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That's stupid. What's so hard to get about BLACK dragon? Leader of the BLACK Dragonflight?
Thu Dec 14, 2017, 1:52 AM
That is a possibility. Especially since there's still people out there who can't do Neltharion as a BLACK DRAGON. They have to make him look brown or red.
Wed Dec 13, 2017, 7:19 PM
Hey since the squishy is getting more and more shat on every 5 minutes in wow these days, do you think you show us Squishy in his prime? Before Deathwing and the Old gods ravaged his mind? A nice happy Squishy so he feels loved
Mon Dec 11, 2017, 2:48 AM
Trust me, there are better artists.
Thu Aug 10, 2017, 9:09 PM
Wooooooow you're amazing! The best artist I ever seen on Deviant Art
Thu Aug 10, 2017, 6:07 PM
Sat Apr 15, 2017, 5:06 PM
so many stupid people here
Wed Jun 1, 2016, 5:22 PM
Fri Aug 21, 2015, 5:56 PM
What can I say? Deviantart's become essentially a cyberslum dystopia of many idiots.
Thu Aug 20, 2015, 6:33 PM
I don't give lessons.
Tue Aug 4, 2015, 1:00 AM


This is a Troll Tweet

Sat Jun 23, 2018, 3:07 PM
So, I was informed about a tweet that "Donald Trump" had posted.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.51.23 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Wot Copy by Ghostwalker2061

Well, that's absolutely terrifying! Isn't it?

Well, guess what, folks?  It isn't real.  That's a Poe!  A giant Poe!  I've never seen such a huge Poe in my life.  Here's a thing about we Wiccans, we question everything!  It's a sacred practice to question everything.  So I did when I was shown that tweet.  And sure enough, my religious practice of questioning everything were once again correct.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.51.54 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Don't fall for this people.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.54.11 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Just don't fall for it.  This guy is just doing this for lulz. 

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Behold His Floofiness by Ghostwalker2061  I got nothin by Ghostwalker2061  The Southeastern Great Red Wyrm by Ghostwalker2061  The Battle II by Ghostwalker2061  Earth and Fire by Ghostwalker2061  Deathwing the Worldbreaker by Ghostwalker2061 

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Heterochromia Eyes study
I wanted to do an eye study, and chose the condition known as heterochromia.

These are are attached to someone, but I'm not gonna say who just yet.

I didn't want to go for a very striking and pronounced heterochromia.  I wanted it to be very subtle.

This is a Troll Tweet

Sat Jun 23, 2018, 3:07 PM
So, I was informed about a tweet that "Donald Trump" had posted.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.51.23 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Wot Copy by Ghostwalker2061

Well, that's absolutely terrifying! Isn't it?

Well, guess what, folks?  It isn't real.  That's a Poe!  A giant Poe!  I've never seen such a huge Poe in my life.  Here's a thing about we Wiccans, we question everything!  It's a sacred practice to question everything.  So I did when I was shown that tweet.  And sure enough, my religious practice of questioning everything were once again correct.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.51.54 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Don't fall for this people.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.54.11 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Just don't fall for it.  This guy is just doing this for lulz. 

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The Rise of the Flattard

Thu Jun 21, 2018, 1:05 AM
I saw an interesting question asked on Quora.  And the question was, why are we seeing a rise in people who believe that the Earth is flat?  Why is this number growing?  And we're seeing this number rise in well...just about every location.  There's like a few people in Britain spouting this bullshit.  There's plenty here in the US.  There's an imam in Saudi Arabia who thinks the Earth is flat.  And it's hilarious to see libtards defend Islam thinking it's some grand religion of scientific wisdom...when it isn't...only to never see it coming when a Muslim says something stupid.

Seriously.  Islam believes that the Sun rises and sets out of a pool of water at the end of the world, that Alexander went there and met some dudes squatting at that pool, and that Mohammad flew on a Pegasus to split the moon in order to release its light.

And I'm not saying my religion is any better.

I belong to a faith that not only believes in witchcraft, but practices it!  And unfortunately, there's a flattard in my religion too!  And he wrote a book about the moon.  Saying the moon isn't reflecting the Sun's rays, it's generating its own.  People, this moron doesn't speak for Wiccans everywhere.  Just a disclaimer right there.  This idiot does not represent the whole of Wicca.

The Moon by Ghostwalker2061
This thing produces its own illumination.
Yeah, right, my Aunt Bessie's petticoat it does!

But the issue is, there's more of them popping up.

Breeding by Ghostwalker2061
I'm scared too, Gordon!  I'm scared too.

