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Med'an, Guardian of Tirisfal...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 6:49 AM

Will NOT be showing up in the stories.

I do feel like I need to get into this a little.  Why?  Because it's necessary.

Let's talk about Med'an, the son of Medivh and Garona Halforcen.

Okay, so, who is he?

Well, he's this guy's kid.

 photo Medivh3_zpsda354eac.jpg

Apparently, Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom, decided to tell an important story, that has no bearing or relevance to the actual plot of World of Warcraft.

I mean, seriously, it doesn't.  And this very important story had to be told in a comic book series that most people didn't read.

So, who the fucking hell is he?

Well, apparently, long time ago, Medivh showed up on Draenor, while maybe being controlled by Sargeras, and falls in love with a half orc, half draenei named Garona Halforcen, who was a product of male orc raping female draenei.  And these two decided to bang and then Garona had a son named Med'an, who is half human, and one quarter orc and one quarter draenei, and has all the special powers of both a mage, a shaman, and a paladin.

As in, meet the Gary Stu of Warcraft!

And you guys think me figuring out the powers of Neltharion is crazy.

Neltharion doesn't cross class transgress while having all the equal powers of all three classes.  Mostly because you can't apply a class to dragons anyways.  I mean, Krasus was a Red Dragon who called himself a mage, when really, he can cast healing spells like a priest?  Right?

Like I said, you can't fit dragons in mortal classes.  Their dragons.

Though at times I do state that Neltharion is a shaman, because of his relationship with shamans, but shamans can be tanks, healers, and spell casters, so it's allowed.  However, Neltharion does have some tampering with the Light given a unique healing ability that can focus the Light with water, which is something that Velen kinda squeed about.  Light Water.  

But, I'll say it's debatable on whether or not Neltharion can tap into the Light or not.  Certain believers of the Light do think he's got some of the virtues down, so, who knows?

Well, Med'an was promoted to be the new Guardian of Tirisfal in the comic and after a few misadventures, he "ascends to another plane of existence" to learn new abilities in the universe, or as we like to say: "Got put on a bus" because obviously this guy isn't all that compelling of a character.

Now why am I mentioning this?  Well, it's because there is a possibility that Neltharion will in fact meet Medivh, who has been depowered, and yes, I honestly do think is still alive, hiding in Karazhan, disguised as a raven.  Neltharion, following the trail of Wrathion, to bring him finally to Pandaria, will pay a visit to Karazhan.  And, will trade dialog with Medivh.  Either it's just gonna be Neltharion talking to Medivh in his raven form, and the raven not answering anything vocally, but just shows what Neltharion needs to see, or he'll transform out of his raven form and truly have a convo with Neltharion, I'm up in arms about.

 photo nelportrait2_zpsb5fa668f.jpg

Also, Neltharion smiling and looking dreamy and hopeful = HOT!!!!!

But yes, Neltharion and Medivh are gonna be in the same scene as each other.  All because that little dialog that Deathwing made in Day of the Dragon, when Deathwing states his concern that Medivh could have posed a threat because Medivh had a portion of Sargeras' power inside of him.

But there is another reason why Medivh and Neltharion are gonna be in the same scene, and that reason was in fact revealed in A Prophet's Visions:


    The voice of Sargeras, the Dark Lord, was not so easily forgotten.  He remembered hearing it as it appeared to be fair and graceful, sultry and inviting, speaking of wonders beyond imagination to the Eredar of Argus.  Both Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde fell for the deception, but not Velen.  He saw the truth behind the voice.  

    Now that voice called again, but this time it took on another form.  Instead of a humanoid form with a beard of sickly yellow flames, great batwings, and eyes that could burn even the most pure, the voice of Sargeras came from the mouth of Deathwing.  Velen could not mistake it no matter how hard he tried. 

Yeah.  That.

Velen knows who's voice Neltharion's own voice apparently sounds like.  And when Neltharion talks to Medivh, Medivh is also going to know.

Luckily, only like maybe two people on Azeroth actually know what Sargeras sounds like.  Well, Azshara makes three, but she hasn't shown herself officially in the stories yet.

As for Neltharion sounding like Sargeras.  Is it a coincidence?  Is it deliberate?  Or is Velen projecting?


 photo sarge_zps21ba90a8.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_moo60yXpe71qz4rgp_zpsab52b49e.jpg

Yeah, I think Blizzard is fucking with us.

Trust me, I won't spoil what I'm about to reveal, but if you look at those images SHOULD tell you something.

And I'll give a cookie to anyone who figures it out.

But as for Med'an, Medivh might mention him to Neltharion.  But I assure you he probably won't be showing up to even meet Neltharion.


Because again, Med'an hasn't really done anything relevant to the actual plot.

Medivh did something relevant to the plot.  His mother did something relevant to the plot.

Med'an was put on a bus for outer space and is never seen again.

What really was the point of writing a comic about this character?

But if Med'an ever does show up, it's only to make Neltharion feel less useless by proxy.

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So this Happened

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 2:03 AM

Cerei got raped by fucking Jaime!

That is all.

And I am like...okay, that didn't happen in the book.

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What if Our Nel visits Canon Azeroth?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 8:07 AM

Not too long ago, renndor came up with something.  The idea of what if our Nel, the one who didn't die, got cured and such...some how found his way to canon Azeroth.  

Canon Azeroth where the Aspects were...blech...created from actual proto-dragons and of course Deathwing dies, got blasted by Dragon Soul to the face, and the Aspects have been depowered.

So, my theories have been basically that world is pretty much doomed.  The Old Gods won, for starters.  They got rid of the Aspects like they wanted, one way or another.  Whether the raiders knew it or not, they pretty much played right in the hands of the Old Gods.  So, though the doom is for now unnoticeable.  Sometimes, a world dying basically takes time.  The mortals on the planet wouldn't really know what was happening because it would be very, very sluggish.  But it may not be unlike well...what happened in the movie The Core,  or the Crack in the World.  Or Roland Emmerich's 2012.  Hell, that film alone could give a lot of us a good idea of what could be happening to the actual planet of Azeroth without its Earth Warder to keep it stable or its Spell Weaver to help keep the electromagnetic field up, which protects everyone from the solar wind.  Or its Lifebinder from making sure that fauna that contributes to the upkeep of the planet's ecosystem is in balance, or its Dreamer that keeps the flora in balance as well as dreams...kinda up in arms around why the hell do we really need an Aspect of Dreams?  Earth, I get, Time, I get, Life, I get, Magic, since it's energy, I get.  But Dreams?  Well, Ysera is the girl who keeps the back up Azeroth protected if they need it.  Best thing I can think of.

Restart button, right?

Neltharion needs those old blueprints so he can know what he needs to fix, so meh, there's Ysera's job.

I always saw her as more Aspect of Nature rather than Dreams.  Making sure the trees are digesting carbon dioxide and spitting out oxygen, but at a percentage that isn't toxic to the current life forms that breathe it and all.  

She also makes sure the plankton is doing what it needs to do too while Neltharion takes care of the THC, the Thermohaline Circulation, or the Great Global Conveyor Belt.  On Earth, it's the thing that was mostly responsible for 90% of plants and animals being extinct prior to the coming of the Dinosaurs.  The largest extinction ever recorded.  What was it caused by?  A gigantic super continent at the center of the globe, aka Pangea.  And said continent, due to a lot of the planet's volcanoes being exposed at the time, a gigantic mountain range splitting the middle (Appalachian Mountains, my home, you know) fucking up air flow, and too much land vs. fresh water ratio, caused the most terrible drought ever discovered.  And because the ocean current had to swing around this gigantic land mass, that shut the conveyor belt that helped in mixing nutrients, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen through the oceans, which caused the main source of our weather and air to shut down.  Well, you can see why only 10% of life still barely made it out.

Guess what Azeroth had before the Sundering?  Ten thousand years ago?

Kinda makes that whole Aspect thing even more important, don't it?

Still, ever so now an then our THC does shut down.  So far, Azeroth from all we've ever known, has never seen an extinction, at least not as big as the ones we periodically have on our planet.  Why?  Again, the Aspects.  They kinda keep that from happening.

Now, you know what Alexstrasza's job is.  Take care of life?  Heh...if only it was that simple.

It takes one thousand years for a grain of sand to travel our own conveyor belt, start to finish.  So, I'm guessing that it's the same for Azeroth given that it's a similar size and mass to Earth.

But our big extinction and the THC shutting down happened very slowly.  And went unnoticed by most of life for a very long while, until the drought happened and water became scarce.

So, here's the thing.  Doomed canon Azeroth don't have the Aspects there anymore, or at least as they are anymore.  The Earth-Warder is dead, the Spell Weaver is also dead, and then replaced, and then depowered.  The Time Lord, Life-Binder, and Awakened Dreamer are also depowered.  

So, basically, no Aspects.

And then out of the blue, our Earth-Warder comes popping out of some portal from the safe Azeroth.  And after a few looks of confusion, Neltharion then sees that he's not on his Azeroth, and also senses that this Azeroth is very well fucked.

Now here is a note I do need to make.  My theories of Azeroth is that Azeroth currently holds the position of Venus when it comes to the green zone for life to grow.   As in, it's a little close to its own sun.  I kind has this theory for a while due to how large Azeroth's sun looked in the game.  So, basically Neltharion's job was basically the guy who had to maintain the global thermostat and set it to a proper temperature for liquid water to exist on this world.

And again, I get this from canon due to how Ragnaros goes on about purging the world with fire.  Deathwing says the world will burn.  The Hour of Twilight is all about burning.  So, yeah.  The world the Old Gods want is...

 photo venus_zps73d85f24.jpg

Welcome to Azeroth: Population burnt to a crisp.

