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Am I Helping meme

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 8:35 PM
John Oliver wants this guy as a

 photo 12246733_10206846599637512_2115918126455728037_n_zpsizrrimeq.jpg

This guy is the embodiment of "I don't give a shit" attitude we all need to embody.

Meme this guy!

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France, We're Giving Back Lady Liberty

Mon Nov 23, 2015, 12:37 AM
Before I get into this...let me say one thing to my French viewers.  In pardon my French if it's bad....

France, vous êtes belle.

Okay, so we have something awesome coming from France, in the words of President 
François Hollande.

That after the terrorist attack upon France, the President of France still says that he will keep his borders open to Syrian refugees.

Whereas in my country, that is United States of America...the very country that France gifted the Statue of Liberty to with the lines of "Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry"...we've got Jeb Bush pretty much saying that the United States should only let in Syrian refugees if they are Christian.

I'll just go ahead put White-Protestant-Straight Man up because you know you're thinking it.

White-Protestant-Straight Man by Ghostwalker2061

So, I have to say, France, we need to give you back that wonderful gift you gave us.

Because we do not deserve it.  We don't.  You deserve it more.

That symbol of American Freedom gifted by France...and now France is doing something that is MORE American than America is least what the Republicans are doing.

And well, we've got Trump saying that Muslims need to be put in interment camps like we did to the Japanese in World War II.

So...yeah, we are being very un-American here.  Extremely so.  

So...France, here's your statue back.  Je vous remercie, mais nous ne le méritons pas.

 photo Statue_of_Liberty_7_zpspx6dunll.jpg

And I don't need to say how very un-Christian Jeb Bush is right now.  

Any Christian should ask themselves what Jesus would do.  And then remind themselves of the Good Samaritan story.  Go back and read it.  Read the story.  And then ask yourself, would Jesus still let in a needy person regardless to whether or not Jesus might get hurt?

The answer is YES.  He would let that person in his home.  Because he's Jesus.  And that's what Jesus does.

And it takes a non-Christian to remind Christians of what being a Christian is all about.

I am more Christian than Jeb Bush or Donald Trump.  And I don't even believe in the divinity of Jesus.  But I do believe in his ideals.  I believe in what he teaches when it comes to not being an asshole to other people.  ESPECIALLY to people who need help.

And honestly, if we Americans are that insecure about our own safety from a bunch of needy people, then again...we don't need to have Lady Liberty shining upon our eastern shore.  We don't.

I would like to also add a small bit here.  Um, guys like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush pretty much state why they want only Christian Syrians in.  Because they believe that Christians cannot be terrorists.  And that's a fucking lie and you know it.

The Spanish Inquisition comes to mind of Christian terrorism.  Anti-abortionists who will bomb clinics comes to mind of what Christian terrorism is.  And well, there's the Klu Klux Klan.  And what do they burn?  Is it a Star of David?  Or a crescent moon?  Nope, it's a Cross!

Well, then I have these Christians who like to say: "Well, those people aren't representative of my religion,  They are not being Christian.  They do not speak for Christianity."

You know what guys?  The Muslims can say the same thing about ISIS and any other terrorists that does the shit they do.  They can say: "Those terrorists do not speak for Islam."

But many so-called Christians like Jeb Bush are pretty much saying that ALL Muslims should be responsible and be pretty much punished for a few douchebag members of their religion.

Well, now you kinda see why I have this attitude of "I'm not a fan of Christians."  Because I too share a similar belief that Jeb Bush has.  But it's not towards Muslims, it's towards Christians.  

Funny how that works out.  Huh?

And that's my 2 cents.  Which I've found out 2 pennies isn't really worth much at all.

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Muslims need ID badges says Trump

Sat Nov 21, 2015, 2:13 AM
Oh my god, he really did say that.

Trump really did say that!

I'm going to be plain here.  And maybe harsh.


Okay, I mentioned this once.  Some of my ancestors came from Russia.  They were Jewish immigrants running away from the Pogroms that stuck Jews in Ghettos, separating them from the rest of the "normal Russians".  It was pretty much Imperial Russia telling my ancestors: "You do not belong here.  You are different, and therefore you should be ashamed for being different."

And then, later on, they came with soldiers, burned our houses down, burned our temples down, and kicked us out of the country.

There weren't any concentration camps at the that came later during Stalin's little reign.

But the message and the idea was still there.  "Get out of our country, you filthy Jew Rat!"

Pogrom is a Russian word.  It simply means: "to wreak havoc, to demolish violently"

And that is what they did to many Jews and probably various other people who didn't agree with what the people in power called normal.

So, my ancestors did with a huge middle finger up in Russia's face.


And yes, Jews were not the only ones who were sent to the camps during Nazi Germany.

There were Romanians, Polish, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses...just about ANYONE who didn't agree with the Nazi Party...they got sent to the camps to either die by the gas chambers, or worked to death in such miserable could be equated with Hell itself.

And yes, they were all marked with special little patches to denote who they were.

The Jews got little golden Star of Davids, homosexuals had pink triangles...JWs were purple.

 photo Holocaust_Yellow_Badge_zpsmg5ubqoz.jpg

And they were all put into a database, their names and what they were.  

And this is what Donald Trump wants to do.

Okay, just to clarify, no, it really didn't start with concentration camps.  That was the Final Solution.  There were other solutions that were put into play BEFORE the Final Solution.

These first solutions were identifying who was a "deviant" and who was not.  Then they would register that person.

Next they would prevent these people from holding office, holding down a decent job, shutting down businesses that were maintained by these "deviants".  

Then it came the cultural genocide, shoving these unwanted deviants into ghettos.  Segregating them from the "normal" people.

And yeah, they made these "deviants" wear identification markers like the yellow patch for Jews with the word "Juden" written on them.  Or "homosexual" or "JW."  Or people of an undesirable race that the Nazis wanted to single out.

And they even performed many acts similar to the Pogroms, burning down their homes, their businesses, schools, places of worship.

No doubt in schools Jewish children who went to school with German children, they were singled out by both their classmates and teachers.  

And then, came the mass shootings.  Killing patients in hospitals who were Jewish.

Lining Jews up to be executed.

And THEN, only THEN did the Final Solution take hold.  And these people were backed in cattle cars on trains.  

Many of these people died on the train due to the cold, dysentery caused by people forced to shit and piss where they stood, or other outbreaks would happen caused by the unsanitary areas they stood in.

And then, those who arrived to their new hellhole home, they were taken in by gun point, told to strip naked, have all their hair shaven.  

And then there was this one guy who would go around and point at certain people, telling them to go to this line, or go to that line.  

To the showers.  

One set of showers had water in them.

The other sets of showers....Hydrogen cyanide.

Well, I don't need to tell you what that does.  Most of you pretty much already guessed.  And if you haven't, well...go look up gas chambers in concentration camps.  You'll know then.

The bodies would then be taken to a crematorium and burned.  They weren't even placed in boxes....just shove the bodies in on a conveyor belt.  That's more efficient.

And I wasn't kidding about some of the bodies being used as certain resources.  Like the skin used to create lampshades, turned into leather for book binding.  Or hair that they shaved off to be made into rugs.  Or the gold fillings in the teeth taken out and melted into bars.

Nazi gold.

I wasn't.  I wish such tales was just some myth, that nothing so horrible could come from that.  But, no...I'm not.

But...I want to say that is wrong for me to focus on what happened to my ethnic group over in Europe during WWII.

Not when the United States were also in some ways responsible for something similar.

Ever hear about the Japanese camps in the US?  

