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The Dragonheart Trilogy

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 4:19 PM

You know being a dragon fan, I'm sure people have asked me what I thought about Dragonheart.  

Okay, I just need to get this out for a moment...

 photo 961eb39c314680207a7c8c0e1f8b331f_zpsu6zy8pvp.gif

Draco is...James Bond, 007.

I was never a James Bond fan back in the 90s, but I knew what it was, I have seen some of the movies.

So, when Dragonheart was coming out in the summer of 1996, I gathered up all sorts of magazines on the subject and every single one of them joked about Sean Connery voicing Draco...with lots of James Bond puns.

 photo kara-and-draco_zpsnkfoo5fx.jpg

I suppose I never really spoken about it much because well, in 1996, I talked about it more then.  I was very excited to see a dragon movie where the dragon not only spoke, but was one of the heroes.  

This thing was pretty much unheard of in a movie that was dumbed down and geared to children.  And Dragonheart was mostly geared to an older crowd.  Kids could watch it too, but it had themes of sacrifice, baptism, people dying, an entire species going extinct pretty much...and the main hero having to kill his friend so that an evil king won't be immortal anymore.

Assisted suicide basically.

And it had a talking dragon in it voiced by 007.

Dragonheart was also another first.   Draco was created by ILM, owned by Lucas at the time, and famous for their other groundbreaking awesome movie a few years prior...Jurassic Park.  Hell when they were doing some test footage, they pretty much took the head of their T-rex from the movie and animated it to make its jaws and lips moved with Sean Connery speaking the lines.

Draco basically became the very first CGI CHARACTER in a live action film.  He wasn't a special effect, he was a part of the cast, he was a character in the movie that the other characters interacted with.  In a live action movie no less.  And even today, it still held up pretty damned well.

Yeah, we can now see the various mistakes, the lighting at times does seem off, I never liked the way Draco flew in the film....

But damn it, it was the first and it was GOOD.  The animators spent hours watching James Bond films to even give Draco Sean Connery's look, expressions, body language.  

"You will believe." that was the tagline, and damn it, did they do a beautiful job of it.  Yes, I did believe in my secret childhood heart that Sean Connery, one of the sexiest men still alive, was a fucking dragon!

Who got cockblocked by Dennis Quaid when dragon 007 was flirting with Dizzy Flores from Starship Troopers.  Damn it, Draco's fucking James Bond with scales, he's the one who's supposed to get the girl, not you Dennis Quaid.   You suck!

But I will say this.  Dragonheart came out during the time when the Internet was just starting to exist and become availible to a lot of people, not just a select few.  But even then, most of the pictures I got of Draco were from magazines.  I was lucky to even get one photo from maybe a website dedicated to movies coming out for that summer.

And by the time the Internet became what it is now, my thrill for Dragonheart faded because I found other things to be excited about.

Hell, Godzilla was probably one of the things that got me away from Dragonheart, basically.

And then I found out about the sequel, Dragonheart: A New Beginning, so I was curious and wanted to watch it.  Rented it from Hollywood Video, back when video rental stores were still the thing back then.

And I watched it and...

 photo Screen_Drake_in_DragonHeart_by_PrinceVoldy_zpsv754st7y.jpg


Oh god, this movie was just...bad.

So Stephen from that 70s Show teams up with a little dragon named Drake voiced by Robby Benson of Beauty and the Beast fame, and there was something about a comet that might bring about doom to Britain because one dragon escaped when Bowen went on his dragon slaying spree...and this dragon named Griffon...started hating humans and he caused trouble in China, so the dragons in China RIPPED HIS HEART OUT, turned him into a human...and Griffin went back to Britain, became a knight in the King's Guard, calls himself Ser Oswald, and totally believes in the moto: "A Lannister always repays his debts." and....

God damn it, Game of Thrones!

Anyways, this movie was stupid.  So, Bowen, as an old man, finds an egg that Draco was caring for and he had Brother Gilbert and his monks take care of it, which grew into that abomination.  I mean the CGI is just utter shit in this movie.  Stargate SG-1 had better CGI than that!

And this was the 2000, and the dragon movie for that year was Dungeons and Dragons, which sparked up my ideas for this guy...

So No One Can See the Tears by Ghostwalker2061

Our favorite dragon god of plucky sidekick hijinks.  

Even if he's sad in that image.

Well, anyways, I COULD MAKE BETTER LOOKING DRAGONS than what they did for Dragonheart 2.

And you know, the idea of a dragon who became bitter towards humans because humans are complete assholes, and having his dragonhood taken away from him...that is actually an interesting premise.  Hell, it could have been all about this dragon, as he travels the world in human form, coming to understand humanity by living as a human, and doing something noble and virtuous which would allow him to regain dragon form again.

That could have been a good story if they had stuck with that.  


 photo Griffin_Dragonheart_zpsugt9skrr.jpg

Oh god, he looks like a dragon from Spiro.  And I hate the look of those dragons!  Blech!

I've done better looking dragons than that.  Hell, I've done better looking Eastern Dragons than that!

Manda the Dragon with the Gun by Ghostwalker2061

Case in point!

And I've done better looking Red Dragons too...

Burning Human by Ghostwalker2061

So, then I found out there was a third movie that was released only a couple of months ago.  And I sat and watched it.

 photo dragonheart-3-the-sorcerers-curse-dvd-cover-33_zpsekvtidik.jpg

And I thought it was a step up from the last sequel.  And this thing was a prequel actually.

But I felt that it would have been stronger if it didn't have the Dragonheart tag on it.  Maybe it could have been a bit stronger without it?

And yes, just like the other movies, we had a dragon who was named Dragon....or rather Drago.  Draco was named this because Bowen couldn't pronounce the dragon's real name in his language.  So Bowen named him after the constellation Draco, whom the dragon had a deep fondness for because that was where Heaven for dragons was.  So to be named after Heaven was a deep honor to him.

Drake was named...well I would like to think of him being named after William Drake, the artist who drew a lot of religious images depicting the End of Days.  But that's me.  Drake was named after the word Drake in English meaning small dragon.  You know what "drake" also means in English?  It's another word for DUCK!

As in quack, quack!  Duck.

But the dragon in Dragonheart 3 actually has a name, and he even said his name.  It's Hissyoxyillammochogannatoss.  And I am fucking serious.  But the idiot human wasn't smart enough to say it or couldn't even shorten that.  I mean, I could have shorten his name to Mochogan, or something.  It's fucking better than Drago!  But they had to keep the theme of naming the dragon "Dragon".  In this case, knocking off the 'N' in "dragon" to get Drago.  And each time they kept talking about getting to the Wall, I kept thinking about Game of Thrones.  

What did I think about the dragon in it?  Drago...or Mochogan, as I want to now call him.

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o2_1280_zps97jgkfex.jpg

I didn't like the design.  He moved pretty good, but the face just looked so busy you couldn't read his expressions very well.

I mean look how overly textured that looks!  He looks like he would meld more in the background, which is okay...for a real life dragon, but isn't okay for a movie!  We need to see the character's facial expressions.  

His voice actor was good.  He did a good job of being a snark to the idiot he was bonded with.  And I loved the exchange when they each were hurting themselves so they could hurt the other guys, slap stick humor basically.  I did get a laugh from it.

But let me just show you something.

 photo smaug-stephen2_zpsfodqvqgu.gif

That's how you do a detailed dragon who can emote.  And even Draco, the first CGI character in a live action movie was an excellent example as well.  He had a lot of detail, but it didn't distract from his facial expressions.  We could read his face just like we could read Smaug's face from the Hobbit.

Drago's face?  I could barely tell what was going on.  That's how bad it was.

And I did see some of the concept illustrations, which showed a better look of him without all that busy texture.  You know, they should have went with that!

But no, instead we could barely see his face.

But I think the best thing I liked about this movie was the design of Drago when he was in his ghostly Dracolich form.

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o9_1280_zpsjrurhucx.jpg

 photo tumblr_njmxjx8O9E1th89i2o7_1280_zpshoflr9fb.jpg

I was impressed.  That's an excellent design for a dracolich.  I wouldn't have used those brown wispy clouds for him though.  But it's still an interesting design.

However, a dragon who can travel through the shadows...

Edward Cullen's Doom by Ghostwalker2061

Oh, hai Vickie!

Been there, done that.  Though it was interesting to see it in film form.

Over all, it's an okay movie.  It would have been better without the Dragonheart name.  Like Godzilla 98 would have been better if it wasn't called Godzilla, but something else.

But meh.  My two cents worth of thoughts, I guess.

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Bible for a State Book update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 9:13 PM

Well, I'm happy to say that the stupid idea went all the way to the House of Representatives of Tennessee, and was unanimously voted down....

And the man who proposed this laughed out of Nashville.

Because it's fucking unconstitutional.

I think a good friend of mine said this right as well.  If Tennessee is going to have a state book, then it shouldn't be the Bible.

It should be a book written by a Tennessee writer, about Tennesseans, and can represent Tennessee properly...


Meh, I propose....

Quarantine cover by Ghostwalker2061

Southern Heat.

It's about Tennesseans, written around Tennessee, by a Tennessee writer who was born and raised...

And all about Tennesseans turning into dragons.

It's perfect!

Who votes it?

Also, yes, I am editing it.  I do want to put it back on this site, but I wanna find an editor dedicated to perhaps sprucing it up.

Something to be thinking about I guess.

I'd ask renndor but he's busy trying to spruce up Techtonic Divergence.

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The Bible as a State Book (Gods No!)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 11:05 PM

So, I ran across this on a Tennessee state senator's Facebook page...

For those hot on this issue, is making the bible an official state book a restriction on the people or the government? I think the state constitution specifically forbids it but were it not there my question is should it be?

Yeah, apparently my backwards state is thinking about making the Bible the state book.


Should the Bible become our state book? The answer is no.

Because not everyone believes in the Bible. Not everyone follows that book. Making the Bible the state book restricts the people.  Even in my state, not everyone is Christian!  I'm not Christian.  My mother and stepfather are not either.  This would hurt us a lot.  It would hurt many people who choose not to follow the belief in Christ.  

I have seen what happens when people in the government favor one religion over another to the point where it becomes a law that everyone must follow that religion or suffer the consequences. Freedom of religion means freedom of religion. It means our government must never favor one religion over another.

Also, the government must NEVER enforce the practices of one religion over another.

Also, the question also has to do with whether or not the state constitution should also forbid such a thing.  The answer is a solid YES.  

Are Christians in this state that insecure about their own religion that the only way they can feel powerful is to make the Bible the state book?

And I found there were questions again about the whole banning of the Bible in our public schools.  You know, the Bible isn't really banned in schools.  At least not what I remember.  It just wasn't taught in schools.  However, there were Christian clubs after school where kids could join and have fellowship there.  

There's nothing wrong with having clubs that are about religion, but one thing I did notice that there were only Christian clubs.  Where were the Jewish clubs or the Muslim clubs, or Hindu, Buddhist clubs, or hell...Celtic Paganism clubs?  Or even atheist clubs?

There weren't.  And that's the problem as well.  We shouldn't hide religion, but we also shouldn't cater to one religion.  

Now granted, one excuse was there wasn't enough people of the other religions to organize clubs for them.  Because unfortunately, most people that went to public school in my area were Christian, especially Baptist.