Sulfuric clouds, choking, flattening everything.  Dense clouds.  Greenhouse effect gone way out of whack.  

I'm guessing a lot of methane is in the atmosphere to make Azeroth nice and toasty.  You know, people go on about carbon dioxide being a bad greenhouse gas, right?  It ain't got nothin' on methane.  I know double southern negative, fuck you.

But in all seriousness, methane is the runaway greenhouse gas that turns a nice, pretty green and blue Azeroth into Venus.

Because with the shutdown of the THC on Earth, a lot of methane was released into the atmosphere here and raised global temps to 12 degrees.  Doesn't sound like much, right?  Think about the hottest day in where you live right now.  Hottest one you've ever been through.  Now raise that 12 degrees.

Think about the hottest day in say Death Valley.  Raise that 12 degrees.

Think about how hot it is in Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere summer solstice , and then raise that 12 degrees.

Makes a big difference don't it?

Then, think about your winters.  How cold it gets, and then just raise that temp to 12 degrees.  Winter becomes non existent.  Hell, most winters would feel like spring or fall.  Summer becomes so hot, unless you have great air conditioning, you'll suffer from heat strokes while in doors.


12 degrees was all it took to kill off 90% of life on the land and the water.  

But the Old Gods want total extinction 100%.  They want Venus.  There you go.

So, now we have our Nel there, and he's pretty much sensing that Azeroth is slowly turning into Venus.  Very slowly.  So far, by the time Warlords has happened, global temps have risen maybe 3 degrees above the normal.  Enough to make a nice hot summer and a very mild winter for both hemispheres at least.

But Nel can sense it.

So, here's the idea for you guys.  Call this an exercise for your own creativity.  What would happen with our Nel in the canon Azeroth?  

How would the Aspects react if they saw him?

How would Thrall react?

Or hell, what would they say if they notice him trying to fight against the damage already happening on Azeroth?  I'm sure Nel would come out and just say: "Hey, by giving up your powers, you've doomed your planet.  Tell me, was killing this universe's version of me worth it?"

We came up with a speculation that Nel being there would stabilize their Azeroth.  But the problem is that if he left, their Azeroth would once more start its slow descent into becoming Venus.

Nel himself knows if he doesn't return to his own world, it's gonna get screwed up, but he can't just leave this Azeroth too, right?

So, work that brain.  Come up with something.

Also, on a side note.  We've done some calculating of Neltharion's flight speed.  Using this...

We've calculated that Neltharion can fly as fast as Mach 10. That's 10 times the speed of sound, folks.  And since he doesn't suffer from energy loss due to having an unlimited source of energy, he can actually maintain that speed indefinitely.  It's very difficult for Nel to actually suffer from fatigue.  It's normally caused by certain physical or emotional stresses.

His running speed?  Mach 4.  He can run four times the speed of sound on a flat surface.  But his maneuverability is kinda, blech.  But given he's Mr. Impervious to anything, running into a mountain wouldn't be a problem.  For one thing, he can just phase right through it.

Damn it guys, Nel may be a bit of a ditz, and yeah, he's still not cool enough to hang with the Shadowrun dragons, but damn.  He's fucking powerful.

Right now what's holding him back is that he believes that he can get tired, he needs to eat, he needs to breathe, and he needs to drink.  Neltharion's mind is programmed to think he needs to do things that other biological beings need to do to live.  But, Nel isn't exactly life as we know it.  So, him getting winded is just all in his head.

Think about that for a moment.

 photo ScreenShot2012-11-21at103933AM.png

This guy cannot get winded, EVER!  He just thinks he can.  It's all in Neltharion's head that he believes he needs to breathe, eat, sleep, drink.  Maybe even poop.  Dunno.  

I did have my own theory that because of Nel's density, anything carbon that goes into his body, gets crushed by his mass, and comes out as a diamond.

Meaning, Neltharion is like Quark from Lunar: The Silver Star Story.  Because that's where Dragon Diamonds come from.  Yes, it is disgusting.

Nel stole Kiryuu's smile by Ghostwalker2061

But he's cuter when he looks like this.

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No Emotional Impact in Warcraft

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 7:16 AM

I feel this needs to be discussed again...

And to truly get what I am talking about, let's watch the Cataclysm trailer.

Just watch that and see how many people actually died from Deathwing tearing up the place?

Count them?  


Well, see what I mean by Deathwing showing up and destroying empty monuments?

Now compare that to the movie Independence Day or even War of the Worlds?  Both are really polar opposites by far, but both still showed some emotional impact from the character who saw the destruction, emotion even before it happened, and after, also we saw people actually DIE!  

People died in those movies, even the light hearted Roland Emmerich one.  People still died.  None of those familiar monuments were empty.  

There is something I've noticed missing in the game, and the overall feel, or even the mood of it.  That is, well, where was the terror?

People, this country has personally lived through various natural disasters NOT created by a giant black dragon with a metal brace bolted to his chin and a metal girdle, and we're still talking about them, we're still talking about how crappy FEMA is, the emotional impact they made us go through.  I've seen the news where they would show people crying in the street because Sandy just drowned their home, or the look of distraught over the fact shit is still happening, and people are still affected by Katrina.

How about Japan and its tsunami that caused a few radiation contamination from their reactors?  And the emotional stress they went through?  And how many just rallied around them, blogging and supporting them.

Hell, Mt. St. Helens blew its top in 1980 and people still talk about it and the damage of it is still there.

So, where was that emotional impact, where was the PTSD, or the anger or distraught, the utter fear when the Cataclysm hit?

I've read the books.  And what I got was a whole lot of MEH.  

On Azeroth, they just had a dragon who pretty much unloaded the equivalent energy of 5 times more than the Earth has on nuclear arsenal, on every square inch of the planet (including the oceans) and everyone on the planet treats Deathwing like he was some sort of termite infestation?  He's a nuisance?  Gotta call the exterminator?

It was: "Oh, he's gonna destroy the planet, well, we've gotta stop him."

All the NPCs just act like it's just another Tuesday on Azeroth.

You know, earthquakes happen frequently in LA too, but still, people do tend to get scared.  Maybe the next one will be the one that makes Joe Everybody's house finally fall on his head and kill him.

Where were the tears in this game?  Or hell even in the books.  How many times was Hurricane Sandy brought up in the news?  Or Katrina?  

And then compare that to how many times Deathwing was brought up.  

My friend who's the math nut who mentions how Neltharion should be generally treated in my stories.  As in, people should be SCARED of him.  They should be scared of him because he is the literal God of Death to them.  To Kalecgos, because Deathwing nearly wiped out his flight.

Hell, Malygos had the PTSD because Deathwing nearly wiped out his flight.  But no one else on the planet does?  In Through the Dark Portal and Day of the Dragon, people were very blase about Deathwing being in the scene.  

But the thing is though, it was never there to begin with.  I've never seen one NPC in the game show any sort of horror or fear, or trauma over seeing Deathwing fly and destroy their homes.  Not even a bit of anger.  Everyone just seemed annoyed by it.  Hell, there was more horror expressed when Arthas mowed down Silvermoon and destroyed the Sunwell.  The High Elves were severely affected by that event.  They went through depression, terror, confusion, anger.  Emotions you'd expect from witnessing something so horrible.

But did that happen with Deathwing?  NO!

You know, I can give a good example of a dragon that caused an entire ethnic group to be redefined all because of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  That dragon?  Malystryx.

Malystryx came to Kendermore and she destroyed it utterly.  She destroyed the whole land, drove out the Kender from their homes, raised mountains and volcanoes and turned the whole land uninhabitable except to Red Dragons.  And when the Kender left, it was like the Trail of Tears.  And she hunted them down as they fled.  She killed them as they fled, and she turned a race who had no idea what fear was, and showed them what fear was.

She made the Kender afraid for the first time in their existence.  And they have a holiday called The Day Malys Came, and the Kender who were displaced and traumatized by Malystryx take that day off to mourn their fallen family members.  And it caused fear and hatred to them.  And there were lots and lots of tears.

But there is a questline that I laughed at and had fun with, and it was named in Warcraft The Day Deathwing Came, named for the holiday of mourning and remembrance for the Kender in Dragonlance when Malystryx came and showed them what fear and death meant.  And then I got to thinking.  Blizzard took a traumatic time for a fictional race of people who had their own version of the Trail of Tears and made it about a dwarf, an orc, and a gnome telling funny stories about when they saw Deathwing burn a 10-mile black scar through the Badlands.  And made some of the Badlands look like the Desolation of Malystryx from Dragonlance.  

And I wanted to just say that maybe those three characters made that funny story that we all laughed and enjoyed all because it was their way of dealing with the horrors that they just witnessed.  It was their way of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress from seeing a literal God of Death rain down fire and brimstone upon them.

Therazane was just pissed and annoyed.  Her kids were acting kinda annoyed and then meh.  The Earth-Warder came down here, and it was okay.  We didn't bother him much, he didn't bother us.  Then he made friends with those Twilight Hammers, and now I can't all this fungus out of my basement!

Deathwing was making the world implode upon itself, and the only sense of urgency I got was from the Deepholm quest lines.  Everyone else was just hunky dory.

I made this complaint once before, the emotional impact we saw from the Cataclysm trailer was nothing.  We saw Deathwing destroy a bunch of empty monuments that we recognize from the game and the books, but where was the death?  There were no casualties.