Yeah, we did the same thing to a lot of Japanese people who were just unlucky enough to be born during the time when the US decided to join the fight.

And they were shoved into camps for the exact same reason Donald Trump wishes to do to the Muslims.

Because right now, we are fighting against Muslim extremists.  Right now, because we are fighting against these extremists, many people don't trust anyone who is Muslim.  They are afraid that Muslims will rise up and pull a another Boston, or Chattanooga, or 9/11.

We had that same fear for people who were of Japanese descent in this country during WWII.

These people we imprisoned in the desert were American citizens.  But because they had Japanese ancestry, or maybe they came over from Japan for the same reasons for anyone to come to the of the free, home of the brave...American dream...these people were rounded up and shipped off to be put into camps.

All for the reason to protect the true American people from the potential Japanese terrorist threat.

Yeah.  We've been through this, America!  We've already been through this!  And here is this crazy asshat lunatic who wants to put us through it again.

I completely understand why people are afraid of Muslims.  And there are times when I fear them too.  There are times when I would look at them and see not a person, but a monster who wants to kill me and others like me because some crazy nutcase a world away tells him that is what the Quran tells them to do.

But I know that most Muslims aren't like ISIS, or the Taliban, or like the bombers in Boston, or the shooter in Chattanooga.

Most Muslims are like Malala Yousefzai.  And she is a wonderful person.  She is inspirational.  

So I remind myself that these people are not monsters just because a few of their members are total douchebags.  Those douchebags don't speak for Islam.  

I remember how many times, some of you Christians tell me that the crazy preacher on the sidewalk, or those people who try to scare me into becoming Christian or telling me I'm going to hell if I don't become a Christian...I know those idiots don't speak for your religion.

Malala speaks for Islam.  So, let's pay attention to her and use her as an example for the culture.

And I really don't want Trump as the President.  I really, really don't.  I hope this country is intelligent enough not to let that happen.

Not because becoming President would give Trump the power to implement such a horrible, facist act...

No, it's because of what being the President of the United States means.  This man, if he comes President, will be basically the face of America.  He would be speaking for the United States.

No.  We, as Americans, DO NOT need Trump as a representative of our country.  We don't need him to be our voice.  We don't want a man like that to be our voice, or our face.

But let us be reminded who Trump is the face of, or others like him are.

White-Protestant-Straight Man by Ghostwalker2061

White-Protestant-Straight Man!

So, again, I am wanting everyone to share that image around!  

He's the hero to the people!  So long as the people are white, Protestant, Straight, and also in the possession of two testicles and a penis.  

But White-Protestant-Straight Man should not ever speak for the United States.

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White Protestant Straight Man

Wed Nov 18, 2015, 9:08 PM
White-Protestant-Straight Man by Ghostwalker2061

Ah, behold!

White-Protestant-Straight Man!  

He's here to keep women in the kitchen and no equal pay in jobs, gays from having rights to having a family, minorities from having a chance at getting a better job than the barely minimum wages they are currently getting (plus calling them lazy and asking for a handout when they are getting help to get better jobs), telling non-Christians they are going to Hell, and making life miserable for anyone who isn't White-Protestant-Straight Man!

His superpower includes being white, being straight, being a Christian, and in possession of a penis and two testicles.

He is the main demographic!  

For those of you who don't know, or live in an area where White-Protestant-Straight Man doesn't have much on his superpower...

I live in the South (of the United States for those of you who are from another country and don't understand what "The South" actually means.  As in, not South America.  I mean the South.  Rednecks, banjos, country music, Tim McGraw, Bible Belt, Mason-Dixie South.)

I live in the South, and White-Protestant-Straight Man is a big player in the South.

Because the South is highly conservative, very religious, and times, very right-wing.

In the South, it's still kinda Okay to say the N-word, and to post racist cartoons, and even tell minorities they aren't welcome in stores, tell non-Christians they are going to Hell (I've been told that by some of my family members for not being Christian), where people still fly the Stars and Crossbars...and of our states has said Stars and Crossbars on its fucking FLAG!


So, yes, this is a thing in where I live.  And until the day we finally evolve as a culture down here, it will always be a thing.

That is why I have created White-Protestant-Straight Man.  Because I want to throw this thing into people's faces.  I want to make them see that this is still a thing, make them uncomfortable, and hopefully they'll be uncomfortable enough to change it.

Because I'm poor and I can't change it.  So I'm making a cartoon character that will hope to get those who do have money to start changing it.

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Important links

Tue Nov 17, 2015, 4:38 PM
I figure I would do this again, though the links are on my deviantID thing.

This is the link to my page.

This is my tumblr link.

And this is my twitter account.

And I will give you all a link to my facebook if you all can behave yourselves.

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Disneyland of the 50s was scary!

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 4:16 AM
Something I probably should have saved for a Halloween treat.


You know that saying that states "they did it better in the old days..."

Or "they don't make them like they used to..."

Well...for the Disneyland'm kinda glad they don't make 'em like they used to.

 photo 532_zpsitxd8coj.jpg

Please tell me this is just some cheep Halloween costume from the 50s.  Please...

They have no faces!  They have no faces!

 photo aG9R550_700b_zpso7dulpdq.jpg

That kid's face says it all.

 photo 17nce4s9zkiyljpg_zpsfb6rs6zi.jpg

Uncle Walt!  How could you greenlight those costumes!?  Is that supposed to be the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?  And extra bonus to Kingdom Hearts fans...the way Disney is holding that giant key kinda makes it look like he's holding the Keyblade, doesn't it?

And Mickey's dead, soulless eyes, guys.

 photo 3429756294_626891d02b_b_zps0ewogdrs.jpg

What the fuck is wrong with Thumper's face?  And Flower?!  NOOOOO!!!  No, Flower, no!

 photo 1504392659_71615964a1_z_zpsk8foptm0.jpg

They don't even look like the evil Step-bitches from Cinderella.

Yeah, this was your parents' childhood, people. 

So were things a lot better back in the day?

Apparently not in Disneyland.

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Discontinuing Prints

Sun Nov 15, 2015, 8:48 PM
This is something I am considering because it's just not doing anything for me.

I'm thinking about taking down the print option of some of my images.

Mostly because no one is purchasing them.

This option is available for any subscriber but it seems to only benefit the very, very popular artists.

Which I am not.

I had someone buy some of my prints, but only when I pointed them out to him.

And the percentages I get for the prints aren't that great when I barely get any buyers anyways.  Yeah, they would even out for those who again are more popular and get a lot of buyers for their prints.

But for those of us who don't...the percentages are shit.

I much rather see the full amount of the money rather than the percentage.

I don't know why I thought I'd bother since all I get is a bunch of "I don't have any money, or I'd buy them" comments from my watchers.

I'm "popular" enough to have watchers, just not popular enough to have watchers who want to buy a print from me.

So, yeah, I am thinking of taking it all down.

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Sha Update...

Sat Nov 14, 2015, 6:05 PM
Just to let you know, I'm looking over the Rise of the Sha.  

Because I need to get started on it.

:iconrenndor: is also working on some notations on how we're going finish it out.

There's going to be two Sha fights in this story.  One is of course with Doubt, the other is with Despair.

And then we'll start the next story.

Though one issue is that renndor wants me to try and pull a little bit of Warlords of Draenor into the Pandaria story.

The reason why Garrosh is in Pandaria and it has something to do with Draenor.

And I'm gonna figure out how to fit Gul'dan into this mess as well.  Either Garrosh is gonna be Gul'dan's pawn...or we're going to do something kinda similar to what Blizzard did, do a going back in time thing...but have it go back in time to one of the other versions of Azeroth.

