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Neltharion's Anniversary

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 8:16 PM

Well, I'm happy to say we've come close to the anniversary.  Actually, we kinda passed it.

Yeah, I know, this image was posted in August 1st...

Before the Aspect of Death by Ghostwalker2061

However, I don't count that as being the day I revealed Squishy.

Mostly because I started doing everything around July 28th.


Here we go, lots of Squishy images.

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

Hammer's Fall cover by Ghostwalker2061

Burning the Burning Legion by Ghostwalker2061

The Demon Soul by Ghostwalker2061

Spider-Man Faces Xaxas by Ghostwalker2061

Struggle of Earth and Twilight by Ghostwalker2061

The Warchief's Wrath Cover complete by Ghostwalker2061

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

Fire and Water by Ghostwalker2061

The Dive by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion meets a Fraggle by Ghostwalker2061

Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

Velen's Meditation by Ghostwalker2061

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

And the recent one.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

We do love the Squishy.

It's because he's CUTE!

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Neltharion and Climate

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 1:53 AM

For one thing, I'd like to say, sorry, but my editor is very, very busy.  I'm still waiting on him working on the latest chapter as well as the short story.

So, no update on the story just yet.  But it doesn't mean I'm not writing it.  I am.  I just can't post anything, unless I'll do it unedited. 

As in how I did things before.

Which means I could update like once every week or two weeks.

But until then, let's talk about something that has me thinking about Climate Change and how Neltharion actually does affect the climate on his own world.  

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

And well, it started with this image.  

Neltharion spouting volcanic ash, nasty gases, and a shower of 1200 degree, molten, volcanic glassy rock.

One thing as I develop this guy beyond than what Blizzard had planned, so I've tried to put a lot of reality into it.  What would someone with his power do with it, how much is he connected to it, how can he change his world, or even just how powerful he is.

And we never really got that idea with the game.  We never really saw his power on full display, as in, how it could work with the planet to make it habitable.  

We just saw the destructive side of it.

But being an ameture Earth scientist, I know that volcanoes are both harmful and helpful.  Too much volcanic activity, and the planet becomes more like Venus.  Too little, and it's like Mars.

The same can be said about Azeroth.  And it's a real shame we never really saw Neltharion doing his job as the Earth-Warder, minding the continents, fighting against natural plate tectonics so that he can keep the Kalimdor Supercontinent whole.

The Kalimdor SupercontinentBefore I even start, I feel like because a few of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I start discussions like this and apparently require me to explain it...
Because some of you don't know how to use Google. Or are too lazy.
I'm just going to put this link up.
And for now on, if I am talking about certain characters, places, subjects some of you don't know anything about. I'll be posting up links along with the names of those places.
And though to really understand this subject, as it pertains to the series of Tectonic Divergence...
Go here...
Tectonic Divergence
We need to look at a very important giant landmass in Azeroth. That is the Kalimdor Supercontinent.
And for those of you who want to fav this journal b

Go there for how I talk about said Supercontinent.

And granted, when you have one huge supercontinent, you're warming up the planet BIG TIME.  Think of creating a greenhouse effect, only instead of the atmosphere trapping the heat, it's the crust itself, and the weight of the continent.  

No doubt some form of global warming was going on during the time of Old Kalimdor.

And considering that because all the landmasses are one, which means a lot of exposed volcanoes, and that also means, lots of greenhouse gasses which would warm the planet up.  And it could have created something similar to the Great Dying on our planet where again, due to one continent, one large ocean, all the heat being caused by volcanic activity, and various other nasty things that would shut down the current of the ocean and release the most potent of greenhouse gases, methane, well...Azeroth should have pretty much been cooked.

But it wasn't.

Because again, the Neltharion.

Hell, I could think that Alexstrasza was hardening life just in case such an event were to happen, but Neltharion was in control of the weather, so it didn't.

Neltharion changed the climate.

It's a good idea that at this time, there wasn't a glaciation period.  There were snows in the poles or on high mountains, but they only snowed in the winter and were able to melt in the summer, feeding rivers.  Rivers that Neltharion had forged, cutting riverbeds through the rock so that the snow could melt and properly irrigate the land.

Azeroth itself was built for the purpose of life.  Different than our planet, where life was created because of well...winning the existence lottery of the universe.  Happy accidents, basically.  Hell, our lives, the living creatures that exist here was made possible by various cataclysmic disasters, whereas on Azeroth, it's more of the opposite.  

Cataclysms are good for Earth, not good for Azeroth.

Neltharion was designed to not really allow the natural forces of the planet to shape itself, but quite the opposite, to fight against them.  So, whereas naturally, due to the activity of exposed volcanoes on one massive continent, you'd get the Great Dying, Neltharion had to keep something like that from happening.

He had to change the climate of the planet.

And that is where things like what happened to Theramore comes in.  

The Horde and many of the Alliance certainly look at the Theramore Supervolcano as a big catastrophe.  But subconsciously, Neltharion looks at it differently.  When the volcano erupted, it didn't spew out gases that would heat up the planet, it blasted forth volcanic ash that would cool the planet.

Which it did, causing a good portion of Kalimdor from having cooler summers, and harsher winters...and no growing seasons at all.  Very much like what happened in 1816 and Krakatoa.  Hell, one of the reasons why Global Warming is just hitting now, and not the 90s was because of Mt St. Helens' eruption in 1980.

Neltharion knew which volcanoes to cause eruptions from in order to keep the planet cool, focusing on stratovolcanoes that create gray eruptions and spew out a lot of ash and pyroclastic surges.

Volcanoes are the big thermostats of the planet.  They can either cool it off, or warm it up.  And it is up to Neltharion to create an equilibrium between that.  

However, I would like to think the climate started to change from everywhere being a warm and pleasant spring and summer, with rather mild the current ice age that Azeroth is in right now.  And what I mean by ice age, I mean, a period where glaciers can form.  We are still at the end of the last ice age, we're still in one because there are still glaciers.  

But there were possibly none in Kalimdor until close to the time of the Sundering.

And it started when Neltharion rose up Kun-Lai.  These mountains are the highest on the planet, the tallest being nearly 32000 feet above sea level.  And the glacial period began because these mountains were so high, when the snow began to accumulate, it would not melt.  Glaciers do take centuries to thousands of years to form and pile up, and that changed the climate around Pandaria, especially around Kun-Lai Mountain Range.

Probably turned a grassland into a tundra as the climate became a bit dryer and colder around that area.  

Then, kick off the Sundering and the massive swinging global temperatures and glaciers started forming more and more at the poles, however, Northrend became a little bit more like Antarctica, since it has more glaciers, barring that basin with the tropical plants being supported artificially), and Pandaria is more like Canada, only with greener areas, and a milder climate due to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and its Sacred Waters.  

And for 10 thousand years, much like our own planet, there was a period of warming, which Neltharion broke recently by making a supervolcano erupt.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Go squishy.

But unlike Yellowstone's past eruptions, the Theramore Supervolcano didn't have a big enough eruption to plunge the whole planet into a global ice age, or even a slush ball, mostly due to possibly areas like the Burning Steppes, which happens to be an ever erupting flood basalt pumping out carbon dioxide that keeps the global temperatures from swinging too far one way or the other.

And well, I don't know exactly how long the Burning Steppes have been going, but if they've been doing that for a while, then Neltharion cooling the place down with Theramore is probably, in a long term outlook, better for the planet.  Because well, we don't want the Great Dying to happen.

Though most people are furious with Neltharion for creating that eruption along with a small flood basalt  in the Barrens, until they are able to create a proper climate model, they aren't going to see the actual benefits of his actions.

But yeah, Neltharion can change the climate.  

As well as affect the weather.  If he wanted a hurricane, he could create one.  If he wanted a snow, he could create one.  

The guy has full control over the ecology of the planet.  Sooner or later people are going to realize, it's not a good idea to mess with the dragon who could decide not to let it rain on the farmlands for a few years, or bury Stormwind in ice thousands of feet high, or turn Durotar into a shallow sea.  

But one thing I really want to start thinking about is possibly cataclysms in the past brought upon by extraterrestrial threats.

So, here's something to think on...Was Azeroth ever smacked by K-T Extinction asteroid, or possibly a Gamma ray burst?

How did the Aspects protect the planet when that happened, if it did?  

Something to think on.

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Jurassic World Survival 101

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 6:26 PM

I think we all should take a lesson from this.

Hell yeah!

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Something Bad in Tennesssee

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2015, 7:46 PM

Someone informed me that something bad happened in Tennessee.

Oh no, did Graceland crumble?

The Grand Ole Opry implode from too much redneck?

Did a bunch of Right Wing, Teabagger, Confederate Flag-waving mouth breathers set Nashville on fire after the federal government legalized gay marriages for EVERY state?

(But seriously, go us for finally getting rid of that stupid no-sodomy law, a law that is just as useless as the don't walk on a sidewalk with ice cream on a Sunday law.)

Did the New Madrid fault decided to do another shimmy? If it did, I slept through another continent splitting earthquake again.  The last continent splitting earthquake happened in 1987, and all it did was crack my downstairs window.

I decided to do a google search on anything particularly bad happening in Tennessee and all I could find was a medical helicopter crash landing in the Memphis area, which is around 373 miles (602 kilometers) from my town, and roughly a 6 hour drive depending on traffic.

And that crash happened in 2013.

However, we do consider it a state of emergency if some guy drives naked while drunk in a Bobcat. But that's how my state works.

So, did another naked drunk dude looking for a Bobcat rather than pants driving around Knoxville again?

I got a reply and it was a shooting at a Naval Reserve in Chattanooga.  Which is 75 miles southwest from my town.

I assure you, I am alright.  Physics has not been defied today.  Because an AK-47 does NOT have the range of 75 miles and can defy the curvature of the Earth.  So it is impossible for me to be harmed at this shooting in Chattanooga.

Here is the CNN post of the shooting for those of you curious about it.

Tennessee Naval Reserve Chattanooga, TN, Shooting

But rest assured, I was not in Chattanooga or even visiting the area when it happened.  Because why the hell would I ever go to Chattanooga?  The only thing that's interesting in Chattanooga is the Tennessee Aquarium, and the fact that it's only an hour away from Atlanta, Georgia.  

Don't worry, we'll be keeping an eye out for him.  Because well, we don't want him to be late for the BBQ.  He's the main course.

Because Tennessee actually still uses the electric chair for its death row prisoners.  We are gonna fry this boy when we catch him.

Sorry, my sympathy for people like this guy is very, very low.  

Sympathy for the victims, much higher.  Heart goes out to them.


Apparently he's dead.  Don't know if he shot himself or the police got him.

Either way, he's dead. 

And Tennessee is safe once again.


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Alexstrasza and Ysera as Deathwing's mates

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 1:49 AM

Here's a question I got for some of you lore junkies.

And it's something that bothered the fuck outta me since I started this story series.

Deathwing wants to enslave Alexstrasza and Ysera and make them into his own personal sex slaves.

Everyone, even the wikis, and even fucking TVTropes claims that this is canon.

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

My question is, where was this mentioned?

Where in any of the books, the expanded material, or even the game itself did it ever say that Deathwing wanted to fuck the two only female Aspects?

I get the reason why.  And it's possible that canon Deathwing, being the idiot he is, probably never knew that dragons can't cross pollinate.  I.E. procreate with dragons from a completely different flight.

I mean I am playing with the idea of dragons from different flights forming bonds and even mating each other.  Mostly the Blue and Black Dragonflights because :iconrenndor: wants Neltharion and Malygos be official consorts and marry their flights together.

Malygos and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

And all because sex = energy boost, having even Aspects mate with each other to well, keep the other Aspects strong and to build that tie, basically the idea that of having any of them wanting to bone is probably a good idea.

From a certain point of view.

However, this is within my stories.  If I decide to give in and give the guy who I ask to edit my stories what he wants.

I am still quite iffy on that.  Like big time.

So, the issue isn't that Deathwing wanted to do it, the issue is where in the actual text does it state that he did?

I went back and I reread everything that had to do with Neltharion and Deathwing.  And I couldn't find it.

There was the Night of the Dragon quote where Deathwing plans on taking Alexstrasza's eggs and raise them as his own children.

There's that bit.

But nothing.

This is the quote from TVTropes.

  • This seems to be very popular with black dragons, but Deathwing doesn't just want any old weak black, he wants his sisters, Ysera and Alexstrasza, who are the Green and Red Aspects, respectively.

Granted, I was under the impression that all the Aspects were related, but actually, they weren't.  

Well, only two of them were.  Alexstrasza and Ysera.  And that's because they had the same "mother" Eonar who split her power between the two female Aspects.

The males were not related at all, but considered themselves as "siblings in arms".  More like "blood brothers" rather than actual brothers.

Like the Brothers of the Night's Watch.  They all call each other "brothers" even if they aren't really related to each other.

And yes they were a family.  And you don't have to be related by blood to be a family.  

And considering that in my version, the Aspects are biomechanical constructs, yeah, they weren't related.

And the only two who again could claim to be related were Alex and Ysera.

But the claims that Deathwing wants to bone his "sisters" doesn't stop there.

This is from Wowpedia.  

  •  Neltharion began to yearn for a world dominated by his black dragonflight — a world in which the other dragonflights ceased to exist and Ysera and Alexstrasza would be his petty slaves for mating. 

Where the hell does it say that?

You know what was actually stated at least in the War of the Ancients, that Alexstrasza wanted to fucking bang Neltharion.


Deathwing wanting to bang Alex and Ysera, NOT CANON!

  • Neltharion. The Earth Warder.  Most respected of the Aspects and, in addition, the close friend of
  • Krasus’s beloved queen. Had Neltharion been of her own flight, he surely would have long been chosen
  • as one of her [Alexstrasza's] mates — Page 141 Well of Eternity

See, there it is.