I did see once that an orc said that his buddy died because the Barrens opened up with the Great Divide fiery chasm and it killed his friend.  One person, ONE PERSON died in the Cataclysm.  And that orc who survived was forever changed.  He was horrified, he was angry, he was depressed.  

So, when I write the story and there's this line that keep repeating itself, and it seems like a running gag, it isn't.  The line goes like this.  Set up first.

*Neltharion does something kinda silly and or stupid*
Random mortal 1 asks: "Tell me, why was it that we were afraid of him again?"
Random mortal 2 answers: "Because he was destroying the world."
Random mortal 1 said: "Oh, yeah, that's right."
It's not a running gag, it's a literal hit you over the head and remind you the reader that....Neltharion as Deathwing was destroying the fucking planet, show some sort of emotion when you're around him!  Be afraid of him!  And also it shows pretty much how non-reacting to his presence everyone just seems to be.  Yeah, Varian got pissed off at him, but there wasn't any fear.  No one is afraid of him.

I think one guy told me is because everyone on Azeroth is desensitized by Neltharion and ANY dragon.  Netar, I think that was you.  In D&D there is the Dragon Fear Aura.  This is a fear aura that dragons create and when you're around them, regardless to whether or not they are good or bad or if they personally did something to you, you are shit your pants scared of that dragon.

But that sort of fear is NOT in Warcraft.  Hell, Rhonin, when he saw Krasus in his dragon form for the first time was more pissed off and annoyed that Krasus didn't tell him the truth about what he was rather than afraid of Krasus.

You see what I'm getting at?

I really want to write and show the fear, and the trauma, and the horror that Deathwing has done and have that reflect in how they approach or react to Neltharion.  But the thing is though, it was never there to begin with and when I do insert it, it feels off like it's not supposed to be there.

I'm doing that right now when the Horde marches to Theramore, how they are all reacting to Neltharion being down there and defending it.  Are they think: "Just another Tuesday.  Another day, another Dragon." or are they actually scared that Neltharion is just going to kill them in one blow?  They are afraid of Neltharion.  Neltharion being there is in their minds constantly.  They talk about him, they worry about him.  And that's not bringing him into the center of the universe, this guy has the power to destroy the planet at will, there is no way around in NOT talking about him, especially if you're going to attack his home.

Which is why I'm having trouble writing Vol'jin at times.  I don't want Vol'jin to seem cowardly.  And I'm afraid that a lot of Vol'jin fans would think of me as doing that.  But the thing is though.  Vol'jin is marching his Trolls to face a god-like being who can sink his entire island chain with a bat of his eye.  There has to be fear.  

This isn't a normal war.  The Horde isn't facing Theramore on common ground here.  Theramore has at its disposal the one being who can literally put a direct end to the Horde itself if he so chooses.  Fear has to be there for these soldiers and their leaders.  The only one who isn't scared stiff is Garrosh and only because he's batshit crazy and that's clouded his judgement.

And I literally want to write the scene when Neltharion shows up to stop Garrosh before the Mana Bomb drops and all the Horde forces Garrosh brought just throws down their weapons and runs.  Just runs away, because they are that scared of Neltharion because he was Deathwing.  They just run away, and leave Garrosh standing there.

I'm not kidding.  Because fear would grip their minds so much that loyalty and honor now take a back seat to survival of themselves.  Their instincts just kick in and fuck the Horde, they are out of there!  Every chapter I wrote when I had the Horde meeting each other, I wanted to show a sense of dread the closer they came to Theramore.  Have them feel this dread the closer they got because they knew what was there waiting for them.

And who is it that's waiting for them, that is ready to defend his home?

 photo ScreenShot2012-11-21at103933AM.png

Yeah, that guy.  Why did I show that picture and not Squishy Bearded Nel?  Because that is what the Horde sees when they look at Neltharion.  That's what EVERYONE sees when they look at Neltharion.  And they're not laughing at him, they're not making jokes about him.  They are scared of him, horrified by him, in absolute terror of him, and in there they are also angry at him.

Deathwing is waiting in Theramore, and the Horde soldiers like Vol'jin are terrified.  And when I write the scene and Vol'jin sees Neltharion for the FIRST time EVER, he is going to be afraid.  This will not be a deconstruct of a character or a world, it will be a very realistic and genuine reaction to seeing something like that coming at you and ready to kill you for invading his home.

And that is so very much lacking in the story of Warcraft.  There was a sense of awe when people saw dragons, but there was not the fear when they saw Deathwing.  And maybe it's because of that we get the reactions from the players that play it as, Deathwing is just another loot bag for me to kill and slice open to see if he can drop any purples or a special mount.  Because if the writers of the game can't put any emotional weight around a creature who can destroy not just empty landmarks, but cities filled with people and cause people to become so traumatized that they can't even sleep at night anymore or even have any sort of proper conversations with friends without seeing images that remind them of what they just went through, then it's no wonder why when we raided Deathwing it was just another Tuesday for us.

It really should have been a lot more than just another Tuesday.

This is the emotional impact we should have seen in the Cataclysm....

 photo threads2_zps62a2d290.jpg

That.  Where was that?  Where was any of that?  This woman holding her burnt child, and this should have been in Cataclysm.  It would have made the impact of what Deathwing was doing much more emotional.  I've seen video games that show that.  So, it can be done.   And Blizzard has done it themselves.  Starcraft has those types of scenes. Why not the Cataclysm?  Why not Warcraft.  Honestly, they've done it before, they've shown that, but not with Deathwing.

That image was taken from Threads, one of my favorite Apocalyptic movie.  All because it shows the horrors of what could happen if we unleash hell upon ourselves with nukes.  Well, Deathwing unleashed hell each time he flew over, and not even once did I see a mother holding her burnt child, and looking mortified, and so traumatized that she doesn't probably doesn't know her own damn name anymore in the game or in the books.

Deathwing was treated like an annoyance and we got rid of that annoyance.  Hell, the horrors of what Garrosh did during Pandaria had more emotional impact than what Deathwing did.

Seriously, this again has bothered me to no end.  Now more than ever that I'm talking to a few Warcraft players who pretty much have decided to again prove my point of no emotional impact.

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A Good Friend had Returned to me

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 5:04 AM

Had someone come by and well, post something my only piece of word art...

I am not an artist by Ghostwalker2061

It isn't even all that great of a piece either.  Just white and red text on a black background.  Which is kinda cliche and has been done over and over again, but I think it's supposed to look manufactured given what I felt that time.  And I still do feel even now more than ever again.

  • Wow, Ghost, they completely missed the point.. I agree with you whole heartily. I strongly disagree with the last two driveling trite and glib comments of pseudo-intellectual nonsense force me to retort.

    People have become so stupid they believe that were all equally "entitled" to have an opinion(they have been allowed to have this idea because it creates noise to drown out dissent like "attack against the man" as valid debate . I have absolutely no hope for the spirit of this age. So you befuddled people who provide no real corpus/substance let me expound on what Ghostwalker is getting at since literature or reading real books outside of kitsch are not even accidentally read by people now days because it is not on Opera's reading list.. There all experts now because they have the "internet's"..

    Data is not knowledge...What me and Ghostwalker, even artist that get paid shit tons of cash are crying about is this...The industrial age of reproduction and globalism has made it so we ALL have to compete against the whole world even if we live in a small town. It used to be the artist was the shaman who helped articulate and crystallize dreams. We the artist like the baker used to be necessary as food for the eye..People would seek us out for our magic to make life more beautiful.

    From town to city state styles were more individualized. We painted there homes,streets, there weapons of war, there places of worship..Now nothing is profane all is cash based reductionist of the free market that never has nor will exist it is a fairy tale sold to us just like there magic paper money is fraud.Do any of your artist really believe we are getting a" quid pro quo" anymore??

    The hours, cost of materials,supplies,software, turns our pay per hour to sometimes pennies or lower then minimum wage... Any serious artist, musician or writer will tell you how they are forced grinned into current trends and flippant madness. Look at 4000 years of music history to see what this new corporatism cut and paste permutation has kicked out turds at light speed.

    Meanwhile the fragile artist and thier dreams gets jack-booted on daily into oblivion. We have become nothing more than extra extension of some selling point. Who but artist have to pay full price for their supplies?? Case in point there are absolutely amazing musicians and they WILL NEVER be seen or heard on television or on the web Et cetera because the people behind those forces do not like them(anyone recall when the MPAA and the RIAA went bat-shit crazy over mp3/4's when it increased their sales by over 150%.Because they did not control it Its not about cash for them its about absolute control.). They're only going to tolerate what they define as what an "a individual" or "artist" is in dictionaries who's companies they own. That is right folks, they even control your language, the words you use to think with. So careful who you allow to define your words for you.

    I will stop here and just say Ghost I feel your pain..This fucking sucks..Heaven forbid that you dared labeled the elephant in the room..People who generally use the phrase "respectfully" sally forth into loaded statement "don't judge, don't label..let it be" which apparently is some sort of Skinner-ism behavior reflex response. and you other person you pulled that out of a dictionary? Really all by yourself?! Glad the issue is settles the dictionary whom is unnamed has spoken "all hail the cooperate dictionary"! Dear god I think i need to take up suicide as one of my hobbies again..

    We are doomed doomed species..Anyone wants to dispel my statements with crap like misspelling and typo's have at it with your route memory spelling Nazi's quibs and prepackaged "you automatically have won." comebacks...Go ahead Give yourself a trophy your doing your job well editing/blotting out and correcting us all out of relevance and existence!

  • Read there fucking comments..Is it me?! Has the world always been this crazy stupid??? 