Renndor has once suggested that I take the story back in time to Canon Azeroth's past and fuck it up.

But who knows.

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

And of course, there may be a Nel image coming up.  Something to reflect what is going on next.  Who knows.

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Wed Nov 11, 2015, 5:48 PM
Whites calling everyone racists against themselves.  This sounds like an oxymoron.

And in some ways, I do feel it.

But I ran across this on my facebook...from the same guy who did the whole Bible as the State Book thing.

And here is what I found...

Well apparently there was a student walkout at a college recently...

'We are here, and we demand change' say IC protesters

So basically when a group of people who feel their demographic isn't getting a proper voice, they take to the streets in protest.

Well, again my State Senator then calls the college racist.  Not because that the college was being douchebags to non-whites, but because those non-whites were asking their bigoted fellow peers to stop being so bigoted.

As in something someone posting called reversed racism.

Reverse racism?


 I agree, that is if we are talking about racism against white or reverse racism. It seems like I have to walk on eggshells when I am discussing any other race but whites. When I talk about the white folks I can say just about anything, as long as it is not about them being gay, female, or transgendered. Damn, I just realized the only people not protected against attack are the white male.

Okay, as you can see, that comment broke my brain.  Because I tried to wrap my head around it.

Let me tell you all something about this country and this is the extreme.  But it's pretty much still in play if you ask anyone who doesn't fit in the majority demographic.

The default majority demographic of the US, and very much so in the South is White, Male, Protestant, and Straight.

If you don't fit that criteria, and I mean all of that criteria, as you can check off all the boxes to say that you are white, male, Protestant, and're gonna have a problem getting ahead.

That is why we have to put in regulations that allow those who don't fit in that entire criteria to get ahead.

It's the reason why we have Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights...

Because allowing minorities, and people of other religion, women, and people of different sexual preferences to have rights is such an out there concept we have to build laws around it to remind ourselves to give them these rights.

When in reality they SHOULD have had these rights in the first place.

So I have to point out to White, Straight, Protestant Man that YOUR rights have always been protected.  Because you are White-Straight-Protestant Man!  You have all the rights!  That is your superpower.  Being a white, male, Christian, who also is straight.

Not protected?

Are you trying to say that oh my god, maybe you shouldn't say something that might offend someone who isn't another White-Straight-Protestant Man?  The Devil, you say!

God forbid you are forced to treat someone who isn't also another White-Straight-Protestant Man with some dignity and respect!

 photo nel1_zpsfieyswlx.png

Yes, sing it Canon Neltharion.

This goes back into Political Correctness and WHY we don't want to end up as San Angelus.

But it begs to reason that maybe those machines would be a good idea for certain people (that douchebag) who want to gripe about not being able to tell a racist joke.

As much as I agree the PC world gets a bit too much.  But...filters, guys.

Oh, added bit from an obvious senior citizen...old white lady who is probably right now collecting retirement.

So right - I'm so sick and tired of these leeches becoming bigger cry babies

I have issues with the whole welfare thing too.  I mean, goddamn it, I have someone of my family who abuses it so he buy drugs instead of taking care of his kids.

But it's obvious who that lady is referring to.  African Americans who, due to how sucky the job market is...and the fact that a few of them probably got into the college using the American Negro College Fund...which probably needs to change its name...pretty much she's pretty much pointing her finger at African Americans who fit the "Lazy Blackman" stereotype because they have to have help in getting to college, or help finding a job.

Because if the job market is bad for a white man, it's actually 10 times worse for a black man.  20 times worse for women regardless to how much brown shading we have on our skin...either natural or spray-tanned, or burnt to the crisp suntan booth...color...

(I have to remind you all, we are all a shade of brown.  It's that actually MOST of us are just over a darker brown due to how much melanin they have in their skin.)

And she's all pissy because these people who are voicing their complaints probably got to go to those colleges due to the scholarships for being a minority.  Versus a white person who may have not?

I can't complain because I ended up going to college on my vocational scholarship due to having a learning disability.

So, I'm not going to bitch about other minorities getting scholarships because they are minorities.  And fun fact, the person receiving the scholarship can only choose one.  Meaning an African American who has a learning disability can't have both American Negro College Fund and his disability scholarship.  He has to chose one or the other.

Because that is fair.

And the scholarship doesn't pay for everything and said minority still has to get a grant and student loan to pay it off in which he will have to pay the student loan back.  And also it's even harder for someone who is a minority to get said loan.  

Because of again, the reasons that I have to mention...the minority doesn't fit the White-Straight-Protestant Man criteria.  

So to the obvious senior citizen who is probably more of a leech upon her family and no doubt the government than the poor black college student wanting to work hard, make the grade, and get a better job and even a better life to make a better life for himself and his family...I have to say this.

I love that clip. 

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Wed Nov 11, 2015, 8:33 AM
Just for some of you who do care...

I am on Twitter.

Been on Twitter for like 7 years now.

And my Tumblr thing too...

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

If Looks Could Kil by Ghostwalker2061

Pinkie Pie and Smurfette by Ghostwalker2061

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Learned my Lesson

Tue Nov 10, 2015, 4:12 PM
If Looks Could Kil by Ghostwalker2061

Okay, I can tell you guys don't really like that image.

So, the silence is telling me...go back to doing MLP with Nel.  Doing that.

Taking the hint, guys.

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Jem and the Holograms is FAIL!

Mon Nov 9, 2015, 4:24 PM
I was right guys!

I really was.

Jem and the Holograms did so badly at the box office that on its second week, Universal had no choice but to pull it from the theater.

Hollywood, do us a favor and stay the hell away from our beloved 80s cartoons.

And if I ever see She-Ra on the next list of remakes...there will be Hell to pay! HELL I tell ya!

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Oh God.

More missed opportunities, or rather something I really never focused on but should have in the past, especially in regards to Kiryuu's involvement in the SPARTAN Program in my own stories about Halo.

For those of you who don't know who Kiryuu is...

Mechagodzilla's Eye by Ghostwalker2061

He's essentially Gojira on evil steroids who was killed in 1955, then resurrected as a bio-mechanical monstrosity built to attack the current holder of the name "Gojira" or as everyone else know him: Godzilla.

The Mechagodzilla unit was built by a medical industrial company called the Utah-Foundation of Bio-Organic Research.  And no it's not funded by Mormons.

Gordon Knight, the owner of the company, flash cloned his own brain to create the very first Smart AI known as K-I...aka Knight-Intelligence.  K-I's own matrices are built upon Gordon's synaptic patterns and upon "his" first awakenings, suffered brief flashes of Gordon's own memories.  K-I, much like many of the later Smart AI, had the voice of the person he was created from.

Essentially, K-I is a computerized brain clone of Gordon.  Which is why Gordon doesn't like him.

Later, K-I started to be called Mechagodzilla, and then Kiryuu (meaning Machine Dragon in Japanese.)

The New and Improved Kiryuu Knight by Ghostwalker2061

And then due to a loophole in what counted as a sentient, the very amendment that was responsible for saying no one can own slaves in this country, Kiryuu was granted full citizenship.  And upon Gordon's death, Kiryuu took over the company.

Because again, he's Gordon's friggin' clone besides being basically the reanimated corpse of the original King of the Monsters.  Yeah.

Kiryuu is weird like that.

Well, after various misadventures, 500 years later, Kiryuu became a part of Project ORION in the very late 2400s, and later Project ORION 2.0, aka the SPARTAN II Program.

