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The Monster is Blue and Full of Errors

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 5:09 AM

I found that little bit of delightful hilarity.  

Sesame Street parodies Game of Thrones!

With Muppet versions of Queen Cersei , Prince Joffrey, Ned Stark, Melisandre, Daenerys Targaryen, and I see Robb Stark as well, and Grover is pretending be Theon Greyjoy, but called "Bluejoy".  Cute.

And no, there's no beheadings, no nudity, and no Joffrey being a horrible Princely Dickhead.  But it's cute.

Oh, and spoiler...

Joffrey: "Am I out?"

Grover: "Yeah, looks like you choked, Joffrey."

PURPLE WEDDING REFERENCE!  They made a reference to Joffrey choking on the poison in a Sesame Street Game of Thrones parody.

Oh my GOD!

Grover: "Bring me a sweater!  I think winter is coming."

And props to the props.  I saw Baratheon, Lannister, and Greyjoy sigils, only made to look a bit more cartoonish.

And the Iron Thrones all are based on game equipment.  Like golf, tennis, and baseball.


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OMG Ramsey raped Sansa!

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 3:09 AM

Oh my god.  


FUCK YOU RAMSEY SNOW!  Yeah, I called you "Snow" because fuck your legitimization, you're a fucking bastard!

You know what, Ramsey doesn't even deserve to have the bastardy surname of "Snow" because Jon Snow, who is ten times cooler than Ramsey, has it.  We need a new bastardy surname.  I'm gonna dub Ramsey with the new Bastardy Surname of Dickhead.

So, Ramsey Dickhead rapes Sansa.  On their wedding night.

God.  Sansay pretty much traded one psychopath for another.  

We all know Joffrey would have done that to Sansa.  

And the camera pulled away only to allow us to see poor Theon "Reek" Greyjoy in tears as he watched it happened.  Because that's all we needed to see, the look on Theon's face.

You know, I am starting to feel sorry for Theon.  Yeah, he was a little twit himself.  And I'm glad he got knocked down several pegs, but now I just want the suffering to end.

I almost want to say fuck Littlefinger for leaving Sansa there with those horrible people.  But he did at least gave Sansa a choice and Sansa decided to go with it.  With bravery, only to get bitchslapped The Bastard Dickhead of the Dreadfort.  

Fuck you Ramsey Dickhead.

Now I know how a lot of you feel about me having Neltharion suffer more.

But that only helps us to feel his pain as well.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Don't worry, the Squishy's smile will make all that go away.

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Wearing the Skin of a Dragon

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 3:22 AM

I just figured something new out that I might have Neltharion just start freaking out and pouting over.

A lot of you mention that dragons in the game ar skinnable.  They can be made into armor.

Well, that is true in my story as well.  As you may have read in Hammer's Fall or Wrath of the Warchief, anything that pertains to the Dragonmaw Clan, Neltharion recalls how they use the skin of the black dragons they kill for roofing.

Or the bones for structural support.  

And of course armor.

Oh, I wonder how Neltharion will take it if he sees someone, either Horde, or Alliance walking around, wearing armor made of black dragon scales.  And not dragon scales they find lying around that have been knocked off, but with the skin still attached to the scales.  Neltharion knowing that Adventurer is wearing the dead carcass of one of his children.

Now that's a bit macabre, but it's true.  

This isn't a PETA stent.  I'm not gonna go around pouring paint on people who wear fur coats.  I'm not talking about skinning an animal.

Because remember dragons in Azeroth aren't animals.

They are sapient, sentient beings.  They have a culture, have a language.  Able to produce art and music, and literature.  Tell stories.

Like we can.

They can think, reason, know what morals are.  And ethics.  An animal can't do that.  Not really.

But the dragons of Azeroth can.  So, why is it okay to wear the skin of one for protection?

It goes back to my point once more, they aren't seen as people.

They are acceptable targets.

But let me put it in a perspective everyone can understand.  Since we're not talking about wearing the skin of an animal, but a fellow sentient being...there have been times where we've skinned our own species.

All sorts of horror stories.  One most famous is what the Nazis did to their concentration camp prisoners.  The ones that were sent to the showers with the poison gas that is.  They took the fillings from their teeth, melted it into gold bricks.  They shaved their hair and wove it into rugs.  All which they did before the prisoners were sent to the showers with the gas.

No, it's the horror stories that we hear after they were gassed.  The last bit was they were burned in crematoriums and the smell of human flesh cooking stank up the camps.  But before that, the stories say that they were skinned.  And their skins were harden into leather and used as book bindings.

And you all of a sudden pick up such a book and notice that the leather has a mole on it, or some birthmark and you realize that you're holding a book bound in human skin.

And you are disgusted beyond description.

That, friends, is probably how Neltharion feels every time he sees an Adventurer come walking by, wearing the skin of his dead children.  I'm surprised he's held out this long and hasn't puked yet.

I'm not saying this to go against the game, but I am trying to put some reality in the story.  How many times have you walked up to Alexstrasza wearing dragon scaled armor?  In the game, she's scripted not to even take note of your wearing.  She just gives you the quest, says something that is apart of the lore, but who gives a shit, and then sends you on your way.

But if we put that into reality, her attitude towards you might be completely different.

And that's how I'm playing this.  

I've only mentioned his disgust on this a few times, but never had him act upon it.  Which is a mistake on my part.  I should have.  There were old deleted chapters from Warchief or even from Pandaria Rise of the Sha, where he flew over the Dragonmaw Clan base and he wanted to torch it.  And Neltharion could have very easily, but I didn't have him do it because one it would have bogged down the story and people were begging me to get to Pandaria.  And was at the time unnecessary and I wanted to save it for a better time.

Add more drama.  Make Neltharion suffer more, I guess.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

That face may be cute and adorable, but we love it when he suffers.  Because he becomes so much more squishy when he does.  We're fucking sadists.  Poor Squishy.

But I will eventually address it in some form or another.  Maybe Nel will see one of the main characters trapes around in dragon scale garments and Neltharion just breaks down and cries.  

Who knows.

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Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2015, 1:40 PM

Hey, guys!

Remind me never to wear a blue shirt to Wal-Mart again.

Because yeah, people kept asking me where stuff was or got angry when I didn't answer them.  Or even threatened to call my supervisor.

For one thing I wasn't even wearing the right shade of blue.

I was wearing periwinkle, Walmart employees wear navy blue.

And I was also wearing a long dress that day as well.

They don't wear long flowing dresses with purple flowers on them.

Man, people are stupid.

The Storm Over Krynn by Ghostwalker2061

The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

Go look at those things.

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Treatment of Dragons in Azeroth

Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2015, 3:27 AM

I might as well just do this version instead.  Leave out Thrall completely.

However, I do want to address one point.

Many of you are still seeing all of this through the lense of a player in the game.  And you all need to stop doing that.  

Remember what I said about the game itself.  It is more like Disneyland.  Meaning it does not reflect reality.  It truly is a fantasy theme park, everything geared to the player's enjoyment.

But when we look at that with the same scrutinizing eye we have for the actual becomes horrible.

And fake.

So again I must say, do not look at it from the lense of a player character.  Or the Adventurer.  

So, there was this comment I had and now with the help of renndor I can address, let's begin.

  The option to buy drakes as pets, or skin them is there, but the option to commit these actions are made available by virtue of game mechanics--not actual canon. 

It would have been trivial to eliminate these actions from the game if Blizzard wanted to— if Blizzard felt them inconsistent with canon. Clearly they didn't’.

And as Warlord Zaela & the Dragonmaw's treatment of dragons makes clear: treating drakes as mounts, whelps as pets, and skinning them is canon


Varian mounted Onyxia’s head to the gates of stormwind.

Nefarian’s head was mounted in Orgrimmar.

Do the Horde and Alliance do that to their own citizens? Or their own criminals?

Do they even do it to their mortal enemies?

Seems not— they don’t do that to people. Even Garrosh only did it after being heavily Old-God corrupted. Before he was content to give those that dishonored themselves a clean death.

Canonically speaking, it is NOT common practice for drakes to be sold, skinned, or mounted involuntary.

Probably true in numeric terms, but the main reason for this would be that dragons are extremely rare— all flights are endangered species. Some, like the blue and black dragons, are nearly extinct. So it’d not be “common” relative to anything that happens to mortals.