Alex wanted to get a little Nel tail.  

Which is one of the reasons why she is so overly protective of him and why well, she didn't exactly feel all that sorry for Malygos' death.  I mean after all, if renndor is to be believed, Malygos was the one getting all the Nel action while Alex got none.

I mean hell, in Rise of the Sha, if anyone was reading between the lines with this text...

  • Neltharion buried his head into his paws, at last his lip was lanced by a sharp fang. A trickle of glowing orange, thick ichor dripped from the prick. He swiftly held up a paw to his mouth, trying to stop the bleeding, to stop it from splashing upon the ground and setting the grass afire. 

  • “Neltharion?” Alexstrasza asked as she saw the Earth-Warder turn away from her, holding his lip. 

  • “Bit my lip,” he said. “Just…keeping the…blood from…setting the ground on fire. Because…you know…my blood is a little…well…”

  • She lifted up off the ground and paced around him. Gently, she took hold of his paw and lowered it down to the ground. 

  • “Let me, please?” she asked.

  • Alexstrasza raised up and placed both paws upon his shoulders, bracing her against him. She drew close to his lip and breathed softly and lightly. A tongue of her fire licked out to kiss the wound and it vanished instantly. 

  • She pulled away and smiled: “All better.” 

  • “I…could have done that,” said Neltharion, swallowing with uneasiness. 

  • “I wanted to help,” said Alexstrasza. 
You could probably tell she really wanted a little more cozy with him.

At least I can point to my work for that as well.

So, really, can someone tell me the exact line where anyone says...Deathwing wants to capture Alexstrasza and Ysera and use them as baby factories?

Hell, bonus points if it comes from Deathwing's mouth!

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Warlords of Draenor

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 13, 2015, 2:19 AM

I'm sorry, but you don't just kill off Archimonde like that.  

I don't care how powerful your damned purples are.

Unless you are Neltharion the Damned Earth-Warder, you are not going to do that!

My god, this is Deathwing's raid all over again.  Another great villain from the original RTS getting chumped by 13-year olds right before their mothers scream for them to take out the garbage.

Excuse me while I slam my head against the computer.

And Grom gets applauded for being a hero.  Why?  Doesn't anyone remember what he and his bitch time traveling kid Garrosh did?

And Gul'dan just gets "vaporized" by Archimonde.  Anti-Climatic.  Put that in quotes because I'm sure they'll figure out how to bring him back.  What, is he going to the Burning Legion?  Is he going to bring Kil'Jaeden and finally fucking Sargeras here?  

Good because Neltharion needs to finally meet up with his...yeah, I'm not gonna finish.  Don't wanna spoil it for some of you.

But if you've pretty much put Sargeras and Neltharion back to back and look at the similarities on how they became what they'll see where I'm going for it.

And this story details it a bit more...

A Prophet's Visions

So, people, what can I do to change that when I finally get to Warlords.

I know I need to finish Pandaria first.

But  a lot, a whole fucking lot that's happening in Pandaria is leading up to Warlords. 

Hell, Light and Laughter is basically a prelude to it.

So, tell me people, how should I change that?

Or go a different route than that?

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The Kalimdor Supercontinent

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2015, 1:57 AM

Before I even start, I feel like because a few of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I start discussions like this and apparently require me to explain it...

Because some of you don't know how to use Google. Or are too lazy.

I'm just going to put this link up.


And for now on, if I am talking about certain characters, places, subjects some of you don't know anything about. I'll be posting up links along with the names of those places.

And though to really understand this subject, as it pertains to the series of Tectonic Divergence...

Go here...

Tectonic Divergence

We need to look at a very important giant landmass in Azeroth. That is the Kalimdor Supercontinent.

And for those of you who want to fav this journal because there are pictures of dragons, STOP. Just lick on the links to the deviations of the dragons and fave the images instead.

I like it when people discuss the topic I'm bringing up, rather than faving the journal just because you like the dragon images.

If you like the dragon images, then go fav the actual images!

Okay, for those of you needing a lesson on what it is I'm talking about, well, just click on those links.

We don't know how old the Kalimdor Supercontinent is. Unfortunately Chris Metzen and the rest of the writers for World of Warcraft has yet to put an estimated date on it.

And the bad part about writing a story that deals with beings many times older than the recent history of Azeroth, it makes it harder to really talk about it without having to either delve into speculative fan theories or making shit up on your own.

Unfortunately since I am trying to fill in all the games that Blizzard Entertainment likes to leave in their history, because they want to do their world building through folklore and have it told through the eyes of the mortals that live in it rather than the guardians that actually protect it (having the story actually told by a reliable narrator would make my job easier), that being said...everything I am about to talk about here is only head-canon that is built upon the actual canon...excluding some things I really don't like.

So, let's start.

The Kalimdor Supercontinent was a massive landmass very much like our own Pangea. (And seriously, if I have to link something to a wiki page on Pangea because you don't know what that is, go pick up a geology book. You should know what Pangea is.)

Pangea once was a massive supercontinent that contained every modern continents on our Earth all smushed together. Kalimdor Supercontinent is very much like that. The four modern continents, New Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Pandaria, they all formed the Kalimdor Supercontinent and it's last day before the continent rift was about roughly 10 thousand years ago.

But this is where the similarities stop.

Unlike Pangea, the Kalimdor Supercontinent was not smushed together through natural forces. It was smushed together by the Titans. They are basically hyperdimensional beings who try to order the universe by creating planets and filling them with life.

And it's not completely clear if Azeroth existed prior to the Titans involvement, or if they basically formed the solar system that created Azeroth's parent star and then Azeroth and whatever sister planets went along with it and then came back later to find it being infested with parasites (more on that later), or if it was there all the time, infested with the parasites and the Titans got all disgusted and caged them then ordered Azeroth.

In my head-canon, I'm leaning on the former.

As in they just helped gravity put the dust together to create the star and the planet and then that's called the Ordering of Azeroth.

And I'm thinking since they're very long lived, it probably took them a few hundred million years to do it to make sure it's done right. Like the age of Old Kalimdor, we don't know the age of Azeroth either. If it was created through a bunch of very advanced aliens, it may have taken a much shorter time to create it than it would have taken if it was just left alone to form itself.

So Azeroth maybe younger than our own planet.

And we don't know if Azeroth had other supercontinents before there's that too. Most history revolves around Old Kalimdor, so it's easy to say it was the only one...and since the Emerald Dream, the big backup hard drive on the planet that Ysera guards, it's very, very easy to say it was the only one.

Meaning, the land the players are walking on has only changed within the last 10 thousand years. Which also means it may still have its original cratons, those little knobs of granite left over from its forming. Unlike our planet whose original cratons have all but disappeared, save for a few in Africa which were a bit newer.

And again, this supports my Venus and Azeroth are related theory. Because like Venus, Azeroth hasn't changed much geologically since its forming.

And again, this also supports my views on WHY IT WAS A STUPID IDEA TO KILL NELTHARION!

 photo venus_zps73d85f24.jpg

Look at it! Look! It's your future, Adventurers! You did that! YOU! Still think it was the best idea?

Just a little background on the headcanon. Azeroth in Tectonic Divergence holds a similar orbit around its star much like Venus' orbit. As in, yes, Azeroth is the second planet out from its sun. Which means the sun is probably 5-10% brighter than it is on Earth, it is much hotter as well, and it still takes this guy to regulate the planet's temperature so that life could even form...

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

And yes, he looks so cute while doing it.

Neltharion, he's the Weatherman of Azeroth. Making sure the monsoons come on time. And he has to do it on a planet that's at the very inner edge of the Goldielocks Zone of its solar system. Azeroth's star maybe a star that's a main sequence G-Class Star like our own, but that only means the perfect area where planets can have life is much similar to ours as well. Which means Azeroth is in a poor place to have life on it.

It honestly shouldn't.

But it needs its regulators to have life on it which Aspects like Neltharion fulfill. However, Azeroth in the beginning was mostly inhabited by rock-based life forms, not flesh based. Mostly not flesh based. There are a few flesh based creatures that Azeroth seemed to have created on its own, one being the proto-dragons. The rock-based life forms were better suited to survive such a harsh world. And it was very harsh.

Mostly due to having one fucking giant continent smack in the middle with a giant ocean on the other side!

 photo AncientKalimdorRaces_zpsqrnqahsp.jpg

We don't know what it originally looked like. So that image up there is only speculative.

But it is stated that the Titans, being an orderly bunch, smushed the continents together in order to create such perfection. Having too many continents was wasteful to them.

Which is why Khaz'Goroth , the Titan who built Neltharion, created him to house the Titan's powers over Matter. It took Khaz'Gorth's great power to smush the landmasses together to create the Kalimdor Supercontinent, it's going to take the power of a Titan to keep it as a supercontinent, which Neltharion now possesses.

Neltharion's job is to fight against the natural movement of the plates to keep the continent whole. Natural movements of tectonic plates is generated by the heat of the core and the convection currents of the mantle. Each plate moves about less than an inch a year. However, despite the slow movements, it doesn't mean it is not dynamic and still ever changing. Even over the course of a couple tens of thousands of years, coastlines can shift, land bridges can be formed and then disappear, erosion caused by the weather can change things very drastically.

I mean if you look at the Mississippi River Delta and compare two images, one taken about 10 years ago, and a recent'll see the change.

Hell, what's worse is that it's also Neltharion's job to perhaps even prevent volcanic eruption that would happen naturally along divergent and subduction zones to keep the continent from changing. Or even create volcanoes to replace landmass lost by erosion.

Neltharion fights against the chaos of nature to keep the order of the Titans.

Is it any wonder why he went crazy?

Here is another reason why Neltharion's job is very difficult.  

Azeroth has two moons.  A very large white moon, and a smaller blue moon.  

Now whether or not the Titans tossed a giant planet at them, much like how our moon was formed from when Thea smacked the Earth, or they gathered some leftover dust from the forming of the solar system, again, Chris Metzen doesn't really say.

However, the moons do pose a bit of a challenge for Neltharion in keeping the Order of the Titans.

The white moon, called the White Lady is nearly 25% larger than our own moon.  The blue moon, called Blue Child is roughly the size of our own moon.  While the White Lady's orbital path is just beyond the distance of our own moon's orbit, the Blue Child is much closer.

This causes MASSIVE tidal disturbances upon the huge ocean opposite the Supercontinent.  It also causes Azeroth to bulge a bit more than Earth.  Meaning, Azeroth's bulge is probably greater than our own, which may mean it spins just a bit faster.  The days appear to be 24hrs long in the game, but the real Azeroth may have shorter hour in a day.

And this again creates enormous stresses geologically within the planet and Neltharion has to brace himself against those stresses to keep the planet from warping even further under the tidal forces, from being so much closer to its sun, and having two moons that nearly equal the of its total mass.

Our own moon is barely a quarter of our planet's mass.  I'm guessing Neltharion has control over Azeroth's moons in order to be mindful of the tidal forces.

If you wonder why I have Neltharion so big, so powerful, this is why.  He carries the weight, the stresses, the tidal forces of Azeroth upon his back.  To take all that pressure, he has to be big.

So the Kalimdor Supercontinent is unchanging, stagnant, being kept whole by an Earth-Warder who began in the for the last bits of its history, began to question himself, his duties, and the order of the Titans.

However, there is a reason for it, one that only recently Neltharion realized, well one that he has now factor into the equation behind the Titan's reasoning for making such a strange planet.

Azeroth is infested with parasites. We don't know when these parasites came, where they came from, or how long they've been there...but there they were.

The people of Azeroth have called these parasites Old Gods. They are, much like the Titans, hyperdimensional beings who exist beyond the understanding of the mortal mind. But as the Titans represent order in the universe, the Old Gods are Chaos.

To many who live on Azeroth, these creatures are evil. But we can't say for sure. They were the ones who created the Curse of the Flesh. This curse affected many Titan created creatures, like the Earthen, the ancestors of modern dwarves, and the Mogu, and even the Vrykul  who were the ancestors of modern humans on Azeroth.

The Curse of the Flesh turned the Titan creations, who were made of stone, into fleshy beings, with shorter lives and become more susceptible to disease and death. And this created strife among many sentient creatures.

However, the Titans battled with these parasites, realizing that they were a danger. They tried killing off one named Y'Shaarj, but then they realized what such a death would do to the planet. Even if they tried killing off all Old Gods, their death throes would only poison the rest of the life and the planet itself...upsetting the Order. And possibly even unleash a nastier enemy into the universe.

So, the other Old Gods were locked up in cages forced down by the weight of the massive supercontinent. And Neltharion was to watch them. Or rather, keep the weight and the heat going against them by preventing the natural tectonic forces of Azeroth from splitting the continent up.

Only he didn't know this at the time.

The Titans themselves also realize that the Old God's parasitic nature had infested so deep into the very minerals that make up the planet and the life that lives on it...if they even attempt to kill the rest, the planet itself jus might rip apart.

The only way to save Azeroth is to either format it, like you would do a computer after it's infested with a virus you can't get rid of, or just seal in the parasite and live with the damage already done. They went with the latter. And we do not know why. Maybe the Titans, who were creatures of Order, let curiosity get to them. Or perhaps they were also still fighting a nasty battle against a greater enemy and they couldn't afford to waste time on formatting a planet.

Or maybe Khaz'Goroth had something to do with the decision, wanting to use this new entry as a means to further his experiments on how he could bring back an old friend of his. Perhaps Azeroth and its Earth-Warder would be the means he needs to save that friend.

Who knows.