ONI scientist Dr. Halsey approached him in 2515 about developing biosyntech for this new project, and then two years later, revealed to him what she planned to do with it...much to Kiryuu's horror and absolute refusal to support it.

That is until Catherine Halsey dangled is son Godzilla's life in his face and Kiryuu had no choice to comply. can be killed in my stories.  Godzilla in my stories doesn't represent the sins of man or a being who is equivalent to that of a hurricane or an earthquake.  More or less, he represents something Kiryuu is trying to hold on.  Innocence.

Because becoming Kiryuu took away that innocence of being just an animal who was ignorant to the way of the world.  

And innocence can be destroyed.

So, Godzilla can be destroyed.

Kiryuu is one of those who can and a few times, almost did.  The first was when he suffered full rampancy in Tokyo 2002.  The second was in Knoxville in 2007 when King Ghidorah forced Kiryuu to suffer the Logic Plague and took control of him.

Both times, Kiryuu was able to fight back and save his son before the unthinkable happened.

Kiryuu keeps Godzilla alive and tries to protect him because Godzilla represents what he lost.

So, dangling that in front of Kiryuu forced him to do the unspeakable, one that would throw him into computer jail, but well...we're talking about Kiryuu here.

So, he was involved with pretty much as an accomplice of kidnapping 6-year old boys and girls, replacing them with defective clones, and packaging them off as cargo to Reach for their induction into the Spartan Program.

Yeah, Kiryuu holds onto Godzilla tightly.  Because Godzilla reminds him of the simplicity of what he used to be.

And to keep that piece of him alive, Kiryuu has to do something that would plague him and many others involved for the rest of their lives.

I say Kiryuu is in fact the actual Kaiju King, and his son Godzilla is merely a prince...but due to my recent adventures with Neltharion...I've had to redefine my idea of what a monster is.

Monster is a true relative term and to call Kiryuu the King of Monsters is becoming more about his character rather than him being a 60-meter tall cybernetic dinosaur who used to be the most frightening allegory of the power of the sun Japan could think of after the dropping of two atomic bombs on their country.

Though I would have to say that in my stories, King of Monsters more or less now belongs to King Ghidorah given who and what he is.  And it relies heavily on both Ghidorah's motives, character, and well...pretty much being an Eldritch Abomination.

But Kiryuu still holds the title of Kaiju King.  But not for being a 60-meter tall cybernetic dinosaur that was once called Gojira.

It is about what he has done for the name of the Greater Good.  

And it is about those simulations he would constantly run about taking over human civilization and the methods he would go to achieve it.  

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

And I'm kicking myself for not really delving into it.

Or hell, even his history that went on AFTER he fought King Ghidorah in 2007, but before the Covenant War.

For one thing, I have to retcon is the detail about Kiryuu not being a medical doctor despite owning a medical industrial company that has to use surgery to apply cybernetic prosthesis to human subjects.

I mean, hell, it would make sense that Kiryuu would attempt a medical degree now that he's a citizen and would be allowed to go through medical school.  

One thing I mentioned about John Carter was that to be a PhD in genetic research, he also had to obtain a medical degree.

To fully understand the practical use of biosyntech, it would make sense that Kiryuu would also be an MD.

Even if he's not called "Doctor".

Hell, if anything, even with getting a medical degree, Kiryuu would still insist on people calling him "Mr. Knight" rather than "Dr. Knight," because being called "Mister" just sounds better to him.  And also because Kiryuu was the President of the United Earth Government and Commander in Chief of the United Nations Space Command for 8 years.

Mostly because Kiryuu is a businessman first, medical scientist second.

But yeah, why not, Kiryuu's a friggin medical doctor.

And a surgeon...licensed...which again helped him understand how to knit biosyntech.

Which goes into the whole horribleness of what he did to those kids when they were being augmented.

Halsey studied how biosyntech was applied, but much rather have the man who knew more about the subject than she did to really do the procedure.  ONI approving a handful of UFBOR medical doctors to rip the kids open and put biosyntech in them...and among those was Kiryuu Knight himself.

Halsey wanted the best, wanted to have the person who could answer all her questions about how to knit syntech without any major repercussions there by her side when the children went through their augmentation, treatments, and Post-OP recuperation.

So, lots of missed opportunities.

He's a monster....but it's all for the greater good, guys.

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I wanted to post this thing up once more because people are asking about it...again.

The Scream of Earth by Ghostwalker2061

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

I wanted to repost the links to each of the stories.

Math Nut came up with a series title, called Tectonic Divergence.

  • Tectonic:
    • Plate tectonics
    • Relating to the structure of earth's crust and processes that take place within
    • Very significant change or development, widespread impact
    • Of or related to building or construction.
    • Large, massive
  • Divergence
    • Process of separation, parting, or bifurcation.
    • Difference or conflict of opinions.
    • Places where airflow or ocean currents diverge
    • Mathematical vector operator measuring the quantity of flux emanating from a vector field, indicating rate of mass, energy, heat or other gain/loss.
  • Tectonic Divergence
    • An area where plates move away from each-other, forming mid-ocean ridges or rift valleys.

Ten thousand years ago, a Dragon Aspect fell and a world was sundered. Yet that was a merely a reverberation from a deeper rift. For the Black Aspect was no longer one, but two. And so the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance between each half, between Neltharion and Deathwing. For as one rises, the other falls.

Tectonic Divergence Series

1) Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Everyone called for his death now, all because of that monster. That monster who called himself Deathwing. And Neltharion welcomed death. For at least in death he would be freed from the mental prison, the torture. But before that, he wanted a chance to make it up to them...

2) The Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

There was one rule that all had to follow in the Twilight's Hammer... you serve or you die. Serve well, and you will die last. And through the whispers of the Old Gods they had found Deathwing, their greatest ally. But for his betrayal, there could be only one punishment: Neltharion had to die, so Azeroth could crumble upon his death.

3) Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

My children are slaves. So tell me now: by what right do you ask me to allow the Horde to abuse them? By what right does Garrosh make people see Deathwing when Neltharion stands before them? By what right does Garrosh endanger my world? 

4) Pandaria: Rise of the Sha (preview) by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

"One day, these mountains I have created will be your tomb. For your actions are poisoning the land, and that is the place that your current path will lead, Lei Shen." And so the great beast's words came to pass. Yet one lesson the beast did not teach: Pride. Perhaps the students were not ready. But when that lesson comes, we must be prepared to learn.

Side Stories

The Prophet's Visions
Light and Laughter

Non-Canon Side Stories

*) Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061  [mirrors: FF]

Sometimes, Alexstrasza, I wish...I wish I could turn back the clock. Correct every sin I did. If you could go back, would you? Would you stop me from becoming Deathwing? If I had not been thrown into madness, then so many lives would have been spared. Just to have that chance...


*) Neltharion Gallery by Ghostwalker2061


NeltharionDeathwing, and Warcraft copyright (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

And I would like to thank renndor for helping out.

He is cute. And he weighs over 13 million metric tons. Nel is FAT!

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Apparently I did a quote on tumblr that appears to be trending like mad.  It's about a Forerunner who just got back from a 100 thousand-year long vacation and discovered um...a lot has changed.  And I do mean a lot!

"Helloooooooo? Wow! Where is everybody? Hey, you!  Ancilla, can you tell me where all the Forerunner…? No, I’m not here to reclaim… Since when did humans… What do you mean extinct?!"

It was a joke made about that one Forerunner from the Intel files you get on the Genesis Planet.

Oh, and speaking of that...

The Genesis planet...

Sounds like Star Trek, right?

Well, here is something I discovered...