Why are they popping up?  Maybe there was a number of them already, but the Internet's existence now allows them to get their bullshit out for everyone to see.  Before they had to rely on printed pamphlets.  From Zion, Illinois!  Because yes, that's the birthplace of the entire movement!  I did a journal on that about a year ago.

Here’s the thing. These people are incredibly arrogant. And I do mean arrogant. They think they stumbled upon some enlightening idea, that no one else would ever believe in, and their egos are so inflated that they honestly think they are the only sane person in a world of insanity. And that they are the only ones who can lead the sheeple out of darkness…and the Illuminati controlled NASA or whatever.

And apparently, I’m apart of this global conspiracy due to my Jewish ancestry.

 I’m an astronomer who also volunteers at an observatory where we constantly have actual verifiable proof that these flattards are full of shit. And a few times, we ran numbers from our JOVE telescope to NASA, so we're NASA paid conspirators according to these idiots.  But no, it doesn’t matter the amount of testable evidence we can give them that they can in fact test themselves by using simple geometry, they are gonna believe their bullshit, and that’s that.

Because their egos are just insanely vast. However, their egos aren’t so massive that it can hold the Sun in place about 3 thousand miles away from the Earth. Nor can that ego be so massive to hold the Moon at a similar distance.

But they like to think so.

YHWHTerrarium2 by Ghostwalker2061
What the flattard thinks about in order to sleep at night.

But they love to take comfort in the belief that this is all for them! All made for them! Yay!

And that we’re not a product of chance at all. Nope! It’s designed for us, and the Earth is flat.

But here’s the problem, the mentally ill often don’t realize they’re mentally ill, and will often deny that they are.

One thing George Carlin got right, think about how many stupid people in the world, and there are in fact half of that population that’s even more stupid than the average stupid person.

The same goes for the Flattards. Find a census of how many Flattards there are, and there’s a good chance of half of that number being even more stupid.

Their egos are high, but their intelligence is rather…well…

No flattard has ever truly made any contribution to the scientific community.

I mean…

This was taken off of a video from a flattard in an jetliner, stating that there is in fact a flat horizon.

Horizonnotflat by Ghostwalker2061
You literally have to be that stupid and that egotistical not to catch this fallacy!

This idiot’s ego is so massive that he didn’t even realize that his own video debunks his claim of the “flat” horizon.

Wow! Just wow!

How can you honestly be this stupid?

Tycho Brahe didn't believe in the flat earth, and he was a geocentrist.  But Brahe at least gets a pass on believing in geocentrism because the first telescopes powerful enough to not only see parallax in stars, but actually were accurate enough to find out that the Earth really was orbiting the Sun, were made years after his death.  So he never lived long enough to see his theories disproven.  But they were, eventually.  He die years before Copernicus and Galileo made their discoveries using better equipment.  The only reason why Brahe said that stars didn't have parallax was because he was viewing them unaided using the tools he had.  When new tools were invented after his death, what really was happening became apparent.  Unfortunately, people like Galileo were imprison for at last stating that helocentrism was real!

Something that has never happened to any flattard ever!  Honestly, stop being so full of yourselves to think that you've stumbled onto something great that the Government would want to imprison you for.  No government cares about what morons do and think.

Of course if the idiot eventually realizes that what he was looking at was indeed a curved surface on an oblate spheroid, and not a floating space pizza sitting on the backs of four elephants, standing on a giant turtle, then he would probably scream out “NASA altered my image! Conspiracy to hide dah truth!”

Because this is what they often return to rather than finally admit they are in fact wrong.

Because, once more, their egos and their mental illnesses won’t let them see what’s so friggin’ plain to see, even when their actual video SHOOTS IT!

Wot by Ghostwalker2061

Unfortunately, they're gonna keep doing what they are doing.  My issue isn't to shut them up.  Because that has a negative effect and it only makes them feel more righteous in their cause.  And they are never going to realize that they are in fact wrong.  Their egos won't allow it.

And honestly, proving the Earth is in fact a spheroid, rather than a disk is far easier than these idiots think.  If Eratosthenes could do it using shadows and simple geometry, anyone can replicate it using those methods.  It is literally the easiest thing to prove.  Seriously!

All you have to do is take the time, do some measurements, and run the numbers.  That's it.

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Flattard Debunked by his own Video

Tue Jun 19, 2018, 3:36 PM
Guys, rarely do we see gems of stupidity like this.

