sunwell could have been helped if the Blood Elves would have found the gems from Pandaria.  Because those gems had the power to restart it.  But then she went on to mention that Pandaria was "lost" so there was no hope in that.  

As for why there were Pandarens, given the secrecy of the Pandaren from the Wandering Isle, who do know where Pandaria is and why people can't find it...for whatever reason do not mention it to Outsiders.  And given the attitude of people like Taran Zhu in Pandaria and how they feel about invaders from other lands, let alone other planets, screwing their continent up...yeah, I can see why most Pandarens don't say anything about where their ancestors come from or the fact that Pandaria still exists. 

Most people think that Pandaria is lost, others believe it is a myth, and Neltharion can't remember whether or not it was there.

There's the answer.  But now the mists have been lowered, Neltharion can sense the continent.  Also, that was some pretty powerful spell Emperor Shaohao put on Pandaria to shroud it from invaders...since it's powerful enough to hide it from Nel's senses too.  I mean...damn, man.  Neltharion's the Earth-Warder, he's supposed to know about every land on Azeroth.  Shaohao, you're very powerful for being a just newly appointed emperor.

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Sintharia and New Sha Chpt.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 10:41 PM

First off...this...

Rise of the Sha Chapt 1

Next...well, I'm coming up with an idea...

Something that will A.) Bring Joy to Neltharion...and B.) Get Neltharion in a shit load of trouble.

Let's talk about WoW's resurrection priest ability.

Actually, I'll link a video that talks about the power of the Light and what it actually does.

Yeah, that explains it very well, so, I don't need to explain it beyond what was said.

Yeah, in the game, we press buttons and things happen.  But the Light itself is something different.

He mentions the ability resurrection.  In the game, you earn the ability to resurrect a fellow player at level 18, which becomes a good ability to have when doing a dungeon and going on raids.

But in the actual lore, which is one I try to follow, resurrection is a rare thing.  That means, your lvl 90 character, cannot resurrect someone as easily as clicking a button.  

This also means that even for a Dragon Aspect, resurrection is very difficult.  Alexstrasza could do it...I suppose...though we never seen her actually do it.  She seems to be able to heal anything no matter what, except the symbolic metaphor of cancer in that one quest, which instead had the PC go find A'dal to give the afflicted NPC his final rest in peace since not even Alex could cure the Scourge course.

So, resurrection is something special.  And only two people have done it and done it perfectly.

One was Aegwynn, mother of Medivh.  She was a mage, the Guardian of Tirisfal.  Not a priest.  So this means that a significantly powerful mage can in fact resurrect the dead.

The other was a priest, Prince Anduin Wrynn, who brought his father back to life.

In War Crimes, we see a shade of Anduin who could not successfully bring his father back to life and he ended up a frightened, scared boy.  So our Anduin was lucky to bring back his father and he wielded the Light to do so.

He also has power to wield the shadow.  And shadow power in Priests seem to be a sort of balancing weight against the Light, as in, both are necessary to understand the Light itself.  

My Blood Elf Priest was both a Shadow and Holy Priest.  Though she was mostly geared to be a DPS, or Shadow Priest, she could when needed despect and wield the Holy side as well.  But I never gave her any proper gear for, she would often run out of mana when people needed it the most.  She could also turn off Shadow Form and be a backup healer when the healer either dropped out or died and needed to return to the game.  And I've done this a few times.  I managed to keep up alright at times, but still stressed that we needed a better healer.  Of course this happened in Cataclysm, before the Pandaria upgrade that gave me the ability to remain in Shadow Form, but still be able to cast certain holy spells without forcing me out of Shadow Form.  Resurrection still forced me out as well as using a Light Well or even my Mana rebuilder.

But we are talking about resurrection.

In another journal, I talked about Nel being able to wield the Light because Deathwing wielded the Shadow.