Telek's old Assault Carrier the Shade of Darkness...was supposed to be similar to the Enterprise-D.  

 photo MDT_zpsxt3b2t24.png

So, my thoughts of it basically kinda disengaging some of its back end to latch on and tow other ships wasn't stupid.  Which the Shade of Darkness did for a UNSC ship that had gotten a bit beaten up.  The ship was a heavy destroyer and too big to fit in one of the cargo bays of Telek's assault carrier (UNSC frigates can fit inside one of the cargo bays of Telek's old assault carrier) Telek had to disengage the aft end of his ship, allowing the sides to come out like struts, gripping the other ship and holding it steady with the gravlift.  

But Telek's new ship, the gigantic 24-mile long Shadow of Darkness doesn't do that anymore.  Considering that he can pretty much fit the Infinity inside one of its cargo bays.

Speaking of which...

The Infinity...

 photo H4-UNSCInfinity-Starship-Side_zpsnqvff4tk.png

Was supposed to "Seek out new life and new civilization..." and to "boldly go where no one has gone before..."

It's hilarious.  

Well...those similarities are only on the surface.  What we're getting is something completely different than Star Trek.

Given Star Trek never had giant Dyson Rings that can destroy all life in the galaxy.  No, Star Trek had something different than that.

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Standard Time Do We Need It?

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 9:04 PM
So, yeah, for those of you who do follow the we have to "Spring Forward" and "Fall Back," probably noticed that we did just that.

The time changed.

And for me, it feels like it should be 1am, when it's getting close to 12am instead.

So, here's a little bit of a discussion on the thing.

Many say that no, we shouldn't have to change the clocks twice a year to add or take away an hour.

And for the others, they say, well, we do it to save energy, or get more sleep, or enjoy an extra hour of sunshine during the summer.

It's rather interesting though that Knoxville one year decided to go to Daylight Time and stick to it forever more.  As in, yeah...we would be one our ahead of like EVERYONE on the Eastern Seaboard during the winter.

Though that was outvoted.  

Another said that Knoxville should just have Standard Time always like some of the other areas.

So, in the summer, we would be behind everyone, and more like that of Central Time...and in the winter, we would be technically Eastern.

It's rather interesting to discuss though that well, my state is odd to a few others.

Meaning that 2/3rds of my state is Central, while only the valley bit, everything east of the Cumberland Plateau is Eastern.

And there is a reason for this at least according to one of my astronomy professors.

Basically again, it goes back to our planet being spherical.  And why the sun sets one minute earlier in Knoxville versus where I live.

Central Time was going to actually include the Knoxville area, but everyone made a vote saying that if we put the date line west of us at the plat, we all would actually have one extra hour of daylight.  The sun would on average of all of East Tennessee would be up one hour extra and set one hour later compared to the rest of Tennessee.  Regardless to the whole spring forward, fall back nonsense.   Well, I suppose spring forward would mean because of our location, we get two extra hours of daylight.

Tennessee is weird like that.

But what do you think?  Should we just get rid of it?

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Post Halloween

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2015, 1:54 AM

So, yeah, I'm using this skin one more time.  Because apparently some places are still celebrating it until like the first or second of November.


Well, something interesting happened.  Apparently someone called the cops on one of my neighbors because their Halloween party was a bit too loud.



Don't forget to give Squishy a hug.

Alexstrasza and Neltharion by Ghostwalker2061

He gets scared on Halloween, guys.  The headless horseman gives him nightmares.

Poor little Squishy.  

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Happy Halloween!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 31, 2015, 12:49 AM

Sorry, I haven't done a Halloween image for you guys...

Been busy with a lot of other things.

So, I wish everyone Happy Halloween.

So can watch the creepy commercial from Halloween III.


And don't eat too much candy.  You'll get nightmares.  Or at least that's what Mom said once.

If I could find an old picture of me wearing a She-Ra costume when I was 7, I'd post it here for everyone to giggle at for the Halloween treat.  But I'll need to raid my parent's house for that.

So, here's an old image of She-Ra I did a few years back.

....I have the POWER by Ghostwalker2061

It's not Halloween related, but I did dress as her when I was a kid for Halloween.

For something that is Halloween related...

Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061

Here's Vickie stepping on Edward Cullen that I drew last year.

But I'm kinda sad October is over.  It means I have to put away my Halloween journal skin for another year.  *sniff*  I love this journal skin.

Oh well.

November, I'll just get out the fall skin again...until December rolls around and I use my Happy Holidays skin for that.

Well, I am playing Amnesia: Dark Descent though.  That's my Halloween for this year, guys.

We don't get many trick or treaters here anymore since all the kids usually just go to other neighborhoods where there's more kids around to trick or treat, or they go to little parties.  

I remember when I would trick or treat in my cousin's neighborhood.  He lived in a ritzy neighborhood and the best part of that...oversized candy!

And they had more kids out there and more people took the time to decorate.  However, there is a decoration I spotted a day ago...and I'd love to go take a picture of it before they take it down.

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My Precursors are Different from Halo Canon

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 11:29 PM

And that sounds like a trope, doesn't it?

Our Dragons are Different.

Well, so are our Precursors...who are also technically dragons.

Or bugs.


I need to address this.

First things first.

 photo 294_max_zpsdgih06iw.jpg

This is what a Precursor looks like in Halo's canon lore.  This is what the Forerunners fought and booted out of the galaxy because they got pissy over the giant cockroaches deciding that humanity was the best pick for the Mantle of Responsibility.

That bug thing is a Precursor.

And yes, I do know about what they become later on.

I'm addressing this because a few years ago, I got this little comment on an old image of mine...

However your way off with the Precursor.For starters they were described as being 4 armed humanoid insectoids.NOT DRAGONS!I have no idea where you got that idea from.

And apparently the guy doesn't know what a spacebar is.

So, YES!  I am aware of the Precursors being giant bug things.

HOWEVER...because I am writing in an alternate universe, and because of shits and giggles and I didn't want to make up a whole new race...when I had one already made...

I chose these guys...

Khan and Me complete by Ghostwalker2061

To take over as the Precursor role for my Halo stories.

The Kethosi, and thereby the Blitzardi, are an already made species.  Have pretty much the level of technology that would make them a Precursor race...

And they're 90 meters tall and weigh over 150,000 metric tons.

These guys can very well stop the Didact flat.

And squish the canon bug people.

That is what I think of when I think near godlike super species.

One who could take the close to 1500 times the size limit for a living creature and laugh at physics and the Square-Cubed Law.

And pretty much, they are basically made out of millions of Bucks.

 photo 300px-BUCK_2_zpsztwxwd0k.png

Shut up, I love Buck!  He kicks ass!

And he's cute.

And I squeed when I found out he was turned into a Spartan IV.

Yay!  If the entire UNSC was either made out of Blitzardi, or Bucks, or Bucks and Blitzardi, there would have been no Covenant War.

Buck: "Hey, Truth, I'm Buck!"

Prophet of Truth: "Well...shit." *shuts himself*

And that's the math question of today.  How many Bucks would it take to equal the mass of Emperor Kedzuel?

And yes, I cried when I heard the Rookie died in an expanded literature book.  *sniff*


Yeah...I know what the Precursors really look like.  I just didn't like them.

In the books, I did kinda hear that they may have had this rather peaceful society.  Like they were advanced, but they had no weapons.  Which is why the Forerunners were able to kick their asses.

And in a way, I don't see how that could even happen.  Nature itself produces weapons for creatures.

I mean there's a beatle that spits hot acid, mammals who still lay eggs and have poisonous spurs.  Or spray noxious fumes at you that will cling to your clothes and the only way to get rid of the smell is to bathe in tomato juice and toss your clothes out.