The other reasons this is probably not common is that it’s really damn hard to do that to a drake without a bunch of people ending up dead. Even a drake is very powerful relative to a mortal. 

It’d be easier to start with a whelp, train them, and then upgrade them to a drake by driving in sufficient caloric & magical energy for them to progress to the next life stage. Whelps are probably equivalent to mortals in their 20’s, so even then it would be difficult. But probably easier than starting with a “free” drake.

That said— whelps and drakes are very valuable given their in-game cost in gold. So people would be motivated to try and do it, regardless of the difficulty.

Dragonscale armor and skinning adds even more unpleasant overtones to this.

The only factions that did this (such as the Dragonmaw orcs) are either crippled or all but annihilated.  

Not really true for most of history, though they certainly had some hard times. And in the AU Garrosh hasn’t fallen & dragged them down with him.

progenitors of Azeroth, 

Seeing dragons as progenitors is almost certainly untrue, since the dragons were unknown prior to extremely recent history, and what happened before the sundering is unknown in among mortals in modern times.

Most mortals only became aware the dragons were real and not legends very recently.

unstoppable, forces of nature.  They are feared 

The above is true.

In fact, dragons are regarded, not just as sentient beings, or progenitors of Azeroth, but they are also regarded as unstoppable, sentient forces of nature.  They are feared and respected throughout ALL the races on Azeroth.

Note that he’s just asserting this, but not providing anything to back up this statement.

As noted above, canon implies they are feared and respected, but respected in the sense of a force of nature, natural disaster, or monster among most people.

There certainly are individuals and factions that do respect the dragons— Ysera has some druids that revere here, Alexstrasza has groups of healers that respect her, and both have mortal allies. But these views are probably not representative of the majority of the population of Azeroth— friendly mortals are a small fraction of the populace.

And blue and black dragons do not have even that level of mortal allies, and would be infamous given their backstory.

  If you apply how the trolls define what their Gods (or the "Loa") actually are, you could say the trolls could accurately say that the dragons (especially the Aspects) are gods! 

While it might be argued that a Reader could apply the troll definition of Loa to Dragons, this says nothing about what the trolls actually believe in-universe. It doesn't matter how the Reader applies the definition— what matters is how the trolls do. And it doesn't appear that they currently apply the definition in this manner. 

Not only this, but you have to earn reputation to get most of the dragon mounts in the first place.

True in some cases. Not in others.

And earning reputation from the dragons would be harder in a realistic universe than buying or fighting a drake into submission would be.

There are probably a few cases where a drake and a mortal are working as a team, as in the Netherwing example. But that’s probably quite rare.

Don't you think that a dragon would willingly volunteer his or herself to serve by the side of someone who is well known or respected in their flight?

No. Because dragons have other duties, like maintaining their attunements. And since they’re endangered species, every dragon & drake is needed to support that effort, and support their flight. They can’t be spared to follow the whims of some mortal. Nor should they get involved in the petty mortal struggles of mercenaries, or alliance / horde fights.

Dragons have a lot of pride, and they’re usually more experienced and powerful than any mortals. So it’s extremely unlikely that they’d ever willingly serve a mortal. 

As above there may be a few cases where a drake decides to team up with a mortal in the right context, as with the Netherwing or the red drakes in the Nexus raid. In general, that’d probably only be with mortals who’s goals and interests align with the interest of the drake and their flight. And the mortal would also have to be trusted and well-regarded by the flight, and not a part of the petty Alliance/Horde and other mortal struggles. And also liked and respected by the individual drake in question.

In in-universe reality, drakes/dragons don’t exist to make the mortal “players/adventurers” feel awesome. They have their own priorities, goals, and duties.

Serving as a pet or dumb beast of burden would likely be extremely insulting to even suggest, and not something dragons would be willing to do. It’d be a gesture of great respect for a dragon to offer to carry a mortal on their back, and not a common occurrence.

How you could possibly say that dragons are treated with any measure of disrespect (let alone subservient racism) by the common person, whether Horde or Alliance, is absolutely beyond reason.

Notice that he hasn't actually supplied any reasons of his own?

He hasn't provided any justification for his argument that the dragons are respected or seen as people by the general population, nor has he referenced any bits of canon or game material to support that argument.

He’s repeatedly stated that the original perspective is “unrealistic”, a “misinterpretation”, or “inaccurate”, but not actually supported that argument in any way.

His entire write-up boils down to an Argument by Assertion, and Argument by Repetition, both logical fallacies.

As you can see, this is a perfect example of someone who's using the game logic to justify his argument.  Which again I have stated, do not see this from the point of view of your character in the game.

The Adventurer has this very biased, and clouded view of Azeroth.  Which is why we must pull away from that view.

What the world really is and what the Adventurer sees are two different things.  Stark different things.  The Adventurer sees the world as black and white, good and bad.  Azeroth is not a world of black and white, but a world of gray.

So, don't have that view anymore.

The treatment of dragons is very poor.  Hell any sentient creature that is a droppable mount is treated poor.

Another person who again viewed things with the eyes of the Adventurer equated the dropped mounts we received in the Obsidian Dragon Sanctuary and the Nexus Raid as liberating these poor souls from their captors.

This isn't true.  The dropped mounts like any dropped loot in a raid is basically spoils of war.  They weren't liberated, they were claimed as prizes.

This goes to the statement of the Trope Entitled to Have You.  The spoils of war.  The knight rescues the princess, and in the end, he gets to marry her regardless to whether or not she wants to.  And later bang her.

That's what that really is in the context of the reality of Azeroth rather than the amusement park Disneyland of Azeroth.

In Disneyland Azeroth, the mounts are prizes you win for playing the game.  

But if we turn the raid into the realism I try to make in my story...they are spoils of war claimed by the victor with no rights, no voice in whether or not they wanted to do it.

Perhaps I should take a look at Onyxia's raid in the game to give an example at least.

In the raid, were her drakes liberated by the Adventurer?  Was the "onyxian" drake mount liberated?  Saved?

Spoils of war.

The Onyxian Drakes weren’t “saved” from anything.
Dropable == loot.
Or spoils of war, spoils of conquest.
The Onyxian drakes only come after the adventurer kills their mother.
And massacres the black dragonflight’s presence in Wyrmborg.
It’s hard to imagine a dragon “serving” a mortal.
In other terms, would an Orc serve a human?
Teaming up with a mortal that is a friend and comrade seems reasonable in the right context, but “serve” doesn’t.
And that’s unlikely to apply to droppable mounts in any circumstance, given the context.
And the black and blue dragons have a lot less of a likelihood of having mortal camaraderie needed to enable that, given the backstory.

Easily to say that perhaps Onyxia deserved it.  I mean, she did conspire against the Alliance, split the King into two people, one she could easily control of course.  Then she kidnapped Anduin and threatened to kill him.  And was beheaded for her troubles by Varian.

In the raid, she's killed by Adventurers, sent by Varian.  Either way, her head ended up on the gates of Stormwind.  And other Adventurers beheaded Nefarian.

Yes, both were responsible and got their sentence, but can the thing be said about the children.  Adventurers basically killed unborn children.  

Not even Deathwing did that.  If he did, it wasn't mentioned.

The Alliance was at war with the black dragonflight, so killing Onyxia was justifiable—she was the leader of the opposing force, and a covert operative and spy.
But did the Onyxian Drakes deserve the above?
Did Onyxia even deserve what they did to her afterward?
Desecrating her body?
Killing her eggs, treating the survivors as pets and beasts of burden?
Even Deathwing didn't do that kind of thing.
There’s no evidence in canon that Deathwing or the black dragonflight ever targeted mortal children.
Beyond Onyxia’s ill-thought out desperation move with Anduin.
But the mortals don't think it at all problematic to destroy dragon eggs and whelplings.
Deathwing has standards— his methods tend to be very focused and clean, and always target as specific concrete goals.
If he wants something destroyed, it’ll be cleanly obliterated.
If not, it won’t be.
It’s interesting, in that he doesn’t appear to make enemies suffer unduly— he’s not interesting in suffering; it’s not effective at achieving his goals.
But the mortals are less discriminate and focused.
Kill it.
And displaying Onyxia’s head like a trophy?
They don't bat an eye.
What would Varian do if somebody displayed Tiffin’s head like that?