But...this is just excellent.  So, this flattard is trying to disprove gravity, and well he rode on a plane to do so.  And while he was riding on said plane, his opening dialog stated that he was cruising in the plane and looking out at the flat horizon...

And well, LOL, this is just precious!

Horizonnotflat by Ghostwalker2061
Screenshot from that guy's video...
You can see the curve!

This guy honestly thinks that he was looking at a flat horizon when in reality, we can plainly see the fucking curve with our own eyes!  And no, he's not using any special lenses, there's the curve!  Holy shit, does this guy not look at his own works?

Daft by Ghostwalker2061
Yes he is, Gordon.  Yes he is.
How's that molten salt reactor powered by flattard tears going for you?
Does your tender feel a little heavy from all the stupidity in those tears?

This guy thinks the Earth is flat when his video clearly showed the opposite.  It's right there in the video!

I hope to the gods themselves that this man doesn't breed.

Now you understand that flattards have a huge ego.  Because this guy's ego is so massive he can't even see that his own video completely debunks his claim of a flat Earth.  These people need to feel like they are the center of everything to feel justified in their existence.

YHWHTerrarium2 by Ghostwalker2061
A happy little special place where they are the center of attention!

Also this idiot doesn't know how planes work.

I guess he's related to Mon Roe, the man who thinks airplanes are sky demons, or being flown by sky demons, or are in fact holograms.  He doesn't understand about thrust, drag, and lift, as well as gravity and how it all plays a part in how a plane stays aloft.

Meaning, you need all four of these for a plane to fly.  Gravity works like the tether of a kite, holding it at its steady constant altitude as it goes around the globe Earth.  Gravity is very important to create flight in a plane, or even in a bird or bat.  And because this idiot doesn't understand how gravity works, he doesn't also understand that to achieve the ability to propel ones self away from the planet, it requires an enormous amount of speed.  Aka, an enormous amount of thrust.

It took the equivalent of 20 kilotons of TNT, the explosive power of Fat Man itself, to send Apollo 11 to the Moon.  That's right.  That's how much thrust needed to be achieved in order for us to go to the Moon.  Airplanes don't have that kind of thrust, so therefore, they do not escape Earth's gravity.  But they are able to use gravity to keep themselves aloft.  However, that level flying is merely the plane going around the globe Earth.

You can do an experiment like this by tethering a tennis ball with some string and then spin around.  The string acts like gravity, how fast you spin the ball is the trust.  It's quite easy to understand.

And since this guy is very much like Mon Roe...this means...

Breeding by Ghostwalker2061
Yes, Gordon, we all are quite scared by that fact.

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Flattardgordon by Ghostwalker2061
The Flattards broke Gordon's brain.
Or does Gordon have one?
Is it located in his smoke box? 
So many questions!

Now that we have nearly fatally broken Mr. Gresley's brain and he won't be pulling the Wild Nor'wester for a long, long while...let's dive into the stupidity of Flattardia.

Last night, I was visited by a geocentric tard, which had me dive back into this whole mess again. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 5.57.11 PM by Ghostwalker2061

Sigh, well, this confirms my hypothesis.  The reason why geocentrists believe in the geocentric model is because they are so full of themselves that they honestly believe their ego is massive enough to hold something as big as the Sun in place.  And I made a point to mention that in my reply.

"Sorry, but your ego isn't a gravity well, and it's certainly not strong enough to hold the sun in place."

But that's the issue with these people who wanna honestly believe that we're some magical awesome planet that the Gods designed just for us.  In reality, it's not that simple.  Hell, even Wiccans don't believe we're the center of the universe.  And that's just it, we're not.  And that the meaning of life is how you live it and what impact you make, not whether or not the gods have your back all the time.

What matters is what you do.

Unfortunately, the ego of the flattards is far greater than the ego of the geocentric tard. 

The last time I discussed the idiocy of the Flattardia, I mentioned that there is a guy who honestly believes that trees do not exist currently in our world.  And that the real trees were in fact mountains that somehow we chopped down.  Which is why Devil's Tower looks the way it does.

504106-Wikipedia by Ghostwalker2061

No, no.  You stupid morons!  That's not why.  What we are looking at is the throat of an extinct volcano that had its outer slopes worn away by wind and rain, only to leave the volcanic basalt that filled the throat behind.  It's not a giant tree.  This isn't Arda!  There were no giant lamps that the Valar created to light the flat planet.  Fuck you, go back to school and actually learn something.