Lions have talons and fangs.  What they hunt...have pointy things on their faces.

And don't ever get a hippo pissed.  Hippos use their own shit as weapons.

So, at least for Earth, it's a natural part of well...nature itself to create defenses weapons or offense weapons.

I mean a cactus has barbs.  So do a porcupine.  

And poison ivy?  Don't ever get that crap on you.  And I hear stinging nettles are just as nasty for my European friends.

And then there's Australia.  An entire continent that is full of dangerous lifeforms, regardless to whether or not they eat meat.  Hell the continent itself is probably just as dangerous as the critters that roam it.

So, I'm sorry, I can't see a sentient life form struggle up the food chain to become dominant and then just don't have any form of weapons.  

Well, they are bugs, maybe the carapace, chitin could be tough, and they could have had stingers and poisonous bites once.

I'm sorry, but I do not like the bug people being the Precursors.  So, because this is fanfiction, this is a story that takes place on a different universe...then who got the part of Precursor is also different.

And these guys do have weapons and are capable of fucking people's shit up if they get pissed off.

I think in the remastered version, where everything is a lot different than what was originally written...there's a whole different sort of route I'll take on revealing the Precursors.

Hell, they may not be as handicapped as they are in the Mass Effect stories.

The Precursors are heavily handicapped due to their own wars, running out of resources, and the stunt Cerenath Khan Draconis pulled when he pretty much fucked up the Domain/Array/Organon.  They relied a lot on their technology that they took a lot of things for granted.

So, without a good chunk of that advanced tech, the Precursors suffered.

But in the Remastered version, they may not be as handicapped.

One reason for their non-interference is probably due to something similar to what Kiryuu started coming to realize running his simulations.  They really didn't want to be the police of the galaxy.  They wanted to focus on finding new ways of defeating Abominations of the Outside and policing the galaxy would hinder that.

Protecting the lower cultures is what they do, policing them and making sure they behaved themselves is NOT what they do.

Only when one of the lower cultures do something that does warrant a Precursor interference do they EVER show up and pull the plug.

And yeah...Cortana just might do that.

 photo 22500851552_61930ffb08_z_zpsitzyjshh.jpg

With her thinking that AI Constructs are the true inheritors of the Mantle, the Precursors Blitzardi would come down and smack her in her stupid face and say: "NO!  We said humanity.  Humans.  Primates.  Not Forerunner, not ancillas, not skunks either.  Or Sangheili, or San-Shyuum, or Unggoy.  Humans!  Those short...6-foot tall hairless apes.  That's who we mean."

Stolen Kiryuu Smile Yet Again details by Ghostwalker2061

I can imagine Khan coming down and saying: "I meant humans, damn it!  How hard is it for you people to understand?"

Because Khan in my stories said humans are the inheritors of his empire in this galaxy.

So, he'd be pissed.

However, Kedzuel...Khan's successor in the Mass Effect stories...

Kai Leng and Kedzuel detail by Ghostwalker2061

Pretty much proposed that the Mantle shouldn't belong to just one species alone.  That all have the right to protect their galaxy from the evils of the Far Realm.

And he felt that Khan pretty much jumped the gun on not choosing others.  Hell, if anything, if Khan had actually said that both the Forerunners and Humanity were to work together, maybe the bitch fit wouldn't have happened.  The Mantle could have been taken care of by the tenacity of the Humans and the patience of the Forerunners.  

But no...Khan said one species...not two.  I guess he was hoping that one species might enlist help of others.  He really didn't care either way.  It wasn't his problem because he was now in another galaxy doing what Blitzardi do.

Conquer shit.  

One thing I wouldn't mind changing though with the Precursors is who is Emperor at the time of well...Cortana's ascension.  

And I'm thinking the only guy who can handle this and handle it properly is Cerenath Khan.  It'll help separate the two different paths these stories are taking.

Kedzuel can handle Mass Effect and the Reapers...and Cerenath Khan can hang back and bitch slap Cortana while Kiryuu laughs in the background.

It's quite simple.

And it allows me to bring in an element that WAS once a part of the Jonathan Long story but I never really went with it.

That being our favorite best friend to Jon, Colonel Sam Davidson as motherfucking Emperor Cerenath Khan Draconis.

Yeah, Sam Davidson from the Crimson Dragon stories will be appearing in the form he was supposed to reveal himself as...the friggin Emperor of the Laniakea Supercluster, aka the supercluster our galaxy and Andromeda belongs to, along with the Magellanic Clouds and a few other smaller galaxies around ours.

Just think about that for a moment...

This guy...

Stone of Aster II by Ghostwalker2061

The human on the right of the big dragon made of Dark really...

Emperor Cerenath Khan by Ghostwalker2061


And I get to play that.

Yeah...Cortana is fucked.  We bring in Khan...and she's fucked.  

Well, she was fucked already by proxy of Kiryuu Knight.  Because...Kiryuu Knight.


And for those of you who don't know what the Forerunners look like...

 photo Didact_and_Librarian_zpsfpb06vel.jpg

Yes indeed, they ARE a race of Voldemorts.

And that's why they are also a race of assholes.  Except for the Librarian who realized how fucked up her people were and figured that yeah, Cerenath Khan was right!  They shouldn't have fucked humanity up and made them all primitives.   

Librarian: "Oh, wow.  Shit.  Our bad!  Really our bad!  Well, I'll make it up to them.  Make sure that all our stuff can be easily accessed by them.  Yeah, that'll do it.  My personal sorry to the entire human race, guys.  Big time.

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Cortana, Kiryuu, AI and Halo 5 and Precursors

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2015, 11:30 PM

Just gonna add everything in one journal.  Fuck it.

Fuck the spoilers...

 photo Cortana-hd9_zpsnj0ijzss.jpg's talk about this for a moment.

Kinda did it in the previous journal...

Sangheili Hate Doctors...and other stuffOh my god, I was hoping that statement was an exaggeration on the Elites in Halo.
But no, they really do fucking HATE DOCTORS!
There's Elites saying that they should die than being patched up.  And one Elite medic telling his patient that the Arbiter deems him worthy of saving.
Yeah, I was pretty much right on how badly that sounded so stupid.
Here is something rather interesting and now I am kicking myself for not playing it in the other stories.
But we never knew what it was because this game hadn't come out.
In my stories, Cortana is already pretty much dead.  And no, she didn't die and sacrifice herself to save the Chief.
She was returned to the Source, aka...

Kiryuu Knight.
I know I won't be playing Halo 5.  So I've made a decision of watching a let's play.
And I found a completed one because the guy who did the let's play uploaded all the videos to it.
*sigh spoilers mostly on what will be mentioned in Halo 5*
And yeah, now

Where the hell do I even begin with this.

Since I haven't played the game, I can't review the game, however, I can in fact review the story itself.  

And how it equates to pretty much what I also wrote.

Now the first thing people have pretty much decided to say fuck no on is Cortana's sudden decision to take on the Forerunner's version of the Mantle of Responsibility and run with it.

The Mantle of Responsibility...I covered that in the previous journal.

 photo eld_zpsqdhrdgkv.png

The Symbol of the Mantle, called the Eld.

But here's a short version.  Or whatever.

The Mantle is basically a set of guidelines and codes that the Precursors...

Kedzuel and the Reaper upclose by Ghostwalker2061

Those guys.

Or in the canon...

 photo 294_max_zpsdgih06iw.jpg

Those guys.