Sad really.

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Read Tectonic Divergence first

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2015, 3:45 AM

I think I need to get this out.

Before anyone decides call me out for being stupid. Or taking a jab at what I'm writing...I need to lay down some rules.

Make sure you have read the story first before taking a potshot at it.  Okay?

Which is what I got from the last comment I received on the previous journal.


To make sure we are all on the same is the repost of the series...

If you want to tell me about how much I'm wrong...go ahead, but before you do that, make sure you read the story to see if I really am wrong.


Ten thousand years ago, a Dragon Aspect fell and a world was sundered. Yet that was a merely a reverberation from a deeper rift. For the Black Aspect was no longer one, but two. And so the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance between each half, between Neltharion and Deathwing. For as one rises, the other falls.

Tectonic Divergence Series

1) Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Everyone called for his death now, all because of that monster. That monster who called himself Deathwing. And Neltharion welcomed death. For at least in death he would be freed from the mental prison, the torture. But before that, he wanted a chance to make it up to them...

2) The Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

There was one rule that all had to follow in the Twilight's Hammer... you serve or you die. Serve well, and you will die last. And through the whispers of the Old Gods they had found Deathwing, their greatest ally. But for his betrayal, there could be only one punishment: Neltharion had to die, so Azeroth could crumble upon his death.

3) Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

My children are slaves. So tell me now: by what right do you ask me to allow the Horde to abuse them? By what right does Garrosh make people see Deathwing when Neltharion stands before them? By what right does Garrosh endanger my world? 

4) Pandaria: Rise of the Sha (preview) by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

"One day, these mountains I have created will be your tomb. For your actions are poisoning the land, and that is the place that your current path will lead, Lei Shen." And so the great beast's words came to pass. Yet one lesson the beast did not teach: Pride. Perhaps the students were not ready. But when that lesson comes, we must be prepared to learn.

Side Stories

The Prophet's Visions

Non-Canon Side Stories

*) Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Sometimes, Alexstrasza, I wish...I wish I could turn back the clock. Correct every sin I did. If you could go back, would you? Would you stop me from becoming Deathwing? If I had not been thrown into madness, then so many lives would have been spared. Just to have that chance...


*) Neltharion Gallery by Ghostwalker2061


NeltharionDeathwing, and Warcraft copyright (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

And I would like to thank renndor for helping out.

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Thrall's Relationship to Neltharion

Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2015, 4:16 AM

I'm thinking first off, you all are basically questioning what it is I have against Thrall this time?

And I don't have much against him.  Other than him being Chris Metzen's Green Jesus.  And many WoW fans keep referring him as the Earth-Warder's been stated that Thrall merely held the temporary position to fill the gap left by Deathwing.

But no, no, Thrall is not a Dragon Aspect.

One he was not created as a mechanism to keep Azeroth from falling apart, and two, I don't really recall any black dragon agreeing to make him the new Earth-Warder in the same election that Kalecgos managed to get the Spell-Weaver powers.

 photo Thrall_magazine_cover_zpsb8d3740d.jpg

But in my story, going off of Twilight of the Aspects I pretty much concluded that Neltharion loaned Thrall the powers temporarily so that he could help the Aspects defeat Chromatus, well that sounds a lot better.

And also I was the one that made Thrall Neltharion's savior.  Which brought up this line from the Ghost of Malygos.

  • “You're right, brother,” said Malygos, shrinking back from Neltharion’s hard and abrasive words. “One mortal did what none of the Aspects could do. We've all failed you then. And for that, we all deserved what Deathwing did to us.”

So yeah, that's a big thing that I added.  A mortal was the one who could do something that none of the Aspects could do.  So, there we go, Thrall is still special even in my story.  But what he is not is Green Jesus.

Because Thrall is a bit of a hypocrite and Neltharion has no problem in pointing that out.

  • “I would hunt them down to the ends of the earth,” said Thrall as he slowly approached the fuming Aspect. “But my child is an orc. Yours are black dragons. This is different.”
But what is going on with Thrall and why I'm calling it out now is due to how all people look at dragons in Warcraft.

As in, they look at dragons as beasts.

And this has nothing to do with it all falling upon Neltharion.  No, Neltharion is only one example.  All dragons are seen as the "Other", beasts that have to be killed, skinned, and or tamed as pets or even ridden as mounts.

And that's the issue here.  They should not be pets or mounts.

No more than we should own a sentient species as a pet either.  The problem is for now, as far as we know, we are the only beings on this planet that are capable of having a civilization, having written language as well as spoken.  Able to reason and go beyond our primal instincts.  We are capable of creating things, vast works of literature, art, music.  We speculate if our lives are controlled by a supernatural being that we cannot understand, or if we're some fluke in the universe.  We wonder if we are alone, or if there are other beings out there that are sentient like us.

And so far, we are the only creature we know of that can do this.

For now, no other creature can do this.  Yes, some creatures have developed ways of crafting tools themselves.  But there has yet to be a creature on this planet that has willingly decided to craft a tool for the making of artwork, or writing.  Or attempted to make instruments to make music beyond basic animal calls.

So we tend to look at things through our own eyes when we create something fantastical like Azeroth and Warcraft.  

That everything that isn't us is something else.  And that something else isn't us.

We do this to ourselves even all the time.  The treatment of women, homosexuals, people of other races, ethnic groups, religions, people who speak a different language than us.

And it shows in our creation as well.

 photo Thrall_son_of_durotan_by_daerone-d8lu818_zpsz0zrg8kp.png

Which is where this gets out about Thrall.

Thrall is a unique character.  He's an orc who was kidnapped by a greedy douchebag named Aedelas Blackmoore.  Who then taught him reading and writing, as well as throwing him into a gladiator's pit for him to fight and fight.

And Blackmoore called him Thrall, a word that means "slave" in the Arathi tongue.  When Thrall's actual birth name was Go'el.  Which sounds more like he's from Krypton rather than Draenor.  

So I guess that means Thrall is also Superman.

But here is a character who wanted to be free, wanted to help free his people and perhaps show that they are the mindless, bloodthirsty marauders the Alliance thinks they are.  

As in, he wants others to see the Orcs as a people.  A people that has a civilization, a culture, language, and is intelligent.

However, war can cloud a person's judgement towards another group of people, especially if they are the enemy.  This happens a lot even in reality.  It's one of the reasons why during World War II, Germans were seen as crazy, gibberish speaking maniacs...well...mostly because of Hitler, who was a crazy gibberish speaking maniac...but that's besides the point.  Or even Asians, especially Japanese, were seen as buck-toothed, yellow-skinned imps who spoke broken English and replaced all the R's with L's.

Because making the enemy less than human helps drive the point in that we need to conquer them and smack them out of their backwards savage ways.  

It is easy for us to do that.  And we've done it to even our own citizens.  Ask any African American if they know what a minstrel show was and they will glare at you with daggers in their eyes. Because it's more than about just putting on blackface make-up, it's also how the actors in that show portrayed African Americans as.

My people were also susceptible to ridicule.  Hitler once portrayed Jews as beady-eyed, big nosed rat people.  

Muslims today are seen as barbaric terrorists that wish to blow up what we consider human decency.  And a lot of them are also portrayed as women beaters.  And again, gibberish speaking crazies.

Thank goodness we have people like Malala Yousafzai to show us that is not true.  Because Malala is still awesome.

So yeah, it makes sense that this is a part of Warcraft as well.  No doubt Alliance members would portray Orcs as gibberish speaking, bloodthirsty savages who eat babies for lunch.  And in some ways, they weren't too far off considering the actions of the Horde.  You know wanting to conquer a planet because they fucked up their own planet from a genocidal battle over a simple misunderstanding and a small screw up in diplomacy.

Yeah, Velen, you did fuck up a bit.  However genocide isn't an appropriate punishment for the screw up.  And that's on Ner'zhul's head.

And granted, the orcs were binge-drinking demon blood which made them extra crazy...but that's besides the point.  It's hard not to side with the Alliance, despite them being assholes themselves.  

After defeating the Orcs, many members of the Alliance like Thoras Trollbane and Genn Greymane...and a number of others wanted all of them executed.  Basically a reverse genocide.  But King Terenas Menethil...for those of you who didn't follow Warcraft RTS games and only heard that name from my stories...Neltharion's father-in-law...wanted the Orcs placed into internment camps where he hoped they would lose the bloodlust the demon blood gave them.