Eventually, even the basalt throat will wear down and there will be nothing left of this extinct volcano on the surface.  The only evidence we would find of it is what we find underground.  The remains of its massive magma chamber.  And we have another example of that, being the Jackson Volcano in Mississippi.  It erupted 66 million years ago, and over time, it turned into what Devil's Tower looks like today, and now, there is barely a trace of it save what we can find beneath the surface.

But I'm sure the flattards would look at the Cumberland Plateau and think it was some massive tree as well.  Again, no.

However, the flattards continue to believe their bullshit, and now it's extended to whether or not Australia exists.

26168540 811325665735788 8925685026622890679 N by Ghostwalker2061

Bollocksgordon by Ghostwalker2061
Yeah, even Gordon is calling you morons out!

I wish this wasn't true.  I really do.  But there's a movement within the Flattards that Australia doesn't exist.  Okay, how the fucking hell do you explain kangaroos then?  Or emus?  Or echidna.  Am I missing something here?  You're gonna tell me that one of by buddies on Discord is some paid actor?  Seriously?  I've seen kangaroos!  Hell, I've attempted to play a didgeridoo.  Attempted.  Couldn't do it very well.

Dear gods, these people actually reproduce.

If Australia doesn't exist, you tards, then why does Vegemite exist?  That stuff is utterly nasty!  I've actually had it!  If something so bad tasting exists and it comes from a continent where the plants themselves actually cause forest fires by EXPLODING...then therefore Australia fucking exist!  But here's the issue at least with the Flattards, they still can't explain why the sky changes when a person moves to lower latitudes.  Here is one of the reasons why I know that we are on an oblate spheroid and not on a space cookie, riding on the back of a giant snapping turtle, or riding on Bahamut's back.  Because I have gone south, below the Tropic of Cancer.  I have been to Mexico City, and I have noticed that the stars in the sky were in different positions than they would be when viewing them from Tennessee during the same time of year.  I could see the difference with my own naked eye.

Allow me to give you a visual reference. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 5.40.34 PM by Ghostwalker2061
This is the night sky for tonight from my location.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 5.41.24 PM by Ghostwalker2061
And this is the night sky for tonight for Mexico City.

Notice something different.  The stars are in a different position.  And you are able to see a star that you would not be able to see in my location.  While both are able to see Antares in the sky, Mexico City can see Rigil Kentaurus and Hadar, while Oak Ridge cannot.  This is because these stars are closer to the southern horizon in Oak Ridge, whereas in Mexico City, they are a bit further away from the Southern horizon.  Something is obscuring those stars.  Now what could it be?  Maybe it's the fucking planet!  And the planet isn't a giant space communion wafer!

These are simple visual observations that require no mathematical background.  Just your eyes, and about a couple thousand dollars to pay for a plane trip south.

However, there are other reasons why I know the Earth is spheroid in shape.  I've got a friend in Russia who during midnight hours in my timezone, has cone outside his house and taken pictures and the pictures are in daylight.  But when I look outside, I notice that the sky is night.  Now why is this possible?  How can it be day where he is, and night where I am?

Simple, we're on a globe, you fucktards!

And this has happened in real time while chatting with my Russian friend.

Again, these people actually breed, folks. 

You'll also notice that the galactic bulge of the Milky Way is also in a different position in those two images.  The reason for that is once more, Mexico City is further south than Oak Ridge.  But also...Mexico City is in a different timezone.  Mexico City is in Central Time, where Oak Ridge is Eastern.

And yes, you morons, Australia does exist!

And this is utter bullshit!

But the stupidity of Flattardia continues when it comes to the phases of the moon.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.37.33 AM by Ghostwalker2061
These idiots actually made a diagram!

So the phases are caused by the moon spinning around the space pizza and bobbing up and down as if they were on a seesaw?  Seriously? Really?  Oh god.

Okay, test that model, flattards!  Seriously!

And prove to me that Australia doesn't exist by getting on a plane and fly there!

And yes, they are still so very triggered over the Great American Solar Eclipse.  And it has provided me with no end of laughter.  And Elon Musk's little trip even heightened this triggering.  And they are racing to try and explain everything with their nonsense.  It is very, very entertaining.  Let's see what all they have said.

Really it's adorable.

I think I'll let Gordon point out an issue with this video...

Wot by Ghostwalker2061
We broke his brain again!
Hey, Sir Hatt, he's not gonna pull the Express today either!

I mean, what?  Seriously what?  I...I...don't even.  THESE PEOPLE FUCKING BREED!