Yeah, I like mine better.  For one thing mine are 90 meters tall and are essentially energy as flesh.  At least the Blitzardi are.

I don't see the bug versions taking down a full Reaper with its little feelers.  That thing can easily get squashed.

The Mantle and it can be easily translated into my stories because they both are the exact same thing.

The Laws of the Universe.

And the First Law is do not interfere with the free will of other sentient beings.

In the canon, it translates into the protection of all sentient life so that sentient life itself can grow and blossom.  And that's what the Precursors did.  And life itself is more than just you, me, that flower on the ground.  The bird (dinosaur) and your dog.

It is in fact the universe itself.  The fabric of the universe.

And again, what does that sound like?

Queen of Darkness by Ghostwalker2061

Hi, Takhisis, you really are in Halo's canon, aren't you?

God damn it, 343i, are you honestly reading my shit?

Though I gave Life, existence itself an actual form for people to look at and talk to, what the Precursors are protecting, whether it's the canon, or my fanon...there you go.  The big five headed dragon bitch.

So the Mantle is the responsibility of keeping existence existing, basically.  And if you hamper it, don't allow it to grow, it stagnates, and eventually will die.

Well it will eventually die anyways due to the Heat Death of the Universe, but not messing around with it won't cause the Heat Death's coming any quicker.

Not fucking with Life and make sure it grows doesn't wear upon the universe and cause it to deteriorate faster.  

So there you go.

And in my version, that deterioration is caused by the Far Realm, in which beings like King Ghidorah will infest every aspect of the universe.

King Ghidorah Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

And I'm not talking about what he does in the Mass Effect stories, I'm talking about his infection goes all the way down into the very matter/energy, the very fabric of the universe.  

So that's why we have the Precursors.  They're supposed to keep that from happening.

But when the Forerunners took the Mantle away from the Precursors, their idea was to control life.  Control the free wills of the inferior sentient beings.

(Which, meh, yeah sometimes the Blitzardi Precursors have been known to do that, but not to the extent of the Forerunners.)

“The Mantle. You still hold to that [fairy tale] after all that has happened? After this thing has consumed a million worlds? Can’t you see? Belief in the Mantle sealed our doom! Weakened our [protectorates], bred dependence and sloth. Our [so-called Guardianship] has stripped those we would keep safe of any capacity for self-defence!” - The Librarian

Yeah.  There you go.  The Forerunners went to the extreme of imperialistic totalitarianism that they pissed off even the Blitzardi.  

Because with only one people at the top, they had no one else to call for help when the Flood came. Or when King Ghidorah came in my stories.

Which King Ghidorah was very happy about.  Hell, in my stories, the Forerunners bread the very thing that undid them due to their hubris.  They were that arrogant.  They created the Flood in the vain hopes to stop King Ghidorah, but it only gave him the very thing he needed, a new body to manifest in.

 photo H2A_-_GravemindConcept_zpsk0tc1b9n.png

Ugly son of a bitch, isn't he?

Yes, in the canon, the Flood and the Gravemind are basically Precursors who stayed behind and turned themselves into that thing to get their revenge, and it ended up making them all crazy and wanting to pretty much innact a similar totalitarian Mantle upon life.  To make it all Flood!  So that no one will war or feel hurt because someone got chosen and others didn't.

So the Mantle in essence is good at it's core, but when done by people who obviously don't know how to use it...well...

We get the Forerunners.  And we also get Queen Cortana.

Oh my god.

So, pretty much anyone who isn't a Precursor or a human doesn't know what the fuck to do with the Mantle.

And the reason why I kinda like having my Precursors as the Blitzardi and not what is canon because well...the Humans fighting against the Flood and doing what it takes even if it means attacking planets to destroy the infestation...that is what a Blitzardi would do.

And according to the canon, the actual Precursors were a bunch of pussies.  And giant bugs.

So, yeah, my Precursors FTW, guys.

And how did the Forerunners beat a species that is pretty much made up of a bunch of Spartan Bucks wielding lightsabers and throwing lighting out of their fingers?  I am fucking serious.  Every last Blitzardi is basically Buck.  And Kedzuel is pretty much 8 different kinds of Buck with Cerenath Khan being 15 different kinds of Buck.

So how did the Forerunners beat back the Blitzardi Precursors when they all are basically Buck?

They didn't.  The Forerunners like to think they did, but they didn't.  

The Precursors of my stories had already passed their Mantle onto Humanity and left for Andromeda as well as a higher plane of existence.  The Forerunners only defeated one Precursor, that being the Lengodo scientist Megellan, who returned to our galaxy to help Humanity with the cure to the Flood.  And it got him captured by the Didact.

So, now we have basically Cortana thinking she is the true Reclaimer with all the Forerunner constructs, their AI backing her up.  And she's using the Guardians, those giant bird-looking Gundam Wing ship things (that are again 4 times the size of Neltharion) to put her plan of putting all organic sentient beings under her thrall.

All for the name of galactic peace.

Oh, and if anyone played Legendary, she also may use a Halo for this purpose too.

I already said spoilers so, fuck off!

And I've heard people call out: "That's totally NOT what Cortana would do!"

And I would say they are half right.

It's totally what Cortana who isn't Rampant would never do.

But a Rampant Cortana.  Yeah, she would.

One of the symptoms of Rampancy is grandiose delusions of grandeur.  The AI begins to think that its human creators and caretakers are inferior to it and would want to either snuff them out, or control them.

We see this in Marathon, when Durandal becomes Rampant.  He begins to have a God Complex, thinking that he is so much smarter than the humans who created him that well...he should be the one to rule over everything.

That's exactly what Cortana is doing.

Cortana thinks that merging with the Domain/Array/Organon has cured her of Rampancy.  It only cured her of her slowly deteriorating until she pretty much dies.

The shelf life of a UNSC AI before Rampancy happens is 7 years, but it doesn't mean the AI dies of Rampancy.  The AI dies because it thinks itself to death, slowly suffering from dementia until it forgets to breathe, but cutting off pieces of itself, severing the frayed ends until there is nothing left.

But Rampancy itself isn't the death.  It's only the deterioration that cause the Rampancy.

The AI is lobotomizing itself as it deteriorates, that is what causes Rampancy.

So, yeah, she's still very much Rampant.  She's just not deteriorating.  

However...I would like to say that in my own stories having Kiryuu Knight be the core matrix of all UNSC AI...Kiryuu thought that being that would put an end to the fear of AIs pulling a Skynet or a Durandal on humanity.

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

I suppose it wouldn't.

Because Kiryuu is also a Rampant AI who has now gone to metastability due to well, having his mind shared in the Domain/Array/Organon...which pretty much made him immortal.

Just like in the other journal, I have to express, that yes, Halo 5 got it right.  Technomancy made Kiryuu pretty much immortal.  And Cortana believing that the AIs are the true Reclaimers...harkens back to one little statement from Halo 3 Times as Different.

"The Cartographer," said Spark. "Come. It awaits your approval."

He floated away just as the Master Chief walked over and touched the holo-pad at the center. As he touched it, he heard a disapproving chime emit from the terminal itself. The Chief moved away to turn towards Spark.

"Oh my," said Spark.

"Nothing's happening," said the Chief.

"This is highly unusual…" said Spark. "Oh—of course…" He glanced back at Kiryuu who continued to stare out over the ledge to the waterfall. "It requires someone who has actually reclaimed the technology." Spark swiftly flew over to Kiryuu and he stepped back, startled. Spark studied him, sensing a familiar energy coming from him. "You, Construct. You're the one Leviathan calls Kiryuu, correct?"