Velen and Neltharion BFFsWell here we go...let's just discuss Velen for a moment.
I am hoping that I'm writing him alright.
The actual chapter that has this.
I do know that a big issue is not to have Velen just to be a part of the scenery.  It is kinda sad that there isn't anything that has focused on him that much until...
Yeah, apparently, he kinda plays a big part in this.
I am a little sad though that the cinematic for Warlords is no some really nice rendered short film, but things we kinda see in the game.
I know Velen in this one is gonna look a lot different.  He finally gets a model upgrade.
But I really want to try and push a friendship between these two.

Hell, I'll even try to make fanart of it.
One thing is Velen in the story, is kinda fascinated by Neltharion.  One I'll get into later, but the other is...Neltharion has given Velen a reason to have some hope again.  No

Read that for more info.

Basically Neltharion can tap into the Light, which is a sort of physical entity within Warcraft, but he has to use a crutch to do so.  Mostly, he uses water as the crutch, and focuses the healing abilities of water that then allows him to tap into the Light.  

Basically, Neltharion cannot wield the Light without being near a water source.  He could pull water from the ground water tables, water from the air, clouds, trees, grasses...and then focus it into a golden liquid beam of love, warmth, hope, and healing.  

And primarily, Neltharion can only heal with the Light.  However, I am going to allow Nel to discover some other abilities too once he goes to Pandaria.  Especially when it comes to fighting the Sha.  Neltharion is going to discover that going after the Sha with claws outstretched, ready to pound them into the ground isn't going to he starts experimenting with the Light, with the help of Anduin, to find another way of combatting them.

Neltharion may create some sort of half Shaman half Light Priest spell that would rebuke the Sha...something like that, but one thing I will say...that much like what the Light requires, as in a calm state of mind, will power itself, a sort of serine control of emotions...and faith in one's self rather than doubt, this would prove somewhat difficult even for Nel.

Neltharion has to be in a calm state of mind when he wields the Light.  If his head and emotions are all in a storm of turmoil, Nel can't wield the Light.  His Light Water ability won't activate and yeah...his spell fizzles.

Since it's difficult for Nel to be in a calm state of mind, especially if he's upset about something, he won't be able to wield the Light.

Let's talk at last about resurrection and Sintharia.

One thing about the Math Nut and I when we bonked our heads together about thing was brought up.  Neltharion can possibly resurrect someone.  We've seen it with Deathwing, but in a twisted version of it.  He brings beings back to life through the shadow and undeath.  He did it with Onyxia, and Nefarian.  And he also did it with Sintharia.

Neltharion could possibly tap into the shadow and do the same, but he knows that the end result would be catastrophic.  So, it's best to find another route.

Nel And Sintharia by Ortheka

Now that Calia has dumped him.  Officially, Neltharion is going to be very much alone.  He's going feel he hasn't got a friend in the world.  And one thing I want to play around especially when he goes to Karazhan, is seeing images of people he knew, loved, even family and friends.  And especially, seeing Sintharia and what possibly could have been.

Karazhan may still be a place where the visions of the Tower can manifest themselves despite what Medivh did.  And I do want to play that idea up.  

In Karazhan, the archmage Khadgar was able to see various visions of the future, and eventually, he figured out a way to control those visions.  But the tower is a bit more than that, it could give people visions of other timelines, other realities.  Visions of a past that never existed, visions of a future that would never happen in this timeline, visions of a present that is completely opposite than the one we're in.

Neltharion could see visions of the various timelines of Azeroth.  He could see the canon timeline and pretty much Deathwing's destruction.  He could see the End of Time version, which he has seen before a few times, so that wouldn't shock him.

He could also see an Azeroth where the Earth-Warder could withstand the Old Gods and not slip into madness.  He could see a timeline in which Calia never met Neltharion.  Or a timeline where Calia instead becomes the Lich Queen.  Because I threw that joke once.