However, the Old Gods are smart. Though their bodies are completely useless to them while being held down by the weight of a supercontinent, their minds are working and they infest the minds of the mortals, even their dreams. Unlike our world, it is possible that mental disorders are created by the Old Gods.

It's obvious that Neltharion's many, many disorders and syndromes are definitely created by the Old Gods. So, anyone suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, and any number of anti-social, personality, and psychosis disorders...well that's created by the Old Gods.

It just doesn't seem like the Titans would create their creations with any flaws in them that would devolve into mental disorders...for the mos part. Khaz'Goroth may have been the only Titan to create a flaw in one of his creations. Again that being Neltharion. And only for the purpose of his experimentations.

However, creating such disorders, the Old Gods also create fear among the populace.

But the supercontinent was not going to last. And like Pangea, it did eventually break apart. However, again, unlike Pangea, it didn't do it through natural means.

At the very center of the continent was either a gigantic lake, or a small sea. I can't tell which one. But it was very massive, stretching for hundreds of miles in all directions.

It is called the Well of Eternity.

Now, in the game it's the size of a hotel swimming pool. Because of Conservation of Detail, they couldn't make so big it would take hours to cross, especially in a dungeon where flying mounts are mostly prohibited.

But in my stories, since I go for realism, the Well of Eternity is nearly the size of the Caspian Sea.

It's still a pond compared to the size of the Kalimdor Supercontinent, which again I try to size similar to Pangea. Stretching from pole to pole, and taking up half the planet's surface.

It's believed the Titans created the Well. For what purpose, well, we don't know. In my headcanon, it is because Azeroth, being its precarious nature, this planet rests upon another hotspot, an opening in space and time into the Twisting Nether.

The Twisting Nether can very well batter and rip apart a planet. We've seen it happen to another planet called Draenor . When portals into the Twisting Nether were opened, they created enough tidal forces nearly equal to that of a neutron star and ripped the planet apart. Only a small fragment of Draenor remands inside the Twisting Nether, but even it is not safe from the chaotic forces of this transiting, hyperdimensional reality.

And since Azeroth sits upon a hotspot where such tidal forces could very well rip it apart, the Titans created the Well of Eternity. Not as a magical faunt, but as a pressure gauge to keep the planet from being destroyed by the Nether. The Nether's energies safely passes through the Well of Eternity and empty harmlessly out into space.

However, the Twisting Nether does alter the planet a bit, the pressure gauge does not empty all the energies. Some of it gets caught and absorbed into the rock, becoming the magical leylines that stretch the planet and help fuel the magic mages use. The energies have another interesting effect upon the life of the planet. It takes millions of years for evolution to happen to various species on our world, but with the help of the Twisting Nether's energy, evolution is sped up on Azeroth.

The closer these creatures come to the Well, the faster they evolve. This is why certain Trolls then evolve into Night Elves. And they build their civilization around the Well.

However, the Well itself has to be looked after, and these Night Elves are not the one to do the job. The one who watches over the Well, as well as the leylines of Azeroth to make sure the destructive forces of the Twisting Nether doesn't rip the planet apart...that is looked after by Malygos. Between him and Neltharion, they keep the planet in its stagnant, stable place.

Neltharion keeps the Kalimdor Supercontinent from splitting apart, as well as regulating the plane's weather to make sure the supercontinent doesn't suffer from drought, and Malygos keeps the Twisting Nether from exerting more stress upon the continent.

Matter and Energy keeps the planet together. And Ysera makes sure that Neltharion follows the blueprints the Titans stored in the Emerald Dream.

But something has to give. And it will.

Neltharion is already suffering from the Old Gods onslaught upon his mind. He begins to alter the planet, raising up mountain ranges where they were none, lowering them to create new seas. He freezes up the oceans to create glaciers, or melts them to flood the land.

This movement of the supercontinent twists the leylines running through the rock. However, a compromised Neltharion is careful not to change things too fast, lest the other Aspects find out.

Meanwhile, the Night Elves have been busy. The new upheaval Neltharion is creating is giving them the abilities to draw in more power from the Well. Their queen orders them to withdraw all magic from any lower class elf, and only allow those of the nobility, aka the Highborne, to use it. They are building up more and more power around the Well for the purpose of bringing the Burning Legion onto Azeroth. As they draw in more power, the Well puts more and more stress upon the supercontinent's interior.

Fissures break around the continent, flood basalts erupt. But this is not what causes the break up of Old Kalimdor. It needs one extra push.

From Neltharion himself. Or rather...from a weapon he creates to battle the Burning Legion with. It is called the Dragon Soul  .

It is made by combining the powers of four Aspects, with Neltharion's power binding it. However, this weapon had a dark secret, a curse the Old Gods put in it which made Neltharion crazy for it. It made everyone who got near it want it. Neltharion uses the disk's power, destroying the demons, but also turning on the Night Elves who try to fight against the demons. And even the other dragons and their Aspects. The power flowing into him is so great, it makes him swell. His body heats up hotter than the core of the planet, his form spreading and erupting. But it doesn't kill him, only make him crazier and more powerful.

And this is how Deathwing is created, or rather how he at last gain control of Neltharion's body, shoving the consciousness of Neltharion into its little hole to be tormented and kept weakened for ten thousand years.

Eventually, the Highborn get a hold of the Dragon Soul and use its power to attempt to bring Sargeras himself through the Well. But the power drawing from the disk, combined with the Well and Sargeras, the weakened continent can't take anymore.

It at last fractures.

The Great Sundering.

 photo Great_Sundering_zpseweyqftv.jpg

Just like what was happening to Neltharion's body under the force of the Dragon Soul, Kalimdor broke apart. More and more volcanic eruptions occurred, driving the rift wider. The gigantic ocean at the opposite side of the planet started to fill in where the rifts happened, creating another ocean. The Well itself was drained into the Nether, only a fragment of what it occupied by a vast whirlpool upon the equator. Called the Maelstrom.

This did for a brief moment cause the freedom of one Old God. Only for a brief moment. However, the Sundering did give the Old Gods a better advantage. It weakened their cages and allowed them to infect more people and cause more mayhem.

All they need is one final little jostle and they're loose. But it won't be until ten thousand years later that they get that chance.

And again, unfortunately, they didn't really go into details of what really happened. The War of Ancients Trilogy barely even covers all that happened. One moment they were escaping a continent being destroyed, the next, everything was happy and peaceful. However, a new Well of Eternity near Mt Hyjal was created, well nearly created. And realizing that the Well is more or less probably what brought the Demons, the Night Elves and the remaining Aspects, sans Neltharion and Malygos, agreed that it has to be "covered". By a giant assed tree!

However, I wanna say that in my stories, the destruction doesn't stop. Nothing ever calms down. We're talking about the movement of four different landmasses, spreading away from each other. Even the slow movements of our own continents create destruction. Just ask Iceland, or California, or even friggin Nepal! I mean look what happened there. That earthquake happens and Mt Everest gets a new record height.

But these four continents, now formed from the outer and rather more "stable" edges of Old Kalimdor and I use that term loosely...these things are moving much faster. Like insane speed.

We don't know when they stopped. The iffy unreliable lore says they stopped right after the creation of Nordrassil, but I'm very doubtful. They probably settled to their new positions a couple thousand years after the Sundering. And yes, they were still being pushed away from each other after the sea ate the inside of the supercontinent.

So, in the vein of realism, the horror didn't stop there.

You think the Cataclysm was bad, it's a mere flip of a table compared to the holy shit 10.5 on the richter scale when it comes to devastating destruction of the Great Sundering. And the Sundering's destruction didn't end.

A month after the Sundering, we have volcanoes. Lots of fuckin volcanoes. Basically a good portion of the new continents were flood basalts. Combine that with all the nasty fallout they're throwing up, the Night Elves and many other sentient species and non-sentient species had to contend with skyrocketing global temperatures.

And a lot of this was helped by Deathwing while Neltharion had to sit and watch. Deathwing, as he slowly had changed Old Kalimdor prior to the Sundering, had created a domino effect upon the greenhouse of Azeroth.

Ecological systems began to die out in the oceans, methane bubbles were released into the atmosphere. And our weatherman became mad with more power.

And the Night Elves, many who gained immortality offered by the Aspects to help them rebuild, had to contend with another problem. Choking volcanic ash and acid rain.

Alexstrasza and her dragons had to work extra hard to harden the fauna against the chaotic weather. Ysera had to work with her to harden the flora, both working together to ensure the survival of the fragile ecosystem.

Many weak civilizations died either by the ash, the drought caused by the increase in global temperatures, or the acid rain poisoning the water sources and food. Which is probably why the Earthen then retreated back into their underground cities. They felt being underground was safer than the surface. But they were wrong.

Because you know, volcanoes.

At last...a few centuries of that, then came plummeting temperatures. The ash cloud created by the eruptions of the moving continents blanked the planet in sulfur dioxide, which then reflected the sun's heat and an ice age began. One that the Night Elves and other sentients were prepared for.

On the old Kalimdor Supercontinent, Neltharion had kept global temperatures at a comfortable 12ºC (55ºF). Then during the drought, global temps raised nearly 12º. Now, they've plummeted to -20ºC (-4ºF). And glaciation locks in the oceans waters, revealing land bridges and even widening the four new continents. And glaciers start moving towards the equator.

You think the stolen summer Neltharion created in Wrath of the Warchief was bad? Again, pennies to what Deathwing created during the first few thousand years after the Sundering.

This is probably one of the reasons why the Highborne, those left over from the Sundering, tried to use magic to change the weather in order to create growing seasons during either the drought and or during the ice age. But Malfurion punished them and forced them east across the new ocean formed after the Cataclysm. As they separated, using their magic to protect them during the Ice Age, their skin began to change. They became shorter than the other Night Elves, and they started to spend more time out in the sunlight as soon as the ash cloud faded.

They became the High Elves. Because of their addiction to arcane energies, they originally needed the Well of Eternity to feed off of. However, they established their new city over intersecting leylines that had shifted due to the Sundering. And they held the last vile of the Well itself. They used it to create the Sunwell.

But still, the after effects of the Sundering have not stopped. Even after five thousand years. But the continents finally stop moving.

And with Deathwing preventing Neltharion from doing his job, the new continents are allowed to let natural forces to change their shape.

And Azeroth goes from being a stagnant world with only one supercontinent, to a dynamic planet with four continents. It forces the civilizations that live there to adapt and grow. Innovation begins.

But the Old Gods still hold back much progress themselves.

Deathwing himself, well, due to his body connected to the planet, had suffered great pain from the continental rift. Much of the changes that happened after the Sundering were not exactly caused on purpose, but from his fury as he screamed, thrashing from the agony of having his body feel like it was being ripped apart. The pain of the planet was his pain.

So he remained hidden as he tried to recover. The other Aspects too were recovering from their losses. Dragons warred with other dragons. The Blue and Black Dragonflights, who once called each other brothers, were fighting each other and their warring changes the landscape even more, creating places like the Crystalsong Forest.

And now, in modern Azeroth, Neltharion had grown even bigger than his size before the Sundering.  

The world has changed and Neltharion had to change with it.

Neltharion's form prior to the Sundering was also rather stagnant and unchanging,  much like the Kalimdor Supercontinent.  Ordered, perfect, and beautiful.  He was possibly 300 feet long, the largest Aspect, but not by much.  Alexstrasza was only 50 feet shorter than he was, as being the second largest Aspect.

 Now, 10 thousand years later, Neltharion had swelled, grown to over 1400 feet long, with a wingspan over twice the length, and having a mass of 13 million tons.  And with his advanced and ever increasing size, his power also increases.  He changes, becoming more dynamic just like the planet.

Basically, this whole thing was me trying to figure out about how to make this version of Azeroth more realistic than the one we see in the game.

Even Neltharion is very different than the game version. He sees his ability to manipulate matter, not him controlling the ELEMENTS. The Elements to him aren't Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, but actual elements. Like hydrogen, silicon, carbon, or oxygen.

He manipulates the various stages of matter. Which means when Garrosh gloats that he uses his Dark Shaman to pollute the elements to keep Thrall and the other shaman from using their powers, Neltharion would just laugh at that. He doesn't command the classical elements, he commands the real elements. Poisoned water is still a liquid. And he commands liquids.

So, enjoy, I guess. Hope you liked this thing.

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History of the Dragon Aspects

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 9, 2015, 6:38 PM

A little something to get off my chest.

Don't fave the journal just because it has dragon pictures on it.  Please just click on the pictures and fave them instead.

I appreciate comments on journals, favs on pictures.

Secondly, this journal and many others like it assume you have a general knowledge of the subject in question.

I did an enormous amount of work to write the stories that I write.  Probably a lot more than many fanfiction writers will EVER DO.

I appreciate it if some of you would research on what I'm talking about.  As in...go to Google, type in words like "Dragon Aspect" or "World of Warcraft" or "Azeroth"...and see what you find.

Or if anything...go here...


That is a wiki on World of Warcraft.  Just type in a lot of the subject matter that I'm talking about in this journal into their search bar and see what you find. 

Now on to the journal.

So I created a new poll, guys.

Questions on the making of the Aspects

I figured that maybe I can get some ideas on how some of you feel about me pretty much ignoring the Dawn of the Aspects.  

I'm wondering if some of you think it's a good idea that I pretty much stated that the Dragon Aspects were constructed biomechanical beings in my stories.

As in they were built for their charges, not chosen.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061

Ysera the Awakened Dreamer by Ghostwalker2061

Alexstrasza Life Binder by Ghostwalker2061

Nozdormu Time Lord by Ghostwalker2061

Yep, in my stories these guys were all built.

As in the Titans took genetic material of themselves and of Galakrond and built them, programmed them, and "empowered" them.

Like robots.