And he was right, being cut off from their drug, the Orcs trapped on this side of the Dark Portal (after its destruction) began to slip into withdrawal and lethargy.  Even apathy.  You could beat an Orc to near death and he or she wouldn't give a shit about what you're doing.

Which is probably what happened in some of those camps.  Among other horrible things due to the orcs not giving a shit.  To the point where they sat in their own shit.  I'm guessing a few just died of malnourishment because they didn't care about eating or drinking.

And then entered Thrall, who escaped Durnholde ran by that douchebag Blackmore, and who wanted to learn about his people and rescue them from their  current sad plight.  He managed to reconnect his people to their roots in shamanism, which Gul'dan severed to force them to rely only on Fel Energy and warlock magic.  

So the orcs were able to regain their strength.  And reformed a new Horde with new ideals and a need to say: "Hey, we're not the bloodthirsty savages you think we are!  We can be cool too."

Which leads to the relationship he has with Neltharion and why it's kinda backwards thinking.

And why again, I say Blizzard must really hate their dragons.  

Just as it was easy for us to think of our enemy or even people different than us as inferior, so it is very easy for people on Azeroth to think of dragons as nothing more than beasts.

Which they are not.  

The Dragons of Azeroth may have been the first to create a civilization.  And yes, this is before the Zandalari.  We all credit the Trolls as having the first civilization, but it was in fact the Dragons who came first.  They had a civilization once, before it all went to shit.  A culture, art and music no doubt.  Literature.  And they used their powers to make it.  They also had a charge, they were the guardians of the world.  They worked in secret away from the eyes of mortals, focusing on their tasks to keep the world running.

However, in the current lore and game, Dragons are seen as either beasts, mounts, or pets.  Sometimes they're seen as well...individuals at least...but not one bit did I ever have a sense they were seen as a society.

Damn it, guys, they even had a Queen.  Alexstrasza is the Queen of Dragons.  She's friggin royalty.  And yet she's not seen as being on equal footing as Varian.  If anything else, she seems to be a lesser.  Unimportant.  

In the game, whelps and drakes are worth a lot of gold.  Bought and sold basically.  And now Blizzard added the Pokemon battles to the game as well.  

And this is what creates the tension between Thrall and Neltharion.  And why Neltharion is starting to not like the very person who saved him that night.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

The sad thing about this is that Thrall, much like a lot of other people, seems unwilling to help Neltharion get his children back.  

Neltharion sees people, namely the Horde Thrall created, enslave his dragons as mounts, as pets.  And yet when Neltharion pressures him about it, Thrall just states that "it's different because they're dragons."

As if to say it doesn't matter.  Oh, if it was an orc, or even Thrall's own kids...sure...he'd go attack the asshole.  But oh, no Neltharion can't do the same because well...that would be wrong.

And it is hard to make allies that would want to help you get your people back if said allies don't see you as a person, or your species as a people with their own culture and society.  

And this is one of the reasons why Neltharion struggles with making allies.  They don't see him as an equal, either a monster that needs to be slain, or a creature that needs to have his will bent to superior minds.  

Hell I'd say the one reason why often we see dragons in human form when we meet them is that's the only way we could ever take them seriously.  

"See, I'm a person!  Look, I'm wearing clothes...just like you!"

So, is there ever a wonder why Neltharion is having such a hard time with Thrall, or how he can justify the destruction to the Barrens and Orgrimmar, or even his uncaring attitude in Chapter 5 of Rise of the Sha?  Especially since he lives in a world where everyone has no problem in either killing his kind, skinning them to wear as clothes or use as roofing, or making them pets and mounts to ride on?

Just an added bit...

  • Though even slaves are considered people.
    An animal wouldn’t be called a slave.
    Seems like the dragons may be in an even worse position, which is really something.
    …in that many don’t even see them as people enough for that designation.
    Just monsters.
    And there’s only one thing that can be done with monsters…
    Destroy them
    Or trap and contain them— bend their power to serve one’s will.
Said by renndor

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Don't ask me to do anything

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 5:24 PM

Because apparently because my computer has problems with Skype...

Getting another sinus infection....

And setting up a time when it's convenient for me...

Isn't something any of you want to do.

I don't use Skype because it crashes my computer.

I like Google Hangouts.

I've got a sinus infection again.

And apparently because I can't use Skype, got a sinus infection, and would want to teach on my time and not your own....that offends people.

You know, just go look at Tanya.

The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

And Squishy...

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

And don't ever ask me to do something like teach any of you my skills again.

Because if you're not willing to do it on my time and where I want it to be done, then you're obviously not that serious in learning from me.

I don't care how talented you are.

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Azeroth is Disneyland

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2015, 12:00 AM

Pretty much this came to the mind of one of my readers who took it under her charge to read everything that there was about World of Warcraft in order to get herself ready to undertake the painful attempt at editing everything prior to Rise of the Sha.

And here is what she concluded...

  • World of Warcraft, as I recently concluded, the video game equivalent of a theme park.
Yes, exactly!

Everything that has happened in the MMORPG of Warcraft, happened for the amusement of the Adventurer.

Including character derailment of its main characters.  They are derailed so badly just so that the Adventurer could come in and fix everything.  Despite the fact that the main characters are in fact probably more powerful than the Adventurer.

Varian Wrynn: "Thank the Light 69ingMyDragqueen is here!  We're saved!"

This goes back to my statement that you, the Player Character, does not matter.  You don't.  In the game, you are at the most, everything and nothing at the same time.  You have no importance in the actual story and lore of Azeroth.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Squishy has more of an actual influence on the friggin Lore than you do, and he's adorably cute.  Even outside my little fan series, Neltharion has more influence on the lore than you do.

Well, of course he does, he's the motherfucking Earth-Warder!  

I mean look at dat face! 

Pretty much I agree with her when it comes to thinking of what goes on in the game as being basically Disneyland built to make those poor Adventurers feel important.  And then once they've gone for the day, everyone's like: "Okay, let's get back to the real business of making history.  How are we going to deal with Garrosh through the Dark Portal?"

  •  In the game itself, they are at once everything and nothing. No event of importance, or even unimportance, happens without their involvement.
    And yet, they have no real effect on the world.
    It is, as I recently concluded, the video game equivalent of a theme park.
    And it makes *so* much more sense when viewed that way.
    The world isn't real, the characters are actors, and the players are deliberately given center stage in everything they do.
That is the most accurate statement on how the lore and the game works.  And why it's such a cluster fuck.

If they would actually just keep the game and lore separate, it probably wouldn't be so confusing.  Have the game just be the theme park, and the expanded universe be the actual lore.  

Which is why in my writing, the Player Character has no bearing on the plot nor the characters.  Who does Anduin meet in Pandaria?  Who rescues the prince?  


As in, an actual character of World of Warcraft.  NOT a Player Character.

You could have so much more of a richer storyline if the Adventurer wasn't involved.  Hell, a lot of things that Blizzard seem to omit because...fuck it...probably wouldn't be omitted and add a more fleshed out lore to the game if the Adventurer wasn't involved.

  • The upshot is that I'm inclined to view Warcraft's story in broad strokes, where the major events still happened, but the way it happened was different in 'reality'.
Very much so.

  • Better yet, the player characters of World of Warcraft don't exist or have their place taken by a real character.
    And I feel rather justified in saying that, so far as Warcraft's canon is concerned, the player characters aren't real. They have no influence on the plot, they make no decisions that change the world, and they are generic and interchangeable so far as the overarcing story goes.
And totally agree.

Which again each time someone brags that they killed Deathwing in the raid, I still have to correct them.

No, no you did not.  What you did was give him a back massage and then a manicure.  Thrall and the Dragon Aspects were the one who killed Deathwing, by combining their powers into the Dragon Soul and because of a writer's lazy jumping the shark moment, made Deathwing blow up into sparkles.

YOU did nothing.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

Also, Squishy is adorable, and you need to stop picking on him.

Let Garrosh do that, he's better at it.

So yes, the Adventurer has no real bearing.  Outside of maybe Warlords of Draenor.  Which I've noted that was the only Xpac that I felt I actually had some sort of ability to change things in the game.  However, I'm still a fucking nameless nobody they call Commander.