  • We can argue with rather the piece of art executed or communicated fully what it was getting at. But we can not argue non sequitur's against it's philosophy because that is sophistry!! At the very least this artist were seriously trying to articulating what many high artist bitch about daily to ourselves. 

  • Ya the shit art we have to make.."Pot boilers" there technically called so we can get to the real art that the spirit/deepest inner self calls forth to be born...Its not bitterness it is truth. Kudos ghostwalker! I may not have enjoyed your work as much as I should simply because of genre preferences, but I do respect the fact that you draw way better then me, but by god the fact that you said this statement..You Lady are an artist in my book now! 

  • We are not simple mindless drones turning out art work like car parts. If your doing that your a crafter not an artist. We artist our the high priest and priestess of dreams Par Excellence. Our power derives not from mercantile law, but ecclesiastical law that is above all nation states and transnational identities even religion itself! 

  • For we invoke the nameless within!!! I know the terminology is couched in spiritual wording so my apologies to my atheist friends out there, but it was necessary to bring terms used in ambassadorial/heraldic law to define the problem/solution that we used for thousands of years of civilization both East and West. For without it none of us have sanctuary!

And this is coming from a guy who's in contact with "actual" artists.

I may like to draw dragons, guys, but to truly be an artist, I must still have a message to state.  

Also, this speaks to me.

With the works that I do on Kedzuel, I make commentary, or even joke around about the sociopolitical issues of Colonial Imperialism vs. well, not being a bunch of space Nazis.  Also, the statement that just because he is in fact the guy who leads the most advanced species, does that give him the right to take things in his own hands?  Does that give people the right to pretty much think he's the answer to all their problems?

With Neltharion, I tend to make a statement, which sometimes gets through to a few people, namely the math nut who understands, about how poorly we treat the mentally infirm.  Look how Neltharion got treated in the game.  In Warcraft, to deal with someone suffering from possible personality disorder and schizophrenia, you have to kill him and then loot his carcass.  HE'S CLINICALLY MENTALLY DISABLED, PEOPLE!

It also didn't help Neltharion one bit to pretty much have everyone against him, placing the blame all on him without really trying to figure out why he is acting like this.  Alexstrasza is a huge offender of that.

Also doesn't help the fact that he was written by a completely inferior writer who, I'm close to lumping in with Stephenie Meyer, he's that bad.  Makes me wonder how the fuck did this guy actually get a job when I know there were far superior writers who could have done better, but were often looked over by...well...the people who matter.

Look how he is often treated in even my books.  And in some ways, it is a commentary on how bad our study of psychological disorders just truly happens to be.  We may be better than what we were back then, but we're still pretty rotten.

The second commentary on Neltharion is the question of whether or not anyone can be brought back from the Moral Event Horizon.  And the true question of what is good, what is evil?  And who really is right, or who really is wrong?  And pretty much, is this right, or is it just an unreliable narrator who pretty much tells us that Neltharion is evil because of "reasons" and that we as mercenary (the Player Character) has to kill him because the game says so?  Because Chris Metzen says so?  Again, fuck Chris Metzen.

With Kiryuu, it's the commentary on what really, truly counts as a living being, even one created by humans with an artificial intelligence.  Does this creature still have a soul?  Though Earth treats him fairly well, look how he is treated among the Citadel Races.  Do they treat him as an equal, or do they look down upon him for being what he is?

Thank you, 

You got me.

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It's not Deathwing

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 11:17 PM

Fire and Water by Ghostwalker2061

"He doesn't look like Deathwing."

THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT!  Guys, Neltharion doesn't want to look like Deathwing anymore.  He honestly doesn't.

But really, if you have an issue with the design,'s the images where Nel still looked more Deathwing-ish.

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

Before the Aspect of Death by Ghostwalker2061

Just Deathwing... by Ghostwalker2061

Duality by Ghostwalker2061


Now he looks like Deathwing again.

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What did you do to Kiryuu?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 8:53 AM

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

Hey, guys?  Since the stories have been around since 2002, and a lot of you are only now wanting to bitch about the're a little late.

Maybe if you all had some issues with the design and told me in June of 2002 when I started creating him and writing the could have told me how you all didn't like the design.

But since it's been over 13 years now, and that look has become literally ingrained in his design, I can't just shave his friggin head now.  You jokers are 13 years too late.

Why the hell would you guys just now tell me you hated the design?  Why wait 13 years?

So, here is my suggestion.  Invent the time machine and then go back to 2002 and then bitch about the design.  I would have listened then.

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The Blood Moon

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 9:24 AM

A Blood Moon will happen tonight, yup.

A Lunar Eclipse.

Well, it starts at 2am eastern here...

totality will happen at 3,

And then the eclipse will end it right at 4 with the waning shadow, and be completely over at 5.

I hope everyone will go see it.  Here's what it'll look like on my Stellarium.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-08at31727AM_zps5d0bef73.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-08at31754AM_zpse588f23f.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-08at31553AM_zpsd094aeed.png

I remember seeing my first Lunar Eclipse back in the late 80s with my grandma and grandpa.  And I still haven't missed a lunar eclipse since then.

There's gonna be four of them, apparently.  One that's gonna happen Tuesday morning at 2am, another in October of this year, and two more next year.

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I want to run away

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 11, 2014, 2:59 AM

There's this feeling I've had for a while.

I just want to get up, pack what I've got, and run away.  I'll drive as far as my pocket change will carry me, abandon my car and walk the rest of the way on foot.

I just want to run away.  I want to pack up and leave, find a new life for myself away from everyone who knows me.  

Can you believe that?  An adult wanting to just run away like she was a teenager?

Yeah, I know teens have thoughts of running away.  But believe it or not, some of us adults do too.

I'm feeling it now.

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The Alternate Doomed Azeroth

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 11:29 PM

The more I'm thinking about the Warlords of Draenor, the more I get to think about that particular Azeroth that will never see the coming of the Horde.

And the more I see one particular bit of info that comes up.

That Northrend will never be discovered and thus stopping Yogg-Saron.

Or that Kalimdor will never be discovered by the humans and dwarves.

Or perhaps the Alliance will never be formed.

And Medivh would not be killed off, and since he has Sargeras inside of him, he'll complete his plans.

All because the Horde wasn't there.

Okay, let's think about this for one bit.  I'm gonna propose something that is rather radical in thinking.  What I'm proposing is simple.

What if I took a time machine and killed Hitler?

Yes, this is basically the case of Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act.  And the idea that if I were to kill Hitler, and maybe if I succeed, I still would have changed NOTHING, or at the very least, not much.

There is a reason why I say this.  Because my Jewish family didn't come from Germany, where the most famous of the genocide of my people took place, but from the least famous one, but much larger one.  The Russian genocide of my Jewish ancestors.  None of my family spent time in German concentration camps, but we were tossed out of our own homes, placed into ghettos, and then had them burned, only to travel across the ocean to America due to the fact well, we wouldn't convert to Greek Orthodox.  

Meaning, if I were to kill Hitler, my efforts still would have done nothing to stop my family's suffering.  And you know what?  It would have still done nothing to stop the Holocaust too.  Because from what I have learned, bigotry and hatred towards something different will always be around us.  Because such genocide has been done before and is still being done right now WITHOUT Hitler.

The only difference is, we don't have Hitler and the Nazi Party might not be what we know it as today, but something different.  Hell, the Nazi Party prior to Hitler's involvement, was a political party in Germany and it was led by someone else who wasn't Hitler.  Think about that.  We attach Hitler to the Nazi Party as if it can't survive without Hitler.  But guess what?  Maybe it can.

So again, me killing Hitler would have done nothing.  My Jewish cousins in Germany would still be the scapegoat for the German economic crash, due to the fact many Jewish families actually owned banks in Germany and were very well off businessmen, which would lead to their genocide, and so on and so forth.  And German Nationalism will still be a forefront for the conquering of the rest of Europe.  

Take what's happening right now with Russia and Putin.  Even with all of us still knowing what all led to World War II, it's kinda sorta happening again.  And just replace the Jews with homosexuals when it comes to the minority that's getting oppressed.  Same thing, just different people.

Because we humans have issues with something that is different than what we consider the cultural norm.

Damn them Jews and their funny language and religion.

Damn them homos with their backdoor humping and drag queens.

Get it?

Now that I've effectively plowed multiple anvils into you all's heads, we can start the discussion on how this is related to Azeroth.

Garrosh tying the Dark Portal with Draenor's past prior to its destruction and prior to the fel energy turning the orcs green, instead of brown.  So, he's going back basically 50-60 years into the past to do this.  The same time for when Hitler came to power in our own world.

And Garrosh is basically going to tie the portal in Draenor with the portal of our Azeroth, and not the Azeroth of that dimension, thus will bring his Iron Horde with Ner'zhul (who never becomes the Lich King) Blackhand, Teron Gorefiend (who never becomes a Death Knight) Grom Hellscream (who never becomes the first to drink Mannoroth's blood, and Gul'Dan (who is the only one that decides to side with Kil'Jaeden) to our Azeroth of the present time, rather than the Azeroth of that dimension in their current time.

Thus never making sure the Horde comes to the alternate Azeroth.

Which according to the accepted speculation, will not result in the Alliance's formation because Stormwind doesn't get destroyed.  Will not result in King Llane Wrynn being killed by Garrona Halforcen, thus giving Varian his reason for being a racist asshole, and of course will NOT lead to Arthas betraying Lordaeron, killing his own father King Terenas, or becoming the Lich King.  Nor will it end up with Sylvanas becoming undead, and the Banshee Queen, and the Forsaken will never be created.  The Forsaken in this Azeroth are still human people of Lordaeron.