Only capable of sentiency, kinda like Kiryuu.

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

As if Neltharion needs anymore relation to Kiryuu.  These guys haven't met each other in any stories and I have a feeling Kiryuu could still mop the floor with the Squishy's face.

Mostly because as we all know, Neltharion is not cool enough to hang with anybody.

If Neltharion was in a high school, he'd be the CDC kid everyone picks on despite the fact that he's an Idiot Savant.  

The poor, poor Squishy.

But in Dawn of the Aspects the Aspects themselves weren't really built, but chosen.  Or at least that's what we got at the end.  Stupid Knaak never really showed us exactly what happened.  Hell, if anything, the Titans came down, gathered up those five little proto-drakes with the names of the Aspects we know, dissected them, and then created the Aspects from them.  And then in honor of those five proto-drakes, gave the Aspects those names.

And the only reason why the Aspects had any sort of memory...was do to a genetic memory still within them.

As in, Knaak, the concept was stupid.  How is it you're still getting work?

Well at least the proto-drakes explain why most of the Aspects have beards.  As in, all the boys have beards, the girls don't.  At least in my version.

Yes I'm fully aware of this...

 photo tumblr_maerw0IoIE1rgpy7oo1_1280_zpsda940a07.jpg

Let's just pretend that image doesn't exist and Neltharion actually had a beard.  Okay?

Seriously, I need to punch that artist.  That is not how you draw Nel!  You don't make him look ugly with a turtle beak.  Seriously, that's what that looks like.  Whoever that artist is made Nel look like a turtle with horns.

Bad artist, that's a very bad artist!  You go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

So, that is how the canon handles the creation of the Aspects.  As in, they chose five proto-drakes who were able to beat up  Galakrond, and repurposed them into Aspects.  And I'm guessing that they did the same to the other proto-drakes.  As in, they had to gather up most of the proto-drakes, and make them all into dragons.

No wonder the dragons lost the ability to make babies after the Aspects killed Deathwing.

Which is to me, A STUPID IDEA!

In my stories, the dragons already existed by the time of the Aspects' construction.  Which is why Tyranastrasz is older than Alexstrasza.

See what I did there, Richard?  I used something you mentioned in your books and made it work.  Instead you seem to just be destroying what you already wrote.

The dragons are biologically enhanced creatures created by the Titans from the proto-drakes.  They used the genetic material to create the dragons, they didn't turn proto-drakes into dragons.  Which is why there are still proto-drakes.

However, then we have the issues of the Old Gods, and that's when the Titans realized that Azeroth needed stronger guardians.  Their Titanic Watchers, who in at least my headcanon probably worked hand in hand with the dragons, couldn't do the job.

I can imagine this landscape of dragons and Titanic Watchers all gathered together, building bases and such to help in their defence against the Old Gods.  And finally one of the Watchers just says: "Okay, we need to call in reinforcements."  And the generals of each dragonflights agree.  

And Algalon calls upon the Titans again, and the four major Titans come down and say: "Well, don't worry, we've got a plan.  We'll make five Dragon Aspects.  They're kinda like the Titanic Watchers, as in they'll be constructed for their purpose.  But they'll have a connection with the dragons as well.  Plus, they'll be able to fully utilize our power through them.  So that we don't have to come down here all the time and save your asses.  These Aspects will be the manifestation of our power in dragon form.  Our power at their disposal.  So that we can leave and go fight the Burning Legion."

So, the Dragon Aspects are constructed, built with the power of the Titans, but in a dragon form.  And very much like the Titan Watchers, they are biomechanical lifeforms programmed with their knowledge and understanding of their charge.

For the most part.

Apparently, Khaz'Goroth forgot to tell Neltharion about...something.  A secret project he was working on that Neltharion was built to be a part of.  And I've dropped hints to it.  It's the reason why Velen is interested in Neltharion, why A'dal is interested in Neltharion.  And yes, why Khadgar is interested in Neltharion.

Some of you already know the secret, some of you don't.

I won't spoil it.

But also, there is a reason why Neltharion was made to fall as well.  It has to do with his specific construction and why  Neltharion swells and keeps getting bigger and more powerful.  As in, yes, Khaz'Goroth planned for Neltharion to become Deathwing, made sure it was supposed to happen, for a very specific reasons.

Well two of them.  One is to become completely immune to the Old Gods.  The other...well again, it has to do with Velen, A'dal, and Khadgar all being interested in Neltharion.

Hell if Kil'Jaeden ever meets Neltharion, even he would be interested in him.  VERY, VERY interested.  

Yes, the Squishy isn't cool enough to hang with anyone, but just something about him draws people in.  So they could use him, manipulate him...he just has this personality that makes people want all sorts of things to him.

Including the Old Gods.

And Deathwing.

But the reason why I have Neltharion as a constructed creation, or why I have all the Aspects as has to do with one simple idea.

You can't become a car, no matter how hard you try.

Somethings just have to be built for their purpose.  Rather than chosen.  Hell, in many ways, this makes the chosen people like Thrall, something else entirely.  

You build a house, you build a car.  You build machines for certain purposes.  

Hell to even connect to the Internet, you had to buy a computer or a phone that was built for that purpose.

Aspects are built, not chosen in my stories.  

Which leaves us with one thing that I know some of you may not like.

Kalecgos is NOT an Aspect.  At fucking all!

Much like Thrall was in the actual canon stuff, Kalecgos serves as a placeholder for the Aspect powers.  He's holding them and yes he can use them.  He did have to be upgraded to use them, but he is not an Aspect.  He can't do a lot of things that Malygos could.  It isn't just about lack of knowledge, it's about lack of proper construction.

Kalec is just not built to be an Aspect.  But Kalecgos is a better choice than a mortal to hold said Aspect Powers.  As in, it's not a good idea for either Khadgar or Jaina to do it.

No more is it a good idea for Thrall to hold Neltharion's powers.

Which again goes back to what I wrote in Wrath of the Warchief, that no mortal can fully wield the power of an Aspect, nor take the place of one.

Their bodies can't handle it.

So, do you prefer the Aspects being Chosen, or do you like the idea that I have the Aspects being Built?


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The Matter-Warder

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:47 AM

It started again with just a simple argument of who and what Neltharion is.

Then it went to the idea that Neltharion mentions to Khadgar that he wonders whether or not Azeroth's parent star can kill him off.

Yes, Neltharion is suicidal, but it is possible that the TItans may have built a "Cannot Self Terminate" protocol into him which would prevent Neltharion from attempting suicide.

So instead, he may ask Khadgar or anyone else willing to do it, to teleport Neltharion and or send Neltharion on a rocket to meet his end upon Azeroth's Sun.

So, here is the question a G-Class Yellow Dwarf Star be able to kill Neltharion off?

:iconrenndor: says no.

Various reasons.  The surface of the sun is cooler than the core of Azeroth, which is similar to our core.  And Neltharion can swim around in that.

So, the surface of the Sun will not be able to kill Neltharion off.

Neltharion does not need to breathe in space, will not succumb to the vacuum of space either.  So space won't kill him.

So, I asked, can the core of a main sequence yellow dwarf star kill Neltharion?

Again, no.

It would make him rather molten, and looking a lot like this...

Madness of Deathwing by Alonewolf99

Sans the armor and the tentacles, but very much like that.  

But again, NO.  It won't kill him

So I up the ante.  

Let's jump off the Main Sequence and fast forward billions of years to Azeroth's eventual natural death in the form being consumed by its own parent star when it goes Red Giant.

Again, no.

Outer layers would not kill Neltharion.  However, he would be screaming in pain due to the red giant's effects upon Azeroth.  And it would be a slow, agonizing pain.

But Neltharion just might live beyond his charge.

The reason why he would be able to survive these intenses has to do with his ability to control solid and liquid forms of minerals, like his own body.  In fact, I even gave a hint that he could at least survive a Red Giant in Wrath of the Warchief where Nozdormu shows him the vision of what will happen naturally for Azeroth.  The only thing still alive was Neltharion, in molten form, and then at last cooling down.

So I asked him with even bigger ante.  Let's throw Neltharion at Betelgeuse!  Which is a red giant that used to be a blue white, massive star.

Again, it is very possible.  And the possible case is...Neltharion just may be able to ionize himself to become fucking PLASMA!

Actually another way he can do it is how he can phase through matter.  Neltharion is capable of perceiving the sub-atomic.  And he understands that most matter is made of empty space.  And he phases through that by sifting his atoms through the empty space.  He's shown to do this a few times in the story.  One is in Hammer.  That's how he was able to escape Garrosh's hands and rise up behind him.  The other is Murozond Gift, where Neltharion does it a few times.  It's how he is able to listen in on the conversation by being the "fly inside the wall".

Deathwing phased the Dragon Soul to hide it from those not possessing the ability.  But Neltharion could find it and phase it out.

Neltharion can in fact grab hold of other people and phase them through with him.  He did this with Malfurion. And in the latest story, he is going to do the same with Khadgar.

So he could phase himself through the core of a dying star, no matter how big and it wouldn't harm him.  

So now here's the question.  Given Neltharion's major psychological issues, the sense of worthlessness, would he actually do it?

The answer is...yes.  He would phase himself through the core of a star if someone attempted in launching him towards it as an attempt at killing him off.  Regardless to whether or not Neltharion hired the guy to attempt it.

Because the Titans built in something, (theoretically) inside Neltharion that prevents self termination.  He can't commit suicide no matter how much he wants to.

It is possible that even the action of doing so would be thwarted by this protocol.

Which is why in the Raid, they had to "Unmake Deathwing".  However, since I'm trying to use realistic ideas on how to use Neltharion's powers...the stupid "Unmake Deathwing" thing cannot ever happen.  Because you cannot destroy matter, only transform it to something else.

And since Neltharion is one half of the Special Relativity Equation, cannot unmake him.  Not even with the Dragon Soul.  Not even if you put a piece of him into the Dragon Soul to weaken him.  You cannot unmake him.

Hell, the Dragon Soul didn't have the power to kill Malygos and he took the full blast of the thing.  It sent him flying over the rim of the world, but it never killed him.  

So no, the "Unmaking" thing can't happen.

Unless you can find a Black Hole.

Galactic Grim Reaper by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, nothing short of a black hole can kill Neltharion.

Kill him, but as recent studies show, the matter that makes up Neltharion won't be destroyed.

But we're looking at killing the Squishy, or how the Squishy could probably kill himself.  

Unfortunately the "Cannot Self Terminate" protocol might kick in and Neltharion may be able to avoid being tossed into a black hole, so...yeah...

If Nel ever asks anyone to help him self's gonna be a problem.

However, this also means that Neltharion is more of a Matter-Warder than an Earth-Warder.

As in, if and when there is no Azeroth, but there is still a Neltharion...the Titans may have built in something inside of him to be connected to every matter in the universe.  He could actually go to another planet and guard it.  Or be connected to another planet.

Or hell, even help a planet that is already shattered to become whole?

Now you see what may just happen in my version of Warlords of Draenor.

And what Garrosh may have planned.  

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Stupid Questions on the Internet

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 11:39 PM

I think I'm getting sick and tired the the stupidity of the internet.

Especially people who ask really stupid questions.

I used to believe that there was no such thing as a stupid question.

Well apparently, the person who conjured that phrase up did it during the time before the Internet.

I am three points below genius in my IQ, but honestly, I feel like I'm getting dumber the more I try to figure out the stupidity of the majority on the Internet.

Maybe it's from banging my head against the computer that I'm finally getting brain damage from it.


Maybe it's because I'm trying to hope that people are at least smarter than a chimp.  But a chimp doesn't make me reread Sturgeon's Law.

As in 99% of stuff created is garbage.

Which is why I don't read other people's fanfiction often, or view other people's artwork.

I'll let Jack Nicholson pretty much set the mood for this.

Thank you, Jack.  Thank you.

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The Tectonic Divergence Trope List

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 4:42 PM

I once said that we did this.  And yes, we did in fact create a trope list that covers most of the stories.

Though it should be updated for the new stories.  It covers up to Murozond's Gift, I think.

This is only part of the trope list.  There is more.  Lots more.

But enjoy.

:iconrenndor: did a lot of the work trying to identify what trope fits where.

Plot and Character Tropes

Nel's a very interesting character, and there are a crazy number of tropes that apply to him. In particular, the duality of him and Deathwing generates some very interesting interactions. I've written this from the reader's perspective, so Nel in general fits into protagonist tropes and Deathwing into antagonist tropes. However, this is not the case for other characters in-universe: most would see him as Deathwing (he is Deathwing in a sense), so from their perspective the villain & antagonist tropes apply to him. If the story were WoW at least some of the mercenary class would be raiding him, so the typical tropes that would apply to a boss-level character or big bad can apply to him.

Taking a step back, everyone is the protagonist of their own story (both characters and real people). So the other character would apply a very different set of tropes to Neltharion than the reader does as he fills a different role in their story; the exact set depends on their character and experiences. This is something that can be exploited to great effect to explore Neltharion's character and drive the story forward, as it sets up a dissonance between the Readers', Narrator's, and characters' perceptions that the story can exploit.


Tropes present in Coffer or Hammer. Played straight unless otherwise noted. Note that Nel's split personality and mental illness means that he may straddle a couple tropes that are normally exclusive.

Driven to Madness

Deathwing, by the Old Gods.

Brainwashed and Crazy

Calia under the influence of the Old Gods. Sub-trope of Face Monster Turn.

"I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight

Nel trying to reach Calia when she's under the influence of the dragon soul.

Out-of-Character Moment

When Nel kills the Twilight dragons. Covered in previous notes.