Now excuse me, I'm gonna drink my martini, that was shaken and not stirred.

And now...

A Tiny Hamster vs. a Japanese guy in a hotdog eating contest.

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Rifftrax the Room

Journal Entry: Thu May 7, 2015, 4:47 AM

So just to remind some people who want to go see it tonight. Yes. Rifftrax is doing a live version of them riffing The Room, which is awesome.

I'm going to see it. And I hope you all will see it too.

Make sure you bring your plastic spoons.

NO METAL ONES! Don't be stupid, those do hurt and you are a dick for throwing them.

Also, if you haven't seen Tanya's new image...go see it...

The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

And now, Tiny Hamsters having a Tiny Date.

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And Now, Tiny tiny Mike Bloomberg in a Matchbox

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 12:41 AM

So apparently, I think I need to start pandering to people in order to get them interested in the discussion.

    Mostly due to the fact that so few are interested in really commenting in the journals.  So, to get people invested…I shall start out with a cute image of…

    Tiny, tiny Mike Bloomberg asleep in a matchbox with a cotton swab as a pillow.

   photo tiny-tiny-mike-bloomberg 1_zpsoduqutgl.jpg

    Look how cute he is!  It’s so adorably awesome!  It almost makes you forget that this is a man who tried to turn New York City into a Nanny State.  And he’s one of the richest most powerful men in the city.  Or insert your own Bloomberg jokes.  I’m sure that there’s a lot.  But I don’t live in New York City.

    So now that I’ve pandered to the lowest common denominator in order to grab your attention.  Let’s just hope I can keep your attention.

    And for those of you who love Tanya…

    That’s what we’re gonna be talking about!

  The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

    And some of you are going to be happy about that.  Hopefully.

    Really hopefully.

    What are we discussing about Tanya?

    Well, the question of what measure is Human?

    Or what measure is a Dragon, whatever.

    More or less it has to do with how they will be treated after they leave the camp.  I intend to have them stay at the camp for perhaps a couple more chapters before I have them be turned loose and George and Marie have to deal with their now be-dragoned daughter and the angry neighbors ready to greet her when she comes home.

    So, the question is, are these people still people?  Are they themselves?  Are they something different?

    Are they still human?

    Or is it official, do we honestly need to say that they are dragons?

    Really the question has to do with whether or not we should treat them as dragons completely despite them never being really born dragons, never have any idea of what being a dragon means or entails other than from what they learned from stories…mostly told by humans and possibly most of them aren't even true. 

    Which also explains why a lot of the dragons in paintings don’t look like the dragons from D&D.

Case in point...

 photo Saint_George_Dragon_Uccello_zps6r2otxll.jpg

The Lady's Sacrifice by Ghostwalker2061


Looks like the Patron Saint of England is just killing a Komodo dragon rather than a real dragon.

Granted Komodo Dragons are pretty dangerous...when they bite you...but a real dragon will not only turn you into paste with the power and size of its jaws, it'll flatten you under its hundreds of tons of weight, beat you back with hurricane winds from its wings, and if it's a Red Dragon, it'll incinerate you instantly.

Remember, Jonathan Long's breath weapon is so hot, it can destroy even the most powerful spells with its intense heat. I don't even think the Sun can claim that.

And since he also can cast lightning bolt, he can fire it from his mouth in dragon form.

The Battle by Ghostwalker2061

I think St. George is gonna be toast.

The only way dragon slayers in Jon's story could even make a dent in a dragon that size, is to do the Komodo Dragon method of in, poison it and wait for it to slowly die so that they can then reap the rewards.

But we're talking about Tanya.

Are they dragons? Are they humans?

Really the answer is quite simple.

And a lot of you dragon fans are gonna call foul...but Tanya and the people who changed, are HUMAN.

Human isn't a word to say: "Homo Sapiens". It isn't a species name, but a title that is given to a sentient creature by a government.

Yes, Tanya is no longer a Homo sapien. But she is still human.

Hell, under the law Kiryuu is actually human too. So is Jonathan.

Because the United States Government assigned that title to both Kiryuu and Jonathan as citizens of United States to allow them to have human rights under our laws. Which means if they go to another country, if someone abuses them that is in total violation of their Human Rights, that country can get into a lot of shit.

So, under the rights of the law, both Jonathan and Kiryuu are considered Human.

Because there is a difference between what the law assigns as rights for humans and rights for animals.

However, the moment you stop being Human is when you are deciding to give up citizenship either because you are immigrating to another country, or you are coming over as a refugee. Most likely, it's because you're coming as a refugee. You lose the human status that was assigned in your country and must be assigned your humanity again when you join the new country you wish to live in.

So, Humanity is also a term for being a citizen of a country.

And if you're over in some country, and you get captured and tortured for no apparent reason, most likely that your captor is committing a human rights violation against you and your country.

So the question of whether or not Tanya is more along the lines of whether or not her new form qualifies her to retain her Human status with her country, or does she all of a sudden get demoted to animal status.

And that's what we need to ask here.

We need to ask whether or not these people should absolutely be counted as Human and still be granted human rights under the law.

And unfortunately it goes back to the label of Human. And in order for the changed people to still retain their rights, the same rights they had before they changed....then yes, they cannot be called "dragons". That label cannot be applied to them.

Though Tanya may look like this...

The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061

She is still Human.

The only thing that is called a dragon are animals.

So I suppose until they do some major rewrites to a lot of laws, I suppose if Tanya and the others want to still have the right to vote, to hold office, to serve on a jury, own an ID and or Passport, or even to serve in the military and hold a paying job, they cannot be labeled a name that is associated with animals.

Tanya unfortunately must retain the label of Human.

So, no Tanya isn't a dragon. She's just a very, very large human.

Because for now, if we must call her a dragon, then she cannot be seen as equal to the rest of humanity.

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Separating Southern Heat from Twin Fires

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 9:42 PM

Southern Heat preview chpts 1-10 by Ghostwalker2061

Something I have been thinking about and I've had help from :icondarasmera: and :iconrenndor: is to separate Twin Fires from my story Southern Heat.

Which means needs to be a rewrite to the story.  I'll keep this story up for the moment until the rewrite is done.

Certain things have to be removed to really separate it and or changed.

Though I have argued with a few who wanted me to separate the D&D dragons form Southern Heat as well.

Well, I'm not going to do that.

Because I do like the look of the D&D Red Dragon of Todd Lockwood's design.

Mostly due to the fact that's either that or...

 photo malysheadold_zps9da1ef6a.jpg

Yeah...I think I should keep this look as well...

Tanya Detailing by Ghostwalker2061

Because the alternative is bad.

And that old image of the D&D Red....that's what Pyrothraxus' bitch mom Malystryx looked like.

Jon's biological mother....blech.

I would say that Malys was a bitch due to well...possibly because Jean Rabe making her into a very flat Evil Queen of the Alien Dragon Overlords.

Tommy B. Stupid aka Tholaxxius would be proud to call her mom.  Mostly due to all the character development went into her son Jonathan know...

Aka Pyrothraxus, aka the Great Red Wyrm with a Swiss Army Knife that carries a fucking trombone instead the pair of scissors that can't cut anything.  Seriously!  He pulls a full sized trombone out from a pocket knife, how is this guy not a fucking powerful sorcerer?  Well, in my story, he's one of the most powerful spell users in the world.  BECAUSE HE'S A FUCKING GREAT WYRM RED DRAGON!  Jonathan Long, being a dragon the size of a 747, makes so much more sense now.

This is why I made Jonathan Long into a Red Dragon...because there is no way that guy is some mundane mortal.  And no way that a fucking Jersey Devil, which basically a Windigo spliced with Snooki, is going to be afraid of a trombone, unless that trombone was played by a fucking Great Wyrm Red Dragon disguised as a human pretending that he was protecting his half-dragon son and his two friends from what he [Jonathan "the fucking Great Wyrm Red Dragon" Long] thought was a bear attack.

You see, I don't think that Wizards of the Coast is even talented enough to come up with that.  Gary Gygax on the other hand might have been...but TSR is no

Seriously I need to do an image of that...but have Jon in his dragon form, scaring off a Jersey Devil with his trombone.