Globers-predict-the-aug-2017-eclipse-flattards-hat by Ghostwalker2061

Main-qimg-7c01e497962abbc3a59da2a62238b84a-c by Ghostwalker2061

Main-qimg-a276264d70ad715eeb0e22345163d3a7-c by Ghostwalker2061
Again, these people breed.

So, we know that these people are stupid.  Very, very stupid.

Well, there is another eclipse coming up for North America.  It will happen in January of 2019.  That's next year, folks! And Flattards love to talk about why Selenelions exists.  We actually had a Selenelion this year, and it happened in my area. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 5.34.04 PM by Ghostwalker2061
Yup, that's a Selenelion!

So here we go, we're in for another Flattard triggering with the next eclipse coming.  And yes, in 2024, there will be another American Solar Eclipse.  And I will go see it, I hope you all will too.

Of course, folks, I'm still waiting for the flattards to prove the earth really is flat.  Perhaps the lunar eclipse can do it?

A-lunar-eclipse-according-to-flat-earth-ers-200734 by Ghostwalker2061
Hmmm...well, let's see if that really will happen.

I do have some good news, Sir Topham Hatt has agreed to give Gordon his nuclear reactor!  But...

Flattardsaltmine by Ghostwalker2061
Yeah.  I don't think he wants to run off of salt from flattard tears.

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Where's my White Privilege Check?

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 1:23 PM
Whiteprivilege by Ghostwalker2061

This is an excellent interview.

And this is just as brilliant.

The Interviewer is in fact Iranian.  So the lady asks if the media shows anything positive about Iran.  And he says no.  And then she goes to blaming the media, rather than realizing that currently, there's not really much we can say about Iran that is positive.  I mean, there's the whole movement to get rid of the mandatory hijab law, but each time anyone speaks up in that country, they are promptly silenced.

And the only positives are the stuff that happened before 1979.

And this lady Jesse Lee Peterson is interviewing. I love how she seems to want to blame white people on why blacks grow up without their fathers.  Like that's totally our fault.  Well, no it isn't. It's that black men are more likely to act out, use drugs, join gangs, commit violent crimes, and end up in jail than any other male within a racial demographic.  And for some strange reason, black men don't feel incentivized to remain in the family and help raise their kids.  So, they end up leaving and the kids are raised by the single parent.  And according to some people in the black community, black women are part of the problem why black men don't stay home and raise the kids with them.

Yes, blame white people whose fathers actually do stick around!  So even a poor white family has the "privilege" of having a father around to help raise the kids. Like it's our fault. 

She also is proud that she is the product of affirmative action.  And even goes on to explain that YES, she didn't perform as well as others in school, but was given a free ride to college due to her race.  And that the only way she could have gotten in was through literally the color of her skin.  Meaning, she probably took the spot of some other person who in fact worked probably much harder than she did.  And she's proud of that!  Meaning, this woman hasn't accomplished anything of her own merit in life. And relied upon her race to side her through.  However, her father, who in the 60s, managed to get into an Ivy League college without affirmative action!  As well as during a time of social unrest, and where blacks were actually being oppressed.  Meaning her father earned his way to the top through his hard work, his conviction, and his dedication.  But she did not.


But I'm betting that the reason why she likes affirmative action is because anything she can take from whites and be given to her for free is a positive and justified.  Because she views whites as a monolithic group acting against her.  When, no.  We aren't.  It's not my fault that she was going up against people, probably mostly white people, who were either working much harder than she was, or were performing much better in school than she did.  That is not their fault.  That is HER fault she didn't perform as well as the other students.

This is why I don't have what people call white guilt.  I am not guilty for being white.  My existence is not keeping any black person down.  Any success I do is success that I earned.  And I earned it because of my skills, not because of my skin color.  To earn achievement based solely on skin color only comes to the detriment of the person who achieved them.  Because it means that in reality, they are not competent enough to become successful based on merit alone.  And for those who do have the skills, but still end up getting by thanks to affirmative action, they become depressed because they realize that they didn't make it on their own.  And that they can't achieve greatness without help from the system itself.  That's not a positive, that's a negative!

Oh, and this lady is also promoting SEGREGATION! 

Well, I found out what we could run Gordon Gresley off of now.  All we have to do is dig up Martin Luther King, let him listen to this interview, put him inside of Gordon's tender, and the friction created from MLK spinning in his grave would create enough heat to make steam for the A3 Pacific to run off of.  Behold the alternate fuel!

Gordy4 by Ghostwalker2061

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And the Puppy is Happy
So this is Bridgette.  And she's about to become an only child, unfortunately.  But we love her all the same.  And we love Paisley too.



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