"The Reason You Suck" Speech

Calia did this to Nel when under the influence of the Dragon Soul. Likely that Nel will be subjected to this by multiple different character types, including anybody that is out for him due to Deathwing's actions. Also by anybody on his side who thinks he isn't fulfilling his duty.

Face Monster Turn

Neltharion/Deathwing though in an unusual way: Deathwing was OK with the change, but it was not out of Nel's choice. In world characters who were in the know, and the Reader may view him as such as well, though there weren't many of the former until recently.

Your Normal Is Our Taboo

Dragon's views on relationships (and more) don't match the views of Mortals. Causes friction in Nel & Calia's relationship.

Culture Clash

More generally, Draconic culture and mortal (human) culture don't mesh well. Calia is unwilling to bridge the difference.

Redemption Equals Death

Averted with Nel. Played straight with Ultraxion.

Absurdly Sharp Blade

Nel's elementium tail blade, and the dagger the Twilight's Hammer try to use against him.

Blessed with Suck

Nel's powers, and his duties to Azeroth come with a horrible price.

Dreaming of Things to Come

In Coffer with the dream of Deathwing, which foreshadows the confrontation in Uldum. Also with Ysera's vision of the End Times. Possible it may occur more often as Nel's memory comes back.

Took a Level in Badass

When he regains his powers in Hammer.

Break the Badass

The Aspects are shocked of the power Nel manifests in Hammer. This is a great reaction to his powers: it hints at their underlying fear of him.

Half-Human Hybrid

Played straight with Deathwing & Calia's child. Averted with Calia and Nel so far. Not clear how this happened since Calia almost certainly couldn't survive a pregnancy, let alone delivery of a fetus with horns, wings, tail, sharp scales, etc. Lampshaded by the injuries she sustains during birth. Nel probably doesn't have DNA given his unusual biology, so this contains lots of "A Wizard Did It"

Non-Mammalian Hair

Nel's beard. Consistent with other Canon dragons.

Evil Makes You Monstrous

Nel's body is monstrous to himself and others, even when he's been significantly healed.

Convection Schmonvection

Averted with Nel's breath weapon. Played straight with his biology-- cracks on his body don't radiate heat, drinking liquids doesn't cause them to flash to steam.

Thermal Dissonance

Nel's scales and wings are cool enough to touch, even though his core temperature is likely the temperature of the planet's core. Somewhat justified due to heat loss to the environment. Matches canon.

Omnicidal Maniac

Deathwing is presented as such in Canon. However, it seems like this may be an artifact of the distortion imposed by WoW: the players are the mercenary class, and they view the world from a very biased perspective. Some of his lore actions suggest Deathwing may have a much better reason for his actions. In specific, he clearly doesn't want to kill everyone: Black & Twilight dragons are OK.

Jekyll and Hyde

Nel 2.0 and Deathwing.

A Friend in Need

Nel's currently willing to help nearly anyone. Oddly this is very blinkered in expression-- he's only willing to help people he thinks are "good"; a significant case of situational blindness.

Failed a Spot Check

Nel fails to really investigate or understand the Twilight dragons until it is too late.

I Have Your Wife

Calia taken by the old gods.

Fighting From The Inside

Nel was doing this from inside Deathwing, both before Coffer and at the climax in Uldum.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge

Nel takes out his anger at the Old Gods on their servants, the Twilight flight and Twilight's Hammer. Implied he'll react this way to the deaths in Dustwallow.

Genre Blindness

Nel hasn't a clue about what other characters might do in a similar situation. Contrast with Deathwing, who is Genre Savvy.

Dumb is Good

Nel's been pretty dumb in his decision making, and it seems to have worked out pretty well overall with a few exceptions. It's often played for laughs. Note that this is an largely unrealistic given his circumstances; his failures impact potentially billions of people given who and what he is and the responsibilities he carries.

Ignorance Is Bliss

The twilight dragons fall into this. Based on their behavior it seems like they don't' really understand the moral and other implications of their actions.

Shapeshifter Baggage

The mass delta between Nel's true size and his human size is enormous. Not sure were all the mass energy comes from or goes.


Nel has a lot of this, especially in Coffer. Well justified given his backstory.

Fridge Logic

What are Nozdormu/Murozond and the Bronze/Infinite dragonflights are doing while all of this is going on? In particular, why wasn't Nozdormu there at the beginning of Coffer?

Black and White Morality

How people's moral (and other) choices are presented. Nel's actions are generally presented as pure and good in intent if not also in action. This seems a bit unrealistic for the universe, as well as for Nel's character and other characters views of Nel.

Colour-Coded for Your Convenience

Nel as a black dragon. Also the removal of Nel's armor, healing of his wounds, and his beard growing back. Reasonable so far, but it would be good to avert, subvert and/or invert this trope going forward. Good and bad guys have been trivial to identify so far. It's more realistic and better reflective of Nel's position if he (and the Reader) have to work to identify the various factions, and if their motives and actions vary between are good, bad, or somewhere between. The story isn't a game, so color-coding isn't really required for gameplay.

Good Colors, Evil Colors

Played straight with the Twilight Dragons, Twilight's Hammer, corrupt blacks, etc. Subverted with the Black Dragons that come to see Nel in Theramore. Inverted with non-corrupt blacks. Note that the characters' views of what colors are bad (black dragons, netherwing, twilight dragons) don't' necessarily agree with each-other or with the Reader.

Dark Is Evil

Black & Twilight dragons == bad for most characters.

Our Souls Are Different

Per the note exchange, souls may not work the same across otherwise similar characters.

Our Spirits Are Different

Malygos & Arthas both are able to manifest and seem to have their original uncorrupted personalities.

Visionary Villain

Deathwing is always this: he thinks, plans, and strategies, and generally doesn't loose site of his goal. Explains why he attacked when he did, and why he let Nel free at the beginning of Coffer.

Villains Act, Heroes React

Deathwing's running the show until Nel is freed. Indeed, he might be still be running it: this might be part of his plan.

Averted when Nel takes off to go to the Twilight Citadel.Protectorate

Nel's job is to protect Azeroth and he knows it. Whether he's doing a good job is another question.

Black and White Insanity

This is how Nel's moral perspective comes across: His actions indicated he divides people into "good" and "bad", and doesn't consider that people might be moved across the border, or that he has the power to pull people across the border. Oddly enough, this is very likely Deathwing's moral perspective as well.

False Dichotomy

Nel's reasoning about how he should interact and lead his flights, and his approach to the Twilight dragons falls into this area as discussed in previous notes.

With Great Power Comes Great Insanity

Per the out-of-band discussions, Nel's initial fall was explicitly designed by the Titans.

There Are No Therapists

There's no help for Nel's mental issues, even indirectly from those who should be his family, friends and allies. Can be well-justified since everybody's trying to keep the world from being destroyed every other moment offscreen. Also the Old Gods have a vested interest in ensuring this trope occurs by interfering with the development of Science and Medical care directed toward mental illness.

Badass Decay

Nel is decayed relative to Deathwing, or what he could be given how strong he actually is. Largely revoked by his actions in Hammer.

Would Be Rude to Say "Genocide"

Nel's actions against the Twilight dragons.

Type A for most "good" characters.Dirty Business

Averted. Nel is proud of what he does to the Twilight dragons.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

Averted when people don't kill Nel at the beginning of Coffer. Since destroying the planet you're living on by killing its avatar is usually a bad idea. Likely to be used against Nel in the future by multiple parties.

Dragon Rider

A weak form in Coffer when Calia rides Nel. Much of it ends up as Bullying a Dragon.

Dragons Prefer Princesses

Calia is technically a princess. Somewhat subverted because the place she was princess of doesn't quite exist anymore.

Bullying a Dragon

How most other characters that don't run on sight treat Nel. Also how Calia treats Nel throughout Coffer, and sometimes later. Garrosh seems to love doing this.

Kick the Son of a Bitch

As per the Note discussion, Nel's killing of Ultraxion comes across a bit like this.

My Greatest Failure

Deathwing is this to Neltharion; it's a major driving force behind his actions.

Hero Killer

Deathwing. Nel could easily become this, and may be this to those that stand against him.

The Paragon Always Rebels

Nel 1.0's conversion to Deathwing took the rest of the Black flight with him. Partially subverted since Deathwing was using his powers to actively push the Black dragons in the direction he wanted.

Drowning My Sorrows

Nel hits the drink pretty hard in Coffer.

Staking the Loved One

The Old Gods converted Nel 1.0 into Deathwing. However the staking was averted so far, though Nel was almost staked at the start of Coffer. Could happen if he slips up, or people think Deathwing is coming back. Also applies to Myzerian, who was killed by Nel. Might happen to the other corrupt blacks in the future if they run into Nel.

Healing Factor

Nel has this in spades-- he regrows an eye in a couple minutes in Coffer, and his healing factor was able to keep up with the passive output of the dragon soul when he was Deathwing. It's also able to keep up with the Dragon Soul, Well of Eternity, Sageras, and the Old Gods in Murozond's Gift even without any armor (at least for a short time). Given this it seems likely that it's strong enough to eventually heal any injury, including a lost limb given enough time. This might explain part of the reason why the Dragon Soul was needed in canon. Makes sense if he's an avatar of the planet-- anything that doesn't deposit enough energy to turn a planet into an cloud of vapor at escape velocity won't destroy it. For a real-world example: the Earth was hit by an objet the size of Mars, and all we got to show for it was the Moon.

No Ontological Inertia

Nel states that Azeroth will fall apart without him.

Blind Obedience

The Black dragons & Twilight dragons saw Deathwing as this. Now that Nel is back the Blacks are rather pissed off about it.

Glowing Eyes of Doom

When Nel gets pissed off, his eyes glow Orange. Averted when he isn't angry: unlike the other aspects, his eyes don't glow by default.

Throat Light

Whenever Nel uses his breath weapon, or is pissed. Deathwing's default state as per the Cinematic.

Took a Level in Dumbass

Compared to Deathwing, Nel 1.0, or pretty much any other character, Nel is... really unintelligent. Covered in more detail in previous notes.

Survivor Guilt

Nel's reaction to Sintharia, which is beautifully portrayed. A huge driver of his character and mental health issues.

The Corruption

Likely played a role in the formation of Deathwing.

Eldritch Abomination

Old Gods. 'nough said.

Go Mad from the Isolation

Averted on the surface; Nel's surprisingly well adjusted for being in the dark for 10,000 years. Note that a full aversion is unlikely-- it's surprising he's even sane, considering.

In the End, You Are on Your Own

What Arthas tells Nel, and what Nel is slowly coming to believe.

Et Tu, Brute?

Applies to everyone Deathwing betrayed. Neltharion is likely very susceptible to all three types betrayal this trope. He's very alone, so he probably can't take losing one of the few people he's got.

The Atoner

One of Nel's major archetypes.

Redemption Quest

Nel's choice to run the quest in Coffer is this, as are many of his other deeds.

You Can't Fight Fate

Apparently you can't fight Nozdormu either. Stated that Nel's original fall was unavoidable. Implied in Murozond's gift that the past could not be changed beyond "small" details, but possibly conflicted by Nozdormu's effort at convincing Nel.

Comes Great Responsibility

Nel indicates that he (as Nel 1.0) believed this, and the Old Gods used this to corrupt him. Nel 2.0 seems to believes this as well, but his belief seems fragile.

To the Pain

The flashback at the beginning indicates that Deathwing did this to Neltharion.

Mind Rape

Nel explicitly states that Deathwing and the Old Gods did this to him.

Heroic BSOD

Averted. Nel's gotten close, but managed to stay just barely ahead of his despair. High possibility of events catching up to him and him ending up here for a time.

Big Bad

The Old Gods and Deathwing, depending on who's playing whom. Nel is this to some characters.

The Dragon


The Heavy


Put on a Bus

Deathwing by the end of Coffer.

Cruel Mercy

Nozdormu mentions that one future timeline leads to this in Murozond's Gift, where the other Aspects are killed and Nel begs Sageras to end him.

No Dead Body Poops

Averted in Coffer.

A Million is a Statistic

At least so far, nobody really seems to pay much attention to the 100's of millions of people Deathwing killed.

Innocent Bystander

All of the dwarven villages Nel destroyed on his way to save Calia are a good example.

Rage Against the Heavens

Deathwing did this against both the Titans and the Old Gods. Implied that Nel may be heading in the same direction.

Irrational Hatred

Neltharion toward the Twilight Dragons.

Unstoppable Rage

Nel's reaction to seeing the other Aspects in danger & the War of the Ancients repeating. Causes him to take a level in Badass. Actually *frightens* the other Aspects, which is a great moment. Fits very well with his history and personality.

Loss of Identity

Nel struggles with his own brokenness, and how little of Nel 1.0 is both left in him and known by the outside world.

Enemy Without

Deathwing being pulled out in the Emerald Dream.

Im Not Afraid Of You

Done physically when Nel tears off his Armor. Also literally when he fights Deathwing in the Emerald Dream.

Split Personality

Nel & Deathwing.

Trauma Induced Amnesia

Per the notes exchanged, Nel remembers little of his past life as Nel 1.0. As noted on the linked page, Flash Backs, Bad Dreams, etc. may start hinting at the past that was lost.

Ideal Hero

Strongly implied that Nel 1.0 was this archetype.

Fallen Hero


The Woobie

Nel. To the Nth power.

The Power of Love

Mostly Averted, which suits the story well. A good choice, since the FDA hasn't approved Love as a treatment for mental illness (or anything else).

Oh Crap

Probable response if Nel starts really throwing his (or Deathwing's) powers around.

Shoot the Messenger

Averted with the Black dragons at theramore.

Sympathetic P.O.V.