And of course, according to the speculation, this will not have anyone go to Northrend to handle the Lich King because Arthas isn't up there, which will not lead to the discovery of Yogg-Saron.

This again, according to the accepted speculation, this wouldn't lead to the discovery of Kalimdor, and the Tauren and the Night Elves.  Nor probably even Pandaria.

Right?  That's the accepted theory.  Because the Horde is not on Azeroth, that Azeroth is effectively doomed to be Old God food and possibly even Burning Legion food.

But what if I were to tell you right now that taking the Horde out of the equation would have done little next to nothing to change that Azeroth?  

Again, in this version, Garrosh kills Hitler by taking out the Horde from ever discovering Azeroth.  But Garrosh kills Hitler, and nothing still has changed.

This is why.  First, I'll address the whole issue of Kalimdor never being discovered, Northrend never being discovered, and of course Pandaria never being discovered.

On Earth, we all know the story of Christopher Columbus.  This is a guy who pretty much was trying to find a trade route to the East Indies from Spain without having to worry about going around Cape of Good Hope in Africa to get to the Indian Ocean.  Now, yes, there's the joke that he was trying to prove that the world wasn't flat, it was round.  But in reality, no, this wasn't the reason.  Back then, they believed that the Earth had more land one large sea.  And they didn't know that there was another piece of land in the middle of that theorized sea that blocked their way between Spain and India.  That's why Native Americans are called Indians.  Because the explorers got the two people's mixed up.

And Christopher Columbus didn't need a bunch of orcs to travel east to do it.  He did it himself.  Humans are naturally curious.  In Azeroth, humans are in fact descendants from the Vrykul who originated from Northrend.  Why the fucking hell wouldn't they want to travel there to discover long lost civilizations of their ancestors?  So, they can still discover Yogg-Saron.

The Dwarves, they were once Earthen.  In our Azeroth, we have the Explorers Guild, manned by Brann Bronzebeard.  This guy devotes his entire life to discovering the past of the dwarves.  There's questlines dedicated to it.  Who's to say that one human who take an interest in what Brann does, and decides to go looking and this brings them to the various Titan facilities in Northrend, which then leads them to Yogg-Saron?  Better yet, since Brann is a prince, he can use some of his diplomatic power to get the attention of other friendly cultures and they could still go up there and fight it.

Now, let's talk about Kalimdor.  Since the High Elves don't become Blood Elves because no Lich King destroying their city and such...someone proposed that means they won't join Dalaran either.  And also that means again, no Kalimdor because Thrall isn't here.  Stop it with the Green Jesus, guys.  Just because Thrall isn't here doesn't mean that Kalimdor still cannot be discovered.  What will happen?  Well, since the High Elves do live for a few thousand years themselves, they should have a good historical record of who and what they were before they became High Elves.  What were they?  Highborne.  What were the Highborne?  Night Elves who used arcane magic.  Granted yes, the Highborne were banished.   But who's to say they wouldn't attempt to go back?  They don't have to just land in Night Elf territory, they could land in other areas that aren't occupied by the Night Elves.

Though I will say the only culture that are completely stagnate are in fact the Night Elves themselves given these guys are huge racist, bigots.  And they only did what they did out of necessity.

But you know what?  That never stopped anyone before when it came to exploration and potentially colonization.  Sure, the High Elves might be beaten back, but they could go to the humans and the dwarves for help and explain their plight, and an alliance is formed again, but this time against the Night Elves.

And we would start having an Azeroth's version of Colonial Imperialism.  Tada!

And what about Pandaria?  Well, who's to say that the Wandering Isle won't bring Pandarens to the other continents, and stories about Pandaria still are being told, which again would give people enough curiosity to go looking for it.  After all, Pandaria does have resources.  People do need that.  Cortez went to Mesoamerica because of reports that they had lots and lots of gold.  Who's to say that a similar story wouldn't be swimming around in the Eastern Kingdoms that would bring them to discover it?  Also, the issue with the Cataclysm, that still could happen.  Which would eventually weaken the mists and make Pandaria accessible to the outside.  Surely with the wars that would follow due to Colonial Imperialism wouldn't be all that great with Pandaria either.  Could still set off the Sha.

And Pandarens apparently have been venturing around Azeroth, at least those like Chen Stormstout.  I don't seem to recall the Horde ever causing him to go exploring.  He did it because he's one of those Pandarens who have the Wanderlust Bug.  Yes, he may not quite be there to help and create the Horde with Thrall, Cairne, and Vol'Jin.  

And as for the Tauren.  Well certainly this colonial imperialism would cause them to perhaps still side with the Darkspear Trolls.  We could still have our Thunderbluff and have an alternate version of the Horde, just sans the Orcs and Thrall.  You wouldn't believe what can motivate different cultures to band together to fight something that threatens them.

Hell, if any, we could have an Azerothian version of Magellan, who would attempt to circumnavigate the entire planet and start by going into the Foreboding Sea and end up in the Veiled Sea, bypassing the Maelstrom.

But let's really think of things seriously.  Medivh.  Yes, he would be alive and have Sargeras inside of him.  But why is everyone so sure that it took the Horde's existence to make Dalaran realize their Guardian is a crackpot?

Apparently I don't think the writers and the fans are giving anyone any credit for just noticing something's up.  Medivh could still be stopped by Khadgar.  And Khadgar could still be thrown into that aging spell that makes him look like an old man.  

These guys who accept that Azeroth is doomed because of no Horde mentioned the creation of the Paladins due to Anduin Lothar.  Well, why would the Paladins' creation only be caused by the Horde?  Surely now, since I've mentioned that there are other things that would cause war.  I mean, the discovery of Yogg-Saron due to dwarves and humans becoming curious about their origins, wouldn't that be enough to create the need for Paladins too?

So, the Paladins are not directly linked to the Horde.  The Paladins and their creation can still spring about for other reasons.

And the issue of people thinking the High Elves would never join Dalaran.  Okay, let's talk about that too.  They already joined Dalaran before the Horde even came.  The reason why the Eastern Kingdoms know about the Burning Legion was because the ones who actually had a record of the Legion coming to Azeroth and was willing to share it were in fact the High Elves.  Not the Night Elves because again, they're fucking assholes!  The Guardian of Tirisfal was created by the combined efforts of humans and elves and their top mages.  And the Guardian existed BEFORE the Horde came.  So, there was in fact an Alliance between elves and humans BEFORE Stormwind was burned to the ground.

And Stormwind can still be burned.  Why would it only be the Horde that does this?  Why couldn't it be Medivh, who acting as Sargeras' avatar in this world, finds other ways to bring the Burning Legion here.  Kil'Jaeden failed on Draenor to get the Horde to attack Azeroth, well, that doesn't mean it stops there.

One thing that is now being discussed between Neltharion and Velen in the latest chapter is that just because you have one victory, doesn't mean it's over.

Defeating Kil'Jaeden at the Sunwell doesn't mean that Kil'Jaeden is gone.  And Neltharion thinking that he stops the Hour of Twilight  because he effectively disbanded the Twilight's Hammer and making the Twilight Dragons functionally extinct still doesn't get rid of the Old Gods.  Still doesn't even get rid of the prospect that the Hour of Twilight could still happen.

As in Neltharion has done NOTHING to change the fact that the Hour of Twilight was stopped.  He just pushed back the date.

And even Thrall, by saving Neltharion in the Coffer, he didn't prevent the Hour of Twilight either.  He managed to get the biggest player the Old Gods had, back on the right side, but it still doesn't stop the event.

The Burning Legion can still come, and the Alliance of Lordaeron can still be a reality.  But again formed for a different reason.  The Alliance doesn't need the Horde to exist.  It honestly doesn't.

Here is the bit that in fact addresses what I am saying in this journal.

  • “The sun has set on this mortal world,” said Velen. “Make peace with your end for the Hour of Twilight falls.”

  • “Blech, enough,” Neltharion said in a moan. “If I hear that mantra one more time, I’ll vomit. It’s not going to happen. It’s over with. I’m done with it.  I’ve nearly made the Twilight Dragonflight extinct, I’ve scattered the Twilight’s Hammer, I’m completely ignoring N’Zoth and his voice isn’t bothering me.”

  • “And yet, the Twilight Dragonflight still exists,” said Velen. “The  Twilight’s Hammer may have been scattered, but they were the ones responsible for giving Garrosh the means to build his weapons, and though you ignore N’Zoth, it does not mean he is not there. The problem has not gone away despite your belief it has.  Nor do new problems eclipse the old ones. My problems have not gone away. Kil’Jaeden may have been defeated at the Sunwell, but he has not been destroyed. He still exists, he still plots. Though Sargeras was defeated as well ten thousand years ago, it still did not stop him. He did not go away. He came back to possess sorcerer Medivh. And Sargeras is still out there. The threat of the Burning Legion is still there.” 

  • He placed his hand upon Neltharion’s shoulder. 

  • “Your troubles and mine have not disappeared. All we did was buy us a little bit more
    time. Nothing more, nothing less. Your vision was your own voice reminding you of that. If you falter, you saw what could happen. I have a purpose myself, and I must never forget what that purpose is.  I must always continue on and remember that purpose. So do you.” 

  • Neltharion bowed his head: “Perhaps you are right. I’ve felt I’ve lost myself these last two years. Maybe I have prioritized something I shouldn’t.”

And combined with my speculations with the dwarves, we would have our Alliance again, and this time for a different purpose.  These guys know the Burning Legion is out there and know that the Burning Legion would return again.  That's why the Guardian was created.  

So, taking the Horde out of the picture, just like Hitler's death, would change NOTHING!  It just means the Blasted Lands won't exist.  It just means the Dark Portal wouldn't be there.  