And yes, he can still play the thing in his dragon form with that beak of his.  Don't ask me how, I don't know.  He's the master of the elements of air and fire, I think he can figure it out.

But yes, I am going to try and separate my story from Tommy B. Stupid.

However, the incident that happened caused by Tommy B Stupid still happened.  Aka a European major city being Godzilla-raided by a crazy Red Dragon.  That's still gonna happen.  It has to because I love setting up conflict caused by racial profiling and stereotyping.  

That's why black dragons in my Warcraft story are being tucked away in hiding while Mr. Squishy, Neltharion, is taking all the insults from the world.  Because people are going to automatically assume that a black dragon is evil.  Racial profiling.

However, Tommy B. Stupid himself isn't going to be the dragon who did it.  I'll make up some other red dragon responsible for...maybe Berlin or Madrid being attacked.

Hell, any of you from Europe, maybe you all can help pick the large city that should be burned by an unnamed Red Dragon one month before the Event.  Which one should get demolished?  Which one would create a big upset with the world that Fox News would spout out stupid Right Wing "Terrorists propaganda!" bullshit?  Remember, my European fans, we're talking about Right Wing American news station, so choose a city that would make them belt out the most stupid comments of people being horribly burned to death by a Red Dragon.

And it also means the Twin Fires, the braziers that Tommy B. Stupid and Little Orphan Li lit to ruin the lives of possibly 12  million people, including no longer exist in Southern Heat and that there is truly NO real defined cause that prompted 12 million people, that's...pretty much less than the total population of Los Angeles.  And most of those who did change were in Europe and Asia.  They had the higher quotas of changes.

In the grand total of people's lives that Tommy B. Stupid and Little Orphan Li ruined in the United States alone, was at the most 3 thousand.  And Southern Heat follows the lives of 8 of those people a little bit.  So, thanks Tommy B. Stupid and Little Orphan Li, you ruined the lives of 3 thousand Americans with your little need to bring dragons back to the world.  I hope you're happy!

But you're not, because I'm omitting both of you from my story.  Now it's an unknown event.  Because sometimes the story itself is stronger if the reader doesn't know what it was that happened.  

My story should be about dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane, not the hurricane itself.  

This also means that Queen Liz....

Silver Throne by Ghostwalker2061

Won't be a Silver Dragon.  She'll just be Queen Liz.  

That's probably what I won't be doing at all, making celebrities into dragons in my story.  Our President won't be a dragon, our Hollywood Elite won't be dragons.

It'll be the 99% who end up as dragons, basically.  The ordinary mundane nobody, Average Joe.  

Because yeah, I hate to say this, but that was a bad judgement call on Netar to make an iconic figure into a dragon.  If I'm gonna make a world leader into a dragon, I'll make up a world leader and put him or her in charge of that country rather using the actual names of actual world leaders.

And I'll change the name of the Tennessee governor too.  Because Bill Haslam is a real person, and he's the governor of my state.  And he just got re-elected, so he has four mor years.

So, I'll make up a name.  Fuck it, our first governor was John Sevier, why not have another Sevier in the seat.  Might rile a few more Right Wing Tennesseans by having said governor a female too.  And a Libertarian.  Heehee...

But if some of you are wondering about the Event, here is what I can reveal.  There's going to be a lot of conspiracy theories.  

Maybe one of them might think the dragons are actually aliens in disguise of humans and the Memorial Day Aurora Event allowed them to shed their human skin.

But for now, the focus isn't on the what and why, but rather the what are we gonna do now? 

Later installments might start including the what and why.  Because well, I can't put off keeping the cause a mystery for long.  That's just stupid.

But for now, it'll be like the Road.  As in, we don't know what it is that happened.  We just know that it happened and here is the aftermath of it.  

And we have to deal with that aftermath.

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Looking for Escapist transformation fantasy...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2015, 2:42 AM

Then Southern Heat is NOT the story for you.

I pretty much had to explain this to a few people who really honestly don't get it.  Southern Heat isn't escapist fantasy.

I'm not writing about the cool factor of being turned into a dragon.

In fact, that's the big point of it.

Tanya and the others are turned into dragons.  Meaning they can't shapeshift and or turn back into humans.  Their mundane lives have been disrupted by the Memorial Event.

I might as well call that at least for those in the US.

But again, there is nothing fun about this story.

I am treating this as a story like...what if the character suddenly became handicapped.  The change in their lives that made.  And no, becoming handicapped isn't fun.  

And neither is this.

Yes, there might be a moment where Tanya might enjoy being a dragon, like when she learns to fly for the first time...but the reality is still there.

She cannot go back.  Her condition has made her become a burden upon her loved ones, upon the system, and upon herself.

Becoming a dragon did not make her life fun, or easy, or fill it with awesomeness.  

I'm trying to turn people into dragons and see what that looks like in a modern and very real world setting.  And what effects that might bring.

That's why this image exists.

Burning Human by Ghostwalker2061

So if yo want to read a story where the person becomes a dragon and has an awesome adventure and is fine with living their mundane life behind...not to mention family and friends...then don't read Southern Heat.

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Southern Heat

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 3:16 AM

Southern Heat preview chpts 1-10 by Ghostwalker2061

So, yeah, Southern Heat's preview has been reposted.  Though again, I do need to go back and edit it.

Quarantine cover by Ghostwalker2061

Artwork that is related to Southern Heat....

Burning Human by Ghostwalker2061

Tanya and Casey go Fishing sketch part 2 by Ghostwalker2061

I do want to actually just do a small short story of Tanya and Casey after the Quarrantine bit where they go to the lake to relax.

And we get to see Tanya fly in the short story.  She learns by having Casey help her awaken those instincts.  Through his love of hang gliding.  So we get to see this scene of a hang glider flying with a dragon.

It's gonna be fun.

But the lake thing happens afterwards.  It's almost like the Camping Trip from Crimson Dragon...which I again can't believe you people are still bitching about Crimson Dragon II not being up anymore and NONE of you still have read the Camping Trip which IS up!

The Camping Trip

There, and I don't wanna hear anymore about it.

And if you're good, I'll post up the little short I was working on called The Hoard, which is a short novella about Jonathan wanting to sell off some of his hoard to help pay bills, and Sam and Dr. Wise figure out how he could do it...through donations to the museums for a hefty price....meaning they pay him to have his hoard on display.

And a secondary story of Jon and Sam deciding to check out the underground lake Jon had in his lair that had a connection to a lake in the Underworld, not the Underdark, but basically to one of the Outer Planes.  And it's causing Jon to have issues with ghosts infesting space.  He doesn't live in his lair anymore, since he's got a two level house in New York with his wife and two kids.

So, Sam and Pyrothraxus get to play Ghostbusters.  Which thrills both of them since they're big movie geeks and yes, they loved Ghostbusters back in the 80s.

I want you all to put this in your minds.

This giant near 500-foot long Great Wyrm Demigod Red Dragon...

Jonathan's Cave by Ghostwalker2061

singing this song...

Because he's that much of a dork.

Only with Jon can I do this.

I can't do any of that with Neltharion.

However, in Warcraft, you do strap on a protonpack, and zap ghosts in Cataclysm.

So, I guess we can do it with Nel, a little.

But not the song.'s too bad we can't.

And no giant dragon flying with F-15s either.

The Battle by Ghostwalker2061

But...with Tanya, you can have all of that.

However, I need an opinion.  

I have been told by one person, and another that is :iconrenndor: that Southern Heat is stronger if people didn't read Twin Fires.  Mostly because it's better that the reader doesn't know how the dragons came to be, or what the Event really is.

Basically, leave it ambiguous. 

So, tell me, should I attempt to separate my story from Twin Fires to make it stronger on its own?  Is ambiguity better than...realizing all these people's lives have just ended because of one...very selfish and horrible teenager and a sheltered orphan raised by monks?

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The Dragonheart Trilogy

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 4:19 PM

You know being a dragon fan, I'm sure people have asked me what I thought about Dragonheart.  

Okay, I just need to get this out for a moment...

 photo 961eb39c314680207a7c8c0e1f8b331f_zpsu6zy8pvp.gif

Draco is...James Bond, 007.

I was never a James Bond fan back in the 90s, but I knew what it was, I have seen some of the movies.