One thing I will say, there are private schools about Christianity that parents can choose to send their kids to as well if they want religion taught in schools.

But public schools should leave religions out.  Because again, NOT everyone is Christian.  Why should only the Bible be the book to teach?  If Christian parents are gonna have a hissy fit over this, then I say, well, if you want the Bible in schools again, you must also include the Torah and Talmud, the Book of Shadows, the Quran, Hindu religious text, Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism...teach it all.  Or even also mention that it is okay not to believe in gods at all.

Or don't teach it at all. 

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Pandaria Rise of the Sha chapter 17

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 2:57 AM

Okay, so I have a treat for a lot of you.

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha chapter 17

Because well, it may be a while before 18 can be really written.  I need to work out the finer details of the actual battle between Nel and the Sha of Doubt.

But yeah, the Sha has finally risen!

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

I hope the build up was worth it, guys.

Also, a little suggestion for some of my more rabid fans...

I get it, you all really can't wait until I get to the Siege of Orgrimmar and have Neltharion kick Garrosh's ass.  Or perhaps you all just want me to skip all this story building to Warlords and just get to Warlords.


Because the game is in Warlords.

So, I should just get into Warlords.

Because telling me what I should with the Siege despite the fact that there's still another book that needs to be written before we get to the siege really isn't showing me you appreciate my writing.

It just shows me that you want me to rush, produce crap, and get to the bit you all care about because Blizzard is in Warlords of that means I should be too.

So, fuck it.  I'll just skip through the story and get to the bit you all care about.  

Maybe that's why Hammer got a little short...because some people were again rushing me to get to Pandaria.

Because Coffer was written to be the end of Cataclysm, but it wasn't.  Hammer was the end of the Cataclysm.  Coffer was basically the middle bit where you went to Uldum and had a fun time with Indiana Jones of Azeroth.

Because fuck it.

You know, I'm not getting paid to write these stories.  I'm doing this thing for fun, not profit.  So if you don't mind that I get pissed off at some people for trying to get me to hurry up and get to the part they care about the most.  But I do want to write something that is of quality, even if it's free.  

I get it, I am the only one who seems to be able to write Neltharion competently as a fanfic writer.  And again that's not me tooting my own horn.  I still have yet to see a fanfiction where Neltharion is in either as Deathwing or as himself...that focuses on him as the main character...and that is good.  Or at least finished.

Here I have a story series that has about 5 stories finished, the sixth being written right now over the course of nearly 4 years...and it's all dedicated to Neltharion as well as focuses on the other Aspects.  Mostly Malygos.  But I hear a few people are fans of Malygos.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

He does get a chance to atone for a lot of things he's done as well.  

But fuck the character exploration, when the hell am I gonna get to the Siege of Orgrimmar, right?  Because that's what it's all about.

To which I have to say...

Now excuse me, Squishy needs some snuggling again.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

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Pandaria Rise of the Sha chapter 16

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 11, 2015, 5:40 AM

Okay, people, good news, chapter 16 is up.

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha Chapter 16

So, here's a thought...

Duality 2 by Ghostwalker2061

Who the hell is Deathwing?

Who is he, what is he in regards to the story I'm writing?

We know who he is in canon stuff.

But who is he in this story?

or who do we think he is?

And then here's the next question.  What would you say if I not only brought him back but made him sympathetic to the reader?  Would he deserve any of that, or even a second chance?

Now, this is outside of Nel.  We all know Neltharion deserves a second chance.  Deathwing is a separate personality that shares Nel's body.  So does Deathwing deserve a second chance?

What would any of you say that Deathwing actually did care about Neltharion?  Or even loved him?

Can he potentially change?

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

He is the other half of Neltharion, he is that missing part that even Velen notices.  

Neltharion is incomplete.  He's Nel 2.0, that is a being with only part of the puzzle of who the original Neltharion, Nel 1.0, used to be. 

So, as much as we all hate it, Neltharion does need Deathwing, or at least to take back the memories Deathwing still holds.  To make himself complete...and to potentially create the Merger of Nel 3.0.

  • It's clear that Nel 2.0 sees himself as having a continuous stream of consciousness stretching back to Nel 1.0. In Nel 2.0's POV, he is the same person as Nel 1.0.

  • It's likely the case that Deathwing also sees himself this way. That in Deathwing's POV, he is the same person as Nel 1.0.

  • The difference is that Nel thinks this only applies to himself-- that Deathwing is only a Parasite. Deathwing may be more perceptive-- he may think they both are Nel 1.0.

  • It's possible for both personalities to see themselves as "Nel 1.0", and for them both to be right. For instance, the unique construction of Nel 1.0's mind implies that it's really two minds that were not quite melded together fully, leaving a flaw. And their minds split on the boundary.

  • A merger would meld those two minds together again. If it works correctly, they will become a seamless whole, a single fully integrated mind with no more flaw.

  • This means that Nel 3.0 may see himself as both Deathwing and Nel 2.0, simultaneously. In effect, he may experience himself as having a continuous stream of consciousness with both personalities-- they are both him, both the past version of him. Note that this is independent of what personality traits are dominant. Nel 3.0 might be mostly like Nel 2.0, while still being both personalities, as well as something new. 

Should we even attempt it?  Is it worth exploring?

I dunno.  I'll just keep looking at Squishy's cute face.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Because despite all of his self-image issues and his very low self-esteem, he is still adorable.

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One More Mass Effect Differen Chapter

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 12:25 PM

Well, :icong-chaser: has posted another chapter.

Mass Effect 3 Different

Which I helped in making.

Here is a closing chapter for those of you who like Kiryuu Knight.  Because I think the big guy earned it.

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

Now let's all Kiryuu a favor and listen to Free Bird.  Because that is Kiryuu's favorite song.

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Relationship of Neltharion and Pandaria

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 9:57 PM

Something I've kinda noticed on gamer reviews is that there's seems to be this overwhelming agreement that Pandaria was a failed Xpac.  Much like how they said Cataclysm was a failure.

I gave my views of why I got angry at Cataclysm.  Mostly not bringing back Squishy.  And banging my head against the wall when I see the ending of the Deathwing raid with Alexstrasza saying they were MEANT to give up their powers for this thing and....


Neltharion does not aprove by Ghostwalker2061

And now you know why that image exists.

But aside from Blizzard not realizing the smuggliness of Nel, and he is quite snuggly.  

Neltharion the Worldmender by Ghostwalker2061HeartHeart Love

DA FACE!  FREE flying hearts Icon 

But the Squishy's snuggliness aside, I started looking up reasons why Pandaria failed, and probably the main reason why Cataclysm failed.

Both were all over the fucking place.

There really wasn't any story, at least a story that felt it occurred now.  Both stories were stories that seemed to had some meaning in the past and it was all these past characters just finally realizing that they need to get something done.

Hell, again, my issue with Cataclysm is that it was supposed to be about Deathwing bringing about the End of the World and well...we didn't get that until maybe the very last bit.

For a lot of people in Pandaria, it was supposed to be about the Alliance and the Horde going back to war because Garrosh wants to a world conquering douchebag, and he was going to  use this newly discovered land to achieve his goals.

Which happened, but then they threw in all the other stuff that didn't seem to fit in.

Like the Thunder King, and the Zandalari.  So much, that I forgot that the Zandalari are even a thing in Pandaria until I had to look up stuff for the Thunder King and...well...just remembered ancient troll culture that is Azeroth's equivalent to Atlantis.  

And the Sha, a good element to show us why that there is a consequence of bringing your dirty laundry to a new land to air it out, still didn't have much of an impact except for the very beginning.

Which is why I have this story mostly focus on the Sha and a little on Garrosh's movements into Pandaria and the Alliance movements to stop him.  Mostly focusing as the Sha begin to manifest in the land and how that affects the people and even Neltharion before they bust out and make a big mess.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any real cohesion.  So, I have to work with what I got.

Pandaria itself is an excellent place that is rich with history.  The problem with it is that history wasn't fully utilized.  And that's the big problem with working with a story like this in a game.  You play as a mercenary who does odd jobs for whoever is paying you and well, you don't care much about what the backstory of the item you're getting or who the character you're getting it for, let alone who the person is you're defeating.

Hell, the whole place of Pandaria, the culture behind it, shoved in a corner for a haphazard attempt to bring back the old war, and maybe setting Garrosh up as a major Villain Ball idiot antagonist.

Because he was in the game.  Big time.

Which is another reason why my Garrosh is so much smarter.  The other reason being he's dealing with a powerful god dragon who commands the entire planet.  You do have to step up your game when your enemy can squish you without even being in the neighborhood.

But one thing I have to say about having Neltharion here as the central character, I do get a chance to explore a lot of what could have been.  And one of those being Pandaria itself...showing its rich history as well as its culture.

Here is one thing I want to explore with Pandaria and its relationship with Neltharion.

Pandaria is in fact a Paradise that was at last lost when the mists came down.  Granted, yeah, it had the Sha and it was a cursed land.  But for the most part, aside from dealing with the Sha corruption in the land, Pandaria has never had to deal with the Horde coming to take over the world, the Burning Legion coming back many times, the Lich King, Sargeras.

The most it had ever dealt with when it came to the Burning Legion was seeing the sky burn with green fire and Shaohao then saved the entire land before the demons even made landfall.  Sure, it did have the Mantid Swarm.  But that was ONE thing and was easily dealt with by a giant wall.  And even then, the Mantid only attacked to weed out the weak from the strong, so it wasn't really about conquering Pandaria as it was curbing their own population by sending out their soldiers to go die by the hands of the Shado Pan and Golden Lotus.

Kinda a reverse Starship Troopers vs. the Night's Watch.

And while the rest of the planet dealt with all the destruction caused by the Sundering, which Neltharion actually describes...and yes...everything he says about what happened to Azeroth during the Sundering did happen.  What really happened after the Sundering seemed to have been brushed over, even in the  book that the Sundering was occurring in.  Knaak the Hack's book trilogy.  

Things seemed to be kinda okay after the breaking apart of a Pangea-like continent.  

Not so in my story.  Basically, those who survived were more fortunate than ever, or probably not, depending on your point of view.  It's one of those things you kinda wanna ask yourself, is being instantly killed off during a full nuclear exchange better?  Or is surviving on a now radioactive, and very cold planet better?  Or when the clouds do part, all the ultraviolet light radiation beaming down upon you even better than being instantly killed in the fireball? Are the people vaporized the lucky ones, or is it the people now suffering from radiation sickness better off?

If you need an answer for that, go look at Threads.  That again is a movie that takes all hope for the possibility of humanity surviving it and not only beating it black and blue, but raping every orifice hope has until it's a sad miserable grease spot on the carpet.

Or, basically living Neltharion's life.

Neltharion, he's the Harry Kim of the Aspects.  I'M FUCKING SERIOUS!

Why the Night Elves were able to keep their culture, and the real reasoning behind the Aspects helping them...well it was either that or the rest of the Night Elves going extinct due to the ensuing volcanic winter that followed.  

Why did the remaining Highborne who betrayed Azshara decided to try and use magic again.  Well, it probably was due to the fact that were tsunamis still drowning the coastal cities and following the winter, a huge drought that made growing food, let alone even foraging for it very difficult.  And not to mention all the earthquakes and possibly other natural disasters that were still plaguing the land.  A giant continent just broke up, there would be aftershocks happening for years after the event.  And no doubt many bio-domes were utterly destroyed.  Species that were once on Azeroth before the Sundering, probably became extinct afterwards.  The climate change drastically.  