A timeline where Arthas was still alive and not the Lich King.  Or the Burning Legion succeeds in their invasion during the Third War.  Or a timeline where Medivh, when he dies, and starts morphing into Sargeras, succeeds in that, and his body becomes another avatar to the Dark Titan.

A timeline where Onyxia and Nefarian are still alive.  Maybe a timeline where it was Malygos who becomes a "Deathwing" of sorts, and it is Neltharion who calls upon the Adventurers to kill him instead.  Or a timeline where its Alexstrasza who becomes a Deathwing of sorts, and Nozdormu is the one who goes nutty like Malygos once did, and it's Malygos, Neltharion, and Ysera who enlist the help of adventurers.  

Or a timeline where Nozdormu does his Deathwing thing, becomes Murozond during the War of Ancients and the present is a wild mess of timeways ripping the planet apart, and poor Neltharion is using all his might to keep the planet together.  And since the planet is ripping apart, Neltharion is also ripping apart too, so he kinda sorta looks like Deathwing...but his body's dilapidated state has a different connotation to his peers.  Rather than one of great fear and death, the fiery appearance means to them an Aspect who is giving his all to keep the world from becoming like Outland.

 But one that would drive it home to Nel, a timeline where Sintharia was still alive.

Pandaria opens a lot of roads for Neltharion.  It's a place where he can find out who and what he is.  He can remember what his life was like prior to Deathwing.  Pandaria has a lot of secrets that would relate to him when worked around properly.  One is the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  And their mysterious healing properties.  

Neltharion, in his attempt to find a way to for one get a proper broodmother for his flight, and another find a companion, might try to bring back Sintharia.  

The Math Nut and I thought about him even attempting to bring back Malygos as well, but it having some horrible effects.  Mainly, what would happen is that Nel can bring back Malygos, with his whole body intact, but his Aspect powers would be completely gone.  Neltharion doesn't know how to reattach them, being the Aspect of Matter as it were, so even if he does bring back Malygos, Malygos might not be happy with it.  He'd be this very powerful, gigantic blue dragon, with the physical power to match, but magic wise?  All the magical power of a whelp.

If he brings back Sintharia, would she be cured of the Old Gods madness?  Nel would have to figure out how to bring her back and purify her of that.  Would she hate him or love him?  Deathwing raped her, and then when she died, he brought her back to life as a mindless baby machine.

So, there's those questions as well.  But going through Karazhan, Neltharion, seeing Sintharia, might be compelled to try, and Pandaria could open that up to him.

Anduin just might have himself an unlikely student if Neltharion tries to beg him to teach the resurrection spell.

Just a thought.

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Raising Money

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:42 PM

Some of you may know already...but recently I've come into a bit of a financial bind.

Because of this I'm trying to raise money to help with bills this month.  I'm hoping to raise about 1000 dollars by the end of the month.

For that I'm willing to take either donations or even commission work.

Price1 by Ghostwalker2061

Price2 by Ghostwalker2061

Just any little thing will help.

I am hoping to do one image a week.  One image should motivate me to do something about my situation.

However, given the state of things, as connection may be going off...I'll have to find a place to latch onto wireless to send it.

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The Death of Animation...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 3:21 AM

If anyone wishes to kill off their brain cells in 30 minutes, then they can either drink themselves into a coma, or...

Watch this hideous abomination that ripped off the Lion King.

Not-Young Simba has an ass for a nose.

Among other very horrible mistakes.  

I mean honestly, I could make a better looking cartoon than that.

Not-Mufasa: Children of panthers look like children of panthers.  Let this be a lesson to you, Robin...MY GOD!
Not-Bagera: Get in my mouth.
Mew-Mew: But I don't wanna.
Not-Bagera: Do it...I'm not animated to bend over.  Plus I'm lazy...

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Neltharion in Karazhan

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:03 PM

I thought about having Nel visit Karazhan either in the first chapter or the second.  This is supposed to be how he attempts to find Wrathion and also how he finds Pandaria.