So, when Dragonheart was coming out in the summer of 1996, I gathered up all sorts of magazines on the subject and every single one of them joked about Sean Connery voicing Draco...with lots of James Bond puns.

 photo kara-and-draco_zpsnkfoo5fx.jpg

I suppose I never really spoken about it much because well, in 1996, I talked about it more then.  I was very excited to see a dragon movie where the dragon not only spoke, but was one of the heroes.  

This thing was pretty much unheard of in a movie that was dumbed down and geared to children.  And Dragonheart was mostly geared to an older crowd.  Kids could watch it too, but it had themes of sacrifice, baptism, people dying, an entire species going extinct pretty much...and the main hero having to kill his friend so that an evil king won't be immortal anymore.

Assisted suicide basically.

And it had a talking dragon in it voiced by 007.

Dragonheart was also another first.   Draco was created by ILM, owned by Lucas at the time, and famous for their other groundbreaking awesome movie a few years prior...Jurassic Park.  Hell when they were doing some test footage, they pretty much took the head of their T-rex from the movie and animated it to make its jaws and lips moved with Sean Connery speaking the lines.

Draco basically became the very first CGI CHARACTER in a live action film.  He wasn't a special effect, he was a part of the cast, he was a character in the movie that the other characters interacted with.  In a live action movie no less.  And even today, it still held up pretty damned well.

Yeah, we can now see the various mistakes, the lighting at times does seem off, I never liked the way Draco flew in the film....

But damn it, it was the first and it was GOOD.  The animators spent hours watching James Bond films to even give Draco Sean Connery's look, expressions, body language.  

"You will believe." that was the tagline, and damn it, did they do a beautiful job of it.  Yes, I did believe in my secret childhood heart that Sean Connery, one of the sexiest men still alive, was a fucking dragon!

Who got cockblocked by Dennis Quaid when dragon 007 was flirting with Dizzy Flores from Starship Troopers.  Damn it, Draco's fucking James Bond with scales, he's the one who's supposed to get the girl, not you Dennis Quaid.   You suck!

But I will say this.  Dragonheart came out during the time when the Internet was just starting to exist and become availible to a lot of people, not just a select few.  But even then, most of the pictures I got of Draco were from magazines.  I was lucky to even get one photo from maybe a website dedicated to movies coming out for that summer.

And by the time the Internet became what it is now, my thrill for Dragonheart faded because I found other things to be excited about.

Hell, Godzilla was probably one of the things that got me away from Dragonheart, basically.

And then I found out about the sequel, Dragonheart: A New Beginning, so I was curious and wanted to watch it.  Rented it from Hollywood Video, back when video rental stores were still the thing back then.

And I watched it and...

 photo Screen_Drake_in_DragonHeart_by_PrinceVoldy_zpsv754st7y.jpg


Oh god, this movie was just...bad.

So Stephen from that 70s Show teams up with a little dragon named Drake voiced by Robby Benson of Beauty and the Beast fame, and there was something about a comet that might bring about doom to Britain because one dragon escaped when Bowen went on his dragon slaying spree...and this dragon named Griffon...started hating humans and he caused trouble in China, so the dragons in China RIPPED HIS HEART OUT, turned him into a human...and Griffin went back to Britain, became a knight in the King's Guard, calls himself Ser Oswald, and totally believes in the moto: "A Lannister always repays his debts." and....

God damn it, Game of Thrones!

Anyways, this movie was stupid.  So, Bowen, as an old man, finds an egg that Draco was caring for and he had Brother Gilbert and his monks take care of it, which grew into that abomination.  I mean the CGI is just utter shit in this movie.  Stargate SG-1 had better CGI than that!

And this was the 2000, and the dragon movie for that year was Dungeons and Dragons, which sparked up my ideas for this guy...

So No One Can See the Tears by Ghostwalker2061

Our favorite dragon god of plucky sidekick hijinks.  

Even if he's sad in that image.

Well, anyways, I COULD MAKE BETTER LOOKING DRAGONS than what they did for Dragonheart 2.

And you know, the idea of a dragon who became bitter towards humans because humans are complete assholes, and having his dragonhood taken away from him...that is actually an interesting premise.  Hell, it could have been all about this dragon, as he travels the world in human form, coming to understand humanity by living as a human, and doing something noble and virtuous which would allow him to regain dragon form again.

That could have been a good story if they had stuck with that.  


 photo Griffin_Dragonheart_zpsugt9skrr.jpg

Oh god, he looks like a dragon from Spiro.  And I hate the look of those dragons!  Blech!

I've done better looking dragons than that.  Hell, I've done better looking Eastern Dragons than that!

Manda the Dragon with the Gun by Ghostwalker2061

Case in point!

And I've done better looking Red Dragons too...

Burning Human by Ghostwalker2061

So, then I found out there was a third movie that was released only a couple of months ago.  And I sat and watched it.

 photo dragonheart-3-the-sorcerers-curse-dvd-cover-33_zpsekvtidik.jpg

And I thought it was a step up from the last sequel.  And this thing was a prequel actually.

But I felt that it would have been stronger if it didn't have the Dragonheart tag on it.  Maybe it could have been a bit stronger without it?

And yes, just like the other movies, we had a dragon who was named Dragon....or rather Drago.  Draco was named this because Bowen couldn't pronounce the dragon's real name in his language.  So Bowen named him after the constellation Draco, whom the dragon had a deep fondness for because that was where Heaven for dragons was.  So to be named after Heaven was a deep honor to him.

Drake was named...well I would like to think of him being named after William Drake, the artist who drew a lot of religious images depicting the End of Days.  But that's me.  Drake was named after the word Drake in English meaning small dragon.  You know what "drake" also means in English?  It's another word for DUCK!

As in quack, quack!  Duck.

But the dragon in Dragonheart 3 actually has a name, and he even said his name.  It's Hissyoxyillammochogannatoss.  And I am fucking serious.  But the idiot human wasn't smart enough to say it or couldn't even shorten that.  I mean, I could have shorten his name to Mochogan, or something.  It's fucking better than Drago!  But they had to keep the theme of naming the dragon "Dragon".  In this case, knocking off the 'N' in "dragon" to get Drago.  And each time they kept talking about getting to the Wall, I kept thinking about Game of Thrones.  

What did I think about the dragon in it?  Drago...or Mochogan, as I want to now call him.

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o2_1280_zps97jgkfex.jpg

I didn't like the design.  He moved pretty good, but the face just looked so busy you couldn't read his expressions very well.

I mean look how overly textured that looks!  He looks like he would meld more in the background, which is okay...for a real life dragon, but isn't okay for a movie!  We need to see the character's facial expressions.  

His voice actor was good.  He did a good job of being a snark to the idiot he was bonded with.  And I loved the exchange when they each were hurting themselves so they could hurt the other guys, slap stick humor basically.  I did get a laugh from it.

But let me just show you something.

 photo smaug-stephen2_zpsfodqvqgu.gif

That's how you do a detailed dragon who can emote.  And even Draco, the first CGI character in a live action movie was an excellent example as well.  He had a lot of detail, but it didn't distract from his facial expressions.  We could read his face just like we could read Smaug's face from the Hobbit.

Drago's face?  I could barely tell what was going on.  That's how bad it was.

And I did see some of the concept illustrations, which showed a better look of him without all that busy texture.  You know, they should have went with that!

But no, instead we could barely see his face.

But I think the best thing I liked about this movie was the design of Drago when he was in his ghostly Dracolich form.

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o9_1280_zpsjrurhucx.jpg

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o7_1280_zpshoflr9fb.jpg

I was impressed.  That's an excellent design for a dracolich.  I wouldn't have used those brown wispy clouds for him though.  But it's still an interesting design.

However, a dragon who can travel through the shadows...

Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061

Oh, hai Vickie!

Been there, done that.  Though it was interesting to see it in film form.

Over all, it's an okay movie.  It would have been better without the Dragonheart name.  Like Godzilla 98 would have been better if it wasn't called Godzilla, but something else.

But meh.  My two cents worth of thoughts, I guess.

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Bible for a State Book update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 9:13 PM

Well, I'm happy to say that the stupid idea went all the way to the House of Representatives of Tennessee, and was unanimously voted down....

And the man who proposed this laughed out of Nashville.

Because it's fucking unconstitutional.