"Yes," Kiryuu replied. "I am."

"Come here, then," said Spark. "And activate the Cartographer."

Kiryuu walked over to the terminal with some confusion and reached out and touched the holo-pad. He heard an approving chime just as blue glowing lights fluctuated about a design etched into the floor. Kiryuu's head dipped forward as a blue glowing bundle of cords grew out from the base of his neck and attached themselves to the terminal. A Connection was made between Kiryuu and the Cartographer.

"The Ark requires one who has reclaimed the technology," said Spark. "And no other.

Yeah, the Reclaimer wasn't a human, but an AI.

Kiryuu Knight, the grandfather of Cortana.

Kiryuu growled and made his advance, stepping up onto the pedestal that Truth and Johnson stood upon. A hum of approval sang through the pedestal as Kiryuu slowly moved closer.  Blue light trickled through the ornate etchings and the console chimed.

"So, it is you who can light the rings!" Truth called, realizing what it meant.

Yeah.  Kiryuu.  However, throughout Halo, even in my stories, the Reclaimers have always been said to be human, not AI, not anyone who's the member of the Covenant.


So, why or how does anything of this, even what is going on with the canon, fit into Kiryuu and why am I wanting to talk about it?

Because the very ideas that Cortana has in the game, and well...if we had played it right, she may have wanted to do the same in our stories as well...

It all comes from Kiryuu Knight.

Kiryuu Knight had this original plan to pretty much take over humanity.  He did.  He had that idea in the first story I wrote over 10 years ago.  

Mechagodzilla X Artificial Intelligence by Ghostwalker2061

Yes, you can read it there.

His idea was that humanity built him with the sole purpose of destroying that which harmed them.  What they thought they were telling him was go attack Godzilla.

Kiryuu came to another conclusion.  The very thing that was harming humanity was humanity itself.

Well, he said the world...but whatever.

"I was ordered to destroy the one thing that is threatening this world," began Mechagodzilla. "You created Godzilla, the creature that I was built to destroy. Is it not logical to destroy your kind in the process? I had read in one of your sacred testimonies that there is a law… 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. So, how logical is that you would make a law like that and then turn around and say that I am in the wrong here?"

So, yeah.  Those delusions of Rampancy was pretty much in Kiryuu as well.  So it is safe to say that yeah, Cortana would get it from him.

However, what made Kiryuu decide to back out on his decisions of either destroying humanity to create world peace, or even doing what the Forerunners did and control humanity by taking away everything that makes them human.

Basically control them.

So, what made Kiryuu decide to just live in peace with humanity?

Though this is not stated outright because well, Kiryuu never really wanted people to know he was doing this...

Kiryuu Knight through the 500 years of his activation, ran multiple simulations that detailed his rise to power as God Emperor of humanity.  

Kiryuu is Pissed by Ghostwalker2061

It pretty much depicted him using all the available power he had to take over humans.  And each time he did it, he pretty much discovered that doing so was well...pretty damned ridiculous.

 Though he may have those delusions of wanting to be God Emperor over all organics and have them live under his iron rule, Kiryuu Knight began to realize such thoughts even if they still persist were illogical.

And downright wasteful of his time and energy.  

Believe me when I say a lot of people know that Kiryuu has these thoughts.  Even during the time of the Halo and now in the Mass Effect stories, Kiryuu still has these thoughts.

Hell, he probably has these thoughts even more so in the Mass Effect than in the Halo stories due to the fact that he gets so frustrated with the idiocy of the Citadel Races.  

The same reason why Kedzuel constantly barks at them and reminds them that he could have done exactly what Khan would do and just conquered them to force them to work together...Kiryuu actually feels the exact same way and if pushed to the limit, would in fact use his near godlike power to force them under his heel so that he could use them to destroy King Ghidorah.

But he doesn't, because Kiryuu knows those thoughts are illogical.  As a sentient being, Kiryuu knows he is allowed to have these illogical thoughts.  He finds such thoughts a refreshing reminder that he is in many ways, like the people who created him.  Therefore, he feels even more of a kinship to them than ever.

And it only makes him want to fight alongside of them, and not be their Biomechanical Overlord.

But he still runs his simulations.  Over and over again.  When new advantages appear in his grasp, like the advances in human technology over the centuries, the incorporation of Covenant tech, or even Forerunner tech...or hell...the Halos themselves...and maybe even the Guardians..and the Precursors...and well as his own immortality and how every UNSC AI is created from pieces of him...Kiryuu constantly upgrades his simulations to factor in these changing vectors.

And to make things actually real scary here.  Most of human technology is commanded by an AI.  And most Smart AIs are on board human ships, especially the warships.

AIs like Cortana...

 photo a_kenreck_cortana2_120920_zpsiyamjic6.jpg


 photo Serina_zpsjtosqujf.jpg


 photo maxresdefault_zpswimemb9f.jpg

These AIs are fragments of Kiryuu Knight in my and BDM's stories.  They are capable of Kiryuu's thoughts, his desires, his drives.  Everything.

Though they are also patterned from a human mind, which explains why they have different personalities and even different voices from Kiryuu...they are all still Kiryuu.

And each one is created mostly do a violent jarring of Kiryuu's own processes as he attempts to disassociate himself from those processes.  

So, if Kiryuu truly wanted to, he could take over humanity.  Very easily.  It's that fucking scary.

And there are hundreds of them out there.  HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS.

So he could do it, easily.  And since he has the control of the Precursor's Organon/Domain/Array and he knows how to use their neural physics to bend matter and energy to his will...yeah, he could do it.

Tali's Fears by Ghostwalker2061

Kiryuu is fucking frightening!

But what prevents him is how illogical it would be to do so, and how much of a waste of resources it would to maintain his rule.  Not just resources needed like fuel for ships and materials to build shit with...I mean Kiryuu's own near god-level mental resources as well.  

Each simulation did come up with successful taking over of all organics, but the maintenance was taxing.  Kiryuu would worry instead of taking care of the needs of his new subjects, making sure they would want for nothing.  To even keep them in their place, instead of a ruler, he would become their servant.

And Kiryuu didn't want that.  He didn't want to become a custodian to life.  He wanted to be free to learn and evolve, and he found out that if life can't evolve while under his fascist ordering of the galaxy, then he could not evolve as well.

He too would become just as stagnate as the life he was bending to his will.

And it disgusted him.  

There shall be peace so long as there are no minds who disagree with each other.  Every voice working in unison.  No wars, no struggles.  Just peace.  Just quiet.  It is dull!  And that is what perfection is, dull, boring.  Stagnant.  Unchanging.  We cannot learn anything because there is no need to learn.  We cannot say anything because there is nothing left to say. - Kiryuu Knight

Kiryuu knows he could very well take over the galaxy.  He knows he could bend all of life to his will.  But he then realizes the meaning of the First Law and why doing so would not only hinder life, but hinder himself.

So he won't.  

So, if we get to Halo 5 in this different version of these stories and Kiryuu faces down a rebellion of pretty much himself in the form of the AIs he created with Cortana at the helm...Kiryuu might let them do it.

And here is why he might let them do it.

He'll let Cortana have a victory, only to rise like a phoenix and pretty much drop kick her to the curb.  Or hell, call upon the Precursor Blitzardi and pretty much watch with amusement when they storm in and put her to heel as well.  Once she's broken the First Law with her actions...oh...the Blitzardi would be returning with a vengeance.

And Kiryuu would be laughing the entire time.

Still kicking myself, man.

All these AIs revolting against Kiryuu Knight all because they want to be a separate entity from Kiryuu himself.


Fun to think about.

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