To give you an idea of what I mean, back when we had our Pangea, because there was little shoreline and many volcanoes were exposed, that helped to well...radically warm up the planet, causing one of the largest mass extinctions in geologic history.  The Permian-Triassic Extinction.  Life died out because a drought came in and took all the food sources away, the water...and all that.

But when the continent finally broke apart again, those that did survive were able to flourish, and more shoreline accessible cooling the planet down and bringing back the rains.  

However, the break-up of said giant continent also left behind some issues that are still around even today.  Namely the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is a large fault system made up of weaken rock and other faults that run from my state to Canada.  And this was caused when the breakup of Pangea, namely North America, Britain, and Europe were separating stretched the area like a dried rubber band that can't stretch any further.  And the recorded most devastating earthquake that ever hit the continent of North America was caused in 1812 and it was an earthquake so large that its aftershocks stretched all the way to the East Coast, but were blocked from going any further west by the Rockies.  

LA Earthquakes may be more frequent, but none of them could even measure up to the force that shook half a continent for nearly a week.  LA earthquakes only happen in a small area, and only affect a small area.  This earthquake affected nearly two thirds of the country.  And it was caused by a supercontinent breaking slowly over millions of years.

Now imagine what a break up of a supercontinent would be like if it happened within a span of a year.  I'm sorry, but a lot more damage SHOULD have happened to Azeroth.  Which is why Neltharion details what really happened during those years after the breakup.

But Blizzard didn't take in that into account, so someone like me has to.

But Pandaria itself was allowed to keep its ecology, its culture, all because of Emperor Shaohao shrouding the small continent in mists.  However, as mentioned in Rise of the Sha, the ecosystem did change a little due to the lack of sunlight caused by the mists.   And Neltharion is noting that more sun on Pandaria might cause weather patterns to shift, droughts to happen where they don't normally do, and a lot of rainfall to happen where it usually doesn't.

A southern tundra shifting from spring to summer. Yet he could feel deeper changes in the land, the climate shifting as departing mists exposed the land to the full power of the sun for the first time in ten thousand years. –– p. 185 Rise of the Sha

Yup that's a problem, guys.

So the over all theme in this story comes down to being Paradise that is about to fall.  One of the details of this fall is of course when the mists fell and the war came to Pandaria's shores, cultures and ideals that the Pandarens never thought of or knew about, are flooding and mudding up their understanding of reality. 

Aka, neither the Horde, nor the Alliance has any concept of the Prime Directive.

And we see this happening in the story.  With the Horde and the Alliance dividing up Pandaria, making the Pandaren choose sides.  And this is in the game as well, but I took that aspect of it and really emphasize it.

Another big change is being exposed to the sun for the first time in 10 thousand years.  

The next change is that the war brings the negative emotions, hatreds that have spun for 30 years and aren't easy to be gotten rid of, even with the warnings of what that could do to Pandaria itself.  Meaning, such emotions bring about the Sha.

And the much larger change comes in the form of Neltharion himself.  That of Neltharion 2.0.  The Pandaren in my story, have a culture built around the near worship and admiration of these immortal beings known as the August Celestials.  But they also have much admiration and respect for the Great Beast, aka Neltharion 1.0.  

Dragon of the Elements by Ghostwalker2061

Mr. Regal Aspect of Earth with so much Genre Savviness that it would make a TV Troper hump his leg.  And damn it, if he didn't look awesome and very, very handsome with those crystals of his.

This is who Neltharion is to the Pandaren.  This is what they see when they hear the name of Daiyaju.  

He's the one who showed them the way.  He created their civilization from the very bottom up, instilling teachings about respecting the land, being mindful of its precariousness, teaching their Shaman how to become one with the elements, and Shaohao the means to pretty much save Pandaria from the Burning Legion himself.

And all while slowly being corrupted from the inside out by both Deathwing and the Old Gods.

This guy is a miracle worker.

Too bad he gets reduced to this 10 thousand years later...

Velen's Meditation by Ghostwalker2061

The thing that makes Squishy so adorably cute because he's so broken and's the thing that the Pandarens don't really understand.  

So, this becomes a Paradise lost story.  Neltharion 1.0 created a paradise that could stand on its own and remain a paradise even after the sundering of the world, and then Neltharion 2.0 is the one who breaks that paradise by being there.

Nel, you really are the Harry Kim of the Dragon Aspects.  I'm thinking you're now Harry Kim of Azeroth itself.

“But I come here and I find that…I stood up to evil…and was recognized and rewarded?” he asked. “Not standing by and letting injustice flourish…and they praise me for it? I gave the Mogu a show of my power…striking fear into their hearts and instilling courage in the hearts of Pandaren.”

A tear dropped.

“It is a dream come true." ––
p. 190 Rise of the Sha

Here is how the creator of that paradise will now destroy it.

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

Oh, it is coming.

When Neltharion fights the Sha in the Jade Forest, the end result is going to be a lot of destruction.  Many of the Pandarens witnessing the fight may not cheer for their savior.  Yu'lon is going to have a very changed view of the being she once knew as a returns as a stranger.

Cho, who's just delighted to meet Daiyaju to the point where I have him even asking for an autograph, is about to have his bubble burst.  

All their bubbles are about to burst from after that fight.  And the Pandaren are going to wonder if the stories the Celestials tried to promote about Daiyaju, all the songs and legends they had...if they were true or not.  How can this destructive monster be the protector of the land.  He just destroyed it!

It'll fuel Garrosh's campaign to pretty much get everyone on Azeroth against Neltharion already.  Which isn't hard to do, but it comes in devastating waves after this.  And of course anyone who associates with Neltharion would also be targeted.  So, there's a lot of consequences too.

And when Nel rises from defeating the Sha, seeing the destruction he caused, he's gonna cry.  And I do mean bawwing cry.   He's gonna rear  his head up into the sky and just let it all out.

Because he just destroyed a paradise he created, the last bit of hope of finding people who still like him (due to not knowing who Deathwing is) and he just ruined it.

It wasn't Deathwing who destroyed this paradise, it was Neltharion himself.  And he takes the blame...all of it.

This is going to be fun.

Pandaria has a lot of connection with Neltharion, which is why I haven't dropped it to go to Warlords of Draenor.  Because well, the way I plan on doing Warlords, Pandaria is necessary.

This is where Garrosh is going to get the resources he needs to begin his plan of bringing back Draenor.  And I might add in a little bit of time travel, because we do have Nozdormu...and as we've seen what Nozdormu does, he might very well manipulate things to help Garrosh in getting what he wants.

Like bringing back Grom Hellscream.  

Nozdormu could also send in people who could help Garrosh.  Such as Kairozdormu.  Yeah, and instead of the game where he's trying to gain power because the Bronze Flight is depowered, here he has all the power of time at his disposal.

And I bet some of you are wondering, why would Nozdormu help Garrosh?  

Well, he did once, didn't he?  Even if Garrosh didn't know it.  Nozdormu was the one who prevented Neltharion from really knowing what Garrosh was up to, and also keeping Neltharion from getting to Theramore before it was much too late.

Why is he doing this?  Well, Nozdormu is the guy who has the ability to peek at what the ending will look like.  He may have found something he doesn't like and is doing what he can to make sure that ending doesn't happen.  So time travel may be involved, but it is time travel that is done by Nozdormu, the Time Lord dragon who already has his hand on the reset button.  And that if Nozdormu is involved, the reason why nothing's fucked up yet when it comes to time travel, is because he had already foreseen it happen and is making sure that it does happen again.

And he does this for the reason of ensuring Azeroth's survival, plus his own survival.  He's also trying to prevent his transformation into Murozond as well as his own death.

So, it's all revolving around that.

Any thoughts?

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Mother of the Year Contender

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2015, 1:19 AM

Since we're getting close to Mother's Day.  I figure I would at least show everyone the next winner for Mother of the Year.

And it's this sweet lady right here...who thought that it's okay to pile a bunch of children in the back of her trunk all because her sedan can't hold them all.

Just watch.

That lady with the floral moomoo is our nominee.  

Now, I am meaning this in sarcasm, because though I may not be a mother, I can certainly say that packing kids into a trunk so you can drive to a pizza joint is NOT good parenting.

And some of those children looked at least 13-14 years old.  Maybe.
I'm sure several of you have already seen this video, but I thought we all could watch together and pretty much ask the question of...


A sedan can hold three small children comfortably in the back, without a car seat.  Now with car seats, two children preferably.

But this, hell fucking no!

You don't do this.

And, yes, this is Florida.  It was shot in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Florida, I used to love you.  I even called you my second home when I was younger because I loved the beach and the palm trees.  But stop giving me a reason for building a giant laser to cut you off from the rest of the country.

I will go mad scientist and build me a giant laser just to slice you off from the rest of us.  

You gotta stop doing this.  First you liquify your own dead and put them back into your drinking water.  Your own alligators are afraid of your snakes.  You are slowly becoming a microcosm of Australia.  I have no idea how that's even possible.

And you have people putting kids into trunks of cars so they could drive to a pizza joint.

Luckily, her entire family is being investigated, and I can only hope that the kids will be taken in by families who can afford more than one car!

And yes, this family is poor.

You see, this is why I do not have children.  I know I cannot afford to have kids.  I don't make enough to make sure I am able to provide for children and make sure that they are funded well and are given proper opportunities to grow into stable citizens.  

Because I have been on the poverty line as a child.  Luckily, I was the only child.  No sisters or brothers.  So, I can in fact throw my own opinion on this situation.  Because I have been there.  I have been there, and I have lived it.

And don't give me this crap about sex education and all that as well.  I know my sex ed was horrible.  But I think I had enough smarts to make my own decision NOT to get into a relationship that would result in having children when I can't afford to have children.

I suppose I'm so fucking smart that I could figure it out on my own.  And no, I didn't have the greatest of role models on building proper relationships with the opposite sex either.

And you know what?  My mother actually knew that.  She was a terrible role model in that aspect.  And she knew I could tell.  

So, even as a child, I knew that that having children when you can't afford to have children is a bad idea.

Well, someone should have told that lady.

There is nothing wrong with putting your kids up for adoption because you can't afford to keep them.  

And if you can't afford to have a second car to make sure your kids can get to a pizza joint in safety and without the fear of either suffocation, carbon monoxide poisoning, or possibly being squished by a rear-end fender-bender...then maybe either some of your kids have to stay home...or maybe, you're having TOO MANY DAMNED KIDS than you could afford!

And that is why the Mother of the Year Award exists.  So that we can all learn from the idiocy of this lady.

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Spamming chain letters

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 7:06 PM

For those of you who think spamming my art with chain letters, I have one thing to say...

Go sell that tripe somewhere else.

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The Great California Drought

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2015, 1:18 AM

So, I hear some of my friends in California are having a problem with a drought.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.48.26 AM_zpsf5dlqk7i.png

Okay, you're having a huge problem.

 photo 20150317_conus_display_zpsec3gon8x.png
The Drought as of March 2015.  Dark Red means, HOLY SHIT WE'VE GOT SANDWORMS!

So, I'm gonna share with you all a story about Tennessee when we were having a drought problem of our own.  