The story and narrator is explicitly sympathetic to Nel, sometimes excessively so. Looking at this from another point of view would make Nel look very unsympathetic. Would be good to subvert and avert this more going forward to add depth.

Love Triangle.

See "Love Dodecahedron".

Love Dodecahedron

A specific problem in Murozond's Gift between Siderion's sister, Calia, Nel, and (technically) Alexstrasza. Likely between Calia, Nel and anybody else Nel is involved with (broodmothers, mates, consorts, Alexstrasza, etc.). Possibly occurred between Nel 1.0, the other Aspects, and his Mates / Consorts.

This appears to be biologically, instinctually and culturally normal for the Warcraft dragons: they usually have multiple mates & consorts and love and cherish all of them simultaneously. The fact that their mates / consorts may have other mates and consorts of their own doesn't appear to be an problem. This approach to relationships is likely a foundational component of the dragonflights. Note that this doesn't appear to cause any issues for the dragons-- these complex relationships don't suffer from jealousy, resentment or other issues that might reasonably affect humans attempting something similar.

A problem for Nel: this approach to relationships is a foundational component of the Warcraft dragons that is in conflict with Calia's and other mortal's views. Indeed, Marriage is almost certainly an alien concept to Nel, and the restrictions Calia would want him to obey would seem strange, unnatural, and unreasonable. This is especially true since Nel's knowledge of mortal affairs is 10,000 years out of date. In Reality the definition of marriage and cultural expectations have changed radically over much shorter timeframes, and they vary significantly between cultures. And the dragons of 10,000 years ago likely didn't pay much attention to these customs among mortals.

A problem for Calia: her views on Marriage and relationships are likely very conservative given her stated view of her duties as a princess (marry, make an heir, carry on the line, don't diffuse power, etc). So they likely conflict with Nel's even more that might be apparent on the surface

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Bullying the Dragon Aspect

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2015, 2:26 AM

A little something I wrote a part of the short story I'm writing.

Khadgar is rather dumbfounded by Neltharion.  And well, there's a reason.

He just learned that pretty much ANYONE can bully Neltharion and get away with it.

Unless they destroy his home, kill half his flight, and make his wife annul their marriage.  Then he goes apeshit.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

But yeah, it's sad, Squishy can be bullied.

    “Though I suppose being allies with a black dragon might be beneficial in getting resources,” said Khadgar.

    “It is.”

    “I suppose you’ve benefited some allies with that particular talent as well.”

    “I have, in my attempt to show that I wasn’t Deathwing,” said Neltharion. “Though at times, it seemed to backfire in my face.  They would either keep coming back, asking for more, or think they could demand it from me because of a perceived notion of ‘you owe us’, or they would bully it out of me knowing that if I ever tried to retaliate against them…well…they’ll use that as proof that Deathwing wasn’t completely gone.”

    Khadgar tilted his head at the last statement, his blue eyes widening.

    “Wait…mortals have bullied you?” he asked.

    Neltharion drew in, staring at his paws.

    “On more than one occasion,” he said.

    “And they got away with it?”


    Khadgar blinked several times, staring at the Earth-Warder, bewildered.

    “You just let them pick on you?”

    “What else am I supposed to do?” Neltharion asked.

    “Punch them?”

    “Well, if I ‘punched’ anyone, I would turn their bones to powder,” he said. “If not make their entire bodies explode in a mess of blood just from the sheer force of impact from my…fists.”

    “Alright…I see your point.  I suppose you can’t really…defend yourself.”

    “Well, I’m pretty much invulnerable,” Neltharion said. “Physically invulnerable.  But you’ve probably already guessed what my actual weakness happens to be.  People striking me with clubs hurts in another way.  I don’t retaliate against them because I am not allowed to.  At least when it comes to mortal society’s rules.  How dare someone as horrible as me retaliate…don’t I know that I deserve what I’m getting?  Shouldn’t I be happy that everyone is at least allowing me to roam freely?  Because it is obvious, I do deserve much worse.”

    He huffed heavily.

    “Even my own kind agrees with the rest of the world.”

It's so sad, guys.  

Khadgar is starting to find out that Neltharion is a far cry from Deathwing.

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

I mean does that look like the kinda guy  you wanna piss off?


Khadgar learned that when he decided to piss off Deathwing.  Luckily he used the right method to do it.

"You may have won this battle, I give you that. But hear this, and hear it well, I have seen you, mage."

 Khadgar gulped, unable to tear his gaze away.

"I have burned your face into my memory," Deathwing continued, his voice reverberating along Khadgar's bones. "I will haunt your dreams and your waking moments alike. Rest assured, I will come for you, and when at last I do, you will beg me for your death as the only respite from your terror."

 His mighty wings unfurled again, his claws spasming open to release both Gruul and the skull, and Deathwing took to the air, his wings beating hard as he fled the mountains. Khadgar's legs, which had been shaking, finally collapsed and he sat on the ground for a long moment, gasping and acutely aware that he'd just been terribly, terribly lucky.

Yeah, even after his win, Khadgar was pissing in his pants with fear.  You do not get on Deathwing's bad side. 

But Neltharion?

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

See da face?

He's meek, timid, scared, a sad little Earth-Warder.

 You don't get on Neltharion's bad side either, but...his bad side only includes you killing people he cares about.  Not really himself.  You can kinda get on his bad side.  You can beat him up.  You can scream at him.  You can do a lot of things to him.  

Don't fuck with his kids though.

“I have let you live long enough, Garrosh Hellscream!” a powerful bellowing voice called down from the ash cloud.
“The Worldmender,” said Baine.
“And he sounds pissed,” Vol’jin said.
“Yah think?”
“I gave you clemency!” the voice said. “This never would have happened if you surrendered.” 

And don't ever call him Deathwing.

I'm loving the Squishy again.

He needs it.

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Terminator Genisys

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 4:22 AM

So let me get this straight.

Daenerys Targaryen is Sarah Connor?  

But here I thought Cersei Lannister was Sarah Connor.

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Light and Laughter short

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 1:19 AM

Well, I decided to go ahead and post the first little chapter of the short novella.

Light and Laughter chpt 1

For those of you who are going through Squishy withdrawals.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Because look at that face!

He's so cute.

Well, anyway, there is a story that happens before this one called "For the Black Dragonflight".'s a explicit.  Like very much so.

However, it does talk about how Neltharion ends up solving some of the issues of his flight's need for new whelps.

Mostly having Ruthian, who is an unrelated black male mate with the two females (who are granddaughters to Nel) Neltharion has.

With Neltharion empowering Ruthian, in the same way he may eventually empower a resurrected Malygos.


But it's all basically for the purpose of bringing new black dragons into the flight.  The flight needs children.  Especially after Garrosh pretty much destroyed half of the flight that was loyal to Neltharion.  

So having black dragons mating is a need.  The problem is, to everyone except Ruthian, are all related to each other and Neltharion doesn't want to have a bunch of deformed, inbred children.

Best thing to do, get the unrelated male to mate with the two females.  And that's why new eggs are now being laid.

And Light and Laughter happens after that story.

Light and Laughter covers a potential thing I'm going to be doing with Warlords of Draenor when I eventually get to it.

And it's cute.  It's all about Khadgar and Neltharion having a fun road trip through Outland!  Yay!

Also for those of you wondering about Sabellian, yeah, he's gonna be in this story.  So will Neltharaku and the Netherwings.  

So, we're gonna get that!

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Nostalgia Critic's review of Jurassic World

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 5:38 AM

You heard right.

Because again, Hollywood knows nothing about fair use...and started to take down videos again....

Well...this is what we get when clips can't be used.

And he has a very good point.

One thing I like about the NC's reviews, and many of Channel Awesome's reviews has to do with commenting on the clips.  showing us the scenes that the critic is actually trying to point out.  

And one thing I have issues with many other reviewers on the internet that don't do this.

Sure, I want you to tell me what you think about the movie.  I want to hear your opinion, but I also want to see exactly what it is you're talking about while you're talking about it.

But at least Doug gives us something else.  Instead he has his crew reenact the scenes from the movies...

And creatively again shows us why we do need the clips.

So, damn it, Universal, stop fucking these people over.

Or else, you're gonna get the literal interpretation of what they think of the movie.

And only with half the budget.  Or an 8th, I dunno.

And yeah, Doug was right.  The first ten, the middle ten and the last ten are great.  The rest might as well have been shit.

And the CGI in it.  I think for me, I had an issue with it because it looked TOO high definition.  And that's why it looks so bad.  It's too crisp, so the dinosaurs blend to far into the scenes.

Much like I had the issue with Dragonheart 3...

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o2_1280_zps97jgkfex.jpg

Yaeh, the dinosaurs looked like that.

Too detailed to the point the textures looked like they were melting off the dinosaurs.

And hell, though they said the iRex had the cammo, honestly, I couldn't even tell when she used it because again, the texture just looked so...melty.  

Hell, the Lego Game version of the movie made the camo effect better looking than the movie.  Yeah, she was doing a comedic version of the Predator invisibility, but it still was better.

And she actually had more of a personality in the game too.  Granted, it's played for laughs.  But honestly, I prefer watching the cutscenes of that game than I did watching the movie.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

Well at least we've got John to make fun of.

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Neltharion and the Light

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 1:55 AM

This is a supplement of the previous journal.

Goes into another little disagreement with :iconrenndor: when were making revisions of Light and Laugher.  

And yes, this also relates to Rise of the Sha as well.

And that has to do with Neltharion wielding the Light.

Or more rather how Neltharion views the Light.

Does he feel this warmth, this glow of serenity that many priests and paladins who wield the Light feel as well?

Or is he unaffected by the Light, views the Light as basically another tool he can use, much like how Deathwing used the Shadow.

I'm not saying that Neltharion is gonna convert to the Church of the Holy Light.  No, that would be very stupid.

And I'm NOT saying he should treat it as the mortals do...revere it religiously.  

I kinda treat the Light like the Force...or even the Array.  As in the people who wield it can feel its power.  Feel an intimate closeness to it that cannot be described to people who don't wield it.

But should Neltharion feel something similar?

Or should he remain very unaffected to its almost intoxicating affect?

Renndor start seeing the Light like it was a drug.  This thing that brings happiness to a person who uses it or is bathed by it, being blessed by a priest.  And much like a drug, even an addictive one, the person feeling these sensations wants more of it.  

The question of this little dilemma I'm having...and why I'm pretty arguing with him over can kinda sorta be summed up during a scene where Neltharion meets the Naaru G'eras.  

I'll start with Renndor's version first.

    The Naaru glowed at the greeting, shimmering like sunlight over a rippling lake. It responded to Khadgar telepathically, the serene words as clear to Neltharions mind as Khadgars spoken words had been to his ears.

    Khadgar visibly relaxed, the tension leaving his shoulders as the words washed over him. The mage seemed to bask in the naarus presence, its glow bathing him in a magenta hue. He could feel the mages focused thoughts grow placid and still as the conversation continued, worries and anxieties falling away.

    Curious at the reaction, he cast his mental gaze on the Naarus mind. The surface seemed calm, the still waters of a lake reflecting a perfectly sunny day. He looked through the surface; gaining an impression of more turbulent currents below

    and a realization that the naarus words had been spoken only to Khadgar.

    It intended the conversation to be private.

    He flushed at the trespass, tearing his mental gaze away. The naarus mind receded to an impression of faint chimes; notes without melody or rhythm.

    He looked down at his forepaws in embarrassment, averting both mental and physical gaze despite their failure to notice his scrutiny. The quiet sound of Khadgars boots against the stone floor eventually convinced him to look back up, the mage and Naaru approaching.

    Neltharion, this is Geras. He is looking after Shattrath while Adal is away.

    Welcome, Earth-Warder

    The Naarus voice was full of the same graceful simplicity it had used with Khadgar, a clear sense of hospitality and welcome in the tones as its glow washed over his form.

    Yet the calm that Khadgar had felt under the Naarus presenceit did not come.

    He wished it would.

    The scrutiny of the guards, the unforgiving eyes of the Netherdrakesthey all remained, his mind untouched by the Naarus light.

Here is mine.

    He searched around for some of the other Naaru.  He locked eyes upon a dark crystal, brilliant pink hearted Naaru who swiftly floated to him.  The moment the being of brilliance began to “speak” its heart pulsated with light and washed its warmth across Neltharion’s form.

    He suddenly felt calm.

    The Naaru glowed at the greeting, shimmering like sunlight over a rippling lake. It responded to Khadgar telepathically, the serene words as clear to Neltharions mind as Khadgars spoken words had been to his ears. Such words he could only hear from the inside of Khadgar’s mind. 

    Khadgar visibly relaxed, the tension leaving his shoulders as the words washed over him. The mage seemed to bask in the Naurus presence, its glow bathing him in a magenta hue. He could feel the mages focused thoughts grow placid and still as the conversation continued, worries and anxieties falling away.

    Curious at the reaction, he cast his mental gaze on the Naarus mind. The surface seemed calm, the still waters of a lake reflecting a perfectly sunny day.  However, penetrating further proved more difficult.  A dam restrained him, so high, so wide, he could not see the other side.

    Neltharion’s widened upon the realization, his jaw suddenly becoming slack.

    This being was far beyond his understanding.

    His curiosity did not go unnoticed by the Naaru.  The dam suddenly became wider and thicker with each of Neltharion’s attempt at probing further.  It intended the conversation to be private and it did not appreciate the prying mind of a curious Aspect.

    He flushed at the trespass, tearing his mental gaze away. The Naarus mind receded to an impression of faint chimes; notes without melody or rhythm. And the dam at last vanished.

    He looked down at his forepaws in embarrassment, averting both mental and physical gaze upon the Naaru’s notice of his scrutiny.