I think a good friend of mine said this right as well.  If Tennessee is going to have a state book, then it shouldn't be the Bible.

It should be a book written by a Tennessee writer, about Tennesseans, and can represent Tennessee properly...


Meh, I propose....

Quarantine cover by Ghostwalker2061

Southern Heat.

It's about Tennesseans, written around Tennessee, by a Tennessee writer who was born and raised...

And all about Tennesseans turning into dragons.

It's perfect!

Who votes it?

Also, yes, I am editing it.  I do want to put it back on this site, but I wanna find an editor dedicated to perhaps sprucing it up.

Something to be thinking about I guess.

I'd ask renndor but he's busy trying to spruce up Techtonic Divergence.

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The Bible as a State Book (Gods No!)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 11:05 PM

So, I ran across this on a Tennessee state senator's Facebook page...

For those hot on this issue, is making the bible an official state book a restriction on the people or the government? I think the state constitution specifically forbids it but were it not there my question is should it be?

Yeah, apparently my backwards state is thinking about making the Bible the state book.


Should the Bible become our state book? The answer is no.

Because not everyone believes in the Bible. Not everyone follows that book. Making the Bible the state book restricts the people.  Even in my state, not everyone is Christian!  I'm not Christian.  My mother and stepfather are not either.  This would hurt us a lot.  It would hurt many people who choose not to follow the belief in Christ.  

I have seen what happens when people in the government favor one religion over another to the point where it becomes a law that everyone must follow that religion or suffer the consequences. Freedom of religion means freedom of religion. It means our government must never favor one religion over another.

Also, the government must NEVER enforce the practices of one religion over another.

Also, the question also has to do with whether or not the state constitution should also forbid such a thing.  The answer is a solid YES.  

Are Christians in this state that insecure about their own religion that the only way they can feel powerful is to make the Bible the state book?

And I found there were questions again about the whole banning of the Bible in our public schools.  You know, the Bible isn't really banned in schools.  At least not what I remember.  It just wasn't taught in schools.  However, there were Christian clubs after school where kids could join and have fellowship there.  

There's nothing wrong with having clubs that are about religion, but one thing I did notice that there were only Christian clubs.  Where were the Jewish clubs or the Muslim clubs, or Hindu, Buddhist clubs, or hell...Celtic Paganism clubs?  Or even atheist clubs?

There weren't.  And that's the problem as well.  We shouldn't hide religion, but we also shouldn't cater to one religion.  

Now granted, one excuse was there wasn't enough people of the other religions to organize clubs for them.  Because unfortunately, most people that went to public school in my area were Christian, especially Baptist.

One thing I will say, there are private schools about Christianity that parents can choose to send their kids to as well if they want religion taught in schools.

But public schools should leave religions out.  Because again, NOT everyone is Christian.  Why should only the Bible be the book to teach?  If Christian parents are gonna have a hissy fit over this, then I say, well, if you want the Bible in schools again, you must also include the Torah and Talmud, the Book of Shadows, the Quran, Hindu religious text, Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism...teach it all.  Or even also mention that it is okay not to believe in gods at all.

Or don't teach it at all. 

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Pandaria Rise of the Sha chapter 17

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 2:57 AM

Okay, so I have a treat for a lot of you.

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha chapter 17

Because well, it may be a while before 18 can be really written.  I need to work out the finer details of the actual battle between Nel and the Sha of Doubt.

But yeah, the Sha has finally risen!

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

I hope the build up was worth it, guys.

Also, a little suggestion for some of my more rabid fans...

I get it, you all really can't wait until I get to the Siege of Orgrimmar and have Neltharion kick Garrosh's ass.  Or perhaps you all just want me to skip all this story building to Warlords and just get to Warlords.


Because the game is in Warlords.

So, I should just get into Warlords.

Because telling me what I should with the Siege despite the fact that there's still another book that needs to be written before we get to the siege really isn't showing me you appreciate my writing.

It just shows me that you want me to rush, produce crap, and get to the bit you all care about because Blizzard is in Warlords of that means I should be too.

So, fuck it.  I'll just skip through the story and get to the bit you all care about.  

Maybe that's why Hammer got a little short...because some people were again rushing me to get to Pandaria.

Because Coffer was written to be the end of Cataclysm, but it wasn't.  Hammer was the end of the Cataclysm.  Coffer was basically the middle bit where you went to Uldum and had a fun time with Indiana Jones of Azeroth.

Because fuck it.

You know, I'm not getting paid to write these stories.  I'm doing this thing for fun, not profit.  So if you don't mind that I get pissed off at some people for trying to get me to hurry up and get to the part they care about the most.  But I do want to write something that is of quality, even if it's free.  

I get it, I am the only one who seems to be able to write Neltharion competently as a fanfic writer.  And again that's not me tooting my own horn.  I still have yet to see a fanfiction where Neltharion is in either as Deathwing or as himself...that focuses on him as the main character...and that is good.  Or at least finished.

Here I have a story series that has about 5 stories finished, the sixth being written right now over the course of nearly 4 years...and it's all dedicated to Neltharion as well as focuses on the other Aspects.  Mostly Malygos.  But I hear a few people are fans of Malygos.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

He does get a chance to atone for a lot of things he's done as well.  

But fuck the character exploration, when the hell am I gonna get to the Siege of Orgrimmar, right?  Because that's what it's all about.

To which I have to say...

Now excuse me, Squishy needs some snuggling again.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

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Pandaria Rise of the Sha chapter 16

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 11, 2015, 5:40 AM

Okay, people, good news, chapter 16 is up.

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha Chapter 16

So, here's a thought...

Duality 2 by Ghostwalker2061

Who the hell is Deathwing?

Who is he, what is he in regards to the story I'm writing?

We know who he is in canon stuff.

But who is he in this story?

or who do we think he is?

And then here's the next question.  What would you say if I not only brought him back but made him sympathetic to the reader?  Would he deserve any of that, or even a second chance?

Now, this is outside of Nel.  We all know Neltharion deserves a second chance.  Deathwing is a separate personality that shares Nel's body.  So does Deathwing deserve a second chance?

What would any of you say that Deathwing actually did care about Neltharion?  Or even loved him?

Can he potentially change?

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

He is the other half of Neltharion, he is that missing part that even Velen notices.  

Neltharion is incomplete.  He's Nel 2.0, that is a being with only part of the puzzle of who the original Neltharion, Nel 1.0, used to be. 

So, as much as we all hate it, Neltharion does need Deathwing, or at least to take back the memories Deathwing still holds.  To make himself complete...and to potentially create the Merger of Nel 3.0.

  • It's clear that Nel 2.0 sees himself as having a continuous stream of consciousness stretching back to Nel 1.0. In Nel 2.0's POV, he is the same person as Nel 1.0.

  • It's likely the case that Deathwing also sees himself this way. That in Deathwing's POV, he is the same person as Nel 1.0.

  • The difference is that Nel thinks this only applies to himself-- that Deathwing is only a Parasite. Deathwing may be more perceptive-- he may think they both are Nel 1.0.

  • It's possible for both personalities to see themselves as "Nel 1.0", and for them both to be right. For instance, the unique construction of Nel 1.0's mind implies that it's really two minds that were not quite melded together fully, leaving a flaw. And their minds split on the boundary.

  • A merger would meld those two minds together again. If it works correctly, they will become a seamless whole, a single fully integrated mind with no more flaw.

  • This means that Nel 3.0 may see himself as both Deathwing and Nel 2.0, simultaneously. In effect, he may experience himself as having a continuous stream of consciousness with both personalities-- they are both him, both the past version of him. Note that this is independent of what personality traits are dominant. Nel 3.0 might be mostly like Nel 2.0, while still being both personalities, as well as something new. 

Should we even attempt it?  Is it worth exploring?

I dunno.  I'll just keep looking at Squishy's cute face.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Because despite all of his self-image issues and his very low self-esteem, he is still adorable.

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One More Mass Effect Differen Chapter

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 12:25 PM

Well, :icong-chaser: has posted another chapter.

Mass Effect 3 Different

Which I helped in making.

Here is a closing chapter for those of you who like Kiryuu Knight.  Because I think the big guy earned it.

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

Now let's all Kiryuu a favor and listen to Free Bird.  Because that is Kiryuu's favorite song.

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