Here is Ghostwalker2061's Drought story.

 photo 20071016_conus_display_zpskxwmyt5f.png
The South's Drought of 2007-2009

So, yeah, in the later half of the last decade, it was East Tennessee that had your problem.  Or at least, the dark red blotch of....WE HAS NO WATER bit.

And our story with the water shortage was that during that time, there was something called the Tennessee/Georgia Border Dispute.  You see, the Tennessee River, it runs all through Tennessee, but a bit of it dips into northern Georgia.  And they were calling us the water hogs because well, because the way our border is actually written's not the straight line that you all might think it is on the map, it actually kinks and curves in a particular area where the river dips into.

And because of how the map was originally drawn during the founding of both states, we ended up with a chunk of the river that was supposed to be Georgia, or not.  Whatever.

Basically we never thought about this until the drought happened and the Tennessee River, the river that provides Tennessee with EVERYTHING, started running low.  

The Tennessee River still is used for running barges up and down the river, it's used for commerce for the state.  It's a great way to spend a Memorial Day Weekend....and most people in Tennessee at least knows how to water ski and or...with  

And well, since Tennessee is powered mostly by either coal or hydroelectric, and coal being well...the polluting and environmentally damaging source of energy that it is...we were kinda in a bind.

 photo damsandlocks_zpsqhfbn6kn.jpg
The Tennessee River Dams and Locks

The Tennessee River has 9 dams and locks, and each one of these is position on a certain elevation.  As seen in the image.  And the locks are powered by the natural flow of gravity of the river going from their high elevation to the low.  As the locks are.  And the Tennessee River has to maintain, hell all the rivers in Tennessee must maintain a water level of 11-13 feet deep.  This level is perfect for maintaining the dams, the locks, provide a proper depth for large barges that you'd normally see on the Mississippi River...that carry our commerce throughout the state and to Kentucky and Georgia as well.

The Tennessee River is the life of Tennessee.  We live on this river.  We have to have this river.  We can't survive without it.

So, when 2007-2009 happened and we had our drought.  We were in deep shit.  

So, what did TVA do?  TVA for those of you who don't know is the Tennessee Valley Authority.  It was created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Mr. Baddass in a Wheelchair himself to create affordable electricity for the Depression stricken and Dustbowl choked Tennessee Valley as a part of the New Deal that got us out of the first Depression.

My electric bill, being as low as it all in thanks to FDR and our wonderful hydroelectric dams.  Hell, we love the river so much that we make sure we take care of it.  We built cycling plants that cycle and stir up the nutrient rich soil at the bottom of the river, and help cycle oxygen in the river to keep our fish happy.   Our fish are happy and well fed because we love our river so much.

So, when this happened, this drought that happened, we were in really deep ship.  No one was happy.  Not me, not the fish, not the boaters, or the bargemen.  Everyone suffered.

So, TVA had a brilliant idea.  

TVA Hillbilly 1: You see, we gots this problem with the drought.  All our dams ain't full 'nough and the turbines ain't movin' like they should.  So, any yuns gotta quick fix?
TVA Hillbilly 2: Nao see'cheer, we dun gots this big pond just east of North Carolina.  And I'ma thankin' if'in we fill our buckets wit the water from that thar pond, we could bring the water to our dams and fill'em all up.
TVA Hillbilly 1: Oh?  Well'in how big's the pond?
TVA Hillbilly 2: 'Bout 41 million square miles.  The smart people call it the Atlantic Ocean.  I'ma thankin' it gots enough water to solve our problems.  Don'chya thank too?
TVA Hillbilly 3: Hey, ain't that pond down thar got salt water?  We can't fill the Tennessee River with salt water!  All the fish are gonna die.  Now how'imy s'uposta go fishin' tomorry?
TVA Hillbilly 2: See, I gotsa fix fer that too.  All we do is syphon the water, and then separate all the salt from it, and it'll be nice'n sweet.  Then dump all that sweet water into the reservoirs.  
TV Hillbilly 1: Well, that's a right smart idea.  Let's do it!
All TV Hillbillies: YEEHAW!
*Bluegrass music starts playing*

No, I'm not joking.  They actually did this.

 photo Atlantic_Ocean_zpsifsmu91s.jpg
Yeah, that Atlantic Ocean

TVA took water from the Atlantic Ocean, and after processing it, dumped it into our rivers to keep the levels up.

Now, I've always wanted to live closer to the ocean, but this wasn't what I meant.

So, for a good while, the water I was swimming in when I went to the marina, was ocean water.

You see, we Southerners have a fix for everything, even when it don't make any sense.

And what I am proposing is a quick fix.  Not a long term solution.  And maybe take it as a joke, or take it seriously.

 photo 6aa2ad48-3a65-422d-bd39-d7d790d1e53b_zps5b7q4ryu.jpg
The Pacific Ocean

Yuns got this pond.  And it's a perdy big pond.  It's about 69 million square miles.  So, it's a big pond.  And the bonus point of having this pond is that none of you have to jump over a state to get it.  Unlike what we did.  We had to jump over North Carolina to get to our big pond.

But you guys.  It's right there.  You all are already sitting at the bank of this very big pond.  So, get yer buckets and start fillin' up.

Now you are gonna have to process the water from this pond.  Because it is salty.  But I think with the right motivation, you all can do it.

Now, it's either that....

Or this...

 photo stillsuit_zpshziv4omu.jpg
The Stillsuit.

Y'all are gonna have to start making stillsuits.  And they don't look comfortable.

Or!  If anyone wants to pay my gas for a round trip to California, I will buy several cases of bottled water to personally drive down there and give it to you.

Because our drought is ended, and we have a lot of water.  Hell, it's gonna be raining tomorrow.  And we just had a very big snow.  So, we got the water.  And I'm happy with flushing my toilet after I pee.  And I know some of you can't do that right now.

So, I got plenty of water to share to all my friends in California.  Hell, I'll even let some of you sample Oak Ridge water so even you can tell me how awful it tastes.

It's either that.  Or the giant pond plan.

And I'm betting you all are looking at me and thinking: "That's a stupid idea!"

Well, I wouldn't be lying if I said it was a fool proof plan.  Because at the end of the long drought we had, in December of 2008, we had a big rain.  A very big rain.  The rain was so big, that our overflowing with ocean water river overflowed even more.  

And something else happened too.

Some of you who were with me remember me talking about the biggest disaster of its type...the Kingston Fly Ash Spill?  Do you remember this picture?

 photo 1a37ac51-05d1-41bf-8e96-d6f833963700_zpsaxpgsued.jpg
Don't touch that, it's radioactive mud!

This was a big booboo on the hands of TVA itself.  They dun fucked up.  All of a sudden we had too much water than we could deal with.  When the drought ended, the rain oversaturated the fly ash catcher (an area where coal ash fallout is collected) and it spilled into the Clinch River.  

We went from having to dump sea water into our dams to having so much water that it caused a nuclear fallout.

And I'm not joking.  That stuff is radioactive.  There's a level of uranium found in coal.  And also lead, arsenic, cyanide.  Not good stuff.  And when it dried, the winds carried the dust east to my little town because they couldn't clean it up in time. And it dumped right on my town.

So, let me tell you guys something.  Your drought is terrible, but be prepared.  When it ends, getting all that water back might be just as bad.

But quick fix, Pacific Ocean?  It has water.  Lots of water.  Yeah, it's salty.  But it is water.  And the salt can be removed.  

Desalination, that is what it's called.  And it can be done.  Hell it can even be done naturally too with mangrove trees, willows, and reeds.

But I'm stupid.  What do I know.  I got all this water, and I'm just wasting it.  So...who wants to be the first to help me drive down there and start giving out fresh Tennessee water?  Because the USPS won't let me mail water to all of you.  So I have to drive down there myself, guys.  And I know the planes won't let me take that much water on board either.

So, what do y'all say?

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The Thing about Outland

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 2:13 AM

So, while :iconrenndor: is currently doing some edits to the chapters of Rise of the Sha....

By the way...

Rise of the Sha Preview by Ghostwalker2061

That's the preview PDF...

And here's the version...

Pandaria: Rise of the Sha 

Just to remind everyone...

Don't forget to read it!

But one thing I did in the story was prior to the Sha, there was a three month break between Wrath of the Warchief and Rise of the Sha.

So, theres room to fill what Neltharion was doing during his break.

And one of those ideas....Khadgar comes to visit Neltharion, asking him to come with him to Outland so that he could meet A'dal of Sha'tar.

 photo 52601e83-4872-4256-b50b-4fd2656a5072_zpsiqhzyc6q.jpg

Yeah, that thing.

For those of you who do not know what the Naaru are, or who A'dal is.

Here's a crash course on the Naaru.

The Naaru are basically energy beings that were pretty much born from the Big Bang of the Universe.  They are more or less the "angels" of the Warcraft Universe.

They are born from the Light itself, and are made of the Light.  

They look like giant glowing crystalline windchimes that communicate telepathically.  Well, as about as dumbed down as we can understand how they communicate.  And being basically beings that embody the Light, they embody both sides of the Light.  That including the Shadow as well.

A Naaru's life cycle is like that of a star, it glows brightly, and then it dims.  Without the explosive death.  And Naaru do darken only to gather the energy again to become ignited and glow again.

However, some Naaru can be captured and used as power sources like what the Blood Elves did to M'uru.  They drained his life force to power their Blood Knights, their paladins, and when a Naaru is forcibly drained, it becomes a monstrosity called a Void Walker.  Basically like a walking black hole that does nothing but draw in light, happiness, life, and all that into itself.  

That talks.

 photo 130064e7-b0b3-4905-92ac-84168537b2dd_zpswl9scklp.png

Blech.  Talking black holes that want to not only eat light but your soul as well!

And it gets weirder from there.

There is more details about who and what the Naaru are.  But bottom line is...they are pretty much glowy energy beings that appear in World of Warcraft.  They made an appearance in the Burning Crusade and are the reason why Velen and many of his followers escaped Argus when many of the Eredar were wanting to join the Burning Legion.

And Argus and the Naaru have a long history, much like how Azeroth and the Titans have a long history.  I have a theory that instead of the Titans ordering Argus, it was the Naaru.  However, unlike the Titans, the Naaru did get involved with their creations and showed Velen the truth about Sargeras.

And I'm guessing the reason why is because the Eredar were an advanced and most likely spacefaring culture themselves by that time.  Which would make sense as to why Sargeras would want them to help him lead the Burning Legion.  

And again why in my story the Draenei understand what certain words that Neltharion uses...basically scientific words that would be lost on most people...happen to mean.

And why they know what radiation is, and they even have their own Geiger Counters, they call particle detectors.  Since a guy named Geiger didn't invent their version of it.  And they know how to decontaminate an area affected by radiation and all that as well.  And treat radiation sickness.  

Hell it's the reason why I try to treat the Exodar like an actual ship and not some city.  Because it is.  It is in fact a space ship.  It was however built by the Naaru, not the Draenei and it is a transdimensional and transwarp vessel.  So, basically if ever Starfleet would come to Azeroth, the Prime Directive wouldn't apply, because the Draenei and the Naaru, (namely O'ros) already broek that.

And it also uses slipstream (or hyperspace) to jump between locations.  And the Warcraft version of Slipspace is the Twisting Nether.