    The quiet sound of Khadgars boots against the stone floor eventually convinced him to look back up, the mage and Naaru approaching.

    Neltharion, this is Geras. He is looking after Shattrath while Adal is away.

    Welcome, Earth-Warder

    The Naaru’s voice was full of the same graceful simplicity it had used with Khadgar, a clear sense of hospitality and welcome in the tones as its glow washed over his form.

    He was welcomed here, at least as far as the Naaru were concerned. 

    All Neltharion’s worries with the guards who looked upon him with scrutiny or the Netherdrakes with their unforgiving eyes, all of that seemed to no longer matter so long as he was captured within the brilliant light of the Naaru G’eras.

    He broke his ponderous gaze at the shining, shimmering being.

This is basically the reason why renndor preferred his edit.

The Light and Naaru are not really unusual from Neltharion’s perspective. 

Nel’s everyday experiences, and his programming cover things far more intense and strange than the Light or Naaru. Such as the mental and spiritual connection between the blue / black aspects, the connection to his flight, being able to feel the entire planet all at once, cavitate through it’s core, etc.

For three, this seems inconsistent with the structure of the Dragons, and especially the Aspects.

Dragons seem to have a logical and scientific view of the world, so they’d not find any of it supernatural, and they’d not be awed by natural parts of the universe. So the light and the naaru are not really special or out of the ordinary in that respect.

Further, dragons are heavily armored against unwelcome magic, and this is especially true of the Aspects. Given the dragons were built as guardians, this resistance to external magic, and especially potentially hostile magic (especially mental magic) would be critical. Further, Nel has tremendous mental abilities.  

So the Light & Naaru should not be able to affect Neltharion or the other dragons in general. It’d not alter their mental state. And it’d not affect them physically unless they explicitly allow it. If unwelcome, it’d act just like any other hostile magical attack.

Old Gods and Titans aside, Neltharion is the most powerful person in that universe, so a couple edits hint at that as well.

For instance, in the edits Neltharion’s mental powers work on both Khadgar and the Naaru, though the experience of looking at the surface of the Naaru’s mind is vastly different from looking at a mortal. And Nel feels very embarrassed and bashful at accidentally looking too deep.

The other reason for his edit is so that Neltharion can feel alien to mortals.  The Light's serenity doesn't work on him like it does the Mortals.  Which to him, helps to make Neltharion more alien.

The problem with this view, and it is again because of Blizzard, is that the Dragon Aspects have not really given their own actual views of the Naaru or even the Light.

Most everything we see about the Light are from the mortals' or even the Adventurer's point of view.  And you know how I hate that point of view.

But we never really see any sort of comment from the dragons.  

There's a quest in Northrend where you are sent on this quest to heal someone suffering from the Plague of Undeath.  And one of those people you seek out to help is Alexstrasza.  Unfortunately, her powers could do nothing, not even to ease the man's pain.  That is until you go to A'dal, and he's the one with the solution.  Take the soldier to Heaven, basically.  

But do we get to return to Alexstrasza and tell her about the Naaru's solution?  Do we get to hear her opinion on it?  No.  we just move onto another quest.

Not once do we even get a single quote from a dragon that says anything about what they think about this great cosmic force certain humans are able to call upon.

And again, the only person who seems to be capable of even wielding a portion of it, rather the Dark Side of the Force part of it is Deathwing.  He uses the Shadow.  Which is why I have Neltharion actually use the Light.  Because they are related.

And it also gives us a chance to have a dragon actually say something about it.  Feel what it does, understand what it does to others.  And wield it.

Hell, it's pretty much the thing he uses against the Sha.  Light empowered Sacred Water from the Vale,. Yeah, I just spoiled that for you.  Mostly because of the type of emotion that is required to wield the Light.  Serenity.  Peacefulness.  Confidence, and hell...absolution.

Something Neltharion has problems with, but when given the proper pep talk, he can do it.

But is he too alien to even feel a sense of awe towards this force?

Or is the Light just another tool?  For me, that cheapens the Light and again, makes it just another button Neltharion can push on his display.  P.S. he has it logged into his 4 key on his keyboard.  [Summon Holy Light Bitchslap.]  It's a shaman/paladin spell.  Deals a holy shit amount of elemental damage as well as Holy Damage.  And undead are weak against it.

Instead of being a mystical force that can in fact affect him, it's just another number on the keyboard.

It just seems so wrong.

But for me, I don't want Nel to be too alien.  

And I do feel that the Light could affect him.  He may not revere it like Velen does, but he can see and feel the affects.

So tell me, how should Neltharion view the Light?

And hell, could he truly read the mind of a Naaru?  Should they be considered so below him that Neltharion could even freely pry into a Naaru's mind?

Should he be so alien that he is truly alone in the world?

That's the issue I'm dealing with.

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Neltharion and the Naaru

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 2:41 AM

Okay, so, I'm gonna give some people a choice to which journal they want to participate in.

Those of you who wanna know more about John Carter....go here...

Dino Doc ExcerptsWell I'm glad everyone is enjoying the excerpts of something I dug out of the 20 year old sock drawer.

But the issue is that John's story had always been a difficult one.
Hell, Neltharion is easier to write.
The second story of John was easier to write about.  Because the situation was already established.
The story was just over complicated.
So, basically what I'm asking for at least is some ideas.  
Where should I take this story?
So to properly ask the question of it, I need to give my audience a little history.
Well, a good portion of that history was in She can scare a Tyrannosaur.  Where John pretty much tells Claire the his take on his own backstory.
But for those of you who have yet to read it, let's just

So those of you who want to discuss the cute Squishy...

Stay where you are.

The reason why it's taking a little longer to do anything Squishy related is because I'm arguing with my editor.

And though he's a great editor, he sometimes likes to put in things that conflict with some of my own views of where I want to take the story.

I mean who's telling the story? Me or him?

It's me.

If there's something I don't like, I'm gonna take it out.

And one of those has to do with the short story I want to post up called Light and Laughter.  And it is about Neltharion taking a small trip to Outland.

It'll deal with some of Sabellian's drama with Neltharion. It also deals with some things that will come up in my Warlords of Draenor stuff.

However, there is one thing that I just can't agree on.

He's gonna get his whole Neltharion x Malygos pairing...

But I am going to put my foot down on everything else I don't agree with.

So, what is it that I disagree on?

Is Neltharion more powerful or even more alien than the Naaru?

I think yes.

He thinks no.

So, for those of you who play Warcraft, know its lore...let me ask you that question.

 photo 52601e83-4872-4256-b50b-4fd2656a5072_zpsiqhzyc6q.jpg

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

So, here's the question for you all to answer.

Is Neltharion more powerful, above, and or even more alien than the Naaru?

Is Neltharion so far out of anyone's league that even the Naaru, beings who have existed since the dawn of the universe itself...can't even play ball in?

Or is it the other way around?

Is the like until an amoeba statement true for Neltharion. That compared to the Naaru, is Neltharion like until an amoeba? Or is Neltharion so high above them that they are like unto an amoeba?

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Dino Doc Excerpts

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 10:46 PM

Well I'm glad everyone is enjoying the excerpts of something I dug out of the 20 year old sock drawer.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

But the issue is that John's story had always been a difficult one.

Hell, Neltharion is easier to write.

The second story of John was easier to write about.  Because the situation was already established.

The story was just over complicated.

So, basically what I'm asking for at least is some ideas.  

Where should I take this story?

So to properly ask the question of it, I need to give my audience a little history.

Well, a good portion of that history was in She can scare a Tyrannosaur.  Where John pretty much tells Claire the his take on his own backstory.

But for those of you who have yet to read it, let's just start in the 80s.

1985 to be exact when relatively the idea of bringing back dinosaurs was pretty much brought into light and bioengineering and genetic engineering geniuses were hired on to make this dream come true.

So, we enter Dr. Elias Juan Carter, fresh out of med school, going into his doctorate, studying genetic engineering.  Because yes, if you want to get into bioengineering and genetics, it is a good idea to actually be a real fucking doctor, not a philosopher.  

    Alan said you need a little rest before taking that stuff, said Billy. Just wait until he gets back.

    Alans not an MD, said John. Immore of a medical doctor than he is.

That's from the first chapter of the new story.  And yes, it is very true.  Dr. Grant isn't a 'real' doctor.  As in he's not really a medical doctor.  He's used to digging up the remains of animals that have been long dead for millions of years.  He's not gonna be able to diagnose the broken foot of an actual human.

John is a medical doctor.  

So, basically since John's an M.D. and while he's getting his credits for his PhD in genetics, he has worked at a local hospital.  Because his main focus of going into bioengineering is to help sick people.  What better way of understanding sick people and how to heal them is to go out there and meet actual sick people.

Though by the time of the recent story it has been quite a while since John has told someone to turn their head and cough, he can still put on the scrubs (though they would have to be very gigantic scrubs) to administer first response treatment if need be.

    “Yeah, right,” said Lowery as he began to back up.  Then he paused. “You’re a medical doctor?”

    “Yes,” said John. “It was required for me to get into genetic engineering.  So that means, if you end up with a broken leg and I’m the only thing around to splint it…well…”

    “I’m screwed.”

    “No, but you better not piss me off.”

However, he has a special hobby.  And that's dinosaurs.  He loves dinosaurs.  His childhood favorite was the Tyrannosaurus rex.  Yes, what a coincidence?

He also had to go into a minor in pharmaceuticals, but I won't go into that much.

Yes, he can prescribe drugs.  Don't get any ideas.

So, basically, becoming a doctor, in two different ways, is very expensive.  Like holy shit expensive.  And well, his credentials out in the field were excellent.  Which is why John Hammond approached him to join InGen.

And yeah, of course the kid in John got excited when he heard about the possibilities of cloning dinosaurs and bringing them back.  

There was also a bid to who was going to be the head of this department.  Hammond asked Dr. Carter, Dr. Wu, and a few other doctors on what the best course of bringing said creatures back to life.  Dr. Carter and a colleague named Dr. Sorkin both agreed that mapping out the genome of each dinosaurs and attempting to completely restore them fully would be the best course.  And this brought these two scientists together as good friends.

However, John Carter was already married to a paleobotanist named...yes...Ellie Carter.  (who took the place of Ellie Sattler in this silly story.)  And they had three kids, a newborn named Rachael, a kindergartner named Robert, and a 7-year old named Julie.

I mean, basically, they both were hippies in 60s.  Sorkin was a college hippie and Carter was a high school hippie.  They were all about animal rights, and such.  But Sorkin was closer to PETA in her views, Carter was more along the lines of the Humane Society.

But despite having some different views, though shared similar concerns, they did agree that properly mapping out the DNA of each dinosaur was for the best.

But Hammond wanted to go the more cost effective route, so Henry Wu's little short cut of splicing frog DNA into the dinosaurs' strands is what Hammond liked.  Much to Carter's chigrin.  But he still went along with it, happy to at least see this dream out.

But he didn't get the position of head of the genetics team.  He worked under Dr. Wu.  There wasn't any bad feelings between him and Wu, but John just really couldn't put all his heart into taking such a cheap shortcut.  

Then the bills started piling up.   So, John attempted to ask for raises from Wu and Hammond.  That went nowhere.  And this is where the jadedness started to fill in.  Mostly because John Carter, along with all the other scientists, were forced to move to Costa Rica, well Site B, Isla Sorna, where they would start raising the dinosaurs for Site A, the park itself on Isla Nublar.

And this is when John is approached by shady people who are wanting to commissioned him to use the the time advanced genetics find out if dinosaur genetic material could help mankind in some way.  Like curing osteoporosis.   

That's where the reinforced bone structure project comes from.

Or maybe help in faster healing.  Hell if anything, to help hemophiliacs be able to clot when they get a small cut.

Now you know where the super regenerative ability comes from.

But in reality, these guys wanted to weaponize dinosaurs.  But not do what Vic was doing in Jurassic World, they wanted to have John create a serum to turn soldiers into dinosaurs, and then back into humans.  Basically allow the soldier to gain the benefits of both their human sides and the dinosaur strengths.  

More or less, putting on a dinosaur bio-suit as one reader put it. And then take it off like you would armor.

And it was only then that John realized what he was doing, using InGen's resources.  And he wanted out.  But our long-haired hippie scientist was in too deep.  The ODESSA, aka the  Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, or for those of you who don't speak German...

Yeah, those guys.

Simple terms, Argentinean Nazis, because we gotta have those, as if fucking BioSyn wasn't bad enough, let's just put in Nazis into this story.

Well, the Nazis were pretty much not gonna let John back out on his deal, so they basically sent threats to him.

"We're gonna kill your kids and your wife." that kinda thing.

But these guys were good.  Because they were kinda watching him for a while.  Given John's Argentinean heritage.  Yeah, John comes from Argentinean immigrants.  Basically his family were too optimistic and had to be kicked out of the country.

I'm allowed to make these jokes, people.  Because these were the jokes I heard from my good friend in junior high and senior high...who was from Argentina...and who was planning on going into bioengineering in college.  

Yes, John Carter is based off of a real person in my life.  

One who I still occasionally poke at to see if she's still around.  Or, she does the same to me just in case she thinks I fell off the edge of the world.

Hell, one of the first things I learned in Spanish was: ¿Qué es exportación importante de la Argentina? Pesimismo.

I am not joking.  Though the phrase is a joke.

So, the Nazis have John Carter's family.  They have people watching the family and basically holding them hostage without actually physically holding them hostage.  

So, John is forced to finish the serum, not warn his family of the coming shady organization that might kill them if he fucks up.  Contact between him and Ellie cease, which makes her a bit more worried each time.  But unfortunately, as John puts it, he didn't cover his tracks well and Hammond found out.  Hammond, Henry, and a lot of InGen personnel found out.