Yeah, he could find Pandaria with his own abilities easy, but right now, considering the last chapter of the last story where Neltharion had his bout of sorrow that caused a tsunami and wrecked Booty Bay again, he's going to be a bit more hesitant into wielding said powers.

 photo Deadwind_pass_zps1f7d974a.jpg

Though I wonder if the first visit should be a dream of sorts, while Nel is laying deliriously in an oceanic trench healing.

Basically what happens after this scene.

Velen's Meditation by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion suddenly finds himself in Deadwind Pass and it acts like Deadwind Pass should, and not some actual dream in the Emerald Dream.  But as he gets closer to his goal, he's startled awake.

But when he actually gets to Karazhan, as in not a dream, should it be like the raid?  Should the chapter have Nel solo shaman tanking every bad guy that's inside of the instance itself?  Or should it just be vacant and all Nel hears is spooky sounds as he explores the place that plays against his emotions?

 photo Karazhan_zps9bb7db93.jpg

I know there are ghosts inside Karazhan and around Deadwind Pass and one thing the Math Nut and I kinda theorized that though Nel can spiritually touch spirit things, as seen with Arthas and Malygos, he can't affect them.  Neltharion's powers is more based in the realm of the physical.  He's a matter manipulator.  He can convert matter to its many different forms, solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, but that's all he does.  So, attacking ghosts probably isn't going to be his thing.  He can fight demons, he can fight undead creatures that are solid.  But not ghosts.  Not ghosts, not banshees, or spirits.

So, how should I handle this?

And yes, there maybe some interactions between Neltharion and Raven!Medivh.  Maybe it's just gonna be with Nel speaking and the raven squawking, but yeah.  And just having Neltharion talk to a bird and the bird not talking back is rather funny.  Neltharion says some stupid comment about having a raven as a pet and Medivh pokes his eye out with his beak.  I just turned Medivh into a quirky animal sidekick.  I should be shot.

 photo Medivh_Crow_zps5f86aac7.jpg

Come on guys, it's no secret now.  We know that bird circling Karazhan is Medivh.  Let's just admit it to ourselves, we'll feel a lot better when we do.

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Pandaria Rise of the Sha chpt 1

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 10:05 AM

I thought you'd guys see that this was posted.…

Both the Forward and the Prologue was posted.

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Reposting of Warcraft Stories

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 2, 2014, 1:32 AM

Since some people are again having issues in finding these stories.  I have no idea why since I posted a journal about them a week ago.

But here they are in order once more.

Warcraft: Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061

Warcraft: the Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061

Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061

And this is the Drunken Fever Dream that I wrote that makes fun of Knaak's trilogy.

Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

Just to make sure you guys are able to catch up.

Also, to explain it in very plain English for some of you who do not understand unless I use small words...

Rise of the Sha Preview by Ghostwalker2061

That right there is a PREVIEW of the fifth book.  It is NOT a completed story yet.

Random Internet Poster: But Auntie Ghostwalker, what is a Preview?

A preview is basically something that I would post up for early viewing before the work itself is finished.

Random Internet Poster: But Auntie Ghostwalker, all I see is a picture.  There are no words.  How can I read the story when there are no words?

What you are looking at is the cover for the story.  The story is in fact in a PDF format that you have to scroll down in the window provided in order to view it. 

If your browser does not allow you to do this, then you can press the download button located in the right side of the page.

Random Internet Poster: But Auntie Ghostwalker, I don't know how to download.  Can you show me?

How to Download a PDF on Deviant Art by Ghostwalker2061

Here is a picture you can click on that will show you how to download a PDF.  Do you see the arrow that is pointing at "Download File"?  Well, if you click on that button, the computer will use its magic and download the file for you so you can open it up in Acrobat Reader and read it.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, here is a helpful website where you can get it...

Adobe Acrobat

See how helpful that is now?

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