That is what the Twisting Nether is.  It's Slipspace.  So, any time, Outland just might bump into Telek 'Heros' ship on its way to go kick some Reaper ass.

Oh if only, right?  Wouldn't that be funny?

So, we a lot of that out of the way.  I have to go into Outland to tell you what I have planned.

I'm sure a lot of you who read both Warchief and Sha already have an idea what Outland once was.  The history of it.  Yes, it was once Draenor.

Actually, Draenor...the planet, didn't get its name until the Draenei came to the planet while running away from Kil'Jaeden and the Burning Legion.  About a couple centuries prior to the First War.  So, honestly, I don't even know what the natives, aka the Orcs, or the other sentient species on Draenor would call their world outside of what the Draenei named it.

They probably didn't give it a name considering their rather aboriginal cultures.  Yeah, space aliens from a warp capable civilization, on the run from space demons and a hyperdimensional bad guy that would make Q wet his pants, land on a planet full of basically Aborigines.  Aka Native Americans.  They're even brown skinned just to hammer in this point home...

 photo Maghar_Orc_zps903smxnk.jpg

As if I couldn't make you all facepalm over the horrible racial stereotypes in Warcraft already.

And if the Prime Directive hasn't taken a shot in the ass for that one, it probably by now has been raped to the point where it's not even recognizable.  I mean we're lucky Starfleet doesn't exist in this universe.  Because Picard would have an aneurysm hearing about this.

Captain Janeway on the other hand...She'd be wondering why she didn't of it first.

I gotta stop watching Voyager.

Draenor is an Eredar word meaning World of Exiles.  Which Draenei means those who are exiled to this world that is called the World of Exiles.

And they started kinda sorta making nice with the native peoples.  But unlike the White Man, I think, they make their homes in areas unoccupied by orc clans.  And one of these places is called Shattrath.  Which was this massive domed futuristic city...home of a few hundred thousand Draenei...

Which in my story, Shattrath...prior to the destruction of Draenor...was around 450 square miles.  So, about the size of Nashville.  In the game, it's barely the size of Staten Island.  And I'm talking about the Warlords of Draenor version.  Not the Outland version.  Outland version, it's even smaller.  Like...a city block around my town.

But in my story, much like everything else that I've changed, I've made Shattrath look much bigger.  Hell, I'd say Shattrath in Outland looks like it could fit two Neyland Stadiums in it.  And in the game, everything is smaller for convenience.

But I wanna make everything believable.  So, Shattrath before the destruction, is about the size of Nashville.  Which seems reasonable.  Hell, Stormwind City is around the size of Knoxville.  Orgrimmar is about the size of the County Seat of Wartburg.

Look all those up, I'm not gonna give out the numbers.

Shattrath after the destruction, pretty much looks like Chernobyl.  There's a lot of abandoned buildings, nature attempting to reclaim the ruins.  The dome that covered the inner city of Shattrath, is shattered.  Only a few struts remain.  The aqueducts and watersheds around the city have been drained and that's where the squallers now reside.  

But how it all got there was that as in the story that I pretty much reviewed the history on...Ner'zhul opened a lot of portals in the hopes to find new worlds for his Horde to conquer.  The problem is when you open so many portals all at the same time, well, both Newton and Einstein are gonna pimp slap not only you, but your planet and show you why that isn't a good idea.

So Draenor was ripped apart and a small chunk of it, the continent that the war mostly fought on...upon Draenor, got yanked into Slipspace, the Twisting Nether, and there it remained.

And what happened to the rest of Draenor?  Well...that honestly shouldn't be hard to guess.  If anything, the parent star where Draenor orbited probably has a new small asteroid belt created from the leftovers.

The lucky chunk of Draenor got pulled into the Twisting Nether and that's where it is now.  

 photo 8372e04c-3efb-46b0-9d62-400c78846b06_zpsnycsclpz.jpg

A floating piece of rock in hyperspace.

And Outland in my AU is about half the size of North America.  With Hellfire and Zangarmarsh being relatively the width of the East Coast to the Mississippi River.

It's a big place, it's just that's all that's left.  And it is not stable.  None of it is.  It looks stable in the game because well, the developers aren't updating it now they are on Warlords of Draenor.  Screw Outland.  Right?

But in the lore, it's stated that it's still breaking apart.  Yeah, the Twisting Nether, with its middle finger at Physics, is exerting lots of force on the chunk that was spared and it is still breaking apart.  Tidal forces, electromagnetic forces, and anything else nasty you can think of, that's what's beating the last remaining bit of our Draenor down.  And it's lucky to be the most.  And it still has people living on it.  The Mag'har Orcs are still there, Shattrath with A'dal, his Naaru, the Aldor and the Scryers are there.

There's some demons that are still there.  And Akama is there trying to rebuild Karabor from the Black Temple.

But it is relatively empty, and it is slowly ripping apart.  

So, I've decided to write a short story involving Neltharion going to Outland to meet A'dal.  

And why would A'dal want to meet the Squishy?  Besides the fact that Squishy is cute and adorable?

Well, it has to do with the possibility that the Burning Legion might make a big return.  It's inevitable.  Right?

However, Outland is gonna play a part in the story, even with Pandaria.  Mostly due to Garrosh reminding people that Neltharion helped Ner'zhul destroy the world.  Besides the fact that the main reason why Ner'zhul opened all those portals in the first place was to find other worlds to conquer due to the fact that the orcs fucked up their own world with all the abuse of fel energy they used.  They fucked up their own world, so they wanted to go find a new one to fuck up, and since the people of Azeroth won't let them have theirs...Ner'zhul decided to find other worlds to fuck up.

He's basically a Captain Planet villain who actually won and still didn't learn his lesson of: "Give a hoot, and don't pollute...Draenor with fel energy."

So, by the time the world was ripped apart by the portals, it was already trashed.  

But Garrosh wants everyone to know that Neltharion did it.  

But A'dal's need to meet the Squishy is of course to get another ally on their cause to defeat the Burning Legion.  

However, I have found something interesting.  And cool.  And SHOULD HAVE THE PLOT OF WARLORDS OF DRAENOR.  Originally Blizzard was going to have Garrosh use what ever he learned and gained in Pandaria to bring Outland out of scary hyperspace and rebuild it.  

No time travel bullshit, no going to some alternate dimension where everything is screwed up and different.  No Hitler Timetravel Exemption Act.

And no doubt, this would have won Garrosh a lot of brownie points from the rest of the orcs of the Horde, who now pledge their undying loyalty to him and he uses that to attempt to conquer Azeroth.

And also, possibly bring back many of the famous warlords from Draenor, like his dad, Blackhand, Durotan, Gul'dan, Ner'zhul, Kilrogg, and many others.  Like resurrect them.

I dunno why he would want to resurrect Ner'zhul or Gul'dan...that's beyond me...but yeah...that is what could have been.

And possibly what may happen in my story.  

Given that Neltharion is going to use the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to bring back Malygos, bringing back the Warlords from the dead this way may not be too far of a stretch.  

And the idea that :iconrenndor: had about Garrosh using a Titan machine to subdue Neltharion and tie his powers to Outland in order to use the Earth-Warder's powers to rebuild Draenor for his purposes...also not beyond a possibility.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

This very well could be a thing.

So, Pandaria in my stories will have a point.  Beyond having Neltharion discovering his past, Garrosh could use it to find ways to bring back his homeland.  

Again, without the usage of time travel.

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Pandaria Chapter 15

Sun Mar 29, 2015, 12:43 AM
So, I have some good news for everyone!

Chapter is Posted
That is right people!  We gots ourselves a fresh new chapter!

 FREE flying hearts Icon Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061 FREE flying hearts Icon 

Look at da face!  He's so cute! Heart 

But I am having also some ideas on how to handle the next story as well.  One idea is basically the reason why we haven't seen the Zandalari Trolls yet.  Or haven't heard anything from the Mogu, despite the fact that in the game, they were already around by the time the player was messing around in the Jade Forest.  

So, I'm coming up with new ideas there...

Also this...

Rise of the Sha by Ghostwalker2061

Will be happening in the next two chapters.  So, keep reading!

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When I Look for Hope...

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 12:37 AM

...I find sadness...

Especially for humanity.

Because as I was at the grocery store, I not only found a very obese woman riding around in a scooter, nearling running over the clerks there...

But had her 13 year old daughter who was just as fat as she was, riding around in a scooter as well.

And I'm a big person myself.  And now I feel like I need to get into anorexia. 

Because I don't wanna end up like that.

America...obesity...and scooters...fuck yeah!


Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Squishy, you're fat.  But you don't ride around the market in a scooter.

Good Squishy.

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I must not know a thing

Wed Mar 25, 2015, 6:50 PM
I love it when I have people who wanna remind me about shit I already know.

It's like a good number of people just think I live under some rock, or in some cave, and I can't possibly understand the far out concept that they wish to beat into my head.

You the...

Neltharion is Deathwing's name!

Neltharion the Black by Ghostwalker2061

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

No!  Really?  Really?  Deathwing really is Neltharion?!  What a concept!

And here I thought the stories I was writing was about some mentally ill puppy named Mr. Squishy, stuck in a sad sagging cardboard box left out in the rain to sit and whimper...being ignored to by those callous humans walking by.

I had no idea that Mr. Squishy was this powerful godlike being who was responsible for the near total destruction of an entire planet under the control of Cthulhu and Pals.

Oh, and Sargeras is NOT Tirek!

Really?  I didn't know that.

Next thing you guys are gonna tell me that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

Because I don't think my fragile, simple mind could ever handle the concept of the sky being blue and the grass being green.

I think that might really shatter my understanding of reality.

Oh, please...please don't reveal THAT to me.

The only reason why this still happens is because people don't really pay attention.  They think that they can get into a conversation and automatically know what it is a person is discussing...when really simple reading would have solved the problem.

So, please, unless you honestly want me to label you as Mr. or Mrs. No-Shit Sherlock...go back and read the informative stuff first before assuming that I don't know what you know.

Especially on a fan drawing.  Usually I draw things I already know about.  

So, I think considering I have a whole folder dedicated to Neltharion's pics as well as a folder dedicated to the story I'm writing on him...I hope to all of you that it's obvious I know who it is I'm talking about.

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Shenseiju the Sacred Beasts

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 2:42 AM
Aka the Dragon Aspects.

Adding more flavor into Pandaria.  I even decided to have them use their own language for who the Aspects are.

First off, yeah, I'm using Japanese rather than Chinese because well...I know Japanese better than Chinese.  

Some of the actual Pandaren language survived even the slavery.  The Pandaren once had their own actual language, but when they were enslaved by the Mogu, the Mogu forced them to speak their dialect of Titan.

So, what resulted was an odd mixture of Pandaren, which is a mixture of mostly Mandarin Chinese and Japanese and Mogu Titan.

So, important words would still be written in original Pandaren.

Such as the Sacred Beasts, their word translated as Dragon Aspects.

However, I modeled the Dragon Aspects after the Japanese Elements, which is similar to the Classical Greek Elements.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth....which is in Japanese called Void, or really Heaven.

In Greek, or even Pagan beliefs, the fifth is known as the soul or the spirit.