The Horde's arrival wasn't the pivotal point that would doom Azeroth.  No, it wasn't at all.

You know what was?  THE MOTHER FUCKING SUNDERING!  Yes, that's the pivotal point.  It's not you don't kill Hitler, or you prevent the Horde coming through the Dark Portal, it's you kill Queen Azshara before she makes contact with Sargeras.  

If it weren't for her bringing the Burning Legion to Azeroth and making EVERYONE aware of the Legion's existence, no one on Azeroth would know of the Legion, thereby never take the steps in preventing the Legion's arrival.

Hell, the fucking World Tree Nordrassil's existence is there BECAUSE OF THE BURNING LEGION!  Because Idiot Illidan tried to make another Well of Eternity, which again would bring another wave of demons from the Twisting Nether, so the tree had to be planted.

However, going by the Hitler Time Travel Exempt Rule, even killing Azshara wouldn't have done anything.  Because well, Sargeras would still just find someone else.  Hell, it could have been worse.  He could have just went straight to Illidan.  Think about that for a moment.

Even in my little joke fic, Murozond's Gift, Neltharion makes a very good point about what the Sundering did for Azeroth.  Granted, yes, he hates the fact that he pretty much was the cause of it because it was his Dragon Soul that did least in our little timeline, but even then, the Azeroth of the alternate timeline didn't have Krasus, or Brox, or Rhonin to go back in time to make Deathwing hasten his plans for conquest...and the Sundering still would have happened.


She broke the Well.  She sundered the continents when she tried to bring Sargeras to Azeroth.  Neltharion's Dragon Soul just gave it a bigger boost and probably did even more damage than what would have been there if he had not used the Dragon Soul.

She made the world aware of the Burning Legion.  

The Horde did nothing.  

Hell, the only thing that would be affected by the Horde NOT being on Azeroth, at least in terms with my stories, is there would be no Thrall who would be the one to touch Neltharion's heart, discover the actual truth, and prevent the other Aspects from killing Neltharion, thus basically giving the Old Gods what they want.

Right, Neltharion's cure from the madness, from his own imprisonment inside his own body, needed Thrall.  And what's worse?  The Dragon Soul Raid would have happened to Deathwing, and Neltharion would be killed, the Aspects depowered, and the Old Gods not ever having their jailor, aka Nel, to keep them locked up.

So, basically, the Azeroth of the game, even without the Horde, would be the Azeroth of this alternate reality where Garrosh went to to create the Iron Horde.  

It's not because the Horde's absence that dooms Azeroth, it's because there isn't a Thrall there to save Mr. Squishy Nel.  And since Neltharion never gets redeemed by Thrall to once more take up his mantle as Earth-Warder as he is supposed to, and be the Shield for Azeroth...Azeroth is DOOMED.  It's doomed because of the Old Gods, it's doomed because of the Burning Legion.  It's doomed because the planet doesn't have it's mega-tank to take the punishment and dish it right back.  This is why I still say killing Neltharion was a BAD IDEA.

In other words, again, we would have changed NOTHING!  Except, yes, no orcs on Azeroth and no Neltharion, but still NOTHNG.  Azeroth is still doomed.  It just doesn't have the Horde.  Azeroth would still be doomed with the Horde, or without it.  Because Mr. Squishy Nel isn't there.

But if you really want to change something, you go back in time to the Well of Eternity and prevent Azshara from bringing the Burning Legion here.  Because if there is no awareness of the Burning Legion, no creation of the Guardian of Tirisfal, no continent sundered, and Sargeras waits until 10 thousand years later...yeah, Azeroth would be in big trouble.

There's my two cents and my devil's advocate on the whole issue of why the Horde really didn't do much.

The main thing I wish to focus on that just because you kill Hitler, doesn't mean that there's not something ELSE out there that would take Hitler's place.  Just like if you don't bring the Old Horde from Draenor over to attempt to conquer Azeroth, doesn't mean that something else just as nasty on Azeroth wouldn't rise up to take the Horde's place.  The Alliance can still become a reality, Stormwind can still be destroyed.  The Paladins can still be created.  Northrend can still be explored without the Lich King.  Kalimdor can still be explored.  Pandaria can still be discovered.

But it would be for different reasons.  And that is where the change lies.  Taking the Horde away doesn't necessary stop any of these events from happening.  Who knows, maybe Arthas really would have made a better king and still have a good hold on Lordaeron because of it, and because Llane Wrynn is still around, the Alliance itself could very well be STRONGER for it.  

By having these characters killed off may have done more harm than good.  But take away the reason for killing them off, Arthas because he lost hope and became a Death Knight, Llane Wrynn assassinated, King Terenas assassinated.

A lot of the Alliance's main problems during those first two wars was basically caused by Deathwing.  And leaving out the Horde wouldn't mean that Deathwing couldn't find someone else to give the Demon Soul to in order to enslave Alexstrasza.  Maybe he gives it to the Tauren, maybe he gives it to the trolls, who knows?  A new sort of First and Second and Third War could still very much be a reality for this Azeroth.

Speaking of who Deathwing might give the Demon Soul to.  Instead of the Dragonmaw Clan, perhaps maybe the king of the Zandalari.  The trolls that I've studied on Azeroth once held a mighty empire.  Wouldn't the Zandalari want to recreate that empire again. Well, they did attempt it a few times in canon Azeroth. What's stopping them from doing so in the doomed alternate Azeroth?  Deathwing may have just found his new pawns and gives them the means to do just that.

Wow, I just figured out another way the Alliance can be created without the involvement of the Horde.

You take something away, but something else must always take its place.  So, yeah...really, so the hell what that Azeroth doesn't have the Horde, effectively, the Horde's presence has done little to really effect Azeroth's survival.

It's still gonna end up Aspectless regardless to there being a Horde or not.  Maybe some Tauren ends up becoming an uber Shaman and connects with Neltharion...wait a minute.  I've just eliminated Thrall too!

Squishy could still happen regardless to Thrall's involvement.  Take a hint, Blizzard.  Take a hint.

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The Golden Age of the Aspects

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:21 AM

Something has been brought to my attention...

  • I wouldn't consider the Aspect's powers independent—they're clearly designed to work together.  For 60K years the flights were able to work together to create a golden age. In addition, the fact that the Dragon Soul could even be created and work as shown is enough to demonstrate there's a fundamental link between them.

    Indeed, the dragon soul effectively force-fed Deathwing the powers of the other Dragonflights (and probably the Old Gods as well). It's unclear exactly what side-effects this might have caused beyond the growth, but he was saturated by their power. He definitely wouldn't gain their attunements, but a deeper connection and familiarity with their powers would be believable.

    An interesting question: Could the other dragonflights repeat this, and force their power into Nel without the Dragon Soul as a conduit?

    In any case, what I'm getting at is that Nel isn't attuned to nature, life or the biosphere. He certainly has an indirect connection to it via his powers and duty, but it's not apart of him the way it'd be for Ysera or Alexstrasza. So damage to it shouldn't affect him directly, or cause the sort of pain that say, damage to the planet itself would do.

But mostly this...

  • An interesting question: Could the other dragonflights repeat this, and force their power into Nel without the Dragon Soul as a conduit?
It is an interesting concept.  The dragons could empower their Tank.  After all, that's one of Nel's usage.  He's supposed to take the pounding, that's what tanks are for.  That's why he's so strong, so powerful.  You're supposed to throw him around.

However here is a big question...

  • I wouldn't consider the Aspect's powers independent—they're clearly designed to work together.  For 60K years the flights were able to work together to create a golden age. 
So, tell me, can anyone really say what all happened before the War of the Ancients?  I mean, sure we have Knaak's stupid story about Galakrond, but again, that was an awful story.  Even the ending was insulting.  Didn't even get to see them become the Aspects.  Basically the "Dawn" never happened in the story.  It happened off screen.

So, what was the world like prior to the War of the Ancients?  What was this Golden Age that the Aspects took care of?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Legos are the work of the Devil

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 6:39 AM

Okay, before any of you start spouting that I'm the one who's proclaiming that because of the title, sit back down.

I loved Legos when I grew up.  And I know they are not evil, or the work of the devil.  In fact wonderful pieces of sculptural artwork have been created using Legos.  In fact many contemporary artists have used Legos.  Fantastic work has been built with them.

And with the coming of the 3D printer, we soon will be able to build actual houses out of Legos, using Legos the size of trucks.

The title comes from this...

  • A PRIEST has warned parents that a new range of monster and zombie Legos are a tool of Satan and can “destroy” children’s souls.

    Polish priest Slawomir Kostrzewa says Lego has moved to the dark side with their Monster Fighters and Zombie figures, which he slammed as being “about darkness and the world of death”.

    “Friendly fellows have been replaced by dark monsters, “ he said, reports The Telegraph UK.

    “These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side.”

    The Lego Monster range includes Lord Vampyre, a Dracula-type character who fights other Lego characters as he battles to “cloak the world in darkness”.

    Father Kostrzewa pointed to New Zealand research that showed Lego facial expressions have become angrier and are increasingly based on conflict, and that this could affect children’s development.

    “Facial expressions maybe lead to confusion between good and evil,” he said.

    “It appears the good suffer in battle and the ‘villains’ have a face showing satisfaction with their evil deeds.”

    The priest has in the past also accused Hello Kitty and My Little Pony as being forces for evil, calling My Little Pony a “carrier of death”.

So apparently some idiot who doesn't understand the concept of antagonists using the Dark Arts in a story to show just how evil they are, they now proclaim that because Legos have included basically movie monsters in their toy-line, that Legos are corrupting the youth.