So, John was in deep shit.

He already had the serum made for human testing.  Which he was going to test on himself. Test on himself in front of the ODESSA so he could get his kids back.

And he was moments away from the cure as well.  But the ODESSA discovered that Hammond found out and they began to raid the InGen compound in Isla Sorna.  

John just decided to say fuck it, and pulled a Curt Connors and he shot himself up with the serum.  And became the fuzzy tyrannosaur you see in the top picture.

InGen security then mopped up the bad guys, or actually now they were caught, they took their cyanide pills and died.  And Hammond was forced to deal with one of his scientists turning himself into a dinosaur.  So to basically hide him, Hammond takes John to Nublar and hide him in the undeveloped areas of the island.  

Henry himself is very intrigued by what Carter was doing for the ODESSA.  Like crazy intrigued.  Henry is the true mad scientist between the two despite Carter creating his serum.  Carter didn't do it for SCIENCE, he did it to save his kids.  Henry would have been the guy who wanted to do it for SCIENCE!  Or Evil Science!  And secretly, though he did not admit it to John, he actually wanted to open John up and see all the goodies that were inside.

(He's actually gonna get a chance in the new story to do something similar to John.  Which results in the creation of the iRex.)

This incident sparked a lot of controversy in the company, and with the investors, among other issues, so Jurassic Park takes place.  With Hammond bringing Dr. Alan Grant and his assistant, Ellie Carter, who at last gets to see what her husband was up to.  And why he stopped contacting her.

And among those were the lawyer Genaro, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a sniveling ass named Ed Regis who was a journalist who worked for the park, and Lex and Tim, Hammond's grandkids.

They meet Henry Wu, who Ellie demands to know where her husband is.  Of course Henry doesn't say much.  That is until the crazy shit that happens in the park happens.  And Alan Grant is treated to a surprise when he climbs into a tree with the save them from the rampaging T rex.  He finds another T rex with very unusually long arms, a rather unusual length of tail and strange height.  And this rex is talking to him.  Yeah, he meets John.  John pretty much just says that what happened to him was a "mistake" but doesn't go into anything else about it.  Alan and many others start thinking it was an "accident."

And while everyone else is trying to get the park back up and running, John helps Alan get the kids out of danger.  Which included dealing with a bunch of pteranodons, going down a river where the female T rex was pursuing them, to which Alan then notes John's unique ability of communicating with her to tell her to back off, and running into raptors while John parted to look for his wife.

And he finds, again using the "mistake" excuse.  Ellie is just happy to see him.  But Robert Muldoon, who doesn't die in my story or the book, calls in an airstrike and it's all about getting everyone to the helicopter before it all hits.  

John says that it's best that maybe he should die on the island and decides to stay behind.  But the air strike doesn't quite hit just yet.  John stays behind to pretty much help get some stragglers off before what would later become InGen's security detail, and the ACU come in for their air strike.  He finds Gerry Harding and Dr. Sorkin.  But Sorkin goes a bit batshit, saying that she wants to save the animals.  And dies on her own with John Carter and Gerry going on an InGen boat back to Isla Sorna.  With most of the animals from Nublar being killed in the fire storm.

And Hammond then gets a radio from Carter, asking that he would pronounce him legally dead. Then, Hurricane Clarissa hits Sorna.  John helps InGen personnel evacuate the island and releases the animals from their cages.  And he basically goes to live there while the rest of the world sees him as dead.  

Well, then we have the problems of InGen's filing Chapter 11 over four years later, aka Bankruptcy and Ludlow wanting to carve out a buck from that island.  John Hammond gets a research team together to try and document the island, in the hopes of creating a biological preserve.  And one of those he gets to go on this trip is Ian Malcolm, who finds out his girlfriend, Sarah Harding, Gerry's sister...I think...and Ian's girlfriend.  But then he says they'll meet up with a contact on the island that will help protect them.  

And it's John Carter.  And that's basically when the truth comes out about the retrovirus.  

John tries and fails to keep Ludlow from taking at least one animal (he took two One fully grown male rex and the chick) off the island.  And Ludlow even attempts to expose him for the scum he is...which then forces him to return to the mainland.  And while John was on Sorna, he attempted to try and complete his project, to make the cure.  

As we know, that doesn't work out as well.

We then are treated to the T rex incident in San Diego, with John Carter chasing after the male with the help of Ian and Sarah.  

And yes, people saw this.  They even saw a few times John shouting, talking to the T rex, in both English and the "dinosaur" language.  Or whatever.

People saw this happening.

And when it was over, that's when John's reputation was ruined. Though he managed to get some support, at least in creating the faulty serum to at least be human again, even if it doesn't last and he has to keep taking it to stay human...all the dirty laundry gets aired out.  

John's dealing with the ODESSA was exposed to the science community, and his wife Ellie, who found someone else during the 4 years he was pretending to be dead, finally just said the marriage was over, took the kids...and left John to his misery.

John Hammond at least gave Carter something, a small plot of land in Northern California where Carter could at times be free to be in his rex form when he needs to be out of the way of prying eyes.

And John does attempt to get a job.  However, the best he could do with was a piss-ant community college professor job that really didn't pay much.  And the kids did call him Dr. Dino, and not because of his work in InGen, but for the fact that many of them at times would catch him transforming when he couldn't take his daily dosage...or hourly dosage as it slowly became.

Though he would try to hide what he was as it wasn't common knowledge to everyone...and saying that the meds he was taking to make himself human were insulin.  

His son Robby tried to help his dad once by going to Sorna and find some more of John's old notes.  Which forced John to go and save him from the evil Spinosaur. (Not Sadie)

At last Alan Grant just took pity on John and asked him to join his dig site as one of his assistants.  And yeah, it's also a good idea to have a medical doctor on hand.

And during those unhappy years, Masrani, who acquired InGen, tried to get John to come back to InGgen to help make Jurassic World.  Which John refused many times.

Until the recent story where Simon Masrani brought Henry Wu with him to China where a be-rexed John Carter was helping Alan out on an international dig to find feathered dinosaurs.

So there have been sightings of T rex John roaming around Northern California, and in China.  As well as Montana.  

A that leaves us at the start of this story.  

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Fuzzy Rex got Featured

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2015, 11:26 PM

So, apparently, John Carter got featured on this site right here.

Indigoindie Undiscovered Feature Week

Which was nice.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

I dig him out of a 20 year old closet and he ended up getting featured.

Well he is something different and unusual than what I normally do.

Which is Squishy.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

I know, I need to pay attention more to Squishy, because he does need the loving.

But I'm waiting on my editor to finish polishing what I wrote up.  

So that's why I'm entertaining myself with John Carter and my Jurassic Park/World of a Different Sort story ideas.

Honestly, I haven't visited John since...well...this was the last time I visited him...2009.

Dino sketch by Ghostwalker2061

Yeah, that was him.  I cut out some details, this was actually full body drawing.  And it was of John just after he first transformed into that thing.  So he had like tattered clothes on his body, looking kinda like: "Oh shit..."

But that's him.

But story wise, I hadn't visited him since 2001.


While Squishy is being polished, I'm just doing this for right now.

Now if only :iconrenndor: can stop falling off the face of the Earth, we can get back to Squishy.

But I'm glad some of you are liking some of the little excerpts I'm writing on John Carter.

Because he like Cerenath Khan Draconis...

Khan and Me complete by Ghostwalker2061

Is a thing from my childhood.

When I wasn't as clouded with cynicism.  

So, enjoy the little fun I'm having with this.

More Squishy will be coming.

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Dinosaurs in the Military

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 4:33 AM

You know, we need to talk to about this for a moment.

Because this was mentioned in the movie.

And no, the idea of it wasn't original because I too came up with that damned idea when I was 12.

Mostly revolving around this guy.

The Fuzzy T rex by Ghostwalker2061

Elias Juan Carter, PhD in Genetic Engineering.

I call him John.

And yes, he was the first character I named John.

The second was this guy.

He's looking at you by Ghostwalker2061

Who's named Jonathan, aka Jon.

But, no, Elias Juan Carter is just John, like the apostle.  Or the Pope.  The Pope I grew up with, not Pope Awesome.

And yes, his name is John Carter, like that movie.  That came out years after I named the character.

John Paul only wishes he was Pope Awesome.

John Carter was a scientist who worked for InGen and was one of the geneticists under Dr. Henry Wu.  And much like Dennis Nedry, John was very underpaid, under appreciated, and decided to work for a shady organization that wanted to use the knowledge he had about genetics for their benefit.  

While Nedry had Dogson and BioSyn, Wu had Hoskins and InGen's security branch, John Carter had Haase and the ODESSA, aka the Organization of Former Members of the SS.  Aka, the friggin leftover exiled Nazis living in Argentina.

Because I love mentioning those guys.

These days, they're not doing much.

Back during the late 80s...yeah, they were more active.  

Mostly having to do with the guerrilla wars happening in Central and South America.

Which is where the whole militarizing dinosaurs comes into.

Granted, yeah, militarizing dinosaurs maybe a stupid idea in practice outside of an 80s cartoon, however, imagine using Raptors for guerrilla warfare, and you kinda get the idea of how this could be use in war.

Maybe for something like what we're doing in the Middle East, no, Dinosaurs would not be a good choice.

In a jungle?  Send in the raptors!

However Chris Pratt stating that a drone won't eat you if you don't feed it is a good point.

Training raptors to fight in a guerrilla war is a bad idea.

However, this is where John Carter's final experiment comes into play.

Why spend time training the raptor when you can give the soldier all the powers of a raptor, and the raptor all the training of the soldier?

The bad part is that no human would want to stay as a human-dinosaur hybrid monstrosity forever.  Just like putting down the gun and taking off the flack jacket, the human would want to become human again and take off his raptor form.

So, John has created a cure for this thing.  

Which is basically why the transformation is body horror in the first place.

The soldier turned raptor, when administered the cure, literally rips the raptor body off of him.

John Carter, when he uses the serum to make himself human, his body shrinks on the inside, making it look like the T. rex is collapsing or even deflating.  And then the man tears through the empty Rex skin, all covered in blood and Rex fluid.

It's disgusting, but it explains where all the extra weight goes during transformation.

So basically that's the application of John Carter's experiments.

It did start with dinosaurs with some human DNA.  Make them smarter, however, he used those templates to create the serum that could turn a human into a dinosaur, while keeping certain human features.  

And no, I'm not talking about the ugly unused shit for Jurassic Park 4.  The human looks more dinosaur than human, except for certain features, such as for one, having molars, having a jaw that can move and be capable of speech.  Having a fucking uvula, aka the skin flap at the back of our mouths, and four fingers and a thumb.  And still capable of the full arm movements humans are capable of.

Just imagine, a raptor not only capable of human speech, holding and shooting a gun, reloading it, saluting the American Flag, but also being able to climb a tree and swing on vines like fucing Tarzan.

You are not gonna be messing with that raptor anymore.

The raptor part of the soldier would be using some of the strengths humans have, like having one of the most efficient way of dispelling excess heat.  In way of sweating.  Yes, these raptors are capable of sweating.  

Also, yes, the raptor will be able to ride fucking motorcycle.  Because John Carter knows what would make us all happy.

Unfortunately, again, much like what we saw in Jurassic World with Wu's research, John Hammond found out what Carter was doing, seized his research, and then being a nice guy, decided to allow Carter go into hiding.

Mostly because Carter realized just who he was working for and wanted to stop them.

The unfortunate part, he had completed the serum that could turn a human into a human-dino hybrid, but the serum he created was geared for his specific chemical make up, blood type, whatever, and it was to turn him into a T. rex, and not a raptor, because John likes T. rexes.  

Actually, the serum has some raptor traits, which gives John the ability to jump high and run a lot faster than an actual Rex. Also, because he's like Sadie, meaning he's got super regenerative abilities, healing, reinforced bone structure, biological enhancements, he's basically a super T-rex, raptor, human hybrid that could probably withstand an Abram's tank and just laugh at the puny SPANKr firing at him.

Basically, nothing short of a tactical nuke could probably stop this guy.

Tactical nukes are the small nukes used on small targets.

Strategic nukes are the larger ones used on much larger targets.  Using a tactical nuke could escalate a conflict in which strategic nukes are deployed as a response.  Something we don't want.

Which is what the ODESSA want.

They want a nasty escalation, and the'll get it.

So, having trained smart dinosaurs isn't the best option.

Having humans that could take a serum to become a dinosaur is a bit least for guerrilla warfare.

Not so much for what is going on today.

But the idea, the plan itself also relied upon the human taking another serum to return to human form.

Unfortunately John Carter didn't quite make a perfect serum for that.  The serum he created and he now uses on himself to keep his human form is basically like a narcotic.  It makes being human a high.  And he has to keep taking the serum or he undergoes bad withdrawals in his modified T. rex form.  It's also like meth, it's slowly killing him.  And each time he takes it, he gets used to it and has to take a higher dosage to stay human longer.

So, there is another reason why the research basically failed and was never again even implemented.  And why John was discredited as a scientist even after the failure of Jurassic Park.

But only by the miracle of Hammond's lawyers did John manage to get off with his freedom, but it only means he's looked upon by the science community as a fraud and a joke.  If not a mad scientist.

Regardless to his reasons for doing this.

He pretty much lost his job, lost his wife, lost the love of most of his kids.  And he spends time in obscurity helping a friend of his dig up dinosaur bones while he sits in the pity pot feeling sorry for himself.

So, that's basically where I was going with the idea of military dinosaurs.  And when I heard that was why the iRex was created, and the whole wanting to test Owen's Raptor Pack...I just had to roll my eyes and groan.

Because a 12-year old thought of this in 1992, guys.  

God damn it.

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