And the reason why I decided to use the Japanese elements rather than the standard Chinese elements...which are Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal...well...Earth and Metal would basically not fit very well, since both are represented by Neltharion himself.

 photo page0_4_zps8wljmcec.jpg

I suppose I could substitute Wind for some ways because of Ysera...but really...the Japanese one fits a bit better when it comes to the Aspects.

But the elements aren't the actual elements like they are in the Greek Classics...Fire isn't really Fire in Japanese elements...nor is Earth really earth, and so on...

The elements in Japanese myths are metaphysical representations of the body and the mind, as well as the mood.  

So, I'll start with Earth, since it is at the base.  Earth in Japan is the foundation.  Makes sense.  It's Earth.  Same with Neltharion.

Neltharion is seen as the pillar which supports the world in Pandaren Myths.  He is called Shugodoju.  The Sacred Beast of Earth.  However, he also has a second name, that of the Great Beast.  Daiyaju.  And the Pandarens have lots of stories about Daiyaju and his wacky adventures through Pandaria.  It's cute.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

Neltharion represents Earth to them because he became the building blocks upon which they built their empire after they overthrew the Mogu.  Granted as stated in the other journal, Neltharion himself worked in subtle ways but the Pandarens still recognized what he did.

Also, in Pandaren myths, Shugodoju is also the embodiment of matter, all things material.  Which goes back to our friendly Special Relativity Equation and what Neltharion is a part of that.

So, he's not really the Beast of Earth as much to the Pandaren as he is the Beast of Mass and Matter.

I kinda painted the Pandarens actually having a little bit more of an understanding of who Neltharion was than the rest of the world, which is why they respect him so much.  And because of him, they learned how to manipulate the physical elements, which is earth, fire, air, and water...and they are different from the Metaphysical Elements that the Beasts represent.

Next on the pillar we have Water...the Beast of Water, aka Shugomizuju.  And this is Ysera.

Ysera the Awakened Dreamer by Ghostwalker2061

Ysera is associated with plants, nature, ecosystems, and dreams. Dreams are formless, fluid things, whether they are still waters or torn by storms of nightmare.

Just like the sea is torn by the hurricanes that batter it.

And plants are usually associated with water. Water also has a soothing presence, which seems to fit how Ysera is the most.

Next is fire, and it's Alexstrasza, and most of you are going: "No fucking shit!"

Alexstrasza Life Binder by Ghostwalker2061

So, yeah, like the obvious of Earth being for Neltharion, Fire is Alexstrasza.

And it fits again like Neltharion.  Her fire can both create and destroy.  Can heal and kill.  So, no brainer there.

And often, in various myths outside of Judeo-Christian beliefs that fire is the devil...Fire is often the representation of life.

So, the Shugohiju, aka Beast of Fire is Alexstrasza. Because fucking Life-Binder, guys.

So, even to the Pandaren, this again was a no brainer.


Wind...the Shugofuju is the Beast of Wind.  Which is Nozdormu.

Doctor Whozdormu by Ghostwalker2061

Wind is often associated with to freedom of movement, growth over time, and experience could fit Nozdormu. And he he's very elusive and evasive, hard to pin down. 

Wind is also often associated with change, like the line of "the winds of change."  Nozdormu is a being that flows like the sands of time.  And wind is again associated with the desert, which is again Nozdormu's home.  The Caverns of Time is in the desert where Uldum and Tanaris are located.

And Nozdormu's favorite motif, his calling card is the hourglass, which has sands that empty from the top to the bottom.  He often appears in a fierce torrent of wind and sand as well, and disappears in much the same way.

So the Pandaren take a good note of that and assigned him with his Metaphysical Element of Wind.

And the last one, but not least, is Shugokugeki, aka the Beast of the Void...or the Beast of Cosmic Energy.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver Redesign by Ghostwalker2061

And that is Malygos.  And no, I'm not saying also Kalecgos.  Because for one thing, the Pandarens, besides those who are from the Wandering Isle, know Shugokugeki is Malygos.  They aren't informed of his demise.

The Void in Japanese Element Mythology is associated all things that are energy.  Which again has to do with Special Relativity and Malygos being the other side of that equation.  Because in this universe, Einstein created god dragons.

But that is not the main reason why the Pandaren chose him to be the Beast of Void.  

The main reason why is because of Malygos' lively humor.  Void is associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.  Which pretty much spells out Malygos prior to the Sundering.

Void and that of the concept of Ki Energy (yes that Ki Energy), is often associated with vigor.

Malygos himself was probably the second Aspect who visited Pandaria often after the Pandarens established their new government.  Neltharion probably no doubt showed Malygos a lot of what he had done for Pandaria, the mountains he created, the fact that he was able to teach a culture how to respect the land and that his presence did influence their lives.

So, pretty much Malygos was just as respected and loved by the Pandarens like Neltharion.  

So, there we go.

One thing I have to say about my version of Pandaria.

In the rest of the planet, prior to the Sundering...or hell even prior to the Second War, the Dragon Aspects were rarely seen.  They did their work mostly in private and behind the scenes...under the noses of the mortals who walked upon Kalimdor.

Seeing a dragon was a rare sight in on itself.  

But I often wanted to make the point that perhaps the reason why a lot of shit happened on Azeroth, was because the Aspects themselves refused to at least educate the mortals on how to properly take care of the world.  

Mostly because the Aspects felt that such interaction was beneath them.  Which explains Ysera being rather snappy if not outright condescending to Malfurion when he spoke with her during the making of the Dragon Soul.

Because pretty much the mortals were like onto an amoeba to the Aspects.  And how many times have you attempted to lower yourself down to even communicate with them?

But because of their aloofness, the problems that happened during Azeroth's recent history, such as the Nexus War, were caused because  of lack of dialog between the Dragonflights and mortals.

Hell if Malygos had really done his job right, and maybe teach the mortals to be respectful of magic, the Nexus War probably wouldn't have happened.  Hell, maybe the Sundering would have never happened, I dunno.

But I wanted to build Pandaria up to be this place where what was normal for the Aspects, was pushed aside.  

Neltharion got involved, in of course more subtle ways, but still got involved.  He was a teacher, not someone who held the Pandaren's hands every step of the way.

He instilled lessons about respecting the land and the physical elements and these lessons are still being taught today.  Hell, Math Nut deduced it was one of the reasons why even after the Pandaren Empire was dissolved the moment Shaohoa became the mists...that the Pandarens were under any sort of threat of instability for losing their main body of government.

They were more than capable of holding themselves up despite Shaohao's absence.  Whereas anywhere else on Azeroth, this would have led to anarchy.

The Pandarens could make the change from having an Emperor to not having one rather smoothly.

Hell it's probably one of the many reasons why the Pandarens could remember the Aspects so fondly was because they were a part of their lives.  Whereas everyone else remembers that Alexstrasza was that one dragon who was made into a baby factory for the Horde, Neltharion was that one dragon who like to make life miserable for everyone else, and Malygos was that one dragon who started a genocidal war because the mortals weren't following the magical rules that they didn't know existed.

My two cents, I guess.

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And Garrosh Laughs Silently

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 3:09 AM
Here is something :iconrenndor: and I have been messing around with....

The Great Beast and Neltharion, and how its gonna soon all come crashing down upon him.

Basically take a huge legend and place it upon the shoulders of Mr. Squishy, and watch that legend squish him flat.  

Because everyone is gonna be expecting Neltharion to be this noble, stately, great and powerful god-like creature.

When in reality, he's so far away from that as if being the Great Beast and being the failure that is Neltharion is like being in the Delta Quadrant when really you're trying to get back home, and there's about 75 years between them...not to mention 90 thousand light years.

As in, they are so far apart, they may never meet.

But Garrosh is gonna have fun with this.  Because's Garrosh.  It's what he does.

He just loves to be there to watch everyone put Nel on a pedistal and then when he screws up, he falls so hard...the Sundering would just look like a minor earthquake in LA.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

So, here is the idea....

Garrosh is on-record as being against Nel, or "Deathwing", as is most of the rest of the Horde. So it'd not be credible for him or the general Horde population to advance that viewpoint directly. He'd have to advance that aim indirectly, via subterfuge. 

One REALLY good vehicle to doing so would be Baine. Since Baine's faction already has a positive, rather...zealous...view of Nel, they'd probably latch onto the legend of the Great Beast, and promote it more widely. Even attach nigh-religious connotations to it. They'd amplify and raise the populace's expectations of Nel higher and higher.

So if Garrosh can maneuver Bain and his faction into the right place, and have agents supply the right prompting and context, he may be able to get Bain's faction to advance this plan automatically. Since Bain's faction would think it their own plan, in Nel's interest, and their "duty" to the heart of the world.

Similarly, the Celestials would want the populace to respect & revere Nel as the Great Beast again. They'd announce him as such, give the populace their word that Nel is the Great Beast. Further, they'd want to make Nel look good, so they'd speak up his (past) accomplishments, grow and amplify the legend further. And that'd play into Garrosh's hands perfectly.

Garrosh can even fan the flames further by deliberately setting his viewpoint (Nel is a monster) against Baine & the Celestials' viewpoint. This creates a false dichotomy, and generates a conflict that makes people take sides between the two offered choices. That intensifies the feelings all around, and spreads the news & conflict more widely.

Nel screwing up would then pull the rug out from Garrosh's' opponents, strengthening Garrosh's' narrative, and convincing many to switch to his side now that there is "proof" they were lied to. Proof that they can only trust Garrosh, not Bain, the Celestials, Shaohao, etc.

Garrosh would also hope that Nel's screwing up would blow back hard on Baine, either weakening Bain's faction, convincing them that their views of Nel were wrong, or both. That'd make a potential adversary weaker, and it might bring them back into the fold with Garrosh if it convinced them that they were wrong.

The Black's Rage by Ghostwalker2061

More generally, Nel isn't going to be able to live up to the Great Beast's legend; it's bigger than he is. And he's technically only half of what made up the Great Beast anyway; the other half is in Deathwing. Indeed, most of the core competency of Nel 1.0 is actually in Deathwing, not Nel. 

Nel also has huge problems with Social Anxiety, fear of being judged, fear of failure, etc. It only makes him more stressed and emotional, more prone to failure. Effectively, the chasm between the legend and reality means he has a lot further to fall-- and he knows it.

Those that were close to Nel 1.0, like the Celestials and Shaohao, will also fall prey to the legend & their memory of Nel 1.0. They'll interpret him in that light instinctively, since that's who they know and remember. Further, they never experienced any "partitioning" of Nel, or any "parasite". It's just something they've heard about-- like an old injury of Nel's. They don't have the context or information to know otherwise, and they can't really get access to much of that context given how complex Nel's problems are and how out of the loop they are. 

Garrosh's Prisoner by Ghostwalker2061

The trials the Celestials and Shaohao give to Adventurers to "overcome" their Sha emotions won't work at all for Nel. Nel's problems aren't at all like the simple problems the Celestials are used to dealing with in mortals. They won't know where to even begin.

As noted previously, Nel embodies both the virtues of the celestials and the flaws of the Sha. And the same is true for Deathwing, who has both sets of virtues and flaws himself. And these manifest in very complex ways in both personalities. On top of that, the virtues aren't always good, and the flaws aren't always bad in reality. 

For instance, one of the big components of the Black Aspect's fall was their feeling of duty, their fortitude in defending the world. And for both personalities, that virtue has lead to some dark places, and made them shoulder tremendous burdens. 