Okay, guy.  Zombies and vampires and werewolves are monsters.  That's what monsters are. 

Kids find monsters fun, but they're not being corrupted by them.  And if some kids do get "corrupted" then there's something inherently wrong with the child's mental stability.  This is not caused by toy zombies and vampires.

Play with toys that have monsters in them is all in good.  And you know what?  Most children understand that what their are playing with are toys, meaning they are not real.  Apparently most children have a better understanding of reality and pretend than you do.

You're a friggin' priest!

I don't know how priests become priests in Poland, but I do know that if ANYONE who wishes to go into the clergy, they have to go to college.  How do I know this?  I have a good friend who works at my job who is studying to become a reverend.  He wants to dedicate himself to his faith, but in order to do that, he has to go to college.  Not only that, but to help him understand humanity, he actually is going into anthropology, which is in fact a science that studies the culture and strange way to humanity.

As in, normally, most clergymen are in fact well educated people.

I'm hoping that you also went to college, but it sounds like you didn't pass your intelligence exam to qualify.

There is a different between pretend, imagination, and reality.  The kids understand it.  

Maybe you should listen to the children rather than think you know what's best for them.  At least in this case.

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To have crystals or not to have crystals

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 1:25 PM

Something I am trying to figure out today.  And no, it's not an April Fool's Joke.

I'm trying to figure out for the ending of Warchief, should I decide to have Neltharion knock all the rest of his elementium plates completely off so he can regrow his crystals...or should I continue to keep the elementium plates on?

Fire and Water by Ghostwalker2061

So, should he continue to look like that?


Keeper of the Continents by Ghostwalker2061

Should he start looking more like this now?

I dunno...

Any thoughts?

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Warchief Updated and Let it Go

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 5:23 AM

Well, here's something for everyone who's been waiting....…

Yup, wish granted.  We're getting down to the final punch here.

But first, I need to address this....

and i forget to say, Nel is jackass, ( no, he is amazing) but really, cover Kalimdor with ash, so taurens and trolls (with them he is good) will have cruel few years? hehm i wish i was there, so i can punch him in the face (ouch it will hurt me) and after that give him hug!

It's great that someone actually read the story before I had a chance of posting a link here.  I got a lot of reviews since I posted it.  That's great.  But here's something this guy is not really getting.

Neltharion is a jackass for causing a minor eruption from Theramore's supervolcano and covering just the belt of Kalimdor up to Durotar in ash.  And blocking out the sun for perhaps a week or two.  And yes, lowering global temps that will cause at least maybe two years without summers, at the least.

I know this reviewer is from the Czech Republic (I think), therefore English may not be his first language.  I understand that.

But what he is completely missing and really not getting due to either language barrier or lack of info, is that what Neltharion did was react to what Garrosh did to him.

Okay, first off what is address and it is hammered in quite a lot in the story is the word consequence.

Neltharion is pretty much a living god on this planet, he is the avatar, the voice, the power of Azeroth manifested into solid form.  But just because he is this, doesn't mean he is beyond consequence.

There is a consequence of Neltharion being in Theramore.  And we saw that.

And there was a consequence of Garrosh attacking Theramore with Nel being there.

We saw that.

The issue is, trolls and tauren and orcs, and how their homes got ruined.


Nope, it's about population survival.

Remember, there are only 20 Black Dragons left.  20, that is including full grown dragons who can breed, little whelps and adolescent drakes.  And Nel.

The population of tauren, trolls, orcs, and such is a lot stronger and more capable of bouncing back when famine hits than Neltharion's own flight.

During the times after the Sundering, Alexstrasza and many of the other Aspects actually ordered Neltharion's flight to be destroyed for Deathwing's treachery.  At this time, none of the Aspects realized that Deathwing was an evil parasite/personality that was controlling Nel's body while Nel was being trapped inside his own consciousness and tormented by the Old Gods.

They only found out about this is Romancing the Coffer.

 So, yeah, prior to all of that, Alex and the other dragons had every intent on pretty much ridding Azeroth of the Black Dragonflight and their Aspect.

So, Neltharion has pretty much lost most of his flight.  It's gotten to the point where they have become functionally extinct.  And this is a term I use a lot.  Functionally extinct means they don't have enough genetic diversity to produce strong offspring and rebuild the species properly with.

Though in the whole bit about Rhea and the black dragon female Nyxondra, who gave birth to Wrathion, it is stated that Rhea was forcing Nyxondra to lay eggs in order to produce children so Rhea could experiment on them to create a cure for the madness of the Black Dragonflight.

So, it leaves me to wonder if female black dragons are like that of the Komodo Dragon, who can actually produce young aesexually, and those young basically being male, and then mates with her children to produce more females.

Yeah.  That leaves me to think a bit.

If this is true, then, Neltharion may need only one female to help repopulate the species, but it is shown with black dragons that inbreeding kinda degrades the stock, makes them even crazier and such.  I dunno.  I'm just gonna stick with what I know and have them be like human reproduction, meaning XX and XY = Baby.

So, for right now until I decide otherwise, Nel's flight is functionally extinct.

And Garrosh just made that worse.  

In my head, the population of trolls, orcs, and tauren are probably around 50 million if not more.  Maybe close to a hundred million.  So, what I'm saying, guy who wrote that, I think not having a winter or two might not be as devastating as you might think.  Compared to what the Mana Bomb did to Neltharion's own people.

Yeah, it will make life hard, but that's what happens when you piss off a being capable of making your life suck.

Neltharion didn't attack Orgrimmar before Garrosh did his shit.  But yes, he may have went a little overboard.  Still, it's Nel, he's not mentally stable.

And this means he's loss a lot of trusting friends.

Though he's gained a cult.  Baine and his Tauren.

This might be either good or bad.

Also, I have been playing around with the idea that when I do have Nel create his island, to show that he's now gonna let the past go completely, he rips the elementium plates from his back at last and regrows his crystals.

You guys think Nel should take the armor completely off now?  Or leave it on?

Now, for Let it Go...

For those of you who don't want to be apart of the discussion of Nel, I have this little bit to share.

It is cute.

  • These Massachusetts firemen found a unique (and adorable) way to soothe a little girl while rescuing her and her family from a stuck elevator shaft.

    Last week, Kaelyn Kerr, 4, was headed to a hair appointment with her mother and baby brother when they became trapped in an elevator, Today reported. The only way out was up a ladder and over a high wall, and little Kaelyn became frightened.

    That's when one of the firefighters began talking to the child about the hit Disney movie "Frozen" to distract her, and the other played the famous song from the film, "Let It Go," on his cell phone. Soon, they were both serenading Kaelyn.

    "It worked, we got her to a point where she was comfortable with us and up the ladder we went, right up and over, no problem," firefighter John Keough said to Fox 59.

    The firefighters, both fathers of young children, knew that the Disney film is popular with kids Kaelyn's age.

    "It was easily one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life," Kaelyn's mother, Kristin Kerr, told Today. "They understood how to calm down a 4-year-old."

Yes, there are heroes in this world.  These guys need a medal.

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Nel's Island

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 5:09 AM

First off, let's get the joke over....

Okay, now that we got the Joke over, we can move on.

But here is an idea that I'm throwing around when it comes to Mr. Squishy.  It's because well, now that he is homeless, and possibly just got dumped by Calia.  I'll leave that open.  Neltharion needs a home now.

So, since he's the Earth-Warder, why the fuck not just make one?

I pretty much stated that Neltharion was able to pretty much make Theramore Isle bigger just so he could have 10 miles of sandy beach to lay out on and sun bathe.

Keeper of the Continents by Ghostwalker2061

So, hell, why not just have Neltharion build himself an island where he can just live in solitude?

Why am I asking this?  Because of this...

I hate you, Internet.

Queen Elsa goes off alone to build herself an ice castle, I think Nel can go off alone to build himself an island.

Now, where does Neltharion need to go?  

I'm guessing the backside of Azeroth.

I know what you're thinking: "Azeroth is a round planet like Earth, there is no such thing as a back side."

What I mean by "back side" I mean the area on the map that isn't staring right at us.  As in the beyond the eastern shore of the Eastern Kingdoms and the western shore of Kalimdor.  

If we divide Azeroth with the Prime Meridian going straight through longitude wise down through the Maelstrom and the Equator going through the lattitude center of the Maelstrom, we see basically that Kalimdor occupies the Western Hemisphere of Azeroth and the Eastern Kingdoms occupies the Eastern Hemisphere.

So, what's on the direct opposite, resting upon the Saturday/Sunday Dateline?

Simple, it's a small ocean, about the size of the Atlantic.  The Great Sea, is basically Azeroth's version of the Pacific Ocean.

At one time, ten thousand years ago, Azeroth had a Pangea, called Old Kalimdor.  A supercontinent that made up ONE Hemisphere.  Then on the opposite side of this was a gigantic ocean, again the Pacific Ocean on Azeroth.

Then, the Sundering happened and it split the Pangea into four continents, two of them occupying basically the north and south poles of the planet, while the others occupying the west and eastern cardinal directions of the planet.

So the Pacific Ocean on that side got smaller, and what was left was the Great Sea that grew from the supercontinent.

So, basically, what's on the other side is basically the same question as to what is on the other side of our world, except backwards.

There's an ocean on the other side.  And from all the images I've seen of Azeroth, there might be one or two small islands, and they appear to be Kazen and the Azuremyst Isles.  So, there's nothing else sharing that area.  And since no ship actually travels through there, yeah, this would be a very nice place for Neltharion to build an island.