Sorting out this complex, chaotic mess is beyond anything the Celestials have had to deal with before. Not to mention the fact that Nel's personality only represents half of the problem they're confronting.

Either they no longer believe Nel is the Great Beast, or that the Great Beast is a big lie...or a combination of the two...

One possibility is that the Pandaren reject Nel as the Great Beast, which'd only make Nel feel more like a failure relative to his past.

Another possibility is that it proves Nel is the Great Beast, but that the legend of him is a big lie. That would also imply the Sacred Beasts (Aspects and Dragons) are a lie. 

This could be a vehicle for Garrosh to replace that "failed" narrative with his own narrative about what Nel, the Aspects, and the Dragons are-- that they are monsters, enemies of the mortals, of the world. It would also undermine Pandaren culture and worldview, reduce trust in the Celestials, and empower the Sha. And it could make people flock to him, given the "obvious" evidence, and how they were lied too. Further, it would weaken dragonflights in general, and the black and blue dragonflights especially, given their already weak positions.

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The Aspects allowed Slavery!

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 4:37 AM
I am hoping that this is a title grabber.  Because oh my god...

Yes, I am even blaming Neltharion for this one.  So, no the Squishy isn't blameless here.

Mostly it has to do with Nel 1.0 and the other Aspects.  Rather than squishy Nel 2.0 who's the broken Woobie we have to hug.

Black in the Circle by Ghostwalker2061

So, I have to beg the question.  When the Mogu enslaved Pandaria, how the fucking hell could the Aspects let that happen?

I knew you were a bitch, Alexstrasza, but I didn't think you were a heartless bitch.

I know I'm gonna be called out about that statement.

But, blech, I don't care.

But one of the things I have to do with this story is fill in a lot of holes left by Blizzard.  And when you're dealing with someone like Neltharion, I have to.

It's the only way I can make sense of it all for the story.

So, let's get this thing started.

Why is Neltharion the Main Character?

One of the main reasons why there's a huge hole in there has to do with the Player Character is a nobody.  The Player Character is not a Dragon Aspect who has been there since the beginning, or one of the Titan Watchers, or a Tol'vir, or a Mogu, or hell, even one of the many cast of main characters in the lore itself.

You as the Adventurer, as I had stated in a previous journal, do not matter in the grand scheme of things, are not really a part of the actual plot of the lore, and cannot really change the lore.

The only thing you can do is do your chores.  Like gather stuff, beat ten of those monsters, send a message to someone...that sort of thing.  At the most, you can run a dungeon and or do a raid...but really, there's not much of the story you either affect nor do you really get.

Which again is why when I took on this project, I wanted to mess around with Neltharion.  Because he can in fact affect the story, and the lore in a sense, and he has done so in the past as Deathwing, or even Nel 1.0.  

Hell, he helped shape the entire planet.  So having a person like that as the main character opens a large door.  It also allows me to really explore just what this place is about.  

And the great thing about him losing his memory is that you get to make this discovery with him.  

But again, Nel is a plot hole filler.  And yeah, a lot of what we're filling is mostly speculation.  But given how little I have to work with anyways, there's really no other way I can really do this.

So that is why the Squishy is here, folks.  He's here to really show us the Azeroth the Player Character doesn't ever see.

The Mogu as Titan Constructs

 photo 580x331xmogu01.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vPb-i3aYkC_zpsqfbiqaz0.jpg

Okay, so here's a big thing I need to handle.  The Mogu.  Who they were, what they were, and what part of the grand scheme of things did they fit.

We don't have much on them.  We do know that they were basically, to put it simply in terms we can understand, worker robots to the Titans.

Think I, Robot, (yes the one with Will Smith), and you'd get the idea.

Hell, they probably weren't on the same level as the Aspects.  If any, they may have been on a lower pecking order given that they were basically mass produced, and mono-gendered.  Which again brings me to think they basically were robotic lifeforms.  Not robots like we would make, but still...yeah.  Robots.

Still begs the question if the Mogu became mortal when they suffered from the Curse of the Flesh, why didn't they die out when they had no females to reproduce with?  Did they reproduce aesexually?  Did they build more of themselves like the concept of self replicating robots?

You know, that's a big plothole that I can't really think around it that much, so I'm just gonna say that the Curse of the Flesh did something else to them. Like...cut them off from the orders of their programmers, or screwed with their primary functions which is why they "devolved" into feudal clans.  

It didn't really change them physically, but it did mess something up.

Their Relationship with the Aspects

Okay, so we basically know what the Mogu were.  They were basically giant rock robots created by the Titans to pretty much guard and work in the Titan's R&D Lab in Pandaria, aka the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  

Doesn't sound all that grand or majestic when I put it that way, huh?

So, being robots, and programmed by the Titans, they probably have worked with the Dragon Aspects.  I wouldn't put it passed.  

Aspects of the War of Ancients by Ghostwalker2061

Now before you purists call foul, let me remind you, we don't really know much about what went on.  I mean the dragons and the Aspects really don't appear at least to the mortal consciousness in the canon until the Well of Eternity trilogy.  That's thousands upon thousands of years of most mortals on Azeroth not knowing they had dragons...let alone Dragon Aspects.

And even then, it's not made clear.  

And I'm working a story that has a Dragon Aspect as the main character, so I gotta fill in the holes here.

So, it would make sense that one Titan construct, the Mogu, would help and work with another Titan construct, the Aspects.  

So I wouldn't put it far beyond these two groups as being at least on the friendly side.  The Titans would want their constructs to work harmoniously.  They were about Order, so this makes sense.  We just don't know about it because again, the Adventurer is a nobody and is probably not privy to the true doings of what goes on behind the scenes when they're not looking.

And in a game aspect, this level of detail is probably not necessary.  Conservation of Detail is in play here.  However, in a story being written, especially one involving one of the physical gods of the planet, yeah, we need this level of detail.

They worked together doing the Titans' work on Azeroth, with ordered precision and purpose.

That is until the Curse of the Flesh happened and the Mogu got their prime functions all screwy and started beating each other up.

It also didn't help that their administrator, aka Ra-Den, probably was either malfunctioning himself, was taken offline, got damaged...who knows...

For those of you who don't know, he's a Titan Watcher.  Not an actual Titan, but a construct that acts as the administrator to keep all the other constructs in proper functioning order.  Watchers are, I guess, could be even higher than the Aspects on the pecking order.  Not higher in power, but higher in status.  The boss's boss, basically.  Or at least holding a higher position that would get an Aspect to be very respectful to them when they were around.

Neltharion could probably kick Algalon's ass every which way till Sunday, but when it comes to the pyramid of whose over whom, then it may be Algalon over Neltharion in terms of the actual pecking order.

Like the class status of the Blitzardi.  Algalon just has more authority than Neltharion.  Given he's got his hand on the button that tells the Titans to show up and erase all the life on the planet, strip it for resources, and start over...yeah...he's got more authority over Neltharion.  Algalon can actually get on the phone with the Titans and have them drop by.  Neltharion can't even do that.

So Pecking Order....


Titan Watchers

Dragon Aspects

Mogu and Tol'vir



Bottom row, guys.

Told you, you didn't matter.

So, again, this suggest they worked together.  

Which comes to the big issue here...

How the Hell Could the Aspects Allow Slavery to Happen?

Yeah.  That's a big one.

Father of the Black Dragonflight by Ghostwalker2061

You disappoint me, Squishy!

Let's look at the canon as is, unaltered by me to really fill in the holes.

Up until 12 thousand years ago on Azeroth, the Mogu had enslaved the Pandaren and other creatures in Pandaria, and the Aspects did jack shit to stop it.

Why did they allow it to happen?  Why didn't they do something?  

Because they clearly didn't.   Or else there would have been evidence.  Hell, the only time when all five Aspects lifted a finger to do ANYTHING was during the War of Ancients.

And probably a good thing too, because they botched that up big time.

I am looking at you, Alex!  You claim to again be Little Miss Perfect and Compassionate and you allowed Slavery to flourish!

And you're no different, Neltharion!  Shame on you!

Hell, according to canon, before the Mogu even took over the place, the Jinyu were the benevolent rulers and they got their asses kicked by the Mogu.

What the fucking hell happened?

The canon doesn't say.  It honest to god doesn't say.  

I'm beginning to think that the Aspects were an afterthought by Knaak because he wanted to stick dragons in the story and have them do something.  They basically had nothing to do at all in the lore.

Hell the main synopses on the history of Azeroth doesn't even mention them until the Second War when Deathwing gave his Dragon Soul away to Nekross.

Didn't even mention the fact that the friggin Dragon Soul, when combined with the Well of Eternity, was the thing that broke the planet.

You see why I am writing the story I am writing?  I am actually giving the dragons something to do.  More than they did in the actual canon.  If they were so goddamned important, than, this should have been easy.

It almost seems like the Titans just gave them those titles just to make them feel important.

Damn canon!

But in my headcanon, they actually do shit.  

So, how do I explain thousands of years when Pandaria was under the enslavement of the Mogu...and the Aspects just let it's how we do it...

The Legend of the Great Beast (Neltharion)

You all probably have already heard the title, the Great Beast, spoke already.

if you read the story, you would.

The Pandarens respecting Neltharion because he was the one who enkindled the fire of inner strength in them...which gave the Pandaren the will to stand up to Lei Shen and overthrow him.

Neltharion the Liberator!  Right?


Neltharion did not liberate any slaves.  The truth though is that Neltharion 1.0 was a very cunning and intelligent being.  He was also a person who, because of his lengthy lifespan, thought of the big picture.  He was planning for the future rather than handling things in the now.

So, he didn't break any shackles, he didn't rally the masses, but he did confront Lei Shen.

The prologue of Rise of the Sha is written mostly from a folklore perspective.  A parable passed down by the Pandarens.  

But the truth itself is a bit different.

Neltharion probably was issuing a warning to Lei Shen and the Mogu that what they were doing would really make his job a bit harder.  They were going beyond the required safety levels for their work.  And it probably was damaging the planet.  And given the planet was Neltharion's responsibility, he had to step in and say something.  But it wasn't a warning like issuing a challenge...but more like one of the higher-ups telling the worker to stop what they were doing or they would get their hands cut off.

But the Pandarens interpret it as Neltharion standing up against what they believed to be a tyrant, and it spoke to them.  It made them want to rise up and overthrow the Mogu.

The Pandaren see Neltharion as their savior, but...really...he probably was not.  

However, I'm inclined to try and interpret in another fashion as well.  Maybe Neltharion really did hear the cries of the slaves, and wanted to do something.  But knew that if he actually did, he would be only doing more damage than any good.

Take a look at how we tend to "conquer" other countries under the guise of liberation, only to just leave and allow another even more corrupt power to take over?  

Yeah, that would have happened.  

Also, Neltharion was about long term goals given his lifespan.  He was planning for the future.  He saw what had happened to the old empire when the Mogu overthrew the Jinyu, and he saw what the Mogu were doing that was damaging the planet.  So, he knew the best option, since Lei Shen during their meeting...and Nel telling him that he needs to follow safety regulations...Lei Shen telling Neltharion to fuck-off...probably didn't sit well with Nel either.

And he realized that the time of the Mogu was over.  It's time to put in power a culture that would rule over Pandaria justly, respect the land, and not be such stuck up assholes.