I wouldn't mind him building an island about the size of maybe...the state of New York.  It'll be an island that gives Neltharion lots of room to stretch while at the same time, not causing much damage to neighboring shores.  Meaning...if Neltharion builds a continent, even a small subcontinent like India, or even something the size of Saudi Arabia, this might happen...

Lex Luthor building a new continent and yeah, it swallows North America and a little bit of Europe.

So, yeah, Nel won't be doing that.  

But it might cause some minor large surges as the sea level does rise due to something solid now displacing the water.  Kinda like what happens when you dive into a pool, the level does rise.

Would it be significant?  I dunno.

Math Nerd, would making an island the size of New York, cause any damage to the surrounding area if Nel builds it in the middle of the large body of water people tend to call the Veiled Sea?

And it's gonna be instantaneous, very similar to what Lex does.  Within a few hours we have a landmass capable of supporting decent sized towns.

So, will it?

But what do you guys think too?  Any of you who have looked into the lore of Azeroth, really, nothing's ever been really discussed there due to well, what's in the Veiled Sea?  It's just an ocean like the Atlantic.  

Be interesting if Nel built something twice the size of Iceland or something.

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Tah-Tah, Shadowrun

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 5:35 AM

So, we are coming at the end of March.  Though I do have some Thin Mints left and I am still writing up Civil War and have been writing down notations for when G-Chaser and I might start up the next series, but for now, we'll have to say tah-tah to Shadowrun.

I just might put the Thin Mints into the freezer for next year since they do last a long while when you do it that way.  And I'll be gathering up more money for more Thin Mints for next year too.

But since we haven't gotten to the end of the current series and we want to end it before we hop onto the next, we'll have to put Shadowrun back on the shelf again.

But I am still reading my Shadowrun books, I've downloaded a lot of the 4th Edition to get me started.  I may go by and purchase a 4th Edition book of the Clutch of Dragons which details what's going on with them during the 2070s, which will help with the craziness.

Definitely will be having either Kiryuu or Manda kick Ghostwalker in the balls.  I don't know if I'll ever do a Shadowrun/Warcraft crossover where Neltharion gets deposited in the insanity, but it is still something that needs to be discussed.

However, I am going to post up two of my old Shadowrun short stories on, after I've read through them and made some edits.

They were written during the time I was writing Mechagodzilla XIV: Past Present and Future, and a lot of what they have in them was suddenly retconned by MGXIV's ending.  Such as how King Ghidorah is handled, the destruction of Knoxville, and Godzilla's freezing and relocated to Antarctica.

Though, this may mean I will finish up Infestation which needs to be finished since it details what Alan and Cujo did for Kiryuu and how Dunkelzahn is now in the 26th Century.

So, there will still be some Shadowrun-like stuff going on, just not actual Shadowrun stuff which primarily occurred in the late 21st Century, and not the 26th.  

And I might go back and rewrite some bits of Halo Reach for the Different, especially bringing in a little bit of Lofwyr because I felt we haven't picked on him enough.

But I also need to work on the last chapters of Warchief and get that wrapped up so we can go ahead and start on the Pandaria stuff.  I might be combining books, I don't know.  Combine the Sha stuff with the Lei Shen stuff due to how they both appear to be related.

And I need to work on the comic that Burkion wants me to do.  That does need to get done as well as commission work.

But so, I leave with this one little thought.

How do you think the next story of Neltharion should go?  How should it be handled?  

I do know this, the ending of Warchief isn't going to be very happy.  And really, it's not supposed to be.  And there are things that need to be discussed in the next segment after Warchief has been ended, such as Wrathion, which may bring Nel to Pandaria due to him trying to find where this kid is.

So, what's your opinion?

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A short Velen story

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 11:50 PM

I posted this short story on as well.

A Prophet's Visions

It is very short, but it focuses on how Velen is thinking about Nel's redemption.

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Halo Civil War update

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 5:42 AM

Halo: Civil War Chapter 9

Well, here we go.  Chapter 9.

Telek and Dunkelzahn bond.  It's cute.  

I know it's short, but because the next chapter is going to be heavily loaded with well, lots and lots of stuff going on, this one needs to be a little short.

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The WBC are both right and wrong

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 10:47 AM

Okay, so yeah, I just need to spill this little bit out here.

Why do the WBC hate gays and state that they hate this country so much due to how its laws handle gay rights and such...

Well, each time we see these assholes picket places and spread their hateful schpiel upon all of us, they tend to pull out this happy little line right here...

"כב  וְאֶת-זָכָר--לֹא תִשְׁכַּב, מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה:  תּוֹעֵבָה, הִוא."

Oh, I'm sorry, I just whipped out the Hebrew version of this damn thing.  Wait a moment, I'll fix it...

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination."

There we go.  Leviticus 18:22.

That line, that was taken from the Torah, aka the First Five Books of Moses.  As in it was written by my people.

Yeah...this is where it comes from.  

You see, the Phelps have a habit of basically taking a lot of what the Hebrews wrote long ago and pretty much decide to really take it out of context on the meaning, and with no regard to the fact that maybe in today's society that little verse just doesn't work anymore.

Now why am I saying this?  Well, because of this line.  This line pertains to us women.

And this is my favorite line that I wish everyone to whip out the next time you see Shirley Phelps.

  לֹא-יִהְיֶה כְלִי-גֶבֶר עַל-אִשָּׁה, וְלֹא-יִלְבַּשׁ גֶּבֶר שִׂמְלַת אִשָּׁה:  כִּי תוֹעֲבַת יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, כָּל-עֹשֵׂה אֵלֶּה."

Hebrew version...

"A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto the LORD thy God." Deuteronomy 22:5

There we go.

So, why am showing you that?  Well, because just to exemplify the hypocrisy of these assholes.

My, Shirley, don't you look nice in that ball cap and those pants.

Why the hell are you wearing clothes that only a man can wear?  Don't you know that you are just as big of an abomination as the gays?

So, yes, I would like to say that their quoting the reason why homosexuallity is bad does have a true source.  This is an actual verse in the Bible, and it did originate from the Torah.

But I do hope that many of my Jewish brothers and sisters have understood that cultures are an ever changing factor and that what once worked for our sheep-herding ancestors of the Land of Canaan, doesn't really work in with today.  And we have progressed beyond such a fear.  Because we all know that being homosexual is not harmful to anyone else and really it is not our place to pretty much force other people into not being what they want to be.  And really again, it is none of anyone's business who you love so long as you treat that person right, and you don't abuse that person.  

Many of the common sense laws of the Ten Commandments still should be upheld.  Don't steal something that doesn't belong to you.  Don't be a dick to your neighbor.  Be nice to your parents.  Don't murder someone.  It is "don't murder" not "don't kill", folks.  God has no problem with anyone killing so long as it isn't in "cold blood".  Don't be a Jeffrey Dahmer.  Don't cheat on your significant other. And yes, that rule applies to both straights and gay couples.  But there is a wiggle room factor in that Commandment.  I'd like to say that if you're one of those who are Swingers, and your significant other is fine with you boinking someone else just so long as he or she can do the same without fear of jealousy, it.

But again, we must understand that cultures do evolve and progress. 

So, why am I addressing this.  Well...

You see, I like to wear pants. I like to wear pants a lot. And there's a little bit in Leviticus that states that I, being a women, cannot wear pants for this is an abomination unto God. If I were to be a straight Orthodox Jew, then I am definitely doing a big no-no. But I still like pants. So, I'm gonna wear pants, so I say to hell with that little line. I'm not hurting anyone while wearing pants, right? So, why should it be a problem for me to wear pants just because some book written 4 thousand years ago says I can't. Hell, back then, EVERYONE wore dresses. There were no such things as pants back then. So, this is a good example of a rule that really doesn't need to apply to modern times.

But according to the Bible, yes, this is a big no-no.  Just like in the Bible, homosexuality is a big no-no.

But I still wanna wear pants.  So, if I believe it's okay for me to wear pants despite what the Bible says, then it should be okay for homosexuals to have relationships and to find the "right one".  

I'm not hurting anyone by wearing pants.  Guess what, gays are not hurting anyone by being gay.  

So, yes, Shirley is right.  That is in the Bible, it is considered a big taboo as stated.  But so is women wearing pants.

So, I have a suggestion for all of you homosexuals out there, when you go to counter protest and or Troll the WBC. The next time you see Shirley Phelps-Roper, and notice that she is in fact wearing a pair of blue jean pants, pull this line out of the same First Five Books of Moses that she reads and quotes vigorously about how much it is wrong to be gay.

"The woman shall not wear that which pertains unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD your God." Deuteronomy 22:5

Because she too is doing a big no-no.

Shirley and the WBC are both right and wrong on a lot of things.  

They are right that yes that line is in there.  But then again, they are wrong for not recalling the other line.

And really, who cares if I wear pants?  I like wearing pants and I will continue to do so with pride.

Just as I hope many homosexuals will continue to be what they are with pride.  And honestly, no one knows who is right and who is wrong until the very end anyways.  So, really, should it matter?  

The Torah gives me no true reason why wearing pants is bad for me, no examples why it is bad, not even a hint.  And guess what?  The Torah (Bible) also doesn't give a reason as to why it is bad to be homosexual either.  

It just says it is bad.  That's it.  No reason, no explanation.  Nothing.  And guess what else?  Shirley, because the Bible she likes to rip her shit from doesn't give a true legit reason why being gay is bad, it means she cannot really come up with a true reason why it is bad.

Shirley, you can quote that line all you want, but in the end, it's just a hollow line without any weight.

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