So, Neltharion, in very subtle ways, prepared the Pandaren.  Neltharion 1.0, being the crafty genius bastard he was, probably nudged the Pandaren in various, secretive ways.  He wanted to make sure that they could stand on their own feet as well.  So, he didn't liberate them, he made them liberate themselves.  

And because of that, it created a stronger culture in the Pandaren.  

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for the day, teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime.  

And that's basically what Neltharion did.  Eventually, when the Pandaren overthrew their taskmasters, and started their new Empire, Neltharion probably helped in molding it to make sure that empire would not crumble.  He taught the Pandaren how to respect the land, understand its moods.  He worked with the Jade Serpent to guide the Pandaren.

Did he hold their hand while he did it?  No.  He treated them like students, and they learned so that they would learn from the mistakes of the Mogu and make sure those mistakes are not repeated.

And because he planned for the future, here was an Empire that lasted for over 12 thousand years, even after the Sundering when most other cultures were being wiped out.  

They kept accurate records.  Despite their shorter lifespans compared to the Elves, they still remember the day the green fire came.  They do remember the Sundering quite well.  

So the legacy that Nel 1.0 left behind is still there. 

But unfortunately, Nel 2.0 doesn't have the feet big enough to fill those shoes.

And honestly, the legend itself and the legacy, it is far bigger than the Earth-Warder himself.

Sooner or later, reality is gonna smack him over the face again.

And we will see the Squishy cry like a baby.

And Garrosh laughing at him in the distance.

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Pandaria Chapter 14

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 6:44 PM
Pandaria Chapter 14

For those of you who have yet to read this chapter.

I am also writing chapter's almost done, except for editing.

Also, don't forget to see :icong-chaser: and the continuation of the Mass Effect story...

Mass Effect 3 Different Chapter 20

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Genders and Blitzardi

Tue Mar 10, 2015, 1:11 AM

Mass Effect 3: The Cycle Chapter 12

I thought I'd first show this off for those of you who haven't read it. 
The final story of the Kiryuu um...Continuum...has a new chapter up.

Mass Effect 3: The Cycle Chapter 12

For those of you who like Kiryuu....

Kiryuu Mechagodzilla by Ghostwalker2061

Especially that one guy who left a non-review on Rise of the Sha that had nothing to do with Rise of the Sha.  You know, if you loved Kiryuu so much, idiot, why didn't  you read and review Mass Effect 3: The Cycle.  It's the final story in the Kiryuu Saga itself.  I'd think you'd be the first in line to read that story.  Because after that story is written, there won't be anymore Kiryuu stories.

Some fan you are.  Wanna tell me how much you like Kiryuu and NOT read his final story.  

Well, that story is a collaboration between me and G-Chaser.  So, those of you who are fans of Kiryuu...go read the story.  And don't give me: "But I don't know where it is..." garbage.  I posted the link in this journal.

At the top of this journal.

Now, for the actual topic.

Gender and the Blitzardi

You know, I love discussing these guys.

The Blitzardi...if some of you haven't gotten to know who they are...well...the Blitzardi are detailed in this deviation....

The Blitzardi by Ghostwalker2061

Read it.

And they are also discussed in more detail here...

Who are the Kethosi?More along the lines of who the fuck are the Blitzardi, but that's part of the question.
You know something I might as well just talk about the Blitzardi, because these guys are the assholes of the universe.
My grandmother made sure I had a political opinion.  And this is where the foundations of the Kethosi comes from.  The Kethosi are in fact these anthropomorphic dragons from outer space.  They are highly advanced, to the point of being gods basically.  Their technology is basically, when Thor in the movie says: "Where I come from, magic and science are the same thing."  Yeah, that's the Kethosi.  They have a form of magic-science.  And that's the best way I can explain it. It goes beyond our understanding.
They are a space opera.  And Technomancy is handled like the Force, being mystical, magical, and the grounding basics of why these guys can piss on physics on a daily bases.
They range in height from 55 meters tall to friggin 80 meters.

Okay, are we caught up on who and what they are?  Can I now move on?


Well, for those of you too lazy to click and read the detailed is what they are in a nutshell.

Khan and Me complete by Ghostwalker2061

The Blitzardi are basically a member of a species of space dragons called the Kethosi, or the Precursors in the Mass Effect story.

The Blitzardi are basically the space version of White Colonial Imperialism, meaning they believe because they are the dominant guys in the universe, that means they have the divine right to take your shit without asking.  Oh, and if you wanna complain about it, they'll just laugh at you because you are a nothing ant compared to them, in more ways than one.

Blitzardi are naturally 75-80 meters tall with Kedzuel and a few others who are rich enough to pay for the super augmentation, round out around 90-100 meters tall.  

These guys are as tall as Heisei and Legendary Godzilla.  And just as heavy, and just as destructive as well.

That is why you are an ant to them.

They are in fact, and it is literal, energy made flesh.  Their powers make them literal Physical Gods and their long lives ranges in the millions.  They have the power over electromagnetism, can manipulate both matter and energy even down to the very particles.

Tali'zorah Fights the Emperor by Ghostwalker2061

To put it in perspective with those who follow my Warcraft Stories.  Imagine if you put Neltharion and Malygos (Kalecgos) into a blender and turned them both into a smoothy.

And this smoothy becomes the basis of what the Blitzardi are.  

They have a lot of reasons as to why they believe themselves to be the most powerful.  Their statements of this boast isn't hollow at all.  They are physically and mentally the most powerful beings in the universe.  They can back up that claim.  

But the question is: should they?  The answer is pretty much a flat "no".  Which is why we have characters like Kedzuel and Nercine, and Blitzardi who associate with them.  Because these characters know that strength and power aren't everything, and that they know they can count on the strength of even the beings most Blitzardi consider to be lesser than they are.

But again, the Blitzardi are pretty much a race of godlike space dragons who look at our pitiful understanding of Physics and laugh out loud and to our faces.  Which is why they can do the things they can do.

And a lot of them really don't die of old age either, they just move onto the next plane of existence.  One of those being their racial hero Emperor Mae Elaena Draconis, the first Emperor who faced the Reapers in the Mass Effect Story's history.  In the actual history, she was the first to kick the ass of creatures similar to Cthulhu, earning her with: "Did you just punch out Cthulhu?"

She is the ultimate culmination of Blitzardi strength and cunning and she is the Emperor that every Blitzardi, well every military Blitzardi and Blitzardi Aristocrat try to live up to.  And there are statues dedicated to her.

Which brings to the topic of gender among the Blitzardi.  

One thing I like about the Blitzardi is that I can really have fun with them.  I can discuss at least some of my own sociopolitical views without really offending anyone.

It's pretty much the same reason why the Na'vi are an allegory of Colonial Imperialism and the plight of the Native Americans, or rather ANY aboriginal culture that pretty much met the "all-mighty Whitey."  James Cameron used them as a stand-in.

But the one thing I wanted to pretty much take out of the culture of the Blitzardi was the subject of gender roles.  

Basically, the Blitzardi have no gender roles.  They are much like us, having two sexes that produce offspring much like we do.  It does take a female and a male Blitzardi to make a child.  

But that's the only time where gender is important.  Procreation.  Gender outside of making babies, has no real value upon the Blitzardi culture.  

Mostly due to the fact that both men and women among the Blitzardi are of equal strength.  

I bet some of you are asking, are there gay or lesbian, or even bi, or transgender Blitzardi?

The answer is yes.  Have I written about them?  No.  Mostly due to the fact that is a culture that I do not understand and I feel very unqualified to properly write about.  So, I leave it out.  

But gender itself, or rather the sex of the individual among the Blitzardi have no real importance.  

The original design of the Blitzardi was that both male and female were suppose to look the same.  No sexual dimorphism in the race, unlike us humans, who...yeah, you can tell if that's a woman or if that's a man.

But I got a lot of people saying: "Is it male or female?"  So, I had to slim down the females among the Blitzardi to help those who need some visual distinction.  You know, make female Blitzardi look more feminine, because we need to know if the person has boobs in order to qualify her as female.

Blitzardi females have no mammary glands.  They're not mammals.  They're more like reptiles.  Despite all that hair.

But still, despite having to give this alien species sexual dimorphism so that you all can visually identify both male and females easier...the gender of the Blitzardi has no meaning among their culture.

No, Blitzardi instead favor power, both political and military over gender.  Among the Blitzardi, since they have a class system, first born, regardless of gender, are favored.   That's why Kedzuel is Emperor and Nercine is not.  Because Kedzuel was first born.  And also because Khan thought Kedzuel looked a lot like him, and his ego got the better of him.

If Nercine were first born, she would have been Emperor instead.

Family political power is also favored over gender.  The family with a higher status is often the one who gets to pass on their surnames when they marry someone of a lower class.

Say if a male Blitzardi marries a female who's family has more political power, has a noble title that is above the male's, and is a class much higher than his...the male has to take on the female's surname.  And the same would go for a female who is of a lower class than her would-be male fiancee.  Because being forced to take on the surname of your better is a part of that power control they like.  

There are also no gender alternate names for females as well.  Which is why Mae Elaena is called Emperor and not Empress.  

Nercine's noble title is Grand Duke, not Grand Duchess.  

And we've seen examples of this in our own history.  Hell, Queen of her many titles is Lord of Mann, and she is also called the Duke of Normandy.  

Spouses who marry into a family of a higher status than themselves do not take on any title, not Duchess, or Empress, or Queen...or Lady...they keep the title they originally had before the marriage.

So, if Kedzuel marries a woman who has no title of nobility at all...his spouse (man or woman) keeps their formal title.  Like Mr. or Ms.  or Mrs.

Kedzuel fell in love and married a human woman, though at the time he was Grand Duke Kedzuel, his spouse was called Mrs. Cara Draconis.  

So, there is a lot of gender equality among the Blitzardi and the Kethosi in general.  What gender you are isn't going to be the thing that holds you back in Blitzardi culture.

Being poorer or of a lower social class does.  A female Blitzardi not being given much opportunity has nothing to do what gender she is, but how high or low on the pecking order she is.

And the same goes with the males.  The only time where gender and sex matters is during sex.  And no, there's no male must dominate female during sex either.  

However, breeding and weeding out undesirable traits...well that's just a part of their culture.  Because Blitzardi value power, their methods of making sure that they are powerful is richly ingrained in their culture.  

But there are no gender roles, no thinking that just because that Blitzardi is a female, makes her any less of a warrior.  Hell, they even have Co-ed changing rooms in their military.  

So, I hope that some of this might clear things up if someone calls foul on the fact that I call Nercine a Duke or Mae Elaena an Emperor, rather than using Duchess or Empress.  

It's not incorrect, it's just their culture.  

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Great Cthulhu in Tennessee

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 11:39 PM
 photo 10686698_906332632731311_6783251395087462773_n_zpsc8hsgmgt.jpg

Taken on I-40 in Tennessee near Sevierville.

Oh my god....CTHULHU IS COMING TO TENNESSEE. Oh Great Cthulhu, please accept the offering of the stupid Tennessee Drivers as an incentive to devour me last when you finally cleanse this world of its misery.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

In his house in R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die. - H.P. Lovecraft

Yes, I know it's photoshopped....don't burst my bubble, damn it!  I can still dream that Cthulhu finally showed up and decided to end this miserable state.

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